Who’s NeXT?

Taking place a few nights after Wrestlemania 31 (April 2015)

Alexa Bliss moaned in delight as he roughly pounded into her. “OH – God, harder! Fuck me harder!”

Brock grinned. Upon reflection, it wasn’t too difficult a decision to resign with WWE.

The peppy cheerleader writhed and moaned on his cock with abandon, not caring who might see. And he wasn’t going to take the time to point out that they had built up quite the audience.

The Women’s locker room door was first opened by Charlotte, the former NXT Women’s champion. It was peculiar, and partially bad timing, considering that she was the one he was looking for, but he wasn’t going to pass up the delicious fresh meat developmental had to offer.

Looking unsure at the wanton sex displayed in front of her, she thought about turning away, but there were a lot of fans out there at Full Sail, and she really didn’t want them touching her sweaty body – she’d rather be clothed if the fans got randy, rather than in her ring gear – but since the unlikely couple were practically fucking against her locker door, she decided she could wait a few minutes. She didn’t necessarily feel like interrupting Brock Lesnar, especially when he looked so sexually frustrated. Besides, she rather enjoyed seeing the perky blonde cheerleader submitting to the Beast.

Fifteen minutes later, Alexa was still bouncing enthusiastically on his cock, and even Brock looked impressed by her stamina. Her white boots tapped the ground as her entire body jumped against his dick, grinding herself enthusiastically on his massive tool. Her mascara even looked impeccably neat on her sweaty face, her mouth stuck in a perpetual moan as she shook through an orgasm that didn’t seem to end.

Somewhere along the road, Charlotte sat on a bench to get a perfect view, and sometime after that, removed her skimpy gear and began fingering her moist folds, wearing just her boots. She groaned as Brock looked at her hungrily, still fucking Bliss into oblivion, and she spread her impossibly long legs further to give him a better view, pinching her nickel-sized nipple and winking for effect.

“Slut,” her friend-turned-enemy whispered, and she would be compelled to agree, had they both not done the same thing. The mocha-skinned girl had her legs spread wide, and her plump lips seemed as delicious as she remembered as it was on display for the Women in the locker room to see, the pink depths a truly beautiful sight on the tantalizing snatch of the current NXT Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks.

And for a moment, even Bayley was transfixed as she stood at the doorway to the locker room, staring at the sexy black girl, before shaking her head at the lewd images that no doubt entered her mind. Her stomach did flips and she paled, looking unsure and lost at the obscenity before her since she entered the room.

Her heart ached for the girl who was once her best friend, and the pace of her fingers slowed, almost completely ignoring the raucous fucking that was going on in front of her.

Little Miss Bliss moaned happily as her perky breasts were mauled by Brock’s expert hands, grinding in small circles on his cock. Brock looked as content as could be, swiveling her sexy hips around, and she gurgled with pleasure as she came again, her motions slowing as she shuddered, her beautiful pussy glistening like the rest of her outfit. She tossed her silky hair back, leaning against his hard muscled abdomen as she lifted her boots to rest on the bench, spreading her legs more obscenely, for the viewers’ enjoyment. Brock didn’t much mind the blue tips of her hair sticking against his chest as he palmed her breasts, perfect for his hands.

Charlotte could hear Sasha whimper at the sight, and she didn’t know if she herself was salivating at the incredible length and girth of the man fucking the new girl with dominance, the unbelievably beautiful, clean-shaven pussy that managed to swallow it all, or both working in tandem, and how perfectly they complimented each other as he slid smoothly in and out of her slick cunt.

The champion’s breathing was erratic, watching the two fuck each other’s brains out, her own pussy steaming as she used two fingers to work herself to the edge.

Her beautiful chocolate nipples, capped on her heaving breasts, just begged to be sucked on. The Dirtiest Diva in the Game gave justice to her title, grinning as she leaned in to suck at her former friend’s nipple.

That got an audible gasp, not only from the brunette attached to her hungry lips, but the usually bubbly girl who watched out the corner of her eye, her breathing audible in the musk-filled room, barely audible against the schlicks and slaps of Brock thrusting into Miss Bliss. Charlotte was listening for it, and grinned around her former BFF’s brown, crinkled nipple.

Shit,” Sasha cursed, convulsing on the bleacher seat before moaning sensually, and she squeezed her thighs together as she came on her digits, wetting her fingers.

Bayley watched as her juices rolled down her legs into her spandex leggings, her small tongue absently peeking out to wet her suddenly dry lips. Her heavy chest heaved minutely, watching a rivulet of cum slowly stream down into Sasha’s boot, and she eyed the drop as if she could still see it, no doubt wondering how far it’s gotten down her beautifully sculpted leg.

So interested in watching Sasha Banks come down from her massive orgasm, she didn’t notice her other former best friend behind her. She suddenly felt arms wrap around her slim stomach, and she cried out in surprise as a set of teeth tenderly bit against her earlobe.

Sasha laughed weakly, seeing her partner in crime have the beautiful childish girl squirming in her arms. “Teach her a lesson for staring,” she muttered, loud enough for Becky Lynch to hear.

The Irishwoman tried to do just that, reaching up to grab a massive breast of the trembling girl, over her latex wrestling gear. She grimaced for a moment – at the idea that the most innocent Diva in the company had the biggest, juiciest natural tits she had seen on a wrestler – and roughly ripped down the top.

Unsuspectingly, Bayley moaned at the contact, and the room, sans Brock and Alexa, paused at the implications. Even Bayley blushed as she realized what she did.

As it turned out, The not-so-innocent girl liked it rough.

Becky planned to use that to her advantage, skimming her fingers over her full breasts and pinching a dark red nipple, loving her hostage’s moans as she squirmed deliciously against her. Even Sasha couldn’t look away, even as Charlotte’s teeth were nipping against her skin and her fingers went down to the juncture between her legs. She felt a shock when her long slim finger slowly slipped into her moist petals, and sighed amorously.

“I missed this,” she whimpered softly, holding the blonde’s head against her breasts.

Charlotte didn’t want to ruin the moment by mentioning that it didn’t have to end if Sasha wasn’t such a ratchet bitch, but refrained from speaking by keeping her lips firmly attached to the mocha-skinned girl’s supple skin.

Her own body was harder – more defined and toned with muscles. It was a nice contrast to be against such a softer girl, and while very talented in the ring, managed to keep her beautiful feminine figure, seemingly unmarred by her many hours in the gym.

She pondered that as she slipped two fingers into the unbelievably tight girl, relishing in the small power she had over her rival, reminding herself that the tender moments she had with the Women’s Champion were long gone, but for one night, she could have her fun again.

She looked over to Brock, who still seemed to be going strong, or at least putting up a hell of a front, grabbing the cheerleading wrestler by her curvy hips and slamming her onto his thick rod, and perhaps the best way to describe the dominant way he began fucking into her as ‘Beast Mode’. Alexa’s moans grew in pitch, her boots kicking off the bench in a cute way, her reddening pussy squelching loudly as she seemed to have yet another orgasm.

And even though Becky had just begun to touch the half-pigtailed girl, Bayley whimpered in shame as she began to cum on Becky’s long slim fingers. She had failed to hide her body from the rest of the locker room, her massive breasts shaking and rippling in her arm, her other hand not being able to hide the juices that ran down her legs into her tights. Becky shuddered and groaned, shoving her hips into her captive’s voluminous backside, wishing she had an extra hand to take care of herself, but the sweet moans of Bayley were too good to let go.

After what seemed like hours, Alexa moaned as she slowly slid off of Brock’s dick, half-leaning on the bench, not bothering to hide the slight gaping hole on her tiny frame, his cum dripping out of her quivering clam.

The Conqueror, dick in hand, eyed the talent surrounding him. He eyed Sasha Banks squealing in ecstasy, yet again, as Charlotte rubbed her former friend to another orgasm, her slim legs shaking as her pussy sucked in her long digits.

The results of Mania, considering his mission to conquer the WWE Universe, was a minor setback, he had found a nice little consolation prize.

As she watched him with half-lidded eyes, and slowly opened her legs to his hungry gaze, unintentionally mimicking what her former friend did, he ultimately decided that there were many more paths to take to ensure his legacy in the WWE.

Like making the Boss his Bitch.