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A long time ago, when I got my first and last true flamer, I was told to embrace the hatred, learn from it, grow from it, and move on.

So I’m doing that. But sometimes, I like to reflect on it. Was I wrong? Was the one talking shit? You be the judge. And flame me on it. And who knows, you might be put up on this site next.

I wasn’t planning on putting this online. I just wanted to keep record of this tale. The thing is, this person is not flaming me at all. I’m just being a douche later on in this tale.

But all I can say is, this is so much more entertaining than any of my fanfics.

Also, I’m not editing this. Not one word. I don’t know the age of this person, or this person’s gender, but I can safely say that this person must have been in a hurry every single time he/she wrote to me. Or he/she just didn’t give a shit, and had a perverse pleasure from my stress from struggling with decrypting his/her messages. Clever bastard/bitch…

My words are in blueThis person’s words are in purple. Black is Narration.

April 7, 2012

Response to Chapter 14 of Time to Live, Time to Love:
Like this story till last chapter, you mess it up, hermonie cared about Ron as a friend. And took the time to talk to him about it, but no you had to bash Ron, turn him ooc. And have him attack harry. That to me just a bash Ron story, instead of a harry and hermonie love story.

I warned you about the OOC characters in the intro. I warned you about Ron and Molly bashing in the summary. My stories are known for being rather unkind to Ron. I’d understand if you didn’t know the last part, but the first two are very easy-to-see warnings. What else did you need?

April 8

Sorry if that sounded mean but there a difference between bashing. And turning Ron into a rapist.

Then it was over for a while. The peace was… boring while it lasted.

May 8

And then this person started to talk about my profile page. I lurve this. I know I’m a Harmony fan in denial, but I’ve never met a Ronald Bilius Weasley fan in denial. This was a fun read.

Once again, the purple is him/her, the blue is… the spell-checked ones.

The following is a PM:

first of all ron bashin get old and make the story not as good.

And Ron. Until I read that scene with the Locket Horcrux’s destruction. It seems to me that he still thinks of Harry as ‘The Boy-Who-Lived’ and ‘The Chosen One’, is incredibly jealous (of course, we all knew that) and it sounds like he’s completely oblivious to the fact that Harry doesn’t want any of that and just wishes to be a regular bloke with a normal life and a normal girlfriend, which he explained to Ginny at the end of the book. I still don’t understand why Harry tried to find normalcy in a pure-blooded witch who was possessed when she was eleven.

the locket seen has nothing to do with the boy who lived abotu how ron feel, treated like crap by his family, and hermoine and sometiems harry.

Anyway, I’m getting off-track. Ron and Hermione—why? I’m not arguing with JK, they definitely liked each other, and they (possibly) would be dating (for only a little while, I had hoped), but…marriage? I said at the release of GoF, ‘If they start dating, I’ll give it a week. Two if Ron gets smarter.’ Never in my life would I have guessed them together for nineteen years! And once again, Ron tells Harry, nineteen years in the future, that he still doesn’t think Muggle technology is helpful, saying that he confunded the driving teacher. Twenty galleons tells you that he’s got a flying car.

that was a joke, and ron is very smart, he got good grade and spend less time doing homework, jk was trying to show grow up, from 11 to 17. ps harry did not want to have to fight, ron chooice to fight.

Seriously, though. They argue constantly, (definitely not couple material) and I really don’t think that Ron likes her because of, well, real feelings. He protects her, but he protects all of his friends. He’s a hot-blooded jealous _

hermoine more of both, she stop talking to ron for have a girlfriend, ron did not do that when hermonie was dating, hermoien get mad any time ron talk to a girl, so hermoine is more jalous and hot blooded.

that always feels sorry for himself. Ron complains about not having money. So he can’t get a job?

How you have to be 16, to get a job, so how could he. ad he complain about it afew time in 7 years, harry did the same think in the first book.

Ron silently complains about being second-best to Harry. I don’t see Hermione complaining. Ron’s jealous because thinks (and he’s probably right) that Hermione likes Harry, and Harry likes Hermione back (as more than friends)

yes he afraid of that just like any guy would, hermoine has the same fears about ron and a different girl.

. Does Ron really have to be that stupid? Harry Potter can choose any girl he wants. If he had chosen Hermione (which he should’ve), the only girl in the world, muggle and magical, who saw him as him, Ron should’ve let him. If Ron realized Harry’s past (in detail), I’m sure Ron would never complain about his life again. If Harry found happiness in Hermione, then Ron should let him. And besides, when looking for a girl, being best friends with Harry Potter doesn’t hurt your resume.

harry life suck growing up, but so did ron the twins are bullys, look at all the stuff they did to him, i would hate them if they where my famly.

And the arguments! Oh my God, the Bloody Arguments! Have we ever seen a huge argument from Ron and Hermione? Thousands. Have we ever seen a huge argument between Harry and Hermione? Only two. The Firebolt incident in PoA, and the Prince’s Book in HBP. The Firebolt argument was led by Ron, who really should have no say in the matter. And it was a little bit of Harry and Hermione’s fault. Hermione didn’t know that that was the first present that he ever received over 10 galleons or pounds. Harry didn’t tell her, so that made it a little bit his fault. It was partly Hermione’s fault because she didn’t talk with him about it. It was Ron that threw it all out of proportion. The way Harry should have handled it is in the greatest fanfic I’ve read about Harry and Hermione in third year, ‘More Important Than Any Broomstick’.

that crap, it was harry tht was mad, then ron join in, hermoine betray harry by going behind his back, and she does that all the time, harry and hermoine had more then two fight. and ron hermoine did not have that many. and most of them where hermoine fault, she mean to ron, calling his stupid all the time, how would that make you feel.

Now, about the Potions book. Hermione was distancing himself for an entire year away from Harry because of a bloody book. Harry tried to explain how it isn’t really that bad of a book, but Hermione didn’t listen.

wrong she was doing that before going after ron, and she was a bitch two ron, attacking him with birds, stop talking to him, that a bad friend, and ron was there for her, when she was fighting with harry.

May I remind you that this is the time that she started to pursue Ron, thus becoming narrow-minded and losing almost half her brain. If she was still Harry’s close friend like they always were, then she would have heard Harry out, probably looking at the book a few times herself. They probably would have grown closer over their time brewing potions. Another of my most favorite stories that I’ve read, the way Hermione should’ve acted, is ‘Trust’. Both fics are in my favorites section, as well as the authors, witowsmp and chem prof.

harry does not like hermoine, he deos not like spending time with her, he said that in gof, and he had a lot of time to spend with her in hbp, and he chooice not to.

And, in case you didn’t know, J.K. Rowling made Hermione distance herself from Harry for the simple reason that they were too close by the end of the fifth book. Apparently, Harry was always supposed to be with Ginny, and Hermione…you know what, I’m not finishing that sentence. Apparently, noone believes in just following your fingers when typing anymore. But back to the topic.

harry and hermoine where not that close.

The average couple has about four major arguments a year. Harry and Hermione have argued (majorly) 2 times in seven years, and that is only because of outside interference (Ron, of course). Think about that.

wrong they fight more then that and harry just walk away.

I don’t know how people could think about two short-fused people belonging together. Like Ginny and Harry, in the scene where Harry tried to convince himself that he did not try to kill Mr. Weasley. Harry and Ginny yelled at each other for a bit, then Harry was reassured when he found out that he wasn’t supposed to remember or have any knowledge of it happening. Then people started thinking that Harry would get together with Ginny, because she calmed him down when no one else could. I know for a fact that a whole lot of HG fans and authors appeared around that time. Harry just needed to get reassured! Does that mean that they automatically get together because they both had a link to Voldemort? IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE! You could call it a soul bond!

you just miss all the time ron there for hermoine, and also remember that this i from harry point fo view so there could be million sence with ron and hermoien to show how great they are.

you story are good, but you bash ron at the end and i hate that.
ps when ron thought they got together all he did was cry.

May 18

Response to Chapter 7 of DH, T2:

if funny how you dont realize how bad you made harry adn hermoine, this is a violent crime, they both could got to jail for like 10 year for this. it not funny. i call you a name, you do not have any right to touch me becouse of that. and of could hermoine never look at how much she hurt him or how many time she started it, this is the second time she attack him.

and why the hell should ron say he sorry. he got a girlfriend he did nothing wrong becouse of that

Response to Neville’s Private Moment:

harry close friend did not turn on him, if neivle get a haram, so should ron.

May 26

Reply to Response to Neville’s Private Moment (my first, mind you):

Sorry, but I don’t like the redhead nearly enough to give him a bunch of girls. If he’s nice, I’ll give him Millicent. One day, he’ll upgrade to Mrs. Norris. But she’s married. Eh, I’m sure Filch would share.

Sorry, but that’s just my opinion. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

Yeah, I’m a smartass. Or a jackass. A smart jackass? Okay, just a jackass.

June 28

This was when I finally noticed the DH: T2 Chapter 7 response from May 18. I only noticed the date after I sent the message.

But it was too late.

Please take the chance to read some of the other reviews; see what they think about this ‘violent crime’.

Yeah, I’m aware that they should be in jail. Luckily for them, Voldemort will kill them before they get there because the Death Eaters OWN Azkaban.

I think it IS funny, and I’m mainly writing this story for me, so I suppose my opinion should matter the most. Obviously, I’m not killing people left and right, otherwise I’d be getting butt-raped right now. I’m not openly supporting their actions. This is fiction. Fantasy. None of it’s real, It’s not supposed to be believable. God of War isn’t real, The Uncharted Series certainly isn’t real, hell, MARIO isn’t real. They’re all ruthless killers [Those poor turtles 🙁 ], and at the end of the day, heroes. And thus, the story of the two magical kids searching the world for fragments of souls to defeat the Dark Lord – Seems Legit.

Let’s face it, Ron has a lot more stupid moments than Hermione. For every time she’s hurt him, I could give you three where’s he’s hurt her. Honestly, I couldn’t, because I no longer own the books, but you get the meaning. And Ron should say he’s sorry because he needs to learn how to DO SOMETHING productive once in his life. Remember the Mirror of Erised? He wants to be Head boy and Quidditch Captain. Quidditch Captain, I can see. It’s one of the three things he’s good at. But what, and I repeat, WHAT did he possibly do to ever even TRY for Head Boy? He has never once asked Hermione to tutor him. In fact, he hates anything involving school and learning, and constantly teases her for her love of knowledge.

I also love how he mopes about how poor he is. Never asked Harry for a Galleon. He knows the price Harry’s paid for his fame and riches. Ungrateful for his entire family, hanging out with a kid who regularly has nightmares about the man who took his parents.

What name are you talking about, anyway? I don’t remember you calling me a name. Re-read the messages, not seeing a name here.

This fic is not for certain people. I’m pretty sure you’re one of those people. My suggestion is to stop reading, because this story’s only going to get worse, I assure you.

Major spoiler, I’m killing Ron off later. (Note: Now that I posted this, I’m likely gonna have to think of something else. Unless there are overwhelmingly positive reviews about the idea.)

So why don’t we just stop now? You’re not changing my mind, no matter you much sense you try to make, and I’m not changing your mind, no matter how many valid points I try to make. So move on to another Ron-basher to sing ‘Weasley is our King’ to.

If this sounds childish, condescending, and just plain stupid… Thank you.

Sorry for the long message. It’s just what I do. Can’t change that, either. I’m a stubborn jack-** like that ;D

To Be Continued, I think. Fun conversation. Sad thing is, he made a valid point or two. I can’t remember where they are, but trust me, it’s there.

I’ll be honest, heart-to-heart fanboy rage wars are awesome. I might have to stage a few if this doesn’t continue. You’ll know it’s fake if the entire argument is easily readable.

And now, a moment of silence to those poor turtles. Goddammit, Mario, I’m not letting any of my pets near you.