Part II

Yay! I didn’t have to fake an argument!

Team Harmony vs. Team Romione, Part II
(whatwearefraidof vs. Rihaan)

April 2013

After quite the long absence, our fellow Heron fan returns to make me think riddikulus things.
From now on, I will refer to whatweareafraidof as a male (even though I still have no idea of gender) and his nickname is Heron (Hermione/Ron).

Once again, purely for my amusement, the entire conversation is unedited. I did not improve, I did not make it worse. I simply copy-pasted and changed the colors. Heron is purple, and I am blue. Narration is just plain black.

Yes, I know that he wasn’t aware that I was going to post this, therefore, isn’t upping his diction for redistribution. But, in my defense, I had no idea I was going to post this.

i know we talked about this before, how i hate to when you put harry with hermoine you have to bash ron, and he was a lot lot better then what you seem to thank.

would you read this it only about the first 5 book, but it show a lot about how harry was really with hermoine. i know i cant change you mind but if you see how bad harry did treat hermoine maybe you write more story where you do not bash ron


Thanks to ffdotnet’s rules, I had no idea where that link came from. So I had to google the partially done link, and this popped up – – Not really aching to get more page views over there, but if you are overly curious, take a peek.

Since you are going to drop an incomplete link, I guess it’s my turn.

I’m aware that Ron is not as much of a douche as we usually make him. But his bad moments are far and beyond more unforgivable than his good moments are redeemable. He’s clearly not as bad as Draco, but you can obviously see the irony sometimes when Ron is pissed off, and how he has his Malfoy-esque moments.

So, I found out that this isn’t the first time he’s enquired as to why Ron is bashed so much in stories. I Google’d his very unique penname. His page is no where to be found in the results, but his reviews are. (Glad to see I’m up there in results on Google, by the way. At least I’m not being auto-corrected by Rihanna anymore, even though she’s hotter than me.)

Check out the Author’s note for Don’t Anger Harry Potter by Loki Palmer, Chapter 19.

“Why have you written Ron as a jerk?” asks author whatweareafraidof. “He wasn’t one in canon.”
[rolls eyes] Excuse me? Ron’s not a jerk? There are incidents like the infamous Troll incident in first year, the constant arguing between him and Hermione in third year (he hates her cat, of all things!), the statement, “No, we don’t want to join you and Vicky” in fourth year — if I was Harry, I would have punched the idiot’s lights out!
Let’s also face the fact that Ron has a RAT for a pet. How can anyone find a person like that trustworthy? He abandoned Harry and Hermione during the Horcrux hunt, he made Hermione cry countless times — how does that spell any kind of a good romantic relationship? Regarding his stupidity (extreme stupidity is one of my pet peeves), he spends time playing wizard’s chess rather than working on his homework — okay, you may say that’s just lazy, I say that’s stupid.
It’s obvious that Ron is the Comedy Relief of the trio in canon, and I do admire that part of him. Since when does the Comedy Relief get the hot and brainy chick? If you don’t think Hermione’s hot … oh, come on, look at Emma Watson! As far as I’m concerned, she gets the Oscar for Hottest … Nerd … EVER!

A particularly smutty story starring Slut!Hermione is in which he complains about how everyone she screws can make her orgasm except Ron. There’s also a comment where he expresses displeasure at the fact that just because she is with someone, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be friends with Ron. I like smut, but I prefer Harry/Harem because I live vicariously through him, , and not Whore!Mione, so I’m not delving at all into that story to see what he’s talking about. You can read it if you’d like. Personally, I’d love to write a story like that, except it’s starring Harry, and he’s banging every moderately attractive female he’s ever known. (EDIT: See Harry and Harley or The List.)

DOUBLE EDIT: You clever bastard, you tried to hide your reviews! Or that could’ve been AFF themselves after their whole rebranding. Don’t worry, I screenshot them. The proof is in the consistency of your particular dialect.


Okay, we get to the part that I should have ignored and/or blocked him, and keep on writing my fanfictions. (No, this isn’t the argument that’s got me distracted from my main stories.) He kept replying, and any normal dude would have just said ‘hey dude you like what you like get used to it #YOLO’, but as you can see from your tiny scroll bar on the side of the page, I quite clearly didn’t move on. In my defense, all of the following only happened within a couple of weeks. This thing isn’t years in the making, it was just a year or two hiatus.

Anyway, this is where things get more serious (you don’t know how much time I just wasted to restrain myself from typing ‘Sirius’). He refers back to my profile page, the same exact parts of the rant that he had commented on before, but with completely different thoughts. Let me just tell you that I edited the hell out of this, it was mostly jumbled together. This was just a run-on paragraph, and I couldn’t read it at all. Don’t be mad at me because it’s unreadable. Quotes from my profile page are green, Heron’s replies are… well, you’ll know.

By the by, in case you’ve ever read that thing I wrote all the way back in 2007, here it is.

i 100 percent diagree with you on ron and hermoine, i know i cant change your mind but here my point.

The only person who I’ve seen in the seven books who has seen Harry for just Harry (who is alive) is Hermione.

well hermoine was a harry fine before she meet him, remember she told him how she read about him before school start.

And Ron. Until I read that scene with the Locket Horcrux’s destruction. It seems to me that he still thinks of Harry as ‘The Boy-Who-Lived’ and ‘The Chosen One’, is incredibly jealous

no after 7 years, ron only one let his jealous get to him, not counting DH, and harry did two so you have to say harry get jealous and act like a jerk about it. ron harry best freind he know him better then anyone, closer to him then even hermoine.

want any of that and just wishes to be a regular bloke with a normal life and a normal girlfriend, which he explained to Ginny at the end of the book.

Harry may see that what he want but he does not act like it,

Two if Ron gets smarter.’ Never in my life would I have guessed them together for nineteen years! And once again, Ron tells Harry, nineteen years in the future, that he still doesn’t think Muggle technology is helpful, saying that he confunded the driving teacher.

why does ron have to be smarter he was a B student, that made the arror that like the FBI, he was very smart, i had a idea between a wand that DOES not fit him and no schooling till hogwars, how would you like to start the 4 grade with out have grades 1 to 3. he was home school reading and writeing but how much did do you think she spent teaching ginny and not ron.

again ron did not say that, he confunded the driver, becouse he forgot to use the mirror, it was writted as a JOKE, that why harry laugh, if it was sireus then would harry not have made a coment.

there where about 4 big fight and a some one, the small one where kids stuff and mostly hermoine fault.

He protects her, but he protects all of his friends. He’s a hot-blooded jealous (expletive)

hermoine more jealous she attack him when he was wtih a girl.
that always feels sorry for himself. not true, in 7 book how many time did he complain to anyone, almost never. harry complain all the time so did hermoine.

Ron complains about not having money. So he can’t get a job?

NO he cant, was there any talk about getting a job before hogwarts NO, and the time you talking about gof, he complain about being poor he was 14 no job, here you have to have close that are 7 time hand me down so people make fun of you. let see you not complain.

Ron silently complains about being second-best to Harry. I don’t see Hermione complaining.

book 6 the second she was not the best in class she started complaining.

Ron’s jealous because thinks (and he’s probably right) that Hermione likes Harry, and Harry likes Hermione back (as more than friends). Does Ron really have to be that stupid?

hermoine treat harry different then ron. and so i can see why he would think that. we as the reader no different.

Harry Potter can choose any girl he wants. If he had chosen Hermione (which he should’ve), the only girl in the world, muggle and magical, who saw him as him,

again not true, harry complain about spending time with hermoine, when her and ron are fight does he ever go out of his way to spend time with her NO, never. and you cant chooce who you love.

Ron should’ve let him. If Ron realized Harry’s past (in detail), I’m sure Ron would never complain about his life again. If Harry found happiness in Hermione, then Ron should let him. And besides, when looking for a girl, being best friends with Harry Potter doesn’t hurt your resume.

ron had the pretty girl, that not what he wanted, and not counting lose his parent, i could make the case the ron first 11 where worse then harry. form what we read the twins where worse then dudly.

And the arguments! Oh my God, the Bloody Arguments! Have we ever seen a huge argument from Ron and Hermione? Thousands.

NO 4 big one, and some small one, she has the same with harry but he just walk way form her, he does not care

Have we ever seen a huge argument between Harry and Hermione? Only two. The Firebolt incident in PoA, and the Prince’s Book in HBP. The Firebolt argument was led by Ron

No it was harry that first yell at hermoine NOT RON
sorry you blaming ron but it was all harry the yell.

Now, about the Potions book. Hermione was distancing himself for an entire year away from Harry because of a bloody book. Harry tried to explain how it isn’t really that bad of a book, but Hermione didn’t listen.

becouse she was jealous.

May I remind you that this is the time that she started to pursue Ron, thus becoming narrow-minded and losing almost half her brain.

hermoine was after ron since book 2

And, in case you didn’t know, J.K. Rowling made Hermione distance herself from Harry for the simple reason that they were too close by the end of the fifth book.

no they where not

The average couple has about four major arguments a year. Harry and Hermione have argued (majorly) 2 times in seven years, and that is only because of outside interference (Ron, of course). Think about that.

sorry both fight ron had nothing to do with.

and look at ron and hermoine fight, RAT hermoine fault, yale ball ron and 6 year hermoine attack ron. that it 3 fight in 7 years. the little one where all this, did you do you homework and they fight. or ron trys to spend time with her and she yell at him.

was both ron and hermoine fault, and they almost stop that by book 5, a lot of these fight where not there, and they were still KIDS

they all need to grow up, and there been time where they all acted like jerk, but you just blaming ron. who defended hermoine all the time, the one who wanted to spend time with her, and remember this was form harry point of view. there many time where harry walk in a they where talking ron and hermoine spend a lot of time with out harry.

you saying that becouse they fight a little more at 15 they could not work out at 30, ron not poor he has a job, he now the women he love him back. he has a great career, hermonie know she love she can take a brake,

you can belive what you want, and if you want harry with hermione that fine but ron was best friend, what i hate about most harry and hermoien story is they bash him.

Please Note: Spaced out swear words are due to ffdotnet’s rules for PMs. Wow. They have a lot of rules.

I’ll be honest, he brought up good points. Points that I will bring up in the next argument. Not the following, but the one after.

But I had to talk about something very important first. I’m sorry, but I just had to say something about it. It may not have been in the nicest way. In fact, there were a lot of things I had to get off my chest. This is where I start running out of letters/characters in the Private Message, which is 7,960. I have no idea what they do with the other 40.

Holy crap, I have no idea what you are writing. I can only deduce that your native tongue is English, because no one can completely butcher the English language like a person who was born with it. If you are a child, I can understand, but I’d also have to wonder why you are reading my stories at your age. This is a Private Message. I know that. You can type much better than this (I’ve seen your stories just to see how your writing is, and I assume you don’t have a beta) but you choose not to because you don’t have much time to jot out messages to me.

Frankly, I look forward to these conversations. You and me, going back and forth on what is, in its basics, a fictional pairing for a mythical world. The fact that we’re talking about relationships in books filled with MAGIC is already baffling, and somewhat amusing to me. I’m not going to add a rebuttal, because I already said what I wanted to say in the Profile, which you have replied against twice.

But I’ll say this. Out of the two, which person treats Hermione more like a human being? Harry or Ron?

I’ve always had a problem with temperamental people. I don’t want to deal with them and their problems, I’ve never hung out with a guy that has had weekly periods. I guess that’s one of the reasons I hate Ron.

I was once a Ron/Hermione fan. Not a lot of people know that. When I was originally reading the stories with vigor, and JK Rowling was still writing the last of the books, the fact that Ron and Hermione liked each other was obvious. Now, it’s nauseating, but then, it was fanboy GLEE. I could tell you that I didn’t have a side one way or the other. I thought Cho wa because she cried way too much, and she was dating Cedric THROUGH Harry. I don’t know how that works, but for her it did. And I was a huge fan of the Harry/Ginny pairing. The first fan fictions I’ve ever read were stories of Melindaleo, when she still had melidaleodotcom. I still remember her stories with a clarity that I couldn’t recall with most other stories I’ve read over the years – hundreds.

It’s a book. I like it when the main character gets happiness. Harry found Ginny, Ron and Hermione found each other. We barely ever hear from Ginny at all, and I was blindly okay with that. Ron and Hermione argue more, and oh it’s just so romantic, bickering at each other like some old married couple. No one’s smiling, sure, and apparently, their arguments can make the students cringe and could empty the common room, but deep down, you know it’s love. Ron is making veiled comments about how he wishes he had more money like Harry does, and I understand that. If I had a rich friend, I’d probably think that, too; I’m only human. Constantly whining about his many siblings teasing him in front of the orphan? Whatever. Maybe he conveniently forgets?

I can bash Ron very easily, as you can see. Really, I can bash Ginny just as easily. But here’s something you’d probably like to know – I can bash Hermione just as easily as I can the other two. I’m painfully aware that in the original Novels, Hermione can be quite the unbearable, overloading, authority-worshiping, superiority-complex-having, know-it-all b****. – Don’t judge me until you read my comments after this little rant. If you want, you can skip ahead to the Narrator’s Notes for my clarification, to ease your soul, then come back.

I don’t blame Harry at all for the broomstick thing in third year. I told you that I blame Ron, and I still do. I blame Ron for Harry’s gross overreaction. But I said nothing about the actual situation of the broom being gone in the first place. The fault lays squarely on Hermione. When I was first reading that scene, I prayed that McGonagall came back and said there was no curse, simply for the fact that I wanted her to be taken down a notch. I know that she cares about Harry too much to risk that the broom did NOT come from the ‘evil’ Sirius Black, but the way that she went about it made me hate her for quite a while.

Her respect for all things authority and rules is disturbingly pathetic. Most authors add the story of Hermione retreating to books as her friend as she was a child, because she was bullied so much she considered her favorite hobby her only form of companionship. The only reason I have never done that myself is because that character is OOC to me. If she had been bullied, then she wouldn’t be attached to authority at all. She would be just like Harry. If no one was around for her, then she would either have no opinion for authority or a negative opinion.

My guess is, her childhood was a non-bullied teacher’s pet. Maybe she was bullied at some point, and her teachers did something about it. She latched on to their legs like a Dobby and never truly let go. That’s the only thing that makes sense, when just including that, but when including the fact that she constantly doubts her own looks about her ruins most of what I’ve said. Her bossiness is something else entirely, and that could lead to a yahoo groups discussion one day with a few friends. Maybe she secretly wants to be told to shut up and command her. A bossy girl that respects authority? Doesn’t make much sense in a character. It’s always the brainy ones with the crazy kinks. Maybe Ron is the only one that can yell at her enough to get her motor running?

She’s made herself aware that everything that comes out of her mouth is right. If it came from a book, it MUST be true. That moment was made even more obvious when it came to the potions book incident. COMPLETELY Hermione’s fault. You know how I feel about that, since you read the first chapter of Deathly Hallows, Take Two.

I make my characters OOC because I want to make them likable characters or hate-able characters and draw a clear line. JK Rowling seems to have the gift to make me hate a supposedly lovable character at any given time, due to unintentional actions that comes naturally with the characters. I’ll be honest here, like I have been this whole message – If I truly wrote out all character reactions, if I had written true to each character and never stray, then I would be writing what I myself consider the worst fan fictions of all time. In fact, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, not only because I’d be on your side, but I wouldn’t have actually posted any of my stories online.

I’ve said this before once, and it’s time I’ve said it again. I remember saying that now that I’ve found the world of fanfiction, the original novels were probably the worst books that I’ve ever read. Every time I log in to this site, I find a story that should be in stores, in hardcover edition. NOT because of the pairings. Because of the easily likable characters weaved into an interesting story.

And that’s what I’ve been trying to do. My characters are vocal, they speak for themselves, they stand for what they believe in, they don’t let meaningless things deter them, and best of all, they have common sense!

I can bash every character in the Harry Potter books so easily, it would make your head spin. But I don’t bash Ron because I sail Harmony. I bash Ron because I can’t think of a single way to make him a likable character. The only reason I supported the pairing is simply because Canon Hermione and Canon Ron deserved each other. Fanfiction Hermione is a much more pleasant person to be around. Well, at least my version. And according to that link you sent to me, Canon Hermione was an ugly troll. I have NEVER had a female friend that I’ve never imagined being with unless they were completely unattractive. Especially when Harry hung out with someone so much, it’s near impossible to not think about.

Can we just agree that J.K. Rowling is not a teenager, and therefore, can’t write a teenage romance worth crap?

I am dehydrated right now, and I felt like I could write a lot, but I feel myself running out of steam, so I’ll clarify that point on a later date. Because seriously, when I see a girl with a reputation for having dated your entire dorm (except her brother), I think ‘s l u t’. There is nothing positive to say about that. And that’s just my argument on Ginny, and I know her the LEAST.

Anyway, that’s my spiel.

Too much? Learned some interesting, dark things about me that you wish you’d rather not know? Going to evaluate me for the supposed lies I have spewed over the years, thinking I was fighting for Harmony?

Good. That’s what I was aiming for.

In complete honesty, some of the things I was saying is true to me. I could bash every single character in the book, without pause. That includes the titular character himself. But it’s simply a matter of perspective. That’s why there is at least one fanfiction out there that can bash any character. Weasley bashing and Malfoy bashing are in the lead, but anyone could be on the light or dark side. There are stories in which Hermione has betrayed Harry, because of her past, over-whelming respect in authority. It’s usually Manipulative Dumbledore stories in which she goes bitch-mode.

It’s simply a matter of exposing a weak point and magnifying it. No, I don’t think canon Hermione is a bitch. She has her moments, like everyone else, but she is not a bitch. I merely gave him a taste of his own medicine. He took the few good qualities of Ron in the book and magnified it. I took the few bad qualities of Hermione and magnified it. Therefore, making them completely different, but believable, characters. I mean, I’ve read a story or two that has bashed LUNA, of all people! The sad thing is they made that character believable, as she chose a multitude of (bad) friends over just one or two (good) friends.

And, to be fair, JK Rowling describes her characters in a very unattractive way. They were all meant to be ugly and plain – in the first book, when she was first describing them. After that is anyone’s guess. Everyone just seems to refer to that from then on, not considering that they would change much. JK Rowling once said to Emma Watson that she will always refer to her mind’s Hermione as an ‘ugly duckling’, no matter how beautiful the actress became. She said nothing about the beautiful swan. So that means she was always ugly.

Nopenot accepting that. Not even a little bit. My Hermiones in all of my stories are always drop-dead gorgeous (and that includes Time to Live, no matter what contradicts that), fucking believe it. Emma Watson will always be Hermione in my mind’s eye, Rupert Grint will always be Ron, and… well, to be honest, the only Harry I think about is the one on the covers of the books. That’s good enough for me.

Hold on… in the book art (the picture at the beginning of each chapter), I remember thinking Hermione was quite cute. It’s a different artist, but hey, they were approved by the head lady herself, so it’s canon to me. Therefore, I deem canon Hermione, in a reality where she didn’t like Ron, which probably makes her non-canon again, hot. Or, at least very cute. So J.K. Crazy. Yes, I will argue with her for ages as well.

Anyway, Heron’s reply:

why i agree jk not the best writer in romance, most of the think said about ron and hemonie are not true they dont have many big fight and most of them are becouse they like each other.

i not sure why my writting is so bad, I work hard to get my collage degree, but i had to write my papers, then go over a few time to make it good.

said that so many people make fanfiction hermoine a good person, but fanfiction ron such a bad guy. Ron complain about the BULLY done by his brothers, the twins as written are very bad bully, testing stuff on ron.

we will never agree, i like ron, question i have a few idea for short stories, would you be willing to bata them for me, yes they are pro ron, but i use book fact, i want to show some of the thinks that people forget.

thank you for taking the time to write.

ps hermoinie in the book was not pretty, many people say that emma was to pretty to play that role. and harry and many way was a bad friend, outside of save there lifes.

Honestly, I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. Maybe it would be the greatest achievement in my life if I manage to somehow bring this guy over? As far as I remember, I don’t remember ever converting a Romione fan before. If I ever did, I’m sorry that I don’t remember, but it would be a crowning achievement.

Like I said, I don’t have much going for me. I’ve got college, and this hobby is more enjoyable. I’ve got to do something other than play my PS3 all day (PSN: RihaanShim)

I wrote that hate-filled rant on my profile page about five years ago, when I was 15, and while I now disagree with some of the things that I said then, most of the things that I’ve said is true. Fact: Ron is jealous of Harry and Hermione’s relationship as friends. Fact: Ron is jealous of Harry’s money, only slightly caring about the dead parents and the abused life. (Yes, I know Harry never told Ron much about the abuse. I thought the bars on the window would have been enough, the tattered hand-me-downs, the malnutrition… okay, I blame the entirety of Hogwarts for that, really. How could anyone not notice all of those signs in real life?) Fact: None of Ron’s family actively bullies him, except for the twins. I read in the magical beasts book that Ron’s pet was used as a bludger by Fred once and killed, and I’m sure he was punished, but that was the most extreme thing they did to Ron. Not going to point out what you pointed out often about them being just kids. The rest were just somewhat harmless pranks, where only your pride was hurt. I can see how it could affect Ron in the long-term, of course. But the fact is, the only thing the other brothers do is unintentionally intimidate him mentally on the success each one of them has done, while he had not done much.

Fact: He treated Lavender like crap. She was used PURELY to make Hermione jealous. No feelings in the slightest were developed as he violently sucked her face into his throat.

This paragraph was deleted because I didn’t have enough space, I’ll be sure to add it to the next message – This just popped into my head, so I’m going to say it now before it escapes me. We all know the only reason everyone started putting that locket around their necks is EXCLUSIVELY for the scene in which Ron saves Harry’s sorry a s s. There was literally no point of putting on the locket. Putting it in the Mokeskin pouch would have been nice. looping it on your pants belt loop would have been better. Fashioning it into a wrist chain would have been a punk gothic approach, but more necessary than WEARING A HORCRUX ON YOUR FUCKING NECK.

Moving on, Fact: Harry is not a good friend. Quote back to chapter 7, or chapter ‘Hermione kicks Ron’s a s s’ from Deathly Hallows, Take Two: “She always had my best interests at heart, and I never paid attention. She was always by my side, and I treated her almost like my secretary, never a true friend. Looking back…I was stupid.” There is a reason I added that part. I’m quite sure he knows next to nothing about Hermione’s parents or childhood, because he never cared to ask. They are there to interact with him, pure and simple. They are there for his purposes, for company. Even when I was reading the Order of the Phoenix, when Hermione was cursed by Dolohov, I found my self dumbfounded by his lack of reaction. He seemed to be more worried about his friend dying because of him than the fact that his friend was DYING.

Honestly, he mostly seems like an emotionless zombie, except when it comes to Sirius. The emotions of Harry are a bit messed up. There is a reason they call Harry emo. He just goes through life, really. In fact, I’m quite positive that he would happily go through Hogwarts alone and completely happy. He never actively searched for friends, they found him and latched onto him. Of course, that is typical, considering his childhood. But it’s still ultimately strange and uncaring sometimes.

Yes, I just bashed Harry. Everyone can be bashed easily, when put in the wrong context. You can make Ron good, because you isolate the good moments he shows and minimize the bad.

Also, I’ve heard this meme throughout the internet, but I can safely say that Twilight has a better love story than Harry Potter. I’m sorry to say it, but ultimately, it’s true.

The arguments should have stopped at age 14, no exceptions. He has manners. I know he’s the comic relief. Not a good enough excuse, I’d rather Luna be part of the gang and do the funny instead. Ron gets angry and hotheaded, and Hermione is deeply frustrated and teary. The fact that Harry is not stopping it is even more disturbing, but that’s under-emotional Harry for ya.

If J.K. wanted me to believe that Hermione liked Ron, other than actually stating it in the book, I want to see the interaction and build-up. The Lavender incident, at 16, is simply unforgivable. For someone as smart as Hermione, who pretty much stated that she knew what he was trying to accomplish, the fact that she still pined for him is downright disturbing. And don’t you usually try to make an EX jealous? Should he be trying to IMPRESS her instead? After the breakup, you make her jealous, not be a man-s l u t. More proof J.K. can’t do romance.

Did Ron expect her to yell “STAY AWAY FROM MAH MAN, BEEYOTCH” and pull Lavender away from him, causing a sexy schoolgirl catfight? I like his planning. But I wouldn’t do it. Because I’m not four.

I’m aware that I went all over the place with this rant, no matter how hard I tried to stay on topic. But when I feel the steam coming, I sit down and empty my head.

Your turn. I’ve got a Harmony vs. Heron book I’m going to publish, and this is giving me a lot of footnotes.

In conclusion; Canon romances suck, there’s a reason I haven’t read the books since 2009. Ron is a git, Harry’s overly emotional (except when he’s dead inside), and Hermione is an ugly prude, according to Rowling. No one seems to be able to ever grow up, keeping their exact same personalities, until magically 19 years later, when they sound exactly like their own parents. That’s how the Potterverse works. and I’m glad I found fanfiction when I did, or else I’d be a Twitard right now, desperate to get away from Harry Potter.

Thank you for writing back. I see your grammar is better this time around. I can finally read it now, thanks.

I find myself at the end, but I have a bit more space left, unlike last time. So I’ll pose this question that you haven’t answered from before. Ron sees himself as Head Boy in the Mirror of Erised. And, let’s be honest with ourselves here, he is not a ‘B’ student. I’ll call BS on that one. If he truly is, then he deserved every kick Hermione gave him in my story. Because you KNOW she did most of the work. So why did he never apply himself? Why did he not actively try to become a good student? Why did he never once step into the library voluntarily? He is in the top ten in Defense, purely because of Harry. He is mediocre in Potions (Harry is as well, but he was never aiming for prefect). He talks through most of Herbology, he sleeps through history, he is berated by McGonagall on a basis in Transfiguration, and if he had half a brain, he would be working better on his pronunciation in Charms. I don’t see how that is possibly even Prefect material.

By the way, could you please explain to me the disappointment Hermione expressed when she realized that Ron was the prefect, and not Harry?

He also saw himself as Quidditch Captain, but one problem – he never flew. There are school brooms, he has a friend with a broomstick, he has two brothers with broomsticks, and he rarely ever flew at the school until he was actually pursuing the team. Is it just because of the Quidditch pitch in his backyard that he plays at during the summer, he has ultimate confidence that he’ll easily make it onto the team, simply because of his technical knowledge of the sport?

He doesn’t apply himself, I get that. But he shouldn’t be hard on people that do apply themselves. Because, and you know this is true, if Harry ever grew some sense and left Divination to join Arithmancy or Ancient Runes, Ron would throw a fit at the fact that Harry wants to LEARN something.

He’s immature. He has mature moments, and I’m sure you want to list them off, but he’s mostly immature. His sister is the school broomstick and he is the immature child in a lanky teenage body. And I’m sorry. But the moment you decide to post in reviews, practically searching for Harry/Hermione stories that warn of Ron-bashing, simply because you want to defend the one character that was most likely to be bashed, you know you have lost the battle.

Please, skim through these, and try to find the flaws in these reviews. – r/4436816/7 – and tell me what you think. Please.

I cannot believe the goddamn censors on ffdotnet. Not only do they censor the word ass, but they also censor this – But he shouldn’t be hard on people that do apply themselves.

Yes. They censored ‘hard on’. Yes, I spaced the words. Is that site run by 4 year-olds? First they take away the smut, then they’re afraid of a word that almost looks like a dirty word if you squint? What the fuck? Granted, I understand that it’s a PM, and Heron probably has his censorship option on, but come on!

That is EXACTLY why I wish more sites like this, and hpfanficarchive, and archiveofourown exists.

Anyway, he replies back the next day. Gotta give him credit for promptness.

First, ginny school broom, she had 3 boyfriends, dean, guy after ron seeker job, and harry, not even close to school broom, she had one more then hermoine THAT it.

Next, RON was a B student, the hermoine did all of his homwork is over done in FF, she help on a few paper that it, question the time she was not speaking to ron, did he even once say his grade where DOWN, NO, the owls he got 7, A EE in poitions, witch is a B, and since that his worse subjuct then all the rest would be B as well, so that make him a B students, remember state test hermoine was NO help to him.

Lavendor, remember form HARRY point of view, so he had no idea how ron felt, she was the first girl to show intrest in him HE did like her but not for long, and did not know how to break up with her, SHE was the one that kiss him all the time, HERMONIE was the bitch she attack him with birds that a CRIME, AND she the one that stop talking to him, since ron did not know she like him a YEAR later, where do you get that he did this to hurt her. by the way harry almost stop talking to her to, he did not spend a lot of time with her,

fighting after the yale ball was the only real fight for 2 year till lavendor. no right all of 5 year.

Ron family, they turn his pillow into a spider giving him nightmare even know, they almost made him take a unbreakable vow witch would have KILL him, there a story where they trick him into taking a acid candy that burn a hole in his mouth,(that one not sure if is in the book or FF) they HEX him that about a punch in the face to a TASER, they try out there spell and poitions on him, they have no idea what those can do, could have kill him. They make fun of be little him, and NEVER spend time with him.
And that only the thinks HARRY NOWS,

Ron extra work, HELP in DA, did the work as a perfect, did 6 year poitions, got good grades, and playing around is CHESS,

The harry and hermoine people are more movie fan as the book had a lot wrong with them
As for the review so much wrong, ron prejued, now that was fix in the books.
Luna, hermoine had far more problem with luna then ron ever did.

Nearly killing someone becouse they call you a name show you have a lot of problem and should be in jail,

Ron married hermoien, they ARE best friend, there many sence where they are having fun, there only been a few big fight and most was becouse THEY like each other.

Anyone that truly belive that ron and hermoien are only friends becouse of harry are deeply stupid. Now if you could see that not working out that different.

One of your review for that chaper said ron was prejued, and I pm them to ask what where how, the respone was I have not read the books.

People put hermoien with DRACO, snape and VADORMORE so that prove nothing.
Ps most of them are just bad that jk put ron with hermoien, even throw harry and hermoien would be far worse.

Can we just take a moment to look at this for a second? Just one, little look. This guy said, a couple of messages back, that he went to college – i not sure why my writting is so bad, I work hard to get my collage degree, but i had to write my papers, then go over a few time to make it good.

He can’t. Spell. Fucking. College. If he is really good at art and design collaboration projects, such as collages, then I apologize profusely.

Seriously. VADORMORE?! (Little note: Yes, he capitalized the hybrid Dark Lord’s name for no reason in his message. It baffles me as well. The mix between Darth Vader and Voldemort is cool. The name? Not so much.)

Stay away from the internet, kids. It can physically hurt you sometimes.

And… cue the overload of reviews about my own grammatical errors. When you do that, please make sure to include his as well.

May 2013

hermoine try going to the slughorn party with the guy that wanted ron seeker job, SHE tried to make ron jealous but if ron did that he in the wrong.

as for the flying, we dont know the rules, maybe only the people are on the sport team, that good reason why he does not fly.

This first impression of garrulity is hammered home the next few times Hermione is mentioned: Harry tried hard not to listen to her (SS86/115), she bored them all stupid (SS108/144), hissing at them like an angry goose (SS116/155), Hermione was now refusing to speak to Harry and Ron, but she was such a bossy know-it-all that they saw this as an added bonus (SS121/164).

As we would expect, Harry becomes more tolerant of this trait of Hermione’s after she becomes his friend, but he never ceases to be annoyed by it. We explicitly see Harry react negatively to Hermione’s talkativeness in every book. For instance: Hermione, sounding as usual as though she had swallowed the textbook (CS72/92), Hermione irritated the rest by fussing (PA233/317), Harry shook his head and applied himself to his scrambled eggs (when Hermione is ranting about house-elves) (GF210/238), ‘Hermione,’ Harry said through gritted teeth, ‘will you shut up for a bit, please? I’m trying to concentrate’
Now, one might hypothesize that Hermione would not be so argumentative if she were away from Ron, but canon suggests otherwise. Hermione frequently argues with people besides Ron. Furthermore, Hermione argues with other people (including Harry) far more often than Ron does, indicating that she, not Ron, may be the primary cause of the frequent bickering we see between the two of them.

We see Hermione arguing with Harry many times, including arguing about turning in the Marauder’s Map (PA147/198), about their actions while using the Time Turner (PA291/398, 296/405, 298/408), about working on his egg (GF342/392, 354/407), about obeying Sirius (GF497/573), about contacting Sirius (GF255/290, OP250/278, and OP579/657), about using the Invisibility Cloak (GF279/318), about Sirius’s motives and character (OP144/158, 334/377), about Luna (OP236/262), about going to Dumbledore (OP250/277), about his Defense Against the Dark Arts abilities (OP292/327), about Occlumency lessons (OP519/589, 600/681 ), about Hagrid (OP617/700, 631/715), and about going to the Department of Mysteries (OP645/732).

No one was talking much except Hermione Granger, who was whispering very fast about all the spells she’d learnt and wondering which one she’d need. Harry tried hard not to listen to her. (SS86/115)

‘No!’ shouted Hermione Granger. ‘Madam Hooch told us not to move – you’ll get us all into trouble.’
Harry ignored her. (SS110/148)
Harry couldn’t believe anyone could be so interfering.

‘SO WHAT?’ Harry shouted. ‘Don’t you understand?… [snip long, angry speech] …I’m going through that trapdoor tonight and nothing you two say is going to stop me! Voldemort killed my parents, remember?’

He glared at them.
‘You’re right, Harry,’ said Hermione in a small voice. (SS196/270)
When Harry unleashes his pent-up anger on Hermione, she is generally cowed, crying (OP64/66), looking frightened (OP71/74, 646/733), looking stricken (OP293/328), stepping back in alarm (OP647/734),

when harry yell at hermoine she afraid.
i just trying to show some of the problem with harry and hermoien,

He ended with a comma? Huh. Weird.

So, I found out that he used his phone to type out most of his messages. Forgiven? Nope. Because I did, too. In fact, I get most of my work done on my phone, and while I had never given into using txtspk (text-speak), I was never afraid of all lowercase letters, or forgotten apostrophes, or a period where there should have been a question mark.

But when I send off a message to someone, I try to pretend that I want them to actually read my message.

Ooooh, I can’t believe I just thought of this – What if he did all of that on purpose? To make me scratch my head at his ‘words’, shrug, and give up due to sheer confusion?

I should do that next time. He wins a point, simply because of his underhandedness.

Can you at least source your really long quote? What page is that from? And, more importantly, where are the counter quotes?

I’ve said before that canon Hermione is a bit of a bitch. Annoyingly following every teacher’s command, following rules to the letter, never thinking of anyone before herself. Harry has a penchant for having anger issues almost as much as Ron, I’ll admit that too.

And I’ve also admitted that canon-Ron and canon-Hermione are perfect for eachother. So you’re still sending me evidence on why they’re perfect for eachother?

Sometimes, they have very OOC moments. Sometimes I can’t even fathom why he raises his voice for no reason at anyone at all.

And lets agree on something, canon-Harry is a dumbass. He is a waste of time for everyone. He is aware that Voldemort is hunting him, yet doesn’t bother to train? He faces every year with some optimistic hope that he wouldn’t get in some type of danger? Never once did he step out of that tent and start throwing spells at a tree. Never once did he consider the fact that he was in a war. The only reason he is alive today is because of Hermione. He completely puts any relevant thoughts out of his mind until the task is at hand. He shows no discipline for focus, nor does he really care about a moment until it actually happens.

On the other side, he wasn’t exactly raised with manners. His childhood consisted of being in solitude, being yelled at, or beaten. Of course, he would never hit a woman, so all that was left was the silent treatment or yelling. It has always worked on him, and that was all he had ever known.

Show me a few times where he had actually used manners. Every fanfiction I’ve seen shows him as timid, yes, but it also shows him as some polite little boy that always says ‘ma’am’ and ‘sir’ and ‘Thank you kindly’. Harry rarely ever does that in canon. He didn’t know how to interact with human beings until he met Hagrid.

To defend his short-mindedness, there is no defense for that. Harry is just stupid like that most times.

Ron’s excuse for anything? Can’t think of one at the moment.

Hermione is a bookworm. No matter how much she seems to hate the title in non-canon, she is completely bookworm in canon, and never really grows out of it. She talks… a lot. In third year, when she bought Crookshanks, I was sure she’d grow into a crazy cat lady, much like Mrs. Figg. She apparently had a somewhat similar childhood to Harry, at least when it came to elementary school. She talks everyone down until they stand up to her, then she backs down and scurries away.

I have a friend who constantly talks, giving me useless facts, most of them I already know. When we are talking about a certain subject, he likes to give me a lesson on a certain topic. Being a cool friend, I politely warn him that he should shut the hell up. I can’t put up with it when it happens. But he’s still my best friend, besides his obvious flaw, and I don’t think any less of him because of it.

The only reason I tell him politely and not yell at him was because I was raised right. I’m aware that if I do yell at him, I’ve crossed a line that friends shouldn’t cross. You should never yell at your friends, no matter the situation.

Harry is obviously immature, yes. That is expected. If he was raised right, he wouldn’t be. The major times Harry was angry at Hermione, it never crossed his mind that she was only looking for his best interests at heart. Usually, she didn’t want him to get in trouble. When she said a fact, it was for him to finally be interested in learning, so he could one day have a CHANCE against Voldemort (Unlike my friend, who sometimes does it intentionally just to piss me off, because he knows by this point that it annoys me). When it was the major things, she didn’t want to see him get hurt or worse. All things a good friend should do.

And he is not that good of a friend, as I have already said. He does right by them, and he has some strong, twisted sense of justice much like Batman, but he isn’t what anyone would call the ideal best friend, unless their lives were in danger.

You could say the same for Ron as well. His reasons why have already been explained earlier by you, and countered.

Hermione is overly defensive. She rarely ever starts the argument. She would probably unintentionally cause the argument, such as using an annoying habit, but she wouldn’t start arguments.

So it’s a dysfunctional little trio. They all, in some way, sicken me, yet each has their short list of redeemable qualities. I feel sad enough for Harry’s past and melee of bad luck to forgive him, I admire Hermione’s intellect and loyalty, and I… just plain feel sorry for Ron.

When I was saying footnotes, I didn’t mean literally, by the way. You didn’t have to go off and find actual footnotes to support your case. And for every argument, there is a counter-argument of the nice Harry / Hermione friendship moments. I just read what you sent me, now you have the chance to go find the counter-argument to that page.

I’m sure it exists. If it doesn’t, I’ll dust off the books and do it myself. But I won’t actively do work until you’re done copy-pasting.

Yeah, I didn’t expect him to actually look for it, and he didn’t. Maybe I will compile those notes together one day. Or let someone else do it.

Yeah, I’ll let someone else do it.

most of them are sorces, you agree ron not as bad as you write him, but make him far worse, but make harry and hermoine a lot better then they where.

said part it would not have been that hard to fix a lot of the mistake, a few real talks, showing more training. would have made the story a lot better.

question for you, a lot of story like to show the flaw with the book, ofcouse most of there story have far more flaws then JK ever did. but i had a idea, harry fines or make a true poitions, and gave it to different people and ask question.

i have dont have a problem with harry and hermoine story, just have ron as there best friend, and dont bash him. i once read a very good hermoine and draco dad story that was good, so if the story good enought i can read almost any paring.

most of the flaw could be fix very easly.

we are fighting and i know i never change your mind and you will never change mine. but i did want to thank you for being repect full, and your firiend who use fact a lot, i do that to, most of the time i cant help my self.

I could make a case that Ron was just as long as Harry and his life growing up was worse. Not sayin that true. But would not take much to do.

Once again, I disagree with you about the Ron thing, but in all seriousness, I blame J.K. Rowling. She tries to make a kindergarten romance with seventeen year-olds. Harry/Ginny – A guy that had never thought of a girl romantically before, finds himself getting jealous at the sight of her kissing another guy? It’s like the kid that didn’t want a pudding cup in lunch until someone else grabs it.

And the Hermione/Ron situation is very much like the kid pulling on the girl’s pigtails, and she learns to realize that he’s the only boy that gives her any attention.

I understand why you ship it, but if this was all real- life, I really don’t see any relationship going that way. Even J.K. Rowling herself said that she herself was the model for Hermione, and while she had dated a few Rons in her life, she eventually married a Harry. I just don’t see Ron and Hermione co-existing in any reality other than canon.

As for why I bash him so much, I can finally put together the words to say it – As I was originally reading the Harry Potter novels as they were being released, not giving a crap about any of the pairings, and purely reading for the story aspect, and the ‘magic’ of it all, I found myself pissed off at many characters throughout the books. McGonagall, for not listening to the kids about the Sorcerer’s Stone. Snape and Draco, for pretty much everything they did. Lupin, for never checking on Harry. Sirius, for giving up Harry and going after Peter. Dumbledore, for a LOT of things. Dobby, for the entire second book. Hermione, for the Firebolt and the entire sixth book. Harry, for being clueless, and not caring that he’s clueless.

But they don’t compare to to pure number of times I found myself being pissed at Ron. From the little things like making Demelza Robins cry for seemingly no reason (look it up, that actually happened, and that’s the only reason anyone knows who that character is.), to not having enough trust in his friends (once, you pointed out that Ron shouldn’t apologize to Hermione for using Lavender to make her jealous. So he should also not apologize for making her cry when when she took Viktor to the Ball? She wasn’t even trying to make him jealous.)

I just found myself angry at him at every twist and turn, and I’m clearly not the only one. There are plenty of other writers better than me that commiserate, and I probably don’t do their thoughts justice, nor am I trying to. I just find myself steamed at his “Harry Potter Always Gets Everything” mentality. Even if Harry DOES get everything, a best friend is not supposed to think it.

Once again, that’s my spiel. Stepping off the soapbox now.

Ron made hermonie cry only a few time some where her fault. What she said to Ron was worse. He just did not cry. Harry made her afraid.

They are kids, Harry only see part of how they act, how many time does he walk in and they are haveing fun.

I read the they haveing nothing in common but there could be a million think they do, Ron does like more then just chess and sport, and he is smart,

There a line that I read we hold idea as if they are the most important think in the world, I could show you 100 pages why Harry and hermonie don’t fit but I would not change your mind, I feel I am the same way,

As for what jk said, most of what people say she said she did not, and she base Ron after her best friend.

I feel all three were very immature, the show great grow, them written back as immature again. At time all 3 where bad friend, yes Harry was a bad friend at times two, I blame the actors for the Harry and hermonie ship.

I’m aware that people may not believe that the crap that we’re spouting back and forth is true. Trust me, if this really is a play, this would be in mass production, hardback, e-book and audiobooks flying off the shelves. I am NOT this creative. I had originally joked that if he didn’t reply soon, I would masquerade as him for something to do. I’m glad I didn’t. It’s like every Disney Movie sequel ever. Without the original cast & crew, it’s just a cheap imitation.

whatweareafraidof delivered, and he delivered with a vengeance. I can feel the passion in his butchered words, the meaning in his clumsily put-together messages, and I, for one, commend him.

Proof that this is all real.

More proof.

I know that he’s not the Heron / Romione spokesperson. But it would be insanely hilarious if he was.

Whatever. Well, that was another edition of Harmony vs. Romione, Part II: This Time It’s Personal, Electric Boogaloo. A few reviews, and I’ll be sure to bring your words up in the next argument if it’s valid, giving you credit, of course.

If you want to leave a review, then review. If you have a concern, then review. If you want to bring up a point or fact about either side that can be used as ammunition, then review. If you don’t want to review, then review. If you just wanted to hear a ‘please’, then I’m afraid I can’t do that. Too much work involved. On the other hand, if you wanted to see a please, then… please?

Seriously, what would YOU say in reply to him? Please, don’t message him directly, I could get banned or something, and you would too. I was literally waiting for his latest reply so I could send this off with some sort of resolution. The last one ended with my reply, this one is ending with his. You know, it puts us on an even battlefield and all that. Do you think he’s won? Does he think he’s won? Or are we both the only losers here?