Picture the movie Downfall, but on a significantly smaller scale. This is the story of the submission of Samantha Puckett.

Samantha Puckett’s fist impacted the wall for the twelfth time, stopping once again to reconsider her thoughts. She winced at the contact with the reinforced drywall; she had been feeling it since the seventh punch, but Sam, ever the trooper, kept punching away. Once upon a time, it was all she ever knew when it came to stress relief.

Simpler times,’ she mused silently. She tenderly rubbed her knuckles, before pressing downwards. She only had one more flight of stairs to go before she reached the lobby.

She could have probably taken the elevator, but she ultimately hadn’t for two reasons. For one, she wasn’t in a hurry to go home. Her mom was probably there around this time, probably with some skunk bag, defiling the place in some new, creative way. Since Pam, her mother, always kept the ‘action’ in her own room, Sam wouldn’t have to see it, but she didn’t want to walk into those sounds any sooner than she had to.

She shuddered at the thought. Not at the wayward thought of her mother being a screamer, but as she had found out earlier in the week, she herself was more of the silent type.

The second reason: she had a lot of thinking to do. And she had been doing that too damn much this week. Far too much for her liking, actually. In fact, her brain was starting to cramp when thinking about how much she was thinking.

All because of Freddie Benson.

Her eye twitched, and she stopped. Her fist thumped against the wall. Thirteen. ‘Ouch.

Still, the pain had its merits. It distracted her from her thoughts; if only for a moment.

And when the pain numbed, she was back in focus again.

Sam was, if she could be honest with herself, confused. She was majorly and utterly confused. She had no idea what she wanted anymore, or what was best for her, or what she wanted to happen next. The past week for her was a jumble of emotions. Most of it was anger, of course. She was mostly angry at herself, which confused her even more. She knew who she should have been angry at. The one that made her feel… anything in the past few days.


Fourteen. She cried out loud at the impact, and held her tender knuckles to her chest. That was a particularly hard punch, and it felt like it.

She almost chuckled at the ironic thought that surfaced. If anything, the wall was starting to remind her of Freddie. She punched it, and it punched back, so hard, that she didn’t know how to respond.

Sam wasn’t sick – she knew the difference between right and wrong. Carly and Maria, Carly’s mom, had taught her the difference when she truly didn’t know. And she had taken some of those lessons to heart. However, there were some times she wished she never did. She loved Carly dearly, and her best friend’s mother was like the mother she always wanted, but they would never know the power she once had – the control she once harbored, over others, and herself. They had seen examples of it, but they could never truly see it like she saw it.

There was a time when she was worse; when she was king. (Yes, king. More power in that title. ‘Queen’ sounds too girly.) She ruled the school. Hell, she ruled juvenile hall. From breaking the thumbs of the fat topless kid that asked her to prom, to her roomie in juvie making a comment about ‘breaking off a piece of that white bitch’ when Carly’s mom hand-delivered food to her during recess. At the end of the day, when she was finished, she thanked the dark-skinned girl for making that comment. She was feeling antsy that day, as Mrs. Shay’s food usually did that to her. She needed an outlet.

She was given solitary for that. She never saw that girl again, either.

She ruled.

And then came Freddie.

Her fingers twitched again, and she winced at the phantom pain. Perhaps punching the wall again wasn’t the best idea.

She groaned loudly, holding her injured hand to herself. If it swelled, she would have to go back to Carly’s to get some ice. But she didn’t want Mrs. Shay asking any questions. She could sneak in, but it still ran the risk of running into him again.

It was an easy decision. She had ice at home.

And she had yet another reason to hate him – the way he manipulated her every move, and gave her so much fear of him, and she just… she just couldn’t…


She wobbled on her feet, holding her forehead with her palm, and stumbled away from the large hole – the more observant would notice head-sized hole – in the wall.

Sam did not want to be around for Lubert to see that. Still, she felt much better. Might get a headache later, but it might feel better than the one she had previously. Someone might ask questions if she got any plaster in her hair, but she’d cross that bridge when she got to it.

The much calmer blonde lumbered into the lobby, looking around to see if anyone was there. There was Lubert, of course, yelling at someone on the phone. She had no idea how he didn’t get fired at his job, but she was seriously considering taking his place once that mole on his face spread to a point where he looked like a giant hairy meatball.

The girl leaned against the wall for a moment to wait for Lubert to turn around, before kicking off towards the entrance.

She passed through the revolving doors, and paused at the night surrounding her. Streetlamps lit her way, and cars flashed in her eyes with their bright headlights. She wasn’t expecting it to be this late. The sky was still a dark blue, and not black, so it wasn’t too late, but it was disconcerting compared to when she usually got home.

Sam shrugged, unconcerned. Whatever. Maybe Pam would be done with her boy-toy by the time she got home?

Shaking her legs out, and regretting that she threw away that fatcake, she began the relatively short trek home.

“Change, ma’am?” A girl asked quietly, and Sam stopped her pace abruptly. She glanced down at a pair of girls who looked far too young to be homeless, sitting against the wall; an Altoids tin rattling in the left one’s hands.

She grimaced minutely. Normally, she wouldn’t have given a glance, but then she made the mistake of making eye-contact.

She dug into her pocket, making a show to reach some change and about to feign ignorance, when she saw the girl’s frown turn into a hopeful smile, sitting up a little straighter, her small fingers holding the can a little more delicately.

She groaned silently and pulled out a dollar, uncomfortably looking away, and gently poked the bill into the tin.

“Thank you,” the girl whispered, and the girl beside her simply nodded, her eyelashes shining.

“Have a nice night,” she muttered awkwardly, walking off without another glance.

A thought suddenly occurred to her, and she abruptly turned into the corner.

It might have been a trick of the light, but… she stuck her head out, and grimaced at the sight.

The girl who was undoubtedly wearing makeup over her eyes was under the streetlamp, accepting the can from the black-haired girl.

“I can’t believe we just did that. Did you really have to?” the makeup girl wondered, but Sam could see the smile on her face.

The girl with the black hair shrugged. “I said I’d pay you back. I called a lot of Marissa Bensons to get to this place.”

The hooded girl shrugged back, pouring the change directly into her coat pocket. “I told you it was alright. How often do you do that, anyway?”

“I don’t like owing people favors, and it just came to me. Either way, you just got back free money.”

“And yet,” she pulled her hood off her head, showing her shiny golden tresses under the lamplight, “you get twenty extra minutes to think about what you’re about to do.”

The ebony-haired girl shook her head. “No, I know what I’m going to do. Thanks for indulging me, Dana.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” The girl identified as Dana asked, obviously concerned for her friend. “At least to check if it’s the right place.”

Sam could see her green highlights as it swayed again across her shoulders, trapped in a ponytail. “This is it. It has to be. The only thing he knew about this place was that he lived in an apartment building. This was the only Marissa in an apartment building, that didn’t pick up.” She took a deep breath. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to come with me, especially if she’s there. I’m putting my ass on the line, and I don’t want you anywhere near me if I get caught. That’s why I had to fake an accent calling all those people. Marissa should be at work.” She looked genuinely worried, but determined, nonetheless.

Dana pulled back some strands from her face and waved her hand for an upcoming taxi down the street. “Good luck, Jade. Go get your man.”

Even from the alley, she could see girl try to hide her expression on her pale features. “He’s not my man!”

She said nothing, merely grinning as she waited for her taxi, humming a tune to herself.

Jade seemed to recognize the tune, and hid her face in her hands. “I hate you so much.”

“I look forward to my sappy hate song you’ve got queued up for me,” Dana laughed, opening the door to the car that just pulled up. “I’ll be back tomorrow!”

The other girl made some kind of sound that Sam couldn’t hear, and the car drove off.

And then Jade was alone. She looked up at the well-to-do building, taking it all in, before she quickly ran inside, as if she was forcing herself not to go anywhere else.

Sam walked back out of the alley, and looked down the empty street.

What the fuck just happened?

Jade found herself in what she deemed the most comfortable position in the world, with the most amazing person in the world. And, at this point in her life, she would actually say that out loud.

A month was a long time, and making up for that time was priority.

She had made the decision on the plane, and had not faltered in her choice, to be the girl this weekend. She was not naïve – she would have to return eventually, at least by Tuesday. That gave her four days, and five nights. Away from family, friends, and anyone aware of her reputation.

It really was just her and Freddie, surrounded by a pool of strangers. It was what she had always wanted. No Ice Queen Persona. No embarrassing moments that led to embarrassing questions.

And maybe, this was the push that she needed. Even in private, she was a tough shell to crack, as Freddie would likely attest to. It was just what she was used to. The game that they played.

The ‘game’ that almost lost them their entire friendship, never mind their relationship.

“I’m sorry.”

Freddie’s head snapped quickly to his right. “Sorry? For what?”

“For what happened in my… at my place. Before you left.”

He furrowed his brows. “What happened? Did you do something wrong?” A sickening thought seeped into his mind. “Did you… regret it?”

Her arms, still wrapped around his neck, gripped tighter. “Is it sad that I figured you would say that? That somehow, you’d blame yourself for my fuckups? Freddie, I will never regret a moment of what we did. It was me. I sent you home, Freddie. Who the fuck does that after… who does that ever!? You were just the sweetest, most patient… I don’t know much about it, but I imagine my first time would be shit if it was anyone but you.”

Freddie blinked a few times in surprise. “Uh… thanks. You, too.”

Her lips quirked. “As far as I’m concerned, I was shit. It was just too much to deal with, even for me. I was just afraid of the… of the vulnerability. So I kicked you out before you could see it. I just felt like I needed to be alone for the rest of the night. For some reason. It’s all just so stupid and selfish. So I’m sorry.”

The brunet could only respond, for a moment with a shrug. He was just used to it – it was Jade, after all. Then he tried to think of something else that he could say, for her sake; a lack of reaction was not what she needed right now. “If it helps, I could promise not to look next time. You made it up to me, when you hugged me at the airport – with tears. I’d never really seen you like that since my parents’ divorce.”

“I was bawling my freaking eyes out,” she thought with a smile, oddly enough. She turned to sit on his lap regularly, as they had done before they started dating, to look out at the Seattle Lights. “Of course you can look. Do you know how therapeutic that was for me? Freddie, I needed that. I’ve been beating myself up ever since that night, and that hug helped. If this is gonna work, feelings have to be said, and shared. And I gotta tell you; I hate that.” She turned her neck to look up at him. “But you make it tolerable.”

Freddie saw her teasing smile, her shining eyes, and, not for the first time, wondered what he ever did to deserve this girl.

It confused and disturbed him. Especially after all he had just told her. “I don’t mean to break the moment, but…” he fidgeted with his fingers wrapped around her slim waist, looking down at his fidgeting digits over her shoulder. “You never said anything about the, err… other thing.”

“Oh – you mean the bitch?”

Jade has, obviously, sworn before. It was no news to Freddie, to his chagrin – some things may never change. However, the smile still on her lips and the shine still in her eyes was the real surprise. “Jade?”

“You are the sweetest, most innocent guy I know,” Jade iterated. “Which should piss me off to no end, but you pull it off pretty well. If she can make you snap, then imagine what I would’ve done to her by now.” She licked her lips. “You’d need a hell of an imagination.”

“That… that wasn’t the reaction I expected.”

“Well, I wasn’t expecting your reaction to mine, so we’re even.”

He blinked a few times in confusion, and she sighed. “I’ll say it as many times as I need to. We’ve done this for eight years. I’ve always been on your side. I’m not backing out now. Besides,” she teased, “I’ve talked you into so much trouble over the years, I get to miss you commit a damn near felony and you think I’m out?”

“This is seriously not happening,” Freddie murmured to himself, and Jade laughed out loud. “You’re defending me for something so indefensible, Jade!”

“Did she or did she not throw a pair of scissors at you?” She asked in a curious tone, but he could see something more sinister behind her calm demeanor.

Freddie hesitated; he had told the entire story truthfully, not wanting to leave any details out, for some sort of vindication from Jade by his actions. Now, under the circumstances, he felt more inclined to protect Sam. “Um, yeah, she did.”

She smirked a devious smirk, one that Freddie grew to pity whoever it was directed towards. “That bitch will learn what a true wielder of scissors can do.”

Freddie rolled his eyes. “Jade, I caught them.”

“And if you didn’t?” She demanded, all joking thrown aside in an instant. Freddie knew that she was angry, and was doing a good job of hiding it. “She could have killed you, Freddie. For once in your life, you stuck up for yourself, and you’re ashamed of it? Fuck her! In any meaning you see fit! The crime fit the punishment! I would have killed her, Freddie. Expect no sympathy from me, for that bitch.”

She spoke with so much venom, so much barely repressed outrage, Freddie almost had to agree with her.

He felt no desire to tell her how well they got along afterwards. “She’s not too bad, now.”

She snorted unintentionally. “I imagine she did. She learned her lesson. She pulls that shit off again – I swear, Freddie, if she gives you any more trouble, I’ll shove those scissors in and show her what scissoring really means!”

Freddie knew he shouldn’t encourage her. He knew he should shoot her down, and be the best discouragement he could whenever she was like this.

He knew that.

And yet, he laughed.

“That visual,” he claimed, chuckling against her neck, and she would have felt the tingle if she weren’t feeling so smug at winning him over. “That’s just wrong. But it’s a funny visual.”

She leaned back into his chest. “I knew you would see things my way.”

Freddie could only shake his head incredulously. “I just couldn’t take it anymore. She’s kind of unrelenting – she never gave up when it came to me. Just these constant putdowns and abuse. I… the second I showed a weakness, she almost went back to what she was.”

The brunet sounded like he had more to say, and she just stayed quiet, listening. She was a good listener – and at this point, she was just happy he was talking about being the predator, for once. “She’s a good person, I think. Therapy was beyond her. You should see her criminal record. Maybe, if things went any differently, she’d be in juvie again.”

“And she’d come right back out looking for you.”

He smirked half-heartedly. “My point. I’m sure as hell not putting out a restraining order. I have a life I need to live in Seattle, and looking like a victim is just a repeat of what I’ve always been.” He paused. “It sucks to try to justify it, but I can’t help but think I’m right.”

Jade nodded. “Yeah, I can see that. I know it’s justified, but I can see that.” She turned her head to him. “So. Should I be worried? I know I shouldn’t be surprised, by how often I take charge – working on it, by the way – but it sounds like you got a crush on her. I can only imagine that she looks gewd.”

He shook his head immediately. “It’s more complicated than that. She’s certainly got nothing on you. I like the nice version of her, but I can see where that’s going. Her mean side is just too much.” He shrugged. “Doesn’t matter, anyways. She’s not worth my time. She made her choice today to stay away from me.”

She hmmed. “And you think she will?”

He closed his eyes and rested his chin on her shoulder. “Gave her an ultimatum. She can’t accept that she liked what I did to her. More than I enjoyed it, really.”

Jade pouted. She had wanted to see what the girl looked like. “You’re neighbors with her best friend, so I’m sure she’ll have a lot of time to think about it. Whatever. Hope she wallows in her own despair until she starts cutting. Or mess with you again, while I’m around.”

Freddie didn’t know how to respond to that. He really didn’t. So he switched topics. “And what about… the other thing?”

She pursed her lips. “I’m only here for a weekend. As much as we can pretend that everything can go back to normal… with a few benefits,” a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth, “we can’t. I need to get back by Tuesday – morning at the latest. Mom sends her love, by the way.” Plausible deniability. If she got in trouble for skipping school to travel to another state by assuming another name with a stranger her age… then at least Freddie could be ignorant about it. “So, for the weekend, I’m yours, and you’re mine, Twenty-four Seven. I’ll be staying at a friend’s house while Mama Benson’s around and while you’re at school.”

Freddie chortled close to her ear, and Jade jumped. “Sorry. What? School? If you really think I’m going to school, then there’s reallysomething wrong with the both of us. This is our weekend, Jade. I know your mom doesn’t know. We’re in a lot of trouble right now, especially if she figures out where you are and decides to call my mom. Let’s make the most out of it.”

Jade felt a tear coming on. She fucking loved this dude.

And it gave her courage to say her next statement. “So, for the next four days, you’re mine, and I’m yours. But after that… while we are prepared for long-distance this time, and I’ll try to avoid fountains, I don’t know how long the fallout will be. She won’t let me out of her sight for maybe months. And Mama Benson, if she finds out, will just put a live-streaming camera on a helmet and strap it to your head. So the likelihood of us seeing each other, of even being allowed to talk to each other, will be nil.”

He nodded, understanding. He was still trying to figure out what that had to do with the other thing.

“So… anything that happens, happens. I can’t be around, so why should we put our life on hold?”

Freddie froze. She couldn’t be saying what he thought she was saying. “Jade?”

“I’m not breaking up with you. We are NOT breaking up. You’re mine, Freddie. Your newly discovered spine isn’t gonna change that.” She smiled as the lights Seattle Needle turned on at the top of the building. “But monogamy’s overrated. This isn’t a fairy tale. People have outlets, and you’ve probably got a lot of frustration to burn. It’s how your parents messed up, right?”

He was still lost. “So… you’re… expecting me to cheat? Now that I know you never hated me, and I just said I’m never leaving you again?”

She clicked her tongue. “No. You’re too nice for that. I’m giving you permission.” She squeezed his hands before he could protest. “You’re trying to carve a life out here, Freddie. Pining for me isn’t going to do that. You think I haven’t noticed their descriptions you told me? Carly and Sam? One of them is pale with black hair who is kind to you and the other is a self-proclaimed badass with a temper who likes to put you down. The deep psychological pathways I could go down with that should frighten the both of us, Freddie. That’s me. That’s all me!”

Sometimes, Jade gave herself too much credit. Freddie knew, deep inside, that this was not one of those times. “In case you haven’t figured it out, Jade, I think I have a crush on you.”

Jade relaxed into his embrace. “I love you too, you dope.”

He smiled softly. “Beats Nub, I guess.” He bit his lip, trying to decide whether to say it or not. “So, I guess there isn’t a guy in LA who reminds you of me? To be your outlet?”

The black-haired girl opened her eyes, not sure when she closed them. “Uh… it’s a girl, actually, that reminds me of you the most. Really quirky. Kinda got a free spirit vibe. She was a new student – sat at my table at lunch the first day because she thought I was a loser who had no friends. She actually said that to me.”

“Oh really?” He sounded amused.

“She was genuine. Innocent little girl. Didn’t feel like punching her in the face. She was right. I didn’t have any friends. We became quick friends over the last month. She was the only person I told before I left.” Now that Freddie knew her mother was ignorant of the entire situation, the cover story was moot. “She hooked me up. She’s a sucker for fairy tales and happy endings.”

“Is that the friend you said you would stay over at?” He wondered, still confused over that statement. “Didn’t you say something about a girl sending that message for you?”

She shook her head, her ponytail falling off her shoulder. “She said I looked really familiar to another friend she had at her old school, and called her up. Another friend of hers, Dana, was already planning a trip to Seattle. So she decided to leave a little early, and brought her doppelganger friend’s Student ID with her. Apparently, at Pacific Coast, students can fly with no parental supervision. That paper has to be signed off before they can even attend. Rich people, huh?”

Freddie blinked in surprise. “Wow. A lot of things worked in your favor.”

“Catherine’s favor,” she gently corrected him. “You should’ve seen the Skype call. Everyone was crowded around that webcam – at least eight people. This was not outside the realm of believability for these people for a mission. Rich people get into crazy shit. They even told her that there was a Jet-X waiting for her when she came back to visit.”

He blinked a few times. Those were expensive. “Wow,” was all he could say.

“Yup. Anyway, they all arranged it in like an hour and she helped me pack and sent me on my way to the airport. She’s pretty annoying at times, but… who would do that for someone after knowing them for under a month?” She smirked. “I’m awesome.”

He chuckled. “So you’ll be staying at Dana’s house?”

“Yup. To her parents, I’m just a student at her school who came down to see a friend, but, due to some circumstances, my own parents won’t let me in the house. Sympathy points.”

“Circumstances?” He questioned curiously.

“I’m gay.”

Freddie snorted. “I guess that would work.”

“I don’t know if I should take that as an insult.”

“We’ve certainly been called that over the years enough. I guess we fit the bill, appearance-wise. You know, besides the sitting on my lap thing.”

“What was it that one councilor said? We feel safe around each other, because neither of us judges and uses each other as a shield?”

Freddie bristled. “I can’t believe mom made me do that. Because she thought I was gay!”

Jade let out a melodious chuckle. “She doesn’t have to do a boner check when she sits on your lap every day. You gotta give her some leeway. I’m, apparently, a well-known dyke.”

He rolled his eyes. “Jade…” he warned.

“Oh, relax, I’m allowed to say that.”

“Really? As opposed to all those other times you said it? What changed?”

She was silent for a few moments. “Honestly – I think it’s because I might be gay.”

Freddie was silent for a few moments. “And yet, you’re attracted to me?”


“Now I’m insulted.”

She turned her head to face him. “Freddie, the entire time we’ve been sitting here, I’ve felt that poking against my butt. If I’m implying that you’re too girly, that’d be implying that I’m too manly.”

He unlinked his hands and made a show of tracing his fingers up her sides, making her breath hitch. “Not a chance.”

She turned her legs to the side again, and wrapped her arms around his neck. “And from what I remember before you left, you’re not exactly unequipped for the job.”

He leaned down to peck her on the lips, and she moaned belatedly. “Thanks for the vote of confidence. Now, why did you just tell me my girlfriend is a lesbian?”

She rolled her eyes. “See your point, got it. It’s… it’s Catherine. Cat. She makes me feel like you did. And it’s not just her. It’s Dana, too. I don’t have many girlfriends, but I don’t think the first thing you notice is how hot they are, and how you want to sit on their laps sometimes.”

Freddie hummed, visualizing. “I want to be jealous, but I’m not.”

“Because you’re a dude.”

“But I am possessive.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her tighter, making her squeak. So cute. “I don’t share, Jade.”

“Me neither,” she breathed. “Look how that turned out.”

He grimaced. “So you get a free pass? That’s not fair. I thought you hated me.”

“And you thought stupidly,” she countered. “I’m a good actress, Freddie. Not a method actress. I’ve been me the whole time I’ve known you. I just tend to try to hide certain parts of me. This weekend, you get the full Jade experience.”

Freddie’s mind went to some dangerous places, and his distraction twitched noticeably enough that the girl in his arms laughed. “I think you like that.”

“You think stupidly,” he grinned. “I love it.”

“I’m starting to appreciate that word more and more again,” she whispered, spinning around to rest her knees on either side, straddling him. “That ‘L’ word. Say it again.”

“Love you,” he smiled, ducking in to kiss her again.

“Yup,” she moaned as they released. “Totally worth it. I’m glad I dropped that TekMate.”

“I’m glad you dropped it, too,” Freddie reaffirmed, gently reaching up to touch her ponytail. “Though I wish I saw this sooner.”

“Mood killer,” she grinned, reaching up to pull at the band that held her hair up. “I knew you would say something about it.”

“And you just waited until I said something before you got rid of it.”

She shook her head, with the added effect of fanning out her green-tipped hair beautifully. “Nah,” she shortly quipped, “I found out a month ago that I like to keep my hair down when I turn into a freak. You mind?”

He tilted his head. “I suppose I don’t. Gonna have to make it up to me.”

“Confident teasing; I like this Freddie. Not the same one I fell for, though.”

“You love this Freddie,” he countered, smirking as he kissed her again.

She tightened her arms around his neck. She did. And she’d make sure he loved this Jade.

There was more than one Benson residence in the apartment, she told herself. There had to be. She didn’t even know Freddie’s mom’s name. She was just some insane psychopath who was too OCD to actually kill anyone, in Sam’s eyes. She didn’t even look like a Marissa. And that girl certainly didn’t look like someone Marissa would know. She didn’t look gothic, per se, but she looked like she was on the precipice of joining the wrong crowd. At least, in Sam’s eyes.

And it damn sure didn’t look like someone Freddie knew.

By the time she climbed the steps all the way to the eighth floor, she was fully convinced that Freddie simply had an older, cooler brother.

Pocketing the hairpin after making sure the door was open, Sam tip-toed quietly inside.

The fatcakes were there, untouched and forgotten. The apron that he wore was hung on the oven door. The stove was off. Further inspection told her that it was cold.

Interesting. So he had cooked the fatcakes for her, and when she made the choice to leave, he didn’t even bother to put them up? Or throw them away?

He was distracted. Distracted by… a call downstairs? Lubert?

She was jumping to conclusions, and she knew it. And while a part of her wondered why she even cared, an even bigger part, needed to know, and just had to find out.

She retraced her steps, remembering where she slept after Freddie knocked her out earlier that afternoon. Passing through the kitchen and dining room, she stealthily snuck into the hallway and waited for any sounds.

Nothing. The lights were all off in the house. Walking to the back of the room, she could even see that his bed was empty. Untouched, as she herself had left it when she awoke.

How was that possible? He hadn’t left the apartment, she was just outside the lobby. Had he taken the elevator while she was taking the stairs? Had he met that other girl downstairs and they went out together?

Even as she was asking herself that question, she dismissed it. It was Freddie she was thinking about. Freddie. Just the idea that he would have someone like her attracted to him, or even want him hanging out in her social circles, made her realize that she may have a concussion. It was bad enough that she was in this room, caring, and that her best friend –

A feeling of dread hit the pit of her stomach. Carly’s apartment. He had to be there.

She was crossing the threshold to the door when the balcony door slid open.

Sam did her best impression of a deer in headlights as Freddie’s and an all-too-familiar girl’s eyes landed on her. The jokester part of her felt akin to bigfoot as he looked at the camera, stalking across a field.

Oh, how she wished they would never see her again at that moment if she could make it to the door.

Before she could move an inch, the girl she knew as Jade wrenched her hand out of his and ran forward.

Her head impacted hard for the third time that day.

Freddie let out a sigh he didn’t know he was holding. “She’s not bleeding, at least.”

“I can fix that.”

Freddie held back a smirk. “Down, Jade. She’s not a threat.”

“What was she doing here,” she questioned. “And how did she get in here? Does she have a key?”

Freddie quickly checked her pockets, and pulled out a bent out hairpin. “As close as a key she’ll ever get to my place.”

She growled as she closed the left-open apartment door. “I’m going to fix this damaged bitch.”

Freddie hoisted her up into his arms for the second time. “I guess now’s a good as time as any to tell you what my ultimatum was.”

Jade took one look at the way Freddie was carrying the blonde, and decided that she didn’t like it. “Fireman’s carry, Freddie. This isn’t a honeymoon.”

Freddie smirked. “You offering?”

She tilted her head to the side. “There’s cake.” She frowned. “And it doesn’t look like she ate any. Didn’t you tell me you were cooking those for her? What was she here for, then?”

“Me,” he shrugged, slowly maneuvering her to hang over his shoulder. “I guess. I did tell her that if she ever wanted to take me out, she knew where I lived. Maybe she wants to follow through?”

Jade was already shaking her head. “Nah. She’s too nice for that. It’s probably got more to do with me.”

Now Freddie was confused. “What? She knows you?”

She crossed her arms, her denim jacket hung on her forearm. “I met her just before I went to see you. She was coming out of the building, and I was asking for a dollar to pay back Dana.” She grumbled a bit. “I don’t know why she would come back up. Maybe she saw through my ruse?”

Freddie’s eyebrows rose. “Ruse?”

Even in the darkness, her blush rose above her pale cheeks. “It’s complicated. I pretended to be a hobo.”

“Not that complicated….”

Jade moved forward, and Freddie stumbled back, before quickly maneuvering to place the girl on her feet. She wobbled in his grasp as he held her by the waist. “Sam? You alright?”

She grasped at her head. “Fuck, that hurt. Does she play football?”

Jade chuckled from right behind her, and she froze. “A lot of self-defense lessons. What do you want?”

Sam knew she was in no mood to fight. “I want a fatcake, then I want to talk to Freddie.”

Jade clicked her tongue. “I have a better idea.”

It was a day of repetivity for Sam, and it was a repetitiveness that she wasn’t fond of. For the second time today, she found herself laid in Freddie’s bed.

In an act of caring that Sam refused to believe that he was capable of, Freddie made her promise to lie down on his bed so he could check for a concussion. She agreed to stay quiet throughout with a fatcake.

With a grimace, and maybe it was the hopefully misdiagnosed concussion talking, but she had to admit that this was the best damn fatcake she had ever tasted.

Only one company made fatcakes, and she understood that there was only one other fatcake she had ever tried. That being said, they produced the worst fatcakes she had ever consumed, in comparison to what she was eating now. And this one didn’t even have coconut shavings on it.

Her only compliment when Freddie asked was – “At least it’s not pink.”

Freddie’s lips twitched. “Yeah, she’s alright.”

“Good.” Jade plopped down next to Sam, who innocently continued eating. “So,” she inquired, “how do you know my boyfriend?”

Her eyes sparkled at Freddie, who smiled confidently. “He’s neighbors with my best friend, Carly.”

“Oh?” she raised an eyebrow. “Then how do you consider him close enough to break into his house? Do you do that to all of her friends?”

She chewed a bit more before she took a big gulp. “No. Just curious as to why he has pretend-hobos for friends.”

Freddie leaned against the wall, arms crossed. “I do wonder about that….”

The pale girl waved it off. “I don’t make a habit out of it. We’re even, now. You gave me a dollar, and you followed that up by breaking into someone’s home. Your karma meter is back to empty.”

Sam tilted her head. “Yeah,” she grinned, “not so much. We still have a score to settle.”

Jade tilted her head to the other side. “Yes?”

“I believe it was ‘Fix this broken bitch,’ you said?”

Jade nodded, nonplussed. “In my defense, I had no idea how broken you were.”

Sam’s mask of faux innocence dropped, and she scowled. “Excuse me?”

Jade looked around. “Well, considering all that’s happened in the past week, you should probably be at home in the fetal position, scarred at what life has dealt your way, while Freddie should be in custody. Don’t get me wrong,” she said with a smile, seeing the blonde’s wide eyes and slacked jaw, “I like how things have turned out. You’ve finally recognized that you were a bigger monster than Freddie ever was, and that was the wake-up call you needed.”

“You…” she looked back and forth between Freddie and Jade. “You two….”

Jade shrugged. “I’m what you call one of those understanding girlfriends. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve pushed him around a lot over the years. I’m willing to bet that if he never knew me, he probably would’ve never snapped at you.”

Freddie rolled his eyes. “You were never that bad.”

“That’s what he says,” she dismissed.

“W-Wait! Hold on! You’re telling me that she knows you raped me!” She made a move to stand up, but she was forcefully pulled back down by the ebony-haired girl. “Get off of me!”

Surprisingly, she did. Sam quickly rolled away from her and stood up at the foot of the bed. She eyed the two with disdain. “You’re both crazy!”

The two were quiet for a moment. Then Jade spoke. “So report us.”

Sam stood stock still. “W-What?”

Freddie uncrossed his arms and stepped closer to Sam, who flinched, but didn’t back down. “We’re probably crazy, Sam. I’ve been through this with you, and I’ve been through this with Jade. We’re messed up. But… so are you. And you just can’t admit it yet. Why are you here if you don’t want to be around me anymore? For a dollar?”

Jade spun her body around to sit cross-legged on the bed. “I’m not speaking for every girl out there, but you seem like a pretty strong, independent person from what I’ve heard. You’ve taken charge and dominated everyone you’ve ever met your entire life. There’s really only one person who has had complete and total control over you, and from what it sounds like, she doesn’t mean much to you, nor does she care about you.”

“She doesn’t own me!” Sam snarled. “You don’t own me! You two – ”

“Enough, Sam!”

None of the three were really expecting a quiet room after Freddie’s order, but it’s what met them. An uncharacteristically quiet Sam closed her eyes in shame, seeing no point in arguing after instinctually shutting her mouth.

She wanted to shut up. She wanted to immediately after he told her to. She… a part of her liked it. The tone in his voice, it… it made her want to agree to everything he said.

It reminded her of how she treated other people. She told them to shut up, they shut up. It’s just what they did.

It’s just what she did.

Freddie sighed tiredly. “I’ve treated you well since day one. I’ve been nothing but nice to you, and you’ve done nothing but constantly insult me. You were planning on breaking my arm before I had enough. I want you to answer me honestly, Sam. Why did you do what you did to me? Why did you constantly put me down and threaten and beat me? What did I ever do to you, before I did what I did?”

“Because of Carly.”

It wasn’t Sam who answered, but Jade. The blonde looked up, blinking in surprise. “That’s it. Isn’t it?”

Sam didn’t know how to respond. Neither did Freddie. “I made the offer to her to never mess with either of them again.” He turned back to the conflicted teen. “Why did you break back into my apartment?”

Once again, it was Jade who answered. “She knows why, but she won’t admit it. It’s Carly, isn’t it? I miscalculated. It’s not your momwho controls you. It’s Carly. She’s your best friend. She’s your rock. She’s everything to you.”

She said nothing. Jade intended to fill the silence. “You saw Freddie as a threat. Sure, there were scumbags and people not right for Carly asking her out constantly. Yeah, Freddie told me about the note.” Sam didn’t know why she flinched when she said that. “You knew they were all a passing fascination. But you saw something else in Freddie.”

“Wait,” Sam blurted, “you know about him asking out Carly, too?!”

Jade frowned. “We were going through some issues. It’s all cleared up, now. Unlike you and Carly.”

Sam’s fists tightened. “What the fuck are you implying?”

Jade smirked a devilish smirk. “I’m telling you that you like her.”

Sam was quiet for a few seconds. “So what?”

Jade was unperturbed in her lack of reaction. “But something changed.”

That was when the fear really started to show up in her blue eyes. “Nothing changed.”

Jade took a cautious step closer. “Yeah, it did. Freddie changed.” She showed her teeth as she smiled. “And he fucking owned you.”

Even Freddie winced as he prepared to jump in the way of the oncoming onslaught. His eyes imagined a myriad of pain, destruction, and a rather embarrassing 3-digit phone call in a few minutes.

However, what the blonde did next surprised all three of them.

She laughed.

“Yeah,” she admitted after a full fifteen seconds of chuckling. “He did. He really did.”

Jade clicked her tongue. “And I’m the crazy one?”

Sam grinned at Freddie. “I can accept when I’m beaten. Right now, at least. You two want to play crazy? Fine. You had me. You owned me. I. Was. Yours.”

“No,” Freddie responded. He expelled a big breath, and sucked in his teeth. “You are mine.” He took a step forward, matching his distance with his girlfriend. “I’m tired of you turning back and forth, Sam. Make a choice. You’re either sick of me and and I’m sick of you, or we go back to being friends.” He stepped closer, and she felt herself shudder, as she always did when he was close.

But she wasn’t afraid. If anything, she was anticipating his touch.

And maybe, that in itself was what should have made her afraid. But she wasn’t.

“I have a better idea,” she whispered, her voice meek, and it was a strange sound to Freddie. But not unpleasant.

“Yeah?” he wondered, stepping closer. Soon, they were barely a foot away, him looking down minutely into the inches-shorter blonde’s eyes.

“You leave Carly alone. Just stay away from her. And I’ll do… I’ll…” she took a deep breath. “You can have me.”

Jade crossed her arms. “Did you forget I was here?”

Sam sniffed. “You obviously don’t care.”

Jade strode forward and before Sam could do anything, grabbed her by her hair and yanked her forward. “I obviously do,” she breathed, bright teal eyes staring into dilated blue eyes. “You think Carly is your world? You don’t have a fucking clue how much he means to me. You think you can just sucker him in like that – with me just standing here!?”

Sam gulped hard. “I meant it.”

“No – you didn’t. You’re offering up a sacrifice, but for how long? Until he falls for you instead of Carly? Until Carly loses interest? And then what?” Her breath was hot against her nose, and Sam closed her eyes in shame. “No. You’re his. End of discussion.” She growled those last words before turning her head to the side, Sam holding no resistance. Her lips pressed against the surrendering blonde’s ear. “And if you’re not, you’re mine.”

Freddie gently pressed his hand on her shoulder. “Threatening won’t help, Jade.”

She turned her head back to Freddie. “Babe, it’s what I’m good at. Hold on.”

“She’s doing a decent job,” Sam grinned nervously, “but personally, randomly yanking the hair works to emphasize the point. Breathing heavy helps, too – makes them think you’re on the brink of busting their face in.”

Jade blinked. “Uh… thanks?”

“No problem,” she said breathily. “Gotta gain your trust, somehow.”

“You’ll never gain my trust.” She leaned in and kissed the corner of her mouth. “But you seemed to have gained Freddie’s. Welcome to the family.”

“Family?” Freddie asked. “Like a club or a clan or something? With poisoned Kool-Aid?”

Jade reached out with her other hand and caressed his chin. “You make everything so romantic.”

“You’re holding my frenemy by her hair and threatening her to be my slave,” Freddie pointed out – quite unnecessarily.

Her eyeliner made her owlish blinks much more innocent than intended. “Hell of a one-month anniversary gift, if you ask me.”

Sam, still disoriented by Jade’s kiss, let loose a chuckle – and realized immediately what she did. “Shit. I really think something’s wrong with me.”

“Take it from someone who hates having feelings,” Jade murmured, slowly untangling her fingers from the girl’s blond tresses. “I hate you, I love him, you hate that you love him. And some part of me likes that. We’re all fucked up, and that’s okay.”

“Finally!” Freddie yells out. “Somebody gets my point!”

Jade eyed him curiously. “Would you have it any other way?”

“Well?” Sam questioned, un-eased by the silence.

Freddie smirked. “You didn’t correct what she said earlier.”

Sam blinked. “What’s the point? I’m your slave, apparently.”

“I never asked for a slave, I wanted a friend.” Freddie slowly reached up to cup her chin. “And I’ll leave Carly alone, whatever you choose.”

Jade wisely kept silent, while Sam considered her options.

With tentative hands, she reached up and held Freddie’s wrist. “Remember when you made that offer to me, for me to break your arm whenever I wanted?”

Freddie only nodded stoically while his girlfriend tensed beside him.

“That’s the terms. I want to say no, I don’t – ” she stuttered with her words. “Just… please don’t hurt me. Again.”

“You know, what I really liked about you was your rebellious streak. You’re a good person, Sam, when you’re not overly aggressive. I expect from you to speak your mind when you’re uncomfortable with or around me.” The brunet frowned. “I don’t mind you being a… a – ”

“A bitch, Freddie,” Jade helped, and Sam flinched.

Freddie rolled his eyes. “I don’t mind you being yourself, Sam. Just don’t be a bitch.”

The young blonde scoffed. “You say that like there’s a difference.”

“I say that like I know you,” he corrected her, and rubbed his thumb gently over her bottom lip. “And I can call you a lot of things, but I also know what you can be.”

“Just kiss already,” Jade murmured, crossing her arms and looking to the side.

Freddie reached out with his other hand and by instinct, she took it. “Jealous?”

“Of course I am!” she raged, but the smile ruined it. “How come I don’t have a ‘Be nicer to me, or I’ll have sex with you’ speech? I was first, Freddie!”

Her best friend chuckled. “Yeah, well, I suppose you should have tried to kill me.”

“Sorry,” Sam whispered, and for once, she actually was.

Fred’s eyes twinkled. “You’ll make it up to me.”

Sam shivered in excitement involuntarily, and she knew she had fallen off the deep end. Without preamble, she easily pulled down his arm, and leaned forward into his chest.

And for the third time today, she willingly kissed him, and she felt those same flutters she had felt from the very first time earlier that week.

Hating herself was out of the question. Even hating Freddie was out. Before she had even left Freddie’s apartment, she knew that she might come back. Eventually.

But feeling that again – that sensation of comfort, that loss of control, that freeing feeling – called to her sooner than necessary.

She slowly broke apart from Freddie, and looked over to Jade, who stared at her imperiously.

“Now how do you say ‘thank you’?” She asked, her lips pursed together.

Sam wasn’t sure what kind of answer she was expecting, but leaning in and kissing her probably wasn’t what she had in mind.

Still, she was quick with the follow-up as she reached behind the blonde’s head, as she had done before, only much gentler, as the two girls locked lips. Her hand slowly slid across her neck and made her shiver in mid-breath, before taking both hands and pressing her fingers against her cheeks.

Sam tried to probe deeper with her tongue, sliding it along the pale girl’s lips before Jade backed away from her probing. “You’re welcome,” she breathed, “I was more expecting a literal thanks, though.”

The blue-eyed blonde blushed, her nerves burning and her chest pounding. “T-thanks.”

“That’s okay,” Jade grinned. “You’ll make it up to us.”

Sam had no doubt that she would be. And maybe, for the first time, she accepted to herself that she was looking forward to it.

Freddie kissed the back of her neck. “You sure you’re ready to go through with this? Jade and I… we’ve already done this.”

She leaned back into his chest, once again. “I’ve got nothing else to do tonight.”

“Good,” Jade whispered, pecking her on the lips, “because we’ve got nothing else to do all weekend.”

Sam gulped. She was starting to have no idea what she just got herself into.

It was when her shirt was removed – Correction: it was when she finally noticed that her shirt was removed – that she had a general idea of what was about to happen. Her tank top was the only thing separating her breasts from the eyes of her attackers, and it was translucent enough that it wasn’t a real obstruction. She shivered when Jade blew through to the shirt to her nipple, and her hot breath when she chuckled as she watched it grow before her eyes.

Her skin was clammy when Freddie’s fingers wandered over her sides and tickled her ribs. Her mind was blanking, and she let herself go with a moan, that was quickly covered up by the pale girl’s lips.

Freddie didn’t mind foreplay, and he showed it as he slowly moved his hands under her undershirt, letting his fingers wander for a moment before grazing the undersides of her smallish breasts, and she moaned into his girlfriend’s mouth.

Jade however, felt that a new dynamic needed to be added to the situation. She quickly unbuttoned the fair-skinned Seattleite’s jeans and, without preamble, slid her fingers down into the moist heat below.

Her hands tightened around Jade’s waist as she crushed the girl to her, spreading her legs in favor of her fingers sliding into her slick core. She backed her head away to moan loudly as her slim index forced her way into her tight cunt.

“Oh, she’s tight,” Jade whispered. “Don’t have much to compare it to, but I hope Cat’s as tight as I think she is.”

“This explains why you know what scissoring is,” Freddie chuckled, pinching his slave’s nipple. She squeaked and writhed in his grasp. “Any chance you want to share her with me?”

Jade hummed. “That depends on how good you are with what we have now.” Her finger wriggled inside of the young blonde and she cried out. “Don’t make her pick favorites, Freddie.”

He sucked on her neck, and her mouth made the most girly sound she ever thought she could make. He rested his chin on her shoulder to look down at Jade’s disappearing hand. “Did I win?”

Sam nodded frantically, biting her bottom lip, while Jade frowned. “She’s a squirter.”

The brunet flicked at her sensitive nubbins. “That didn’t happen last time.”

Sam squirmed in their hands. “I think this counts as hurting me!”

Jade wriggled her finger a little more. “Hush, you. Mind your masters.” She reached up with her other hand and lifted her shirt the rest of the way off and, with Freddie’s help, divested her of her shirt. “Wow. I can see why Freddie couldn’t help himself. Those look succulent.”

She could feel the heat on her cheeks. “I don’t remember if that was before or after he started spanking me.”

Jade looked seriously at Freddie. “Oh, we’ve got a lot to do this weekend.”

Freddie raised an eyebrow, cupping and massaging his newest girlfriend’s chest. “Oh? You’re into that?”

Her soft lips latched onto a pinkish nipple, winking at her lover as she did so.

Freddie, a smirk on his lips, released her breasts in favor of pushing her jeans down.

The fair-skinned girl jerked at Jade’s insistently wiggling finger, her own hands roaming her clothed midriff. As tempted as she was to rip the clothes off of her seemingly frail form, she suspected that it wouldn’t be a good start to this new relationship.

Freddie kissed her neck again, resting his hands on her bare shoulders, while Jade squeezed closer into her naked form. His hands slid down while her hands slid out of her moist passage and upwards. And they were switching places; Freddie had his hands on her bare hip while Jade was on her bare breasts.

Jade felt the blonde’s tits up with a no small sense of wonder. Considering her age, they were well-grown – small oranges to her small apples – and as she discovered this new faucet of her sexuality, she discovered that she didn’t mind this new side of her preference at all.

Fingering Sam had been an eye-opener, for sure, in terms exploration; but by touch, she appeared to be built the same as her, and she even had smooth skin all-around leading into her slick girlhood. But actually touching breasts that weren’t hers, breasts that weren’t similar to hers in the slightest, really brought it home for the unsure lesbian.

The combination of her gasps, and her soft hands sneaking under her shirt and caressing her skin for the first time, made her melt into the girl, and it was then that she realized that she might be non-discriminating when it came to genders.

Her flannel shirt was being loosened, and she looked down to see Freddie’s hands, gently pulling apart the snaps. She quickly looked up to see the look on his face when he realized that her shirt was all she wore on her visit to see him.

Just looking at his awed face reminded her that Freddie was the one exception to the rule, as she had discovered many times in life. She opened her shirt partially and hugged Sam to her, leaning over her shoulder to deliver a kiss to her best friend.

Freddie hungrily kissed her, removing his own shirt and letting it fall down his arms. His hand sneaked around Sam’s waist and his fingers grazed the skin of her bald pubis.

Sam closed her eyes and leaned her head to the side as she was assaulted with pleasure on both ends, her body mashed by two half-naked lovers, her inflamed lips being rubbed – teased – by Freddie’s skillful hands and his girlfriend – her girlfriend too, she would be so bold to add – pressing her pale brown nipples against her own and swiping pleasantly against her, while taking a firm grab of her bubble butt.

Freddie had distinctly expressed that her ass was his favorite feature, and Jade seemed to agree, squeezing and pinching it in her delicate hands, molding it like she thought it wasn’t going to reform the next time she squeezed.

Sam’s hands tightened, before she went for Jade’s zipper, which was hard to do when pressed against her own pubis, pressed against Freddie’s sinfully good fingers, but she pressed on, and before long, her black jeans were no longer an immediate hindrance.

They were a simple pair of gray underwear, and the dark spot of wetness tantalized her, but she was yet again wondering if she could get away with ripping them off, even with the pants still mostly on. She refrained, marveling on how much she had changed over the week (mostly sarcastically), and slid her fingers under the elastic. Her fingers knocked against Freddie’s as the index slipped into his girlfriend’s tight pussy up to the second knuckle.

Jade broke the kiss to groan, and leaned back to thrust her hips forward into the blonde, who quickly swooped down to tongue her pale chest.

That left Freddie in a very uncomfortably comfortable situation.

Throughout the evening, and it was obvious that Jade was aware of it, his erection had been plain and prevalent, but only by touch. His jeans had hidden it well, and as good as that was for the entire conversation they had earlier, It was throbbing painfully in the denim and cotton confines.

And now, Sam’s supple, curved backside was unintentionally grinding directly against it, all while his fingers were still pumping into her slick cunt with ease, and he had no doubt that she was ready for him, as he slowly twisted in a third finger, something he hadn’t been able to do the last time.

Jade whipped her black tresses behind her, and looked blearily at Freddie. She blinked at the position he seemed to be stuck in, before smiling at him. Wordlessly, she reached underneath to run her middle finger over the small nubbin that her hand had briefly explored earlier.

Sam moaned sexily, and the vibrations from her teeth left wonderful stimulations, but she focused on target and wiggled her finger on the bundle of nerves.

Freddie blinked for a moment as his dick throbbed again, mashing against the hard denim. Eyeing his girlfriend preparing her ‘gift’ to him was likely to fuel a great many fantasies after this was over, even if he somehow messed this up. His hands lowered and unbuttoned his jeans. With a slow, purposeful grip, he pulled on the zipper and shoved his pants and briefs down in one go.

Jade never really had a mental ruler on how big or small Freddie was, but while he wasn’t hung like a horse in the literal sense, she doubted she wanted anything bigger in her for a long while yet. He was certainly blessed for his age, something she had started paying attention to many years back.

Freddie slowly removed his fingers from her sopping hole and stroked himself, her juices sliding against him making his stomach clench. He rubbed her juices gently across the mushroom tip, before leaning forward and swiping it against the opening of Samantha Puckett.

The blonde opened her eyes and stopped her fingers in mid thrust, jumping forward in surprise and almost bowling Jade over, had she not caught them both. “Freddie?”

“Point of no return,” he whispered, and held his hands on her hips, swiping the head of his dick up and down against her slick lips. “Your choice, Sam.”

No one could directly see her face, her hair matted to her forehead and her body bent over. Sam used that to her advantage to consider what was about to happen next.

She was his.

It wasn’t a question of whether or not there was going to be a repeat performance of last time, it was when it was going to happen. ‘Taking advantage of each other,’ he had said. And the excitement she had then couldn’t even compare to what was about to happen.

She was ready to give herself to him – to give herself to the both of them.

With minutely trembling hands, she reached under herself to pull her lips apart, and with her other hand, braced herself against Jade, who held her with a comfort she wasn’t aware she could possess.

With a deep breath, she nodded. “Give it, Sir. Take me.”

Just those words alone could have set Freddie off, had he not done this before. Still, it was an internal struggle, staring at the wonderful pink of her precious girlhood, exposed to him for the first time, glistening in the light. His eyes traced her beautiful naked form again, taking in what he didn’t get to see before. Her beautiful, flawless legs spread as much as her pants would allow at her ankles, and her pinkened, swollen vulva winked at him as Sam readjusted her fingers, waiting patiently for him to make her a woman.

His dick rubbed directly against the inside of her core a few times, and she moaned wantonly at the unbelievably arousing sensation, before he slowly began to push his dick inside of the quivering blonde.

For a moment, Jade felt the unsurprising feeling of jealousy in the pit of her stomach. It was when Sam moaned a guttural groan against her chest that she realized that she was jealous of Freddie, getting her to moan like that. She wanted to make her moan like that.

Quickly making a decision, she lowered herself to her knees, and looked at her boyfriend slowly penetrating their newest lover.

It was really fascinating to watch, watching his member plug itself into that small, elastic-mimicking vice that was their Slave’s Snug Snatch.

That would make for an interesting tattoo idea. But for now, she was enjoying seeing the flawless fair-skinned beauty, a nice contrast to her own pale skin, get shafted by Freddie’s similar skin-toned cock. He was halfway in before Sam squirmed in discomfort and Freddie began to slowly stroke himself in and out, trying to ease more in.

Her tongue peeked out and swiped against the nub that she was so focused on earlier, and Sam seemed to get a kick out of.

The shock of the slimy texture against her clit had Sam bucking, almost thumping Jade in the chin with her knee, but she stopped herself. Her pussy filled for the first time in her life, and the hot gothic girl underneath her sucking and licking at her nether regions, made her realize that she would do anything to make sure this never ended.

Slowly kicking off her pants and shoes, Jade turned around to face up into the joined organs, and reached up to caress his twitching sac, feeling the bald skin contract under her touch. Freddie groaned out loud, and pumped faster, and Sam moaned loudly, bending forward until her hands rested against Jade’s bared thighs.

Slowly massaging the back of Sam’s well-sculpted calves, and wondering how such silky smooth skin could be so dangerous if abused, she tapped on the back of her knees until the towering girl got the message and began to kneel, Freddie following for the sake of never leaving the velvet vice again.

Soon, all three were on the floor, Jade laying on her back in her opened shirt as Sam leaned over her, taking it doggy-style from her boyfriend. She leaned up and began licking the girl’s clit again, and both Freddie and Sam moaned their approval from the contractions that followed.

With a small, final push down on Sam’s spread thighs, their pubic bones mashed together, and Freddie was fully inside of the shuddering teen.

Sam felt so full, having Freddie’s cock spear into her – a tool that she hadn’t even seen yet, only a part when she looked between her own legs for her deflowering. She gasped for air, panting as he steadily pumped into her. She knew that she wasn’t hurting because she was so wet, hearing the familiar squelches as he easily slid in and out of her tight vice. She stared blankly at Jade’s pale, pristine slit, devoid of hair and any imperfections, and saw a drop of her drool slowly fall onto her lily-white pubis.

Jade jumped, but didn’t do anything else, still licking at the blonde’s and brunet’s union, but raised her hips in encouragement.

She slowly lowered her head over the curious new object of her desire, and gave a small, tentative lick down the slit.

Jade’s bare feet squeezed the carpet, her toes flexing as she spasmed. She began to swivel her hips into Sam’s face, trying to stop herself from bucking sporadically. She raised her hand and put her hands on Freddie’s own, and squeezed.

He could take a guess as to what was happening, and, not for the first time, wished he had a camera. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the best angle to see the two sharing each other, being balls-deep inside of Sam Puckett and all.

Maybe not so unfortunate.

Being on his knees limited his movement, but he pounded away at the blonde, shuddering every so often as his girlfriend licked the part of the shaft that was out of Sam’s sticky cunt, letting her tongue run along the underside as it ‘squicked’ back into her velvety hole.

Wiping the sweat from his fringe, he placed his hands back on her ass and curiously spied the crinkled pink hole winking at him as he gripped her ass tightly.

Freddie allowed himself a moment to consider whether or not to remedy his curiosities, before running his finger lightly over her puckered sphincter.

There was a noticeable twitch, massaging his dick with her spasms, and Jade even moaned as she had apparently done something with her mouth as well.

A thought for another time, maybe.

Without warning, Freddie pulled out of Sam, and leaned back on his haunches. On shaky legs, he stood on his feet and gently lifted Sam out of Jade’s reach to pull her against his chest.

“How is it so far?” Freddie breathed, and Sam was lucky that she was already blushing.

“Better than last time,” she admitted with a weak grin, still feeling his hard cock grinding between her cheeks. Her hand sneaked behind her and she finally felt what was inside her.

On second thought, maybe it was better that she didn’t see it before she was already guaranteed that it would fit.

Jade stretched a little before she sat up and frowned at the two. “I don’t know how we got from sampling the merchandise to a full-on test run, but let’s not try that on the floor again.”

Freddie agreed, but presented a problem. “My mom will notice the smell next time she washes the sheets.”

Jade seemed to take that into consideration while the couple just looked content to stare at her heaving breasts. “We’ll wash them. We have a slave, after all.”

Sam didn’t have a problem with that. She did the laundry at home, anyway.

It was the ‘working’ part of this relationship that she was going to have to get used to.

“I suppose this isn’t a purely physical thing?” she wondered hopefully, and squeaked when Freddie pinched her butt.

“Sorry,” Freddie murmured unapologetically. “You signed up for this. You can say no, anytime.”

A disapproving look from Jade was all it took to cement her decision. It reminded her so much of how Freddie looked at her, it was painful, and she didn’t want to see that look again. “Yes, sir.”

Freddie clicked his tongue. “My name’s Freddie. ‘Sir’ is my father.”

Jade rolled her eyes as she stood up. “You goof.”

“You love this goof,” Freddie teased, reached around Sam to clasp Jade’s hand, and she shyly got pulled along to hug against Sam, pecking her boyfriend on the lips.

“Déjà vu,” Sam warned, and the two reluctantly parted.

“My turn,” Jade whispered, her blue-green eyes shining up at his cinnamon browns. “I think I’ve earned it.”

Freddie smiled. “You are just too awesome.”

“I know I am.” She kissed him again, Sam now off to the side and sitting on the bed. “You know I’m gonna have, like, a harem of dudes when I get back to LA, right?”

Freddie’s hands wandered her naked form. “You still have to share.”

She stuttered, not expecting that reaction, and Freddie smiled devilishly. “Gotcha.”

She let out a sigh of relief. “Oh, thank God! How embarrassing would it be if I had to tell people my boyfriend is gay?”

Freddie let out a mock groan. “You’re lucky you don’t have to bear my burden.”

She only smirked in response.

Sam smiled at the easy interaction between the couple. It kinda reminded her of Carly and her.

Carly. Just the thought of her reaction to her being in this room, with these two, after what she had just done. The poor girl’s head would explode.

She closed her eyes as her breath calmed. She didn’t feel guilt, per se, for what she just did.

She knew the whole rigmarole. This was usually around the time she called herself crazy for enjoying what happened. And were it not for the fact that she was consensual in all of this, she would have been hating herself.

She couldn’t deny what they said. Carly was her world. She was the only one that accepted her, and the only one willing to put up with her faults.

And somewhere along the line, around the time that Freddie figured it out, she realized that she needed more.

She didn’t need someone who could contain her. She needed someone who could control her.

She eyed the couple laughing companionably, no awkwardness in their movements even as their hands wandered their bare bodies.

She loved Carly dearly – sometimes, maybe even more than a sister – but she silently made a promise to herself that she would never let Freddie date her. For her own sake.

She subconsciously licked her lips, and she blushed at the taste. More sweet than tangy.

Yes, it would be best if Carly never even knew who Jade was.

She was speeding down a tricky slope, and she knew it. All she had was Freddie’s word that he would no longer pursue her best friend, and that was the best thing she had; even she had to admit that he had kept his word on everything so far.

But she had to stop Carly from trying to pursue Freddie. She just didn’t know how to go about doing that without admitting a few secrets that she would rather not reveal.

She let out a frustrated sigh, unintentionally focusing attention on her.

“What?” Jade wondered. “I know you can’t be ready to go again!”

Sam instinctively crossed her legs. Jade’s fingers had been there every time she clenched in orgasm. She had enough for one day. “Uh,” she looked unsure, finding the right words to say. “What we talked about earlier. Are you leaving Carly alone?”

Freddie raised an eyebrow. “I said I would.”

“I know you did,” she said quickly, “but you didn’t tell me you would stay away even if she asked you out.”

Freddie’s eyes wandered to his desk next to the bed, and the half-finished, completely liquid jumbo smoothie that sat atop it that was once a Blueberry Banana Blitz. “I guess I’ll figure something out. But I could always introduce her to Jade – ”


The ebony-haired Californian raised an eyebrow. “I’m not that terrible a person.”

“No,” Sam repeated, albeit much softer. “Carly can never meet her.”

She clicked her tongue. “That’s going to be difficult.”

Sam felt like one of those moments where her best friend was behind her the whole time, but considering everyone in the room was nude, she felt that there would be a lot more problems than troubled introductions. “Why?”

“Because for the next four days, I’ll be living here,” she told her seriously, “and I’m going to have to leave before Mama Benson gets back.” She eyed the lock on the door. “That lock still work?”

The brunet wrapped his arms around her torso and looked over her shoulder. “It came with the apartment. She wants to replace it, but I’ve talked her down so far.”

She tilted her head. “I suppose actually living in here isn’t too far outside the realm.”

Sam felt uneased. She could see a lot of things going wrong this weekend, and she wasn’t so sure she was the best person for damage control. “Any chance I could dissuade you from leaving this apartment?”

Her teal eyes shined. “We’ll work something out, but it’s not about you right now.” She pulled her lover’s hands apart and brought them up to her chest. “I don’t think Freddie finished. Mind helping me out?”

Sam was only too happy to help.

*The Next Morning*

Jade let loose a chuckle, shivering in Freddie’s warm embrace. “She snuck out.”

Her boyfriend yawned. “I don’t blame her. We practically have her barricaded in here.”

“No,” she gently corrected him. “We kept Mama Benson barricaded out. Sam could’ve stayed as long as she liked to.”

“I was wondering how long it was going to take for you to get her name right.”

She shrugged, digging deeper into his arms. “Apples and Oranges,” she muttered. She sighed. “Think she’s gonna come back? Or is she regretting it all?”

“I think part of her regrets it,” Freddie slowly admitted. “Maybe the part of her that thinks she betrayed Carly. I seem to be a popular guy, here. But I don’t seem to remember you inviting her to our weekend together.”

“It was implied,” she whined, and she shivered again as a deep rumble purred into her back from his chuckle.

“Seems like you want to explore her more than me.”

“I’ve had a full two nights with you,” she complained, her voice light. “I had three hours with her at the most before she passed out. She seemed just as interested to explore me. It seems just like how I saw it. She didn’t even know how she felt for Carly, and what Carly did for her.”

Freddie sniffed. “Makes you think.”

She blew a green strand away from her face. “About us?”

He pressed his nose against the back of her neck. “About what I would do to protect you. From a monster.”

Jade sighed exasperatedly. “That only works if you were the monster to begin with. And you have to piss off someone who would’ve left you alone otherwise. I don’t think she would tell you that you were a monster a week ago. You are what she made you, Freddie.”

He smiled against her neck. “Thanks.”

“Anytime.” She looked at the lone delicacy on the open windowsill. “How did she get to the fatcakes if the door is barricaded?”