Renee Young

Renee Young gives Brock the interview of a lifetime.

Brock Lesnar felt his tense muscles soothe as his pent up anger was released into his aching loins. For a moment, all he could hear was the soft slurping sounds of Renee Young’s small mouth kissing and nursing his stiff member.

Personally, he didn’t know why she was so enamored with the heady aroma, but he didn’t complain. She certainly didn’t mind.

Her dick-sucking abilities were top-par tonight. He was glad, relaxing fully in the plush chair, concentrating only on her small, dexterous tongue.

The top interviewer in the WWE’s dimples were permanently on her cheeks, even as her tongue snaked across the sweaty skin of his throbbing hardness, her nose flaring at the powerful scent that emanated from his loins.

Renee loved her job.

Of course, she didn’t get it by being a slut – No matter what rumors say, you didn’t have to sleep with anyone to get high in the business. You have to put yourself out there, and hoped your fans liked you.

Luckily for her, the fans loved her. They were starting to call her ‘Mean Jean’, a play on words based on the greatest interviewer the company ever had. Even Stephanie expressed interest in moving her up to RAW commentary, and she’d be the first ever woman to do so. So, her position in the WWE was quite safe.

But she knew what would skyrocket her career from the very beginning, and she took the chance. It started when Paul Heyman began singing her praises, and when¬†Paul Heyman¬†liked someone, people took notice. She quickly became known for her witty banter with Heyman on backstage segments, as they discussed his main client, Brock, pre and post matches. Not since ‘Mean Gene’ Okerlund had they allowed an interviewer to have a personality, but she broke through the glass ceiling.

She really didn’t know how it started, but somewhere down the line, Paul must have talked Brock into… testing the young, but seasoned, interviewer as they bantered. Brock’s only job was to stare intimidatingly at the camera, but he was almost a background character when she and Heyman got into it – which made it so easy for him to do whatever he wanted.

It probably started with a slight breeze on her legs, or a squeeze of her firm, toned rump, well below the frame of the camera, and with barely a stutter, she continued. All of the backstage segments were live, and there was no real preparation, so when the feed cut back to the arena, the two were already heading towards the door, and her flustered look was the only evidence that she was violated.

Even the cameraman seemed to have no idea what happened, more concentrated on not screwing up.

As the segments got more frequent, Lesnar continued his assault on her below the camera frame. Her sundress didn’t make it more difficult for him, nor did her lack of panties on occasion. With a new camerawoman in tow, her segments with Paul were rather – interesting, on and off-screen.

One time, Brock was fingering her moist snatch for a full five minutes, pumping his fat digits inside her soft clam at a painfully slow pace, and when they finally went live, she quickly schooled her features and went on like the professional she was.

He had finger-fucked her to orgasm by the end of that interview. And afterwards, he picked her up, two fingers in her dripping snatch, one hand around her thin waist, as he hoisted her off to her own dressing quarters, where he royally fucked her into six more.

She really loved her job.

Her golden curls bounced rhythmically as she bobbed on his large cock, feeling her throat stretching around the massive shaft. Her long, thin neck expanded to accommodate the familiar intrusion, and her pink plump lips gushed at the thought that it would be her tight pussy that would be soon.

Her long, beige skirt was hiked around her waist, and her fingers lingered for a moment on the soft, golden curls of her pubic hair, before plunging a single finger into her needy cunt.

She gurgled pleasantly around his massive member, and Lesnar could feel himself getting close.

Tugging at her shiny blonde locks, he let her rise off of his dick, and now, instead of glistening with sweat, his dick shined with her spit from her dedicated mouth, but before she could admire her work on the monument before her, Brock grabbed her waist and effortlessly picked her up. She squealed in excitement, slipping her finger out of her tight pussy, wincing as it tried to suck her slim digit back into her hole, and spread open her hairless pink lips.

With her beige wedge heels set firmly on the chair arms, she began to lower herself on his excitedly twitching member.

She cried out loud as the head of his mushroom popped in – what she considered the hardest part of taking his massive organ – and her breath quickened when Brock’s hands pushed her further down on his dick, spearing into her with a grace that she had felt so many times before, but a part of her still couldn’t believe that it was possible.

Her velvet walls welcomed him with tempered resistance, as it always did, and he loved it. Her wet, silky vice was constricting, and uncomfortably tight, and perfect for his cock. He pumped her narrow hips lightly, just basking in the feeling of her steaming heat, and pulled her dress completely over her head, taking her bra with it. He threw the useless garments off to the side and immediately attached a mouth to her right tit.

Renee cooed, tossing her head back and closing her eyes, her powerful legs controlling her thrusts against him, minutely rocking against his cock as her overstuffed pussy would allow. Her small, aching nipples were teased slowly, one by her lover’s tongue and the other by her own slim, sticky fingers. She wrapped her free arm around his broad shoulders and began panting as she rode his dick harder.

A smirk flitted across his lips, feeling his cock saw into her smooth cunt with relative ease, her velvety vice suffocating his hard organ comfortably. Smoothly, he transitioned to her other tiny nubbin, her hand sliding away as his experienced tongue took over. She wrapped her hand around his neck and held his head against her sensitive tit.

She shook and convulsed, whimpering quietly with each pump of her hips along his length, thankful of her wide stance as she tried to stretch her pussy along his girth. She had discovered a long time ago that this was the best way to try to take him on, and be able to stand the next day. She had been doing a lot of sit-down interviews before then.

She didn’t know where her camera girl was at the moment – though Paul did lick his lips earlier when the cute intern mentioned she was a ‘Paul Heyman Gal’ – but she was missing what could have been a hell of a tape. With her own camera, of course – The Authority probably wouldn’t react well to finding footage of her bouncing on the WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s giant cock.

Or maybe they would. She wasn’t going to risk it. She had a good thing going, and with all the budget cuts, she wasn’t jeopardizing a goddamn thing.

The petite Canadian blonde shrieked in surprise, feeling the Beast’s hands clench her supple cheeks, and with a forceful jab, his meaty shaft rammed even deeper into her slick, tight cunt.

She gave a forceful moan, tensing as another orgasm washed over her, and she almost fell backwards at the force. His dick kissed her cervix so intimately, and she was thankful that he didn’t feel the need today to make it all fit. While she always came faster and with more force when he buried himself balls-deep in her greedy snatch, she had a rather important panel to host in a few hours for the Network, and doing it bow-legged might not impress anyone.

Still, she wanted to appease the Beast and get him to cum with her, so she slowly reached down and wrapped her nimble fingers around the remainder of his cock. With practiced precision, she stroked him at the pace he was fucking her, sliding her hand up and down in tandem with his fuck-stick sliding in and out of her slick, tight pussy.

Out the corner of his eye, his mouth filler with tit, he followed a bead of sweat roll down her long, supple neck. Kissing up her small breasts, his lips trailed along her collar bone, before attaching to a soft, delicate part of her neck. According to her gasp and shudder, he seemed to have found a weak spot.

Her free hand wandered over his broad sweat-slicked chest as she bounced happily, feeling his hardness scrape and bump against her in the most delicious of ways. When she felt him twitch inside her, her eyes opened lazily, lightly pinching at the massive organ below her.

She quickly did a pros/cons list of taking his cum straight to her womb, and ultimately decided to take it all in – she happened to have brought the right shower-head for getting the spunk out.

After several more powerful thrusts, Brock felt himself release into the blonde vixen, feeling her convulse and shake around him, milking his pulsing dick, her plentiful juices the only thing keeping them both from chaffing – her snug quim tightened uncomfortably as she came yet again, they both grunted animalistically.

He could feel his balls contract as cum from their fused organs leaked down to his sack, and slowly drip to the seat.

Her nostrils flared with the heavy smell of the room, and she wrapped her arms around his shoulder, shuddering at his twitching member and the hot cum inside her.

She really fucking loved her job.