Rekindled II

Takes place after the flashback, when Vicki and Bruce reunite. Fluff chapter.

Bruce expected her to try to ravish him, when he felt the ferocity of her kiss, but when his suit fell apart, and he was in nothing but his briefs, she took a tight grip onto his waist and just held onto him.

Just… held him.

He had never felt such love through a simple hug. She felt her tears hit his broad chest, and he sobered.

She had missed him more than he ever knew.

She was his one companion in middle and high school; the only person he confided with. When he started to get private tutors, due to him not… interacting well with others, and his advanced capability to learn, she was his constant partner throughout, visiting the manor every day.

He recalled a memory with a smile – she showed him a drawing that struck a chord within him. She had a very ardent fear of bats, and couldn’t think of anything scarier.

It was meta-human; it was thin and frail, but it was eight feet tall, and its natural, functional wings made his hunchback that much more intimidating.

Bruce wasn’t a fan of bats. He agreed with her, saying that it was what he could imagine running away from, no shame in his tone. She admitted that it was what she had started with was supposed to be a hero, but it came out to be completely different, almost like a villain. Then, almost to herself, she said something that made him think – ‘I suppose it could be both, I guess. Would any bad guy mess with him?’

He forced himself back to the present, kissing his former lover’s forehead. He was a hero for a reason – he wasn’t going to make her cry again. “I’m not leaving you, Vicki. Not again. Not ever.”

She removed her face from his bare chest and parted from him, wiping her tears. “I haven’t cried in years, Bruce. You bring out the worst in me.”

Without warning, she jumped on him, wrapping her arms around his neck, her legs around his waist. He firmly gripped the bottom of her bare thighs, and she purred. “I’m making sure you never leave me again, Bruce. You belong to the city now, but don’t forget who belongs to you!”

He smiled, pecking her on the lips. “I plan on taking on a lot of responsibility, Vicki. I can’t promise you’ll always be my priority, but as long as I’m breathing, you have me.”

She buried her face in the crook of his neck, and sniffed. “That worries me, Bruce.”

His hands tightened around her thighs. “I thought you believed in me,” he smirked, rubbing the stubble of his chin across her cheek.

“I do,” Vicki, muttered. “But I’ve seen this city. What with The Maronis and the Falcones in a feud, and this new guy, Black Mask – he’s almost eclipsed them. I’ve busted a gun shipment or two from the news helicopter, going from a few tips, and… I have no idea where they’re getting such war-ready weapons…”

“Penguin,” he growled, accidentally slipping into his ‘other’ voice. She leaned back and smirked. “Sorry. Oswald Cobblepot. Did a little investigation when he invited me to the Iceberg Lounge a month ago – Bruce Wayne’s first public appearance. He was so pleased; he gave me free roam of the place. He wasn’t suspicious for a second. He still thinks I’m a myth.”

She snorted. “Everyone still thinks you’re a myth.” She saw his downcast look. She leaned back further, keeping an arm hooked around him, and gently tilted his chin up. “That’s how legends start, Bruce. You’re Gotham’s savior. The Batman – ”

“The Batman?” he questioned, chuckling deeply, his vibrations doing things to her she hadn’t felt in years.

“What name do you have for him?” She gave him a smoldering look.

“You must really like that name,” he groaned, feeling her wetness against his hard member through both offending fabrics.

Though her legs were comfortably wrapped around his waist, they felt weak. “No – just the idea.”

He chuckled. “You’re the only one.” He turned around and gently leaned onto her bed. “Though I doubt Alfred will ever be this excited with me dressing up.”

“If you weren’t so goddamned sexy, that joke would’ve killed the mood,” she moaned, feeling his hardness grind against her womanhood.

He gave a primal grunt. “Likewise, that’s why I risked it.” He put his hand behind her head and held her tenderly. He took her into a deep kiss as she ran her fingers through his hair.

His free hand skimmed the side of her curvy form. He had noticed her braless bust since they were outside, but now he had the chance to truly appreciate her curves. “You’ve… grown,” he whispered huskily, admiring her body’s assets.

“It’s been ten years, baby. Did you think I’ve… ah-ahhhh… stayed the same?” Her fingers roamed over his new, chiseled body, and marveled over his muscles. Then her fingers brushed over his bulge. She stopped, almost unsure what she just touched, and retraced her steps. “Holy shit!”

“Thought I’d stay the same?” he questioned, smirking down at her.

“I grew a cup size, Bruce! This is…” she hooked one finger in the elastic of his briefs and pulled down, and she shuddered as his monster thumped against her stomach. “How is that…?”

“Ten years of build-up?” He got a glare in return. “It’s only two more inches, Vicki.”

“Length and girth, Bruce! It’s a Soder Cola can! You didn’t think you ruined me enough last time, you had to keep growing!” She stopped, and looked him up and down from her close angle. “If I had any doubt that you’d been using steroids…”

He kissed her right areola, through her sheer nightgown, and she gasped. “You know I don’t like cheating.”

“And yet you always seem to get what you want,” she purred, divesting herself of her modest panties and throwing her gown off. “Glad we both want the same thing…”

“Wow,” Bruce whispered to himself, admiring the woman his girl had grown into. “The cameras don’t give you justice.”

“The clothes don’t give me justice, Bruce,” She smiled at him, leaning down to kiss him. Her voice lowered, her eyes unsure. “I wasn’t lying before. You’ve been my first and last, Bruce. I told you that I’d wait for you.” She shushed his protest, placing a finger against his lips. “I know you didn’t think I’d mean it that way. Moving on wasn’t in the plan; it wasn’t a sure thing. You coming back to me, was. Allow me a bit of vanity when I say that no one but you deserves me. My love.”

As he did earlier that night, Bruce’s fingers stroked her cheek, his eyes focusing on hers. “You didn’t have to do that,” he whispered, before leaning up to kiss her deeply. She leaned into his hand as his tongue roamed her mouth, and her eyes fluttered open when he fell back. “Sorry to say, that I wasn’t thinking much about us when I travelled. As I… as I kept training, I was sure that even if I came back, you wouldn’t want me. By the time I thought I was ready, I was sure that you moved on.” His hands roamed down her naked back, and she would have shivered had she not been so enraptured. “By the time I knew I was ready… I didn’t care. I wanted you back. I don’t know what I was prepared to do if you decided I waited too long.”

“I don’t know what I would have done if you never came by.” She leaned down and licked his ear. “We’re here outside of Wayne Manor, or as this reporter once called it, the love shack of more than a dozen former schoolgirls, several of them now prominent figures and icons. Details at nine.

That got a chuckle out of him. “Going to refrain from admitting your part?”

“Of course. I would’ve let you accuse me. Only way you would have talked to me directly.”

“Alfred would have mailed you a summons,” he grinned, and she laughed out loud.

“God, I love you,” she chuckled, and choked a little. She looked uncertainly at Bruce, waiting for his reaction.

“If I didn’t feel the same, I wouldn’t have come here,” he intoned, deeply and smoothly, knowing she needed reassurance. “I love you, Vicki. Don’t forget that. Don’t ever forget that.”

“I never did, baby,” she smiled, her voice smoky. She looked down his stomach. “I almost want to enjoy the comfort, and the peace we have right now.” She slowly grinded her hips with his, and moaned. “But it’s been far too long.”

He took a firm hold of her hips and flipped them over so fast, her hair slapped against her cheek as she squeaked in surprise. He guided himself to her entrance and barely pushed in. “Sorry to say,” he gave her a cocky, Bruce Wayne the playboy-like grin, “We’re not getting any peace for a while.”

They were both just fine with that.