Project Hero: Day One

The First Day of School is never easy – especially if there’s a scandal going on, an upcoming war, and you happen to be a ninja. America is weird.

Honestly, I had no intention of ever releasing this.

This is the first ‘story’ I’ve ever written, unedited, for your ironic enjoyment. It’s so bad, it might go back around to being good. It was a project, thought of about 11 or 12 years ago, and a story written, or at least imagined, about ten years to the day.

A friend and I started on a project, a project that we have been working on for the past ten or so years. It has evolved spectacularly since then, but two high school freshmen just couldn’t get their shit together. Ten years later, and the project has progressed, but it’s not ready. I’ll be ready to tell you when it is, for those who care.

But this, this story, has been in the digital ether for a spectacularly long time. At one point, it was on a damn floppy disk.

I don’t like looking at my past stories, Time to Live/Love being the main example. I don’t like the typos, I don’t like the grammatical errors, and I certainly didn’t like the errors I made in general.

7/07/07 was the planned date for this release. 14 days before the last Harry Potter book, and several weeks before I discovered fanfiction, a place where, apparently, you can write things based on things, or even, dare I say, original things and be free to share it on a huge platform.

This chapter was a script, a basic outline, for a multi-arced story about strange happenings in high school, and a group of friends who form a close bond with a strange student.

This was to be the birth of my character, the original Rihaan Shimomura, before I ever decided to adopt it as a pen name.

The self-insert story with Harry Potter (Rihaan Shimomura and the HP Universe) is a very loose interpretation, it was more a mix with myself and that character. This guy is cool, though. The original can’t be fucked with.

Main Characters – Ryan, Sierra, Jake, Ashley, Steven, Chase. Before it became what it is (which, for now, remains a secret), they were these people, in this situation, at their most basic. I’m proud of what they became, so I figured I should show some pride in the first ever draft.

I’m posting it here instead of my fanfiction account, because that’s technically where it belongs, but I won’t touch it for a while yet. This was supposed to be the start of a novel, or at least a novella, written in the style of a pseudo script. On a sidenote, I’m glad I didn’t write it like a traditional playwright. But what I’m now planning is going to be so much better, and a lot more expansive.

But for now, here’s a glimpse of what it once was.

Sidenote: Stressing this. I was fourteen. The fact that I wrote this at all, at that age, in the Education System I got, was simply astonishing. Just don’t bash me too hard for certain topics I bring up, or moments that make you say ‘…Yep. This is totally fanfiction.’ I once said that until this story, the most I’ve ever written was a 500-word report. So, there was some definite pride for this back then.

The fourteen-year-old mind is a wonderful thing. That needs to be prefaced. So as you’re reading this, think of it as a wonder, that you get to be so close to my development into an adult.

Episode 1: The New Kid

The scene starts off with Rihaan walking up to the school doors of P.S. (Insert numbers here), his new school. He then receives a flashback from him talking to his grandfather during his martial arts training. “But grandfather/sensei, I have been home schooled, how do I fit in so easily?” He remembers grandfather’s words, “If I see you with at least one friend, you’re doing good…and if you don’t make any friends, you still have me.” Rihaan sighs. “I really need to make some friends, and quick, before I have to hang out with him.” He enters. He picks up the schedule from the main office and reads it. He notices he has Geometry in room 1193 with Mr. Jones. He folds his schedule up, places it in his pocket, and starts walking. As the new foreign exchange student, he can take his time the first week so he can figure out where his classes, the cafetorium (cafeteria/auditorium), and his locker are.

As he heads to class, he is stopped by a tall man, with college muscles, most likely a jock, depending on the blue and gold jacket, and from the looks of him, he’s most likely a senior. Rihaan goes around him, but his hand blocks the way. “Well, well, well,” he said, “fresh meat. You, my friend, are walking in my hallway. And I don’t like it. And if you want to be able to see the colors of this jacket again, (which you’ll be seeing a lot of this year, with me in it) then I suggest you turn around, now.”

Rihaan just turned to his side, looked up at the towering man and said, “If you value your life, legs, liver, or all of the above, I suggest you move, now. And I’m guessing you’re not very bright, so I’ll give you some time to answer that.” The jock just stood there, awestruck. But he quickly phased out of it, and says, “Congratulations, you just won a free ass whoopin, and on the first day of school. You are brave, for standing up to me, I’ll give you that.” He then turns and walks away. I’m gonna have to kick your ass though, but later, I’m on probation.” Rihaan figured that, and thought about it. What jock isn’t?

Completely unphased, he continued walking to class. He finally reaches the door, sighs, and walks inside. He sees an almost full class, about 27 students. There were 5 chairs empty. He sees the teacher, Mr. Jones sitting at his desk. He is completely bald. He looks old, either that or he looks like he worked at this school for more than 5 years. Mr. Jones looks up to see Rihaan, gets up, walks over to him, shakes hands, and then announces “Class! Today, we have a new student, his name is Rihaan Shimomura the 3rd. I hope you make him feel at home. You can choose a seat anywhere that’s empty, except the two in the back; the one on the left ‘isn’t here’ today. And the girl that is in the seat next to it is looking for him. Anywhere else is fine. Rihaan sits in the middle, making a statement; he’s not a nerd, by sitting in the front, but he’s not a Goth, a troublemaker, or a close-to dropout.

“Hello Rihaan,” says a girl on his right. Rihaan turns to see her. His jaw drops (in his head) as he sees a beautiful girl with Auburn hair and Turquoise eyes looking right back at him. “Hey.” Rihaan replies. “I’m Sierra. Do you need any help getting around this school? I know it pretty well.” “You look like a freshman, to me.” Rihaan says. “I am,” replies Sierra, “but I visit this school a lot because my older brother is a sophomore here. His name is Jake. I’ll introduce you to him when he gets in here. And his girlfriend.” Rihaan thinks a little. “Are those two chairs in the back theirs?” Sierra gives Rihaan a confusing look. Ryan explains. “They’re right next to each other, and the teacher said one belongs to girl and one belongs to a girl.”

Sierra nods. “Are you a detective or something?” “Nope,” he replies, “I just watch a lot of ‘Detective Conan’, or ‘Case Closed’ here. Have you seen it?” “Yeah,” says Sierra, “I watch that show all the time. Too bad it was cancelled, though.” Rihaan looks confused, but then figures out what she means. “Oh, the show wasn’t cancelled; they just stopped translating the show. Gave criminals too many Ideas, but right now in Japan, they’re on their 12th season and 12th movie.” Sierra looks at him, and says, “Oh, are you from Japan?” “Well, I was born in Atlanta, and then sent to my Grandfather in Japan when I was a baby. I lived there for 14 years, my whole life, and learned both English and Japanese there, and also learned all kinds of martial arts and sword-fighting there, so yeah, I’m basically from Japan.” “Wow!” Sierra says, “You speak a second language, too? I can speak Spanish cause I’m part Spanish.” I always wanted to learn Japanese, though.” “Why’s that?” says Rihaan. “So I can understand the Japanese cartoons instead of waiting for the translations, like ‘Case Closed’.” They both chuckle, and talk for another minute or two. Then the second bell rings. Sierra looks at the clock. “I wonder where Jake and Ashley are…”

“JAKE!” yelled a hot-tempered, black-haired girl. She was staring at a boy behind the bush, about her age, and from the looks of it, he is sleeping, and surprisingly, regardless of the sound barrier-breaking voice of the girl, still is. He rolls over. She walks a little closer to him and puts her lips to his ear, and right when the bell rings, screams to the top of her lungs, “WILLIAM JACOB HUES!” He bolts up and yells as he holds his throbbing ear for hearing the two sounds he never wanted to hear together—the bell and his girlfriend when she’s angry. He could barely hear the bell, though.

“Can I at least get a moment of sleep, please?” Jake says, annoyed. “Of course Jake,” replies Ashley, “but can I ask you a question first?” Jake lets go of his ear and looks up to her. “Yes, dear?” he says. “May I ask you WHO THE HELL SKIPS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL? You should be lucky a teacher didn’t find you and I remember where you hid all last year. Oh, and a question I’ve wanted to ask you, how do you skip school AT school?” Jake thinks about the questions. “Okay, one; A guy that had to spend the night before doing a summer report, two; a teacher didn’t find me, you did, and I’m thankful for that, and three; I’ve skipped school and went off campus so many times I got bored. Any more questions?” Ashley starts to look incredibly pissed. Jake hops up and says “Oh no. Please don’t beat me up!” He tries logic. “I wouldn’t want you to get suspended on the first day of school.” “And I don’t want a dead boyfriend!” Jake Gulps. Ashley sighs, “Just get your ass in the school, now!” They run into the school.

“All right, class, settle down. Well, I’m sure you all did your summer assignments. You will be showing them to each teacher, and each will give your first grade of the school year. If you didn’t do it, well, sucks to be you.” Everyone in the class snickered a little, except Jake. “Oh…crap…” he mumbles. Ashley looks at him. She’s seen that look many times before. That’s his I didn’t do my fuckin’ homework! look. “She gives him a quizzical look. “Jake, I thought you said you spent all night last night doing your report.” He looks at her and whispers back, “I said ‘I spent all night doing it,’ not, ‘I spent all night doing it and finished’. I know I’m not gonna pass this class anyway, since Steven isn’t here anymore, but I can’t afford to fail all my classes!” Ashley replies, “You can’t afford to fail one of your classes! You can do it now, can’t you?” Jake thinks. “Good idea!” He pulls out his supposedly 1-page report—that has only 5 lines. Ashley looks at him. “What did you do last night?” “I tried to think of a really cool title.” She looks back at the paper. “Where is it?” “I’m still working on that.”

The bell rings. Ashley walks out smiling because she received an A on the exam. Jake Follows, limping. Not only did he get a zero until he turns in the assignment, but he has to carry his and Ashley’s books, which is only 2 textbooks and 2 workbooks right now, but they were big. Next follows Sierra and Rihaan, exiting out the door. Sierra taps Ashley’s and Jake’s shoulders. “Brother, Ashley, I’d like to introduce a new friend, Rihaan. He’s from Atlanta, but was raised in Japan and knows karate.” “Hello.” Rihaan says. Jake looks at him and starts inspecting him. He walks around Rihaan like he was sniffing out crack.

Rihaan looks at Sierra. Does he do this to everyone, or just the blacks?” Sierra walks up to Jake, grabs his arm and pulls him away. “Sorry,” she responds, “My brother is very overprotective. He was checking for weapons. Keep an eye on him, Ashley.” “Hey, I’m not done, yet! That guy might have Japanese swords for all we know!” Ashley replies “Don’t call him that guy, use his name!” “Fine then,” Jake says, and then he stops, and thinks. “What was his name again?” Then Ashley thinks. “Do you have a nickname? Rihaan ponders about that, for he doesn’t have one. “Well… other than Shimomura-san, I do remember my grandfather telling me that before I moved to Kyoto, my American Birth Certificate says, ‘Ryan Edwards’, and since I’m back in the U.S., I guess I should use that name.” Ashley thinks about it. “Ryan Edwards, huh…that’s a much cooler name.” Jake nods looks at the clock. “Oh, shit! Ash, we got to go. Catch you later, Ryan.” He and Ashley start running. Oh, and if Sierra goes missing, Ima fuckin kill you!” and with that, he ran full-speed towards his locker downstairs.

Sierra looks at Ryan. “Don’t mind him, he’s a sweet and protective big brother, but he’s a jackass. So, where’s your next class?” He pulls his schedule out, unfolds it, and reads. “I have Civics with Ms. Green in Trailer C-2.” Sierra chuckles. Ryan looks at her. “What’s so funny?” Sierra stopped chuckling and replies, I don’t think that’s a good class to take. You take tests on American History, and you probably never learned it.” Ryan would understand why she would think that he wasn’t fit for the class, but he replies, “My grandfather told me to never forget where I am from, and so he taught me American History and Japanese, since technically, I’m from both. Probably not enough for tests, but I can take a challenge.” Sierra is impressed. “Well, if you think you could handle it, do you want me to show you where the trailer is?” Ryan looks at the clock. “Wouldn’t you be late for class?” She looks at the clock. “Damn, thanks for reminding me!” She started running for her class. “See you at lunch! There’s someone else I want you to meet!” Ryan turns and starts walking to his class. I really hope the ‘someone’ she wants me to meet is not her boyfriend. I might be a fugitive in 2 countries, then.


As Sierra reaches the door, someone stopped her. It was Ashley. “You like him, don’t you.” Sierra stares in shock. Ashley continues, “I know you do, don’t deny it. I’m not gonna tell Jake anything. Ryan has to get on his good side before you even call him a good friend. Sierra still stares, but blinks out of it. “You promise you won’t say a word to Jake?” Ashley smiles, and says “I was just fooling you, girl, you really do like him?” Sierra scowls at Ashley. “You know, you and Jake make the perfect couple.” She walks by her and sits at her desk. Ashley sat next to her. “You did the same to me, remember?” Sierra thought about it. “Oh, yeah I did. Payback is truly a bitch! But I just thought of a plan, and I need your help to do it. I just need you to call me 5 seconds after he leaves, okay?” Ashley puts on her curiosity face. “Leaves for what?” She asks. Sierra smirks. He’s gonna look for Steven and borrow some of his inventions to spy on Rihaan. I know my brother, and I know he loves to skip class and he takes that chance whenever possible. Let me see your schedule.” Ashley pulls the schedule out of her left pocket and hands it to Sierra. She unfolds the paper, reads, and smiles. “Perfect. You have Ms. Clark this year. I remember visiting her class a lot. She usually smokes during class outside the school. She’s in a trailer now; she might be out even more. Jake should leave around then. Ashley grabs the paper and looks surprised. “I can’t believe she’s still teaching. Apparently she’s fuckin’ Principal Salih.” Sierra looks at Ashley. “Get serious, Ashley.” “Okay, okay, I got it; I’ll call you exactly 5 seconds after he leaves.” Sierra replies, thanks, but that’s not what I was talking about. No one will get in smelling distance with that nigga.” They laugh until Ashley gets curious. “So umm, what do you plan on doing?”

Just as she tries to tell her, the teacher stands in the front of the class. “Be quiet, freshmen, or as you’re gonna hear a lot more in High School, shut the fuck up! You’re in high school 101, so I’m gonna teach you about high school, first the language. But know this before we begin; if you intersect my class, I will intersect your ass. Do you all understand this class so far, children?” They all are silent at first, but then they look at the board for her name. “Yes Ms. Clark!” The class replied, except Ashley. She looks at Sierra. “Well, I guess I should get going to Mr. Reynolds’ class. See ya later, Sierra.” She looks at the teacher, then looks at Sierra again. “And good luck.” She gets out of her seat and walks toward the door. “Where the hell are you going young lady?” Ashley looks back at her. “Who the hell wants to know?” The teacher smiles. “Ashley, good to see you. How’s my favorite student doing?” Ashley replies, “I’m doing good, Ms. Clark, but can you at least change your introductory speech each year?” You said the same thing last year.” Ms. Clark replies, “I’m not paid enough. Aren’t you supposed to be in class?” Ashley replies, “It’s the first day of school, so if anyone asks, I didn’t give a shit. I’ll see you later.” She walks out the door and closes the door behind her. Ms. Clark faces the classroom. “You all need to follow in her footsteps in order to pass this class.” Sierra sighs. I really hope she remembers.


Ryan is walking to his next class, even though the halls are empty. He has learned enough about schools in the US to know that you should never run on the first day of school. Even though he was side-tracked, he wasn’t gonna run. If he runs, that will show that you are eager to learn, which will put a permanent nametag on you for a year, maybe even all 4 years, even at high school reunions. Ryan walks, not even speed-walks, to the trailers. He is still inside the school. He is about to reach the doors, till he stops in his tracks. His ears pick up something. It sounds like a woman. He hears panting, but his super-sensitive hearing tells him that she is panting like she’s standing still, yet she is panting like she has been running for hours and still is. He has a pretty good idea what she’s doing, but she sounds like she’s about 10. There isn’t any 10 year-olds at this school. Unless, He thought, this school has a pedophile, most likely someone who works here. Whelp, this is a step closer to being a detective like Shinichi…

Ryan followed the sounds, and he slowly heard the sound of a man, breathing in sync with girl. I must be getting closer. He stops right by the door, the Janitor’s closet. It’s always the Janitor’s Closet. He knows whoever behind the door is having sex; the girl is way too young and the guy sounds like he is in his 50’s. He lies down on the floor and looks through the crack on the floor. He sees exactly what he thought—a man, a little girl… He quickly stands up and slowly walks away. He has photographic memory and that’s what makes him feel very uncomfortable. Then, he remembers…he’s 20 minutes late for class. He still doesn’t worry, though; he just can’t be over 30 minutes late since he’s the foreign student. He decides he’s not gonna start the year off by snitching, no matter what happened. But he is gonna tell the only one he can trust at this messed up school—Sierra.

MJake and AshleyU

“So, you think I can trust him? She is my little sister, and I don’t want to see her get hurt.”

“Stop worrying about her; don’t you trust her in the least?”


The couple was in the Science lab with Mrs. Owens, just paired off as lab partners and are now getting used to the lab equipment. Well, Ashley was, Jake was playing with the gas valve—and a match. “You have no common sense, do you?” Ashley asks when she sees Him playing with them. “What is this sense of common you speak about? All I know is, if Sierra goes missing, I’ll fuckin kill him! I wonder why I’m still here, when I could be out there, spying on her and—yeah, I’ll just do that now. Mrs. Owens is outside taking a crack pipe, this is the perfect chance. You wanna join?” Ashley looks at him. “I can’t believe you; they’re probably not even in the same class! No, I’m not going!” “Suit yourself.” Jake replied. “Do you know what class Steven is in right now? He could help me.” Ashley looks at him. “He hasn’t told you yet? Steven isn’t taking any classes except one- First period trigonometry with Mr. Salih. He has all of his credits except one. Then he can go to college if he wants at the end of the semester.” Jake stares at her. “He only has one class huh… that just makes it easier for me. He isn’t exactly skipping school if I get him out this time. Knowing him, he’s in the Computer Lab. See you later, when I investigate some more. He kisses her on the cheek, gets up, and walks out of the room.

3…2…1… now! thinks Ashley as she pulls out her purple glitter purse and pulls out her purple glitter cell phone as she dials in 3 and ‘TALK’ and waited for the other line to pick up. “Hello?” said the girl on the other line. “Hey, Sierra, are you hanging out with Ryan right now?” “No,” Sierra says, “but I asked him to meet me at lunch so I could introduce him to Steven.” “Well, girl, Steven is going to Ryan sooner than expected. Jake just skipped class and is now looking for Steven to look for Ryan to spy on. He says if there is anything suspicious about him, he’s gonna keep him away from you.” Sierra sighs. “Right on time. He’s not the only one who can skip school.” Sierra was right outside the girls’ bathroom. He doesn’t know how to trust anyone. He probably suspects that you called me already. At least I already know where Steven is. He’s most likely in the Lab.” “Jake is already heading to the Computer Lab.” “I’m not talking about that lab.” Replies Sierra. “I’m talking about Steven’s.” “He still goes there during the school day; it’s like, 4 miles away, at his house.” Sierra whispered, “Do you want to know why we hadn’t seen him during the summer a lot?” He has been creating shortcuts from the School to the Lab, about 200.”

Ashley stood there shocked. “200?!” Sierra replied, “I’m just kidding, I don’t really know. Steven knew he was too lazy to walk from here to the lab and back, and thanks to the gas prices these days, now chance of driving, so he spent day and night working on these ‘portals’. But it doesn’t make any sense when you think about it, though. Well anyway, gotta go, at least Jake doesn’t know about it. But I know one of them.” “But, how did you find out abou-” “can’t talk, gotta run!” Sierra hangs up, leaving Ashley with a lot of questions. Sierra enters the bathroom, opens the stall door and sees an extremely filthy toilet, no one uses it anymore, but only Sierra and Steven know it’s fake. She flushes, and then kicks the toilet. The toilet falls over. A metal cover opens up and an elevator-like sterling silver pod pops up. Sierra just stares. “He’s just showing his genius more and more each day.” She walks in to the pod and looks around. She sees 3 buttons on the left of her— chair, strapped shoes, and free-fall— and 3 buttons on her right—straight down, swirl down, and freefall (with pod). I think I’ll choose… regular free-fall. She presses the third left button. The bottom of the pod immediately opens up and Sierra falls through. What the “hel—” she falls about 3 feet onto a long plastic slide, which is surprising very slippery. She just slides and slides down the extremely long plastic tube with her eyes closed.

: Stephen :

An orange-haired, teal-eyed 16 year-old is in his own laboratory, playing Kingdom Hearts: Re:CoM and watching TV on split screen, but as you can tell, he is far from ordinary. He has an IQ of whatever he wants it to be. He created every single thing in the Lab from the Computers to the actual CDs in them. He is now playing Kingdom Hearts 2 on the Surround Sound System that he made, until, he hears something—or someone— sliding down the pipe. “Who the hell knows about the portal to my lab? Not the CIA again? Computer? Who is in that slide? Computer? COMPUTER! Damn I forgot to install the voice system.”

He turns to the computer to see the complete bio of Sierra, plus a streaming video of her sliding down the tube. I didn’t tell her or Jake anything about the portals—yet. Well, I didn’t say hey to her today, so I guess I could now. He walks over to where the tube ends. 2 seconds later Sierra is seen sliding down from the opening in the ceiling. She stops, in mid-air. She opens up her eyes to see that not only is she floating in the pipe, she looks around to see a huge lab. She sees robots, computers, and other giant machines of all types. The lab looked like it could go on for miles. “You’ve done a lot of redecorating, Steven.”

She looks down at Steven, who is holding a remote, probably the remote that made her float. Steven looks up at her and asks, “How did you know about the portal was here? I didn’t tell anyone.” Sierra nodded. “I know. I followed you once when you told Jake and Ashley you had to do something. I followed you to school. I saw you walk into the bathrooms, both of them. I was in the next stall when you were finishing up the pod. I saw how you got in the pod, too. Can you let me down, please?” Steven looks at her suspiciously, but then shakes it off. “Your story checks out, I guess. So you’re actually skipping class?” Steven says as he presses the button on the remote. Sierra slowly floats down until she touches the ground. “Yeah, Jake is looking for you, but do me a favor…stay away from him okay?”

“Why? I hadn’t said hey to him today either.” Steven says. She sighs. “I made a new friend. He’s new at this school. His name is Rihaan, but we call him Ryan. You know how overprotective he is. He doesn’t really trust Ryan right now, so he is skipping class to find you so you can use some of your inventions to spy on him. Oh, yeah, and I wanted you to meet him at lunch. Are you coming back during lunch?” Steven thinks about the situation. “Well, won’t Jake see me if I go to the Cafetorium? Why don’t you bring Ryan here?” Sierra thinks about it. “Good idea. But it would be pretty suspicious—or perverted—if Ryan walks into the girls bathroom—with me! You got any more pods around school?

Steven walks over to the computer and says “Computer, my list of pods and shortcuts.” The computer immediately shows a radar on the screen and an outline of the school in an aerial view. The computer looks like it’s scanning the school for pods. Steven looks back at Sierra. “Come and look at the pod you want to use.” She steps forward and sees red dots showing up on the screen. Those must be the pods, thought Sierra, but damn, those are a lot of them. Suddenly the screen goes blank, and a list pops up. It is a list of places where the pods are. “So if you’re going to get to me during lunch, then you should use one of the pods that are in the Cafetorium. Computer? List in Cafetorium.”

The computer divided up the list and eventually showed 12 results. “You have 12 pods in there?” Sierra says. “How many in the whole school?” Steven thinks. “About 2- or 300. Give or take. Computer, print.” The super laser printer that was next to the computer—that Steven also built—printed faster than the blink of an eye. Steven picked it up and handed it to Sierra. Use any one of these. These are fingerprint scanners. But it also works on passwords. You’re lucky that the girls’ bathroom toilet is the only one in the school that I didn’t finish. “What’s the password?” Sierra asks. Steven easily tells her, “Shipoopi, of course!” Sierra smiles. “Thanks, I’ll see you later.” She walks away till she gets under the pipe end, then she stops and turns around. “Um, how do I get out of here?” Steven pulls back out the remote, and presses a button. Sierra starts floating, and looks down to see a glowing fluorescent light under her. She starts going up, faster and faster. Steven says, “See ya.” And Sierra disappears up through the ceiling. Steven throws the remote somewhere and goes back to his game. “She must like him a lot to skip class to check on him.”


Ryan sighed as the bell rang. He hasn’t told anyone about what he saw. He knew who he saw, but what he couldn’t believe who he saw…

He walks out of the trailers and back into the school to the cafetorium. Well, I’m not even sure I should even tell Sierra, now. Focusing on more important things, I wonder how good the cafetorium food tastes here… He walks into the cafetorium. It looks about the size of a basketball gym. It looks like it once was. Ryan gets in line. Some one stands in the line behind him and taps him on his shoulder. “Remember me?”

That’s a familiar voice. Ryan says as he turns around to see who he suspected. The annoying-ass jock. “Yeah, I remember you.” “Good, now get out the way, senior privileges.” The jock walks around him, but this time, it’s Ryan who puts his hand out in front of him. “Senior privileges, my ass.” The jock crouches down so it’s him and Ryan, head-to-head. “That little confidence shit is getting tired. In case you didn’t know, which you probably don’t, I’m the star quarterback of this school’s team, Chase Roberts. I’m the strongest in this school, the toughest, and right now, I’m the hungriest. You don’t want to know what happens when I’m hungry.” Ryan looks at him, then replies, “You should tell your mom to fix a bagged lunch for you, then, the incredible hulkless.” And turns back to the line. He knows that the jock is pissed, but he doesn’t care; not only is that guy on probation, but he knows that he can beat that Jock’s ass in a second.

“Kid, I’ll give you one more chance, move or die.” Not turned around, he replies, “What a coincidence, I was gonna give you that same option. Ya got 10 seconds!” He gets tapped on the shoulder, and Ryan predicts what would be happening next. He turned around and was shocked to see Sierra. She whispers, “Quick, I want to introduce you to someone. Follow me.” As she leaves, Ryan looks at the Quarterback, he says, “You lucked out, just this once I chose ‘move’.” He follows Sierra. “Who do you want me to meet?” “A friend, Steven, and I should tell you now, Jake is looking for you so he can spy on you, to see if you’re a threat.” He follows her to the stage and they go behind the curtains. She goes to the right-back corner of the stage, kicks the edge and says “Shipoopi!” At first, Ryan thinks she is crazy, but when a hole appears in the ground and a pod comes up, he realizes the whole school is crazy. The pod opens up, and she says, “I guess I should have told you he’s a super genius. This pod goes to his underground lab. You go first.” A skeptical Ryan steps into the pod and gulps as the doors close, and hears Ashley say “Don’t worry, the ride down there will be fun. I recommend the ‘Freefall’ button.” Ryan is confused until he sees the 3 buttons on his left. “Well, I guess I’ll go freefalling, then. He presses the button and away he goes…

Steven is still playing Kingdom Hearts 2. “Damn, this game is addicting! I need the remake. Too bad it’s only in Japan. I could just remix this copy though…”

“You can borrow my copy, no charge. Okay, 5 bucks will do.” Steven jumps up and notices that someone entered the lab, and he didn’t even hear him. “Who the fuck are you?” “Oh, sorry, I’m Ryan, and you must be Steven. Sierra wanted me to meet you.” Steven looks at the clock: 12:03. Oh, I should’ve known. Where’s Sierra?” Ryan smirks. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, here she is!” As Sierra drops down the tube, Ryan looks at the pipe and sees that it is shaped like an ‘L’. Ryan asks, “How is she gonna land?” Then Steven eyes pop. Oh, SHIT! Thinking fast, while Steven runs for the remote,. He runs over to where she is projected to land right when she shoots out of the pipe. He runs like he will never stop. Sierra opens her eyes, as she wonders what she’s gonna land on, but when she sees nothing but the sterling tiled floors, she screams. Ryan runs faster, faster than he ever ran before. Right when Sierra was about to hit the ground, she felt someone scoop her when she was centimeters from the ground. She opened her eyes. There he was. They both blushed. “Th-thanks!” “You’re welcome!” Ryan was holding her like a new wedding couple would when they walk out the doors or the church. Steven, just finding the remote, snickers. “Man, who the fuck gets a girlfriend on the first day?!” They blush even more and Ryan places Sierra—gently—down on her feet. “I don’t know who or what you’re talking about…”Sierra says.

“Ahem, so why am I here again?” Ryan asks. “Huh—oh yeah, Steven, this is Riha- I mean Ryan, he’s from Japan, but he was born in Atlanta. He studies martial arts, so I’m guessing that’s how he caught me. Ryan, this is Steven Hill, an Australian super-genius. Although, I’ve never heard that combination before. Now that that’s out of the way, we kinda skipped lunch. You got any food down here?” “Of course,” replies Steven. “Computer, take these guests’ orders. Order anything you want, guys. They both think for a minute. “Well,” thinks Rihaan, “I’ve never tasted American food before, so I think I’ll have… hot wings and fries. Those are the only American foods I can think of. Does America even have any more original foods?” Sierra and Steven thinks about that question. “I’m a genius, and even I can’t answer that.” “I don’t know,” says Sierra, but I know what I want to eat! I think I’ll have a quesadilla and fried rice.” Steven tells them, “Drinks?” Sierra and Ryan says at the same time, “Water.” A green bar slowly filling up with blue shows up on the computer. Steven points out, “When the bar is done, so is the food. So, Ryan was it? How was the first day of school?” “It was all good except one thing, but first, I have to ask, do you have any pods to here from the Janitor’s closet in the 9th grade hallway? Steven thinks. “Yes I think I have several.” “So do you have cameras to watch over all of your pods?” Steven Replies, “Yes, I do, as a matter of fact. But I haven’t seen the camera feed all day. It’s a little bit too early for that. Usually someone might stumble on an entrance around a month into school. Why do you ask that?”

Ryan replies with a dark voice. “I saw something in that Janitor’s closet that shouldn’t happen in any Janitor’s closet. It happened at the beginning of 2nd period. If you want to see it, it’s on the camera. And knowing a genius like you, you either put the camera out of view or made it incredibly small. Am I correct?” “Steven looks surprised. “I was the second one, but how did you know?” Ryan replies, “What can I say, I watch a lot of Detective Conan. So do you want to see it or do you want me to just get the tape and show it to the principal?” “I want to see it,” says Steven, “but how dark is this video?” Ryan says, everyone has their own opinion, but it depends on this question—have you ever seen a 10 year-old getting raped by a teacher before?”

Their mouths drop.


“Dammit, where is he?!” thinks Jake, as he looks around the lunchroom for Steven-more importantly, Ryan- so he can start spying. At the beginning of lunch, he was scolded by his teacher, and 2 of his other teachers were watching, so he couldn’t afford to skip any more classes today. “I guess I can’t spy on him until I find Steven.” He sighs. “I guess I’ll look for Steven after school and start ‘The Hunt’ tomorrow.” As he turns around to go to the lunch line, he gets picked up by the collar. “Hey, shrimp, do you know that new kid?” Jake is facing away since his back collar is being held to the large guy’s face, but he knows who it is. “Well, think about it for a second, Chase. Since this is the first day of school, don’t ya think all of the freshmen are new kids? I don’t know the whole grade.”

“Don’t fuck with me, underclassman, I’m sure that was your little sister who talked to him in the line. If you know him, tell that punk-bitch to meet me after school. I want to talk to him in private, in the gym. If you don’t tell him, I’ll see you there!” He drops Jake to the ground and he lands on his feet. “It’s been great doing business, “he said as the jock walks away with his lunch tray in one hand and the other in his pocket.

Jake thinks, Please don’t tell me he’s talking about Ryan. Sierra should have told him that he shouldn’t get on Chase’s nerves. Where is Sierra? Jake walks out of the cafetorium. That jock pisses me off, though. I’m kinda glad someone stood up to him. But, since he’s gonna die today, I don’t really care. As he walks down the hallway. He hears footsteps from behind. When he looks back, he can see Principal Salih running down the hallway with a walkie-talkie in his hand. A boy was running ahead of him, with a pocket-sized DVD in his hand. The principal didn’t look like he was chasing him, though, because he wasn’t looking at the boy, he was looking over his head. It looked more like he was following the boy. And what’s more interesting…the boy was Ryan.

For some reason, he raised his hands and put it against the wall when the principal came close to him. It must’ve been a habit. Ryan ran by him and said, “Hey, Jake. Are you done spying on me, yet?” Jake turned around and had a clueless look, until she saw the people who were behind him. Steven and Sierra. “Hey, Jake,” says Steven, “long time, no see!” And Sierra says, still running, “Jake, follow us, you’ll never believe what happened!” “Jake, still awestruck, follows up. Where the hell are they taking me? Thinks Jake, and how did Steven appear all of a sudden? They run through the hallways, and the students passed by thinks a fight might be going on, or someone was killed, so they follow. They are all running down the hall, full speed, with Ryan still in the lead. Suddenly, Ryan stops next to the Janitor’s room. The Principal takes out the keys and puts the right key in the lock, but turns around to see an ocean of kids.

“Why are you not in your classes? Move it, move it, and move it!” The ocean of kids slowly turn into a sea, then a lake, and finally a puddle of the 4 plus the principal. Plus Ashley, who was with the crowd. She whispers into Jake’s ear, while the principal turns the key in the lock looking left and right for any wandering students, “Jake? What the hell is going on, here?” Ryan, who is on the left side of the principal, says with the same grim voice, “You’ll find out.” The Principal turns the knob and elbows the door to surprise him. But he was gone.

“It looks like no one was in here. Are you sure you ain’t been watching too many R. Kelly videos, boy? Or you just playing a prank because the new kids get away with everything!” Principal Salih turns away and walks to his office looking pissed. He left the door open, so Ryan walks in and looks around the place. “Well, since it was at the beginning of second period, the guy had time to clean up and go to his third period class.” Sierra, looking in the room from the door, asks Steven, “Why didn’t you show him the disc?” Steven pulls an extremely small disc with the size of a small memory card out of his left pocket and says, “If he asks how I got this disc, then he’s gonna eventually find out about my lab.” Sierra turns around and stares at him. “You didn’t tell the principal?” Steven puts the disc back in his pocket, takes off his specially created orange sunglasses, and says, “Hell no, mate! The only person who knows, spied on me. He gives her a dark glare. “I guess I have no choice but to tell Jake, now.”

“Tell us what?” Steven looked behind him to see a pissed off Jake and a surprisingly calm Ashley textin on her phone. “He’s about to tell you about the pods that go to his lab that he installed around the school… Sierra told me.” She added when Steven looked at her curiously. He looks at Sierra. You told everyone before your own brother. Jake, she’s turning into you. You should be proud.” Jake replies, tell me about the pods, or whatever the hell she’s talking about. Steven is about to confess. “Well,-” But is interrupted by Ryan. “Hey guys, I think I found something. Sierra walks over to where Ryan is. He is kneeling down and looking at something. Sierra kneels down. “What did you find?” “Let’s just say he wasn’t wearing a condom. Steven, you got a test tube and a DNA analyzer?” Steven didn’t hear the ‘condom’ part, but replies “Don’t even tell me what you are gonna use them for! Well, this is a good chance for them to see my shortcuts. Jake, Ashley, go to a separate corner.” They walk to the corners, but Jake is murmuring “Go to the corner, what’s next, the fuckin ‘naughty stool’?”

They reach the corners. “What next?” Steven walks to a different corner and says, “Just kick it and say ‘Shipoopi’.” while he demonstrates. The tiled floor raised up 16 of its tiles in diagonal form. It revealed a sleek, sterling silver pod just like the last one. Jake and Ashley have their ‘What the hell’ faces on. Steven steps in and says, “Just go in, press one of the 6 buttons, and I’ll see you at the lab!” Steven presses a button, the doors close, and the pod swirls down and the tiles pit perfectly back into place, like it was never moved. Jake and Ashley kick the corner and the same thing happens. They step in and see the same options. Sierra gets up and goes to the only corner left. While kicking the corner, she says, “Ryan, I think you should stay here, in case the rapist comes back.” Ryan looks at her and says “Yeah, okay. Watch where you fall this time.” Sierra giggles and steps in the pod. “I hope you don’t transfer because of this crazy school.” The doors close. Rihaan gets up and looks around and thinks, Why would I ever want to leave this school?

“Well, here’s my lab, so just wait here until I come back with the test tube.” Steven goes to another section of his lab while Jake and Ashley wait for him. Jake looks over at Ashley. “Are you hiding anything else from me. You knew about the pods.” Ashley looks back at Jake and replies, “You know I would never keep more than 1 secret from you.” Jake stares at Ashley with a straight face. “Okay, okay, I do have some secrets, but none have nothing to do with this. What I don’t get is why the whole school was following Ryan.” Jake starts thinking about something. “Wait a minute! Is that guy up there with MY baby sister by themselves?! I’m gonna kick his ass harder than Chase!” He’s about to run towards the pods, but Ashley grabs his arm. “What do you think they’re gonna do when they just met about 4 hours ago? She’s not your baby sister anymore, but she was 13 years ago. And when you said Chase, you don’t mean…”

“So, Chase wants to fight Ryan, right?” Jake and Ashley look towards the pods and find Sierra there, walking towards them. I did see Ryan and Chase talk during the beginning of lunch, but I didn’t here anything. But I did hear Ryan say something like ‘Today’s your lucky day’. Did Chase tell you to tell him, or is he just telling the whole school?” Jake replies, “I don’t think Ryan knows, because he still goes to this school. He told me to tell him, but I forgot. But if I do tell him, he’ll be long gone, so I don’t have to worry about it any more.” An evil smile forms on Jake’s face. Sierra smirks and walks over to Ashley and whispers into her ear. Ashley whispers to Sierra ‘OK’ and turns to Jake. She holds his hand. She twists it to his back, while Jake screams in pain. “Apologize to your sister, now. Then go up and tell Ryan what you forgot to tell him before!” Jake is trying to break free, but apparently, Ashley is stronger.

She grabs his other hand and pulls his fist around his neck like he’s about to strangle himself. “No worries,” says Sierra while she’s walking away from him. I guess I’ll tell him myself. I just need to look for a cup… here it is!” she picks up a cup next to a PlayStation 2. “I’m sure Steven won’t mind. Well, I’m gonna go back up and check if Ryan’s dead.” Ashley, still dominating Jake, asks, “Why would you check if he’s alive?” Jake mumbles, “Cause she wants to fuck the life out of him. Ow! Now THAT HURT!” Sierra replies, “No, you perverted, dumbass of a brother, because it is the end of the period, and Chase’s next class is in the same pathway as the Janitor’s closet, he’s been held back again, which he probably did. So he might run into Ryan on his way there…assuming Well, I’ll be back with the ‘DNA’, and ask Steven to fill in the story for you. You can keep him like that as long as you want, Ash!” She steps back into the pod, the doors close, and the pod goes up like a rocket, going 100 miles an hour.

Jake yells, Okay, she’s gone, you can stop now, you’re killing me!” Ashley starts to raise Jake off the ground just by his arms. “Yeah, but I’m doing it out of love, a least!” She drops him on the ground. “Trust your sister, She trusts you…sometimes…with security cameras around…and a straitjacket. But she has reasons. Just like me. Are you even listeni—” She sees Jake sleeping like a baby…except he was snoring. “Why do I even try?”

“Because you love him, and you love to look out for him.” Ashley turns around to see Steven walking with a test tube in one hand and some weird machine in the other. “Well, let’s go up.” He walked by them, and then stopped. “You know, just because you love him, doesn’t mean you can’t kick him awake.” Ashley says, “I did that last week, so I’m gonna try to wake him up a different way. I’ve never nudged him awake before…” Jake smiles in his sleep. Ashley sees him smile. “And I don’t plan on doing it soon.” “She cracks her knuckles, and in an instant, Jake pops up out of his sleep, knowing what would happen next if he was still sleeping. “Okay! Okay! I’m awake. Let’s go.” Ashley and Jake starts going for the pods, but Steven stops them. I forgot to tell you guys what happened. Well, you see…

“My God… do you know who the teacher or the little girl is?” Asked Ashley. Steven replies, “We don’t recognize the girl, but the teacher was wearing a ski mask and was wearing the uniform that all teachers wear, but he wasn’t wearing the nametag.”

Just then, 2 pods come down from the ceiling. Ryan’s door opens first. He was sitting in a strapped chair. He stands up, and the chair folds down until it completely blends in with the carpet floor (orange). Sierra’s door opens. She’s standing up though. She’s still holding the cup. “Hey, Steven, I got the DNA sample!” Steven replies, that’s great…but why the hell did you have to use my favorite cup?” Jake snickers. “I bet that shit’s not your favorite anymore, huh?” Steven sighs, takes the cup, and grabs a small microscope slide. “Ashley, you feel like hurting Jake some more?” Ashley smirks. I might feel like it.”

Ryan thinks about what he has seen. “So, it happened around the beginning of 2nd period, right? That means it must have been a teacher who has 2nd period for planning. It’s a teacher in his 50’s or 60’s. The girl could have been his daughter, or another relative. But I don’t get why he would have a ski mask if they’re related. They’re possibly not related, but something doesn’t fit…” Everyone starts staring at him. “What! Detective Conan could’ve figured all of that out in 10 seconds.” Steven thinks of that name and where he’s heard it before. “Are you talking about that show, ‘Case Closed’? I watch that show as inspirations on my inventions—and Rachael is hot!” Jake thinks about the show. “Oh yeah, that’s a funny show. But I only saw the show once.” I don’t really like detective shows because, well… He walks over to Steven and whispers in his ear, “I heard that show has some cases about affairs, and I don’t want Ashley to get any ideas.” Ashley walks over to Jake and whispers in his ear, “You’re the worst whisperer ever.”

Steven looks at his watch. “What time does your next class start?” They all look at their watches, except Ryan, who doesn’t have one. “We’re about 20 minutes late. No worries.” Jake said. They walk to the pods, while Ryan walked the slowest. Sierra looked back and asked him, “Are you gonna show up after school?” Ryan replies, “I would if someone told me where.” Jake, rubbing his sore arms says “In the gym, probably right after the busses leave. But something is wrong; usually he fights them right then and there. But he wants to talk to you in private.” “He’s on probation, so he wants to keep it secret,” Steven thinks about Chase’s past. “but he’s been on probation before, and he still got in fights during school.

“Maybe he wants to try to scare the hell out of me. Or he could be tying to ‘spare my humiliation’. Whatever he does, though, I don’t care. He’s not very intimidating. I can take him easy.” Jake turns around. “Well, that depends. If you can beat me, you can beat him. We arm-wrestled on the last day of school and it went for about half-an-hour. I’ve gotten stronger, but he probably has, too. You want to arm wrestle before we leave?” Ryan keeps walking. No, I want to be surprised. And you really don’t look like you can arm wrestle right now. So how many fights has he been in so far?” Steven replies, “Let’s just say everyone he’s faced had a full body cast. Dude, I hope you learned to walk without legs.” But Ryan doesn’t look scared at all. “I’ll pretend to worry about all of this after school. Well, I missed lunch thanks to that ‘rape case’, and I don’t have enough time to finish, or begin my lunch that probably went cold by now. So, I guess I’ll see you all at 3:00? Hide behind the bleachers since he wants to meet in private.

“It’s three. If that blue-haired bitch didn’t tell him, I’ll have to get them both.” Chase is in the gym, where the only source of light is from the windows that are around the ceiling. Chase is alone, sort of. Sierra, Jake, Ashley, and Steven are waiting for whatever happens to Ryan in case something happens. But now, they’re waiting for Ryan. “I’m gonna kick his ass.” Jake whispered. “He could’ve at least called me a blue-haired person. I thought he just cursed for s

w. Anyway, place your bets, 5-1 on Chase.” Ashley says “Jake, be supportive. He wants to face Chase and no one else has done that before. But then again, he doesn’t know Chase. 10 bucks on Chase.” Steven looks at his watch. “It’s 3:01, do you think he won’t show? You better start running, Jake.” Sierra looks suspiciously at Chase. “Is he scratching his butt? I hope he wears gloves whenever he fights.” Chase looks at his watch. “Well, I guess I’ll be heading over to Hues.” He walks toward the door.

“Sorry, I’m late. I had to go get something.” Chase and the others turned to look at him shrouded in darkness on the ceiling of the gym, standing on the girders that connect the lights. They all gasped at the same time, So Chase could only hear himself. “How did you get up there?” “Oh, it’s easy when you’re a master of the martial arts.” He jumps down, smiling. He flips before reaching the ground and crouches when his toes touch the floor. He’s still in a very dimly lit place. “You ready or not.” He stands back up and balls up his fists. “If you’re shocked or not, you won’t be spared.” Chase, shocked of course, sighs, puts his head down for a few seconds. He lifted his head up, but he was grinning. “Fine then, let’s fight, if you think you can take me on.” Chase and Ryan walk forward. Chase stops when he’s able to see him completely. “So, you went back home to get a sword, huh.” He sees a sword case strapped on his back and a handle on his right side. “Yeah, I wanted to get the chance to use it in America once. I’m not gonna use it, though. I’m gonna use it just in case someone…” He narrows his eyes, “cheats.” “I’m not gonna cheat. You’re the one with a sword.” “Humph, fine then.” Ryan takes his sword case off of him and placed it on the ground next to him. Since I’m a good sport, I’ll give you about 30 seconds for you to punch, kick, whatever you want, without me hitting back. If you can hit me, that is.” “Like I said, that confidence shit is getting old.”

Chase walks up to Ryan while Ryan just stands still with his hands in his pockets. He pulled a stopwatch/timer out of his left pocket. “Okay, you have 30 seconds starting…now.” Chase balls his fist and throws a right uppercut to Ryan’s stomach, but somehow, it went past Ryan’s right side. “You missed.” Chase’s smirk disappeared. His left fist tried to take a hook to his face, but was easily dodged once again. “You’re probably just off today.” said Ryan, with his head facing the ceiling. “25 seconds left.” Chase then tries a barrage of punches, but none of them seem to hit Ryan. “He’s good, Ashley says while staring at how Ryan is easily dodging the punches without breaking a sweat, unlike Chase. “Tell me about it.” Steven says while he’s eating popcorn and sitting on an inflatable chair. “He just might be able to lead us into doing ‘it’. He has the strength, agility, and he looks like he has the leadership skills to help us.” Sierra looks at Chase desperately trying to at least get one hit in. She sees him, in the middle of a punch being thrown, sticking his hand on his back underneath his shirt. “He really needs gloves. He’s scratching his butt again.” Jake is looking at the fight with a popcorn bucket himself. He looks over to Ashley. “Thanks for the 10 dollars.”

Chase’s punches slow down, and Ryan looks at his timer while still dodging the punches. “5 seconds left, make it count.” Chase’s temples expand and his muscles pulse as he tries to get in one last shot, nothing held back. Ryan slides to the slide and the punch misses horribly. The timer beeps. Ryan turns the beep off and grins. “Now, the actual fight begins.” Ryan gives a quick Jab to a tired Chase’s face, and does an entire barrage of punches to Chase, just as Chase did, except that they were faster, and they all hit him. Ryan flings his arm back and yells, “Don’t underestimate me!” The swing landed on the left-bottom side of his jaw. Chase was sent flying at least 5 feet and landed on his back. The gym was silent. Ryan walked over to his sword and picked it up. Chase groans as he tries to get up. “Well, aren’t you gonna finish me off?” Chase snickers. “Ryan laughs out loud. “So you do have a brain. But I have an even bigger one, and I’m not falling for your plan.” “Huh, what plan?” Says Chase, dumbfounded.

Ashley asks Steven, “What plan is he talking about? A fight doesn’t need a plan.” Ryan sighs. “Let me make a little detective deduction.” He puts the sword case back on. “You said you wanted to meet me after school, but an… ‘anonymous’ person told me that even when you’ve been on probation before, you’ve fought people still, then and there.” Ryan paces back and forth. “I got suspicious. But I didn’t worry about it that much. And I want to skip to just happened. I saw you put your hand behind your shirt twice, thanks to my sensitive hearing, I heard you scratch nothing. So, why were you putting your hand behind your back? Was it because…you were hiding something and wanted to keep it in place?” Chase dropped his mouth, completely shocked of what he was saying. “I wasn’t completely convinced, until I made you fly to the ground.” His eyes narrow. “I confirmed my theory. I heard metal clink on the ground. You have a gun in the back of your pants, don’t you?” Chase, still shocked, stood up with his head still down. Ryan further deducted. “You wanted me to get near you and supposedly ‘finish you off’ for 2 reasons. One, you wanted to get a clear shot, and two, when they find my body with a sword in my hand, it would be counted as self-defense. One tip of advice for the future. Never mess with a Japanese kid, who is originally smart, who watches every episode of Detective Conan. And, since I’m part black, I take all pride in knowing by the sound of the clink that it was a 9 millimeter pistol, and seeing as you don’t want people to know the time of death, so you don’t want anyone to hear the gunshot, you already have a silencer attached for easy access. Is my deduction correct?”

The jock, with his head still down, speaks. “Every single word was right.” He lifts up his shirt and pulls the gun out of the back of his pants, just as Ryan suspected, a 9 mm with a silencer attached. “I was going to bring a knife, but the gun was right there in my dad’s room. Thoughts started racing in my head of the payback I was going to give to you. And I was so pissed at you and how you stole…her from me, and on the first day of school.” Ryan thinks back to who he’s talking about. He gasps and his eyes widen. After a few seconds, he smirks. “By her, I guess you’re talking about the only girl you ever saw me talking to. I didn’t steal her from you. But just to tell you, I don’t think she’s interested in a guy like you.” Jake and the others are still listening, and are still trying to figure out who the person is, while Sierra was still shocked at why Ryan is not scared facing a man with a loaded gun in his hand. He should at least back up a little. Chase points the gun at Ryan. “Take that back, or I swear to God I’ll blow your f**kin brains out!” Ryan pulls out the sword. I’m no negotiator, and I’m not gonna try. I tell the truth, and you’re gonna have to hear it sooner or later. The truth hurts, it might kill, and even sometimes it will heal. You’ll be hearing it a lot, so get used to it. Here’s a question. Who would even look at a killer, rather than date him. I’m pretty sure she has no other emotion but hate to you right now.

Chase’s anger grows, and his handle tightens the grip of the gun. You’ve given me no choice. Sierra forms a tear under her left eye. Please don’t die…please…don’t… Ryan pulls out his sword, revealing it had a reverse blade. “You don’t have to do this.” “I know. I want to.” Ryan sighs. “I guess you can’t escape fate. You gonna shoot or what!” Chase’s muscles tighten. “You brought this to yourself.” He squeezes the trigger. Sparks are seen from the silencer. Immediately, sparks came from the sword, which position seemed to have been moved. Jake opened his eyes, which has been blocked by his hands since Chase pulled out the gun. “What happened?” Ashley, who was watching the whole time, said “Did he just block the bullet?” Sierra wiped her tears off of her face. “How the hell?” Chase stood with his hand still on the trigger, wondering why the kid was still standing. Did I miss? I shouldn’t have, I was aiming for his chest, I should’ve at least shot his arm or shoulder, or head.

He shot again. Again, the sword switched positions and a spark came from it again. “I should’ve told you,” said Ryan, “that I’m one of the best of the Samurai and Martial Arts in all of Asia.” Chase’s face turned purple. Does that mean you can block bullets with your sword?” Ryan grins. “If I wanted to, I could hit the bullet back at you with the same speed of a gun without the silencer. Do you really want to try to shoot me again?” Chase has a pissed look on his face.

“No.” He puts the gun down. He then smirks. “But what if I shoot…” he points the gun over to the bleachers where Jake and the others are hiding, “at a random place over there for about 6 more times. I think I heard some popcorn crunching over there. If you don’t want me to shoot, come out now!” “Jake, Ashley, Steven, and Sierra get up and run to the outside of the bleachers, but Jake stops Sierra and Ashley. “Don’t go.” Says Jake. “We ate the popcorn. If anything happens, you guys are witnesses. I love you both.” Steven and Jake steps out the side of the bleachers. “Well if it isn’t the blue-haired bitch and the orange-haired hippie. Any last words?” Jake yells, “How come his nickname is less hurtful. It makes me feel better for when I say the following sentences.”

Jake clears his throat and walks over to Ryan slowly and casually with his head down and his right hand in his pocket. “I have only my half-sister and my mother in my house, and they’re the only family I have. That means I’m the man of the house.” He lifts his head up as he reaches Ryan and turns his head towards Chase. “And what do all men of the house have I common? We all stay strapped.” He pulls out his gun and points it at Chase in an instant. “What now, bitch?” Chase starts sweating more than before. Steven slowly walks over to Ryan and Jake. “You know, just to make this even harder for you, I’m gonna bring out the big guns. Jake, you remember when we first saw Men in Black?” Jake gets a puzzled look, but he doesn’t dare look away from Chase. “Yeah, I think I remember that. Why would you ask that question at a time like this?” “And do you remember the weapons they had?” “Yeah they were awesome; you said you wish you had weapons like… oh my God! Dude, did you…” Steven pulls a small ball out of his left pocket. He presses a small button on the ball and held it in his left hand tightly. “When a kid wants something, there’s nothing to stop him from getting it.” A second later, Steven’s hand glows orange and a giant orange flash later, Steven emerged with a huge sterling silver cannon-shaped gun. And it sure as hell didn’t stop me!” Jake, still looking at Chase, starts sweating. Must look at cool weapon, he thought, but must keep eyes on Chase. Jake, get a hold of yourself. If I look away, curiosity killed the Jake. I WISH I HAD A LAZY EYE! Chase looked at what he was up against. A guy with a giant plasma cannon, a guy with a gun who looks like an expert. And a guy with…

“Where’s that kid with the sword?” Steven and Jake to their right and noticed he wasn’t there. Chase turns and looks around everywhere, turning with the gun. Steven says, “He probably ran during the flash.” Chase yells “Come back here and finish this, you little bitch!” He felt a sharp chop on the neck and instantly knocked out. Ryan stood over his unconscious body, holding Sierra’s cell phone and dialing 110. “That’s Rihaan the 3rd, mutha fucka.” Steven sighs. “I really wanted to break this thing in.” Ryan is about to press talk when he remembers. “Shit, I forgot. I’m in another country. What’s the number for police here?” Steven, who calls a pod with a remote from his pocket while an orange ball goes back in his pocket says “Don’t worry, I already called. It’s 911, for future reference.” Jake is about to put the gun back in his pocket, when he notices something. “I can’t believe it. I forgot to take the damn thing off safety.” Ashley laughs and falls on her back when she heard Jake. “I knew you would fuck up somehow.”

Steven steps into the pod. “I’ll be right back. I’m gonna need evidence of what happened here.” The door closes and the pod disappears. Sierra runs over to Jake and hugs him. “Don’t you ever do something like that again! But thanks, big brother. Jake hugs her back. “And to believe I was gonna spend the day spying on Ryan. He saved all of us, but then again, he started all of this. He sorta-kinda has my trust.” Ryan walks over and gives Sierra her phone. “Don’t blame me. Blame the girl that he says I stole from him. I talked to a lot of girls today, so I’m not sure who he’s talking about. But still, sorry I got you all in trouble.” Ashley walks up to them. “Don’t worry about it. Jakey here gets us in trouble every single day.” The pod next to the double doors opens up again. Steven steps off with a stack of disks, this time, the size of Compact Discs. Before we snuck into the gym, I set up a live recording to these discs. It’ll show what happened from 12 different angles. I made sure to take out the part where I stepped into the pod. I’ll just say that I installed only the cameras.” He puts the twelve discs on Chase’s chest. “How long will he be out?” Ryan looks at Chase and determines how long. He’s gonna be out at least for an hour. You can’t be unconscious for just 5 minutes. Should we use the portal to get out of here? I don’t feel like ‘coming down to the station’.”

“Well, this is a really great way to spend the first day of school. I might not skip tomorrow.” Jake says as he walks home with Ashley, Sierra, and Ryan. “So, where’s your house?” “A few blocks over there, I think. Where’s yours?” Sierra replies, we’re about 2 houses down. You still want to stay at this school?” Ryan, who had his head facing the sky, looks over to Sierra. “By how many times you ask me that, you want me out this school, don’t you?” Sierra smirks. “Whatever you say.” Jake looks over to Ryan and says, “How about it? We cool? We friends, now? Ryan looks at Jake. “Sure, I had nothing against you since we met. I know you were just protecting you sister, since you say she’s next to the only thing you got left. I have only my grandfather, so I understand. Is this your house?” he asked when Jake and Ashley stopped by a house. It was not that good, but not bad. It was a one-story, red brick mixed with wood house. “Yeah, this is us. Steven says he’s gonna fix up our house soon, but he hasn’t finished the plans, yet.” Jake and Sierra head into the house. Jake yells back “See ya tomorrow!” Then Sierra stops in her tracks. “Oh yeah, Ryan, you didn’t tell us who was the girl.” Jake unlocks the door. “He says he doesn’t know, so I don’t care. Lock the door behind you.” Sierra turns to Ryan. “I know that you know. I saw your face after he said that. You know who it was. Tell me!” “Why do you want to know?” “Rihaan!” “Note to self: When she’s pissed off at people, she uses their real name. Fine, I’ll give you a hint.” He starts walking away. In order to find the answer, you must look in the mirror. Well, see ya. Sierra forms a shocked look on her face. The girl Chase and Ryan were talking about was…this can’t be happening.

Ryan is thinking about what Chase said. Yeah, I might steal her from you. But for now, I’ll just relax at this crazy-ass school for a while. Man I need a rice cake or something, I’m hungry.

Jake is lying in his bed with a du-rag on, staring at the ceiling. He just might be able to help us. We need him if we’re gonna stop them…

(The last paragraph was referring to the Rebelution, the third episode, or the second week of school.)

Author’s Note: Yeah, I never wrote a page after that, although I very clearly remember what I wanted to do after that episode. It was going to be a slow burn towards an all-out war between the Under- and Upper- class men. While simultaneously, as you can tell by the Detective Conan chunk, solve a mystery drawn throughout the season about the pictures, and missing girls, and a lot or mess that has been going down at PS119 (not-so-subtle reference to Hey Arnold’s PS118). Or William Clinton High School. At some point, I juggled those names around. Never got around to a label, I guess.

So, there you go. That… happened. So, before I wrote any fanfiction, I wrote an ‘original’ fic. You can see a lot of errors in my work, including Walls of Text, troubles with tenses, and a blatant disrespect for basic storytelling principles in general.

But it’s mine, so here is me owning up to it. Here’s to ten years of writing, and to ten more years, to start again.