Part IV

Sirius Black would probably give Harry a high-five. Not Professor Black. Time for a bit of practicality.

“Mr. Potter? A word, please.”

The room practically paused as one. They seemed dumbfounded for a moment. Who knew that Hogwarts’ professors were aware of the latest gossip, such as who was on a list?

Hermione smirked at Harry, who practically groaned.

For the first time in weeks, the couple found themselves attending class, if only for that sense of normalcy they had talked about having for a while, but never quite got until now. Harry had finally coaxed Hermione out of her dorm room the next morning – spending the night in his own dorm the previous night – and the two spent the day sitting next to each other in class. For the first time in a very long time, they felt like two normal students that only had exams to worry about – except they didn’t really have to take any exams.

There really were a lot of perks when it came to vanquishing a Dark Lord, and they honestly tried to take advantage of as many as they could, without going overboard.

The two began gathering their books slowly. The class filed out, some giving Harry painful, sorrowful looks. He knew that while they probably were genuinely sorry for him, they only wanted to be a fly on the wall in this inevitable confrontation. Of course, Draco was seething at him as he left the dungeon classroom. He had every right to be angry, and Harry had every right to grin cheekily at him. Sure, he felt nothing but nervous, but Draco didn’t have to know that.

Hermione patted Harry’s arm meaningfully and smiled in encouragement. He glanced at her and pouted.

While Harry did spend the night in his dorm, he had returned to her dorm quite early. They had spent most of dawn contemplating what to do at that point. While Hermione’s fears were mostly put to rest, she was still stubborn on the account that more people needed to get to know the real Harry.

And then he told her the full details of what happened with Padma, and then Katie.

“The moment I come to my senses, you start building a Harem,” Hermione laughed, a pure, bright laugh that Harry really needed to hear at that moment. “Harry- I’m not mad. I told you to do this. I’m not even mad at myself. Whatever happens with this, will happen. I don’t suggest you tell Padma or Katie what transpired last night, but if you decide that you can trust them enough, tell Katie first that came onto you. With Padma, I’ll be there, without the Cloak, later in your date. We’ll see how comfortable she is around the two of us.”

“And if she stays, you’re going to fight her to the death?” Harry asked skeptically.

“I’m a lover, Harry. Not a fighter.”

“Says the war veteran.” Harry smirked, before a rather dirty thought entered his mind. “So… you’re going to love her to death?”

Hermione smirked wryly. “Anyone who sees past the boy-who-lived deserves, at the least, my friendship. Could I possibly entertain myself with the thoughts of sharing you? Yes. You’re the head of two houses, Harry – one day you were going to have to face facts. I would have considered this my punishment, but it’s really not. I told you to meet other girls, and you finally are. I’m proud of you, Harry. And if they see you for you, and they like what they see, well, it could open my eyes to some things.”

“This has to be a trap,” Harry muttered, falling on Lavender’s bed to sit. “No way you’re actually serious about all of this!”

Hermione was still, chewing on her bottom lip, a clear sign of nervousness. Harry waited patiently for her reply. “I… I’ve thought a lot about it, actually. At first, I thought I was just jumping to crazy conclusions. But it made so much sense.” She paused, and let out a shaky breath. “I already said it – it took a troll for us to be friends. And if that night never happened… I don’t want to speak ill of him, because I shouldn’t, but I don’t regret one moment of that night.” She stared intensely at her twiddling thumbs. “Not one moment,” she repeated to herself. “If anything different happened, everything would be different. You became my friend, and I will always be thankful for that. But… if that night never happened, we would have never been as close as we are now… and frankly, I don’t think I would have wanted to ever gotten to know you. But not for the reasons you think.

“Being such a bookworm, I probably would have believed the books about you over you yourself. I’ve never read a book that was solely about you, so I could never have an opinion of you. If we had never become as close, or if certain situations hadn’t led me to that bathroom that night, I would have eventually read books about you. And I would have judged you. And that thought sickens me.

“In my ‘what-if’ scenario,” she continued, more to herself than to him, “I would have only associated with Neville more as a fellow classmate than an actual friend. You met him first, and neither of us are outgoing people. I never would have talked to Luna. You know how that interaction would have gone. I would have insulted her without even knowing it.

“I’ve told you this before… I only had my books before Hogwarts. They were my most sincerely my best and only friends, and until you, I thought they were all I ever needed. I don’t have any doubt that I’d be just like that today. But…Parvati and Lavender are… I really don’t know how to tell you this…”

“Your friends?” Harry guessed, scrunching his eyebrows.

“Sometimes,” Hermione muttered to herself. “When they’re not annoying me. But… they themselves are… close friends.”

“Of course they are,” Harry said slowly. “They’re never apart.”

“I mean, ‘close’, Harry. Dumbledore and Grindelwald close.”

Harry made a face. “Oh. Terrible analogy. Good for them, I suppose. So they’re what? Dating?”

Hermione shook her head. “While they say that they aren’t, they’ve never dated anyone else. They started dating secretly beginning of last year, and since I’m their dorm mate, they decided to tell me first, to help them hide their secret. Marissa and Fay knows as well. They’ve probably been sleeping over in the Shrieking Shack the entire night. I told them it was a good place to… scream.”

Harry cocked their head to the side. “A year and a half-long secret? Hidden by the gossip queens of Hogwarts? Figures.” Harry tilted his head again, as if visually trying to see the point of this conversation from all angles. “So how does this relate to…? Oh.” He was silent for a moment. “Wow.”

Her cheeks burned with shame. “No funny ideas, Harry. Let me explain first… though you’re not far from the truth. Since it’s not a secret in this dorm, they sometimes don’t bother with Silencing Charms. Apparently, I was the only one that never complained about the noise. Last year, they made me an offer.” She still couldn’t muster enough strength to look up at him. “If I wasn’t… I mean, if I never knew you… you see, I doubt I’d be their best friend inany reality… but I can still appreciate…”

“That they’re very attractive,” Harry smirked. “I’m beginning to regret our friendship, Hermione, if this was a possibility for you.”

The brunette witch stammered for a moment, finally looking up. “Harry! I… well, I’m not saying that I would have accepted their offer to – to jointhem! I’m saying that it was a possibility!”

Harry shifted minutely on the bed. The same bed that Lavender and Parvati…

He quickly got up and moved over to Hermione’s bed, his cheeks flushed. “Hermione, the fact that you’re considering it in this reality means that you would have accepted.”

“That’s not the point,” Hermione said quickly. “Or maybe it is. I don’t know. But what I do know is I’ve never been… attracted to anyone. Maybe it was the fact that I’ve always been with you, and I’ve never paid attention to anyone else, but I’ve never really had fantasies about anyone but you since I hit puberty when I was thirteen.” She felt Harry grab her hand, encouraging her to continue. She needed it. “But after that day, I – I had a few more things to th-think about.”

He squeezed her hand. “Perfectly understandable. So, you’re telling me that you have some fantasies that you’ve never explored, and you’re thinking about it again, now that you have the perfect opportunity?”

Hermione expelled her breath, and nodded. “You’re smarter than I give you credit for, Harry.”

“You’re more conservative than I give you credit for,” Harry muttered. She looked up at him in surprise. “Hermione, you’re just as aware as I am that I was a very daft bloke when it came to romance and girls, at least until the beginning of fourth year. I approached you, and you turned me down. So why not take the offer from Parvati and Lavender?”

Hermione grimaced at the mention of her rejection of Harry. There was no malice in his voice, and that just made it hurt all the more for her. “I don’t know – punishing myself, maybe? Maybe I was holding up some false hope that you didn’t give a damn what I thought, break down the door, and take me – “

She gasped and covered her mouth. Harry’s jaw went slack. After a few seconds, his mouth started working again.

“Well, that makes a lot of sense. You once had a fierce love for authority. Dominance, you might say.” He slowly pulled Hermione’s hand away from her mouth and tenderly kissed the knuckle. “The temptation was there, certainly. But in the end, I decided I could wait it out. And it paid off. Not the way that you expected, but…”

“Nice to see you’re making jokes at my misery,” she commented in a light tone, her face still a pinkish hue.

“Of course not, ‘Mione. I’m just berating you for not shagging those two senseless.”

Hermione abruptly stood up, and dragged Harry along with her. “And now that the same opportunity arose for you, what are you going to do now?”

He looked particularly nervous to answer, and he had a passing thought that maybe he should summon back his armor. “Erm… make the right decision?”

Hermione smiled sweetly. “And what would the right decision be, Harry?”

“I should… ask you to make the decision?”

She laughed uproariously at his answer. When she was finally able to calm herself, she leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. “Just let it happen, Harry. Finish your list. I’m still waiting to see that crash and burn I promised you, and I’ve rarely been wrong.”

“And if I add your name under my own name as a co-creator…” Harry drawled, smirking as Hermione swatted his shoulder.

“You wouldn’t!”

“On the contrary; it brings a bit of legitimacy to the list a bit, don’t you think? Co-written by the smartest witch of our generation?”

“You should have thought of having me co-write the list before you put me as the first name on the bloody list, Harry. Besides, I’m a bookworm; I’m not a particularly good judge on beautiful women.”

“And as you have just proved, Miss Granger, it’s always the quiet ones…” She blushed at his gaze and walked away, Harry catching up with her, as they went to the Great Hall for breakfast.

“I don’t think you’re in trouble, Harry,” Hermione muttered to her best friend encouragingly, rubbing his arm. While they weren’t going to publicly come out as a couple yet, they acted like the close friends they always were.

And Harry and Hermione had to admit, from an outsider viewing in, they were always quite close.

Harry nodded resolutely, and turned to the teacher in the front of the class, cleaning the papers off of her desk and into her briefcase.

“See you at lunch?” he muttered. Hermione nodded, understanding their secret message; he had just given her the option to stick around with the invisibility cloak or not.

“I had a big breakfast,” she replied, and she smirked when he groaned at the implication. He was on his own.

Hermione quickly grabbed hers and Harry’s books, and left the classroom; Harry watched her leave, mentally begging her to come back.

“Really, Mister Potter, I’m sure you could easily take me on by yourself,” Professor Black chuckled, watching the entire exchange.

Harry looked over to her and smiled nervously. “Sure, but not easily.”

She looked more than amused. “Why are you scared, Harry? Because of that list?”

He gulped. He was pretty sure, but the confirmation was still scary. “Maybe, Professor Black.”

“Narcissa,” she deadpanned. “Just because you think I’m angry at you, doesn’t mean you get to undo months of training you to call me Narcissa. You’re not going to compliment me by calling me beautiful, and immediately make me feel old.”

Harry leaned back on a desk, watching her carefully. “Sorry, Cissy.”

The blonde smirked. “See, if you wrote that on your list, then I’d be angry. Then I’d completely crack open that protective cup of yours, that I can only assume that you have summoned by now.”

He subconsciously squeezed his legs tighter and flushed. She was the one that had recommended it, and the basilisk skin armor. “Not yet, no. I’ve been on edge lately. Since I started that list I’ve been getting way too many positive reactions, and I’m bound to run out of luck soon.”

Cissy chuckled. “And you thought I’d break that streak? I should be offended.”

He shrugged. “Honestly? I thought the first two would break the streak. It’s getting a little scary, actually…”

“What’s happened so far?” She asked curiously, sitting back on her own oak desk. “And please use details, Mr. Potter.”

Harry shook his head. “Sorry; I don’t kiss and tell, Professor Black.”

“Kissing? Now I must hear about it!” She almost squealed, and Harry had the urge to hide his blush in his hands. Narcissa paused. “Now, if you think I’m going to continue that streak, then let me alleviate your fears now – not going to happen.”

Harry laughed. “Thanks for the warning. Besides, after you threatened to hex off my bits, I don’t think I’d want to let you that close.”

“Like you’d turn me away if I wanted to be that close, Harry,” she teased.

“It would be for the greater good. Besides, you have a reputation to keep up. Wouldn’t want to get caught in a predicament with the Golden Boy, would you?”

Narcissa scoffed. “Please. I was planning on breaking the news to my son over Christmas. Poor boy still thinks the Dark Lord may come back one day.” She flexed her right-hand fingers surreptitiously, showing off her new snake-skin gloves.

“So how does Nagini feel on you?” Harry asked rhetorically, grinning at her.

Narcissa looked away from the glove and focused on the wizard in front of her. “I know I’m not supposed to accept presents from students, but these are just adorable, and they feel heavenly.”

“You deserve them,” Harry kicked the floor as he sat on the table. “I probably would have ignored the snake altogether if you didn’t find out about… well, you know.”

Narcissa nodded in understanding. Those stupid Horcruxes were literally the ultimate crux for her. She was the spearhead of the group that led to the termination of all of the Horcruxes; well, the research committee. She shuddered at the thought of doing the actual tasks.

While Hermione had done the research on the vessels that had the Horcruxes, and the bits of his soul themselves, Narcissa had discovered their existence, and had done the research of their locations. She was the curse-breaker for the protections around the locations, and using that key magical signature, she was able to more easily locate where the next Horcrux was, and even where Tom was at all times. For instance, the family ring in the Gaunt house, and its unique magical signature protecting that ring, led her to the Cave on the seaside, where the fake locket was located – luckily, she was also able to check if a Horcrux was there or not – There wasn’t, so she assumed correctly that it had been moved.

Still, it was truly Harry and Hermione that had done most of the work, though their close network of friends had all contributed in some way, her niece being one of them, her cousin being another.

“I wonder how Draco will take the news.” Harry wondered, picturing Draco getting the worst Christmas present ever.

“The news of me being involved with Voldemort’s death, or the fact that I’m flattered by my name on your list?” she smirked.

Harry shrugged innocently. “I have no qualms against him getting two presents this Christmas.” He refrained from adding that he wished it was his last. Draco really hadn’t been the same since after the incident with Hermione, but he was still annoying as all hell. Of course, his mother always kept him in check – she never bothered to keep that a secret, but made sure to claim that it was not proper Pureblood or Slytherin etiquette. She had done the same to the rest of his house, seeing as she was Head of Slytherin, and she was mostly successful. Harry was thankful for that, and it was one of the few reasons Harry let Draco live.

The others, however, were fair game, and she knew that. They would have their time one day.

“He deserves coal,” she muttered bitterly, and Harry laughed. “He wanted to kill you today, you know; more than usual, at least. He said it out loud this time. He went to me this morning and told me the news, and he was confused at my lack of a seething rampage of a reaction. I told him I would deal with you, and if you touched him, he would be one step closer to disownment.” She paused, frowning. “Harry, I know that down the road, if Draco doesn’t change his ways, then I’m afraid you’ll have no choice. I really tried raising him right, but his father wanted none of it – his son is his clone. I can’t see a bit of me in him at all.”

He nodded. “That’s a good thing. When I finally do, because I doubt he’s ever going change, I don’t want to picture you when I do it.”

She waved him away. “Picture me or don’t picture me; whichever is less painful for him.”

He nodded. He knew that she had just given him permission, if Draco ever stepped out of line. He almost wanted to ask how she would feel when that day came; she had said several times before that she never had much love for him, but he was still her son.

But she almost felt giddy when Hermione killed her ex-husband.

It was just after the Philosopher’s Stone had ‘gone missing’, and Professor Quirrell had escaped – Headmaster Dumbledore had been blamed for the entire incident and subsequently terminated by the Board of Governors. He had put up a fight, of course, but the decision wasn’t reversed.

When Narcissa Malfoy applied to be the new Potions Mistress, Headmistress McGonagall was faced with her first big decision. While Narcissa was more than qualified, Dumbledore had made it undeniably clear that Professor Snape was to keep his job. After a bit of consideration, she decided to move Severus to his dream profession – Defence Against the Dark Arts – and ultimately gave Mrs. Malfoy the position of Potions Mistress. Since Remus had just turned down the job offer of DADA professor, she felt that she had made the right move. Dumbledore had disagreed, but the decision still stood – she was the Headmistress after all, and his suggestions only went so far.

Mrs. Malfoy had applied for the job to keep tabs on the diary that had been slipped in the youngest Weasley’s bag by her husband, and had kept a close eye on her throughout the first semester. Several weeks into the semester – the night before Halloween – she carefully followed Ginny to the first floor girls’ toilets. When she saw the wall open up, she carefully retreated, her job done. She would investigate the wall later, for her own studies.

She had nothing against Muggle-borns, though she did see it as unfair that there were some people that were born with magic, and could interact with both worlds flawlessly. The Pure-bloods were stuck with their own small, inept communities and were ignorant of what was out there for them to discover. The Muggle-borns and Half-bloods literally had the best of both worlds, and while she had tried to venture out to a muggle shopping mall, or even a boutique, she always felt out of place, even though she had studied their customs from their library.

Even though she had the magic, Narcissa knew that her world was somehow the more mundane.

She pulled out a water bottle and began to drink; all that sneaking around made her parched. When her bottle was half-empty, she heard a small ‘meow’ and spotted a cat sitting in front of her, her yellow eyes piercing.

Narcissa was familiar with the patrolling cat, Mrs. Norris, and she scowled at the small animal. Filch had to be around somewhere, and that creepy bastard was just someone she didn’t want to deal with. But when no one came, she calmed. Mrs. Norris stayed sitting, staring up at her. Narcissa didn’t know what to do with the nosy cat, until she tried to take another sip, and saw her oval eyes follow the bottle slowly.

Feeling generous, now that her task was done, Narcissa tipped the bottle over and poured some water on the floor, making sure to look out for others. It gave her a calming effect, watching the cat lap at the water, thanking her with her yellow eyes. After watching her drink for a while, Narcissa had a devious idea. She slowly poured more water from the bottle, watching the cat back away from the growing puddle, but never losing her stride in drinking it.

She figured it that if she was nourishing Filch’s cat, then he should pay her back by cleaning up the mess.

The cat meowed in appreciation and Narcissa capped the empty bottle and sauntered away, pleased with her goodwill quota for the month.

And then the cat was petrified, still drinking the water, along with Mr. Filch, who was mopping up the puddle a few feet from her, staring hard into the water. Mrs. Malfoy was left scratching her head with confusion – she knew it had something to do with the diary, but what did Ginevra do?

Obviously, that mysterious entrance somehow led her to a basilisk. That much was clear. The Dark Lord was quite fond of snakes, as he could talk to them, according to her husband. And, now that she thought about it, the girl seemed to speak in a serpentine way as she opened the wall, speaking to the sink, instead of mindless whispering that she originally thought it was. And a basilisk was one of the few animals in the world that could petrify or kill, and the puddle’s reflection led to a petrifying. According to the message on the wall – “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened – Enemies of the heir, beware” written in blood, combined with Hagrid’s missing chickens – it was pretty simple putting the rest of the pieces together, having attended the school when it was a two decade-old fading rumor.

But how did the Weasley girl control it? Would a basilisk really just take the commands of any person who could speak the language, or did the Dark Lord actually take over the body of the smallest Weasley? Did she just let it free? Narcissa shuddered at the thought. While the Dark Lord had prejudices, she doubted a snake would judge. She was sure each human had their own unique scent, and it probably could have been given commands out of gratitude since the girl had effectively freed the beast, it still worried her.

She considered telling the Headmistress, but immediately turned away the idea. She wasn’t stupid.

The very next day, she told McGonagall that there were twenty magical creatures in recorded history that had the power to petrify, and she would get started on studying them.

The next week, she went to Minerva’s office and they perused through her own research material for the Gorgon, and its magical effects. They had decided that it could not have done so, since the only way the creature could travel through the school without being noticed – pipes – was impossible for a Gorgon, as they would never use such unclean methods of travel, and while there were many secret hallways in the school, there were paintings everywhere for a reason. As it turns out, the mysterious beast, however many there were, could completely freeze the portraits like a simple muggle painting. Unfortunately for them, there was no known cure for that. They could be animated again, but they would return as a blank slate, no memories attached.

They decided to continue those secret meetings and brainstorm each animal, just in case it got any worse than Filch and his pet, and the six portraits.

Nine weeks later, when she was halfway through her weekly reports to the Headmistress, Severus confronted her. She revealed nothing – she was a Slytherin, after all – and he sneered that whatever she was up to, it would be wise not to stop it. Six weeks ago, Colin Creevey, a Gryffindor Muggle-born, had been petrified, staring through the lens of his now broken camera, all film destroyed. Two weeks previous, Justin Finch-Fletchley, a Hufflepuff Muggle-born, and Nearly-Headless Nick, the Gryffindor Ghost, were both petrified, and Severus was still very curious to see where this would lead. Narcissa now suspected that the snake knew exactly who to attack somehow, but she had already started her reveal, and it would be suspicious if she quit now. It wasn’t like McGonagall could do anything, when she didfind out about the basilisk. What would she do, close down the school? If she did, then she would certainly be terminated by the pureblood board of Governors, that her husband happened to be a part of, and replaced by Severus, who happened to be the new Deputy Headmaster. How he got that position, she had no idea. While she was quite enjoying her job as a professor, she wouldn’t exactly mourn the loss of it as she would inevitably be let go under his command.

The next week, as she prepared to gather her notes for the Basilisk – it would be much too odd to reveal it as the very last beast – Lucius had Dobby ask her to make an appearance in the Slytherin Common room – something about their son. He was too nervous to get any information out of him. Before she could reach out to Dobby, he quickly apologized and popped away. She found it odd – her elf knew that she would rather have him apparrate her than have to walk.

And then she knew.

She quickly gathered her research material in a small bag, before throwing some green soot into her fireplace. She calmly told Minerva that it was a basilisk and that she would be there shortly, and before the Headmistress could respond, she closed the connection. She grabbed her pocket mirror before she left.

Classes were in session, so she waded through the halls quickly, using a mirror to look around each corner. She had no intention of going to McGonagall’s office, which she could have done through the fireplace. She was going to stash her books by the gargoyle, and leave the school. She would have to extend her free period a little longer, unfortunately.

“Professor Malfoy?” A voice called out. Narcissa checked her compact and turned the mirror carefully, seeing no one.

“Reveal yourself,” she said stiffly, and she wasn’t sure if she was pleased or frustrated to see Harry Potter removing his Invisibility Cloak. “Mister Potter. Skipping class, are we?” She refrained from mentioning the illegal shawl. She shuddered to think if Draco discovered his rival had one of those. They were bloody expensive, and frankly, her son had not proved to her that he was trustworthy enough to have such a cloak.

Harry shook his head, glancing around. “Extra credit for McGonagall. Looking for the creature that’s petrifying everyone.”

She slowly turned around to face him, her left eyebrow arched. Harry sighed. He struggled for a moment, before looking over his shoulder, then back to her. “I hear things… voices… saying that it must kill. In the walls. Every time it’s happened, there was an incident. I told Headmistress McGonagall, and she told me to alert her when I hear it again. This is the busiest hour of the week, so it’s the only time when the hallways are empty.”

Narcissa nodded, somewhat perplexed. “You mean to say – you’re a Parselmouth.”

He looked surprised for a moment, then nodded stiffly. “Yes. And you’re one of the very few people in this school that knows that.” He let that sink in for a moment. She knew that if that information leaked out, there would only be one obvious culprit. “It makes sense now that you say it. I only found out that what I have is a unique gift last year.” His tone took a more sinister one. “Basilisks were on the short list of creatures that Hermione and I believed were responsible. But somehow, you knew exactly what’s attacking the school.”

Narcissa held up her hands. “Easy, Mister Potter, I’m not a suspect here. I just told the Headmistress a few minutes ago that I was heading over there to give her my notes on the beast.” She held up her bag, something Professors usually didn’t walk around carrying. “I have reason to believe that it may be a Basilisk, and I think you can confirm it.”

“Then why are you not heading in that direction?” Harry interrogated further, stepping a bit closer. While he was only a second year, he was quite intimidating.

She paused.

Why was she going in the opposite direction? Yes, she was distracted, but she knew and remembered more about this castle than anyone she had attended school with. If she had actively tried to get lost, she would know where she was.

And she knew where she was right now. She was pretty close to the Hospital Wing. And just like that, it all made sense. She was going to go kidnap her new friend – to steal her from the clutches of the monster, ensuring that the beast didn’t attack her again. But Narcissa Malfoy would never say that out loud.

She thought quickly. “I’m collecting my son, of course. I believe he has Charms right now with the Ravenclaws. I’m not keeping him in the school with a Basilisk on the loose.” She was lucky that Flitwick’s classroom was close by as well. She had no intentions of picking up her son – Lucius wouldn’t kill his heir.

“He deserves it,” he muttered, clearly loud enough for her to hear, and she surprised him by chuckling.

“Your rivalry with him amuses me,” She admitted, closing her mirror. “It’s somewhat embarrassing to see you upstage him at every confrontation, yet he approaches you as if he’s your equal rival. Tell me the truth here, Mister Potter; is my Draco a mere nuisance to you?”

Harry rubbed the back of his head, but he looked far from embarrassed. “It’s really not his fault. I mean, sure, if I didn’t have giant beasts on my tail, I might have seen him as a threat, but he’s not a Basilisk. He’s just a bug that I wouldn’t bother stepping on.” He smirked. “Not that I’m trying to sound arrogant, of course.”

Narcissa laughed. “Of course,” she replied, her perception of the Golden Boy of Gryffindor breaking apart. She held the bag closer to herself, and she remembered why she was here. It was time to change that plan slightly. “Would you like to accompany me to McGonagall’s office? You need a mirror with you.”

Without a thought, Harry pulled out his wand and conjured a small mirror. Narcissa didn’t comment on the nonverbal magic, but was impressed nevertheless. Harry stared hard at her. She seemed to know what he expected.

“I won’t say a word.” Narcissa promised. “Besides, if my son found out, he’d cry himself to sleep, and frankly, I don’t want to go back to those days. Well, do you need an escort anyway? Buddy system and all…”

Harry nodded his appreciation. “I could use an extra set of eyes,” he agreed, and they began walking to the Headmistress’s office. At the first corner, Narcissa used her mirror.

“More like a shield,” Mrs. Malfoy muttered, as they walked down the hallway, her in the lead. When Harry made to move in front of her, she gently put her arm in front of him. “Boy-Who-Lived or not, I’m still your professor. I’m supposed to protect you.”

“I haven’t felt very safe since I got to this school,” Harry muttered, and before Narcissa could question him, he froze. “It’s here.”

“Go to McGonagall,” she muttered darkly, looking around for the slightest move.

“I’m not – ”

“Go, Potter,” she hissed, thrusting her bag in his hands. “If I don’t look directly at it, nothing will happen to me,” she lied. “Bring McGonagall back here, but be wary. When I see it, I’ll shout. You obviously have good ears, because I can’t even hear a whisper yet. I will lead the beast elsewhere. Follow the sound of my voice when I stop screaming, and we’ll all come out of this fine. Go!”

Harry paused, and against his better judgment, turned and ran the direction they were coming from, signifying that the beast was in the direction they were supposed to be going.

Narcissa let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. She knew he was a very bright kid. His grades were almost on par with his friend, the great Hermione Granger, and she had sworn that he was going to see right through her bluff, even though he had a very limited knowledge on Basilisks, other than they were large snakes that petrified with a gaze.

Well, the plan was changed slightly, yet again. It looked as if she was going to be petrified today. The Basilisk had clearly tracked her down, and it wasn’t going to stop until she had left the school. She wasn’t going to risk students’ lives by hiding in a classroom. She was too far to double back to her chambers, and much too far from the outside. Besides, in a deserted outside, she wasn’t even positive that the beast wouldn’t follow her until she reached Hogsmeade. And she wasn’t going to follow Potter – she, as a professor, leading him somewhere was one thing, but actually being seen helping the boy would put a death sentence on her head long after today.

She grimaced. Yes, she was going to be petrified.

But… what then? Lucius was quite plainly aware that she knew there was a basilisk behind it all. He was counting on her finding a way to get petrified instead of dying. Was he teaching her a lesson? Before, she could give less of a damn about his intent, but now… was he really that methodical? She was expecting that he wanted it to kill her. But he knew how smart she was… so what was his game? Kill her petrified body himself? Take it and hide it? If a well-respected pureblood witch was found dead or petrified in the halls, the school would close faster than she could drop.

So… yes, that made sense. Kill her, hide the body; everyone would assume that she was the heir of Slytherin, working in the shadows from this point on. It would make sense – her first cousin and sister being the infamous Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange.

She heard a small whisper, and a distinct hiss, but she stood her ground. It would be unwise of her to panic now.

Narcissa grimaced. Her husband was so incredibly stupid. There was never just one route to one place in this school – hence Potter running the opposite direction to the Minerva’s office – and Lucius had assumed that she was going to take the easiest route to the Slytherin Common Room, blindly trusting her dear husband to not have an unfortunate accident prepared on the way. He had no guarantee that he would be the first to find her, especially if she wasn’t where she was supposed to be, now on the other side of the school. He had essentially ruined his own plans. Not only that, but he had unintentionally connected himself to this case, seeing as he was visiting the school the same day his wife was attacked, delivering a bag of information to the Headmistress on the threat to the school. He had probably visited the littlest Weasley himself and blackmailed her into ordering the Basilisk to track her scent – probably a hairbrush from her chambers or something – and thought nothing of it afterwards, his only remaining task comprising of making sure she was at the right place at the right time.

She was smarter than him. She knew that, and he struggled to accept that. But while her husband had her cornered, she would give him one last message that she was superior to him in every conceivable way – her last act of defiance to him.

She quickly pulled out her wand and compact mirror.

She scowled. It would be so easy to just cast a sonorous charm and alert the school to her imminent demise. But she knew the hell she would pay, not from her husband, but the rest of the Pureblood community. At least they couldn’t attack her this way. She rolled up her sleeve and cast a charm on her arm. She grimaced in pain at the words etching itself into her once flawless arm.

She pocketed her wand and held the compact mirror in her trembling hand, still unopened. She grasped it tightly to herself, the cool metal trying to calm her burning nerves, until she banished it wordlessly.

Narcissa smiled to herself at the small victory; she had finally done wandless magic.

Harry had left only thirty seconds ago, but it felt like an eternity as she waited for her impending doom. She scratched her sweltering arm absently. She was a patient woman; she had proved that when she married Lucius. She wanted wealth and infinite materials for research, and he wanted a trophy wife that would provide him an heir. After they both got what they wanted, they left each other alone, and she was almost perfectly content with that.

And as she turned around to face an empty hallway, Narcissa just wished she could see the look on his face when he realized that she had so critically beaten him in a game that probably took weeks for him to plan, in just a few seconds.

She put the fate of what was to happen next in young Harry Potter’s hands, confident that he’d find her first. For some reason, she felt no need to worry about that.

As the large serpent’s head rounded the corner, completely silent, Narcissa smiled.

‘The Queen of Slytherin – Forevermore.’

“Hello, Professor. Welcome back to the world of the living.”

Narcissa slowly blinked her eyes, and saw Hermione Granger standing above her. Something went terribly wrong. Or terribly right. “How… Miss Granger? Where am I?”

“Right now, you’re in a secret room, that’s decided to take the form of the Slytherin Common Room, I assume, for this evening. I must say, it looks a bit drab, if not a bit pricey looking furniture…”

Ah. So terribly good, then. Her head ached with the speed of her thought process. “It’s the Malfoy Manor Sitting Room,” she muttered, closing her eyes again.

“That explains the Chandelier,” she reasoned, and she seemed very pleased with herself – not that Narcissa could see. “Thank you for the dying message on your arm, by the way. ‘Ginevra’s Diary.’ Harry and Headmistress McGonagall have gone to collect the diary right now. Don’t worry; she has no idea of your previous demise. The official story is when you were on your way to McGonagall’s office, a crying Ginny ran into you and told you that she did some very bad things. I heard that your husband was visiting today, and I’m guessing that he arranged this?”

Her brain began to stop hurting, but the pieces were still being fitted together. “So… I’m alive… and I was dead?” She cracked an eye open, and Hermione nodded the affirmative. And her thoughts ended there. She was completely lost.

Hermione took pity on her. “Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone would have guessed how we brought you back. Didn’t have to kill anyone – well, not for this, specifically, but Harry had to kill Quirrell last year for us to ultimately be here today.” She held up a large, intimidating syringe. “You probably don’t know what this is, but it’s harmless. It helps introduce liquids into the body, usually the bloodstream. Works faster than ingestion, and as you’ve probably noticed, the only method of taking the liquid through death, while using a spell that artificially pumps the blood. Your heart has been beating independently for about half an hour now. My parents usually use it for Procaine – they’re dentists, you see – but in this instance, it brought you back to life. We had to heal the writing on your arm, though. Fascinating spell you used, to avoid the vein and arteries.”

“But… what could possibly bring me to life?” She groggily asked, blinking out the sleep in her eyes. “And how long have I been… dead?”

“Only about an hour,” Hermione smiled softly at the professor. “And I think I gave you enough hints that you figured it out by now. Harry and I had managed to liquefy the Philosopher’s Stone this past summer. Thank you for being our first test subject. It might be too early to say, but I think that barring any more accidents, due to the liquid flowing in your bloodstream, there is a possibility that you are immortal.”

~Original Conversation, 5th Year~

“While I may have the advantage of being forever youthful,” Narcissa changed the subject to the main topic, smirking at her young friend, “I don’t think I can be called one of the most beautiful in the school.”

Harry almost snorted. “Really? I thought you were one of the smartest in your generation?”

Her eyebrows rose. “One of them? I had the highest scores of my Generation, only challenged by your mother. Respect is appreciated, Potter.”

“Yes ma’am,” Harry smirked. “Or should I say Mistress.”

Narcissa shrugged. “‘Mistress’ will suffice, thank you. Once again, ma’am makes me feel old. Madame is okay. Occasionally I will be referred to as ‘The Immortal Lady Black’, but only at my discretion.”

“Fair enough,” Harry agreed seriously. “Least I could do for saving your life.”

Narcissa waved it off. “Should’ve thought about that before you saved my life.”

The two laughed. Never in a million years, would he ever guess that a laugh so beautiful would come from the mother of Draco Malfoy. He calmed himself enough to ask, “Well, if you aren’t mad at me -”

“I’m not,” She said honestly.

“Then why did you ask me to stay after class? Right now you’ve got Hermione thinking thoughts she really shouldn’t right now.” She flushed.

“I didn’t mean to make you two uncomfortable,” she stressed, hopping off her table. “While I did keep you here to thank you, it’s not like I’m going to shag your brains out in appreciation.”

Harry didn’t know whether to be relieved or just a bit disappointed. Granted, he was happy that her intentions were pure, as they always were, he’d come to realize years ago. But… well, she wasn’t put on the list purely for her personality and smarts, though those were important factors as well.

“If anything, I’d do it because you want me to, not because of some stupid list.” Harry looked up at her in shock. “It’s called a Life Debt, Harry. If you ever want to finally collect that debt, and use it for that… well, I can think of a way so you won’t waste it on something so… obtainable.”

Harry blinked a few times. “Hermione gave you the injection, though.”

Narcissa shook her head. “It doesn’t matter who gave me the injection, what matters is the person who found me and supplied the Stone to begin with.”

“Both of us,” Harry smiled. “And you’ve more than repaid us, Cissy. None of this would’ve been possible without you.”

Narcissa smiled. “So noble, Harry. It’s something you really need to work on. That could be considered a weakness.”

“I only show that to my friends,” Harry said seriously. “You’re my friend, Narcissa; don’t forget that.”

“And I couldn’t have a better one,” She said sincerely, “Hermione as well. It’s good to have you two back in class, Harry. My niece has been looking for you to visit the outside. You haven’t left the building in a while, have you?”

Harry shook his head. “I guess we have been rather… dormant.” She saw Narcissa’s devilish grin and cut her off. “Not like that! In our own dorms!”

“That’s a waste,” she muttered, her fantasies shattered. “The two of you still haven’t figured it out yet?”

Harry was hesitant to speak.

“It took us long enough, didn’t it?”

Narcissa let out a girlish squeal as Hermione appeared out of nowhere. “Miss Granger! Five points from Gryffindor!”

Hermione look amused as she absently folded the cloak. “For what? Scaring the piss out of you?”

Narcissa calmed her beating heart. She breathed deep. “Almost; if you had actually done that, there would be a hell of a lot more points taken. But, we’ll just settle for you scaring me.”

Hermione smiled. “Worth it.”

“How many points will it take not to be worth it?” She wondered, and Hermione’s smile faltered. Narcissa then recalled what she said earlier. “So you two finally did it? When’s the wedding?”

Harry pretended to be very interested in the décor or the room, and Hermione glared at him for abandoning her to answer the question. He smirked. “You don’t want to hear my reply, Hermione.” When she was still silent, he looked back to Narcissa. “As soon as I finish my supposed conquests. Hermione’s convinced that I need to shag half the school before I can enter a steady relationship.”

“Harry!” she screeched, mollified at his words. “That is not what I said!”

“Well,” Narcissa broke the silence after a moment, “what did you say?”

Hermione struggled to find the right words. “I- I erm… I don’t know, really. I mean what with Padma and Katie so far, it really looks like Harry is finally realizing that there…I don’t know how to say this.”

“That there are options,” Harry finished for her. Hermione didn’t move. “‘Mione, remember when you said I’m smarter than you give me credit for?”

Hermione nodded. When Harry said nothing, just looking at her expectantly, she was a bit lost. “What, Harry?”

Narcissa chuckled. “He doesn’t want to say it out loud.”

Hermione looked at her for a moment, before realization dawned. Her eyes widened. “But… I – it’s true! How could you think that I’m dumber than you give me credit for?!”

Harry glared at her. “You don’t think I know that I have options? Hermione, I get thousands of letters a year! I get picturesWorn bras and panties! You wouldn’t believe the things that Hedwig and the elves have had to deliver! While I’m busy spending the entire day with you that day each year, Tonks has to sift through the hundreds of animated Valentine’s Day cards!”

Narcissa gave an unladylike snort. “That’s why the poor girl takes the day off from her duties every Valentine like she has a hot date.”

Hermione looked embarrassed. Harry continued. “Hermione, you’re my best friend, and I’ve made it a habit to always tell you the honest truth. So here it is: while there are consequences for being Harry Potter, there are quite a few perks, and I love most of them. The fame, I could do without. The adulation, I appreciate. The fan girls? It’s quite flattering, but that’s something I’ve never taken advantage of. A part of me has always wanted to, but that’s just not who I am. I don’t want to be like Lockhart.”

Narcissa snorted quietly. It was her honest opinion that the git got what he deserved a couple of years ago.

“I’m not daft, Hermione. I know that I’m one of the most sought after wizards in the world. I knew that when I found out how much gold I had in my vault.” He stepped closer to her, and she found herself shrinking. “I don’t use you as a shield – deep down, I know you think that. You are not the girl that keeps me safe from the scary ladies out there, while I deal with puberty, my safety net, the homely girl that I can always come home to when I ‘inevitably’ take advantage of my fame and do one-night stands across Britain. Don’t mistake my humility for naivety, Hermione.”

Hermione’s eyes were shining as Harry held her hands in his. “I can understand why you’d think so. A guy with my life – why not take advantage of it? I’d be stupid not to do so. Anyone in my situation would. Hell, maybe in some other life, I would.” He paused. For a moment, Hermione thought he was truly realizing what he said, reconsidering his words. Then he spoke. “In fact, I probably would have. But then something happened. Something I could never put a finger to, until right now.”

Hermione fidgeted as Harry stepped closer, her mind blank until he finished his thoughts, having no clue where he was going with this. “You’re not my safety, Hermione. You’re my only. The greatest perk of being Harry Potter is that I can proudly say that Hermione Granger fell for me. Every single thing I said yesterday is true. I was waiting for you. I thought it was just fourth year, but no, a part of me always was. Because I love you, Hermione.”

Harry’s chest felt tight as he said the words. He really wasn’t feeling any better when Hermione didn’t say anything. He let go of her hands carefully, and pulled her into a loose hug.

It was only a few seconds, when she responded. At first, he barely noticed when she slowly wrapped her arms around his torso. Then she pressed firmly into him, her hug turning into her patented Hermihug, her arms firmly locked around his waist, her hands indenting themselves into his back.

“You know I love you, Harry,” she whispered to him. “I always will. And I know that what you’re telling me is true. If you truly want me, then you’ve always had me.” She loosened her grip, and took a good look at him. “But you’re wrong. There was never a part of me that thought I was your safety net. You wouldn’t do that to me, you wouldn’t do that to anyone. Not intentionally. Though there were times when I thought your humility was overwhelming. That one day, you’re going to realize that there is so much out there in the world, and it could’ve been yours, easily.” When Harry was about to protest, she shook her head. “Now I know that you were always aware. And you still chose me in the end. And I love youfor that. I truly do.”

Narcissa softly cleared her throat, and the two remembered they weren’t alone. “If I may?” She asked awkwardly, and the two nodded, embarrassed. “I’m not a psychologist, but I think I see the problem here. Hermione’s a secret lesbian, and Harry’s a very horny wizard.” As the two was about to protest, she cut them off. “Hermione, you have Harry, and yet you want him to see what’s out there. You’re a smart girl, Hermione. If Harry wants you, you shut up and keep him, making sure that you improve yourself every day with the things that you do to keep him happy and satisfied. At least, that’s what I’d do, if I ever had a man worth fighting for. You’re his best friend, and you know how loyal he is – he’d be perfectly content with whatever you had to offer.

“You clearly like the idea of Harry having a group of girls, as opposed to just you. You said it yourself – you knew you were never a shield. You aren’t afraid of him choosing someone else – you’re afraid of not being involved, or even worse, him not coming back to you.

“And you, Harry! There was a reason you started this list in the first place! You’re not a social person, right? You don’t make friends, you run into them, or they run into you. I’m sorry, but that’s just who you are, and what you’re accustomed to. That list is your conversation starter! Whatever happened with Padma or Katie would never have happened if not for that list, am I right? For all I know, you probably never would have approached them again.”

She paused. “Honestly, I won’t judge you. What you did, was purely unintentional, but truly worthy of Slytherin. Harry Potter publicly stating who the top ten most beautiful women in his world are? Anyone can only guess what’s going to happen next!” She raved, and Harry’s face burned.

Hermione bit her lip. “That does make sense… Harry?” She turned to him with a purely curious expression.

“When you put it like that…” Harry muttered, and she chuckled.

Narcissa deflated. “I’m sorry, Harry. I know you didn’t mean to. But you forget that you’re the boy-who-lived, and a very loveable guy to boot. Women will trip over themselves trying to impress you. With this list, a very pleasurable or painful outcome should commence. One of those options is unavoidable.”

The couple parted reluctantly, absorbed in their thoughts.

“So what now?” Harry asked. “So far, I have a date with Padma three days from now. I’m telling her about Hermione before we go to Hogsmeade. I won’t get around that. With Katie… well, something tells me that she will take the news easier than Padma might.”

Narcissa refrained from mentioning Padma’s obvious heritage and the Patil family’s history with Harems. Padma would tell him herself if she wanted him to know. Hermione got the cue from Narcissa, and stayed quiet.

Harry smirked. “I’m aware she’s Indian, ladies. Once again – not daft. I just want her opinion on the matter, not her history’s opinion. She could be arranged for someone for all I know.”

The two blushed at being caught, while Hermione cleared her throat. “Yes, well… onto a somewhat less embarrassing topic… so Padma stole your first kiss?”

“I don’t see how that is any less embarrassing, but yeah.” He eyed her carefully. She didn’t seem too upset. But, he had given her the option, once upon a time.

“And…” Hermione hesitated to ask, “Katie stole your first motor boating?”

Harry snorted. “Well, I didn’t exactly make sputtering sounds when she was crushing my face with her breasts!”

Narcissa perked up at his words. “Oh? How was it?”

“Wonderful,” he said unabashedly.

“So much for no kissing and telling,” Narcissa chuckled, and Harry smirked devilishly.

“What? Like you’re not thinking of joining the club?” He said bravely, and she stared at him seriously, seeing the challenge in his eyes.

“I could call your bluff, Harry,” She whispered, crossing her arms.

Harry’s eyes almost drifted to her heaving bosom, being lifted by her arms. “Yes, you could,” He agreed. “And you will.”

“Really?” She raised an eyebrow.

Hermione, for the life of her, couldn’t find this confrontation uncomfortable yet. She stood to the side to watch what was to come next.

“You think I can’t call your bluff, Harry?” Narcissa stepped forward, and Harry forced himself not to gulp. The blonde woman was no Veela, but she had an allure that affected him more than Fleur at full blast ever could. “I already promised you that I wouldn’t… shall we say… surrender to you because of some stupid list.”

“Then that means Cissy’s got a crush,” he smirked.

Narcissa laughed as she approached him. “Such a Slytherin, you are,” She purred, mere feet away from him. She stopped. “Come closer, Harry. I won’t do all the work. The Immortal Lady Black won’t stoop that low.”

Harry chuckled. “Who said anything about stooping low? I mean, I’ll make sure your water bowl is the fanciest, that’s for sure.”

“Oh, such a rich sense of humour!” She cried, trying not to break into laughter. “Innocent little Golden Boy Harry, having the Queen of Slytherin, his most hated mortal enemy’s mother on her hands and knees, drinking out of a water bowl.”

Hermione subconsciously rubbed her thighs together. Harry, having glanced every-so-often to see how she was doing, raised the bar. “I hope you’re not too fond of clothes or anything, Cissy. I assume the Queen of Slytherin would not like to dirty them on the floor.”

“I like it when a man plans ahead,” she commented with a wry smile. “So you’re going to keep calling me that, now? Cissy? Like a pet?”

Harry thanked his growth spurt as his five inches above her gave him an advantage. “Well, you’re not housebroken yet. I suppose it’s up to Hermione if I can keep you, then.”

Narcissa looked over to Hermione and winked. “So I have to talk to the Alpha, first?” She swiftly changed directions, striding gracefully to where Hermione stood, stock still.

It took a few microseconds for her to gather her wits. “Alpha?” She wondered. “Your leader?” She quickly clarified.

Harry nodded. “Your idea,” he pointed out. “And one day… well, you know. I need a Mrs. Potter to have concubines.”

Hermione couldn’t believe her ears. “So we’re really doing this?”

Narcissa, not one to state the obvious, turned back, took the last few steps to Harry, tilted his head down by his chin, and pressed her lips to his. Harry was quick to grab her firm hips and pull her closer. She took a shuddering breath as he parted her lips moments later, dominating the kiss. She really did get turned on by domination. While the ‘pet’ scenarios were way too much… she could get used to this.

Harry abruptly cut off the kiss, and Narcissa caught herself as she was leaning in for more. Before she could comprehend it, she found herself gently pushed into Hermione’s arms.

Hermione didn’t think – she only kissed her. She had always thought of Narcissa a sexy witch – a witch that was older than her mother, but still avery sexy, beautiful witch – and she quickly fulfilled a fantasy that she had found for over a year.

Harry watched on with unlimited fascination. He had noticed Narcissa’s easy submission while they were snogging, and saw her quickly bending to Hermione’s will as well.

And as Hermione tenderly touched Narcissa’s breasts through her robes, correctly guessing where her nipples were, he knew that this was only the beginning. He had the sense to cast a charm on the double doors leading into the classroom, making the doors disappear and morph into the surrounding wall. He banished his robe and his basilisk skin armor off of him, leaving only his school clothes.

Hermione slowly parted her lips from Narcissa’s, and looked over to Harry, while Narcissa looked a bit dazed, her lips slightly red. She nodded, and Harry took that as his cue to step closer. They did a bit of silent communication, before Harry gave Hermione a peck on the lips. It was not meant to be passionate – it was a kiss of thanks, and encouragement. Hermione, being almost the same height as Narcissa, easily handled her as she attached her lips to her neck. Her moan did things to her that she had never experienced before.

Harry focused into Narcissa’s eyes. The older witch did not seem to be available for conversation – she wasn’t exactly drooling, but she was close. Harry quickly stepped behind her, and taking a page from Hermione’s book, he focused on her neck.

Narcissa shuddered from the double assault. She felt Hermione’s trembling hand against her zipper, and quickly covered it with her own. Before the brunette could ask, she slowly pulled her hand down, the zipper coming with it.

Harry heard the sound, and smiled on her neck. Now it was time to show a bit of possessiveness. He began to suck hard on the skin, nipping and licking at one spot. The older witch in front of him obviously knew what he was doing, and craned more of her neck towards him. He took full advantage of it, before he reached around her stomach and wandered over her rib area, lightly tickling her. He wondered how long it would take the sensitive witch to lose control without any of her erogenous zones being touched. When he felt Hermione’s fingers touch his own inside the robe, he knew she was having the same idea.

Narcissa was having trouble standing as she was over-stimulated. She had never before been stimulated before by a man, and a very long time ago had she been touched by two horny teenagers at once; though her new lovers were proving to her now that she had waited for too long when she felt Hermione’s fingers skim up her sides to her shoulders, but held back a whimper as her breasts were still carefully avoided.

Hermione could tell how massive the older witch’s breasts were, and knew that Harry would be very pleasantly surprised. The black bra underneath the blouse was ornately decorated and supremely comfortable, and she hoped to get her out of it soon. She found her hands at Narcissa’s shoulders, and without warning, shoved the robe down.

She was wearing a simple white blouse and a knee-length black skirt, the recommended regulation dress code for female professors. While not enforced, it was highly advised.

Hermione was very sure that a see-through blouse was not part of the dress code, and she didn’t care in the slightest. She slowly began unbuttoning the blouse, careful to not let her fingers brush over Cissy’s breasts. She wanted Narcissa to beg for it, and to be that much more grateful when it happened.

Harry had the same thoughts as he finally released Cissy’s neck. He smirked in pride at the hickey forming – it was small but very noticeable. He prized it for a few more moments, absently caressing her lovely hips, before his hands lowered and at the bottom hem of her skirt.

Narcissa felt a little shock at Harry’s fingers on her bare legs, she was so focused on the cold air blowing against the love mark on the back of her neck. Hermione seemed determined to unbutton her blouse as slow as she possibly could, making sure to pull each button before loosening it. The soft silk rubbed across her breasts pleasurably, but Harry’s hands were her only stimulant at the moment.

She was keenly aware what they were doing, but she wanted to let them go at their pace. She had, on occasion, teased herself in her private sessions before, and she had magnificent orgasms that way. She had a low threshold when it came to patience in her bed, however, so she would only wait until she perceived that she couldn’t take it anymore, then take care of herself.

Harry growled low in his throat when his fingers felt the soft, smooth flesh of Narcissa. He was purely running on instinct, and when he crept higher up her skirt, he knew he was doing something right when he heard her slow moan of pleasure. His pants felt increasingly tight, grateful now that the protective cup was out of the way, but it would have to wait. They had time.

When Hermione finally got past the last button, she stared in awe for a good few seconds. The bra looked comfortable enough, encasing the massive mammaries. While they weren’t spectacularly huge, they were certainly larger than her frame suggested. Some part of her wished that she could grow a pair of those one day. Her mother’s frame suggested that she was well on her way.

No, she decided. She wouldn’t want back problems resulting from the strain, and she prized herself for her mobility. She figured she would work with what she had right at that moment.

But first, she smashed her lips to Narcissa, who quickly reciprocated. Hermione’s tongue quickly overpowered hers, and the blonde quickly got lost in her submission. She tried to make up for it by slowly grinding her own breasts into the still-robed witch’s tits, the fabric from her bra making her almost purr, before Hermione halted her with her hands on her shoulders. Before she could complain, one of her gloved hands was grabbed and placed on a still-clothed breast.

Harry inwardly smiled at the small moan of encouragement from both witches as he placed Cissy’s hand on Hermione’s breast. It was clear that she had banished her own Basilisk armor away; he had guessed correctly how far along she wanted to go. He unzipped Narcissa’s skirt quickly, and it pooled around her ankles. Harry stared at her perfectly formed legs with a sense of wonder, before his fingers traced over them agonizingly slowly, and only after he heard a low moan – from Hermione or Narcissa, really he could not pay much attention to that at this point – he traced the edges of her black lace panties. She wasn’t intending to dress sexily, but to Harry, she might as well have been wearing extravagantly sewn dental floss.

Her large, pale bum was an outstanding feature on her, and he thought it a crime that it wasn’t shown off more. Her ass on her frame was nowhere near her breasts’ proportions – he couldn’t balance a glass on it or anything – but it was still quite impressive. If anything, it fit her body perfectly. He found a freckle – what seemed to be the only flaw on her body – and before he even realized what he was doing, he dropped to his knees and kissed it.

Narcissa squeaked at the contact, causing Hermione to break the kiss. She looked past her to Harry’s position, and as she saw him trailing his fingers around her legs, lightly kissing and nipping at random places on the lower half of her body, she decided that she should focus on the top half. She concentrated, and Narcissa’s blouse disappeared.

Before she could even shudder at the cool air hitting her body, Narcissa felt Hermione’s hands snake around her torso and attack the hooks on her bra. She quickly let go of Hermione’s breasts and concentrated as hard as she could.

“Oh!” Hermione exclaimed as she was divested of her robe and her school clothes.

Harry craned his head around Narcissa’s bottom to see what Narcissa had done to cause that noise, and gaped.

She was beautiful. Her hard, toned, porcelain-skinned body was generously on display, the sin that were school robes now outlawed and shunned in Harry’s mind. Her breasts were perfect, the size of cantaloupes, he guessed, but he couldn’t really tell; her white bra was still on.

The room was very still. What were once the soft sounds of moans, groans, whimpers and heavy breaths, now lingered in the air as mere, soft echoes. Harry stood slowly, careful not to break the silence. His eyes struggled to fixate on the aristocratic beauty that was Narcissa and the goddess that was Hermione. And he waited. He knew that whatever Hermione chose to do next, would set the course for the entire afternoon.

Hermione breathed slowly. She knew she was with two people she loved and trusted, and she had gone too far with them – she didn’t want to back out now. She wouldn’t be Hermione Granger if she did.

With a steely resolve, and pinkened cheeks, she reached back to the clasp on her bra and deftly unhooked it. Before anyone could stop her if they wanted to (and they didn’t), she shrugged the bra off.

Seconds after the offending fabric hit the floor, Narcissa quickly joined her in becoming topless, banishing her shirt and bra. She fought the urge to cover her bare tits. She wasn’t ashamed of the slight sag – they were much firmer than any witch at her permanent age of thirty-nine – but they had only been seen most recently by Lucius and Draco, and both times were shortly after her son’s birth. It had been over fourteen years since a man had seen her nude body, and now she was baring almost all of her to two teenagers; not to mention she was staring at what she could only describe as the perfect female body.

Narcissa stepped out of her skirt and kept her snakeskin boots on, ripping off her matching gloves and throwing them to the side. Though she had only taken three steps, Harry watched her tantalizing ass sway for what seemed like minutes. Quickly shaking his head out of his stupor, Harry quickly unloosened his tie, and shed himself of his dress shirt.

“Beautiful,” Narcissa whispered as she slowly lifted her hands to Hermione’s breasts, giving her ample time to stop her. When she began tracing the generous C-cups with the tip of her fingernail, Hermione winced and shuddered at the overly intense feeling of the almost tickling sensation. She also found herself staring at Narcissa’s well-formed tits, and began shamelessly groping them.

The two witches were tired of kissing. They were ready to explore beyond that.

Cissy almost gasped in shock when Harry wrapped his arms around her, and his fingers slowly rose to cup her breasts joining Hermione’s. She shuddered as they both went through the ‘funbags’ stage – he squeezed and massaged lightly, she circled her nipples and focused her index fingers on her areolas, and he flicked her hardened, pale pink nipples. She knew she was practically leaking down her legs, and she tried her best to focus on Hermione, rather than dropping her panties and fingering herself right there in front of them.

Eventually, she lost the battle, and one of her hands left Hermione’s breasts to slide her hand down the front of her own black panties.

Harry saw what she was doing, and quickly pulled her hand out. The older witch was confused, until she saw him wrap his red and gold striped tie around her arm. She whimpered when he tied both arms behind her back.

Harry nodded at his work as he saw her twitching hands. He knew she wasn’t trying to get out of the tie, she could stop them whenever she wanted to. With that thought in mind, he picked her up and out of Hermione’s grasp, and before his best friend could protest, Harry quickly carried her over to her large oak table and set her down, her back on the desk, legs dangling over the edge. He turned back to Hermione, and they caught each other’s glance.

Hermione, knowing what was expected of her, walked over to Harry, her breasts jiggling unintentionally. When she was close enough, Harry tipped her chin and gave her a tender kiss, which she quickly reciprocated, leaning against his chest.

As Harry and Hermione snogged over her dazed form, Narcissa felt herself getting hotter than before. She felt Harry rubbing her leg slowly, and Hermione quickly joined him with the other leg.

The beautiful couple parted, and they looked in each other’s eyes.

“You’re amazing,” He murmured, love in his eyes.

“Don’t forget that,” Hermione smiled softly. “But right now, we have our first Harem girl to initiate.”

Harry gave her one last kiss, and they turned as one to her heaving form, wearing only her boots and her panties. Narcissa held back the urge to shudder under their gaze, and failed.

Hermione quickly moved around the table, away from her line of sight. Before she could crane her head, Harry had dropped to his knees in front of her. He felt around her luscious thighs, and noticed that she was a bit ticklish, but didn’t bother taking advantage of it yet, merely filing it away. He tentatively licked at different areas, taking into account which places she moaned and which places she giggled. Her practically glowing skin felt so unrealistically smooth. There must have been charms for shaving.

He paused at the thought, and peeked upwards to her black panties. The thin material had an obvious wet spot, and was clinging very prominently to her plump vulva. He could tell very clearly that she was completely shaved, and he found himself licking his lips. He had never done this before, and while Sirius had briefly given him The Talk, in a way that only Sirius could – it was his right, since he did once see him get ‘assaulted’ by the lovely Gryffindor Chasers – it had ultimately left him with more questions than he had before. Now, Harry felt it best to do what came naturally. According to Narcissa’s moans, he was doing something right.

Narcissa writhed on the table from the torturous assault; she had never teased herself this much! Usually, she had just played with her body for a bit, teased her nipples until the maximum amount of blood had rushed there, and thrusted her fingers into her soaking folds until she came forcefully. It was never this much build-up!

It only got worse as Hermione leaned over slowly, her tits looking absolutely mountainous from her angle, when Hermione started playing with her nipples again. She pinched the nubbins slowly, tweaking them in just the right way. Narcissa grinded uselessly into the air, desperate for her release. She lifted her head up slightly, and latched her lips onto Hermione’s left nipple. Hermione moaned in approval as she licked and suckled at the pink nubbin with hunger, loving the mewls of pleasure that came from the brunette’s mouth. She held on to that sound to distract her from the pain of extending her neck for so long, and the torture that Harry was putting her under.

Harry finally reached the apex of her thighs, and his fingers traced the lace edge of Narcissa’s panties. They clung so perfectly to her womanhood that he was even able to see the tiny nub at the top of her slit, and brushed it with his finger. Narcissa practically screamed, so he did it again. After he did it a third time, he could tell that she was very close, and quickly lifted her fascinatingly long legs to remove the thin fabric from her body. He removed the underwear from one leg, but left it on the other; it wouldn’t do for them to not be able to find it afterwards.

Harry stared in silent wonder at her glistening lips. It was a pale pinkish hue, much like her nipples, and the fluids running down the crack of her ass suggested that maybe he had been teasing her for too long. Wrapping his arms around both of her flawless thighs, strapping himself in for the ride, he took in a whiff of her scent. It was a certain scent that he was unfamiliar with, but it was a tight passage still very pleasant to his senses. Just her scent almost had him salivating. He took a small lick, and Narcissa squealed, bucking her hips. Deciding he liked the taste, his tongue trailed the outside of her smooth lips.

“Ah!” Narcissa screamed, releasing Hermione’s nipple as Harry finally reached her most sensitive organ. “Oh yes, Harry! Right there– umph!

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” Hermione panted as she lowered her other hardened, crinkled nipple into her soothing mouth. She moaned loudly when Narcissa swiftly accepted it back and rolled her tongue rigorously around her puffy areola. To repay her, she began lavishing Narcissa’s other teat with her tongue, swirling and lapping at the nipple with the wonder of a confused newborn. She slowly moved her own legs apart and reached beneath her white cotton panties to play with the small tuft of hair that lay above her vulva, and she quickly moved to stroke her intimate flesh, paying close attention to her clit. Her breathing was shallow as she stroked herself, her womanhood almost pulsing with desire. She was too beyond being nervous, and even if she was, she was not going to stop this.

Harry used his fingers to split apart Cissy’s lips to see the glistening treasure within her folds. He took one more whiff and stuck his tongue into her tight channel as far as he could, wiggling it as he ventured.

He was glad that he had trapped her legs with his arms – she began bucking and kicking and convulsing, and he was sure she was experiencing an orgasm. He was right, as a torrent of fluids rushed to his tongue, and the pungent essence reached his nose. He quickly lapped the addicting, tangy fluids of her girlcum with a childlike exuberance. Her pussy tightened around his tongue, and his pants strained at the thought that it could soon be his shaft experiencing such an unbelievable tightness.

Narcissa breathed heavily as Hermione tugged her nipple out of her mouth – she never bit down, but she was sorely tempted to – and stood up, her perfectly formed breasts topped with slobber-coated nipples moving away from her. She wished she could reach out, but her fingers were still tied. She tried to test the bond, and found that her arms had fallen asleep from the misuse. She looked up at Hermione with pleading eyes, not for the bond, but for more. She had reached her orgasm, and now that she realized what a real one felt like, she didn’t want to stop having them anytime soon.

Hermione stared at the once proud Narcissa Black, and made a decision. She slowly removed the last of her underwear, and Cissy’s eyes widened in surprise, but she could see the lust quite clearly, and the brunette internally and outwardly gushed at the obvious desire. Her mind made up, she quickly got onto the table and straddled Narcissa’s head, her quivering cunt hovering over Narcissa’s pale rose lips. When Narcissa gave an experimental lick, Hermione almost jumped in surprise, having over-anticipated her new lover’s touch. Every time Narcissa licked was better than the last, and she sat still, her mind in a haze of lust. Her tongue swirled inside her in places she never knew she had, and while she hadn’t experienced much, this certainly wasn’t in the books! Hermione felt she could write a book of her own after this wonderful experience.

She looked down to Harry, and smiled. Harry was looking up as best he could, with his tongue firmly in the older blonde’s twat, licking and slathering at the pink wonder that beheld him. They held eye contact as he quickly brought Narcissa to another orgasm, and as Hermione built up to her first of the night, she whispered her love to Harry, and tugged lightly on his head. He untangled himself from Narcissa’s legs and followed her hand, until they were at eye-level, inches away. She forced her mouth on his, and she began to orgasm at not only Narcissa’s assault, or Harry’s rather passionate return, but the taste of his and her fluids on her tongue.

She gasped for air as they parted, and found that she couldn’t move her legs to extricate herself from the tangle. Her creamy thighs were being pressed down by Harry’s hands, and he had a glint in his eyes. She shuddered as Narcissa continued her assault without pausing, probing her tight hole freely and enthusiastically. She shuddered uncontrollably as the mini-orgasms shook her to her core, her pussy sated and burning simultaneously. Harry lifted his hand from one of her legs and took her hand. He held it tight as he lowered his head to her nipple, the air having already dried Narcissa’s spit. He ignored the now flaky substance as his tongue caught her tit for the first time. He lavished his brunette lover with kisses around her breasts, smirking at how much space he had to smother with his lips.

Narcissa felt ignored, but knew enough not to complain for fear of the couple torturing her more. Her tongue was tired of the vigorous exercise, and her jaw was starting to cramp, but she persisted. She had experimented with her sisters, Bellatrix and Andromeda, before one went off the deep end, and the other was shunned from the family. The disappointingly few times that they were together, Bella and Andi had prized her on her cunnilingus skills, and she wasn’t quite ready to let that crown go, even though she was more than a bit out of touch.

Still, by Hermione’s moans, she was proud to say that she hadn’t lost a step, in ability anyway.

Harry stood back and watched as Hermione padded her fingers across Narcissa’s trembling stomach and slid her middle digit into her tight passage. Hermione slowly leaned down and finally tasted Narcissa’s juices from the source. He rubbed his crotch slowly, reminding himself to buy more silk boxers – they felt exquisite against his hard-on.

He watched as Hermione dutifully licked at Narcissa’s quim, suppressing her own shudders to repay her for the two orgasms that the blonde had given her. Her hair had not yet fallen around her head to block his view, and he quickly corrected it by conjuring a hair band and walking over to her. He barely disturbed her by lifting her hair and putting it into a ponytail, her brown curls eventually landing on Narcissa’s outer thigh as he tested it. He couldn’t distract Hermione from her goal, once she set her mind to it. He wiped the sweat from her forehead and gave a few licks of his own to their professor’s nub, before he stood and walked to the other side of the table.

He was first gifted with the heavenly sight of Hermione’s backside. Had school robes not hidden the female form so well, her bum would surely be the stuff of legends in Hogwarts. It was perfect and round, but not an ounce of excess fat – just the right amount.

He saw Narcissa tiredly paying homage to it, sucking at the bundle of nerves at the top of her slit, desperately making up for the absence of her arms. He couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous at the sight, and began lowering his head as well.

Hermione moaned in surprise at the two sets of tongues fighting inside her. Her orally talented lovers gave her no chance to catch up to Narcissa’s number as she was penetrated by Harry’s rough drag of his tongue versus Narcissa’s sharp, smooth prodding. She squirmed, her nipples rubbing against Narcissa’s flat, glistening stomach, as she stared forward, the edge of the table cracking under her hands.

Harry swirled his tongue around, amazed at the difference between her cum and Narcissa’s. While Narcissa’s had a tangy, somewhat sweet taste, not unlike the nectar of a peach, Hermione’s cunny was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted.

Hermione’s breath was ragged, her IQ slowly dropping as she experienced pleasure in its basest form under her two lovers’ ministrations. She quivered with delight and removed her own tongue from Narcissa’s pussy to moan, readying herself for her third orgasm of the night.

“Yes, Cissy! Harry! God yes! Oh!” She squealed as she shook, fucking Narcissa more vigorously with two of her fingers, her thumb rubbing the sensitive jewel at the top of Cissy’s slit. Her fingers squelched loudly as she pumped her lover, her juices leaking down to the oak table and running in rivulets down to the floor. She let go of the table and gripped Narcissa’s smooth leg to steady herself, rubbing her chin against her professor’s platinum blonde tuft of soft, downy hair.

Harry held her ass in his hands to steady her as she shook in the throes of orgasm. The erotic sight in front of him made him want to unzip his pants and take her, both of them right there, but he wasn’t sure if Hermione wanted to go there yet. As he was absorbed in his thoughts, his thumb brushed over her puckered rosebud.

Hermione grunted in surprise as Harry touched her there, and wasn’t prepared for the rush of pleasure that it sent her. She had read somewhere that there were nerves that could give women pleasure through anal penetration, but she had never thought much about it.

But now, as she shuddered through the last of her orgasm, she made a mental note to consider it.

Narcissa struggled to close her mouth, her jaw irritatingly painful. She stretched it testily, and laid still. She had experienced her own powerful orgasm, and she really couldn’t take anymore – she felt spasms as Hermione slowly pulled out her fingers and rolled over off of her abused body.

Hermione was laid out on the side of the desk. The cool, hard oak felt good against her back, cooling down her hot body. She had no modesty as she was sprawled out in front of Harry. She struggled to sit up, and fell back on her elbows.

“Well… that was educational,” she breathed. The room was filled with chuckles.

“I need to look up the potion for lockjaw,” Narcissa winced as she laughed.

Harry shook his head as he wiped the sweat from her forehead. “You should be better after an hour or two.”

“I know,” she murmured, remembering the injection that brought her back to life, and its self-healing properties. “But since there’s going to be more, I don’t want to be caught limping out twenty minutes into our next meeting.”

Hermione scooted up slowly until her bare feet touched the ground. She began to stand up, and stumbled slightly. Harry quickly put his hand around her waist, and leaned back onto the table with her.

“Is this awkward?” Harry asked, and as a response, she put her arms around his waist and laid her head on his shoulder.

Without a thought, Harry banished the tie that bound Narcissa and smiled down at her over Hermione’s head. Narcissa shot back a tired, sultry grin before she rolled to the other side of the desk, her boots striking the floor. Her arms were already getting their feeling back, and while the pain in her jaw was still irritating, it was nothing compared to how good she felt.

“It’s only awkward,” Narcissa drawled, “if I actually bring in a dog bowl to play out your fantasy next time.”

Harry lightly snorted, aware that Hermione looked as if she was ready to fall asleep. “If you do, then maybe I’m not the one who is having a fantasy come true.”

The blonde, feeling modest, covered her breasts as she reached down to slip her other leg into her panties to pull them up. “I’ve had enough fantasies fulfilled today, thank you.”

Harry chuckled, and his breath caught in his throat.

Hermione’s fingers brushed over the bulge in his pants. “I could do with one more fantasy,” she murmured, her index finger circling his covered tip.

Harry groaned. “Hermione, you don’t have –”

“I want to,” she cut him off, sliding off of his shoulder and slinking down to her knees, her face inches away from his bulge. She rested her elbows on his thighs as she fiddled with the fasteners on his slacks.

Narcissa blushed at the sight, her nipples hardening on her arm. She herself had never actually given a blowjob – not because she found it lowly or disgusting, but her only lovers consisted of her sisters and her ‘business partner,’ Lucius, who exclusively needed an heir.

And as Hermione finally unwrapped Harry’s package and shoved down his pants, Narcissa wasn’t sure if she should ever try it. According to Hermione’s sharp breath of intake, she was pretty sure the brunette was regretting her decision.

“It’s a bloody monster!” she shrieked, and Narcissa silently agreed. “How did you hide this from me… from anyone?!”

Harry groaned as Hermione’s dainty fingers ghosted over the sensitive skin of his cock, outlining the ridges. He wasn’t sure if nine inches was big or not, as he had never really taken the opportunity to compare with his peers, but the girls seemed pleased, so he was happy.

Hermione stroked the shaft experimentally, looking at the beast before her from all angles. The veins pulsed beneath her fingers, and she felt her heart race. “I’ve never seen one before, but I’ve read about it,” she murmured, both hands beginning to stroke his dick. “And I’ve seen pictures. But this – this doesn’t do justice to anything I’ve ever studied.”

Narcissa marvelled at Harry’s impressive mast, its tip easily over Hermione’s head and into her view. The few times that she and her husband had sex, he had turned off the lights and had told her to be under the covers. Insert, thrust, and if she was lucky, repeat. She had never actually seen his penis, as they lived in separate wings before and after her pregnancy was confirmed.

But it certainly didn’t feel like anything she was staring at now. And she lowered her panties again, not wanting to dirty the fabric too much. Shedid have a class to teach in less than an hour.

Hermione studied every vein and contour on his cock, her fingers drifting to his sac to lift his manhood up better. She shuddered at how full it felt – she entertained herself with the thought that she might drown in his creamy essence if she wasn’t careful, before her other index finger met the tip of his organ.

She felt the sticky substance of his pre-cum on her fingers, and before she could calculate what she was doing, she dragged the tip of her finger to her lips and sucked.

Harry groaned at the sight, his tense frame leaning on the side of the oak desk more. He spied Narcissa leaning against the wall perpendicular to him, her legs spread, her fingers trailing to her over-stimulated sex once more.

Harry gasped when Hermione violently brought him back, licking the head of his cock, tasting the pre-cum directly. “Gods, Hermione!”

Hermione smiled around his crown at the praise in his voice; she must have done something right. Her tongue began swirling around the head, and he let out a guttural moan. She loved the taste. In some ways, it was as good, if not better than Narcissa’s taste.

She just hoped the other girls would taste just as good.

That thought propelled Hermione to push her head farther down, the pads of her tongue being as rough as they could across the underside.

Harry grabbed the edge of the desk he was leaning on, his legs wide as Hermione began to slowly bob on his cock, salivating his member. He knew he wouldn’t last long with this treatment, not after all the excitement that he had just gone through, but he could do nothing but enjoy it.

Narcissa was now fingering herself wildly, careful not to make a noise. Three digits pumped incessantly, her soaked fingers gliding easily in and out of her snatch. She reached up with her other hand and pulled loose her bun, her long blond hair cascading down her shoulders to the middle of her back. She used some of the strands to tickle her abused, sensitive nipples as she tweaked them. She watched Hermione’s smooth back, her slightly spread bum cheeks, and the smooth cunt-lips peeking under her, and she yearned to taste her again – she felt her jaw getting better already, by the hormones or the elixir, she didn’t care. But she knew they didn’t have time for another full round. She moaned out loud.

Hermione bobbed enthusiastically on his dick, silently coaxing him to orgasm. She knew they were running out of time until Narcissa’s next class, and while she was ready to lose her virginity to him, she didn’t want it to be rushed.

She struggled to deep throat him, her pink lips stretching almost comically around his girth, and his legs felt like jelly. Sure, her teeth had grazed him quite often, and he would have blown his load long ago if it weren’t for that, but it was still more than pleasurable. He glanced at Narcissa sliding down the wall, her fingers stuffed up her cunt, stroking her inner walls with practiced ease, and back to Hermione, her eyes closed in concentration, her dainty fingers stroking the remainder of his shaft as she struggled to swallow his cock, and he felt close.

Hermione made a guttural moan in her throat as she tried to inhale Harry’s fleshy rod into her gullet, roughly swallowing the air as her tonsils brushed his tip. She knew she couldn’t get past this point – yet – and she only had three more inches to go.

Well, practice makes perfect – And she was known to never give up on a goal.

With this in mind, she continued moaning, her hands pumping the base of his dick faster, urging her green-eyed lover to cum. She breathed through her nose as she sucked him, her tongue sliding along his pulsing veins.

“Hermione,” Harry grunted, and she instinctually knew what to do as she ran her thumbs across the underside, beginning to coax his seed out.

Harry almost blacked out from the force of his orgasm. Four, five, six wads of cum shot off into Hermione’s waiting mouth, her pink, moist lips moving back to holding just the head as he heard each barely audible gulp. She stroked his cock with her full fist for the first time, pumping it vigorously until it began to soften. As Hermione kept suckling at his half-erect member, he saw Narcissa open her mouth in a silent scream as she came, her form crumpling to the floor in exhaustion, her beautiful light gold hair sticking to her back and chest. Her legs trembled as her bare bottom hit the cold cement of the floor, her back sensitive to the rough scrapes of the wall behind her. She licked her dry lips, wondering what his seed tasted like.

The room was filled with heavy pants as Hermione finally sat back, caressing her jaw. She was almost dazed at the events that had just transpired, and was only shocked more because she had caused them.

She didn’t regret it, and she was sure her new boyfriend and girlfriend didn’t either, but this went way out of hand. Right?

She looked into Harry’s green eyes, as he pulled her up and kissed her forehead in thanks, and then she looked back to Narcissa scrambling for the rest of her clothes. No, it went exactly the way it was supposed to go.

“Mrs. Potter, you said?” Hermione mumbled against his neck as she hugged him. Her mind still reeled with the blatant insinuation.

“What? Would you prefer Mrs. Granger-Potter?” Harry laughed, and almost yelped when she grabbed a handful of his buttocks.

“No thanks. It will be my middle name. Though I do wonder who should be Mrs. Black.”

“That would get confusing,” Cissy muttered as she sat on the desk in front of the two, wearing everything but her robe now, and the couple glanced over to her. “I mean, if I’m a concubine, I’ll still be MissBlack, right?”

Hermione nodded. “Are you sure you want to be a concubine?”

Narcissa smiled softly at them. “Unless you change your mind about all of this, I don’t think I can get enough of you two. This was fun. I had forgotten what this felt like. And I can’t think of two better people I’d like to begin this journey with. Now that the sexual energy is all out of my system, I can tell you with a clear mind, that I’d like nothing more than to join you two.”

The couple smiled gratefully, and they gently pulled her off the table to make a three-way hug.

“Thank you, Cissy,” Hermione said gratefully, “but that’s not what I meant.”

Narcissa tilted her head, her silvery blonde hair framing her beautiful, confused face.

Hermione glanced at Harry with pleading eyes. And he smiled back.

“I believe she means that she wants you to be Mrs. Black,” Harry clarified, and his face tilted to Narcissa. “Will you accept her proposal?”

Narcissa gasped, her eyes shining. Before she could answer, Both Harry and Hermione held her closer to them, and she felt the love and warmth through the heartfelt hug.

“I’d be honored,” Narcissa cried, tears streaming down her face, and they thanked her with a kiss each.

The room was quiet for a moment; each person just basking in the hug, never wanting it to end. Then Hermione broke the silence.

“At least I was right about the ego trip. I’d be quite happy about the rest being wrong, though.”

Harry laughed, and Narcissa was just confused.

~Back to Second Year~

“…Thank you for being our first test subject. It might be too early to say, but I think that barring any more accidents, due to the liquid flowing in your bloodstream, there is a possibility that you are immortal.”

Narcissa took a deep breath. Maybe she was dead, and this was a limbo where her imaginations ran wild. As she ran a hand down her once-again flawless right arm, her theory seemed more sound to her every time she blinked.

Hermione placed her hand on Narcissa’s, stopping her movement. She looked up at the little girl, and she seemed to almost have tears in her eyes. “Thank you,” the small girl said softly, her slight overbite making her smile all the more charming and innocent. “You tried to save Harry’s life. Of course he didn’t listen, and that turned out to be a good thing.” She paused. “Your husband arranged for this… didn’t he.”

It very deliberately wasn’t ended as a question. She wondered how far she had underestimated the two smartest children in the school.

“It was rather unfortunate of him, and even more unfortunate of how it happened so inconveniently for him. He was so concerned on looking for his wife, a potions knife in his right hand – well, he had forgotten that the stairs move in this school. His foot was caught in the trick step, and he launched himself down the stairs. Caught by his own knife – right in the throat. Terrible.”

Narcissa closed her eyes. “Terrible, indeed.” She hoped there were pictures.

“Harry…” she started, then chewed on her lip, her eyes uncertain. “He said he had a plan to take care of the basilisk before he left. Did you tell him anything?”

She struggled to remember what she had told him. Suddenly, she struggled to get up, but the drugs in her system kept her down. “No! No! What have I done?! I need to ”

Hermione, already armed with her wand, stunned the older witch, quite worried. It was a basic instinct – she merely reacted. It was a good thing, too. If she had gotten out of the bed, she would have only collapsed. Her heart was just barely beating, and while she could move her extremities, she wasn’t capable of holding weight yet – namely her own.

She performed a basic diagnostic charm on her professor, before smiling at the results that hovered over the prone form. She had to thank Madame Pomfrey.

She frowned. What did the professor tell Harry?

She looked over at the bag of notes on the floor next to the nightstand. She shook her head; she didn’t have the time to look for what she told him, Harry was in danger.

She raised her wand with a steady grip.


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