Part II

He had no regrets about that day. They just did what they thought was right, and he wasn’t going to argue. He just wished that he could tell them that.

The next day saw him turning in his homework to Professor Slughorn. He cleverly avoided Horace’s invitation to join the Slug Club by walking out of the room by the time the man could look up from the assignment.

And there, in the hallway, he ran into the second entry into his list, the number nine.

“Oh, Harry… just who I wanted to see,” she smirked.

Her look seemed decidedly predatory, and the dark hallway only accentuated her features. He felt the strong need to slowly back away and break into a run, but she’d catch him. She was a Chaser, after all.

“Katie,” Harry nodded to her, giving a fake smile. “How’ve you been? What’d you want to talk about?”

He was quite a bit taller than her, but he felt like he was shrinking under her gaze. The stunning Quidditch Goddess stepped towards him, her dark brown hair wafting to her nose – he couldn’t understand how she couldn’t sneeze from that – and she smiled.

Harry was somewhat glad he had kept his Basilisk-skin armor under his clothes since Voldemort’s defeat, including his protective cup, if that grin meant anything.

So he was greatly surprised when she hugged him.

“Err – Katie?”

He shouldn’t have been too surprised; in all of his years, Katie hugged him the most of his teammates, followed closely by Alicia and Angelina. In fact, they had always made a game out of embarrassing him by smashing his face in-between their breasts and see who could get the reddest face out of their assault, out of asphyxiation or embarrassment. He never complained. In fact, in third year, he surprised Angelina by burrowing his face into her large chest until her nipples passed his ears, and finally got a blush from her. He grinned cheekily at the other ladies, and they, purely out of pride, attacked.

Best double assault he had ever gone through. He was certain he was going to suffocate, but damn, what a way to go!

He only noticed the large black dog – the grim – in the bleachers after the girls left, with a lone tear falling from its right eye. Harry found it a bit odd, so he took a deep breath and walked over to it.

He was knocked out of memory lane when Katie let go. For the first time, he was a bit sad that he was taller than her now. Until the beginning of fourth year, he was eye-level with the Katie’s and Alicia’s boobs, and Angelina always bent down to hug him. He always greeted them with open arms, and other than Hermione, to that day those three were the only ones he ever initiated hugs with.

“Just wanted to thank you for considering me for your list,” Katie said shyly, smiling at him. Harry found it cute; she was barely ever shy when he was being knocked around by her firm tits.

“It was hard to not consider you,” Harry said honestly. “You’re one of the most beautiful girls in the school. Even if I never knew you, I certainly would’ve noticed.”

Katie smiled her thanks. “So I guess it’s not because of our little games, is it?”

Harry smirked that damned smirk again, underestimating its powers. “If it was because of that, you’d be number one.”

Katie blushed and stepped towards him again. “I’m sure Alicia and Angelina would be quite jealous to hear that. But I thought you were unbiased,” She murmured, lightly poking the middle of his chest, not noticing the flesh-like armor of basilisk hide under his robes and uniform.

“I am being unbiased,” Harry frowned, wondering if she even knew that she had started to lean on his chest. “Sorry I couldn’t make you any higher on the list. I- I’m trying my best to make my most honest opinion.”

She just hummed in agreement, lost in making patterns on his chest, staring fixatedly at her finger. He wasn’t exactly rushing to get her off of him, so he stood there, amused.

“I wasn’t aware I made such a wonderful canvas,” he chuckled, his chest vibrations making her grin silly. It was then she noticed that she was leaning completely on him, her cheek on his left pectoral, tracing his name on his right. Not that he noticed what she was tracing.

“Oh!” she squeaked, jumping away, only for Harry to grab her hand and pull her back to him. She found her cheek pressed back to his chest, and she looked up in surprise at him.

“Payback,” he smiled, and Katie took that as explanation enough, and continued tracing.

“I was lost in thought earlier,” she explained, blushing, “thinking about what I should do to thank you.”

“Hm?” Harry murmured, wishing he could feel her on him. He risked a chance by cupping her hand in his and stepping back. “What do you mean? You don’t even have to say ‘thank you.’”

Katie waved it off. “I know I don’t have to, but you can’t expect me to believe that out of all the girls in this school, I was the ninth hottest? I didn’t even have boobs as big as Angelina’s.” She didn’t sound sad when she said it, more resigned really.

Harry frowned deeply as he wordlessly banished his basilisk armor. He felt much more limber now, and took liberty of that by effortlessly hoisting her onto his left shoulder. She squeaked in surprise, and not in protest, as Harry lightly tossed her in the air.

Feeling a bit adventurous, Harry moved to the middle of the hallway and performed the helicopter. He was twisting her around like pizza dough, however a much gigglier version.

Katie squealed in delight and spread out her arms, trusting Harry not to drop her. This was truly the best form of flying! She was getting quite dizzy, but she didn’t want to stop.

Harry was having a lot of fun spinning her, while trying to avoid her crotch. Her chest was too big of an obstacle to try to avoid, so he didn’t really bother. She was a light thing, so Harry took his time to get into a rhythm, and change it up by spinning her the other way. Every time, a squeal of excitement and surprise escaped her.

A couple of minutes later, Harry gave her one last toss-up before catching her bridal style. While she was completely in his arms, but terribly dizzy, she held onto Harry’s neck for support. She closed her eyes, wishing that the world would stop spinning, but loving the dizziness and adrenaline that came with it.

“I’ve seen you at your worst, Katie,” Harry noted, and she had a hard time remembering what they were talking about to begin with. “I’ve seen you covered in sweat, hair stuck to your face, covered in mud, bruised up, black-eyed – and that’s just the top of the list. Yet, somehow, you always come out looking as beautiful as ever.”

Katie opened her eyes to see two sets of green orbs that eventually hazed together into one set. “Make-up is for girls that aren’t pretty enough sometimes. That’s why you don’t wear any. That’s why you shouldn’t wear any.”

He let her absorb that information, before he deemed her ready enough to stand. He released her legs and held her tightly to him, lest she fell. He wordlessly and wandlessly conjured a full body mirror for her to look into.

She was blushing – that was pretty clear. She was grinning like a fool, she should probably stop that. Her robes were wrinkled. Somehow, her bra was still in place. Pity. Thankfully, her robes had never splayed open, so he wouldn’t have accidentally gotten under her skirt and found her absolutely soaked knickers.

On second thought… once again. Pity.

She absently brushed her hair out of her face. She should really stop grinning, her face might get stuck like that. She leaned her head on Harry’s lean shoulder, and couldn’t help but notice how good the picture looked. Where was Creepy Creevey when you needed him?

Even mentioning Creevey couldn’t take that damned smile off her face.

She noticed that Harry was grinning as well, but not stupidly, like her. Far from stupid. It did things to her that she was glad she was wearing a robe. She’d poke an eye out if she pulled him into one of her old hugs.

Damn, that sounded like a good idea. Stop smiling like that, it’s starting to get disturbing!

“I’ll be honest here – I don’t see how you couldn’t be beautiful,” Harry murmured, staring into the reflection. “I mean – look at you!”

She couldn’t help but smile brighter at the two of them in the mirror. “I see your point, Harry – I’m a bloody bombshell.”

He chuckled again, and she stopped herself from shuddering into his chest. She tentatively picked up her right hand and began tracing again. “Y’know, I was just going to thank you by smashing your face into my boobs, like old times, but I can’t help but feel that you’re a bit too mature for that.”

“No I’m not,” Harry whined, which earned a bright laugh from the older witch.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t take you up on your offer anyways. I’m taking Padma to Hogsmeade this weekend.”

Katie kept tracing as she looked up to him. “Is she your girlfriend? Or just a friend?”

“It’s a first date. I don’t think she’s my girlfriend. Not yet anyways. She gave me my first kiss yesterday.”

She stopped tracing. Her hand lingered for a moment, and dropped back to her side. “Oh… that’s nice. First kiss?”

Harry banished the mirror and let go of Katie. “Sorry.”

“For what?” she asked, furrowing her brows. She stepped back to look at him.

“I, err… I read out the letters that you were tracing on me in the mirror,” he said embarrassingly.

She looked fearful. She wanted to run. She wanted to run so badly. And never turn back. She wasn’t very aware of what she was writing, she was doing it subconsciously. But she saw how embarrassed he was. And she felt that her embarrassment should be multiplied.

“Umm… what was I tracing?” Katie mumbled, hiding her hair in her face. She was glad she didn’t wear a scrunchie that day.

“‘Harry and Katie,’” he said after a few seconds of hesitation. He stayed silent for a few more seconds. He came to a decision. “Look, if things don’t work out between Padma and me, or if she decides she wants to be friends, then do you think – “

She didn’t know what to think, because then she was kissing him. She could tell when he panicked. She could understand why. Technically, he was cheating on Padma. Screw Padma. She never had a problem with the stunning Ravenclaw, but… she knew Harry longer than the girl… she deserved at least one kiss, a right by conquest or something.

Yeah, whatever. She had no legitimate reason to kiss him. But she wasn’t going to stop.

Harry had the sense to flick a notice-me-not ward in the hallway, before trying to relax in the sensation. He tried not to think – thinking usually got him into trouble. Well, more trouble than he was probably already in.

He began kissing back. He had always had a bit of a crush on the Gryffindor Chasers, Katie in the forefront. It was like fulfilling a childhood dream. Harry hugged her tightly to him as they made out. Katie was submissive, he noticed, as he quickly took control. He sought entry into her mouth, she didn’t think to not let him in.

He really didn’t have much to go by, having had his first kiss the previous day, but he just went with it. Katie may not have been doing anything, but in his eyes, she was the perfect teacher.

Apparently, he didn’t give her enough credit when it came to dominance, because he heard a soft click. He opened his eyes to see Katie with a small grin. She turned him around to see the open door that she had seemingly just unlocked and gently pushed him into the classroom. She shut the door behind her.

This was one of the many abandoned classrooms in the school. Harry and Katie, both being prefects, knew this very well. They had to break up a few snogging sessions, mostly from 6th and 7th years.

So Harry could easily figure what this was leading to. “Katie,” he held up a hand, “we can’t do this.”

“I know,” she frowned, standing still.

Harry froze, perplexed by the calm answer. “Then, why are we …?”

She slowly pocketed her wand. “I got carried away. It’s just that I’ve wanted to do that for…” she paused, unsure of what to say.

The powerful wizard blushed, remembering what she was tracing on him. “I’ll be honest Katie, I like you.” She looked pleased to hear that. “And if I didn’t invite Padma to Hogsmeade yesterday, I’d be asking you right now.” He tried to search for the next words to say. “So… how about you and me make a deal?”

She tentatively stepped closer. “A deal? What kind of deal?”

Harry gave a nervous grin. He really, truly, did not know the power of that grin – or any grin that he gave, really. “Same as always. We’ll go to the pitch. I’m thinking we race this time.”

Katie nodded. “If I lose?” She wasn’t stupid. Harry won over eighty percent of their bets. It was one of the reasons she liked him so much – he was so noble, their bets were always so innocent. She never made the proposition, she was willing to do anything with him, but she wanted him to be comfortable.

“If you win, I tell Padma what we did,” Harry proclaimed. “Whatever comes next is completely her decision. If she decides I’m not worth the time, then maybe you could be my back-up date?” He accidentally ended it as a question, unsure of himself.

Katie nodded encouragingly, not sure how she felt about him telling Padma. She’d never be so under-handed as to tell Padma about her kissing Harry, mostly because she knew she’d probably regret breaking them up just for her own crush. She knew she’d also regret knowing that if she told Padma, Harry could be hers. Selfish, but oh so worth it. She wouldn’t do it, but she could still feel bad about notdoing it. Harry avoided that whole situation altogether.

“If you lose… ” Harry muttered to himself. “If you lose, then… um…” Harry paused. “You know, you never told me what you think about all of this.”

She looked confused. “What do you mean? All of what?”

“Padma and me. I mean, I know you like me, and you know I like you. But I like Padma as well, and I owe her. What do you think I should do?”

Katie couldn’t help but be overtly honest with him. “I don’t know. I barely know her, but I know she’s a nice girl. I’m sorry if I hurt her. I’m just confused about why she likes you. Wait, I didn’t mean it like that! I mean… how often have you talked to her before yesterday?”

“Not a lot,” he had to admit. “But I asked her to the Yule Ball last year. I was kinda rude to her, I ignored her most of the time. I’m trying to make up for it.”

“Rude to her?” she asked him, confused. How, in any possible way, could sweet little Harry be rude to a girl?

“I was… jealous,” Harry admitted. “I was too busy feeling sorry for myself to have fun. I had Padma on my arm, and the whole time I was wishing it was someone else.” Harry grimaced to himself. “I’m a douche.”

“You were a douche,” Katie corrected him. “Now you seem to be atoning for it. So I suppose you apologized?” He nodded. “And she forgave you?” Another nod. “And then you asked her out?” She asked incredulously. Nod. “And she kissed you, not the other way around?” A final nod. Somewhere along the way, she found herself pacing. She sat back on the teacher’s desk. “Wow. She must have quite the crush. I can’t get in between you two – Sure, you and I are, I’d like to think, closer friends, but it’s sweet that she never truly let go of hope for you two. I hope you can figure out what you are for each other.”

Harry didn’t know what to think. “I don’t know her, though!” He groaned, his head in his hands. “All I know about her is that she’s smart, and nice.” He chose to skip ‘drop-dead gorgeous.’ “I know a lot more about you than I do about her, and I barely know you at all!” He sincerely looked up at her, not intending his words to sound bad.

Katie, however, had an evil little smirk on her face. “Oh, I’d say you know more about me than any boy could even think.”

Harry blushed at the reference.

He remembered, of course. It was after the last match of his third year. She had pulled him into a fierce hug after he had stepped out of the locker rooms. But that wasn’t where the tale began.

She had heard from Hermione earlier in the year – when the girl mended Harry’s glasses before the match – that he should make sure his glasses fit well, that it would not do to have them fall off in the middle of the match. He laughed, saying he wouldn’t know if he was running into a goalpost or a Dementor without his glasses. That snippet of news had her intrigued, and she talked with her two best friends about it. Alicia and Angelina were both interested about how the glasses affected his vision.

After the Dementor accident, wherein Harry ironically ran into a Dementor, all three girls felt that it was their fault. Their teammate had fallen to the ground and all of them were too paralyzed to try to catch him, yet he still had the wherewithal to catch the snitch on the way down, before Professor Black caught him in a levitation spell. But they had no idea how to make it up to him. And then they remembered what Hermione said about his eyesight.

The very next year, before the Start-of-Term Feast, the three girls put their money together to get Harry the best magical contacts money could buy. It had a few special spells and effects on them, including same power as Moody’s eye, able to see through anything except clothes. Unfortunately for Harry, those contacts were very illegal; so illegal, in fact, that the spells for that didn’t exist.

Harry was very grateful for the gift nevertheless, and embraced them all. It was the second time he ever initiated a hug. It was then that he noticed he had finally passed the shoulders of Katie and Alicia, and did the only thing he could do – he, very subtly, wrapped his arms around the top of their thighs and hoisted them up by their rears to catch up with Angelina.

Of course, the girls protested lightly, but Harry was too busy suffocating himself to notice. The three girls and one boy parted ways that day, flushed, laughing, and completely happy.

What Harry didn’t know, was that the contacts were a gift to him from the girls, because they felt bad for what they did to him.

They didn’t know he had no regrets.

So, back to the point of the story, the very last match of Harry’s third year against the Slytherins. They had, once again, won the Quidditch cup thanks to Harry. So, what better way to celebrate than to play their favourite unofficial game?

While the others went to the Locker room, Harry decided to do a few victory laps, pulling Hermione out of the stands with him.

Instead of the usual screaming whenever Hermione flew on a broom, everyone was shocked to hear her screams of joy, as she held Harry tightly to herself.

The Chasers saw none of this, they were already in the girls’ locker room, steeling their nerves for what was about to happen.

When Harry finally decided to walk into the changing room for the boys, the others had already left.

So he found himself being pulled into a fierce hug by Katie after he had stepped out of the locker rooms.

He had stepped out of the locker rooms… into the shower.

When one steps into the showers, they usually tend to leave things behind. For Harry, that entailed his clothes and his glasses.

Since Katie didn’t have glasses, she had only left her clothing behind.

So did Angelina and Alicia. Before Harry could even comprehend what was going on, he was attacked from both sides as well.

It was heaven. It was nothing short of heaven and bliss. And due to his poor vision, the girls didn’t really have any regrets. But they realized how embarrassing it must have been for him days later, and the fact that he had not seen them clearly, made them feel like teases. As stated earlier, that was why they felt the need to give Harry wonderful contacts, that never needed to be removed. And before they could muster the courage to decide on an encore performance, the TriWizard Tournament began, and the bi-weekly trips to the showers were cancelled.

Harry found himself smiling at Katie. “You’re amazing; you know that, Katie?”

She found herself smiling. “Harry, we scarred you for life. I wouldn’t call us ‘amazing.’

“I have to ask; what made you three do that? Don’t get me wrong – that was the greatest moment of my young life. You guys helped me kill hundreds of Dementors earlier this year with that memory.”

She blushed heavily. “We knew that since you didn’t have your glasses on, that you wouldn’t be able to see us. We figured ‘what harm could it do to a thirteen-year-old who obviously needed a pick-me-up?’”

Harry smirked at her and wordlessly pulled her to him. He dragged her along to the door and opened it. “I figured as much,” He admitted to her, and couldn’t help but chuckle. “If you lose our bet, then you’re not allowed to be mad at me for what I’m about to tell you.”

She looked at him. He had a mischievous glint in his eyes. God, she was so wet right now. “What? The fact that you were aroused?”

Harry’s almost frightened expression made her laugh. “I- I… was –”

“Impressive? Yes, you were. Very impressive. Especially for a thirteen-year-old. Have you aged well, Mr. Potter?” She was never this forward about anything, but she swore Harry brought out the worst in her. “It’s only a natural bodily reaction, Harry. I understand. And we were all quite flattered.”

“That was partly what I wanted to tell you, yes,” He muttered with embarrassment. He slowly backed away from her. “But I didn’t tell you why.”

“I thought that was obvious,” She reasoned, reaching for his hand and getting a firm grip around his wrist.

“Well, yeah,” He agreed unashamedly. “But what you didn’t know was that I’m nearsighted.” With a flick of his free wrist, his armor was back under his clothes. Just in case.

She stood stock still. Her feet were rooted to the ground. Her eyes went wide in surprise as the implication hit her.

Harry gently pried his hand from her grip as she just stood there, in shock. “Deal?” he whispered, not just a little bit fearing for his life.

She finally found her voice. “Deal.”

Harry had seen her. He had seen all of them. Naked! Completely bare-assed naked! In uninhibited crystal clarity!

She turned on the spot and scuttled away, deep in thought, completely missing his apologetic face.

One part wanted to hit him, scream at him, and smother him with her hugs until he couldn’t breathe again.

Another part – a much bigger part – wondered if he liked what he saw.

Harry let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. That went well. It seemed that with every name, there came good and bad luck.

Did he regret it? Of course not. But it did make him wary.

And thus he strolled down the hall, opposite the direction Katie went, just knowing that he probably shouldn’t get up the next day.

Then again, he wouldn’t want to skip out on the chance to see Draco’s reply to this name.

But first, a little detour would be nice.