Loyalty Beyond Measure for Harry’s Greatest Treasure

Ron was waiting in his room, watching Harry’s snitch fly around, and occasionally trying to catch it. It was now almost eight, and he hasn’t seen Harry or Hermione yet. He knew that Harry only liked Hermione as a friend, he heard Harry say it himself; “I love Hermione like a sister.” He said. Ron started thinking, […]

Goblins, Galleons, and Good-bye

“Harry,” someone said in a soothing and comforting voice, “wake up, its time to go.” Harry slowly opened his eyes to find a pair of brown eyes looking at him. He was lost in them for a moment, and so was Hermione in his eyes, until they both snapped out of it a short moment […]


Harry looked up to see an extremely pale-faced Ron. “What do you mean?” “I can’t go on the trip!” “Why not? It’s only almost a day’s flight, you can sleep.” “But I snore…and there will be muggle passengers… and I can’t use the silencio spell or any other soundproofing charms.” “Yeah, but snoring loudly isn’t […]

Another Trip

“Harry?” “Yeah, Ron?” “Did you break up with Ginny?” “Yeah.” There was a pause. “Why?” “She only liked me as a friend.” Ron just stood there, dumbfounded, mouth furiously working as if looking for the right words to say. Finally, he said, “Is she out of her bloody mind, or are you ?” Harry looked up at him from […]

Too Much Gin

Later that morning, when Harry awoke, he decided to put on a pair of heavy Muggle jeans and a thin, short-sleeved shirt, and borrowed Ron’s Cleensweep for some morning flying. He walked down to the rusty old shed, looking for the broom. While he was looking, he wondered why the Weasley’s, or him, for that […]

An Early Morning Conversation

Harry has a nightmare. As always, Hermione is there for him. And maybe he’s just beginning to really wake up? I never expected this story to be so popular, and this story’s loaded with problems (New Zealand, anyone?), but if you can look past that… it gets better.

Choices, Choices

They say the best time for self-reflection is when you’re with your best friend, doing your favorite things. Max Caulfield – every single one of them – would disagree. – A Multi-Max Theory fic.

A Mother’s Curse

Time for a heart-to-heartless.

Decapitation Central

Swan dives into the abyss – willingly.

Bittersweet Beginnings

Fifteen years later.