Gray Lord?

In canon, Harry is completely clueless as to why Dumbledore refrains from training him for the inevitable battle between him and Voldemort. In this one-shot, Harry forms is own guess why. While not exactly right, It is much more effective.

Leaving Privet Drive

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter, and I never will. I will be doing two canon chapters per chapter from now on. These are chapters three and four. Chapter Two – Leaving Privet Drive Harry never had any company over the summer except for Hedwig, and since Dudley couldn’t beat up a photo album, Harry […]

Tell Him and Duck!

“I really hate Hogwarts.” “Ron, you’ve been saying that for the last hour. Can I at least do my homework in peace?” “Why are you so bloody calm? You have to ask somebody to the Ball! You have to dance! And people will be looking at you, since you’re the Boy Who Lived and a Triwizard Champion!” “I have to […]

Timmy Turner and the Philosopher’s Stone

Warning: This is before the new season, where the last episode was the third joint episode with Jimmy Neutron (Meaning: No Fairy baby). Don’t ask about the timeline, either. Written by Rihaan and AtlantianDragoness. Chapter 1 – The Big Wish Timmy Turner was soooooo bored. But, then again, Timmy was bored about 50 percent of his life, […]

Two Sides of Two Conversations

Professor McGonagall called above the noise, “Potter—a word, if you please.” Assuming this had something to do with his headless rubber haddock, Harry walked gloomily to the teacher’s desk. Professor McGonagall waited until the rest of the class left, and then said, “Potter, the champions and their partners—” “Partners?” Harry asked curiously. McGonagall looked at […]

The Album

Warning: MAJOR DH Spoilers, and you won’t really understand this fanfic well if you didn’t read the seventh book, though I’ll try to make it so you’ll understand. Although, I would like to think that this fanfic is for those who hadn’t read the last installment because of the pairings, or for those who want […]

Found Zoey

I wasn’t a fan of the fourth season. But I liked the finale. Also, I missed a very important episode in that season, wherein this entire one-shot doesn’t work. But this was posted literally an hour after the finale. Sweet gesture, bad story. And now here you go. The stairs were cold, he thought idly. […]

Project Hero: Day One

The First Day of School is never easy – especially if there’s a scandal going on, an upcoming war, and you happen to be a ninja. America is weird.