Found Zoey

I wasn’t a fan of the fourth season. But I liked the finale.

Also, I missed a very important episode in that season, wherein this entire one-shot doesn’t work. But this was posted literally an hour after the finale. Sweet gesture, bad story. And now here you go.

The stairs were cold, he thought idly. The stairs outside were hard and cold, stony too. He, of course, knew that, having fallen down the stairs moments ago. The air was cold, said his exposed arm which was slightly bloody, thanks to the stairs. The stars seemed dim, he noticed, most likely from the streetlights and the party lights, now being extinguished. It felt the exact same as it did when he fell earlier, only his arm didn’t hurt so much anymore. There was only one bright thing in his mind at the moment, and if he was the luckiest man in the world, the rest of his life.



He still couldn’t believe it. It was as if he was Cinderella. Technically, Zoey should’ve been Cinderella, since she had no date for the ball and he came out of nowhere, but as far as he knew, she had rescued him. He would have been the rescuer if he hadn’t been so clumsy. It was worse than the first time he met her. He needed to work on his appearances.

He felt the girl beside him stir, the girl that gave him so much hope. If it weren’t for the stinging in his arm, he would’ve thought that it was a dream. Her breathing was smooth on his neck and ear, and it took all he could not to shudder in a combination of her breathing and the wind. It was a wonderful feeling.

His adrenaline had passed by then, and he began to think about what had just happened not two hours ago. He had surprised Zoey in the most romantic way he could think of – only to fall seconds after she noticed him and gawked – and she, in a way healed him. He couldn’t even feel his arm for an hour after then. Then, he asked her to be his girlfriend moments after they had kissed. She accepted immediately, to his shock. He didn’t know why he should’ve been so shocked – after all, she kissed him – but he was. The woman he loved had accepted to be with him, then went to enjoy the prom with him, and him alone, for an hour and a half. He didn’t know how long until she would come to her senses and tell him that she liked him as a friend, but he was going to make the best of it. Either way he looked at it, at the moment, life was great.

“Chase,” he heard the beautiful blond/brunette whisper, apparently waking up.

“Yeah?” he asked softly.

“Is this a dream?”

Chase’s heart stopped for a fraction of a second. Did she think it was all a dream? She didn’t say ‘nightmare’, and she didn’t sound in the least disappointed, so he kept his hopes up. “Is what a dream?”

She tilted her head up, and he turned to face her. Just like before their first kiss, he was lost in her cinnamon brown eyes. They showed no sign of fear; if he didn’t know better, it was happiness. The sparkle in her eyes was brighter than the stars. The wind didn’t seem so cool any more. The stairs were still hard, but he didn’t care at the moment. She smiled at him. He noticed a second later, that his goofy grin was showing. She raised her left arm up from his back to the nape of his neck and pulled him closer to her. They kissed. Chase responded by putting his own left arm around her back to pull her even closer. They seemed to meld in with each other. They were a perfect fit.

They parted a sweet moment later, Zoey deeply breathing and cheeks flushed, Chase staring at her, smiling. He already embarrassed himself before; he was breathing through his nose to save more embarrassment. Something told him that she was hearing his breathing, though.

“That,” she finally responded, smiling brightly.

“If it was,” Chase said, “then I hope I go into a coma for the rest of my life.”

She gave a small chuckle, and hugged him to herself. Chase released a sharp intake of breath, and she looked up at his small pain contorted face. She mentally scolded herself for not remembering Chase’s arm. Se looked down at the wound. That would leave a pretty large and nasty scab, she knew. She silently cursed herself again for not getting her purse, which contained a small tube of ointment. It wouldn’t have helped much, anyway. As much as she wanted the night to last forever…

“Come on,” she said, pulling him up with his other arm.

“What?” he asked as he stood up and held her hand with the bad one.

“I’m taking you to the nurse,” she said matter-of-factly mixed with a sing-song voice.


“No buts,” she said in the same tone as she started walking, Chase following.

“Come on, scabs are manly.”

“Like bushy hair is manly.”

“It’s a fro, Zo.”

“It’s a bush, Chase.”

“Can’t you give me a few more minutes before we go to the nurse?”

“For what?”

“For this,” and with that, he spun her around and kissed her with a passion he didn’t know he had. Her hands immediately went behind his neck as she opened her mouth to him. Chase knew he was doing something right when he heard her moan.

After a few anxious minutes, both broke apart and rested their forehead against the other’s. They stared in each other’s eyes again, lost in the depths, until Zoey spoke again.


“Yeah, Zo?” Case asked with concern, hearing the trepidation in her voice. Was this it? Was this when she said that she liked him only as a friend? Was this when she tells him that it felt like she was kissing Dustin? Was this the moment their world – the world that they had created in their head, their perfect world where no one else existed except them – breaks apart, along with his heart?

Zoey seemed to be contemplating something in her mind, before her eyes sparkled like he had never seen before. She gave a shy smile at him before inhaling through her nose.

“I love you, too.”

Of all of the replies that Chase had thought of in his mind, (at least a thousand) that was most certainly not one of them. She loved him. She actually loved him. That was a bit tough for his brain to comprehend. And that was saying something, considering what he had heard earlier. Logan being in love with Quinn, Quinn being in love with Logan, Blake the football player dating Lola (and people being okay with it), and Stacey can say her own name with no problems. He briefly wondered if she would stop using cotton swabs now.

But the way Zoey said it, was what confused him even more. ‘Too’?

His shocked face must’ve shown it, because Zoey chuckled. It was then that Chase realized that he had accidentally mouthed the word ‘too’.

Chase finally decided to speak. “Umm, did Michael tell you?” He didn’t know whether to kill Michael or to praise him.

“You did,” she said simply.

“I did?” He said incredulously. He had said it out loud only a few times, and that was only with Michael, and once, Logan, as his company. The only way Chase directly told Zoey he loved her was the text message, but she never read it. So how did Zoey know?

Zoey pulled his hand forward and they resumed their walking.

“I guess I can tell you, since you apparently didn’t know.” Her fingers laced with Chase’s as she continued. “Let me explain, and no interrupting, please. See, I found out a while ago. Remember our webcam chats?” Chase nodded. “Well, I was in my room when the connection just popped up on my computer. I saw you, Michael and Logan yelling at each other.” She looked up at him. “They were trying to get you to admit if you missed me. You admitted some more than that.”

The pale white of Chase’s face was almost comical. He was sputtering, murmuring “I-I—I…”

“Like I said, before, and I mean it; I love you, Chase Matthews, and I don’t plan on taking it back, so I don’t plan you taking it back.”

Chase, after a few seconds of trying to redeem himself, picked up Zoey and twirled her in the air, causing her to giggle. After a full fifteen seconds of twirling, he gave a peck to Zoey on the lips. “Who said I was taking it back? I love you too, Zoey Brookes, and I will never take it back. I never took it back before, did I?”

“True,” she said, her cheeks a permanent shade of pink from the cold and the man holding her, “you didn’t. But you never said anything to take it back.”

“True,” he responded, letting her back down to the ground, “but I kinda did tell you once.”


“Well, let’s just say you never got my text message.” Chase was rewarded with a gasp of realization.

“You – you didn’t!”

“Yes I did!”

“You didn’t?”

“I did!”

“Why didn’t you just tell me then?”

“Did you like me more than a friend then, or did you yell at Lola and Quinn for thinking that a guy and a girl can’t be best friends?” Chase countered.

“Oh…yeah I did do that, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did. It all worked out, didn’t it?”

“Yeah…yeah, I guessed it did!”

Chase’s injuries forgotten for the moment, they embraced each other once again. Chase realized that this night could not have been any better, and Zoey realized, with little regret at the moment, that she definitely had to give back the necklace to James. She knew that he would be happy for them both. However, both inwardly smiled at the time they would spend together in Hawaii. They both could easily picture themselves in ten years going to Hawaii…together.

Authors Note: This was a fast (more like ‘speedy’) little one-shot. I’m not strictly Harry Potter, you know. I do what I feel at the moment. When ‘Chasing Zoey’ ended, I had the compulsion to write something. Posted three hours after the World Premiere on FanFiction.Net. Is that a record?

Disclaimer: I don’t own Zoey101. I could never make a show so random and awesome at the same time.