Embarrassment, a Class Poem

A quick poem I did for class.

That moment after your senses kick back in,
And you take in a second breath of wind,
You notice the conversations in the room slowly end,
And everyone quickly begins to take notice,
Of the incident in which they half-consciously focused.

There’s silence for a almost a beat, and you hold it dear,
Then the sound of laughter explodes in your ear.
Your sweat runs cold, your skin feels pale,
You feel like you’re going through a fate worse than hell.

And just when you thought the day was going so well.

And when you start to feel the walls caving in,
And that tired cliché about your word coming to an end;
Just like that, the moment passes,
Because something else could easily distract the masses.
Hoping to see such a sight again.

You take a deep sigh, recover your bearings,
Self-consciously brush off whatever you were wearing,
And go back to what you were doing, getting over your mood,
Hoping whatever you did won’t end up on YouTube.

Now that would just be rude.