Getting to know each other, in the classical sense. Part II

“Wait,” Harley interrupted immediately. “You mean, like a ‘Wizard,’ wizard? So that wasn’t some kind of power stick you had earlier? That was a… a wand?”

Harry nodded the affirmative. “We generally call it a wand. Though, that’s a better name. Witches, wizards, we all have one, unique to us. My wand fits me the best.”

Harley cocked her head to the side. “So, there are more of you.” It wasn’t phrased as a question; more as a confirmation of her earlier guess.

Harry once again nodded. “I don’t really know how many of us, but we’re all over the world. I suppose there would possibly be about a million of us total. We’re a secret to the rest of the normal world. The three biggest schools are in Scotland, France, and… Sweden, I think. Or Norway. Doesn’t matter. Somewhere in Scandinavia. I’ve never gone there, but those are the biggest schools I know.” He furrowed his brow. “Hermione once told me there was a girls-only school in Salem…” At their confused looks, he sheepishly grinned. “Hermione. She’s my best friend, and the most brilliant witch of our generation.”

Harleen raised an eyebrow. “And where would you rank?”

Harry shrugged. “Probably top ten, if I were to guess. Among wizards? Far and beyond.” There was a small quirk of his lips as he continued. “Anyway, I went to the one in Scotland. Don’t laugh at the name. It’s about a millennia old, and they don’t like to change things very much. It’s called Hogwarts School…” he waited for the muffled chuckles to die down, smirking amusedly, “…of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

“And I guess,” Harley noted, smile still on her face, “that since there are no negative connotations with the word ‘witch’ where you’re from, and you seemed to have patched things up with Salem, you don’t have a… say, vendetta against the normal people.”

Harry pondered the question for a moment. “Well… yes, and no. There are those who absolutely hate normal people, or as they call them, muggles. They have taken it to heart that they are the evolved species, and normal people are the equivalent to monkeys in the evolutionary chain… if they even know about the evolutionary scale. The society I’ve been around is a bit backwards. I’d say the majority are hidden from the mundane society, and plans to stay that way. Some hide in plain sight; others just hide. Out of sight, out of mind, I reckon.” He remembered something. “Actually, there’s a funny story about the whole Salem thing. I’ll tell you about it later?” The two nodded, intrigued, and he continued. “So yeah, withes and wizards don’t get out much. Occasionally, a magical person is born in a normal family, and the immediate family is told of our society.” He stopped to ponder to himself. “Hermione would do a much better job of explaining this. She’s muggleborn, and I wasn’t really given an information pamphlet when I was introduced to this world.”

“Why?” Pamela asked him, Harleen mirroring her inquiry immediately.

“My parents died when I was a baby, so I went to my muggle relatives. My mum was muggleborn, and her sister was normal. She… didn’t like that. I don’t know if she was jealous, or just unnerved by my mum’s unnaturalness, but it obviously caused a rift between them. Apparently, they weren’t too thrilled when I was dropped on their doorstep. They made it their mission in life to beat the ‘freak’ out of me.”

The two winced at the venom at that particular word. Harleen recognized that the word ‘freak’ had a lot more meaning to it, and made a mental note to ask him later. “So,” Harley started, wanting to take the conversation to a lighter part. “How were you introduced to magic?”

Harry smiled fondly, and the girls, out of reaction, relaxed at his suddenly easygoing position. “I was actually running from my dear cousin and his equal-minded friends when I had the sudden urge to disappear. I closed my eyes really tightly, and when I opened it, I found myself on the roof of the school.” His lips quirked with amusement. “But before I could stop myself, I stumbled and felloff the roof.”

Harley gasped in surprise, and Ivy’s eyebrows rose to her red hair. “And that’s when you found out you had super strength or immortality or something?”

Harry shook his head in the negative, and he smirked. “Not yet.”

Her eyebrows rose even further.

He continued. “It was a one-story building, but I was six at the time, so I doubt I would have survived, or at least have been critically injured. I screamed, and I didn’t even close my eyes when I appeared on the roof again. It was… a strange sensation, disappearing for the first time. I’ve done it quite a bit of times since then, but it’s disorienting, to say the least.”

“You can disappear and appear at will,” Harley muttered to herself, disbelieving.

“I have to know what the general surroundings look like,” Harry defended himself, as if it wasn’t that spectacular.

“Anywhere in the world?” Harleen asked, before a thought came to her, “Like Italy?”

Harry smiled at her enthusiasm. “I’ve never tried to pop out of the country before, but I don’t think that will work. They have methods for longer range travel, so it’s either impossible to pop there, or it takes a lot more power than the average magic user can spare. I’d really have to try it. I wouldn’t want you losing something of yourself behind.”

She paled. “That happens?”

He nodded. “We call it splinching.”

“It happens so much they have a name for it,” she paled further. Suddenly, she felt like she’d rather take a plane.

“Not that often,” Harry tried to placate her fears. “It’s not like it’s in the newspaper every week or something. It’s just an occasional thing. They’re usually drunk, and if they weren’t, it’s a fingernail or a shoe.”

Ivy glanced over at her girlfriend and saw that she wasn’t as worried anymore, and she gave the kid a point for calming her so quickly. “So,” she wondered, turning back to Harry, “what did you do with your newfound powers?”

“I left.”

“The roof?”

Harry shook his head. “Nope. My family. House Number Four, Privet Drive, Little Whinging. I don’t know if I left Surrey, but I did get pretty bloody far. From there, I traveled, trying to teach myself new tricks. I learned a lot those few years. I conned con artists, learned how to conjure knives, and eventually, when I stole one, guns, and I regularly used shields to protect myself during sleep. I’d say the shield charm is still the fastest spell I’ve ever conjured. None of my friends can do it, but I can shoot a shield out of my hand and knock people to the ground with it.”

“A force… shield?” Harley questioned, awed.

“I never gave it a name,” Harry chuckled, “but I’ll take it into consideration. Anyway, when the people got wise of my reputation, I went somewhere else. Throughout my visits, I made a few friends, and I was invited to a few rugby pickup games on occasion. I found out I was rather… gifted.”

Harley snorted with laughter. Ivy smirked at her girlfriend’s reaction. “I’d ask you to clarify, but I think you’d ruin her imaginative, twisted mind.”

Harry stared deadpan at the two. “I don’t mind if I burst your bubble. I had quick feet.”

“Of course, of course,” Harley waved it off, her blond hair flipping back as her laughing faltered, looking to the sky. “That was just… a poor choice of words, is all. Heh heh.”

“Nope, just a poor choice of meaning,” Harry grinned. “Your fault, there. As I was saying, I found myself able to run faster than all the other children. A time before that, I never played sports when I was in school with my cousin, Dudley, so I never really knew if it was my magic that did it subconsciously for me. But I didn’t have any way of testing that. I’d like to think I did it on my own merit. I had to do a lot of running when I lived on my own.

“I found out pretty quickly that the easiest place to live during the day was at a local library. As long as you’re taking books and reading them, and find a nice secluded corner, you’re generally left alone. For the first few times, I used it as a prop to sleep. Then, after a rather rude librarian woke me up, I started pretending to read, and then I found myself immersed in the book. After that, I read a lot of books, to a point that I didn’t even bother to sleep anymore. It started with fantasy, of course, but I soon found that I enjoyed nonfiction; Architecture, neuroscience, some basic math, history. It was very fascinating. I found one book on psychology on how to clear your mind, and to organize thoughts.”

“It’s crap,” Harley pursed her lips in a frown. “I’ve read that book. Bettings and Wayward wrote it, right? It’s called Mind Magicks, if I’m not mistaken. The biggest load of shit I’ve ever read. The mind is constantly thinking, it won’t stop because you tell it to. Just thinking that is a thought, and your mind is just processing more ways to shut up! You’d have to be mentally damaged in the mostdangerous of ways to completely shut down your cognitive – ” She stopped at Harry’s wide grin. “Oh, fuck me.”

This time, it was Pamela who laughed uproariously. Harry’s smile didn’t fade. “Looks like I learned something new about myself. Though, in your opinion, I suppose that’s not surprising…”

Harley blushed and pulled at her pigtails, hiding her face between her pulled up knees.

It was only until Pamela’s melodious laughing began to die down, and Harley’s blush started fading, when Harry continued his story. “So, I learned the art of Mind Magicks. I now have near-perfect recall of all of my memories. I have the option to suppress, or even delete, the memories I don’t want, and protect the ones that mean a lot to me. Incidentally, I also learned to protect my mind from outside threats. Wizards call it Occlumency. The opposite of that – reading minds – is called Legilimency, and that’s an even rarer gift. I don’t have that.” He couldn’t read thoughts without the help of a wand, as was the textbook definition. He could however, read surface thoughts and emotions by just a glance. That was more than rare, it was unique, and he had yet another magical creature, Fawkes, to thank for that.

Best not yet tell them that, though. He wasn’t sure how they’d react to him potentially knowing how they felt at all times.

He frowned minutely. Harley and Pamela both caught it, and they knew that what happened next was going to be a rather troubling section of his life; one they were sure, was part of a few more to come. “The range of my complete memory goes back to when I was about a year old. I can easily, as if it were ten minutes ago, recall the last six months of my parents’ lives.” He smiled a bittersweet, regretful smile, and closed his eyes, as if he were reliving the wonderful moments right then.

Harley twitched her head at Pamela and gave her a pleading look. Ivy nodded immediately, knowing what she was about to do.

Without a word, Harley got on her knees and crawled closer to Harry, who opened his eyes at her movement and glanced at her in confusion. Before he could comprehend what was going on, she was at his side, wrapping her arms around his waist, and placed her head on his shoulder.

Harry’s eyes instantly searched Pamela’s, not having seen the silent conversation, and got a hesitant smile in reply. “Go on with your story,” she pleaded, her voice thick.

Harry cleared his throat nervously; he was rarely this vulnerable with anyone. “I don’t think I can, actually.”

Harley, misinterpreting his words, squeezed him tighter to herself. “It’s okay – just let it all out.”

Harry smiled at the girl’s attempt, and he honestly felt touched at her care. He raised his eyebrow to Ivy, who only smiled weakly and shrugged. “I believe she needs the comfort more than you.”

“No, I don’t,” the girl whined, “I just… sometimes, people just need a hug.”

Harry smiled at the notion, and wiggled his arm out to wrap around the girl. He had dealt with overly affectionate girls, and as a boy who once hated physical contact for obvious reasons, he cherished the moments now. “Now then,” he continued, “I won’t bore you with the details, but I had figured out why my parents died. That’s when I first discovered they were wizards. I was always told by my aunt and uncle that they died in a car crash. What really happened was the Dark Overlord I was telling you about. And I heard a magical prophecy, that as I discovered later, wizards fully believe in, because psychics do exist. They’ve never said the full thing in front of me, but I got the gist of it.”

Ivy hesitated. “And… what did it say?”

Harry smiled grimly. “He has to kill me, or one day, I could have the power to kill him. That’s it. Only I can do it. No one else.” He grimaced. “Not that anyone else has bothered to try.

“And the day he killed my parents… I did it. Well, partially anyway.”

They looked appropriately sad, so he decided to spare them the details. “My parents were betrayed by their best friend, as he told the Dark Lord, where they were hiding. When he… when he got to me, he cast the killing curse on me.”

“There’s a… killing curse?” Harley asked frightfully, her eyes wide as she stared up at Harry.

He nodded. “It wasn’t originally used for that purpose. It stops the heart and gives animals a quick death when you’re hunting. The spell was then taken and evolved into a spell that’s literally fueled with hate. But, well, that’s how cynical the world gets sometimes.” He sighed ruggedly. “Anyway, I was apparently the first person to survive that curse; ever. The curse rebounded and hit him. And that was the start of the thirteen year absence of Lord Voldemort.”

The room was silent for minutes. Ivy stretched her long legs out in front of her, and her hands gripped the patch of grass at her side. Harley kept her hold on Harry, and he felt her hand rub up and down his back comfortingly, her hand rubbing at the uneven ridges of his scars.

“Red,” she spoke out, her head leaving Harry’s shoulder, “I think that’s enough for introductions. Would you like to help me apply some of this stuff to his back?”

Ivy raised a delicately slender eyebrow. “I don’t think so. Especially if you plan on it leading to what I know you’re planning.”

She bit her lip. “Come on, Red… it’s always more fun when we do things together.”

“Harley, I’m not going to argue with you about this. I told you, this morning, that he is allowed to stay. Don’t push it.”

Harry watched the stare-down between the two with a tinge of amusement. He had women fight over him once – the Marietta and Cho incident he had told them yesterday came to mind – but it was always one for, and one against. He didn’t particularly like this trend.

“Ivy,” he interrupted delicately, “if you need more time with Harley, I do have the rest of an apparently very strange city to explore. I know who I would choose to have more time with.” His curious eyes met Harleen’s. “Still makes me wonder why you want me around. I have a friend who could introduce you to a collection of toys, if you decide you miss me. I’m not the most remarkable kid in the world, Harleen.”

“You don’t see it?” She asked incredulously. When he shook his head, she frowned. “It’s amazing how you can only see the worst in you. How you can consider yourself lucky when a modicum of good comes your way, and not notice that you deserve it. How… how many lovers have you had, exactly?”

“A few.” It wasn’t said nervously, like she would have suspected. It was merely stated as a fact.

“Define ‘a few’.”

“A bloke never tells,” Harry repeated his line from earlier that morning. “Only with their permission, will I ever tell you their names. I learned that lesson a long time ago, and it’s never steered me wrong. I can assure you, however, that they were all safe and free of diseases. My magic tells me that, in case you were wondering.”

Harleen smiled. “You see? That’s it; chivalry. You’re the last of a dying breed. I’ve met you yesterday, you tied me up, I swung amallet at you, and now, you have my complete trust! I mean, you don’t know me well enough, but if anyone else in Gotham had the chance that you had yesterday, it’d be all over Gotham News Network today. Even if I was a nobody, I’d already be gaining a reputation tomorrow.”

“So you’re keeping me because I might blackmail you?” He asked cheekily, his grin massive.

“Nah,” she waved her free hand. “You wouldn’t. Anyone else would’ve, and I woulda just killed ‘em.”

Harry quirked a brow. “Y’know, you realize you have two accents, right?”

Harleen smiled. “Call me bi-lingual.”

Harry chuckled. “We’ve got a lot of things in common. I’ll show you later,” he told her, seeing her curious look. “So, what accent is that?”

“New York. Born and raised there.”

“Could never fully get rid of it,” Ivy muttered, loud enough for the two of them to hear.

“It helps, though,” Harleen had a smug grin. “Who has two different accents? No one expects sweet little Harleen to be criminal mastermind Harley Quinn.”

Ivy snorted with laughter, while Harry asked “So you go by your birth name at school?”

Harleen sent a light glare at the smiling Ivy, before she turned to Harry. “Well, yeah. I can’t go to school as a jester, now can I?”

Harry shrugged. “From what I’ve seen so far, anything could be possible. For a second, I thought you were going to a school for criminals or something.”

Harley and Ivy both shared a laugh at that one. “Afraid not,” Harley giggled, “but that would be pretty cool.” She straightened up. “Nah, it’s just a regular school. There are a lot of criminals, but the good definitely outweigh the bad, by the numbers at least. There are police, and there are… super police.”

“Super police,” Harry deadpanned. Even with magic, he knew that this place was weirder than he thought.

“Vigilantes,” Ivy said with distaste, moving to stand, “that are more troublesome than the police.”

“It’s supposedly one guy in a costume,” Harley muttered, “but we’re pretty sure it’s a whole group of robots.”

“O…kay…” Harry muttered skeptically. He would believe anything at this point. “Should I know what he looks like, if I’m going to join your team?”

“He’s hard to miss,” Ivy said with a smirk, crossing her arms. “But if you’re going to ‘join our team’, you should tell us how far you’ve gone with your magical skills.”

Harry smirked a very cocky smirk. He was good at a lot of things, but if there was one thing he had absolute confidence in, it was his abilities. “When I said I was the smartest wizard in my generation, I wasn’t exaggerating. I’m usually top of my class, especially practical.” He held up his hand to his right. “Accio Phoenix wand,” he whispered, and mere seconds later, the slim object sped into his palm.

Harleen looked at the plain piece of wood with interest. “That looks… breakable,” she pointed out.

“Yes, yes it does. And, as I discovered, irreparable. And without one, I’d say quite a large amount of my population would suffer greatly without a wand. But I didn’t get a wand until I was eleven, when my peers usually go to school for the first time. By then, I found myself quite adept at wandless magic. I’ve always been forced to use it. I don’t think I’ve been in a fight without it, actually.” He pondered to himself. Then, with only the slightest of hesitations, he handed over the wand to Harley. “It’s best that I not use it again. The Wizarding World is a secret for a reason. You can’t tell anyone, or a bunch of our police will show up and erase your memories.”

Harley took her eyes away from the wand that she was holding dearly, like an ancient scroll. “Isn’t that what you said you had to do to us?”

“I wouldn’t have done it,” Harry stressed quickly. “I’ve never done it before. Messing with someone’s brain in that way is far too dangerous for me to practice. The thing is; you wouldn’t know if you were any good at it until you’ve actually performed it. Makes me wonder how they practice it, actually…”

“Nice deflection,” Harley noted with a wry smile, before she shrugged. “Fair’s fair, I guess. I did swing a mallet at your face.”

Harry bristled at the memory; the mallet practically brushed his nose as it swung past him, as he was too busy putting on the cloak to notice her reaching for the tool at the time. “Yes, well, I suppose I’d need a weapon as well, right? Maybe a pseudonym? I’d rather wait a bit until you force me to wear lycra.”

Pamela chuckled. “I’m sure she already has a design in her head.”

Harley shook her head, much to Ivy’s surprise. “I’d need a more… hands-on look. The costume defines the character, and I need to study as much as I can. And I need your help, Pammy.”

“And of course, she turns it back around to sex,” she muttered softly, glancing up to the glass roof.

“What? You helped me design my costume!”

“I helped you make it; you designed it.”

“Red,” she frowned, crossing her arms, “I can take a guess at why you’re avoiding this, but I don’t want us to not involve each other when we share him!”

Ivy’s eyes went wide. “Wait – sharing him? You’re the one that wants to keep him. Not me.”

“Oh, come on, Red! Sharing is caring! I thought we went over this!”

“We didn’t.”

“Oh – I guess we didn’t. Huh.”

“This is all great,” Harry interrupted uninterestedly, his chin resting on his left fist, “but if we’re going to talk about me as an object, can we not do it to my face? While we’re at it – ” He turned to a shocked Harleen, “I’m not your sidekick. I’m your partner. I can promise that I’m very good at fighting and magic, enough to bring down trolls, wolves, and bloody dragons.” He turned to an equally surprised Pamela. “I’m not separating you two. If you have a problem with me, I’ll leave. No one should feel uncomfortable in their own home. I like Harley. I really do. She’s a beautiful, bright, cheerful girl, and we happen to have a lot of things in common. And, well… I suppose there’s a reason she’s the love of your life. If a connection can happen between her and me, then there might be a chance for us as well. I’m not forcing you, just pointing out the obvious.” He kicked out his legs and hefted himself up. He eyed the vial on the ground beside him.

Then, after glancing at the girls once more, he walked away. “Tell me when you’re done wondering who gets to control me,” he yelled behind him, and he walked through the large doors.

Before he could even close the doors, Harley was on her feet, and as she began running after him, Ivy rushed to grab her wrist.

“Red, what -?”

“He’s right. We need to talk. And you know we do.”

Harleen’s eyes moved back and forth, towards her and back to the door. “We’ll walk and talk, Red.”

“Harleen, listen – ”

“Red, I swear to God, I still love you, and I always will, but don’t you dare put me in an ultimatum. I met him yesterday! You know who would win. And you always will.” Her eyes were now focused, and blue eyes met green. “But Harry… you’ve felt it. He’s seen through me in a way I can’t describe. He’s an honest man, Pammy. How often do you see that? How often have you dreamed of seeing that?” She reached up and grabbed Ivy by her shoulders, and pulled the stunned redhead into a passionate embrace.

The fierceness of the kiss was a powerful rush to Ivy, and she found herself leaning in for more when Harley backed away. She looked dazed as well, but the usual goofy smile was placed with a serious expression.

“With all my heart, I love ya, Red,” Harley muttered again, “and I’d let him leave if you truly want things to go back to the way it was. But… well, I don’t know how to argue.” She smiled slightly, and tucked her blonde hair behind her ear. “But he’s a good kid. Just like I was. Only problem is, he’s a boy. And unlike any boy you’ve ever met. Unlike any boy you will ever meet. He’s… perfect, Red. For both of us. And I’m not saying he had a shitty life immediately before he met us, or that his life will get worse after us, but… why not see where things might go? Why not help each other feel special? Why not take that risk?

“I’m just asking you to give him a chance. Like you gave me.”

Pamela was silent for a long, tense moment. She absently licked her lips, closing her eyes.

She gave a weak smile.

“I suppose he’ll have to sleep in our bed. It’s not like he hasn’t seen everything already, right?”

Harley squealed and bounded on the heels of her feet, wrapping her arms around her girlfriends neck. Thanks were alternated with kisses littered all over her face, which Ivy didn’t mind.

Suddenly, her decision felt like an easy one. Still, it had to come to an end when she gently pulled away from Harleen. “Now get the vial. We’ve got someone to cheer up. Together.”

“Oh hello, Harry.”

“Luna,” he smiled tiredly. Her familiar face always brought out a smile in him, even when he didn’t want it. “You never called me back. I left a message last night. I was starting to think I couldn’t reach you from where I am.”

“That’s silly, Harry. You’re just in another universe. You made these mirrors. Of course it would be able to withstand a different dimension.”

Harry raised an eyebrow. “Did the Nargles tell you?” Luna nodded. And that answered Harry’s question. He learned, very early on, to always trust the Nargles. “Is there any way the Blibbering humdingers can tell me how to get back?” He mentally patted himself on the back for his perfect memory, and when Luna brightened a little at the thought that he remembered another of the creatures she mentioned and their particular uses, he smiled a little wider, and felt a little bit prouder of himself.

He needed that. And somehow, Luna was always there when he needed cheering up, even when she didn’t know it.

“I haven’t asked yet,” she informed him, “But I’ll be sure to tell them when I see them. Do you think you’ll be okay until you can come back?”

“Don’t worry about me,” he smiled softly at the girl, “what about you? Any injuries?”

“Other than Ronald’s brain injury, we’re all fine. He’s still in the Hospital Wing. Those of us who went to the ministry had to sit through questioning for a few hours. Pet has publicly announced going light and disowned her family. Lavender and Susan are co-writing a lovely article about the stupidity of the Wizarding World. We had to put Bitch to sleep; she was in hysterics over your disappearance. Madame Bones has confiscated the veil and they’re trying to figure out where you went. To the world, you and Sirius are dead. Hermione sensed that you were alive, but she couldn’t feel where you were, so she decided not to say otherwise unless you’re in danger.”

“Good,” Harry sighed to himself. Always trust Hermione to think ahead. “Luna, when you said you put Gin to sleep…”

“Oh, we didn’t kill her, Harry. Though she deserves a heavy spanking for disobeying us. No, we just put her in a magical coma.” She seemed to think to herself for a moment. “Hermione and Tonks tried calling, but she found your mirror in your bag. I’m guessing you summoned another one?”

Harry nodded. “I was following a nice stranger when I found a broken shard; I didn’t have time to tie it to me then. Tell them I’m sorry I’ve been out of touch.”

“Nice stranger?” Luna queried, her eyes twinkling.

“Her name’s Harleen,” he explained, “and she seems willing to let me stay with her for a while.”

“Ah, the bloke never tells rule, I see,” She nodded knowingly, before brightening. “Well, I hope you save some for the rest of us. Hermione may want an interview, though.”

“She would love her,” Harry promised with a forlorn smile, “Ivy more so. Just ah… don’t tell her I happen to be in another dimension right now. I don’t think she’ll react well to the news.”

“Okay,” Luna nodded, her eyes naturally wide and piercing. “What should I tell her?”

Harry frowned in concentration. “Tell her I’m in… America. A city called Gotham, apparently,” Harry noted, remembering the school Harley went to, and the GPD letters on the Police Car, putting the two together. “I haven’t managed to find Sirius yet. I’m starting to think it took him somewhere else. He doesn’t have his mirror, either. The veil is the best chance we have, I suppose.”

Luna nodded, her radish earrings shaking with her. “Arthur is now paying off his life debt to Tonks and got Bill to help our team. We’re using the Death Eaters we captured yesterday – Nine, in case you were wondering – And we’re trying to see where they lead.”

Harry raised an eyebrow. “You mean – ”

Luna beamed. “We’re pushing them through the veil with a rope attached. Only Rabastan LeStrange has been sent through so far, with a steel cable. The cable snapped.” Her smile faded. “We’ve got a bit of work ahead of us.”

“It’s alright, Luna,” Harry smiled gently at the quirky blonde. “I believe in you. Who knows; if I’m lucky, I might find a wizard civilization and use their veil.”

Luna giggled. “I don’t think that will work that way, but please inform us if you happen to find and subsequently shag another version of me.”

“Will do, Luna. Actually…” He shot his hand at the door, and it opened to find a stumbling teen, quickly catching her balance. “I want you to meet someone. The nice, nosy stranger I told you about. As you’ve overheard, this is Luna.”

The shamefaced blonde rubbed her arm awkwardly as she glanced at Harry, who looked amused. She smiled embarrassingly at the blonde. “Er, hi, Luna. Sorry.”

Luna’s pixie nose wrinkled cutely. “It’s okay. If Harry didn’t want you to listen, you wouldn’t have heard a word. My name is Luna Lovegood. I’d shake your hand, but I’d reckon it would hurt if we tried.”

Harley chuckled nervously at the girl in the large shard of broken mirror. “My name is Harleen. Harleen Quinzel.”

“Do your friends call you Harley?” Luna wondered, her always present smile comforting.

Harleen nodded with a giggle. “Yeah, actually – they do.”

“Good,” she nodded to herself. “I wish I had a good nickname. Children are so cruel sometimes. You have a beautiful name.”

“Thank you,” Harley blushed. “If you don’t mind me asking, what was your nickname?”

“Loony,” she told her, her smile still present. “Though it’s been a while since I’ve heard that title, I don’t think I ever had much to complain about, in comparison to Harry’s childhood.”

“He told me,” Harley informed her, and her new friend raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“Really? He told you something that personal? Harry? Could you please pass me over?”

“I know a girl-talk warning when I hear it,” Harry muttered, getting up from the girls’ king-sized bed and, concentrating, rubbed the sides of the mirror until it was smoothed down. Harley marveled at his feat of magic, but Harry was busy staring at Luna’s picture. “I’ll talk to you later tonight, then?” At Luna’s nod, he handed over the mirror to Harley, who took it with trembling hands. “It’s alright. It won’t bite. Well, this one, anyway. Just look into the mirror.”

“This is… really cool,” Harley commented in wonder, watching the impeccably clear picture of Luna Lovegood, from her cool grey irises to the dirty blonde strands of hair. “Magic is cool.”

“It is, isn’t it?” Harry grinned, and kissed Harley on the forehead before he walked out into the hallway, not looking back. Why not give them more to talk about?

He closed the door behind him, and turned to see that Ivy was leaning against the wall, her head cocked to the side in confusion. “You still keep in touch with your ex-girlfriends?”

Harry shook his head. “Of course not. Luna isn’t my ex-girlfriend. She’s one of my best friends. We have an arrangement together. I’m certain she’s telling Harley about it right now.”

“You have this specific… arrangement with several of these girls?” Harry nodded unashamedly. “You have a harem at your age?”

“Hermione insists that we call it a mutual love affair; I just happen to be the only guy in it.”

“And all of these girls just flock to you?” Her mind couldn’t comprehend why so many women would want to… well, she very easilycould imagine it, but he didn’t flash them all for them to want to be with him, did he?

“Not exactly. It started with a small circle of friends. Hermione, Luna, Padma, and Susan. It just… grew, from there.”

“So… they flock to you.”

Harry shrugged. “If that’s the way you want to see it. I love every single one of my girls, and I’d die for them. I have plenty of money, and I have a very voracious appetite that pissed off Hermione to no end, and we outsourced to the most trustworthy people I know. Neither of us regret it, and I don’t think we ever will.” He stepped closer to Ivy. “If this is the part where you kick me out, I understand. I wish you would give me a chance.”

“A chance?” Her lips quirked. “Because you somehow turned a girl, Harry, that doesn’t mean – ”


She stared at him strangely. “…Pardon?”

“Twenty girls. That I know of. As it turns out, males are quite incompetent, lacking in financial support and in numbers, and a fair amount of girls have turned to each other in times of need. Pretty soon, when that’s all they know, they get hooked. Sometimes, they have each other as a first choice. Unfortunately, lesbians are taboo in my world, and highly punishable. We have a very small population, after all.” He stepped closer, and she absently licked her lips. “Fortunately for them, I grant protection to anyone who needs it. I started doing that when I was twelve, and I met a couple named Daphne and Tracey. The word spread, and now, three years later, I have an empire of girls that I would die for; as they would for me.”

Ivy found herself pressed against the wall. Harry’s hands smoothly left his pocket and lightly skimmed at her right side. “So you force yourself on your girls, then?” She kept her voice even.

“Am I forcing myself on you?” Harry muttered, his eyes searching her own.

Yes,” she practically growled, and before she could even think, it was over. Harry’s hand had left her side, but his grin never wavered as he backed away from her body.

She controlled her breathing. “So I guess you give all the girls a choice? Is that what you’re trying to convey here?”

Harry’s hands returned to his pockets. “I always give them a choice. I give everyone a choice.” His eyes glanced at her top, her nipples pointing through the flimsy black material. “I gave Harley a choice.”

She quickly crossed her arms over her chest and scowled. “What the hell caused this? This attitude didn’t happen this morning.”

“Yes, I remember this morning,” he said quickly, and it was a struggle for her not to look away in embarrassment. “And I know that nothing’s changed. I have every intention of returning the favor, and you plan on letting out your sexual tension on someone. At this point, you don’t care whether it’s me or Harley.”

Her eyes narrowed. “What makes you say that?”

“Should I go down the list? You’ve been fidgeting since I came onto you. You’re not wearing a bra, and for someone who’s indifferent about me, you have a lot of questions about my choice of lifestyle.” His eyes went to her right hip. “I’ve never been in your lab, so I suppose you’d have a lab coat or an apron to cover your shorts and tank top; so I won’t question your choice of dress. But the vial in your pocket…”

“What? What about it?”

Harry hmm’ed to himself for a moment, before he shrugged. “Nothing. Thank you. Unless you decide on taking it back, I’m grateful.” He leaned against the wall. “So. I guess we wait for her to finish.”

“I suppose so.”

He crossed his arms and closed his eyes. “Alright then.”

Damn her curiosity. “One more question.” He hmmed again. “What makes you think I’d expect you to return the favor?”

“I didn’t expect anything. It’s just something I like to do. It’s only fair, after all.”

“Really?” She licked her lips. His confidence exuded from his seemingly lazy form, but she saw his tense arms, his stiff legs.

He wanted her. Badly.

“If I told you I could read your mind,” Harry muttered, his eyes still closed, “I would be blushing at the images I’m getting right now. Then I’d give you the offer to make them all come true. Think about it. We’re both sharing Harley. Why not… reap the benefits?” His bright green eyes opened to meet the same green eyes, curious.

“You can read minds?”

“No. But if I could; I imagine that’s what I’d see.”

“Aren’t you a charmer.” Her smile was predatory. “With such an inflated ego. You must think you’re a god.”

Harry chuckled, and she shivered a little when she heard him crescendo into a soft laugh. A good shiver. “That’s funny,” he grinned, his eyes glinting in the hall light. “I’ve heard that before. I didn’t have a reply then, either.” He uncrossed his arms as he pushed off the wall, and the two stared at each other, his amused smirk and her appraising smile. “I’ve suffered through too much humility in my life to think that of myself. Though I wouldn’t be a man if you thought of me as one. I’d be something better.”

“Please,” Ivy muttered, her eyes shimmering. “The moment you felt my touch, and you took another breath, I considered you to be so much more than a man.”

“Who has the god-complex here?” Harry queried, stepping closer to the slightly taller woman. “Because, Pamela, it sounds to me as if you deem me worthy of being with your lover.” His hand reached up to her side once again.

“Not my choice,” she breathed, his touch quickening her heartbeat. “It’s Harley’s.”

“Yes, it is.” His hand stilled at her side, and his smirk disappeared. “And now it’s my turn to prove I’m worthy of you.”

Before he could bring his hand up to her face, Ivy leaned forward and locked her lips with his, which he immediately reciprocated. He lifted his hand to cup her cheek, and wrap his arm firmly around her back.

She quickly found herself backed into the wall, lost in the embrace with the young wizard. She moaned as their tongues danced together, and for the first time, she found herself losing in a battle for dominance.

As his hands slipped under her black tank-top, his thumb circling around her right pointed nipple that had been aching for the past twenty minutes, she didn’t particularly care about dominance.

Her hands wandered, and her fingers slid along the hidden muscles under his shirt. To be against such a hard body was a completely different feeling, and her hands trembled nervously.

Harry pinched her nipple, and she let out an unladylike grunt, drowned out by Harry’s lips, and she was quite sure he felt a slight hint of a smirk.

As she tasted Harry’s mouth for the second time, she could faintly see why Harleen, and so many other girls, fell victim to his talents.

But not her.

At least, not this quickly.

Well, not within the first 24 hours of meeting the kid.

She let out a soft, breathy moan as Harry’s fingers slipped into the waistband of her black lace panties, and brushed against her bare slit. She squeezed harder against his waist, and found that his form didn’t budge a bit.

Her clit throbbed angrily when his rough fingers – rougher than she was used to – wiggled teasingly against her hood.

She was feeling an entirely new plethora of emotions, and as she approached her first orgasm, she made a mental note to thank her Harleen after she spanked her dear ass red for getting her into this.

Harleen sat on her bed, pondering, the now seemingly-normal, perfectly reflective mirror beside her.

Their conversation was rather… interesting.

Pulling the wand from the pocket from her jeans, she eyed the slim wood closely, twirling it in her fingers. It was so plain. So ordinary. To believe that an entire civilization thrived on this, that an evolution of humankind needed this to live everyday life…

…And that Harry was the only person in their world that would simply discard such an instrument, ready to show what he could truly do without a handicap.

“A Handicap?”

Luna nodded seriously. “A wand is a wizard or witch’s focus. They use a wand to concentrate their magic onto a single task or target. In the last few hundred years or so, its been the only way anyone can cast magic. He’s supposed to need that. Any other magic that comes out of us is considered accidental, or vastly underpowered. Make sure he holds onto it.”

Her eyes flicked to the wand in her pocket, half of it sticking upwards. He didn’t seem to want it back.

“Wait.” She stared at Luna skeptically. “Why are you telling me this? Why are you exposing his vulnerability to me?”

“Simple,” Luna nodded to herself. “I was testing you. Harry has had a sixth sense about people worthy of his trust. You’ve obviously fit that bill. If he trusts you, then I trust you, and I wanted to be sure. Anyone else would’ve taken my warning and not comment on it. He can’t have us watching after him, so I leave it to you. Whether you decide to keep him for a bit longer, until we get this ruddy portal figured out, or you two part ways, I want you to make sure he stays out of trouble. It tends to find him quite easily.”

Harleen nodded resolutely. “I know the feeling. We’ll watch after him. I promise.”

Luna’s silvery eyes carried her smile as she clapped. “Goody! Now, a bit of advice – don’t be afraid to try to form a bond with him. One day, you three will love each other like the two of you always have, and it’ll happen sooner than you think. It’s already starting, and through the bond, I’ve felt a pull towards you that I haven’t felt since Hermione. I can see you, and though you have no magic, I know that you felt the pull, too. So, I must stress this. It is possible to love two people. So much, that it’s impossible to decide. And you love him. I know you do. Almost as much as you love her.”

Harley gaped like a fish at her seemingly prophetic proclamation, and opened her lips to protest.

Then she thought of something.

“Wait.” She tilted her head. “Who?”

“Who, what?”

“Almost as much as I love whom?”

“Oh. I thought that would be fairly obvious.”

“Enlighten me, please.”

“Pamela Isley, of course.”

“…I never told you her name. I’ve listened to the whole conversation. Harry never told you her name.”

“Of course not, silly. We’ve only spoken for minutes. Harry barely had any time to mention her name yet. The wrackspurts didn’t need to tell me. I Saw it.”

“You saw it? You saw my girlfriend?”

Luna nodded, tucking her hair behind her ear. “I See things. I’m a Seer. I See the good; I See the bad. Before I met Harry, it was very helpful for finding misplaced clothes and items that wander away from my trunk. Of all the things I’ve Seen in my life, for Harry to befriend me was an unexpected event that I’m glad I never saw, because I’m really sure I would’ve scared the poor boy off. I’ve known him for four years, and I don’t need to be a seer to know when he’s smitten.” Her grey eyes focused on Harley’s blue. “But being a Seer told me who he was smitten with. I expected to See you. I didn’t expect to see the both of you.”

“You saw… the both of us?” Harley furrowed her brows, her mind struggling to understand the scope of magic itself. “You saw –everything?”

“No. I can’t choose what I See. If you two have done anything, I didn’t See that, and there’s no guarantee that I will. But this morning, all I could See were two faces. Yours and Pamela’s. I heard snippets of conversations. He tied you up, Pamela swallowed his seed, you hugged him in the shower, and you two introduced yourselves and told your story. I’m pretty sure it didn’t happen in that order, and that’s how Seeing is. Unpredictable and random.”

Harleen refrained from commenting. It happened exactly in that order. In hindsight, maybe not the best way a relationship should start. “So how do you know? How I feel about him?”

“You aren’t denying it. So you either already do, or it’s something you thought of.”

“That’s not the point,” she sighed, frustrated. “How did you know?”

She gave an airy smile, and Harley thought it was a smile that fit her perfectly. “He’s Harry. I just assumed that time.”

She shook her head and carefully placed the wand on the nightstand beside the bed, making sure it was in a place it couldn’t roll off. She needed to go find Ivy. She would want to hear about some of this.

A sad sigh escaped her lips. She just knew she had taken too long talking to Luna, and her girlfriend had changed her mind about Harry’s double-team oil massage, and anything that may follow.

She hopped up out of bed, and she headed to the door with a slight skip in her step, determined to find the two and bring them together. Something about Luna made her want to trust her words, and she wanted to take the opportunity she had and have her favorite people make up.

Turning the knob, she opened the door to what was easily the hottest scene she had ever witnessed.

Pamela gasped as her fingers scraped at the wall behind her, her breathing ragged. Sweat nipped at her pale green skin, her shimmery red hair plastering to said skin, her eyes shut tight. She heaved a breath.

Fuck, he was good.

She let loose another moan as his upper lip swiped along her peeking bump, and her breasts shook at the impact as her entire body shook for a moment with pleasure.

Harry, having none of it, grabbed his new lover by the waist and held on tightly. His tongue explored the depths that no man had explored before, and it began slithering as he reached a place that that no man could ever reach. She thrashed and wiggled in his grasp, but he had a firm grip, tonguing at her moist cavern.

She clenched her teeth when Harry reached her g-spot, a spot that was only reached with Harley’s long, slim fingers, now being continuously assaulted by his slick, rugged tongue, scraping back and forth across her most sensitive spot.

Her neck pulsed as she forced herself not to cry out loud, her teeth gritting as only a long, slow moan escaped her lips.

Harry’s index finger prodded against her back hole, and she opened her eyes.

As soon as she could gasp out a protest, it died as Harley’s lips suddenly pressed against her own. She kept her eyes wide in shock as her girlfriend took advantage of her open mouth and tongued her oral cavity, and she wildly began to paw at her breasts.

There was a tell when Harley was particularly horny, and Ivy knew it. The blonde half-envied her D-Cup tits, and while she never particularly wanted them, because they would limit the mobility she had, she could appreciate them. A lot. Which was why whenever she couldn’t take it anymore, her sensitive nipples were Harleen’s Number 1 and 2 targets. There were a few times when before Harley’s fingers could dip any lower than her navel, her legs already had rivulets of her feminine fluids streaming down her long legs.

Harley knew her bountiful tits like the back of her hand, and she proved that by rolling her nipples betwixt her fingers ever-so-slightly, knowing just the right amount for –

She gasped in surprise as Harry’s tongue slid outside of her womanhood and attached his lips to her clitoris. He sucked and frenched at her hood with a fierceness that had her thrashing.

She made shuddering gasps, and Harley responded in kind, her hands roaming the top half of her lover’s green body, her hands grazing against her sweat-slicked skin, her pale bare breasts pressing against her own.

She didn’t even know Harley had taken off her shirt. She hoped she hadn’t been watching the entire time, witnessing her fall to Harry’s sexual prowess.

She gasped into Harley’s mouth as Harry blew into her pussy, and her hands wrapped around her blond lover, her fingers grazing Harley’s subtle muscles and quickly developing curves.

Harley finally broke her kiss against Ivy and smiled a goofy grin. And Ivy gave back her own contented smile.

She leaned down to kiss her dark green areola, and Ivy moaned at the contact, arching her back beautifully, leaning her head back to the ceiling, seeing spots.

When Harley switched to her other breast, Harry slid two fingers easily inside her tunnel, piercing into her for the second time with his digits.

Pamela screamed passionately to the ceiling as she shook in orgasm, her voice echoing through the hallway and the rest of the greenhouse. Harley lightly bit her nipple and pinched the other one, while Harry quickly increased the speed of his pumping digits, his tongue still swirling around her pulsing clit. Her juices quickly covered his hand, and the extra lubrication was almost needed to keep up with his furious pace. When she couldn’t scream anymore, she moaned breathily, her legs quaking with the strength of her cumming uncontrollably.

Ivy hissed at the sudden absence of Harry’s fingers, before moaning at the cooling sensation of the air that hit between her legs. Her knees trembled again, but her girlfriend quickly caught her with an arm around her waist. “You okay, Red? Did we break you?”

Ivy rolled her head to her shoulder and kissed her neck, making her giggle. She lifted her head up and mumbled something unintelligible.

“I don’t know what you said, Red,” Harley soothed her as Harry slid out from under the two. “But I’m guessing that the massage went well?”

“I knew that’s why you had the vial and not Harley,” Harry smirked, and Ivy gave them both a half-glare. She relented, and finally settled for smiling at the two.

“You’re both going to be the death of me, you know that?”

Harley quickly lifted her suspiciously light girlfriend and carried her in her arms bridal style. “Hell of a way to go, if you ask me.”

“No one asked you,” she muttered, and wrapped her hands around the young blonde’s neck. “Though I think I’ll keep that in mind.”

She placed a chaste kiss on Pamela’s rosy lips. “Thanks, Pammy,” she whispered against her nose, lightly tickling her. She giggled cutely, a sound she had never really heard before from the smoky, sensual voice of Poison Ivy.

“The things I do for you, Harley,” she whispered. She glanced back at Harry, who was watching the couple interact with interest. “That may have been the most fun.”

Harry raised his hand, and pointedly looked at Ivy as his tongue swiped across his index finger. She shivered when she saw his tongue strike out and swirl around the tip, before retreating back into his mouth. “The pleasure was mine.”

Harley slowly began setting Ivy’s feet to the floor. “Can you stand?”

She rolled her eyes. “You make it sound like I fainted. I can stand, dear.”

“Good.” She leaned Ivy against the wall and let her go. “Because I want you to watch this the right way.”

Ivy watched as her girlfriend strut over to Harry and lifted his hand again. She allowed Ivy to get a good glimpse of his glistening fingers before her small tongue peeked out and drug against his calloused fingers.

“Mmmm… watermelon,” Harley giggled, before she wrapped her lips around Harry’s digits.

Harry and Ivy watched in stunned fascination as the blue-eyed girl sucked noisily at his fingers, wetting his digits with her saliva before licking it off.

Her tongue reached the sensitive spot where his fingers met his palm when Harry withdrew his hand from the hot confines of her mouth. He sneakily slid his hand behind her head and smashed his lips to hers, and she happily reciprocated with a moan and wrapped her arms around his neck.

A pair of heavy breasts pressed against her naked back, and Harleen squeaked in surprise as her jeans were shoved down. “No panties,” Ivy muttered against her ear, her lips nipping against her lobe. Her fingers slid against her soft pink folds, and Harley broke her kiss to moan. “You really are a little slut, baby…” she murmured, bringing her hands up to her breasts to cup them. She glanced down at Harry, who was bent at his knees, staring straight at Harley’s hairless cunny. “Our slut.”

The green-eyed wizard smiled at the redhead, who grinned back. Harleen’s eyes were fluttered closed, oblivious to the exchange. “Our slut,” he whispered, before kissing the apex of her thighs.

Harley whimpered.

Maybe these two were going to be the death of her?

She shuddered as Ivy nipped at her ear once more, then slid her hand down to strum at her clit as Harry’s tongue slithered deep inside of her.

She let out a contented sigh. Hell of a way to go.