A Few Things to Discuss

The next morning, Harry found himself practicing spells with Hermione. She showed him a wide variety of fascinating spells, and Harry showed her quite a few as well. They practiced with each other, dueling. Harry was obviously the stronger, but Hermione knew many more spells. Harry would let her win on occasion, and sometimes, Hermione […]


“Where were you two?” George asked them the second the slightly tired but couple walked in through the front door. “Molly attacked us.” Harry said grimly. George, Ginny, and Percy gasped. “She shot at us just like when she killed Bellatrix. I think she was aiming to kill.” Hermione said, catching her breath. Harry pulled […]

Sibling Rivalry

“Harry! Hermione!” Ron and Ginny opened the door to see them and ran to them. Ron put Hermione into a crushing hug, as Ginny hugged Harry. When they pulled back, they switched. When they broke apart, they lead Harry and Hermione back to the Burrow. They made sure not to hold hands. George walked up […]

The Girl Who Prefers . . .

When the elder Grangers dropped the young couple off at their hotel suite, gave them their number, and hugged them fiercely, they departed, but not before whispering words in both Harry’s and Hermione’s ears. “What’s wrong, Harry?” Hermione said to her suspiciously red boyfriend. “N-nothing. Do you still want to leave tonight?” Hermione knew that […]

Uncomfortable Situations

The next morning, Harry and Hermione were entwined in each other’s arms and legs, sleeping peacefully, and ignorant of the world around them, not noticing the small ball of fluff flying around the room and the two figures staring at them. “Oh, should we really wake them up? They look so cute…” “Emma, are you […]

Found: Dan and Emma

They both stood there, blinking dazedly at their daughter and a young, handsome man. They both shook their head wildly and looked closer at their daughter. They did not remember her looking so tan and…more mature-looking. They placed their hand on their hand on their head from the shaking. They were in silence for a […]

Searching: Wendell and Monica

“So… we’re taking it slow, right?” “Umm… yeah… I want to wait until I’m married for… that. Is that okay?” “Good, me too.” “Well, I thought Ginny would have gotten you by now, to be honest, Harry. When Ron opened the door on you two, it looked as if… she was about to give you […]

We’re Soarin’, Flyin’!

Hermione woke up a bit later as the next thing she thought of was the kiss on the cheek she had given Harry at King’s Cross Station. She would never let that memory fade from her head, or the memory of her first kiss. She looked over at Harry. Harry was sleeping with headphones on […]

Tribulations in the Tournament

“Well, what do you want to do for the next twenty-one hours?” Hermione asked Harry as some first class people started coming in. “I was sure you had a schedule for what we should do,” Harry asked, making her blush with embarrassment. “What’s the time zone difference?” Harry asked, reclining in his chair to match […]

And We’re Off!

Harry and Hermione woke up early the following morning at the same time, as they set their alarm charm for quarter-past four. They quickly got dressed in their new clothes and Harry packed some wand holsters he bought yesterday, as Hermione bought a few books. The bag space was enlarged some more to fit everything […]