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I have decided to adopt Harry Potter and the Druid Knights which has been abondoned by its author. This is a Betrayal Fic, with Dark Harry, Slaves, Harem, Lightstand Harry Though.

Please give this story a try it has gotten more than 100 reviews in the first week! when I posted it in , more tahn 15,000 hits also! Im so Happy. Please try the beginning id the same but than chapter 3 is different.

I adopted this story becaue it is one of the best and I really didn't like the paring Harry Cho..

Categories: War, Bashing, Bonding, Dark or Evil, Erotica, Gringotts, Harem/Multi pairing, Manipulative, Powerful Characters: Aberforth Dumbledore, Fleur Delacour, Gabrielle Delacour, Ginny Weasley, Hannah Abbott, Harry James Potter, Hermione Granger, Lord Voldemort, Nymphadora Tonks

Declare Fic As ...: WIP (Work in progress)

Genres: Action, Adventure/Action, Dark, Romance

Pairings: Harry/Daphne G., Harry/Fleur/Gabrielle, Harry/Ginny/Hermione, Harry/OC, Harry/Susan B., Harry/Tonks

Warnings: Abuse / Torture, Adult Themes, Bad grammar, Extreme Sexual Situations, Strong Language, Strong Violence

Challenges: None

Series: None

Chapters: 7 Completed: No Word count: 34078 Read: 15782 Published: March 01, 2009 Updated: June 17, 2009

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Author's Notes:

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Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter.

Chapter 1- The world around us.

The colors flew by and wind brushed his hair back against his scalp, as Harry Potter stared out the open window of the family car. His eyes, normally a brilliant green, were dull and void, his mouth set in a firm line and his shoulders sagged in defeat.

You see, Harry Potter was not a normal boy, not normal by any stretch. Harry was a wizard, yes a wand wielding, potion stirring, broomstick-riding wizard. Not only that but he was famous. At the age of 1 and a quarter, Harry's family, consisting of his father James and his mother Lily, had been attacked by the most powerful Dark Lord in the past 50 years. Lord Voldemort, a name that struck fear in the hearts of many witches and wizards, was informed of the Potter's location by a trusted friend of James', Peter Pettigrew a.k.a. Wormtail. Voldemort arrived at Godric's Hollow and proceeded to kill James with a flash of green light, a trait unique to the killing curse. Voldemort entered the house and went after Harry next. Lily shielded Harry as best she could but in the end, she too fell to the killing curse.

What happened next was an amazing feat. When Voldemort cast the killing curse on little Harry, the curse bounced off and hit Voldemort reducing him to less than a simple spirit. Harry had defeated the Dark Lord. His name is celebrated in every household.

Harry now , however, didn't want that. All he wanted was his godfather, Sirius Black, to return. At the end of his 5th yeah at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry led a group of ragtag students into a ministry building to rescue Sirius from the tortures of Voldemort. It was for naught although, Voldemort had lured Harry into a trap and when Sirius and Albus Dumbledore arrived, they were quickly engaged in combat with Voldemort and his followers. Sirius fell into the Veil of Death from a curse sent by him cousin Bellatrix Lestrange.

Harry felt nothing but guilt over this and it grew every time he thought of Sirius. He had escaped from Azkaban not more than 2 years pervious and now he was dead. The only thing Harry had ever had as a father figure was dead. A single tear made a trail own his cheek as his uncle Vernon Dursley slowly regained his normal color after being threatened by several disturbing looking wizards.

After 3 hours of near silent travel, Vernon finally pulled the car into the driveway of Number 4 Privet Drive. Harry's Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and cousin Dudley made a beeline straight for the front door leaving Harry to carry his trunk up the front steps and into the house.

When Harry entered' his uncle called him into the living room. Harry stepped in to find his uncle sitting on a an over stuffed arm chair next to the couch. Harry stood in front of him, unsure of what to make of the situation.

"Boy…Harry" Vernon began. "This summer will be quite different form the last. I will not have those …wizards… in my house. Therefore you will not be required to do as many chores as last year. I only ask that you re-shingle the roof. I am willing to pay you 10 pounds a day for your work." Vernon was slowly regaining his normal color.

"Yes uncle Vernon" Harry replied and made his way up to his room, lugging his trunk behind him. He closed the door behind him and tossed his trunk into a corner. Harry flopped down on his bed and stuffed his face into his pillow and let loose a barrage of tears. His first time he had cried since he had left Dumbledore's office only a week ago.

"Dumbledore..." Harry murmured, the hatred running through his veins. 'That meddling old man was just as much at fault for Sirius' death as I am.'

In fact, Harry soon realized, Dumbledore was responsible for most of the troubles that Harry had had to deal with. The pitiful security surrounding the Philosopher's Stone, the meager defenses Harry had to use to defeat the ancient Basilisk, the fact that Sirius had spent 12 years in Azkaban, Dumbledore could have easily used his influence as Supreme Mugwump of the Wizengamot to get a trial for Sirius. The points where Dumbledore had failed him just kept coming, his lack of help during the Tri-Wizard Tournament, his lack of help when dealing with that hag Umbridge, his refusing to teach Harry Occulumency, and then the Prophecy.

Harry's head fell to his pillow once again as the weight of prophecy bore down upon him. He hated the fact that he must become a murderer or die, the ultimatum was just too much for him to handle. He drove his fist into the pillow again and again wearing himself down as tears streamed down his cheeks. Harry eventually wore himself out and fell into a restless sleep.

Harry awoke the next morning, feeling not much better than he had the night before. He glanced at the clock and saw it was 8 am. He showered and dressed in some of Dudley's more tattered clothing and made his way down to the kitchen. The Dursley's had already finished breakfast but had considerately left him a relatively full plate of food.

Harry sat down at the table and began to eat, happy to be ignored by Petunia who was washing the dishes, and Dudley, who as watching TV in the other room. Vernon had already left for leaving Petunia with a booklet that outlined the instructions for Harry's job. The book was thin but big and when Harry opened it contained a large-scale diagram for his task.

Harry read and reread the book, sighed and headed out to the back yard where the tools and supplies for his task were already laid out for him.

5 days later Harry was standing on the roof hammering on the last nail of the day. He drove the nail in and let out a long contented sigh. He still had about a quarter of the roof left to do but was in no hurry to do it. He slowly climbed down the ladder and removed his safety harness. He slipped inside the house upstairs for a shower.

As Harry stood under the spray he reflected on the past week. He knew that this physical work was going to do his body good, and the fact that he had started to run in the mornings helped a lot too. His legs were beginning to show a bit of muscle and his arms and back were tanned and showing signs of muscle buildup as well.

The monotony of the task also gave him time to think. After getting into his grove in the morning, he would lose himself in the repeated task and just think. After a full day of roofing he was finally able to come to terms with Sirius' death. He may have been the reason Sirius was in the DoM, Harry reasoned, but Voldemort was the one who had tricked Harry into going and Bellatrix Lestrange was the one who dealt the killing blow. Dumbledore and Snape were to blame as well, with their pathetic and cruel joke of Occlumency classes.

'Never again Sirius. I'm not getting tricked again' Harry thought as he toweled himself off and wrapped the towel around his waist and walked into his room. The sun was setting and harry had still not had dinner. He quietly padded down the stairs and past the TV-watching Dursley's and made himself a quick sandwich, grabbed 2 apples and a glass of juice and made his way back to his room.

He sat as his worn and beaten desk, looking over his old school books. Harry had made a decision not only to get into top physical condition but also in to top magical condition. He had already read and reread his charms and defense textbooks from first through 5th year and was now working on his transfiguration.

He quickly finished of the last of his transfiguration books and sat back dreading the next section coming up: potions. HE let out a long sigh, then grabbed his book and began to read. After a few minutes he realized that the subject of potions wasn't very hard, but when taught by a biased and incompetent buffoon, it would be challenging for any student. Harry fell a sleep halfway through his 2nd year text.

"Oww! What the bloody hell?" Harry jumped up from his desk to find his hand bleeding from the peck of the midnight black owl sitting on his desk. The owl was looking very pleased with itself, and extended its leg, which bore a letter with the Gringotts seal upon it.

'Why would Gringotts be owl'ing me? Unless its about Sirius…" Trembling Harry took the letter form the owl, which hopped over to Hedwig's water dish gulped some down and took flight again, gaining a dirty look form the snow white owl.

Harry held the letter in his hand and slowly set it down upon the desk. He stared at it for a long time before reaching out and grabbing it. He slowly slid his finger under the seal and unfolded the parchment. The letter read:

Mr. Potter,

We at Gringotts bank regret to inform you that we have received the news of the passing of your Godfather Sirius Orion Black. We were entrusted with the last will and testament of Baron Black and due to the fact that you have been named a beneficiary to his estate, we request that you please attend a will reading ceremony at Gringotts Bank in Diagon Alley in precisely 10 days at noon. If you are unable to make the journey, this letter will become a portkey. All you have to do is hold it in your hand. If you need to come to the bank at anytime before the will reading, simply tap this letter twice with your wand and say 'greed over all' and you will be transported to the main lobby of Gringotts. Not attending this ceremony will result in forfeiture of anything you may receive.

Good day to you,



Gringotts Bank

"Beneficiary…." Harry said quietly. This was it. This was the final evidence that Sirius was gone. Harry was staring at the letter when a second small tawny owl popped its head through his window. Harry immediately recognized it as a school owl and seized the parchment forcefully, earning him a shrill hoot and evil glance before the owl took flight.

Harry open this letter immediately was shocked by what he read:


I have just received news from Gringotts bank that you are a beneficiary in Sirius' will. I must impress upon you the grave danger that lays in wait for you if you leave your relatives care. I must tell you that you cannot attend the will reading. I will be going in your stead. Feel free to owl me back with any questions you may have. Please realize I am only doing this to keep you safe.

Albus Dumbledore

Harry was fuming by the time he finished reading the letter.

'How dare that old bastard! I will not let the barmy old coot rule my life any longer!" Harry began to formulate a plan in his head. With every step he thought of, another fell into place. By 2 am, Harry had a plan that he thought was quite ingenious, quite Slytherin of him.

2 days later Harry was preparing everything he would need for the will reading the next day. He laid out everything he was bringing with him on his bed. A moneybag containing just under a hundred galleons, his wand, cloak with a deep hood, invisibility cloak, his dress robes and some spare changes of muggle clothes. The tossed everything except his wand into an old backpack and grinned to himself.

His plan would be put into action in 12 hours. Harry had been watching his watchers. He knew when the guard changed and who was changing. Right now Mad-Eye Moody was on duty and at exactly 7am his 12-hour shift would end and Remus would apparate in and Moody would take his leave. Harry had finished the roof the day previous earning himself a solid sixty pounds. The first thing Harry did when he received his money was go out and buy himself an ice cream. It was the first he had ever bought in the muggle world and the simple act made him feel so good. Since receiving the Gringotts letter he had taken his run every morning then went to the park to read for exactly 2 hours and then returned home. This set up a routine his watchers would follow and hopefully not figure out he was gone until at least the next day or until Moody showed up again with his magical eye.

Harry fell asleep on his bed with a small contented smile on his face. Little did he know the next 24 hours would change his life in the most drastic way.

The next morning Harry got up at his usual time, he dressed and calmly waked out the front door for his usual walk, grabbing an old paperback from the door table as he went. He did his usual 10 block run and then made his way to the park and enjoyed the early morning air as he sat under a large oak tree and read form his book. He paid little attention to his book, glancing away every now and then to the bush where he knew Remus was hiding under an invisibility cloak.

Exactly 2 hours later Harry got up, brushing himself off, and made his way back to #4.

Harry slipped into the house, grabbing a few pieces of toast on his way past his Aunt. He went up stairs and jumped into the shower. By the time he got out and toweled off, it was almost eleven thirty.

Harry changed into his dress robes and pocketed his wand. He threw his clock on and pulled up the hood, pushing his head back as far as he could, so no one could see his face.

He grabbed the letter off of his desk and pulled out his wand.

"Greed over all "Harry said, and with the familiar tug behind his navel, Harry Potter disappeared from #4 Privet Drive.

Harry , as usual, fell flat on his arse when he appeared in the Gringotts building. He jumped up , brushing himself off in the process and looked around. He was in the main lobby of Gringotts about 30 feet form the teller stations.

Harry walked over to the closest station and read the name plate.

"Griphook! How are you?" Harry exclaimed.

"Mr. Potter!" the goblin stared back.

"Have I offended you?" Harry asked.

"No, not at all. It is just that wizards hardly ever remember a goblins name."

"Well I'm not like most wizards" came Harry's reply.

"What can I do for you today Mr. Potter?" said Griphook, getting down to business.

"I received this letter 2 days ago form the President regarding the Sirius Black will reading. Shortly after, however, I received a letter form Albus Dumbledore. His letter stated that I should not leave my home and come to the reading, yet the Presidents letter informed me that I would forfeit anything should I not attend. I was hoping to meet with him and discuss my situation"

"Not a problem Mr. Potter. I believe I heard the President commenting about how he was planning to meet with you after the reading anyway. I'm sure this would be a pleasant surprise for him. Please follow me."

Griphook lead harry up and flight of wide marble stairs and down a long winding corridor until them came to a set of large platinum doors, scribed with goblin runes and crests.

"If you'll just enter here and have a seat the president will be with you shortly"

"Thank you Griphook" Harry said, shaking Griphook's goblin hand and pushed open the door.

Closing the door behind him, Harry was astounded at how the room commanded an air of respect and wealth. The desk was a dark highly polished mahogany, and the chairs were silver with silk cushions. The walls were adorned with goblin weapons and battle flags. An entire set of goblin armor was mounted directly behind the desk. On the desk itself was a set of golden scales. He reached his hand out and touched them they began to rock slightly.

The door behind the desk opened and a goblin entered. The goblin was very different looking than the rest, while most goblins were short and somewhat squat, the president was tall almost to Harry's chin and fairly lean. His skin was still a deep green and wrinkled, he also had a white beard and sharp teeth but he was wearing long robes made of a silky material. In other words, he looked like a short green extremely wealthy wizard.

"Mr. Potter, My name is Chilhuck the Wise, President of Gringotts Bank .I'm glad you came before the will reading. I had hoped you would come early as I have some very interesting news for you." The wealthy goblin said.

"Please call me Harry Mr. President. It is quite a pleasure to meet you. Now what of this interesting news?" Harry asked, his interest drawn.

"Well Harry, as you probably gathered form our letter, we have recently received news of the death of Baron Sirius Orion Black, your godfather. He named several people in his will to receive portions from the Black Family Vault, but named you his Heir, which simply put means you will inherit the remained of the Black Vault as well as the Title of Head of the Black Family and Baron Black. Normally this would not be possible as you are not Black by blood but sue to the fact that his mother disowned him while he was a teenager, but failed to remove him as Heir, that rule no longer applies as he was not technically of the family Black."

"Continuing on, while researching the names of the beneficiaries, your name came across. The research was being done routinely until one of our clerks came across some files that drew his attention. Apparently these files were for with drawls going back to the November 3rd, 1990. We did a little digging and found that after your parents death, Dumbledore had slid a motion through the Wizengamot making him your financial advisor."

Harry was shocked. He stared at the Chilhuck his eyes wide. "What does that mean Mr. President?"

"Well Harry, we found that these with drawls were made with your signature and totaled to about 5 million Galleons, but there was some complication. Our clerks found magical residue on the documents not of goblin nature. Naturally were spent a few days and traced the magic. It seems that Dumbledore had disguised the forms as some school forms that you were required to sign. He has been stealing from you Harry." Chilhuck finished quietly.

"…that vile, rotten, goat snogging lemon-drop eating BASTARD!" Harry shouted. His magic flared and an aura began to seep through his skin. The green glow shone brightly as things around the room began to shake and quiver in their perches.

Chilhuck looked on in amazement. Never had he heard of a wizard of 15 being able to push an aura out of his skin. Most aura's were simply a second shadow-like manifestation of ones magical core. They did not illuminate through a person's skin unless that persons magical core was his entire body.

Harry began to calm down. His aura diminished down to the faintest light emanating from his eyes .He several deep breathes and spoke in a confident voice.

"Chilhuck, what would have happened if I had taken Dumbledore's advice and let him represent me at the will reading?"

"No one can represent you Harry. It is quite impossible. The titles and vault would have been passed on to the next in line as you have no children. A Draco Malfoy I believe."

"Chilhuck, I need a complete rundown of my finances. Am I able to access the Black Family Vault yet?"

"Yes the will reading is only a formal ceremony. As soon as Baron Black died, you were immediately instated as the new head of the family, although no one would be notified until you put on the Black Family ring, as you will at the will reading. You can access all of the money form the vault, aside from the 50 or so million galleons set-aside for the other beneficiaries. This however is a tiny amount compared what is actually contained within the Black Vault, and now that you have been emancipated, as one is when they become the head of a family, you have access to the Potter Family Vault as well. This also means you also receive the titles of Head of the Potter Family and the Potter Dukeship. You can receive the Potter Family ring whenever you wish."

Chilhuck snapped his fingers and two scrolls of parchment appeared on the desk. One was sealed with the Potter Family Seal and the other with the Black Family Seal.

Harry pocketed them. "You say I'm emancipated?"

"Yes like I said you were emancipated as soon as Baron Black was killed. You were to be informed of that by your financial advisor. Another thing Dumbledore has broken contract on."

"I see. Chilhuck, is there anyway to remove Dumbledore as my financial advisor and to regain the money that I have lost?" Harry asked

"Of course. All you have to do is sign this document to remove him as your advisor" a piece of parchment appeared in front of Harry "and sign this one to file a formal complaint to the registry of Gringotts with the intention of lawsuit for breach of contract." A second piece of paper appeared as well as a quill. Harry seized it and signed the first form. "I wish to wait about a month before I sue Dumbledore, is that a problem?"

"Not in the slightest"

"Perfect, now moving on, I am going to be making some purchases in the next few days could be getting a bit pricey, do you have anything so I don't have to carry a massive load of money around with me?"

"Not a problem Baron. We here at Gringotts take care of the wealthy. We have a muggle credit card system that converts galleons to pounds. I believe the current rate is two thousand pounds per galleon, as well as a bottom-less money bag that with draws directly from the vault of your choice, as well as a set of bank slips that will let you spend five percent of your total net worth. Of course, you could buy every business in Diagon alley and not spend more than one percent of your total." Chilhuck replied cheerfully.

"Excellent. I'll take it all. Also I am going to be unable to stay in any of the inns in Diagon Alley as Dumbledore will undoubtedly have his vigil-anti group look for me. Do you know of any other place I may be able to live?" Harry asked.

"Harry, The Black and Potter Family Vaults are among the 5 oldest Vaults within the Bank. They are both equipped with everything from potions rooms to dueling rooms as well as living facilities better than those at Hogwarts. We would have no trouble having you staying one of those. I can arrange a portkey for you to travel back and froth between the vaults and the main lobby."

"That would be most appreciated Chilhuck. I think I would like the entirety of the Potter Vault, as well as my trust vault, to be transferred over to the Black Family Vault. Would it be possible for a connecting tunnel or passage to be constructed between the vaults?"

"Easily Baron. This will all be done by the will reading. Please remember to be here in 8 days for the reading." Chilhuck answered.

Chilhuck snapped his fingers and bag appeared on the desk. Harry took it and pulled out his new credit card, banks slips, and silver ball portkey. He stuffed them into his pocket and stood.

"Thank you Mr. President for this enlightening conversation. I must leave to make those purchases I spoke of. I trust this will be kept in the strictest of confidence?" Harry asked.

"My lips are sealed Baron. Enjoy your shopping. Simply tap the ball with your wand and you will be transported to the main living area o the Black Vault."

Harry thanked the president once more and made his way down to the main lobby of Gringotts. He pulled up his hood and took a deep breath of fresh afternoon air. He was finally free.

Chilhuck watched the boy leave and sat down in his chair. His mind was brewing.

'This boy is powerful and with the right training he could even over come Dumbledore and Voldemort in terms of magical strength and ability' Chilhuck sighed and looked around his office. Most of his items had been knocked to the floor when Harry had had his magic aroused. The boy would be powerful indeed.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, though I would very much like too.

Chapter 2 – Freedom is a lovely thing.

Harry steeped out of Gringotts Bank and took a long deep breath of fresh air.

'Damn that feels good. I can't believe what just happened. I must be dreaming' Harry pinched himself just to make sure then laughed at his own silliness. He quickly made his way over to a bar called 'The Feisty Goat" and grabbed a secluded table in the corner. He placed and order for fish and chips as well as a butter beer and pulled out his finance scrolls. He unrolled the Potter finances and his eyes nearly fell out.

Potter Family Finances

Liquid Assets

Potter Family Vault: 15, 382, 169, 887 Galleons

Harry Potter Trust Fund Vault: 497, 278 Galleons

Lily Potter Personal Fund Vault: 1, 000, 000 Galleons

Property Assets

The Leaky Cauldron (35 ownership)

Grunnings Drills (75 ownership)

The Daily Prophet (49 ownership)

Potter Castle (Northern Ireland)

The Ottawa Citizen (67 ownership) (A/N: ten points to whoever tells me what country this newspaper company is in.)

Potter Magical Creature Farm (100 ownership)

Nimbus Broom Co. (25 ownership)

Tiki Silver and Gold Mine (99 ownership)

The Potter Family Vault also contains many priceless books and heirlooms some dating back and having been owned by the Founders of Hogwarts. These item's values have not been incorporated into the value of the Vault.

Approximate Net Worth: 99, 593, 485, 053 Galleons

Harry stared at the piece of parchment for nearly 5 minutes, his mouth hanging open in disbelief. He wasn't just rich, he was filthy, stinking, disgustingly rich. He also made a mental note to ask Chilhuck at the will reading about the magical creature farm.

Harry pockets the Potter finance scroll just as his meal arrived. He began to eat and unrolled the Black finance scroll. He choked and spat his mouthful of chips all over the table. If he was shocked by the Potter Family wealth, he was completely floor by the amount of money the Black Family possessed.

Black Family Finances

Liquid Assets

Black Family Vault: 35, 022, 529, 265 Galleons

Sirius Black Personal Vault: 4, 025, 925 Galleons

Draco Malfoy-Black Trust Vault: 1, 000, 000 Galleons

Property Assets

Black and White Apothecary (50 ownership)

Firebolt Broom Co. (25 ownership)

The Hog's Head (51 ownership)

Black Castle (Central Germany)

Reaper Odds and Ends (100 ownership)

The Daily Prophet (35 ownership)

Xi'An Martial Arts Training (China) (25 ownership)

The Black Family Vault contains some of the worlds most sought after Dart Arts tomes. It also contains many weapons and sets of armor and battle robes made of some of the finest and strongest materials in the world. Its potions supply contains some of the rarest items in the world, such as freely given phoenix blood and tears and powdered Basilisk eyes. These items have not been incorporated into the total net worth of the vault.

Approximate Net Value: 127, 947, 163, 730 Galleons

Harry's mind was blown, he didn't know how long he just stared at the scroll but by the time his senses returned, his food was ice cold. He quickly forced down the rest of his meal and called for the bill. He then pulled out a quill and began to make a few quick calculations. If his math was right he had over two hundred and twenty-seven billion galleons at his disposal.

His writing continued as he made a list of what he thought he would need to train for hid fight against Voldemort. The list contained: Magic Trunk

New Wand

Potions Equipment

Muggle/Wizard Clothes


Wand Holster

Dark Arts Books

School Books

Time Turner

Weight Training Equipment

Harry felt confident that of he could find all of these items and train, he would stand a chance in fight the Dark Lord.

The bill arrived which Harry paid, tipping the waiter with a 100 galleon piece. He exited the bar and made his way over the Madame Malkins. He slipped inside and walked over to the sales witch, dropping his hood as he went.

The witch was engrossed in a magazine and Harry had to clear his throat to get her attention.

"I'm sorry sir. My name Is Jennifer, How may I help you today?" She asked.

"No problem" Harry replied. "I'm going to need a full wardrobe both muggle and wizard. Can you help me?" After seeing the girl nod and pull out a notebook he continued.

"I need 3 cloaks, black with deep hoods and concealment charms for my face. I want 10 sets of black casual robes and 5 sets of midnight blue casual robes. I need dress robes in both black and midnight blue as well. I want a pair of dragon hide boots, Hungarian Horntail if possible, is not then Swedish Shortsnout. I want 10 button up shirt in black, blue red and green, as well as 5 t-shirts in the same colors. I need a pair of combat pants, 2 pairs of black and blue jeans each and 2 muggle suits, black, formal with a dark tie. All of this will need self-cleaning and temperature-regulating charms. I want the boots to have a permanent silencing charm on them as well. I will also need battle robes. I want them to have the same charms and I want them made out of the finest material you have"

"We have the options of Black Basilisk hide from South America or Acromantula silk from here in Britain. The silk is lighter but protects as much as the Basilisk hide. "the witch said.

"Ill take a set in each material please. I'm also going to need a full compliment of boxer shorts and socks , as well as a pair of muggle trainers. Is that a problem?" Harry asked.

"Not at all sir. If you'll let me get your measurements, your order should be completed by about 8 o'clock this evening."

"Excellent. May I be able to get one of the cloaks right away?"

"No problem sir"

After getting Harry his cloak and taking his measurements, the witch rang up his order.

"Your order comes too twenty-five thousand one hundred and thirty-nine galleons." She said, awed by the amount.

Harry pulled out his bank slip set and quickly wrote one off, handing it to the girl.

"I will be by to pick them up tomorrow at the time you told me. Please do not surrender them to any other party regardless of what they say. I would like this to be kept in the strictest of confidence." Harry said quietly, and exited the robe shop.

Harry next stop was the magical trunk store. Coming out a little over an hour later and twenty-five hundred galleons lighter Harry was the proud owner of a brand new Auror's trunk. It had 9 compartments, instead of seven and was keyed only to open to Harry. It also could shrink to the size of a deck of cards with simply a tap of a wand. The trunk could function as a full living facility as well.

Harry shrank his new trunk and stuffed it into the pocket of his new cloak. He made his way to a shop that sold pensive's.

He entered and quickly selected a pensive much like Dumbledore's. He paid a little over six hundred galleons for it. He also found a strange blank book with an odd symbol on the front. The owner of the shop explained that he had found the book in a secret compartment in a broom closet during his days at Hogwarts, in the late 70's and early 80's. It didn't allow anybody to write in it, so he gave to Harry for free.

Harry then went over to Flourish and Blotts and began to load a basket with new books. He picked up the required books for NEWT-Level DADA, Transfiguration, Charms, and Potions. He also found some very useful books on Runes and COMC. Harry made sure to get several books and varying levels on Occulumency. He also found a book of Wizarding laws as well as a text of Auror spells. One book that caught his eyes was a large thick text on magical science. Apparently it detailed all about the wizard form and body and magical core. He was making his way toward the counter when he heard a loud voice. He turned and saw Ron and Hermione browsing the stacks.

"Hermione! How the hell can we get any books yet? We still haven't gotten our OWL results, we can't buy any books!" Ron practically shouted.

"Ron, I'm just looking, besides don't you think it would be a good idea to study a bit more now that we're part of the Order?"

Harry was now intrigued, and was about to step out and greet the pair when they spoke again.

"Yeah yeah yeah" Ron grunted. "Well at least we don't have to deal with that fame-crazed bigheaded moron this summer. Potter's locked away in Surrey while we get to train!" Hermione agreed and the both left the store. Not noticing the figure in the dark cloak that was slightly shaking in rage.

'Bigheaded? Fame-crazed? What the hell?' Harry thought furiously. 'They both know I hate my fame, and how the fuck am I bigheaded? Those traitorous little fuckers, Dumbledore brings them into the Order and not the only person who can defeat Voldemort. That son of a bitch'

Harry's aura began to glow lightly through his skin, but was thankfully hidden by his cloak, but his eyes burned an even brighter green. So bright in fact it bore right through the concealing charm so that when people looked at his face, they saw a pair of bright green eyes staring out at them.

Harry calmed down enough to have his aura retract and the books around him stopped rattling.

'That's fine. If they want to be part of the Order and not like me, then I sure as hell don't want them around me. In fact I think they've been spying on me. Every time something happens they tell me to go to Dumbledore. Those lying bastards." Harry paid for his books and left Flourish and Blotts. He knew the Ollivander's would be useless for a new wand, he was too much under Dumbledore's thumb, considering he provided wands for every student in Hogwarts. This left one place left to go: Knockturn Alley

Harry made his way past the entrance of Knockturn Alley, passing whores and junk peddlers on the alley sidewalks. His first destination was a wand shop, Harry knew if he had to duel Voldemort again, it could possibly end up like it had in the graveyard, so a new wand was essential. Next on the list Borgin and Burkes for some Dark Arts books and time turner. It was obvious to Harry that you couldn't just walk in to a shop and demand dark reading material or the Aurors would have raided them long ago, you needed to have quite a bit of gold behind to back you up.

He found a small out of the way shop that had a sign picturing a wand on it and opened the door, the bell tinkling overhead.

The shop was dusty but generally well organized. There were no pre-made wands visible, which meant that this crafter custom made his wands, exactly what Harry wanted.

Harry walked up to the front counter and rang the little bell. A tall thin man with a long black beard walked out of the back room and made his way to counter.

"Greeting Sir, I am in need of custom wand, free of any tracking charms or blocks." Harry said. He pulled out his bank slip set and wrote out a slip for seventy-five thousand galleons and slid it across the counter. The man pockets it and extended his hand.

"Hello, my name is Alphonse Rampart. I own this shop"

Harry dropped his hood and seized the mans hand and shook it. "Harry Potter, pleased to meet you."

"Harry Potter…I would have never thought that the Defeater of the Dark Lord would ever venture into Knockturn Alley." the Alphonse said with a chuckle.

"Well Mr. Rampart, I'm not such a golden child. My story is long but lets just say I need to make some serious life changes, starting with a new wand and wand holster."

"You came to right place boy. Come with me." Alphonse led Harry into the back room and to a table where 3 large ornate boxes lay.

"Open the first box and wave your hand over the specimens. This box contains the wood your wand will be made out of." Alphonse instructed.

Harry opened the box and waved his hand, almost immediately a block of wood that was dark and looked like stone levitated into the air. It began to revolve , slowly gaining speed and Harry could see it was taking shape.

"Amazing" at Harry questioning look Alphonse continued "That wood is from a tree that grows only in the northern Canadian tundra, the Black Flower. It is extremely tough as it had to grow through ice and snow. It is incredibly dense and an extremely effective conductor of magical energy. No wand has been mad with Black Flower wood in almost a hundred years, as it is in very short supply."

Harry nodded and moved onto the next box. Figuring it was the same process he opened the box and waved his hand over the contents. A vial of powder levitated and Harry grabbed it.

"That is a vial of powdered Acromantula eyes. In order for this to work it would have to be suspended in a liquid medium, the most effective being blood." Alphonse pulled out a knife and took Harry's hand. He made a small incision on his wrist and dripped enough blood into the vial doe the powder to dissolve. When the last of the powder was dissolved, it turned a dark blue with a flash.

Alphonse reached over Harry's head and grabbed the now completed wand. It was about 16 inches long and jet-black. It subtly curved and twisted into the form of a dragon complete with head and fangs.

Alphonse poured the powder/blood concoction down the mouth, which promptly closed. He handed it to Harry.

Harry took his new wand and a rush ran through his body. It was the feeling of pure power. This wand was truly a piece of art. Harry swished the want and a jet of black sparks shot out the end and set a curtain on fire.

Alphonse directed Harry into another room, which had a large concrete wall inside it.

"I use this wall to test the strength of spells. Try a reducing curse." Alphonse prompted.

Harry took aim at the center of the wall and closed his eyes. 'Reducto' he muttered. And was filled with the power of his wand again. Harry heard a loud smashing sound and opened his eyes. He was awed at what he saw. Not only had his spell demolished the wall, but it also went through the wall and bored itself into the rock about 4 feet deep.

Alphonse was stunned. This boy commanded enormous power. He would become a truly great wizard if he could hone is talents.

Harry stared at his wand and grinned.

"I need a wand holster for this beautiful piece of weaponry," he said.

Alphonse snapped out of his stupor and made his way back into the main room, when he quickly found the standard wand holster. Harry strapped it onto his wrist and tested it out. He flexed his hand and it slid into his hand, he flexed again and it retracted.

"Thanks very much Alphonse. How much do I owe you?" Harry inquired, excited.

"That will be 50 galleons boy. Please do me a favor and have a bit of fun with that wand will you. I'm much too old." He said with a grin.

Harry returned the grin and slipped out of the store, relishing in the power his new wand afforded him.

Harry's next stop was an apothecary. He quickly entered and within 20 minutes he was the proud owner of a brand new platinum cauldron, solid silver scales, and entire array of potion making instruments and ingredients.

He loaded his new equipment into his trunk and shrunk it again. He spotted Borgin and Burkes about a block away and hurried past a more desperate prostitute and made his way into the shop.

He approached the man he had seen talking to Malfoy in his 2nd year, Mr. Borgin. He made sure his hood was up and cleared his throat behind the man.

"Excuse me sir. I am I need of a quantity of books. I know the books you have on your shelves are not your real stash, I want the special books." Harry hissed out in a low voice.

Borgin gave him a disdainful look and said "Leave my shop, you imbecile before I curse.." Borgin was cut off by 16 inches of jet-black wood jammed under his chin.

"I do believe I made myself clear. I want those books and if I have to ask again I will curse you so badly your children will feel it. Besides I can make it quite worth your while." Harry said with a sneer and withdrew his wand.

Borgin looked at him a fearful look and pointed his wand at a wall behind Harry. A door appeared and opened.

"In there. Take as much time as you need my lord." Borgin quivered out.

"Thank you. Was that so hard?" Harry laughed and went into the room, closing the door behind him.

He immediately began to pull books off the shelves. By the time he was finished he had collected a total of over 50 books, including:

Torture and Other Fun Pastimes by T. Riddle

A Powerful Junction by A. Hitler

Demonic Forces and the Power of Chaos by Lord Grindlewald

Dark Charms by O. Black

Battle Runes by C. Augustus

The Unforgivables: An Objective Analysis by B. Dillon

He set the basket on the counter in the main lobby and turned to Borgin again.

"Mr. Borgin, I am in need of a time turner. What is the range on your stock?"

"Our most powerful time turner can go back 1 week for everyday in real time." Borgin replied.

"Unacceptable I need much more than that. Do you have anything else?"

"I believe we have an item that was excavated from Stonehenge. It is extremely expensive though."

"No matter, let me see it."

Borgin pulled out a large case from under the counter and opened it. Inside was a jet-black ball about the size of a grapefruit. It was attached to a likewise black stand and had 2 small turning knobs on the front. A shrunken crate accompanied the item.

"This is the Druid Time Orb" Borgin explained. "It can be set to project a magical field into a room and create a flux in which for everyday the passes in real time, a month passes within the flux. The crate contains many scrolls of ancient dark druid magic that as found alongside the orb."

"This is the perfect item. How much?" Harry asked.

"Seven million galleons." Borgin replied.

Without blinking an eye, Harry pulled out his bank slips yet again and wrote one out for eight million galleons.

"The extra is for your silence, understand?"

Borgin nodded and packed up the books and case. Harry placed his new acquisitions in his trunk and shrank it. He stuff it into his pocket and shook Borgin's hand and quickly left the store.

Harry left Knockturn Alley and made his way toward Madame Malkins. It was 8:15 and his order was ready to be picked up.

He picked up his order and made his way to the Leaky Cauldron. he exited Diagon Alley and changed out of his cloak and robes and into one of his new suits. It fit like a dream.

'So this is what it feels like to own something new. It is incredible," Harry thought to himself, grinning as he hailed a cab. He instructed the cabbie to take him to the nearest fitness store.

He entered and approached one of the personal trainers.

"Excuse me Miss, but I need to get into shape. Can you help me pick out some workout machines and set me up with a diet and training plan? Money is no problem" Harry asked.

The woman's eyes lit up and an hour later, Harry exited the store with his new things. He had gotten a full body workout machine with 30 upper body exercises and 20 lower body exercises. The woman had also given him a training plan and a year's worth of health food.

He quickly shrank the packages and put them into his trunk. Harry then made his way behind the store and his behind a dumpster. He pulled out eh silver ball portkey and tapped it with his wand. He felt the familiar tug behind his navel and found himself in a large bedroom. It was extravagantly decorated and screamed wealth.

He found a role of parchment on the pillow and unrolled it.

Baron Black-Potter,

I have taken the liberty to activate the charms on your vault. The room you are currently in is the master bedroom. This vault has 5 bedrooms, 2 personal and 3 barracks style, capable of sleeping 6 people each. This vault also has a potions lab, dueling strip, workout room, and dining hall capable of seating twenty visitors, among other things. Your personal library study has an assortment of liquors and wines dating back over five hundred years. The actual assets are stored in a separate room away from all of this. I trust you are pleased. I have moved all the books, weapons and armor from the Potter Vault to their respective places within the Black Vault but we cannot transfer the liquid assets, due to Gringotts guidelines.



Gringotts Bank

Harry undressed, flopped down onto the bed and put his hands behind his head. He fell asleep with a massive grin on his face.

At 7 am the next morning, while Harry was still snoozing away in his Gringotts Vault, Professor McGonagall was waiting for her relief, Mad-Eye Moody, to replace her in watching over Harry Potter's home.

She didn't know why Dumbledore had insisted that someone guard Harry constantly, and had made her opinions clear about spending limited Order manpower guarding Potter. She believed he was quite capable of defending himself, which he had proven every year since entering Hogwarts. Dumbledore had put his foot down, however, and let no more discussion on the subject come up.

She heard a fait crack and saw Moody limping his way from down the block. She stuck her fist into the air with two fingers raised and Moody returned the salute. It was a tactic used to identify imposters and spies.

Mossy finally reached her and took a long pull form his hip flask before talking.

"Anything go on tonight Minerva?" he asked in a gruff voice.

"Nothing, not a peep out of Potter" she replied.

"Good. Seems the warning we gave his relatives paid off. Go enjoy a lie down."

"I think I might just do that." Minerva said gratefully, turned and began to make her way to the next block, where the anti-apparition wards ended when she heard a yell. She spun around to find Moody waving his cane in the air with his magical eye spinning about in its socket.

"What Moody? What's wrong?" she shouted.

"Potter's gone!"

Harry awoke in the chamber, slightly disoriented. It took him a moment to figure out where he was. When he did realize what was going on and what he had done, a large grin spread across his face. He was free, emancipated, and loving every minute of it.

He made his way to the dining hall of the Vault. He sat down in the head chair of the head table and looked around. It was smaller than the Great Hall at Hogwarts but more elegant. All of the dining wear was gold and the plates were made of highly polish ceramic.

Harry picked up a menu that was sitting next to his plate and looked it up and down. He spoke clearly to the menu "Bacon, eggs and sausages with a glass of pumpkin juice."

Almost immediately the food appeared on his plate, hot and looking delicious. Harry dug in and soon had wiped his plate clean. He decided to explore the vault, before putting his books away and activating the Druid Orb.

He spent the next 3 hours exploring. The Vault contained everything he could ever want even a dungeon. He looked in the library and was awed. The library was at least twice as large as the one at Hogwarts and contained some serious books, everything from Divine magic from the time of Merlin to the latest Dark Arts books from all over the world. The Potter Vault library had been incorporated into the Black library previously that day.

'Hermione would go absolutely crazy over a library like this…' Harry's thoughts turned sour as he thought of the betrayal he had suffered from his two best friends. The rage that rushed in to him only strengthened his resolve to train and become the powerful wizard he could.

He then retrieved his new books and equipment from his trunk and put it in the correct rooms then grabbed the Orb. He quickly wrote a note and had it transported up to the President. It basically said that no one could enter lest they wish to receive a harsh punishment.

Harry set the orb in the exact center of the Dining Hall and turned the first knob on the base. This knob adjusted how long the flux would last. He set of for a month then turned the second knob. A blue field surrounded the ball and expanded outward in all directions as Harry turned the knob. He continued to turn the knob until the entire Vault minus the asset portion was within the field. He stop turning the knob and locked it into place. In exactly one month the field would retract back into the orb and he would have to set it again.

'Let the training begin/' Harry thought to himself.

Harry set himself a training schedule for the next 7 month in what he dubbed "Limbo-Time"

July 7-14th Training Schedule

545–745 AM- Work out upper/lower body. Practice Occlumency.

745- 830 AM-Shower/Breakfast

830-1030 AM- NEWT DADA

1030-1230 PM- NEWT Transfiguration

1230-130 PM-Lunch

130-330 PM-NEWT Potions

330-530 PM-NEWT Charms

530-730- Dark Arts Training

730-830 PM-Dinner

830-1030 PM-Druid Dark Magic

1030-11PM-Free Time

Harry stuck to his schedule religiously and soon he didn't need an alarm to wake at exactly five forty-five every morning. His early morning workouts and regular meals had helped his figure immensely. After 7 months he had developed the physique of a guy girls drool over. Long muscled arms, with broad hands. Well-formed and defined legs and a chiseled 6-pack. His hair had grown a fair bit as well. While it was still jet black and spiked in every direction, it was longer about 4 inches and Harry had taken to spiking it with gel.

His schoolwork had progressed in leaps and bounds as well. He was about through his NEWTS training and had learned most of Hogwarts syllabus for 6th and 7th year.

The first part of his Dark Arts training had led him to some answers. Magic was not light or dark only the intent, it was as obvious as the sun. One could easily kill someone levitation spell by dropping them off a cliff. Likewise some could use a dark curse to save someone from being killed.

This gave Harry enough ambition to dive as deep as he could into the books he had gotten from Borgin. He could use all of the unforgivable curses, and understood the mindset one would have to be in before they could use them, like when Harry had used the Cruciatus curse on Bellatrix Lestrange. He had only fueled it with righteous anger and not hate so it did not have the desired effect.

He also learned some very painful and deadly curses from Hitler and Grindlewald. Curses that could melt some ones eyes, curses that could turn someone into a pulpy mess, curses that could cause someone's heartbeat to speed up so much that it literally tore itself in half.

His Druid Magic was not dark magic at all per say. The Druids had worshipped the earth and drawn magic from it. The crate had contained over a hundred scrolls, some of which held spells and curses, while other held rituals while still others had been simple writings describing earth-drawn magic and stories of the day. Harry had yet to test out any earth magic yet as he was inside a marble vault and one needed to be in the fullness of nature to properly draw from the earth. The scrolls had also delved deep into the magical being. They spoke of the magical core and how to manipulate it to achieve the desired results from ones magic.

Occlumency was one thing Harry had excelled at. He realized that the adage 'clear your mind!' was not the first thing one must do when beginning to learn the art. First one must meditate daily for several days until they could achieve peace of mind, basically meaning to rid oneself of excess thought. Then one could go about organizing their mind as they wished. Harry had been blowing bubbles in his pumpkin juice absent-mindedly one day at dinner when he noticed all the bubbles of juice had spilled over the glass and onto the table. This had given him a perfect way to go about organizing him mind.

First Harry had created several 'bubbles' within his mind. He separated his mind into these bubbles. One bubble had contained his memories another had contained Dark Arts, another had contained schoolwork and so on. He created a central Bubble that was constantly in contact with all of the others. This bubble contained his conscious mind and served to retrieve and file information, as well as be the main place of thought within Harry's mind.

Once he had done this, he began to sift through those bubbles, creating even smaller bubbles and putting certain aspects of his mind into them. For example within the 'Schoolwork' bubble, there were smaller bubbles, each one containing a different subject, likewise with his memories, he had created several different bubbles containing fearful memories and happy memories and so on.

Once this was done he began to erect defenses around the bubbles. He put all of the bubbles into a larger bubble, which he put into a larger bubble. Within this bubble however there were thousands of other bubbles, most containing nothing but some contained pain memories that Harry had remembered down to the last detail. Should anyone try to penetrate his mind and find one of these 'pain-bubbles' they would get a large dose of Cruciatus-like pain. If they found an empty bubble it would 'pop' and send an alert to Harry's main bubble, which contained his conscious mind, and Harry would then eject them.

His potions work was coming along admirably as well. He could brew any potion in the Hogwarts syllabus and even a few that were not such as Veritiserum and the Cruciatus relief potion. Harry found that when one could relax and not have a greasy haired bat breathing down, one could brew potions effectively and efficiently. He had even found a long obscure potion that could correct eyesight. It took him several tries and wasted ingredients but he finally got it right and now could see with 20/20 vision.

'I should let Neville train here" Harry mused to himself, but then took a second look at the idea. ' Actually that's not a bad idea. Neville is a decent wizard, he just lacks confidence. I haven't gotten any word that he may have betrayed me, I wonder if I could set up a personal guard of sorts…hmmm I'll definitely think about that later'

Harry set that idea away in one of his bubbles focusing on the more important matters. Today was Sirius' will reading and somehow Harry knew there was going to be a fight.

Grinning at the thought, Harry prepared himself for the day. He showered and dressed in his set of midnight blue Acromantula silk battle robes. He pulled on his Horntail boots and ran some gel through his hair spiking it in every direction. He adjusted his robes just enough so his 6-pack was visible for effect. He holstered his wand and reached for a dagger he had found in the Vault's armory. It was about 8 inches long and charmed to be permanently sharp and moist. Harry had learned how to throw it with deadly accuracy as well as fight in close quarters with it. He slid it into his right boot and secured it.

Harry went into the dining hall and deactivated the Druid Time Orb. he checked the defenses on his bubbles and took a deep breath. He pulled out the tiny silver ball that Chilhuck had given him all those months (albeit in Limbo-Time) ago and tapped it with his wand.

The tug behind his navel was the only warning given before he found himself in the main lobby of Gringotts Bank yet again.

Albus Dumbledore was not having a good week. Harry Potter had disappeared from his relative's (mis) care and could not be found. Also when he went to make his monthly retrieval from the Potter Family Vault he was denied access, even though he had forged Harry's signature perfectly. He knew Potter had something to do with this. He had had the entire Order of the Phoenix search Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley Gringotts and Hogsmeade but with no luck.

Hopefully Harry would slip up and Dumbledore would be able to grab him at the will reading today. If he wasn't able to prevent Harry from inheriting the Black Fortune, perhaps he could guide Harry to use it so help his on personal motives.

'Yes that might just do that trick…' Albus Dumbledore spent the rest of the morning plotting until it was time to go to the will reading.

Harry strode up to Griphook's station. "Griphook, I'm ready for the will reading."

Griphook smiled evilly and guided Harry down a long hallway. They took several twists and turns until they came to a set of elaborate black doors. Harry pushed them open and took inventory of the room. It was a large room, but with few furnishings. The items that were in the room were expensive looking however. A long black mahogany table surrounded by chairs, with a large throne like seat to the head. The walls were adorned with long banners, blood red with the Black Crest in the center.

Harry had seen this crest on the Vault door and on many books and weapons inside his temporary home. It was a large crescent moon surrounded by black and blue plumes and a single lick of flame just underneath.

Harry took a seat in the throne at the head of the table.

'Fitting I suppose" Harry thought bemused. "Malfoy is gonna be pissed when he sees me in this seat." Harry pulled the hood on his robe up and engaged the concealment charm.

He saw a white marble podium with a depression in the top, much like a bowl at the front of the room. He decided not to bother examine it. He would be able to get a good idea of what it was when the will reading started.

Not 1 minute after Harry got comfortable in his seat the door opened and several people walked into the room. Immediately Harry recognized Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. The others were some middle-aged people and a few students from Hogwarts that knew of but was not friends with.

They all took seats around the table engaging in idle conversation and shooting glances at the hooded figure at the head of the table.

Harry quietly chuckled to himself. "These all must be relatives of Sirius. I suppose that's what you get when you inbreed."

The door opened again and entered a pair of aristocratic featured people. Draco and Narcissa Malfoy. Draco had a sneer on his lips that quickly turned to a frown upon the sight of the stranger sitting at the head of the table. He sat next his mother and shot heated looks at Harry.

The door opened yet again and the last person to attend the will reading entered. Albus Dumbledore.

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Albus Dumbledore quickly took stock of those in attendance of the reading and was pleased to see that Harry was not among those present. Behind Albus were Arthur and Molly Weasley as well as Ron and Hermione. The figure at the head of the table posed some problems, as Albus did not know who it was. But this figure was tall and strong, the exact opposite of Harry Potter. He let this comfort his mind as the Gringotts president entered and began the ceremonies.

Harry's eyes bored into Dumbledore as he entered and sat. He saw Dumbledore's eyes sweep the room and rest for an unnatural amount of time on him. He felt a subtle mind probe with he quickly expelled, watching as Dumbledore rocked back in his chair slightly.

'Take that you thieving arsehole." Harry thought.

Chilhuck entered from the door behind the podium and stood at attention for a moment before speaking.

"Friends and loved ones, we are gathered here to execute the final wishes of one Sirius Orion Black, formerly Head of the Black Family and Baron Black." Chilhuck spoke solemnly.

Chilhuck took a scroll of parchment form his pocket and dropped into the bowl of the podium. The podium began to shine brightly and with a flash and 12-inch tall version of Sirius was standing on the podium.

Harry was amused. He had not known one could do this with a will.

"I, Sirius Orion Black, Head of the Black Family and Baron Black do declare this to be my last will and testament, to be executed upon my death by the goblins of Gringotts Bank." The small figure began to speak to the room, not looking at any one person in particular."

"Alright now that we've dispensed with the formalities, let get down to business. I leave my best friend Remus Lupin 10 million gold galleons form the Black Family Vault. I leave my favorite cousin Nymphadora Tonks" who groaned at the use of her proper name, "12 million gold galleons, 2 million of which are to be given to your mother Nymph."

"Continuing on, to Arthur and Molly Weasley I leave the sum of 20 million gold galleons, 5 million for yourselves, the rest to be divided into vaults for each of your children as well as Hermione Granger. I also leave the sum of 500,000 gold galleons to Albus Dumbledore for his help in my life. Thank you."

Harry swelled with a sudden rage as Dumbledore sat back satisfied. 'If Sirius knew what Dumbledore did, he would be spinning in his grave' Harry thought viciously.

"Finally, I leave the remainder of the Black Family Vault, all properties and heirlooms, as well as the title of Head of the Black Family and the title of Baron Black to the only person in the world I think deserves them more. Harry Potter. Harry, please remember that I loved you like my own son and I would have loved to see you grow up. Please have some fun with what I left you. Your loving godfather Sirius Orion Black."

Harry stood before the shocked room and dropped his hood making sure his scar was visible to everyone in the room. He quickly made his way to the front of the room and stood next to Chilhuck.

"Due to the emancipation Harry received from his new titles, he also becomes the Head of the Potter Family and Duke Potter." Chilhuck said and opened an ornate box, which contained the two family rings. Harry grabbed them and slid them onto his right ring and pinkie finger. This seemed to snap everyone out of their stupor and Draco leapt to his feet.

"I contest!" he shouted. "Potter is a filthy half-blood and doesn't have a drop of Black blood in his disgusting body. He can't inherit the Black fortune!"

"Well Draco since your insane grandmother decided to disown Sirius when he was 16" Harry began "but failed to remove his as Heir, he technically doesn't belong to the Black Family but is still legally the Heir. Therefore he can do as he pleases, you inbred ferret. Now leave before I kick your pale ass down Diagon Alley." Harry finished.

Draco seemed at a loss for words until "Potter, I challenge you to a formal wizard duel for the Black Fortune under the Wizengamot Law of 1606!" He shouted.

Harry sneered. "You want a duel? Fine, let's duel." Harry stepped forward and pulled out his new wand.

Draco dropped into a stance. "Incendio" he said.

"Protego' Harry muttered and Draco's fire spell defused harmlessly against the magical shield. Harry leapt from behind his shield and while he was still in the air fired off a Druid bludgeoning hex, the black jet of light hitting Draco directly in the chest throwing him against the wall and breaking several ribs.

Before Draco was even able to fall to the floor before Harry had pulled out his dagger and had it jammed under Malfoys throat.

"Pity Draco. If you're the next generation of Death Eater coming into the Dark Lord's service, then it will be a breeze to ice that half-blood douche bag you call master." Harry maneuvered his dagger, and slowly carved a small HP on Draco's cheek, before viciously punching him in the head and knocking him out. Harry dropped Draco and turned to face the room.

"I declare that Malfoy has been defeated. Does anyone else have a challenge?" He asked the room, seeing no one move, Harry continued. "Good. Chilhuck, I have a few changes I would like to make. First I would like Narcissa Black-Malfoy and Draco Black-Malfoy as well as Bellatrix Black-Lestrange to be disowned from the Black Family and any allowances they may be receiving to be stopped immediately."

"Remove this pathetic piece of shit Death Eater wannabe from my sight." Harry concluded, as a quartet of goblin guards entered and removed the prone Draco from the floor, and exited, quickly followed by a shocked and angered Lady Malfoy.

Harry turned to and began to walk toward Chilhuck when a hand on his shoulder stopped him. Harry spun around to see Dumbledore standing behind him. Behind Dumbledore were the Weasley's and Hermione.

"Harry, what are you doing here? I believe my letter to you at Privet Drive made it quite clear that you would not be coming to this function." Dumbledore said authoritatively.

Harry was pissed, more so than ever, and his skin aura began to shine, his eyes were cackling with electricity. He stuck his hand out and into Dumbledore's face." You see these rings, you vile asshole?" Harry hissed out. "These rings mean I am a Baron and Duke of 2 well-respected families, something you neglected to tell me, as my financial advisor. These not only mean that not only am I stinking rich," He shot an over elaborate glance at Ron, who turned red and glowered at him. "But it also that I am an emancipated adult, and you have no right to tell me where I can go and what I can do."

"Harry I must insist that you return to the safety of your…"

"No Headmaster." Harry cut him off "I absolutely refuse to return to Privet Drive, nothing you can say will make me consider otherwise, now if you and your band of traitorous fucks would leave me be, I have several things that need my full attention."

Harry turned and resumed his walk toward Chilhuck when he heard Ron mutter a spell. Harry spun and reflected the stunning spell, which tripled in speed and power and hit Ron, throwing him across the room and into the same wall as Malfoy.

"Not smart, you jealous bastard. You better a tighter leash on them at Hogwarts Dumbledore, unless you want a pair of maimed students." Harry said and exited the room followed closely by Chilhuck.

Chilhuck lead Harry to his office and summoned a tray holding two snifters and a bottle of Firewhiskey. The goblin poured them both a glass and raised his in a toast.

"To the new Duke Potter and Baron Black!" Harry returned the salute and downed the liquor, enjoying the slight burn and warmth that spread through his body.

"That's a damn fine drink Chilhuck," Harry said, setting down his glass." I must get a bottle of that for my personal study. Speaking of which, I've been looking at my properties and decided to move my residence permanently to Black Castle

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Chapter 4 r11; Behind Green Eyes

Riddle Manor, Unknown

While Harry was having his fun with Dumbledore and the Order, Lord Voldemort, Dark Lord of the Realm, was making plans. Large explicit plans. He was sitting around a briefing table with the Inner Circle, well after promoting several Death Eaters, Jackson, Ruban and Brohart, to the Inner Circle. Just the thought of that disgusting affair in the DoM had the Dark Lord shaking in rage.

"Those fools won't soon forget the price of failure." Voldemort thought to himself. In his rage upon returning from the DoM, Voldemort had unleashed his a barrage of Cruciatus upon an unsuspecting Wormtail, who, by the end, was begging for death. Voldemort shook his head slightly; realising one of his servants was speaking to him.

"r30;The fortress with have minimal guards at exactly one p.m. everyday." Jackson informed him. " This would be the best opportunity we could hope for Master. We still face over 50 Aurors. Thankfully you were able to sway the Dementor's; they will vacate Azkaban 5 minutes before your arrival and congregate in Chatham"

Voldemort nodded his agreement.

Bellatrix Lestrange spoke up next. " My lord, if we were to raze several muggle towns just moments before your assault on Azkaban we could prevent any Ministry aid from arriving in time to defend the prison."

" My thoughts exactly Lestrange. Yourself, Pettigrew, Ruban, Jackson and Brohart will all lead small attacks on Kent, London and Manchester. Take 7 new recruits each. I will assault Azkaban as soon as I have word the attacks are under way. Once Ministry aid arrives, put up small resistance for several minutes, then portkey directly to my location. I will need your help in freeing your comrades."

The Inner Circle took the intended dismiss and stood. After bowing and raising one fist across their chests they spoke as one. " Hail Lord Voldemort." and promptly left the room.

The Dark Lord sat back in his chair. He folded his hands and rested his chin upon the tips of his fingers. A small, yet maniacal, grin breaching his lips, he laughed softly. His spy was keeping him well informed of the Order's plans and movements.

" Your move Dumbledore."

#13 Grimmauld Place

Dumbledore apparated away from Privet Drive fuming. Weasley, Granger and Snape were just as angry as the headmaster. It had taken them over 20 minutes to subdue the deranged bats and all had suffered from many bites.

The Order members apparated to just outside Number 13 Grimmauld Place to find a surprise. The entire Order of the Phoenix was outside and several of them were being healed from various hexes.

" What is the name of Merlin is going on here!" Dumbledore bellowed.

" Aye sir." Mad-Eye Moody spoke up. " It seems that the new owner of the house has deemed fit to remove us from it. The door has been set to jinx anyone that tries to enter without permission. As you can see, Tonks, Dawlish and Fletcher are not exactly worthy." He finished with a low chuckle, his magical eye rolling around in his head crazily.

As angry as Dumbledore was, this sent him right over the top. A mere schoolboy would not show him up on a damned whim. His face red with anger, Dumbledore pulled his wand and tapped his Order necklace. The jewellery around the necks of everyone in attendance glowed brightly for a moment then returned to normal.

" Everyone, we must relocate. Tap your Medallions and say r16;Order HQ'. This will transport us to our new headquarters." He said furiously.

The order did so and with many loud thumps and bumps, they found themselves in a classroom. The desks were gone and a large table took their place. A layer of dust covered everything.

" Everyone take a seat." Dumbledore commanded. The Order, not having seen the headmaster so furious previously, did so quickly. " We are currently in an unused classroom directly below my office at Hogwarts. This will be our new Headquarters until we can return to Grimmauld Place."

" Why were we kicked out of Grimmauld Place to begin with?" asked a perplexed Charlie Weasley.

" It seems as though Harry has come into possession of not only Grimmauld Place, but also of the entire Black Family fortune due to a technicality. Just moments ago, Myself, Severus, Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley apparated to Privet Drive to attempt to retrieve Harry. He steadfastly refused and when we attempted to reason with him, he used a dark curse on us before portkeying away." Dumbledore slammed his fist on the table, the fell into his chair, spent.

" Pay no attention to the attention seeking brat Albus. His arrogance and pettiness have been a constant source of irritation for years. Her30;"

Snape was cut off by a sharp growl from Remus. " Say one more word Snivellus, and you might just remember that time back in 5th year."

Snape sneered at Remus but wisely shut his mouth. He had no intentions of running into a werewolf again, this time a fully-grown one.

" Moving along," Dumbledore said. " We must get Harry back. He is taking a very dangerous path. Remus, Tonks same route as before and also the Netherlands. Severus, take Knockturn Alley again but also the Wizarding District in France. I believe Harry might have left the country." Dumbledore ordered.

After several more search parties were made, Albus dismissed the meeting. He apparated up t his office and began to meddle with the trinkets on his desk. These trinkets were actually tracking devices he had used to keep tabs on Potter over the years.

" I'll find you Harry. I will find you."

Black Castle, Central Germany

Harry was still chuckling as he landed, somewhat more dignified, at the edge of the Black Castle Grounds. A single glance at the castle stopped his chuckles and left him slack jawed. If he thought his vault was nice, this castle made him want to piss his pants.

Although he was over a kilometre away form the Castle on the edge of the grounds, he could see it clear as day. The castle was a massive black behemoth, with a wide set of wrought iron gates, and many towers and turrets. After tearing his eyes away from his new home, Harry took inventory of what the grounds contained. Aside from a wide cobble stone pathway to the doors of the castle, there was a huge lake to the left of the castle and a forest that seemed to extend from around the back.

Harry heard a noise behind him and spun around. There was a village about 2 kilometres away from the edge of the castle grounds.

" Sweet mother of god" Harry muttered to himself, as Morgana took off running and rolling in the grass and Hedwig took of into the air, " This is fucking beautiful!"

Harry took of running with Morgana, jumping and rolling around on the grass. Harry was completely immersed in freedom and loving every second of it. After near half an hour of playing with his pets, Harry realised that he still hadn't gone into the Castle. He jumped up, brushed himself off and waved his new pets to his side.

It took them several minutes to cover the kilometre to the Castle. The doors, recognising Harry's ring, opened automatically for them. It led to a great marble hallway. The walls were lined with busts of the pervious Lord Black's and walls had flags from all over the world as well as many magical paintings. Harry looked down the row of busts and saw a bust that looked very familiar. As he approached it, he immediately knew who it was. Sirius. The long hair and wild smile were a dead give-away

Harry made his way past the hallway and into the actual castle quarters. After over two and half-hours later, Harry had a full piece of parchment listing every room in the Castle. There was a duelling strip, Dining Hall like that at Hogwarts, a vault, an armoury, several personal suites, several barracks style rooms, kitchens, an owlry, a grand ballroom and even an astronomy tower. There were many battle turrets with fully functioning medieval cannons.

Hedwig took her leave to the owlry and Morgana followed Harry as he made his way to the dining hall. He took a seat at the head table and called out, " Lampy!"

With a crack, the house elf appeared, dressed in a toga, with the Black and Potter Family crests on the chest, side by side.

" Yes Master Harry?"

" How are the renovations going along with the castle?"

" Master Harry, we have cleaned and restocked all but 2 of the barracks, astronomy tower, the duelling room and the ballroom. Us elves made sure the dining hall and bedrooms were ready for Master Harry" The elf said proudly.

" Excellent Lampy. I am gratefully for it, but please don't call me Master. Harry will do just fine." Harry replied. " Anyway, can Morgana and I get some supper? We're both famished."

The elf nodded enthusiastically, snapped her fingers and tray appeared with roast pork, mashed potatoes and gravy, and vegetables, as well as a side of pork for Morgana.

The elf disappeared with a crack and left Harry to eat with his pet. As Harry ate and watched Morgana devour the side of pork, he pulled out and piece of parchment and a quill from his pocket and began to plan the new several weeks. He knew he needed to master the Druid magic as well as Earth magic and improve his mental shields. He also wanted to devote some time to magical science and battle tactics. An interesting idea that struck Harry was Morgana. He knew she had an affinity for fire but to what extend, he did not comprehend. He decided to leave time everyday for training with her.

Long after finishing his meal and retiring to his study with Morgana for some wine, he put the finishing touches on his schedule for the next 14 months.

Training for July 16th-30th.

545-7 a.m.- Work out, practice Occlumency

7-8 a.m.- Breakfast

8-11 a.m.- Magic Science

11-12 p.m.- Lunch

12-3 p.m.- Druid Magic

3-6 p.m.- Earth Magic

6-7 p.m. Dinner

7-10 p.m. r11; Morgana Training

10-11 p.m.- Relaxation

After revising his schedule for the last time, Harry suddenly remembered something. He reached into his robes and pulled the unopened OWL score parchment. He broke the seal and unrolled the scroll.


Harry James Potter

Dear Mr. Potter, these are your OWL scores for the examinations last June, Congratulations.

Transfiguration- E

Charms- O+

Defence Against the Dark Arts- O+

Divination- P

Care of Magical Creatures- E

Herbology- A

History of Magic- D

Astronomy- A

Potions- E

Ranks E and A are one OWL while O is worth 2. An O+ (with distinction) is worth 3 OWLs. Ranks P, D, and T are worth 0 OWLs.

Congratulations Mr. Potter on 11 OWLs. For your NEWT years you must select a minimum of 4 subjects and a maximum of 8. You are only allowed to choose subject in which you have a minimum grade A or a grade that meets Teacher Standards.

Please send your choices back to myself as soon as possible.

Congratulations again Mr. Potter,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Harry was ecstatic. 11 OWLs! He wasn't surprised with his charms and defence marks and wasn't disappointed that he didn't meet the greasy bastard's standards. With his new found wealth and power, he would never need to work again, indeed his great great grandchildren would be wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. Suddenly being an Auror wasn't really important. He pulled a piece of parchment and wrote back to McGonagall. He decided to take Transfiguration, Charms, COMC, and DADA.

" No more of the greasy bastard. " Harry said aloud and laughed.

Harry stood and stretched. He stuffed his new schedule into his pocket and glanced at the clock. It read almost midnight.

Harry yawned and motioned to Morgana, who leapt from the rug and followed Harry into the Master Bedroom. Harry felt asleep, with his new friend, curled tightly at the foot of his bed.

Black Castle, July 16th

Harry awoke to light shining onto his face through an open window. He gently slipped out of bed so he wouldn't disturb Morgana and padded over to the window. The sun was already high in the sky. Harry glanced at the clock, nine thirty in the morning. Harry smiled and stretched.

"It's gonna be a long year" Harry thought to himself. " Lets do this thing"

Harry showered and dressed in a set of comfortable jeans and a button up shirt. He woke Morgana and the pair went down to the Dining Hall to an already prepared English breakfast. Over breakfast Harry summoned all the elves and explained how he was going to be putting the entire Castle into Limbo Time. He told them to stock enough food for 2 years and informed them they would not be able to leave the castle when the Orb was activated.

As the elves rushed out to buy food and supplies, Harry went and retrieved the Druid Time Orb and set it up in the middle of the head table. He pre-set the knobs and spent the rest of the hour playing with Morgana. When the elves returned Harry summoned them.

" Lampy, Do we have everything we are going to need?"

" Yes Harry. Us elves have everything for yous and yours dog." The elf replied proudly.

" Well done. Ok you may return to your tasks, but remember, you cannot leave for the next 14 months."

The elves bowed and disappeared with a crack. Harry smiled and turned his attention to the Time Orb. He grabbed the area knob and slowly turned it until the entire castle was under its magical blue field. Had anyone form the village gazed upon Castle Black, they would have seen all the windows glowing a deep blue, before flashing back to normal.

"This is it. This is where it begins." Harry thought as he made his way towards the library.

Azkaban Prison, July 16th

" Alert Alert! Death Eaters are attacking the island. Full Lock Down in 1 minute! All Aurors and Guards report to Armoury B! The Dementor's have left the island!" The magically enhanced voice of Guard Captain James Downer rang out.

Aurors and Guards alike ran full speed toward Armoury B, knowing there was going to be action. Once the force of 75 Aurors and Guards assembled, Captain Downer and his lieutenants Bradford and Davis began the briefing.

" We have reports form the sentries that there are over one hundred Death Eaters attempting to break the wards around the south-east side of the island." Said Lt. Davis, a short but broad man of 40. " Sentry 1 reports that they are under the direction of You- Know-Who." He finished grievously.

" Call the ministry for reinforcements, then report back here." Ordered Captain Downing. " Bradford, take all but the sharpshooters to the edge of the wards and repel the Death Eaters if they break through. Snipers, take positions along the fortress walls with myself. Go, go, go!"

The men jumped up and began moving to their various positions. " Give them hell men!" Shouted Lt.

Bradford Black Castle, July 31st

Harry deactivated the Time Orb and stepped out the front gates of the castle. He took his first breath outside in fourteen months. Morgana stood beside him and Hedwig was flying overhead.

Harry couldn't believe the changes he and Morgana had gone through in their training. After a year of training, Morgana had reached her full height and weight, standing over a metre tall and 2 meters in length and weighing a full compliment of two hundred and twenty pounds. Harry himself had changed as well. Finally reaching his top height of six feet, two inches, He weighed a solid one hundred and ninety pounds, and his body was carved from wood. His hair had continued to grow and now reached just past the base of his neck. Harry still kept the tips red but didn't bother to spike it anymore.

Harry's Occulumency was near impenetrable. He had continued to add bubbles to his mind to confuse and disorient mind attackers. While expanding his defences, he came across something very peculiar. It seems that there was a rather large crack in his main bubble. No matter how hard Harry had tried to mend the crack with his bubbles, it didn't seam together with the rest of his consciousness. This was very disturbing, Harry had thought to himself; a crack like this could give anyone a direct entrance into his mind, effectively bypassing his defences. After several sessions of exploring the crack, Harry realised what was causing the break. It was his link to Voldemort. The crack was created when Voldemort had cast the Killing curse on Harry as a child. It allowed for Voldemort's emotions, thoughts, prefabricated visions and, like at the DoM, for Voldemort to possess Harry. Knowing that this was unacceptable, Harry set about trying to fix the crack.

While researching magical science, Harry had learned that every witch and wizard had a magical core. The size of the core varied form person to person, with more magically inclined wizards having a larger core. From his books, he learned that the average core was the size of a walnut located in the chest. The book even used examples for those with above average cores. Dumbledore, the book read, had a core the size of a fist and Godric Gryffindor was rumoured to have had one the size of coconut. The book also gave instructions for one to find their magical core through Occulumency.

As Harry's research went on, he learned of magical channels. These channels were the pathways for magic to travel the body. The magical core fed a constant amount of magic into ones body, mostly through the veins, but, the book theorised, if one were to have an above average core, they could possibly channel magic through every part of their body, organs, skin, muscles. This could possibly lead to wandless magic and increased speed and strength. The book went on to explain the healing aspects of magic. The reason that wizards didn't age as fast as muggles was the magic running through the blood. If a wizard was injured, the wound could heal anywhere from twice as fast to almost immediately depending on magical core.

Harry first thought was to heal the crack with his core magic, but first he had to find his magical core. After several hours of deep meditation, Harry found his core, to a huge shock. When a wizard finds his core, they usually invision the core in its actual size. When Harry found his core, all he found was a field of deep green, stretching on in every direction with no horizon. Harry withdrew slowly, contemplating his new discovery. After several days of research, Harry came to the conclusion that his magical core was spread through out his entire body.

He let his mind explore every part of his body with the same results, a deep green field in every direction. Harry relaxed from his mental preparations for several days, knowing the healing process would be exhausting and possibly painful. When he was well rested and mentally prepared, Harry sank into a deep trance and quickly found his magical core and the r16;Voldie Crack' as he now called it, with a grim laugh.

Harry lowered his defences and slowly began to feed a small amount of his magic through the crack. He saw the crack close a tiny amount, so he wielded a moderate amount and forced it through the crack. Harry immediately felt a sharp searing pain all through his body. He felt himself slip into darkness and suddenly he was within another mind. He wasn't in control but he was there, in Voldemort's mind. He began to slowly move his way about, effectively bypassing Voldemort's defences as Voldemort had his. He finally found snake-face's conscious mind and slowly entered.

Voldemort was happy, no more than happy, jubilant. Harry didn't know why, but something was making Voldemort as happy as fuck. Harry moved away from the conscious portion and decided, on a whim, to find as much of Voldie's magical knowledge as he could. He came across several groups of knowledge including dark arts, rituals, potions and the like. Harry immediately began to copy information as fast as he could. Once he was finished, he turned his attention to what Voldemort was looking at. He saw a group of dishevelled group of what he assumed were Death Eaters being tortured. Harry didn't find anything else of importance in the eyes of Voldemort so he decided to leave but not before he left a bit of a surprise. He withdrew from Voldemort's mind completely, and as the crack was closing, he forced as much of his magic through it as he could. He could hear Voldemort's shrieks of pain and agony as the crack closed.

When the crack closed, Harry had enough energy to raise his defences and exit his subconscious before falling asleep for several days. When he awoke, Harry not only found himself ravenous, but also with a sense of darkness that he had not felt before. After eating and showering he sank into his trance again. Harry found a mass of thoughts floating around in his mind that he needed to organise and file away. He quickly isolated the practical knowledge formed a new bubble in his mind. The knowledge took some time but Harry was able to separate the different subjects. These new bubbles were placed within the high security bubble just like his regular mind. Not only did he not want Voldemort to try and retrieve them before he had a chance to examine them; he didn't want anyone to find this dark magic knowledge through Occulumency.

The knowledge included many curses and spells meant for torture and war, as well as temporary body enhancements. Harry didn't know how to perform these curses, only the mindset and wand movements and such to perform them. He also got quite a head start on runes from Voldemort. Harry understood the basic concepts and ideas behind runes and decided to definitely put them to good use.

Apparition was something Harry mastered out of pure necessity. His magic science book described apparition as when the magic of the wizard is able to temporarily become corrosive and disintegrated the body down to pure magic. This process was so fast that when the body lost its mass, it created a vacuum, which was what caused the loud r16;crack' distinct to apparition. It was simply a matter of wizard to guide the magic to where he wanted to go. Of course there was the inherent danger of splinching himself, but Harry threw caution to the wind and delved into it religiously. After several days of study and concentration, Harry was able to apparate across the training room of the Castle. He had taken to apparating as much as he could to get practice.

Wandless magic was something Harry understood but would never master. He could levitate objects as well as summon without the use of a wand but still needed a wand for more powerful spells and rituals. Still, it was a useful tool, something his enemies would not expect.

The Druid magic however, was something Harry excelled at. The Druids had taught Harry more than he could ever learn in Hogwarts about history and magical theory. The spells he had learned were fantastic to say the least. Most of the spells were ones that were still around today, but due to Ministry Guidelines, their power had been severely reduced. The Druid paralysis spell, whose incantation was Paralytic Passus, was the original petrifying curse, andcould fell a full grown African elephant should he choose to face one, to say nothing of what would happen if it hit a wizard. He had learned an exploding hex that, when coupled with Earth magic, could literally blow castles sky high.

Harry soon learned, after his mastery of Druid magic, that Earth magic could help him immensely as well. The idea behind Earth magic was that if one could commune with nature to his full extent he could pull a small amount of the life force from every living thing around him and use it to super charge his spells. Harry had ventured down to the greenhouse attached to the castle and meditated for days to immerse himself in nature. After a long period of time, Harry could almost hear the plants whispering to him. He concentrated and felt the power in the air. He pulled the energy toward him and his eyes sprang open. Harry was feeling incredible, like he had run a marathon but with no exhaustion. He felt refreshed and revitalised. After he calmed down, Harry tried again. This time, instead of letting the energy escape, he focused it in his core. He felt the rush and slowly siphoned the energy into his wand. He opened his eyes and saw that a deep pulsing blue field was surrounded his wand. Harry stood and pointed his wand into the air and cast a stunning spell. The resulting jet of light was nearly a meter in diameter and blindingly bright. This was an extremely powerful tool that should not be abused, as Harry noticed, one could get addicted to the power rush.

With Morgana's physical growth, her magical power grew as well. It turned out that She could not only deliver burning blows with her paws but also, when at the height of her rage, could throw conjured fire from them. The rings around her neck and tail burst into flames almost a foot long and burned hotter than any normal fire. Her fiery paws allowed her to jump from place to place while gaining heights of almost 6 feet, effectively letting her dodge and evade attacks while going airborne. Her fangs were long and sharp and could bite through bone like paper, and her eyes were a flaming red. Harry had taken to training with Morgana by teaching her evading and attack moves. He would fire cover spells that would allow her to get into range for an assault and she would throw fire for cover, allowing Harry to get into position for spell work.

Leaving the nostalgia behind, Harry began to plan for the future. He knew he had to return to Hogwarts, at least for a couple of months until he could win the Minister over to his side. The Minister was corrupt, there was no doubt about that, and Harry knew just how to exploit it. If he were to endorse the Ministry after the Fiasco last year, it might be able to keep Fudge in office. Harry could use Fudge's connections and the fact that he was the Head of two very rich and powerful families was just an added bonus.

Harry shook the thoughts of pending business out of his head, turn to a happier note. Today was his birthday! And Harry intended to celebrate. During his last few days he had been planning a trip to several place all over Europe, including Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, and Paris. Harry intended to have a damn good time and maybe even pick up a nice girl, who knows?

Harry walked around the grounds of Black Castle aimlessly, Morgana by his side, enjoying the rich summer weather. He sat down underneath a large oak tree by the edge of the forest and relaxed. Morgana lay down next to him and put her head in his lap, Harry absently scratched her ears as he sank deeper into his thoughts.

"This has been some crazy stuff. I still can't believe that Dumbledore could have that much of a hold over my ex-friends. I'm going to need help surviving the next semester at Hogwarts, more so now that I don't have Rona and Hermione with me." Harry thought bitterly.

Harry got up and brushed some dirt off his jacket. He quickly apparated to his study and opened a window. A big brown Owl came through with a letter tied on its legs. By the looks of the letter he inferred it was sent from Gringotts Bank.

Harry untied the letter from the leg of the Owl and sure enough he saw the official Gringotts Bank seal stamped on the top right corner of the envelope. He took out the letter from the envelope and started reading.

Dear Baron-Duke Potter,

We have reviewed your account and found out that Dumbledore not only stole % million Gallions but over 21 million Galleons in total. We have also found out that the money have been transcript into the vaults of Molly and Arthur Wealsy, Hermione Granger, Order of the phoenix, and Serverus Snape's personal vault. Because of this we goblins of the Gringotts bank have made it our duty to get the money back to its rightful place.

You will be glad to know that the Vault of one Arthur and Molly Weasly has been cleaned out, and so has all the other vaults except for Dumbledore's personal vault and Serverus Snape's vault. We have also withheld the 20 million galleons that were supposed to go to the Weasly's from the Sirius Blacks will. While doing our investigations, we have found out that one of our own worker has sneaked into your vault and took out a file full of papers. Do not worry he was dealed with, we have also recovered the papers and were surprised to see that you had pending marriage contracts and life come to our bank at the 1st of August at 12:00 sharp for more information.

Gringotts Bank

Harry was taken aback by this, they not only stole 20 million galleons from his vaul, but also a folder he didn't know that existed.

1st August Gringotts Bank

Arthur and Molly Weasly were in a shouting match with the goblins, about what happened to their money inside their vault. They were supposed to have about 41 million galleons. To check out their new vault they came to Gringotts, but instead of a pile of money, they found a note telling them that their account and every coin in it has been fortified.

Albus Dumbledore walked out the the fire place at the middle of the hall. At the same time a 2 big group of people walked into the bank. One group there stood the Grangers and the Weaslys. The other group had a few known faces, for example Amelia Bones, Hector Greengrass, and the surprising of them all was Jean Delecour.

Albus Dumbledore looked at the man sharply, not trusting the French Minister of Magic. One of the reason Dumbledore didn't like the man was because he had told bill to go ahead and court one Fleur Delecour. His plan turned into a nightmare, he wanted to some how make Bill and Fleur Wed and then make them stay in England. Of course Fleur's father wanting the best wold have had to aid Dubledore in the end to protect her from Vlodemort, thus adding French aurors to his Order. But the plan failed, they dated last year for about 3 weeks, till Bill was caught trying to rape Fleur, in order to impregnate to marry him (Fleur called it off with him a day ago). The angry Vella almost turned bill into a fried chicken. Not only did his plan fail but he found him self another enemy the French Minister.

With a loud pop Harry Potter appeared in front of everyone at the great lobby of Gringotts. He started yelling at the Weaslys.

"I cant believe you, you stole from my vault and so did Dumbledore, I never want to see your fuckin faces again.

"Harry we took that money because we took care of you during the summers" Molly Wealsy yelled back.

"Only for about 2 months in total for about 2 summers, for that you didn't have to take 17 fuckin million Galleons from my vaults" Harry countered.

"Harry your being irrational, your rich their poor, they took care of you, dont you think they deserve some mony at least" Hermione said walking towards Harry from her parents sides. Her parents had a shocked look on their faces, when they found out about the money.

"Shut up you know it all pest, you know nothing, I mean you your self have about 600,000 galleons inside this bank, or had I mean" Harry said loudly. He turned around and saw rosclaw (A goblin he was friendly with. "Rosclaw if you can tell me why I had to come hear and faces these stupid people"?

"ahh yes, yesterday we found out that you have marriage contracts placed by your parents and Grand parents. We also found out that there were a few life dept that turned into sole bonds or slavery dept. that is one of the reason most of the are in here for. Lets get started shall we" Every one inside the lobby nodded except for Dumbledore ( who looked sick and was sucking on a lemon drop), and the Weaslys( they knew what the term life dept meant).

"First marriage contract between one Harry James Potter and one Susan Guinevere Bones. This was signed by one Harold Potter and Leonordo Bones on march 16th 1976" There was w pregnant silence as people especially Harry took the information in. Harry looked at Amelia Bones who had a smile on her face, and also the big chested Susan bones, she had a blush on her face matching her strawberry red hair.

"Second marriage contract between one Harry James Potter and one Daphne Lillith Greengrass signed by one James Potter and one Hector Greengrass on August 2, 1990" Hector Greengrass nodded, and Daphne looked pleased as she saw Harry's eyes on her.

"Third Marriage contract between one Harry James Potter and one Hannah Rose Abbot, signed at 17 December, 1990 by Lily Potter and Rose Abbot" Hannah also had a blush as she was standing next to Susan. Both of her parents were giving him looks of caring and what seems to be love. He had to talk to them after this, they must know his parents if it was his mother, with no pureblood background arranging a marriage for him in the future.

"fourth marriage contract is as follows, Harry James Potter is to be wed to one Nympondra Isabella Tonks as an acceptance to the the name of black. The child of Harry Potter and Nympy should take the last name of Black and lead the Black Family. As stated by one Sirius Black, and signed by one Andromeda and Ted Tonks" Again everyone fell silent. Harry looked towards the Weaslys to find Tonks standing behind them. She had a smirk on her face, when she saw Harry looking she blew a kiss towards him. Dumbledore also looked please, Not for long though, as Tonks Walked in front towards Dumbledore and said loudly " I Nympondra Tonks hereby quite from the Order of the Phoniex, she put her hands inside her robes and threw what looked like a locket stuck to a chain, Dumbledore caught it.

"Now the last Marriage contract between the Noble and destructive House of Potter and the Noble and Beau House of Delecour. This contract was made during 1600s, between the Duke ship of the Potter and the Duke ship of the Delecour's. It has stated that any Daughter born to the Delecours will be married to any sons born to the Potters and vice-versa. This was created by Duke Jose Delecour of Normandy and Duke William Potter of England, in order to bring the families closer during the hundred years war. Since the Delecours and Potters had sons till this point in time the marriage contract is still in effect" Harry looked at a man wearing sky blue robes, he looked really pleased with the arrangement. Harry wondered where Fleur was at the moment, he also thought about the fact Bill and Fleur were togather.

"Now we move into the Life depts owed to Duke Potter, starting with one Ginerva Weasly, Because of being saved by one one Harry James Potter on June 4th 2002 and not paying back or acknowledging the dept, the Gringotts Dept converter( A/N: I know stupid name) has decided that your life will be fortified to Duke Potter, you are now his property and his slave" Once he concluded all hell broke out, Ron Weasly Shot a badly done Avada Kedvara at him. Harry took out his wand and quickely cast a Avis a flock of birds were sent from his wand, they popped as they got hit by an AK. Charlie Weasly casted a bone braking curse at Harry but that was blocked by one grinning Nympandora Tonks. Molly Weasly took out her wand followed by Dumbledore, as did Jean Delecour, Hector Greengrass, Amelia Bones, and the Parents of Hannah Abbot.

Rosclaw clapped his hands as a group of Goblin Warriors ran towards Ron and Charlie knocking them out. "throw the out of Gringotts" Rosclaw ordered, and the Goblin Warriors obeyed as the dragged the two bodies outside. The Grangers were looking shocked and Dumbledore put away his wand, so did everyone else.

"Now if you dont want to get kicked out of Gringotts, please dot draw your wands" Molly Weasly ran up to her daughter and comforted her. Ginny was white as a vampire and crying shakily. Arthur Weasly just stood there, Amelia Bones was talking to Tonks, as Tonks was writing somethind down on her Auror pad. 'must be about Ron' Harry thought as Rosclaw starting talking again.

"The next life dept is about the dept owed to one Harry Potter by Hermione Granger for a case that happened on October 2001" Hermione interrupted "I don't owe Harry any life dept, if I did then I would owe Ron one too" she said sounding Pleased about knowing that two people cant have 2 life debts from the same person, for the same incident.

"If I not mistaken Mr. Weasly was the reason you were at the bathroom, and it was also duke Potter who made Weasly come with him, because of this the Gringotts life Converter has fortified your life as the property of one Duke Potter, as his slave" Hermione begun to cry helplessly, as her parents comforted her, with a scared and shocked look on their face.

"Finally we come to one Gabrielle Delecour and her life dept to Duke Potter..."

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Chapter 5: Discussions and Talks by mohd7590

Autho's Notes:


Chapter 5: Discussions and Talks

Gringgotts Wizarding Bank

"Finally we come to one Gabrielle Delecour and her life dept to one duke Potter, the debt was made in 2004 during the Triwizard tournament second task" Rosclaw was about to continue, but Dumbledore cut him off.

"There shouldn't be a life debt, because Miss. Delecour was not in any danger" Dumbledore concluded

by stopping the debt maybe he could some how get Jean Delecour in his side, thus the French Ministry.

"You are wrong Dumbledore, the Merepeople and the veela's are still in war. They are not allowed to go into each others territory. The Merepeople would have killed her because of your stupidity" That shut Dumbledore up as well as ruin any chances he would have on getting French help.

"As I was saying, because of Mademoiselle's acceptance of the life debt, Duke Potter may choose what he wants to do with her, he may either make her his slave, or make a soul bond" He looked at Harry.

"If those are the only options I can choose from" Rosclaw nodded, "Then I choose to make a soul bond with her" Harry said this as he looked at Monsieur Delecours face. He expected to see anger or hate, what he saw was shock and unexpectedness.

With this Rosclaw came up to Harry and took out some papers that Harry was expected to sign. Harry took the quill and signed all of the forums. He started to walk towards Amelia Bones and the other soon to be his in-laws.

"Harry I believe you must come with me my boy, you must go back to your family. Its for your own good Harry" Dumbledore said rather hastily.

"You stupid old man don't you have a fuckin life except for stalking little boys like me. Go suck on your fuckin lemon drops or something, stupid bitch" Harry countered. Many people inside the lobby laughed including the goblins.

"Harry you shouldnt talk to the Headmaster like that, now come and lets go home, maybe Aurthur and me can convince Dumbledore into letting you stay with us, Ginny and Hermione would be there, you don't have to go with those French tarts, slimy snakes, and dumb Puffs" Mrs. Weasly said letting go of Ginnys shoulder(She was still crying).

"Shut up, don't tell me what to do, your not my mother woman, as much I want to hurt you, I cant but your daughter is not so lucky, and don't you ever talk about my future wives like that, now to show you what I mean about Ginny" Harry walked closer to Ginny and commanded her to stop crying and to walk to him. In the beginning she tried to fight his command, but failed. She slowly stood up and walk ed towards him, trying hard not to cry. Fred and George Weasly were looking at Harry and Ginny as if they had gone mad.

He told Ginny to stay next to him and not move. He turned around and faced the Weasly's and told them to leave Gringotts, this started protest about how Ginny shouldn't be there with Harry and how Harry was too young and all the usual crap.

He looked at Rosclaw and smirked, the old goblin getting his massage slapped his had, with 6 pops Dumbledore and all the Weasly's disappeared.

Harry quickly cast a portkey charm on Ginny, this took her to the Black castle in Germany. He looked around to the Grange's, They were holding Hermione tightly and looking at Harry with a scared and determined look.

"I dont know what this is all about, but you are not going to take my daughter like you did to that redhead one" Dan Granger yelled.

"Thats already I wont take her, she will come to me. Watch and learn, Hermione leave your parents and

come to my side" Hermione suddenly stood up and started to walk towards Harry in a weired way, Harry guessed that she might have also tried to fight the slavery charms. Her unsuccessfully tried to hold her back.

"Believe me Mr. Granger Hermione deserves this, but I will make you a promise that Hermione will not be hurt by me unconditionally" after stating this he pulled out his wand and waved yelling out the portkey charm at all of the Grangers. Dan and Emma Granger were sent to their home in Manchester, while Hermione was send to Black castle.

"Now that these things are settled I would like to talk to you Duke Potter alone please" Jean Delecour offered.

"Of course Mr. Delecour just call me Harry, I am your future son in-law I believe" with this he give the duke of Normandy a smirk.

"We would also like to speak to you Duke Potter" Amelia Bones propositioned, many people in the room agreed, Susan was blushing at Harry, Tonks seeing this gave a small laugh at the love struck girl.

"Of course Lady bones, but not here I have the perfect place, with a wave of his wand everyone disappeared and reappeared into a vault inside Gringotts. Every one was taken aback by the size and beauty of the Vault. There were about16 chairs meant for a king or queen inside the vault. Everyone took a seat.

"Harry what are you planing on doing with our daughters" They all asked in unison. Harry took a deep breathe and started talking.

"I was planing to go stay in Black Castle in Germany, I want to take them with me, you know to get to know them better" he concluded.

"I believe Susan will like that" Lady Bones said slowly, making Susan blush even deeper, all the parents agreed about sending their daughters to go and stay with Harry for the month.

"Harry what about Ron, he tried to use the AK on you, are you going to press charges on him" Tonks voiced her concern.

"Of course I am, its time to put him in his rightful place" harry blunted out.

"What about the slaves you have acquired now, are you going to treat them like your wife or what Harry" Hector Greengrass asked.

"They will never be treated as Daphne or Susan or any of my other wives, but that doesn't mean I will abuse them" Harry answered quickly.

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Black Castle by mohd7590

"What about the slaves you have acquired now, are you going to treat them like your wife or what Harry" Hector Greengrass asked.

"They will never be treated as Daphne or Susan or any of my other wives, but that doesn't mean I will abuse them" Harry answered quickly.

Harry popped into Black Castle, with him was one Tonks and Daphne Greengrass. Susan, Hannah, Fleur, and Gabrielle would be coming the following day with their possessions. As soon as he entered the castle he heard shouting coming from the dining room, he and the other girls rushed towards it.

Ginny was having a shouting match with one of the elf's that worked in the estate. When she saw Harry she quickly ran to him and hugged him and was also trying to plant a kiss on his lips. Harry pushed her away, and looked at her with disgust written on his face.

"What the fuck are you doing slave, and how dare you talk to one of the elf of Black Estate like that you stupid whore, they are house elfs and you are a fuckin slave" Daphne and Tonks were smirking in from Harry's back.

"Harry they wouldn't let me eat in the dinning table, I also saw some really nice dresses in one of the rooms, the stupid elf's wouldn't even let me wear them either" Ginny explained, as of it was nothing.

Harry couldn't take it no more, first she goes and betrays him, now she acts like she is the lqady of the castle, Harry didn't know what to do but to slap her.

'SLAP' Daphne and Tonks were shocked, they knew Harry was pissed, but they never knew Harry could've done that to a girl.

Ginny just stared at him with tears running down her cheeks and into her chest. She recovered fast though and said in a low and shaky voice "Why"

"Why, well because you-are-a-slave keep that in mind, your not a Weasly no more, you are my fuckin property, and like any other property I can do what ever the fuck I want with you mentally, physically and emotionally. You will NOT order my house elves around like that, neither will you eat from a table,while I am dining you will sit on the floor and lick your food out from the plate like a good slave, and you will not use your hands. I have more rules, you will call me master, my wives mistresses, you will not change your cloths unless I tell you to, you will only take orders from me, is that clear" Harry exclaimed in anger.

"Yes Har- I mean master"

"Good girl maybe there is hope for you yet, now where is the bookworm"?

"In, in the library I think master" Ginny answered. Harry was about to leave till something caught his eyes, Ginny's nipples were hard, he could see them even though she were a black Hogwarts like robe, 'does that bitch ever wear a bra' he thought.

He walked up to her "I see someone wants attention, like being a slave Ginny, does that turn you on, can you feel the wetness in your knickers, I have another rule, and that is you may not pleasure yourself unless I let you" Harry slowly put one of his hands inside Ginny's skirt and then her knickers, he was pleased to feel wetness and hair on her lips. His other hand went to her left breast and sure enough she wasn't wearing a bra, Harry fondled with her beast squeezing it, as well as pinch her nipples. While this was going on Ginny was moaning and grunting like a broken record.

Tonks and Daphne were watching the pair, not happy at all. They were giving Ginny a murderess look Ginny on the other hand was moaning and grunting her hips at Harry's hand.

"As much as I hate watching this I don't think Harry is that nice enough to finger Ginny, even though she betrayed him, I think he is going to do something to teach her a lesson" Daphne stated.

Sure enough as Ginny was giving shrinks of moan, Harry pulled out his hand from her skirt and backed off. Ginny realized what happened and opened her eyes, not want the orgasm to go away she tried to put her hand into her skirt, but found out that she couldn't. As she realized what had happened she started crying and went on her knees in front of Harry "Please Harr-master please dont stop, please let me pleasure myself this is the worst pain ever" Ginny said with sobs and hiccups.

"NO, where is that know-it-all snort Granger by the way"

"The library, but please master, please reconsider I will do anything please, you don't know how it feels please" Ginny continued with sobs and a pale face.

"I don't know how it feels, you sure Ginevra, what about all those time you didn't wear a bra in the burrow, what about the summer before our 4th year. Remember you didn't wear any bra, and I saw your nipples poking out, do you know how many times I had to stop thinking about it. I will admit Ginny I was always attracted to you body, I mean what kind of teenager wouldn't, red hair, big breasts for your age, judging by your mother they will grow bigger, nice pale legs and some naturally red lips. Oh! No Ginny I don't love you, but that doesn't mean I wont fuck you when I cant get my hands on someone. Now get out and take a shower, and tell one of the elfs to bring you a simple but elegant blood red dress, cant let my fuck buddy look bad can I" Harry finished.

Ginny slowly collected her self and walked out of the elegant dining hall, dried tears on her face. She was ashamed that because if she didn't follow her damn family, she could've know been one of Harry's wives. The fact that Harry admitted to liking her body made her happy and a bit wet again.

Scene Break r30;..

'That was bloody hilarious' Daphne thought, the look on the Weasly girls face made her day, next to her she could also tell that Tonks was laughing.

Tonks and her were still following Harry towards the library, Daphne had to admit the castle was great

of course she had nothing else to compare it to except Hogwarts(she lived in a mansion).

The walls were decorated with a gold and silver color. The bottom of the walls were colored gold with beautiful designs an the top of the walls and the celling had a simple, yet beautiful looking silver serpents drawn to them. The snakes had silver eyes and were moving through out the castle 'must be ambient magic' she thought to her self.

Soon enough they entered the library, Daphne couldn't think of a word except amazement the room was circular and had shelves around it, the shelves also had ladders connected to them, so the user could reach the books on the higher shelf.

Next to her Tonks fidgeted, must be the dark arts book Daphne thought, being around dark arts books in Greengrass manor she outgrew those feelings.

"Harry isn't this library a bit to, whats the word evil" Tonks asked Harry, who was currently looking around for Hermione.

"Aren't you a Black by blood, beautiful" Harry commented, this made Tonks blush. Harry found Hermione, she was currently sitting on one of the many couches provided inside the Black library reading a book, she was surrounded by books that she must have taken out from the library.

Stating Harry Potter being angry wouldn't justify it, because he was down right pissed, really pissed. Just then Hermione spotted him, she smiled and walked towards him a book in hand.

"Harry look it all th

ese books, this library is awesome, even better than the Hogwarts one" she exclaimed but suddenly stopped when she saw the pure anger on Harry's face. "Harry why are you angry"

Harry didn't know what to do but to laugh "why am I angry, well because you just wanted to send me to the Dursleys and now you just come up to me like your the most special thing in the world".

"Harry Dumbledore told you too, he cares about you. If you didn't go the Dursleys Voldemort's supporters would've killed you by now"

"One shut the fuck up, and its master, remember that slave or did you forget" Hermione's face went sour "while you are my property I have some rules I want you to follow, cant let the House of Potter and Black look bad in public you know. You from this day on Hermione know-it-all bookworm can not read a book, magic itself will prevent you from reading, not to mention I will punish you if I see a book in your hands" Hermione couldn't help it, she began to cry the book in her hand dropping to the floor.


"Simple, because I can and that is the prefect way to punish you, of course you will be able to read Iif I allow it, but don't get your hopes up. From this day on, unless I tell you other wise, you will not wear any knickers, never, is that clear" Harry question.

"Crystal" Hermione responded in a low and horse voice. This earned her a slap from Harry who was know even more pissed.

"Bitch, trying to give me attitude, are you. Well I wasn't going to treat you like trash but you just fuckin made me. Remember Hermione when you told me you always wanted to go to muggle university after you finished Hogwarts. Well you can forget about that, because you might soon find yourself young, uneducated, and pregnant" Harry said as he pulled her to him. His wands was squeezing Hermione's ass, he had to admit Hermione had plain looks but her ass was a whole other thing, it was simply a master piece. He remembered all that time he would lay on his bed in Gryffindor tower and think about that beautiful ass Hermione would carry around behind her, and how he would like nothing but to jam his hard member into her tight bum.

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Daphne and Nym by mohd7590

Chapter contains adult contents you have been warned!

"Bitch, trying to give me attitude, are you. Well I wasn't going to treat you like trash but you just fuckin made me. Remember Hermione when you told me you always wanted to go to muggle university after you finished Hogwarts. Well you can forget about that, because you might soon find yourself young, uneducated, and pregnant" Harry said as he pulled her to him. His hands were squeezing Hermione's ass, he had to admit Hermione had plain looks but her ass was a whole other thing, it was simply a master piece. He remembered all that time he would lay on his bed in Gryffindor tower and think about that beautiful ass Hermione would carry around behind her, and how he would like nothing but to jam his hard member into her tight bum.

Harry quickly discarded those thoughts, he didn't want to make a scene right there in the library. Hermione looked shocked when he started squeezing her buttocks together, but quickly began to enjoy the caressing her bum got.

"You know Hermione I always loved that bum of yours, its quite magnificent wouldn't you agree, perfect when I'm thinking about taking someone by their back door. Enough talking, I want you to get out of the library and call a elf, tell him to get you a of nice blue dress, and remember no knickers, is that clear" Harry asked?

"Yes Ha-Master, If I may ask a question"seeing that Harry wasnt objecting she continued "Where am I going to be sleeping" Hermione asked.

"You will be sleeping on the floor next to my bed, maybe this will show you what I went threw in the Dursley household, no more questions, now go" Hermione slowly walked out of the library with a tearful face.

"Daphne, Tonks, I will show you to your rooms" Harry said.

"That wont necessary, we will be sleeping with you Harry, if you dont mind"Daphne said in a seductive


"Were are not married yet wouldn't it be disgraceful in the wizarding world" Harry asked?

"Of course not silly, the arranged marriages are like real marriages because you cant break out of them, technically we are legally Lady Potter-Black. Some people like to actually do a real marriage others just buy their wife a ring showing, that she is married" Daphne answered.

"I have a lot to ask you Daphne, you seem to know a lot about the wizarding world unlike me. But first I must show you our room, I hope you don't feel left out Tonks, I swear I will make it up"

They arrived to the master bedroom, Daphne and Tonks fell in love with it right away. Their was a huge king sized bed in one corner, their was another king sized bed on the other corner. The middle of the room was empty. There were two dressing tables and three doors, two that led to the bathroom and the other one led to the balcony, which overlooked a garden filled with roses and tulips.

Once Tonks got over the beautiful room she started to speak "I have a question for you Harry, who was your first, if you don't mind me asking" this question caught Daphne off guard she looked at Tonks then to a smirking Harry.

"My first what Tonks"

"The first girl that took your innocence, you dolt"

"I never slept with a girl, I only kissed a girl once and that was Cho Chang" Harry answered smirking.

"But how do you know how to tease a girl, like you did to Ginny" Tonks asked again.

"Really Tonks, I grew up with muggles, I have seen my cousin with playboy magazines, I have seen my uncle talking dirty to my aunt when I was little, heck I even saw my uncle and my aunt making love when I was eight, even till this day I don't know how someone as big and fat as my uncle lay on top of a skinny women, disgusting if you ask me"

"Okay Okay get the picture, now what did you want to ask me Harry" Daphne asked?

"Well I don't know that much about wizarding politics, and neither do I know about my seats in the wizarding court. I don't even know the history of my family, how long they knew magic and stuff" Harry said in frustration.

"Then its good I learned about the Potter family after I found out I was going to have to marry you in my sixteenth birthday. The Potter family is one of the oldest families known to exist, they have originated from Italy in the late 2nd century, they were given roman nobility by the emperor himself.

They left the Italian peninsula, just before the fall of the Roman Empire in 457 A.D., they were one of the 6 families that were smart enough to flee, the others being the Abbots, the Diggorys, the Blacks, the Gryffindors, and the Slytherins. Those 6 families left to the British Isle, there they worked together to make a wizarding society" Daphne took a deep breathe and then continued.

"There were 54 people in all from those families, reason being was that there were different lines of each of the families, if my memory serves me correct the Potters had 3 lines the, a primary, secondary, and a third. Of course not everyone survived, war broke out in the isle, the primary and the third Potter lines were wiped out, the Abbots were saved by the Potters, The Gryffindors were also almost wiped out, except for one person. The Blacks were the only family with all of its 4 Heir lines untouched left.

"Soon there was peace during the reign of King Arthur and the knights of his round table during the 9th century. The Potters were rumored to be related to Mordred the son of King Arthur, Mordred had a Daughter by a beautiful witch named Sophia, the Daughter was later almost killed, but was rumored to be saved my a Potter. Nothing is known about her from that point, the book only gives Possibilities"

"Before the death of King Arthur, he gave th Potter family duke ship, because Percival Potter saved King Arthu's life during the hunt for the Holy Grail. The Potter family married into the the Gryffindor during the war between Godric Gryffindor and Salazer Slytherin, to protect his daughter, he married her into the Potter line. These are some but not all the accomplishments of the Potter family, they also found the ministry of Magic, in fact William Potter was the first Minister of Magic of Wizarding England" Daphene finished.

"You got to let be burrow that book Daph" Harry asked quickly.

"Anytime loving husband, now since we are married, why not give me a kiss. I saw Weasley enjoying it" Daphne suggested, as she went to the bed close to her and laid down upon it.

"Your wish is my command me Lady" with that Harry walked up to Daphne and started kissing her, soon enough he felt Daphne's tough wanting access to his mouth, with out hesitation he granted it.

The feel of her tough licking everything inside of his mouth was too much for Harry, he slowly placed his hands on Daphne's right breast, and fondled with it while he got a beautiful kiss from the gorgeous blond beauty.

Nympondra Tonks couldn't help it, she walked up to the kissing couple and grabbed Harry from the back, she took in mind that he felt quite muscular and began to plant kisses on the left side of Harry's face, she started to nibble his ears. She didn't have that many boyfriends in school, the most far she went with was kissing and a bit of fondling. She wanted to take Harry's virginity so that French tart couldn't. She met Fleur twice, and both times she didn't like her, that blond bitch always stole the guys attention in the room, no matter what.

She wasn't going to let this tart steal Harry from the her and all the other girls either. She quickly put her hand inside Harry's pants and then inside his boxers. She was happy to feel a hard rod next to her hand. She held the "rod" into a grip and started moving it up and down. She was Happy when Harry gave a slight moan before he took off Daphne's top. He broke the kiss with Daphne and began to nibble and suck Daphne's big brown nipples.

Daphne couldn't believe it she was in heaven when Harry kissed her, she slowly opened her eyes to see Tonks hugging Harry from the back, a closer look revealed that she had her hands under Harry's pants and was now pleasuring him. She then felt Harry rip off her tank top and then took off her sports bra. Her 32C breasts were naked. She smiled when she saw Harry look at them with lust and love. She moaned in pleasure as he nibbled and sucked her breasts.

Tonks took out her hands from Harry's pants and then she unbuckled his belt, as well as unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. She then slipped the boxer and pant off his legs. This released a 7 inch erect member. Just looking at it made Tonks wet. She stepped backwards and took off her skirt and her tank top. Then she unhooked her bra, and finished by taking off her white panties.

Daphne seeing Tonks taking off her cloths, started unbuttoning her skirt and the she slipped off her knickers while Harry was busy playing with her tits.

Harry felt 2 globes being pushed into his back as he was sucking Daphne's breasts, he stopped and looked back and sure enough Nympondra Tonks stood her ground showing of her natural beauty. Harry was taken aback when he found out Tonks was a brunette, with a V shaped pubic hair trim. She had 34C breasts and tanned skin.

He looked in front of him and there laid Daphne also naked, blond, 32C breasts, and no pubic Hair. Harry didn't know what to do but smirk 'life was good' he thought as he began to do naughty things.

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The Other Girls by mohd7590

Autho's Notes:

Ginny Bashing, sorry Ginny FANS

Title: Harry Potter and the Betrayal

By: Mohd7590

Chapter 7: The Other Girls

He looked in front of him and there laid Daphne also naked, blond, 32C breasts, and no pubic Hair. Harry didn't know what to do but smirk 'life was good' he thought as he began to do naughty things.

"Master Harry, Master Harry sir must wake up" a young house-elf said as he shook his naked master awake from his place in between two very naked women.

Harry groaned as he woke up, he immediately felt two soft bodies being pressed against him. He sat up and looked at either side of him, witnessing the most erotic sight, that he has ever seen.

One naked Daphne was in his left with her breasts pressed against his arm, and on his right was the brunette Tonks, also naked and pushed to his side.

Front of him was one scared looking little elf, who quickly babbled out why he woke Harry up from his slumber.

"Master, the other girls are arriving in 2 hours"

"What time is it?"

"Its 8 in the morning master Harry must eat his breakfast" The little elf answered wisely.

Tonks and Daphne both opened their eyes as if they were in sync. Tonks was the first one seat up on the bed next to Harry.

"Harry whats going on?"

"Oh we got to have breakfast because the other girls are arriving in two hours" Harry explained as he got up from bed and headed for the bathroom.

Harry left the bathroom ten minutes later as fresh as a billionaire could be and headed for the dining room.

On the floor of the dining hall Ginny sat, wearing a beautiful red dress and matching shoes, as well as red lipstick to make her self glow. Looking at her, Harry licked his lips, 'there might be some hope for after all, as my little red haired toy' he smirked with that thought in mind. Ginny had a silver plate in front of her, this made Harry really horny.

Hermione on the other hand stood next to the Victorian chair at the end of the table. She was wearing a navy blue dress that brought out her curves and blue ribbons tied to her hair which Harry took note were actually looked decent as it went down her back and up to her bum.

Daphne was seating on one side of the table wearing a gray tank top and a green skirt. She also had ribbons tied to her hair but they were gray with silver trims which brought out her eyes.

Tonks sat opposite from Daphne and was smirking up at Harry, thinking about there love making last night. Harry had given his virginity to her and she had given hers to him, Daphne had given harry his first blow job and anal sex. Al in all it was a good night she thought, now that the French tart cant around bragging about taking Harry's virginity.

Tonks herself looked pretty since she found out that the other girls were coming, she was dressed in a beautiful teasing black dress that showed her nipples and her hips quite nicely. She also transformed herself to her real body. She had black hair, silver eyes and nice curves, especially her breasts, the fun thing about them was that she could make them as big as she wanted. Looking up at Harry she only had one thing in mind how to become his alpha wife.

Heck she'd do anything to be Harry Potters alpha, even if she had to morph in to any women in the world even Molly Weasley, that thought made her shiver.

Harry walked around the table and sat on the Victorian king chair next to Hermione which was meant for him.

"Ginny you may join us for now"

Ginny gave a "yelp" and got up from her embarrassing sitting positioned and mad it to the table and stood on the other side of Harry.

"You two will eat when I am done, until then you will stand here. Glarry can you fill the table please.

Harry said loudly. With a "yes master" The house elf made food pop into the plates on the table. There was Toast, Bread, bagels, cream cheese, butter, sausage, and pancakes.

Everyone in the table dug in without a sound till Harry finished his toast and a slice of pancakes. He looked up to witness Ginny's eyes ogling the food in the table and Hermione staring at the front of the table.

"See how it feels, well I had to do the something you are doing now when I lived with the Dursleys. They sometimes didn't give me food for days, once or twice more than weeks. Well Hermione do you want me to go back to the hell hole?"

"No! Harry, I never knew I always thought that the Dursleys were just neglecting you, I never thought that they weren't feeding you. Oh! Harry please forgive me, Ron always told me that you cooked and made food for your self since they didn't provide you with anything" Stating this she began to cry.

Harry realized that maybe Dumbledore used Ron to trick her into following him blindly, Hermione was of course the smartest witch of her age.

Harry suddenly felt bad for treating her like that, but he pushed those feelings away. Maybe Hermione didn't mean it but she was still his slave, and she was going to be treated like a slave.

"Well I wont forgive you now, but maybe one day I will, you got your reading rights back, but you must read up on the Potter family and tell me about them. I am still lazy you know he said" Harry looked at Ginny, she blushed, but didn't say anything. She must've known that Harry was being mistreated by both Dumbledore and the Dursleys. Now Harry fond new found anger for the little red haired bitch.

Hermione in the case smiled after Harry gave her book privileges back. She vowed she would do anything to make Harry like her again, and maybe one day free her. She was taken aback when Harry got up and hugged her. She felt his thumb tracing down to her butt and then stop there.

'Yes' She thought, she will do everything within her power to make Harry her friend, Lover, Master, and the father of her children one day.

"O.K. Everyone except Ginny lets go to the main living room the girls are coming by the floo" Daphne and Tonks walked out towards the living room.

"Ginny finish your breakfast, I will deal with you later, Hermione come with me" Harry commanded. Hermione followed him to the living room and stood in front of the fireplace.

Ten minutes later the fireplace turned green and with a flash one Fleur Delecour arrived, followed by one Gabrielle Delecour.

Fleur looked stunning with her beautiful emerald green dress, and blond hair. With her veela heritage she was mesmerizing, she stood out from all the other girls inside the room., this made Tonks blood boil.

Gabrielle was another thing all together, she was a 10 year old girl with long blond hair tied to her back in ponytails, she had a heart shaped face and gray eyes that looked good on her she was wearing a pink sun dress out of all things which took her innocence to a new level. When she saw Harry she started to run towards him as fast as her short legs will take her.

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