Story: Life of Control
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Genre: Action, Adult, Adventure, Adventure/Action, AU, Dark, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Fluff, Friendship, General, Hurt/Comfort, Multiple Partners, Romance
Author: bigblue2289
Last updated: 08/18/2016
Words: 24923
Rating: NC-17 – No One 17 and Under Admitted
Status: In Progress
Content: Chapter 1 to 3 of 3 chapters
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What happens when a submissive aunt helps Harry open up and spread his wings? Harry with some control issues gathers his own inner circle and a mask in place he plans to conquer the wizarding world. Harry with a harem of slaves taking down Voldemort and Dumbledore.

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*Chapter 1*: Chapter 1

For those who are seeing this chapter again this is a rewrite, I will be updating the old chapters once a week until I am caught up and then it will be on a bi weekly process for the new chapters. Well sure hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

Thunder cracked and the young man of 14 with deep green eyes could only look in sadness out the window as the once beautiful roses specially picked out were being rained out and killed due to the stupidity of others. Recalling the hours he spent… well Petunia spent on her hands and knees planting the beautiful red roses caused anger built inside the young man.

Walking towards the table to pick up the rolled up whip to teach the stupid bitch a lesson a black owl with white stripes flew in through the window charmed to not allow an ounce of rain into his, well Petunia’s living room. Looking at the seal after feeding a piece of his burnt bacon that once again the stupid bitch upstairs messed up he saw it was from his friend at Gringotts.

A smile crossed the young man’s face thinking it was Ragnock once again bragging that his stupid Arsenal Gunnerss would once again won the FA cup in football but with the format he knew it was a much more serious issue.

Lord Potter,

I wish this was to brag about how you still owe me 1,000 galleons for the last match but unfortunately it is a more serious issue. We have noticed some discrepancies with your accounts and we need you to come in personally to deal with it. My director wishes to speak with you.

I will be in till 7 pm Lord Potter and remember Go Arsenal

Lord Ragnok

“Cheeky bastard” Harry mumbles to himself as he walks up to the room that Vernon and Petunia once shared until Vernon left her broken and scared taking away her Dudders 6 years ago. Walking into the room all you could see was a thin older woman on all fours in a kennel. Her nude body had the shape of someone who ran every morning which was true since Harry required his slut to stay in good physical condition.

Walking into the sparse room with no bed or dressers in sight he slammed the door waking up the nude woman, stirred from her sleep Pet as she was called looks up and sees her master glaring down at her angrily.

Hearing the thunder from outside her window she knows the roses are probably dead and washing away, she kneels and places her forehead on the ground while holding her palms up like she was trained awaiting orders.

The previously angry Harry now looks at the beautiful broken and trained Pet, a smile crosses his face and walks over to her cage. Leaning over he slides his hand into the cage and massages her moist pussy causing her to moan.

“You know what you did wrong?” Harry asked as he slaps her pussy hard causing her to moan loud and jolt forward from the strike.

“Yes Master Harrison, I was a stupid cunt who did not plant the roses securely enough thinking I would have time tomorrow. Now because of this whores thinking masters roses are dead.” She replies obediently as she winces at he tracing his fingers across the welts on her back from the bullwhip the day before.

She loved her master and knew he demanded perfection so would accept any punishment given to her.

“I will be punishing you for the roses later but for now I must head to the bank, my friend Ragnok is expecting me and he leaves in an half an hour. You will behave for me right?” He said leaning into the opening of the cage, she crawled forward and received a kiss that made her body shiver.

“Yes Master, this slut will be good while you are away.” She said moaning wanting more of his lips. She whimpered when he closed the door and the whole room went black once again besides the moonlight from the open window.

Harry walked out in his invisibility cloak past the drunk passed out on his lawn who was suppose to “babysit” him and walked until he was out of spying distance. Making sure to stand firmly on the corner this time so to not fall on his arse again Harrison pulled out his wand and called for the knight bus.

As he stood there the rain came pouring down getting his Dolce and Gabbana suit soaked, not wanting to tempt fate and get called in for a underage magic charge Harrison just stood and waited patiently until the bus pulled forward causing a wave of street water to splash all over him. Daming his day he walked into the bus seeing his favorite bus drive Ernie and attendant Stan standing there.

“Ah Mr. Potter I see you decided to go swimming before coming onto the bus, we sell toothbrushes and a meal but I apologize we sell no bathing suits.” Stan says cracking himself up as Harry just pushes a whole galleon instead of the required 11 sickles to take him to London.

Stan takes out his wand and places a drying charm on the young lord.

“The discretion price it is Mr. Potter, I do not see that beautiful young lady in sight. What did you call her?” Stan stands there thinking as Harry starts to move towards the back of bus.

“Pet is her name, she is otherwise tied up at the moment and is staying here now I have an appointment to get to in 15 minutes.” Harry says impatiently and sits down near the back. Feeling the bus take off and watching a luggage rack slide to the back of the bus as he pulls out an american comic book Xmen New Muntants issue 98. His kink toy provider Tommy had recomended the comic since it introduced a character that was taking off named Doolpill, Deadpile… Deadpool.

Reading the comic as the streets of London sped by him the interest waned not seeing where the character’s humor came in and Harry’s mind wandered to the chess game that him and the headmaster were currently playing. The first pawn moved by Albus was placing Harry with his aunt and the second was clearly being told to become best friends with the loud mouth and pig himself Ronald Weasley.

The trap was clearly too obvious too miss, after 5 children you do not know where the platform is? Harry played along though acting like the naive little boy who was just happy to have a home and even got into Gryffindor after a little chat with the hat.

The horcrux he had absorbed containing the knowledge of Riddle and the ambition as well had prepared him for the game.

Harry ensured his first chess moves was getting a solid group of pieces around him. The first one secured was a friend that was not with them anymore but after that the pieces started to fall into place.

The third piece and left hand was the lovely Daphne Greengrass who was as dangerous as she was beautiful, on the outside she looked and acted like a pureblood princess who dreamed of becoming the perfect lady of a house acting as a birthing station for a pure blood lord, on the inside she had much grander plans and Harry exploited that drive easily.

They also connected so well since they both wore a mask to all those around them, Harry played the naive gryffindor and she played the submissive pureblood looking for a husband. While she was very submissive to Harry she had no intention of being a housewife.

Through Daphne Harry then acquired her best friends from childhood Blaise Zabini and the loyalty of Tracy Davis even though she still seeked entrance into their ranks..

Blaise had a remarkable way of gathering information in interesting ways, legal and also not so much. He never wanted the recognition of power but instead wanted to be the shadow that held the true power outside of Harry.

The next two pieces that were gathered in his second year were important to the international market; the Patil Twin. Both twins with Padma being the heiress had envisioned a future for the Patil family where they once again controlled the trade between the british empire and the indian empire.

The first piece added along with the dearly departed was Pansy Parkinson, pug face herself and his hidden right hand. Growing up in an abusive household and forced to literally wear a mask of ugliness both Harry and Pansy connected on the hate towards the current establishment in the wizarding world.

After what was initially a joke the original three created a plan to establish Lord Harrison Potter as the first king of magical britain since Merlin himself handed over Avalon over to King Arthur.

Together while she would remain in the shadows and play the failing ugly slytherin they would create a group that had it’s ranking similar to that of a chess piece. Daphne was trying so hard to be the queen on the chess board and while completely loyal and devoted to their cause she had to be punished and put in her place before she rose too quickly, he would see her rise but it would be at his pace not hers.

Shaken from his thoughts Harry felt the bus come to a quick stop and through the dark skies sat the Leaky Cauldron. After giving another galleon in tip Harry stepped off the bus in his prada shoes straight into a puddle of water and like that the bus was down the street.

Walking into the pub Harry looked at his watch and noticed it was 6:59 and was not even worth leaving the pub for the night.

Walking up to the bartop he saw Tom pouring a glass of mead to an elderly witch and probably her equally elderly husband.

“Ah Harry it has been a couple of months I hear someone owes a certain goblin 1,000 galleons from the football match last night.” Tom joked and Harry could only roll his eyes.

“Did Ragnok tell everyone? If the goalkeeper could keep his hands off the prostitutes maybe he would focus more on the ball than his failing marriage.” Harry told Tom taking the butterbeer just taken out for him.

“I will not ask where you get that information but he only told us loyal Arsenal fans. I am an honorary member of his goblin arsenal fans.” Tom said puffing his chest out in pride pointing to a pin that had the Arsenal Gunners on it.

“Will it be a room for two Harry? Well only one bed.” Tom laughed throwing Harry a key which he caught without looking at it. Harry returned a true genuine laugh to his friend Tom, while Tom may still have been a pawn in his game that did not mean he could not be cordial to his pawns at time.

Taking the key Harry walked up to the room, as he was approaching his room a nice young couple with a 11 year old boy walked up to him. The man had on a cheap suit and fedora hiding a hairline that was running away while the wife had on a low cost but still beautiful flora dress that poofed out at the end.

“Sir I am sorry to bother you but Tom downstairs converted some of our pounds into…” The man started but stopped forgetting the name. Harry laughed kindly understanding how confusing the wizarding world could be.

“Galleons and sickles. My name is Harrison and yours is?” Harry asked holding out his hand for a handshake. The man listened to the elegance in Harry’s voice and the expensive skinny suit that hugged his body that cost more than their car payments and knew this was an important man, or at least well connected.

“Roger Jones and this is my wife Lisa. The young man next to me is Roger Jr or RJ as we call him, he is starting Hogwarts in the fall.” The man said with pride showing he clearly was not afraid of magic.

“Well Roger I imagine you are confused by this world your son is entering, tell you what in the morning talk to Tom and tell him that Jimmy Carter would like to ensure you get a good tour around the alley. Also when you go to gringotts talk to a goblin named Ragnok and tell him that you talked with Lionel the bold. He will give you a complete breakdown of how the wizarding world works from a financial standpoint.” Harry tells the man and both his wife and him are confused that the first person to help them has used his connections to help a stranger.

“Thank you Harrison for all your help. Can you tell me what Hogwarts is like?” RJ asked and Harry leaned forward and spoke quietly.

“Well RJ let me just say that it’s…. Magical.” Harry says pulling a rose from the center of his palm and handing it to Lisa. With a quick shake of his hands with both father and son and a kiss on the back of the hand of Lisa Harry enters his room exhausted.

Harry tries to lay down and go to sleep early but cannot stop rustling in the bed. Getting up feeling guilty at leaving Pet in her cage he calls for Dobby. She may be his slave mentally and physically but he still cared for her deeply.

“Dobby.” Harry called into the air an energetic elf popped into the room.

“Master Harry called?” The elf who took speech classes and now dressed in fine tiny robes displaying the Potter crest asked.

“Dobby I am in need of my Pet, fetch her please.” Harry ordered and the elf popped away. Ten seconds later Dobby reappeared with a POP, in the middle of the room getting her bearings of her surrounds knelt Pet with only a collar around her neck and an anal plug that had a tail coming out the back end of of it.

Seeing her master she quickly crawled over to him kissing his shoes and then placed her forehead flat on the ground.

“What is your command Master Harrison?” Petunia says not raising her voice over a whisper wishing she could abandon all speech and human responsibility all together.

Harry with a smile walked behind her and slide the tail out and push it in quickly getting a wanting moan from her lips.

“I did not make it in time so we are staying here tonight and tomorrow you will dress up nice and pretty and be my voice until we get the office. I will be following you in the invisibility cloak and remember you better not embarrass me this time.” Harry said and with a belt that he conjured in his hand he brought down the tight leather down on her back ten times causing her to moan and scream from the pain.

She could only be embarrassed once again being reminded on how she verbally assaulted a goblin and friend of his after she mistaken a jest towards her master as an insult. She was denied what she wanted so bad for a whole summer; his attention.

“If you are good today I will even finally breed you since that is all a worthless cunt like you is worth.” He said grabbing her cheeks and spitting in her face, she was reeling from excitement in the insults and degradation being thrown her way and knew what he said was the truth.

“Yes Master Harrison I desire nothing more than to be your breeding slut, that is all a slut like me is worth.” She then let out a loud moan as the leather struck her on her tits 15 times on each on leaving them red.

Harry grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the bed putting her into the same position.

“You will not cum since you have not earned the right to.” He whispered in her ear as he slid his cock into her pussy causing her to gasp. As the command was said some magic he put in her took effect that would not allow her the relief even if she tried.

He yanked her hair back far till her neck was craned back and started riding her hard, she was left a moaning drooling mess after a 15 minutes off it. She felt a hand tighten around her neck and as she fought for air she felt the pumping come faster into her telling he was close to cumming.

She felt the sticky substance fill her inside and cried when the sticky member was taken out of her.

“Get on the floor cum dumpster you know only civilized people can sleep on beds.” Harry commanded and she lept off the bed quickly curling up like a little puppy on the floor. Sad she was not allowed to reach her climax she fell asleep happy that her master was satisfied.

In the morning Pet woke up prior to her master and with happy thoughts reflecting on how she was able to find a master who was caring but firm to her like Lily was when they were children. Vernon who was a dominating personality who ended up being too abusive while giving nothing back towards her, Master Harrison and Mistress Lily both gave her their heart.

The first year at Hogwarts was a living hell but following the events of second year after Master Harrison received his own private lair in the Chamber of Secrets life was much better for her. There she was happily kept in a cage at night while during the day she did research for her master in the library of Salazar Slytherin, well the books she could understand at least. She knew she was too dumb to understand most of the books since they talked about advanced theory.

After her master absorbed something called a horcrux when he was 8 and thankfully she was the only one home at the time due to his screaming his knowledge went from a normal 8 year old if not slightly behind to well advanced studies.

She was stirred from her thoughts as she felt a belt across her back 10 times. She looked up in pain and saw her master looking down at her in annoyance. She realized she zoned and ignored him.

“Pet are you deaf or did you just choose to ignore me? I mean we can always do some obedience training. I know the hole misses you so much. Maybe I will put you in their for 3 days again.” Harry said and she started weeping not wanting to go back into the hole and begging.

“Get dressed and I will think about it based on your behavior in Diagon Alley.” Harry said walking into the bathroom to take a shower. She looked at the clothes in disdain hating to wear them ever since Master Harrison forbid the use of clothing at home once she was collared. It also meant she had to hide her collar with the Potter crest until she got into the bank.

Moaning as she took the plug out of her ass and placing it in her special box made for it she walked over to the clothes. As she went to grab the jeans she saw a small little vibrator bullet that fit snug into pussy after it expanded a little bit. Sliding it deep inside she let out a loud moan as she pressed the wireless controller turning it on sending the vibrations through her body.

She fell to her knees in enjoyment and moans as she felt her body getting close to an orgasm… but it never came. Her body begged for it, it needed to orgasm to the point she was now crying. She went to pull it out only to have her body yanked to the floor being pressed against it by her master’s expensive shoes pressed on her cheeks.

“You will keep that in all day and if you can behave and not make a fool of yourself by drooling all over yourself I will grant you any boon since you have for the most part been a good slut.” Harry commanded. She felt the pressure leave her cheeks and she restood up on shaky legs.

Walking over she grabbed the jeans and slid the jeans that hugged every curve she had and had to suck in to button them. Through the front you could see the outline of her pussy which she wish she could show more to the world especially her collar.

Then she put on a tight blue blouse that showed off her cleavage and flat stomach. Sitting down she then put on a pair of 7 inch stilettos that firmed up her backside nicely.

As she was walking down the alley she made sure to sway her hips to show the world the shape she kept herself in for her master. Harry even enjoyed some of the more proper lords looking at her with their wives on their arm.

As she was passing a large dilapidated building that lead into the poor living district Harry could only look at it and think of possibilities. Deciding to put it into his memory for research later he turned up the vibrator who from the shake through her body almost caused Petunia to fall.

They reached the large doors and walked up the counter where a goblin sat ignoring the customers around him.

“Excuse me honorable goblin but I have a message for your director. Go Arsenal.” Petunia said which caused the goblin to look up from his work. He studied her and the empty space of magic to her right. With a nod they walked to the back section of the bank towards the offices. They were welcomed into the large empty office of the director and took a seat waiting for him.

As soon as Harry took a seat Petunia took a knee next to her master still in agony of not being allowed to cum and placed her forehead on the ground and palms up.

Content with the silence and only hearing the slight moans of his Pet being kept from orgasm he pulled out a Quidditch Today. That he stole from the Leaky Cauldron.

Halfway through an article about a mysterious buyer looking to buy the Falmouth Falcons even though Harry knew it was Sirius wanting to live out his childhood dream of being a quidditch owner when he heard the door open and saw an older goblin walk in.

Harry stood and spoke to him.

“Director Deathclaw, may your enemies drown in their own dreams and hopes.” Harry said. The goblin could only be impressed by the greeting. Usually the loudmouth Ragnok was exaggerating his friends exploits and future greatness but for once he might owe his wife a galleon since she bet on her brother being right this time.

“Lord Potter may your enemies kneel before you and be submissive as your slave there.” He greeted in return and went behind his desk and sat down. Harry took his seat as well.

Deathclaw saw the suit the man was wearing and was glad he was not dealing with a mere peasant, instead it was someone who was in the business of making more money.

“Does your slave speak Lord Potter?” Deathclaw asked pouring two glasses for them of goblin wine.

“At times, although she is usually too stupid for coherent words. But yes she does have the ability, not all humans are sophisticated. Some just need to learn their place on their knees, that goes for muggles and wizards if you ask me.” Harry commented and petted Pet which got a moan from her. A wicked grin crossed Deathclaw’s face.

“I completely agree, I personally feel that even some of my own race should kneel before the powerful but the current monarchs have banned slavery. Now the real question Lord Potter… who is your team?” Deathclaw asked and for some reason the goblin nation as a whole claimed Arsenal out of London.

“Real Madrid but I will forgive you Director Deathclaw for your bad taste.” Harry said with a smile which garnered him a glare from the director.

“At least your not a Man U fan.” Harry said holding up his glass for a cheers which caused Deathclaw to laugh and tap glasses.

“Now as much as I would love to discuss a real sport like football with you and not that boring quidditch we do have business to attend to and it will not make you very happy.” Deathclaw started and when he received the nod he continued.

Harry still petting Pet’s hair starts to grab onto it rough which makes her wince and makes her body want to the feel the release all that much more.

“Lord Potter we have finally after three long years broke through Albus Dumbledore’s wards on the revisions to the Potter will. In it it states that in the event of their death you are to marry one Hermione Jean Granger. We have performed background checks and your parents had no contact with the Grangers so we now have proof of tampering.” Deathclaw says and Harry has items swirling around him in anger and Pet is weeping begging for release after feeling the pain of her master and the direct magic of him.

“With it is your will as well. It was not made by your solicitor but one Arebella Figg. It states that you will give u31; your wealth to House Weasley, u31; your wealth to the Order of the Phoenix, and u31; your wealth to House Granger upon your death. Your house votes will go to whoever Dumbledore feels is best.” Deathclaw said placing two large envelope containing evidence to put Albus away along with proof that he was responsible for line theft and attempted murder.

“We can void out your will easily but the betrothal with Ms. Granger is locked in. Albus secured it with your blood, fingerprints, and DNA. If you do something though to cause the marriage to be canceled then you will lose half of your fortune the agreement states. The goblin that helped Dumbledore already had his whole family slaughtered besides his youngest girl which has been excommunicated.” Deathclaw said taking a breath pouring two glasses of goblin wine.

“Now saying you have to marry her does not mean how you have to treat her, you could treat her so bad that she is envious of the whores in diagon alley and she could do nothing about it.”

“Thank you Deathclaw. I will file the charges right away.” Harry goes to stand up then but is stopped by a quiet voice on the ground.

“Master Harrison may I say something?” She whispers out.

“Pet it better be good or you will be back in the hole for a whole week.” Harry says angry and she quivers at the thought of the hole that long.

“Your plans are not complete yet so showing your hand this early would only alert him and allow him to change his plans up. The evidence you have by then somehow could not even be valid anymore with a new law or something. Wait till you gain power and the votes to control the law then crush him legally for the whole world to see.” Petunia says and both master and goblin are impressed.

“I will say Lord Potter I may not like your taste in teams, I mean Real Madrid really? But your taste in slaves is an excellent one. I have the form ready like you requested if you want her to officially become your slave.” Deathclaw says placing a document on the desk.

I Petunia Rosemary Evans hereby give myself wholly in body, mind, and soul to Lord Harrison James Potter. I understand that by signing the this agreement I will no longer be a human but become a thing that is the property of House Potter and all those heads of houses that come after Lord Harrison Potter.

Petunia Evans ________________ Lord Harrison James Potter _______________

I Lord Harrison James Potter hereby accept the responsibility of the actions of Petunia and will pay any fines or jail sentences she collects. She will be offered a pair of shoes that she does not have to take and a new set of clothing once a year that once again she does not have to take.

Petunia Evans ________________ Lord Harrison James Potter ________________

Both parties agree to this without the use of coercion, drugs, or spells of any kind.

Petunia Evans _____________________ Lord Harrison James Potter ______________________

New Name____________________ Petunia Evans _________________ Harry James Potter_______________________

Petunia looking it over has a large smile over face knowing she can finally drop the last name Evans and even the first name Petunia and officially be known as Pet of House Potter. She dives at the table grabbing the pen and starts signing her name. She shakes from the pain of the blood quill tracing her signature on the back of her hand three times.

Harry just looks at her and the mess she made knocking over a ink bottle and how she is shaking with anticipation kneeling on the floor.

He slowly signs his name on the first one and then reads the print on the second signature to ensure no traps.

“That is a lot of responsibility for you that I am taking. Although you did do a good job on finding a way to fuck over Albus.” Harry signs the second and final one, a second later a glow appears around her neck and replacing the leather collar purchased through his kink provider a finely crafted leather choker is on her neck with a P hanging from the ring for Potter.

He leans in and writes in Pet as her new legal name and signs it. She receives the quill and signs her name agreeing that Petunia Rosemary Evans is now no more, instead Pet of House Potter.

He snaps his fingers undoing the spell that forbids her to cum. She looks up at him with begging puppy eyes, he turns the vibrator up higher and now that she has the ability to cum it’s harder to stop herself until she gets permission.

Deathclaw just sits back entertained watching the slave human being punished and tortured.

“Go ahead cum Pet of House Potter.” Harry commands and she lets out a loud moan as her body shakes and releases juices from her pussy all over his floor. It was so built up it soaks through the jeans.

“Thank you Master Harrison for the gift of my enslavement and the right to cum.” She says with affection.

Both master and goblin shake hands and part ways.

Making their way to the Ministry of Magic Petunia can only feel pride surging through her body as she once again feels the collar on her neck. Making their way through the ministry no one notices her collar and Harry walks with no obstacles making it to the DMLE office with ease under his cloak.

As they approach Madam Bones office they see a cute blond secretary of 20 jotting down some notes. Taking off the invisibility cloak and walking towards her he places his million galleon smile on and approaches her.

On her desk is a Polish flag along with a signed copy of the team photo of the national team. Looking up from her writing the clear blue eyes look up and see the green eyes and she just melts into them.

“Ah good evening my Polish princess. I am here to see Madam Bones and I do not have an appointment but she will want to see me.” He then grabs her hand gently and places a kiss on it leaving a deep blush on her cute cheeks.

“I am Lord Harrison Potter and I would love to just go in there if it’s okay with you.” He says massaging her hand causing her to lose sense of herself from the feeling.

“I shouldn’t but she does not have an appointment till a couple of hours so it should be fine.” She says weakly in a thick polish accent and then notices the collar around Pet’s neck and blushes a little more hoping the handsome lord like what he sees in her bosses office.

“Thank you princess, can we keep this our little secret?” He says and he places a bag of galleons on her desk that is more than triple that she will make on for the whole year on her intern contract with the ministry.

She nods weakly and with one last kiss on her hand they move to the door. The secretary quickly puts the heavy bag of gold in her bottomless purse so no one walking by sees the bribe, a charge like that would kill her career before it began. With a smile Gloria started back on her work knowing her daughter would be eating good for a long time now.

Harry opened the door and saw a sight that brought a large smile to his face.

*Chapter 2*: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The scene that would that Harry and Petunia walked into would have shocked anyone else but them.

Sitting in her chair with a bar gag in her mouth and her blouse wide open with clamps on her nipples sat the usually posh and finely dressed Amelia Bones. Gone was the monocle and replaced with it was a cloth blindfold.

Gone was the beautiful necklace she usually wore an in it’s place was a tight leather collar with a ring out the front. Attached to the ring was a set of handcuffs that was binding her hands together.

Harry looked to the side and saw a pair of panties lying in the corner of the room while a key laid on her desk. As soon as Amelia heard the door open she panicked not knowing who it was. She went to reach out for the key but in her panic but forgot her hands were bound close to her neck. The motion caused Amelia to fall to the ground hard out of her rolling chair.

Harry snapped his fingers towards Petunia and she knew instantly what her job was. She ran towards the key that lying on the table but was met by the blinded Amelia who used her battle sense from the war to follow her intruder.

Pet went down to the ground partially ripping her nice blouse, struggling to get up she tried to push the larger more experienced Amelia off her to get the key but with advance battle strategy she stood no chance. Using her free legs planted her knee into the stomach of Pet and her shin across the throat of Pet to keep her down. Leaning forward she frowned when her hands found no key in the place she left it.

At that moment she felt the crack of a whip across her back 5 times causing her to fall of Pet and start whimpering from pain and excitement. There was a joke that all the Bones women needed was a good spanking and a good fucking to loosen up, they did not realize how close they were to the truth.

“On your knees.” A mysterious voice said and she sorta recognized it but could not place it. She realized the voice was serious when she felt ten more lashes across her back. She let out a cry of pain that had a loud moan mixed in it. Amelia knew she was not in the spot to fight back so obeyed quickly.

She yelped as she felt a tug on the chain connecting her nipple clamps.

“Such a good little slut you are, it only takes you 15 lashes to fall inline. You Bones women must really be sluts huh?” The voice said as she felt a hand reach under her skirt and massage her wet pussy.

After she was rubbed for a few minutes and her moaning she whined when the rubbing stopped. Silence reigned in the room until Amelia felt the crack of the whip on her exposed breast which caused to cry out. This continued for ten more minutes and by the end of it she was a sobbing mess with drool running down her scarred and battered chest. Even through all of this she had never felt more excited in her life, all her life she had been looking for someone strong enough to claim her and she just found him.

“I am going to remove this gag, for every letter you speak that is not “Yes Master” or “No Master” you will receive a lashing. Understood?” He asked taking off her gag. As it was taken off a gallon of drool fell out of her mouth and over her scarred chest.

“Yes Master.” She replied just getting more wet from uttering those words.

“Does this little slut seek a master to train her, discipline her, and over all control her?” The voice asked and she felt her hair being pulled back hard. She wanted to say no but it felt so wrong to disobey the voice. Amelia knew she was a slut at that moment, his slut.

“Yes Master, make me your slut please.” She said begging. She heard footsteps walking away. Remaining quiet the silence in the room was broken by her moan of pain and lust as she felt 14 whip marks across her chest.

“I will not whip you for the word “please” cause that would be cruel.” The voice said and she saw light come flooding into view. She looked up and saw none other than Harry Potter standing above her with the blindfold in his hand.

Looking up at him she knew she was at his complete mercy now, she could only hope for fair treatment knowing how little she helped an familial ally from the last war in his trial for underage magic.

Kneeling down in front of her Harry could feel the fear radiating off of her. Her eyes traveled over to the corner of the room where there was an older woman on her knees and forehead on the ground with palms up.

“You gave her quite a fight, you are very strong my dear.” Harry tells Amelia and she shivers as his his thumb traces over her cheek.

“Maybe I should attach a leash to you and a parade my strong little slut amongst all her ministry employees. Would my little slut like that?” He ask sliding two fingers deep inside. The idea while horrifying makes her even more wet knowing her employees and subordinates would see the slut she truly is.

“No I do not think I will show you off though, call me possessive.” Harry says pulling away from her.

“Stand up legs out wide.” Harry orders, she hesitates and feels 5 more across her chest. This gets her to quickly stand up and spread her legs out.

To her horror she sees her master pull out a large silver device that she recognizes as a chastity belt. It is magically sealed and can only be removed by the person who installed it.

“Ahh good I see you know what this is. This will not allow you to touch yourself until I give you permission but give you the freedom to pee.” Harry said pointing to a small hole that lined up to allow that kind of relief.

As Harry neared her with the device she just moved farther back. She finally backed up until she hit the desk, Amelia expected to feel the crack of the whip one more time but it never came. Instead she saw Harry place the key to her cuffs on the desk and placing his items inside a bag.

“I thought you were ready for servitude but alas it was not meant to be.” Harry shrugged and went to leave with the woman in the corner of the room now standing and following him towards the door.

The redheaded head of the DMLE ran in front of him and knelt before him like how Pet was prior only without having the ability to stretch her arms out.

“Please master I apologize for disrespecting you and I am ready, I am just new to this seeing as no one ever dominated me before. Please let this slut serve as your cum deposit, whipping girl, pet, footstool, table, breeding whore, anything you desire master.” She now pleaded with tears coming out of her eyes knowing this was the path she was born for and this was the person she was meant to serve.

Harry looked down at her and assessed her with a vicious smile wondering how good his luck was today.

“If you so much as wiggle a toe I will be out that door. Are we clear?” He said with a presence that shook her to her core.

“Yes master I understand.” She replied and when she heard the fingers snap she stood up spreading her legs wide.

Walking over the man in the fine suit opened the bag pulling out the device again. Looking at the ground the redhead knew she did not earn the right to look into his eyes. Feeling the cold steel wrap around her waist the metal adjusted on her body and felt the lock secure it in.

It was seconds later she felt cold steel go over her vagina and attach to the bar circle around her waist. With a magical adjustment she looked down and saw the large steel contraption receive a wave of magic coming from the fingers of her master securing his magic as the key.

“You will keep this on no matter what and if you need to go to Saint Mungos for some reason you will then send me a patronus and I will unlock it for you. You will meet at #4 Privet Dr, Surrey at 7 sharp tomorrow. A second early or late you will be in that for a month.” He ordered and leaned in giving her a kiss on the lips. She melted into it and knew she made the right decision.

When he left her office with the other woman Amelia started quickly taking the binds off of her and redressing. As she buttoned the last button up and closed the drawer her secretary open the door unannounced.

“Madame Bones the minister is here to speak with you. Hope you had a productive meeting with Mr. Potter.” Her secretary says sending a wink her way when Amelia notices she left out the gag.

“My lips are sealed.” She said with a smile and closed the door. Putting away the toys she went to greet her boss knowing with a smile on her face it was only one day away till she would be with her master for proper training.

(Scene Change)

The fireplace crackled and the small manor smelt of roast coming from the kitchens. Above the fireplace carved was the owl of House Greengrass and their coat of arms displayed proudly. The woman with black hair that was as dark as the night sat in a casual sundress that her lord had bought her just before term let out.

Attempting to do her homework was a failing badly as her mind kept drifting towards a green eyed god that was the first person in her life to treat Daphne as an equal and listen to her opinions.

Thinking about her lord she could not help but smile when she had developed a plan to bring the Patil twins in their operation. Gaining international trade and power would be important to them and gathering the daughters of a former Prime Minister of India would be a huge boom in their plans.

At first Daphne was reluctant thinking her lord would only think of her as a dumb blond bimbo that was only good for her body. She wished sometimes she could be born as ugly as Pansy “Pugface” Parkinson. The cookie whore never had suitors knocking on her door or even approaching her, if she knew how to tie her shoe then she would actually receive credit for her accomplishment instead of just looks. Although with her combination of lack of brains and ugly looks Daphne almost had pity on her. No with Pansy’s looks and Daphne’s mind she knew she could rule the whole goddamn world.

Instead of just listening to the plan for the Patils Harry had implemented it with slight tweaks and had even given House Greengrass 15% of the profits from the trades gained, the galleons went into a secret account so their father could not see or use for his whoring, drinking, and gambling. At first Daphne thought it was low but realizing that after tribute to House Potter and that he took all the risk the figure was right. Not to mention the little redheaded slut puff would be well worth the difference in profit.

Finally reading through the transfiguration readings assigned to them she could only sigh when she heard the soft footsteps of the only person in the house approaching her. Their father was with his mistress and their mother was getting her hair done. It could only be one person.

“Hey Daphne.” Astoria said jumping on the couch in the seat next to Daphne. Daphne instead of responding only focused that much harder on her book hoping the little blond version of herself would get the hint.

“Hey Daphne.” Astoria said once again now in a ridiculous scottish accent that sound like something from a bad american movie that Harry had shown them. Daphne determined to finish the chapter continued to ignore Astoria.

“Hey ‘aphne.” She now said in a bad french accent. Finally knowing she was not going to get any reading done Daphne slammed her book shut and glared at her sister that while she loved her got on her last nerve at times.

“What do you want?” Daphne growled out and picked up a crescent that was on the table.

“Geez sis it would seem to an outsider like you do not want to talk with your favorite sister.” Astoria said and laid on the couch with her head to the dismay of Daphne rested in her sister’s lap.

“Do you think you could tell Lord Potter that I am ready for more? I just want to prove myself to him so bad.” Astoria said with determination. She had been accepted as a Pawn at holiday break and after 5 months of being a messenger girl she was ready to prove herself.

“The Carrow twins?” Daphne asked raising her perfect eyebrow to her sister and parted Astoria’s hair like when they were younger.

“I have Flora’s complete trust, Hestia for some reason will not trust me.” Astoria pouted feeling relaxed as her sister played with her hair.

“What do you think Lord Potter would think of one out of two Carrow sisters?” Wondered out loud knowing it would be next to impossible to gain Hestia’s trust. Daphne could only give her sister a sad look.

Daphne recalled the mission she botched to recruit Hannah Abbott via abduction, it was their second year and her first year in the Grey Knights. The plan was simple, drag her to a closet when the time was right and portkey her out of there. The problem came when Daphne got too caught up in a story that Tracey was telling and she missed her perfect thirty second window that was timed out perfectly like Harry… her lord had planned.

Instead of bailing and replanning with Lord Potter like a smart snake she decided to act brashly like a lion and almost blow the cover of the Grey Knights just as they were starting to gain underground influence.

She served the detention for getting into a “fight” over a boy but the true punishment came from Lord Potter. Almost being the second Rook after Alicia in his organization she was demoted to messenger girl and removed of all responsibilities. Shortly after the incident Lord Abbott signed a deal with Lord Diggory to secure his port on the Thames, which was the port Harry was trying to get.

After receiving 100 lashes for her failure and a whole weekend in the hole she never wanted Tori to go through that.

“Astoria you listen to me, Lord Potter tasked you with getting two more important piece and I would suggest you take it more seriously. Both ladies are already dueling champions and while Flora trust you now if you slip up it could easily go away. Never get to confident Tori cause that is how you mess up and end up in the hole.” Daphne advised and Tori could only shudder at hearing stories of the hole.

“You are growing away from my protection Tori, just be careful. Our lord is a very dangerous person.” Daphne said pushing her blond hair out of the way.

Astoria pondered the advice then got up finding it time to get back to work.

“Hey Daph where does the Grey Knights meet?” Astoria asked gathering up the books she brought in.

It was well known that Pawns while important could not attend meeting and were under the orders of the Rooks. Rooks could finally attend meetings but had a limited motion of moves not able to move far from their assigned tasked. Bishops moved the Rooks and had more motion and more responsibility and was the overall ones who kept the Pawns in line. Knights were the direct advisors to the King and focused on the big picture and bigger missions. And the Queen… well no one had been crowned the queen yet.

“Tori get back to work before you get us both in hot water with our lord and I end up at the bottom of the Thame.” Daphne said half joking with a smile and with quick peck on the cheek Astoria skipped to her room to compose a letter to the sisters.

Daphne could only sigh knowing it was time to return to her research as well; the Black sisters.

(Scene Change)

The sun beated down on the family as the cool winds came in from the Mediterranean on their little spot of heaven in Ithaca Greece. The family normal for all their appearances watched the seagulls fly overhead excited for some muggle hunting later that night. Having just come back from the beach and still in her swimsuit showing off her athletic body the young woman of 14 walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror showing her pugface mask she had to wear.

With a simple incantation the ugly and sneering face of the black haired girl turned into the features of a beautiful young lady with smooth complexion and beautiful eyes. Her mother from the time of her birth had placed the glamour on Pansy knowing if her beauty was known she would have a hard time keeping off the sexual attacks in their world.

Her mother though did not expect to be killed when she just taught Pansy the spell on her 9th birthday. The obvious suspect had been the child rapist and free Death Eater Ralph Parkinson; Pansy’s uncle. Of course Pansy’s father Michael Parkinson never pushed for an investigation to indict his brother for the crime.

After Violet Parkinson’s murder Pansy would retreat into a shell until 3 years later her green eyed prince would come and be her savior. Harry had found her in a closet crying after Marcus Flint got too handsy with the whole quidditch team watching. Not one person was there to help her or comfort her except her green eyed master and love. From that moment of Harry climbing in the closet and comforting her she became completely devoted to him for the rest of her life.

Pansy wished above all that she could be with her green eyed prince instead of the blond bitch bimbo Daphne Greengrass but knew the time was not right to expose her involvement to the other members.

Pansy’s thoughts were broken up when as she was running her fingers through her long hair to the sound of a shattered lamp and a stumbling man filled the main room. Placing her mask back on Pansy wrapped herself in a robe and walked out to see her drunk uncle Ralph stumbling around the room.

“Pansss come seeee yur ‘ncle” The large man with the oddly shaped goatee said. A smile graced his face that told the world he was up to no good.

“Uncle Ralph come lay down, your drunk.” Pansy said clearing off the bed hoping sleep enticed him more than her body. The drunk man walked towards his niece with lust in his eyes and a swell in his pants.

“Yur ‘ncle Ralph just wants to see his favite neeece.” Ralph said with a hiccup. He slowly started unbuttoning his shirt and approached her again. Looking across the room the now panicked Pansy saw her protein chip and wand was on the counter but her way was blocked.

“Uncle please be lay down and I will get my father to get you a girl.” She begged but was backhanded onto bed. Landing in a daze face down on the bed Pansy felt her robe get ripped off of her body. She tried to fight as he ripped off off her bikini top but only to receive a kidney shot causing her to feel nothing but pain.

She was flipped on her back with her breast exposed as her uncle mounted her waist.

“Pans sweeetey, you are going to find out what Violet felt before I killed her.” Ralph said admitting to the murder and now to rape they knew nothing about until now. In fear Pansy looked around for something to beat the man off with but found something better.

Reaching forward towards his belt that held his hunting knife used for muggle hunting. Ralph smiled at first assuming Pansy was now on board until he saw the steel reflect against the light. He tried to get away but it was too late, Pansy stuck the knife deep into the man’s gut causing blood to gush out onto her exposed chest. Instead of stopping Pansy lunged three more times leaving the now dead Ralph Parkinson a utter bloody mess on top of her. The dead man fell backwards onto the floor and as soon as she was free Pansy ran to the table grabbing her protein chip signalling for immediate help.

It was 3 minutes later that with a crack that Harry now dressed in a fine suit and Su Li in a beautiful dress since they were on a date in Milan Italy apparated into the hotel room to see a bloody Ralph Parkinson laying on the ground. A second later a sweating Blaise with still a whip in hand appeared in a pair of jeans and a wife beater.

“Lord Potter, I was just breaking Amelia. What happened?” Blaise asked concerned looking around and seeing no Pansy. It was Su Li who in her long silver dress came out of the bathroom holding a bloody and still exposed Pansy against her chest. Su did not even worry about blood on the dress, she only worried about calming the still crying Pansy down with a chinese melody.

Harry peaked inside the bathroom and saw the bathtub lined with blood, both Harry and Blaise came to the realization after what ever happend and she made the call Pansy curled up in the tub.

“Lord Potter this was her first kill, killing a family member as your first kill it’s no wonder she is this upset.” Blaise said whispering so Pansy did not overhear and went to check on the overall scene.

Harry walked up to the now lightly sobbing Pansy and pulled her into his arms. As soon as she felt her lord’s embrace she felt much better and her breathing started to return to normal.

“Pansy I know this is hard but you need to tell us quickly what happened so we can fix this.” Harry said to her hating to sound insensitive but knowing time was an issue. She went into the full story and upon finishing they saw Blaise and Su who were both listening as well had the whole room cleaned up free of blood.

“Lord Potter if I may suggest something?” Su Li asked and after receiving a nod from Harry she walked over to the local attractions page for the hotel and looked at the local bars.

“We will not be able to make a high profile lord like Ralph Parkinson just disappear so we must make him a victim of his own vices.” Su said circling the name of the Dancing Olive, a quiet always half filled dance club off the main road.

Blaise wiping all their prints away picked up the conversation seeing where she was going.

“We drop him in the alley with a couple, we place a few bumps and bruises over the woman using his fist and place the memories in their head that the boyfriend wrestled with Ralph protecting his girlfriend. In the struggle again with placed memories the muggle thinks he stabbed Ralph in self defense and Ralph’s case will be picked up by the local Muggle Patrol. Once they see who it is they will see his record of muggle hunting and close the books on the case clearing Pansy and the muggle man based on self defense.” Blaise said estimating the body weight of Ralph to see how big the muggle man had to be to make it believable.

The muggle patrol were a group of squibs that protected the muggle world against muggle hunters and other magical criminals. The group had been created by the ICW after the fallout of the war left muggles in more danger post war than pre war. Each country had their own units that worked with the local muggle detectives and the local magical aurors. The bridge between both worlds of law enforcement.

“Do it Blaise and make sure you take some polyjuice potion with his hair and walk out of here. We need evidence for both worlds that he left the hotel alive. Su will transport the body and Blaise once you are clear find a good strong muggle.” Harry reported and with nods both Blaise and Su went to work.

“Sorry Lord Potter for ruining your date with Su.” Pansy said curled up in his chest with jealousy in her voice.

“Pansy no need to be jealous, once you can be announced to the rest of the group I will take you to the bahamas for the whole summer. Now do you remember the story?” Harry asked placing a kiss onto the lips of Pansy, the first smile since her uncle came into the room graced her pretty unglamoured face. Su and Blaise had been the only ones in on the secret of her involvement and her mask so she was able to drop her mask.

“Uncle Ralph came in and got handsy which is true. After I kneed him in the groin I ran into the bathroom locking it behind me. After some screaming from him I heard the door shut, I came out and saw the book was open to the club page and he had left.” Pansy said memorizing the story.

Blaise just ready to leave approached Harry dressed in Ralph’s clothes but still had yet to take the potion.

“Lord Potter I found a note in his pants pocket.” Blaise said handing the note off and downing the liquid. After his transformation Blaise left the room with an angry look on his face nursing his groin to collaborate her story. Su walked up to her giving her a kiss on the cheek and apparated out of the room with the body and all the evidence against them.

Harry glance down at the note and it read.


Brother in the shadows we shall rise once again to instill fear into the mudbloods and mudblood lovers. We shall meet at tent 13 on the far right side at the World Cup at 8 pm. Bring your mask and robe since we will not replace them.. Again.

Burn this as soon as you read it.


“Lady Montague?” Harry jested at the initials. Pansy lightly slaps her lord’s arm with a small laugh coming across her face loving the discussions her and Harry would have over the works of Shakespeare.

“So Lucius is ready to have fun, we will have our own fun won’t we love?” Harry asked and kissed her lips passionately, she utterly melted into the kiss and his hands went across her now clothed chest. She released a moan wanting more when his wand vibrated.

“My dear, we are out of time seeing as your father just entered the hotel. Stay to the story.” He ordered and with one last kiss he apparated out of the room. As soon as the magical residue left the air Michael Greengrass walked in looking around for his brother. The tall handsome lord of Raventree Hall looked around the room and bathroom.

“Pans sweetie have you seen Uncle Ralph? He was suppose to meet me for lunch but never showed.” Michael said sitting next to his daughter. He did care for her but his love was a twisted love none understood, including her.

With sad eyes Pansy looked up and started the story.

Harry and Su transported straight to the upstairs bedroom where they saw Pet on the ground pushing a ball with her nose. The puppy seeing both them started hopping around in excitement and barking.

“Su can you please put her to sleep?” Harry said collapsing on the bed with sleep going over his eyes. Su walked over to her lord and pressed her lips against his and walked out towards the door.

“Pet time for sleep.” Su said patting her leg and walking out the door. With one last lick on Master Harrison’s face Pet happily followed her Mistress Su out the door knowing she would get a treat if she was good. For her good behavior Su at night would always stretch her holes and fuck her with a strapon before she was placed in her cage.

(30 minutes later)

Su nude still with her strapon sat on the only chair in Pet’s room as she watched the now sore pet drift off to sleep. Leaning back Su recalled her own personal experience of when she fully submitted to Lord Potter.


A nervous second year walked through the forest recalling the briefing on the target by Alice Nott. The blond haired seventh year who had been acting funny lately did not want the young chinese girl of 12 on this mission but with the decision of their lord the arguments had finished.

Su using the stealth techniques discovered in a few of the books in the Chamber of Secrets library after the basilisk incident walked now on the main path of Hogsmeade.

Walking up the the Three Broomsticks with light footsteps Su Li covered in her master’s invisibility cloak stood outside the main door awaiting her moment. The soon be assassin did not have to wait long because 30 seconds later an angry Rosmerta was throwing a skinny man in his 20’s out of of her pub due to poker cheating. She walked across the green grass and started verbally abusing him for all of village to see.

With slightly shaky steps she approached the door but with the shaky nerves of her first serious mission for Lord Potter she almost missed her opening to get into the pub. As Rosmerta was finished blacklisting the man and yelling at him outside Su quickly snuck to the right and leaned against a dark corner. The shimmer of the invisibility cloak kept her from being seen.

She slumped to the floor and sang an ancient chinese song in her head to slow her heart rate down. Su was still not sure why she ever agreed to help Harry but he had promised her a life beyond the old traditions of her culture and a life of excitement to her heart’s desire. Here she was fulfilling her heart’s desire for a man who she barely knew.

Over the course of that year they would talk to each other and vent about stupid traditions and family members.

At times she would give her body over to the sadistic lord as well but after a while she started to crave his whippings and touch. With her heart slowed down to a slow beat she stood up and eyed the bar.

On the far right side sat a man of early 50’s sipping a firewhiskey eyeing the squib girl of 15 bussing the the tables. Pulling out the folder Su examined it to make sure it was the right target.


Any ministry employees found distributing this information in anyway will be charged with treason.

Michael Johanson

Birthday: 9/23/1939

Status: Pureblood

Allegiances: Death Eaters (allegedly)

English Defense Against Foreigner(confirmed)


War Crimes- Cleared due to never being marked and imperioiused to give money to the Dark Lord. Fully reimbursed for lost money by order of Cornelius Fudge.

Rape-18 counts- Cleared, lack of evidence and testimony

Murder-12 counts- Cleared, Carrow Twins took credit for murders

Money Laundering- Guilty, served 6 years in Azkaban 1965-1971

Kidnapping- 4 Charges- Cleared, lack of evidence

Slave Trade of British Citizens- Currently under investigation, see Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt for details of investigation.

Su Li looked over the folder showing the picture of the same man at the bar. It was well known that on their way to prison the Carrow Twins took credit for hundreds of murders they did not commit, with the ministry happy to bury the cases they accepted the testimony at face value without any investigation.

The man who just stepped away from the bar to take a leak and gaze at the bus girl had been too low on the importance scale to ever receive the mark but that did not stop him and his father from financially supporting the Dark Lord during the first war.

The man had made the mistake of raping and almost killing one of the daughters of Harry’s secret backers. The unknown lord called in a favor to have the man suffer before he died.

Su with grace stepped around a few of the drunk and Rosmerta now delivering a drink and passed by the bar. With a quick motion Su grabbed a vial of the basilisk venom and without even slowing her walking pace poured the vial into his newly filled ale.

Instead of staying inside the bar to watch the show Su circled around and following a customer out the door letting go of the breath she was holding in. She circled around the building and was staring through the window with a perfect sight of the man.

Michael stumbling slightly from all day drinking stumbled back to his seat with a plan to hear the screams of the squib that night. With his member hardening the man drank half of his ale in one gulp and looked towards his next victim with a sadistic smile.

A few minutes later the man went to say something to her as she passed to start his plan but then the man grabbed at his throat feeling it crush beneath itself. He fell to the ground grabbing at his throat and fear in his eyes.

A medi witch who just got off work went to rush to the man side but hesitated seeing who it was. With her husband being killed because of his blood status last war she had no intention of helping the man or ease his pain to death, she just stared and watched. She thanked the gods no one there knew she was a medi witch so her license was still safe.

The man thrashed on the ground but then grabbed his face in pain as the venom had spread to his eyes trying to find an exit. The man’s last moments were ripping out his own eyes to try and alleviate the pain.

Su could only watch in fascination as her first kill had been the most spectacular thing she had ever seen or experienced in her life. Reaching beneath her skirt she felt that her pussy was sopping wet from the display of the man before her. She went to touch herself some more but knew she had to include her lord in on the celebration. Before that moment she was a weak little girl following a wanna be king who would surely fail, but now with this gift of inner strength she would see Harry rise to the king of magical Europe if her life depended on it.

As she passed the aurors who were entering the pub there was only one thing on her mind; Master Harrison.

(Flashback Ends)

Stirred from her memories from the now snoring Pet, Su left the room to join her lord. Upon entering the room with a slight snore Harry was laying on his back and arm out with a perfect spot for her to melt into his body. Taking off her clothes the nude Su did melt to his body and with one last thought sleep overtook her.

“Love you Master Harrison.”

*Chapter 3*: Chapter 3

The music filled the air, the lights were low and her body grinded against Robard’s groin as the song Gin and Juice filled her ears. The rising member against her backside filled the pink auror with lust. The normally regulations minded auror lost all cares in the world upon seeing the bottom of her first shot of firewhiskey earlier that night.

Robards feeling no pain and more confident slid his hands up from her flat stomach to the bust she grew out even farther with lust as her only emotion. Feeling the welcomed touches of the man’s hands across her body her mind but sadly her mind was diverted feeling the protein chip vibrating in her pocket. Deciding to ignore the summons the pink haired auror turned her body around and faced her dance partner, once again they both let the music take them to another world.

As she with desire in her mind felt the firm hands grip her ass they both felt rough hands pulling them apart. The figure initially hiding in the bright lights became more clear as their sight eventually focused. Standing between them was the grizzled old veteran with a missing leg and eye.

“Mad-Eye I would appreciate it if you kindly back the fuck off and leave us active aurors to our business. Don’t you have some shuffleboard you need to play since your retirement?” Robards said and tried to move back towards Tonks only to have him pushed away again.

“Young man Tonks here needs to deal with a family emergency so I would appreciate it if you let me speak with her privately.” Mad Eye said to the captain he had trained, Tonks immediately peaked up turning her hair into a dark red fearing something happened to her mother.

Ever since the passing of Ted Tonks the once famous defense attorney in their world, Andromeda Tonks had gone through a severe depression dropping all of her high profiled clients within one week of the passing. Life soon spiraled down the drain for the woman who led the defense against many of the high profiled Death Eaters following the fall of Voldemort. The mediwitches had even tried muggle medicine to no avail.

“Robards we will continue this later.” Tonk says and leans in kissing him in a sensual kiss as both of their judgement is blocked by the alcohol. A sober Tonks respected the rules normally but this was not a sober Tonks.

With sway hips off the dancing floor Mad Eye and Tonks make it to an empty room that Mad-Eye had procured from the owner of the Dancing Owl Nightclub. The loud music disappeared as the door closed behind Mad-Eye.

“What is the matter? It is not my mother is it?” Tonks asked with fear etched across her face that had a light blue blush across her cheeks.

Mad-Eye simply hobbled over to a chair examining the area for listening spells before speaking.

“No lass it is not your mother, it is about your non-immediate family. Albus needs you go to your cousin Harry’s house and plant a listening spell in each room.” Mad-Eye told her and her hair became a violent red and she stepped angerly forward only to trip over her own feet and falling into a chair conjured by Moody.

“You pulled me away from the promotion party at the new hottest club that we barely got into because Dumbledore does not trust a 13 year old boy? Why would we care what he is doing? Harry is probably discovering pornos and beating off anyways. Leave the kid be.” Tonks says and goes to get out of her chair. Moody stands up before her and hobbles over to the exit blocking the door.

“Lass you must do this, Albus is your leader and you will follow his orders.” Moody growled and with a burb and huff Tonks sat back down. Annoyance crossed her face without any attempt to hide it.

“Why don’t you do it or send Remus or Hestia.” Tonks said as she spotted a bottle of american tequila left behind in the room. Pouring herself five shots she took them straight hoping that if she was too drunk she would not have to leave.

“Stop drinking and sober up. I am headed into France, Remus is headed into northern England, and Hestia is on vacation with her children so it’s on you. Plus the others that are available do not know the house, take a fucking potion and sober up because you are doing this.” Mad-Eye said standing up to leave.

“Why are we spying on a boy turning 14 this summer? I mean he has grown into a handsome kid and a little more confident but why would we spy on him?” Tonks said and downing a sober potion. She nor Moody took into account the sober potion only worked on magical drinks, the firewhiskey was gone but the tequila she had been drinking throughout the night had to run it’s course.

“Albus has a feeling everything is not as it seems. He is not sure what is going on but needs to make sure his plans are still in motion. Now Lass it is 2am and he is probably asleep so say goodbye to your friends and head out.” He told her and and walked out the door closing it behind him. Standing up on her feet she felt the buzz still there. Enjoying said buzz she said goodbye to her co-workers and departed for #4 Privet Dr.

With a crack she appeared in front of a light post that belonged to #8 Privet Dr. Stumbling across the manicured lawn almost tripping over a garden gnome she walked the two house to her destination passing the rose bed beside the porch. From the corner of her eye she saw a rose that did not survive the rains and picked it up.

“Awe poor flower, don’t worry you will be with me.” The tipsy auror said smiling placing the flower in her hair. Walking up to the door she cast a revealing spell on the first floor seeing everybody was upstairs. Sending a silent Alohomora at the door Tonks became confused when the door does not click open.

Testing the door she confirms the door is still locked. This time doing a verbal spell over the silent she hears the door unlock.

Creeping into the house and placing a silence spell on her feet she takes two feet into the house and feels eyes on her but all the spells once again reveals she is alone on the floor. With uneasy stumbling steps Tonks proceeds with her mission trying to get back to the club before last call.

Walking past a coffee table and placing a listening spell on the lamp she looks down and sees an advanced runes books for 5th years. Opening up the book the auror is shocked to see a woman’s handwriting scribbling the side of the book. Taking a second to read the written passages Tonks realizes the contained information could change the wizarding world. Opening to the front cover the beautiful signature of her godmother Lily Potter is neatly in the bottom right corner. Wiping a tear from her eye knowing placing a listening device on her godmother’s son house is wrong she continues to moves through the house.

Ten minutes later after securing the main level she resist the temptation to go into the basement knowing even in muggle homes families only store junk down there. Feeling eyes on the back of her head once again she draws her wand pointing it at the fireplace, no one is there besides a decorative cat on the fireplace with a goofy look on it’s face.

Feeling thoroughly creeped out Tonks edged her way up to the staircase that headed up to the bedrooms. Approaching the fifth step from the top she saw what she thought was a shadow move down the hall in front of her. The distraction was enough for her not to see that the third step was loose.

The already tipsy Tonks slipped on the step busting her lip on the top step. The collision causes a loud smack to ring throughout the house, ignoring the pain Tonks had cast a disillusion spell on herself staring at the two bedrooms in front of her. After 5 minutes of waiting and seeing no lights come on she assumed the loudness of her collision was only in her head.

Getting up slowly passing Petunia’s room she heard what she thought was barking coming from it. With a slow turn of the handle the pink haired auror peaked in and saw a very shocking scene. There in what should have been a normal bedroom was no bed, tv, radio, or even dresser. Instead there was a nude Petunia locked in a kennel that had a buttplug tail in.

Emitting from the woman was a loud bark that caught her off guard. Tonks moved in close to calm the woman down and free her, when opening the cage Tonks was in for a surprise as the woman/dog launched herself at her sinking her teeth into arm of Dora.

Pain emitted through her arm and a muffled screamed emitted through her mouth from biting on her own tongue. She was finally was able to pry the jaw lose of the woman acting like a dog, the bite marks had left trails of blood dripping from the wound. Freaked out by the scene Tonks ran out of the room away from the barking woman and down the steps. In her haste she forgot the third step was loose and went tumbling down the stair violently landing hard at the bottom.

Leaning against a wooden railing she was now in a torn dress with the neck propped up uncomfortably, her body was lying up the stairs legs up and the dress had moved down exposing the pink panties for the world to see. The top strap of her dress also ripped exposing her right bare breast. Hearing footsteps with great pain Tonks sees a blond hair body of 14 walking down the steps towards her, he has the look of regal without the look of pompous like her cousin Draco.

“Who are you?” She coughed out in pain feeling at least two ribs broken. She tried to grab her wand that was a foot away from her only to received a small contained blasting spell making contact on her hand, the bones in her hands crush under the spell. She let out a loud cry of pain as the boy merely smirked putting his wand away once again and picking up hers.

He approached her and leaned in close to her. She could only shiver seeing the sick sadistic smile cross his face.

“Me my dear I am your worst nightmare? I am the monster in your closet and you are in my playground now.” The blond boy tells her and sends a Mike Tyson knockout punch at her face knocking her out cold. The vicious smile crossing his face drops quickly when Blaise looks up and sees a light turn on in his lords bedroom. Knowing Lord Potter hated the response “I don’t know” to his questions the blond boy started checking her secret compartments for ID.

He tenses seeing the dark figure of the raven haired lord standing at the steps, relief sets in seeing some dog treats in his hand as he disappears into Pet’s room.

Finding a badge in a handbag he reads 2nd Class Auror, Nymphadora Lily Tonks. Along with the badge he finds a protein chip lying in her garter. The footsteps of Lord Potter approach him now skipping the third step on pure instinct, the blond boy saw the look of pure annoyance on his face. He dropped to a knee and dipped his head low knowing this was not the time to insult his lord with an improper greeting.

“Blaise can you tell me why at 2:53 I am up with a pink haired whore at my steps.” Harry says pointing to the woman with exposed panties and breast. Looking over at the table he sees something that purely infuriates him.

“And tell me Blaise you did not read my mother’s book? If you did so help me god Blaise I will have you broken so bad that Bellatrix will look normal.” Harry says in a quiet rage that shakes the blond boy to his core.

“No My Lord, I would never insult Lady Lily’s memory like that. This is Nymphadora Lily Tonks 2nd class auror, this is the one that is your dogfathers cousin and your distance cousin through your grandmother Dorea Potter nee Black. She is the confirmed member of useless birds watching you.” Blaise said quickly not wanting to be on the receiving end of Lord Harrison Potter’s anger.

Harry simply nods and walks past them and closes the book.

“What was she doing in my house Blaise? I know you are using those security spells from Grindelwald personal spell book.” Harry says walking into the kitchen turning the coffee machine on.

Blaise walks into the kitchen seeing Harry now take out a pound of sausage, eggs, toast, beans, and black pudding for an english breakfast.

“Well I watched the drunk girl stumble onto the porch and figured out who she was so I decided to let her in and monitor her. She placed listening devices which will not pick up anything except what the great manipulator wants to hear. The drunk idiot made my job much easier falling down the steps disabling herself.” Blaise said as he cut up the black pudding to prepare that part of the meal for them.

Emerging from the upstairs bedroom of Lord Potter came a short athletic and gorgeous chinese girl that was still happily exhausted from hers and Harry’s late night activities. She followed the smell down the steps only raising an eyebrow at the still unconscious Tonks and entered the kitchen.

Upon entering she was greeted by her lord with a cup of coffee and a kiss that made her curl her toes.

“The beautiful Su Li is up now. Now we can have breakfast proper.” Harry said with a small smile and went back to the frying of the 8 eggs.

“Thank you Lord Harrison for the greeting, may I ask why a party slut is at the foot of your stairs?” Su asked taking a seat that the table. With a nod from Harry, Blaise repeated the story as the plates were being laid out and the food was being placed.

“Blaise please bring both Nymphadora and Pet.” Harry ordered and with a nod Blaise bounded up the steps to free the happy puppy. A minute later the nude pet was walking towards the kitchen. With a happy bark she started licking her master’s hand and started sniffing his crotch for her breakfast.

Blaise had thrown the woman over his shoulder and started carrying her to the kitchen while she started to stir. With her being in so much pain she could do nothing more that wiggle.

“Help me please.” Tonks said through hazy eyes reaching for the golden boy she swore to protect. Tonks smiled seeing the raven haired boy get out of his seat and walking towards her, the smile fell into a look of fear when he grabbed her hair and yanked it back. She emitted a loud scream and whimper as the movement vibrated on her broken ribs.

“Ms. Tonks, we are going to ask you some questions. If you lie to us or do not answer us I cannot guarantee your safety. Am I clear?” Harry asked but was greeted to the answer of the confused auror via nails. She lunged her good hand forward into the cheek of Harry leaving deep marks into his cheeks, at that moment she dug into her garter to pull out the protein chip they were given in case of trouble; it was not there.

At that moment she felt the boy carrying her let the hurt body just roll off his shoulder landing hard on her hip causing pain to travel throughout her body. Looking up she saw in horror that her protein chip was in the hands of Blaise who sent a hard kick into her damaged ribs. With his foot Blaise then rolled her onto her back and she saw a vicious smile cross the golden boys face.

Tonks from the latest kick now had three broken ribs.

She attempted to swat Harry away with her non broken hand but he had grabbed it and looked down on her with blood still dripping from his cheek. She attempted to yell and was assisted in that feeling when Harry broke the two fingers used to scratch him.

Tonks let out a pathetic scream that put smile on all three of their faces.

“Blaise your job is to break her so she is loyal to me only and would sell out her own mother. Are we clear?” Harry asked his dirty work guy while stepping on the bare throat of Tonks forcing her to fight for air. He received a nod and then turned towards his cleaner; Su Li.

“Su clean up the place and move all our stuff to the Grey Manor. We have maybe 6 hours before Dumbles sends someone else.” He tells her releasing his foot from the throat which has her sucking up air like she is a knockturn alley whore in the hunt for rent money.

Harry stepped on her ribs and she was screaming bloody murder, no noise escaped the living room due to the charm set by Blaise. On his face was a vicious smile that showed he loved her screams.

“So poetic a scream is, it tells you a lot about a person. This one is stubborn and a fighter but from how moist panties are she is probably a pain slut.” Harry said dropping one knee across her ribs which now the screaming was replaced with pathetic whimpering. He guided his hand across her pink panties and her covered pussy lips. Her body shuddered in excitement and fear.

“Dora do you know what gets me just so horny it’s unbelievable?” Harry asked her and Blaise could only stand back and watch him dissect and break down the auror trained in torture in amazement.

She looked up at him with her big doe eyes that had tears gushing down her face smearing her mascara and her hair was changing at a quick pace through the rainbow.

“Seeing the lost hope in your eyes, the looks of…. Submission.” Harry finished and pulled out his wand with incredible speed sending a Stupify at her chest knocking her out cold.

“Dobby.” Harry called out looking at his hungry puppy in lust now at seeing the complete submission in her eyes.

Dobby appeared seconds later.

“Master Potter How may I help you” He asked in a proper british accent he had been working on.

“Take this whore to the Grey Manor and heal her ribs and hand. We need her healthy for her torture. Once in the basement stript Tonks here and place her in the box.” Harry ordered and a second later Dobby disappeared with the knocked out auror.

“Blaise clean up the basement and I will meet you down there to free the the slut in the hole. Su clean up the upstairs to make it seem like a normal muggle upstairs and I will clean the main level.” Harry said sending a lust filled smile towards the puppy eating blood pudding on the ground. As they departed Harry walked into the kitchen and headed towards the puppy who now had her tongue out for her master.

She let out a pathetic bark that he loved so much dragging her to the corner of the room. Pushing her head down forced Pet to raise her hips up in the air.

Pulling her hair back Pet let out a little whimper.

“You want to be my little puppy slut for the rest of your life don’t you Pet?” He asked sliding himself into her moist pussy. She let out a happy bark that mixed with a moan, she whined when her god came out of her.

“You want Petunia Evans the human to die and Pet the good little puppy to be born don’t you?” He said once again sliding inside her and she let out a happy bark and did a whining moan once again when the cock left.

“You want to have no more worries in life. No more gardens and roses to kill, bacon to burn, or what clothes to wear. Just to worry about what tail you will wear that day.” Harry said fucking her rosebud with the tail she had in that day. Her whimpering moans filled the kitchen and up to the top of the stairs where a certain asian girl was fingering herself to the moans.

She let out a loud bark in confirmation. She then felt his hand rub her bare stomach.

“Your womb will become my breeding ground.”

He then moved his hand over her cunt getting a moan from her.

“Your pussy will be my toy to use.”

Finally he moved his hand across her back along the deep welts from the bull whip on her back. She winced in pain as the fingers traced her marks.

“And my stress relief to mark as much as I want.” Harry said pushing down on a fresh mark. She could only whimper in response but even though it was extremely painful she became wet at his mere touch.

“Your are officially now Pet of House Potter. You are no longer a human required to dress, talk, or any other responsibilities.” Harry told her then proceeded to fuck her hard till her howling was heard throughout the whole house.

As he finished inside her womb planting a child inside her due to the potion she drank a flustered and panting Su Li came in the kitchen adjusting the skirt she just changed into to.

“Su is the upstair cleaned up?” He asked as he waved his wand lazily and the whole main floor was cleaned up.

“Yes Master Harrison. When are you going to give me a gift in my womb master?” Su asked hoping it was not because she wasn’t worthy. He only smiled at her and placed a sensual kiss on her lips.

“My dear the time will come. You are much too valuable to me right now. Once we have more assassins to pick up your load then we will look at that okay?” He said sliding in close allowing her to feel his hard member. Before she could move forward Blaise came up the stairs and looked away uncomfortably.

“Lord Potter we are ready to move. The only thing left downstairs is the hole with our guest inside it.” Blaise reported and moved to kitchen. Harry grabbed Su’s hand and they both went down stairs to an empty basement that in the center had a metal steel plate.

Using his wandless magic Harry lifted the top off to show a nude older redhead balled up in the corner. The magic in the hole would make one hour feel like four so after 12 hours of no sound or light in the hole Amelia Bones was looking up in fear. Upon seeing her master she obeyed the small voice in her head that spoke to her in the hole, the voice told her about protocols and the greatness of her master.

Within seconds Amelia was on her knees kissing the feet of Harry.

“That is a good little slut.” Harry said as he massaged her pussy causing a desperate moan to escape her lips.

“The once mighty Amelia Bones now on her knees like the slut she is. Blaise her trials are over, take her back to the Grey Manor to get some sleep. Susan will be coming home in 12 hours from the Abbotts and my little slut needs to be rested up.” Harry says slapping her hard on the ass causing Amelia to let out a loud yelp.

With a snap of his fingers the previously large hole that had pure magic floating inside of it was filled up and replaced with the cement that laid their previously.

“Amelia dear, once you get back to your manor you will not say one word about this night your new master. Are we clear?” Harry asked sitting in one of the extra chairs from the dining room set. Amelia quickly crawled over and acted as a footrest.

“Yes Master.” Amelia replied as she locked her arms in place as to not move. To test her Harry brought down a leather strap on her exposed ass causing her to yelp loud, she did not move though.

“Blaise, Amelia seems obedient enough to start giving simple task to. Let her make simple drops and stuff of the sort.” Harry told the blond.

“Master I can do more for you like…” Amelia started off but was stopped by feeling the leather strap connect to her exposed body 25 times. By the last strike Amelia was a crying mess balled up on the ground.

“You have not earned the right to suggest anything to me. You will route your concerns and ideas through Blaise, if they do not sound stupid then Blaise will tell me or direct you towards me. Are we clear?” Harry said wrapping the leather around her neck and squeezing tight. Nearing passing out released the struggling Madam Bones leaving her to cough violently fighting for air.

“Y…es Maaster.” She coughed on her knees hunched over.

“I will not dismiss ideas since that is how we advance, through council. But I will not have the lower ranks jumping channels because they want all the glory. Now we will head to the Grey Manor.” Harry says pushing his foot against the kneeling Amelia who is sticking her head up. She falls back to the ground effectively learning her place. She may be almost top dog in the ministry but here she needed to earn the respect from the bottom.

“Su transport her and take Amelia straight up to a bedroom.” Harry orders and with a crack all members of the household disappear.

They arrive in a large beautiful sitting room that has the fireplace roaring to life. Etched into the stone above the fireplace with full color being shown was the flag of Avalon and the future flag of magical Britain.

The flag had a backdrop of dark purple with the British flag in the top left corner with a wand in the center. To the bottom left of it larger than the British flag showed a hand coming out of the water holding a sword by the sharp steel. The hilt that was shown was the sword of Avalon that was destroyed by King Arthur upon merging the kingdoms of Britiana and Avalon.

Amelia can only look around in amazement. She goes to investigate until Su Li grabs her elbow dragging her to the massive staircase to their right.

“Lord Potter said sleep, you will obey him.” Su says swatting her on the butt causing her to jump. The feeling gets her excited ready to masturbate but with her chastity device she had to wait.

“Yes Lady Su.” Amelia says acknowledging her betters and bows her head. With one last kiss from her master Amelia follows Su up to the bedroom assigned to her.

Harry and Blaise walked over to the couch where Dobby had set up some tea for their arrival. Harry sprawled across a large couch while Blaise went with the single seater that already had a Daily Prophet laying on the arm.

They sat in silence as Blaise read through the business section and Harry simply enjoyed doing nothing.

“Dixit Enterprises is closer it seems to securing a magical gambling license from the ICW it seems. Whoever names their company after a board game should be questioned on his sanity alone.” Blaise says reading through the article, Harry responds by throwing a pillow at his head which Blaise easily catches and places it on his lower back for support.

“Ahh look at this.” Blaise says and reads a paragraph out loud.

“.. the development comes as a shock to many of the lords in the Wizengamot, which is the highest court in wizarding England. Just two years prior in a motion led by Lord Lucius Malfoy the high courts ruled that all gambling outside of monitored quidditch establishments was outlawed.

With magical and muggle England still apart of the European Union the CEO of Dixit Enterprises Italian immigrant Giovanni Pirano went directly to the ICW who speaks for the magical EU. When approached about these developments Lord Malfoy had this to say.

“We allow these immigrants into our country and use loopholes to abuse the laws. We will not let this abuse happen no longer.”

Lord Malfoy who was in a clear rage during the interview did not go on to explain further. Giovanni Pirano as far as we could find was an Italian immigrant who migrated to the United States making his fortune in wine and olive oil. With his fortune made the former goat herder has set his sights on our quiet world.

Santino Pirano, the eldest son and spokesperson for Dixit Enterprise refused to be questioned but sent this owl to us.

“We at Dixit thrive to raise magical England to the powerhouse it once was at the time of the Hogwarts founders. My family did not come here to reshape your country in our image, rather we came here reassert the dominance of England on the world scene. We have faced struggles and discrimination since our arrival but the friendly faces that we come across make it worth it.”

The message from the heir to the Dixit company is clear. The youngest son Benito was reported to have a broken nose from an auror after clear discrimination.

Even through the intimidation attempts by a few in England Dixit Enterprise has grown to a deli, nightclub, an italian restaurant, and a healthy choice resturaunt.

The Dancing Owl nightclub which opened up a month back now has a line every night going all the way down the block. Youngest son and club promoter Benito opened the club with the support of his family and has found great success.

Chef and only daughter of Giovanni, Adrian Deluca has spearheaded the gourmet dining experience “The Garden” which provides a healthy alternative to food, including a muggle based food called a three bean burger.

The other restaurant ran by the chef is “The Violet Window” which is making splashed already producing two michelin qualities items appealing to the higher end crowds in Diagon Alley. With reports of someone building an opera house nearby you can be sure it will become a hotspot before and after performances. Attempting to get my own reservation I found out it is a two month waiting list, using my reporter’s credentials and promising an honest review in an upcoming issue I was finally able to bump the wait down to three weeks.

This family truly has spread themselves out.

We reached out to Albus Dumbledore for a response but his office has refused to give a statement. How far will the lord’s go to stop Dixit Enterprise from expanding its global reach? Is Dixit Enterprise helping or hurting our community?

We at the Daily Prophet will have more once it is uncovered.

Jasmine Wyland, Editor-in-chief of the Daily Prophet

Blaise finished up and could only laugh at how quick their associates had spread out their reach in a mere year and a half.

“I cannot believe you took one of the most corrupt New York based mob families and made them into respectable citizens. Are they completly on board?” Blaise asked folding up the newspaper and looked at the flag over the mantle, he could only smile knowing all of the UK and northern Gaul would once again be united.

“Please, I barely finished my sentence and they were completly on board. Now instead of being chased by the american aurors they are now in charge of the largest mostly legitimate business in the whole British Isles. Not to mention they were one mob war away from being wiped out.” Harry said taking out One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest. As he got set to read it Blaise’s wand started vibrating.

“Ahh the party slut is ready to be taken out of her box for some more fun.” Blaise said in a excited voice jumping to his feet and placing the newspaper on the table.

“She give us any secrets yet?” Harry asked getting up as well deciding to make a trip to see his dove.

“Well due to her oath she could not tell us where their Headquarters are but she was able to tell me they play cards a lot in Westminster London. We confirmed through other sources that the house belongs to Hestia Jones. She also plays monopoly somewhere in Scotland but still working around the oath for more details on that location. Although from the details of the area that sounds awfully like Emmeline Vance lives near there. Where you off too?” Blaise asked as he saw his lord do a wandless wrinkle free spell on his nice dress shirt and pants.

“Ah my old friend I hear the chirping of a dove in my future.” Harry says with a smile and walks towards the fireplace while Blaise walks towards the basement with a very different and very dark smile upon his pale features.

Walking up to the fireplace Harry simply said “Raven Manor” and threw the floo powder in, stepping through the flame the lord of the Grey Manor disappeared.

(Scene Change)

The clock had just struck 12 and the grandfather clock rang throughout the whole of Raven Manor. A 33 year old blond with a long slender figure, medium bust, and blond hair looked down at the Daily Prophet reading an article about everyone’s favorite raven haired heir; Harry Potter.

“… Harry Potter according to some at Hogwarts went from an arrogant and immature boy as described by Heir Dracious Malfoy to a well dressed arrogant fool described by the Potions Master Severus Snape. The opinions expressed seems bias to their view of the young man but it still begs the question “What changed?”

Us at the prophet had made it our mission this whole summer to figure that out and we have come across some information. According to an undisclosed source the soon to be Lord Harry Potter has gained access to an account opened by Lady Lily Rose Potter nee’ Evans. While the whole of the Potter fortune is still untouched until the lordship is claimed no one knows how much the young soon to be lord had received.

Upon his 17th birthday the amount of near 2 billion galleons will be available. Ladies find him now cause we at the the Daily Prophet name Heir Harry Potter England’s most eligible bachelor for 1994.

We apologize to our readers about not naming a 1993 Most Eligible Bachelor but with 1992’s winner Gildroy Lockhart being involved in the molestation of his students along with his apparent suicide at the end of the school year we did not want to disgrace the victims of his horrible acts.

Well ladies get out there and good luck hunting.

Rita Skeeter.

A picture of the raven haired man that both her daughters gushed over in private was on the front page. He was standing in his Gryffindor quidditch uniform with a 1000 galleon smile. Hearing the floo activate she did not take her eyes off the picture figuring it was her husband Hank home from an early day of whoring their money away. If it was not for the percentage that Daphne received from the international trade they would have had to sell their manor earlier in the year.

Looking up from the picture she saw standing in an elegant skinny suit was the man the article was just about. While she did not officially swear herself to the 14 year old lord like both of her daughters had she was still raised with proper customs and courtesies.

Quickly she got up from her seat and went to her knees not worrying about the dirt getting on her long beautiful everyday red dress she had on. Once on her knees she gave the raven hair lord a kiss on his shoes and pressed her forehead to the ground.

“Ah Lady Greengrass I thank you for the warm welcome. I see Daphne cannot keep a secret from her mother.” Harry said laughing and Anastasia looked up in worry hoping she did not get Daphne in trouble. Instead of a look of anger she saw a smile and his hand extended out for her to grab. Grabbing the hand she gracefully rose from her knees and received a kiss on the back of said hand.

“Do not worry. Daphne came to me first saying she wanted to tell you the truth without the details. I assume she left out the details?” Harry asked leaning over and brushing off the dirt from her knees.

“Yes Lord Potter, she only has said of your greatness and that with your vision the wizarding world will return to greatness once again.” She said with a smile at seeing the lord her daughters adored fussing over the dirt on her dress.

“That is good Anastasia. Now I am here to see your daughters but I would love a detour through your garden.” Harry said offering his extended elbow for her to loop her arm through. With a smile she led him out the west exit that led directly to their garden.

After some idle chat and laughing they came across a large area devoted to lilies. Anastasia had them planted the same day she found out her best friend from Hogwarts Lily Potter was murdered. At the base of the flowers was rock with an engraving.

Joy’s smile is much closer to tears than laughter

-Victor Hugo

“That was your mother’s favorite quote you know. She would light up a pitch black room the moment she walked in it.” She said sadly and recalled the dinner she had with Lily three days prior to her death on Halloween. It took everything inside her not to kill her husband once she found out it was him that funded that mission for the Dark Lord. Hank was never skilled enough to bear the mark but was still a financial supporter during the war.

“I wish I never had to marry that man. At the time it was either marry him or get disowned and I was so afraid I gave in. I wish I could have been as strong as your mother and stood up for myself, she even offered me a spot in her household but I could not betray my family. Lord Potter can you ever forgive me?” She said with tears in her eyes and masacre running.

He simply gave her a kiss on the cheek and wiped the tears away.

“My dear you did not personally give the money to Tom Riddle, your husband will pay for the sins in his involvement in my parents murder and you will be free. Now before we both start crying let us move on.” He says in a calming sweet smile and re looping her arms in his they continued their walk.

After a few more laughs they reached the sitting room where the girls usually relaxed.

Upon hearing the door open the youngest Greengrass sister was heard yelling.

“No Hestia, I will never ever become your friend.” Astoria screamed out at the top of her lungs. Upon seeing it was not Hestia but instead the man who had trusted her with the assignment she dropped to her knees and forehead flat on the ground.

“My Lord, please forgive me. I am your humble servant who messed up and needs help.” She begged never raising her head above his kneecaps. With a little laugh he simply walked over to the couch crossing his right leg over the left.

Anastasia not knowing why her daughter was making friends with Death Eater children knew her little Tori messed and wanted to accept her punishment so she dropped to her knees and laid her forehead flat on the ground in similar fashion.

“My Lord, I am not sure what my daughter did but I will volunteer to take her punishment.” Anastasia said getting wet at the mere thought of any punishment this man dished out no matter how cruel.

Harry made eye contact with the kneeling mother who had put her head up, with a pat on his leg she came crawling over ripping part of her fake Dior dress her husband thought looked real enough to impress the lords at parties. It had not worked.

Reaching him she cuddled up to his leg relishing in the feeling. Her long blond hair draped over his leg just felt right to her. Harry with a smile on his face looking at the happy Anastasia he started playing with her hair and petting her eliciting a moan out of her.

With seriousness in his eyes now he looks up at Astoria who is awaiting her cue to move. With a snap of his fingers he points to the empty spot in front of him, she scurries over quickly kneeling before him.

This is the scene that Daphne walk in on. Dressed in a tight pink top that shows off her bust, a pair of tight jeans, and 4 inch stilettos she gets to her knees and crawls over to her lord. Leaning forward she places a kiss on her lord’s shoes and assumes the same position as her mother, only on the other side.

“So Tori, Hestia did not take the bait huh?” Harry asked looking at the flickering fire place now playing with both blonds hair getting matching small moans from them both.

“No Lord Potter. I did all the tips that you suggested and it worked beautifully with Flora but Hestia played me and let my pride get in the way. We had a fight and both sisters flooed out of here 30 minutes ago.” She said humiliated she failed.

Instead of showing anger Harry just sat there stone faced thinking. His thinking was now distracted when Anastasia was on all fours like Pet licking his hand.

“Were you planning on telling me the plan went sideways or were you just going to rush in with a new plan of your own?” Harry ask and looks over at Anastasia and digs into her mind. What he sees makes him very happy.

On the surface of her mind he sees the scene of her lying nude in her bed finger fucking herself letting out little barks instead of moans. The images that go through her head is the images that Daphne described to her of Petunia acting more and more like Lord Potter’s personal puppy.

Digging deeper into her mind she sees a scene of Anastasia locking herself in a small cage while she bounds herself with gag in her mouth. Attached to her pussy is a vibrator and she is denying herself knowing she did not deserve it. The memory fades to the image of Daphne having to come up and unlock her forcing her back into the normal state before Hank came home. With him discovering her in that situation he could deem her insane and allow him to get his hands on her inheritance to her father’s estates when he passed. The man would sell his wife and both daughters for galleons if he could.

With the mindsweep taking mere seconds Astoria never notices she did not have his attention.

“..was going tell you Lord Potter.” She finished nervously. Harry zones in on her deep breathing and even though he caught the tail end of her sentence he knows she is lying.

With a strong backhand Astoria falls hard to the ground and is holding her cheek, Daphne goes to comfort her sister but is held back by her hair causing her to let out a whine.

“Now let me ask you again. Did you plan on telling me? This time do not lie.” Harry ask and Astoria with a large red print on the back of her pale cheek get back onto her knees looking ashamed of herself.

“I am sorry for lying to you My Lord. I was making up a new plan as you walked in Lord Potter. I am sorry for betraying your trust.” Astoria says and kisses his feet in apology and keeps her head down.

Daphne can only look onto her sister in sadness at having two strikes against her in a single conversation. There is a way to lie in a cunning way without offending him, that was not the way. He still knows your lying but the cunningness of your lie impresses him.

He looks at Anastasia looking up at him with big doe eyes.

“Sweetheart give me a little bark.” He tells Ana and she pauses shocked on how he knew. She feels a hand slap her cheek, hard enough to leave it red but not cause her to fall over.

“Bark.” She says in a bad attempt. She is expecting another slap by the weak bark but surprisingly receives a kiss on the lips.

“Astoria your punishment will be 50 lashes plus ten for lying to me. Although I should double but princess here has made me smile.” Harry says still looking at the older woman who barked a few seconds ago.

Astoria starts taking off her blouse showing her pale skin and dark green bra. Leaning forward she takes off her jeans without ever getting off her knees leaving her just in her lingerie. Unsnapping her bra and sliding off her panties she is left nude kneeling before her lord.

“Plus 15 for not waiting for instructions.” Harry says and slaps Anastasia on the face and she attempts another bark.

“I never said you were receiving the lashes. No you will learn by watching your mother and sister take your punishment. How many lashes is that total?” Harry ask and Astoria is so stunned that her sister that tried to help her now has to pay for her mistake.

“Plus 5 more.” He says simply and with another slap on her face Anastasia lets out another bark.

“90 My Lord.” Astoria says sadly.

“So 45 for each of these ladies. Go stand near the wall ladies.” Harry orders and both Daphne and Anastasia run over to the wall and stand at parade rest with their hands slid in together high in their back and looking down.

“Strip.” Harry orders and lazily gets off the couch and walks over to the table and conjures up some items the ladies cannot see.

Daphne in a rush rips off her clothing exposing her beautiful fit body and throws the clothes to the side. Next to Daphne Anastasia who is a few inches taller than Daphne and wears her hair longer slowly takes off her clothes with more trepidation, this was the first time another man had seen her nude since she got married 16 years prior. She slowly takes off her dress, lingerie, heels, then earings and neatly places them in a pile next to her.

Harry walks up to them with a tight leather strap in his hands and looks at the pile. Daphne can only pale knowing she messed up.

“Plus 5 for Miss Piggy here.” Harry says and kicks her clothes all over the sitting room. In contrast he neatly picks up the nice pile of Anastasia’s clothing and sets it to the side.

“Sorry Master I..” Daphne starts but receives a medium slap on her cheek and he holds her by the cheeks with his hand.

“No excuses, if you can give me one good squeal I will drop those 5.” Harry tells her. Daphne now beat red in embarrassment lets off a bad pig squeal. When she knows it is bad and he is still holding her cheeks as she is turning more red she tries it again. Now dying of embarrassment Daphne lets out a loud pig squeal that puts a smile on his face.

“Good Miss Piggy.” Harry says releasing her cheeks and points at the wall, both ladies walk quickly over to the wall and spread their arms and legs out.

“Astoria you will count out loud and count 45 separately for each one. If you hesitate we will redo the last 5, if you lose count we will redo the last 15.” Harry tells her and she assumes parade arrest next to her lord.

Anastasia not expecting to begin right away jumps up high feeling the leather make contact on her bare ass. She wants to let out a moan that would make any porn star jealous but knows this is punishment for her daughter.

“1 My Lord.” Astoria says and stares at her family in sadness knowing it was her doing they were in this situation.

SMAK, the leather connects with Daphne and she jumps from the shock on her body.

“1 My Lord.”

39 later on each lady and Daphne is a mess from the pain while Anastasia is a mess from holding her orgasm in.

“40 My Lord.” Astoria says now not able to look at her sister and mother and their beat red asses.

“Astoria hands out.” At this order Astoria is confused but lays her palms out flat side up in front of her. It all comes clear when the strap is placed in her hands.

“My Lord I cannot. I will take them but do not make me punish them for my punishment.” She begs now knowing why all of the rooks and up discipline was so high. After a misstep like this she would never jay walk without looking towards her lord now.

To her surprise he simply shrugs.

“I will just get Blaise to do it. I wonder if he has broken that party slut yet?” Harry says wondering outloud. Daphne and Astoria both tense up at the name while Anastasia is too horny to hear what is going on around her.

Blaise’s name had been a name to fear in their organization since it’s inception. Blaise had a way of getting information out anyone and enjoyed doing it. He did not care whether it was man, woman, or child, if his lord sent him on a mission he would deliver. In clean up for Blaise, Su Li would come in and had a way of making anybody just disappear or making it completely unidentifiable.

The major thing that pushed their reputation was the year prior when there had been an information breach, through the grapevine Daphne along with Tracey and the Patil twins had heard that Harry discovered Alicia Nott the founding member was the guilty party. Two days after they heard this in the Daily Prophet a Jane Doe was found in an alley completely wiped of any identification. The part that scared them was in both hands it was discovered that each and every bone in the hands were broken individually for information.

No one ever confronted Harry, Blaise, or Su about the incident but from the solemn looks on their faces that day it appeared in the paper all the Grey Knights knew who it was.

Daphne turned her head looking into the eyes of Astoria who was still shaking with the leather in her hand. She had known this was Astoria’s test to see if she had what it took to make it in their group. Daphne knew even though she loved her sister she would do much worse without question if Lord Potter asked.

“Tori please you must do it.” Daphne said and Astoria understood what she meant. With a deep breath in and Daphne tensing while Ana wiggled her ass wanting more sensation laid 5 hard hits on both blonds.

Upon finishing she looked into Lord Potter’s eyes and saw a look of approval.

“Thank you Rook Astoria.” Harry said taking back the leather strap and making it disappear with a snap of his fingers.

Astoria could only look up in astonishment at her promotion. Her long face looking up at him with her mouth open wide. A smile Harry simply closes her jaw and kisses her lips. Walking to the couch he sat down. With a snap of his fingers all three females quickly walked over to their sitting lord.

“I want you all to get dressed.” Harry ordered and grabs the hand of Anastasia telling her she is not to move. She just cuddles on the floor against his leg as she watches Daphne look for her clothes scattered over the room.

With both women dressed they stand before him at parade rest. The sight of his Dove and Angel being so obedient causes him to rise.

He grabs the hair of Anastasia which causes her to let out a little whimper and drags her on all fours in front of him. As soon as she feels the feet touch her back she straightens out her arms knowing her duty.

“Come ladies sit next to me, time we plan the next move.” Harry says and Daphne lets out a wince as she sits on her red ass from the punishment. They spent the better part of an hour ironing out a plan. The few times Anastasia would shake she received a hard shot of the leather across her ass which caused her to emit a lustful moan from her lips.

The grandfather clock in the corner of the room that had been passed down from Lord Greengrass to the next Lord Greengrass rang loudly telling them it was now 4pm.

“Ladies I must get going before you have visitors. Now give me kiss and start your assignments.” Harry told the blonds who had their notepads in front of them writing the details down. Astoria leaned forward and upon receiving the kiss she felt her toes with excitement. Her hands went to explore until she felt a light slap on her cheek which caused her to look meekly away.

“Sorry Lord Potter for losing control.” She apologized and with one last peck she skipped to her bedroom excited by the news of her promotion. Daphne received a similar kiss and followed Astoria to help her sister plan her very first operation.

“Ah Anastasia what am I to do with you.” Harry said as only those two were left. As she felt the legs taken off her back she was guided to her knees before her lord and looked up in confusion.

“I need strong and loyal people to work with me to conquer the magical world.” Harry said and petted the kneeling woman.

“My Lord I will never betray you. I will take an Avada Kadava before I tell anyone any of your secrets.” She said begging not sure what she did to not earn his loyalty.

“My dear you are loyal, I would never question your loyalty. The thing I question is your strength magically.” Harry said and placed his hand over her chest to feel her core. The core was there but instead of the intensity of rhythm that beated within a warrior’s core hers had a slow rhythmic pattern.

“My Lord I do not have a weak core, please let me serve you. All I want to do is serve House Potter in any manner they deem fit.” She said weeping still thinking of her friend Lily and how she did not take the offer before. Lily would have been her mistress and her children would have been taken away from Hank to be raised with the Longbottoms. The day she went to tell her friend that she changed her mind was three days later on halloween.

She felt the hard slap of his hand.

“Are you calling me a liar?” He said holding her cheek in place and looked into her eyes. She had the courtesy to look away with guilt in her eyes.

“Your core is weak and pathetic and I will not have your magic making a mockery of my magical world. No you will have you place in it love; at my feet.” Harry growled out and walking over to the table. Upon hearing the tap on his leg she quickly crawled over to his location with her head low.

Harry grabbed her hand and guided her bending over the the table. Anastasia had her ass high in the air and felt her legs get magically secured with rope around the legs of the table. Her extended arms were tied down with a long rope from the legs on the otherside of the table. She attempted to budge but no movement would happen.

“Love, you said you want to serve House Potter. Would you be the little slut for House Potter with her only role to be a little fuck toy for her master and carry the children of House Potter in her womb?” Harry asked rubbing her clit that was already wet. She let out a moan of desperation.

“Yes Master, make me your breeding slut. It is all I want master.” She said and let out another moan feeling two fingers slide into her moist entrance.

“I Anastasia Lola Greengrass nee’…” She was stopped from swearing herself to her master forever by his hand coming down on her ass hard.

“I will accept you as my property but not yet. You must play the facade of Lady Greengrass so he does not suspect a thing.” Harry told her and she felt something that was not his finger enter her from behind.

She let out a whorish moan feeling the first cock in her since they had given up on a third child ten years prior.

“You will be free of your husband but first we must place a reminder of me in your womb.” Harry told her and then proceeded to fuck her till her moans filled the room and drool was all over the table. She held in her orgasm until she felt the cum being pushed deep inside her. The contraceptive tea she had drank unknowingly had ensured 9 months later he would be a father.

She let out a sad whine as he pulled out of her and felt the ropes disappear. With a guiding hand she was helped to standing position.

“Now dear I have this envelope that I need you to deliver tomorrow.” Harry said and from a bag he pulled out a large manilla envelope that was magically sealed.

“You will deliver this to Jasmine Wyland and just walk in and deliver it and walk out. You will not say one word to her or her secretary. You have an appointment so they will be expecting you.”

Anastasia looks down at the envelope and does not know what is in it but knows she has not earned the right to anything yet.

“Yes Master, I will not fail you.” The nude blond with cum still dripping out of her cunt says kneeling on the ground kissing his feet. It is 20 minutes later she is dressed and the living room is cleaned up as if he was never there. They are standing in front of the fire place as he plays with her hair.

“Love there will be a time for you to serve me full time but do not fail me.” Harry says to her gently rubbing his hand over her bruised face and with a push of magic the bruise is gone.

“Yes Master I will make you proud of me.” With one last kiss Harry disappears through the fire leaving a smiling Anastasia who is so happy she could dance. As she walks away from the the fireplace she hears the stumbling of Hank coming home, it was as if somehow Harry planned his exit perfectly. Putting on her housewife smile Anastasia walked into the room to greet him knowing in the back of her mind she did not belong to him anymore but rather her raven haired master.

(Scene Change)

The flames swirled around Harry and after a feeling that still made his stomach turn upside down he had emerged from the fireplace into the empty living room of Grey Manor. He cued his hearing to hear the screams of Nymphadora but to his sadness she must have recently been put into the box with her torture already being done.

Harry had walked over to the brandy table and poured himself a drink of the rocks. As he enjoyed the muggle brandy and walking back towards the couch to pick up the book he was reading before on the table sat some new letters. After quickly sorting the letters out into threes piles; Blaise, Su Li, and himself, Harry sat on the couch with his three new letters.

With one last sip of brandy Harry placed the drink on the end table and looked at the first letter. The letter on the outside wrote Prong JR and only two people called him that; Sirius and Remus. Sirius his ever loving godfather had been on board since day one but they had not approached Remus due to his die hard loyalty to the great manipulator. It had been Remus to be the first one to forgive Albus for the death of his parents after finding what happened.

The elegant scribble of Sirius upon opening appeared on the blank page once it recognized the reader was the person it was sent to.

Prongs Jr,

I know you have a master plan that will make me free and you King of the magical world but may I make a request as your favorite, well only godfather. GET ME THE FUCK AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. Sorry had to let that out, if I have to listen to Molly one more second about how dirty this house is I will stab her regardless of the consequences. Oh wait I’m a Lord of an Ancient and Noble house guess who can’t boss me around, as he read up to this point a big raspberry was blew at him from the letter making him laugh a real laugh with the only real smile he had a long while. All joking aside pup I get it why I am here and I will continue to gather info. Oh hey keep an eye out for my cousin Nymphadora Tonks, she is easy to spot, pink hair, big boobs, and is as graceful as a rhino in a glass bong shop. He was definitely gonna keep quiet on Nym from Sirius so he can play the joke of the year on him next meeting. Well the Weasley twins are a godsend in this house, Ill see you at the next meeting. Did Pansy ever find that info out? Toodles


Harry laughed putting the letter to the side thinking of the antic his dogfather and the Weasley Twins driving Molly crazy.

His high spirits were quickly dashed pulling the next letter to his line of sight. The barely legible chicken scratch of Ron adorned the cover of the letter.


Hey Harry are you getting excited for the world cup? I am so excited, maybe I can get Krum to sign my jersey… Ron went onto write about himself for two more pages of nonsense. So Harry how is your aunt treating you? Oh did you get the food mom sent you? Well mom is yelling at me to clean up the basement so I will let you go.

Ron Weasley

“Fucking git.” Harry mutters to himself balling up the letter and throwing it into the live flames that dance across the fireplace.

The next letter before him was the elegant writing of Hermione and the way she wrote her name just oozed arrogance.


How is your summer going? I hope all is well and know that after what happened with your godfather, the first year and stone, and the Chamber of Secrets you will always be able to rely on me, Ron, and Professor Dumbledore. I was speaking with Professor Dumble….

At the name being dropped the second time anger swirled around the raven haired lord and pick up his glass of brandy Harry flung hard against the stone wall shattering it into a thousand pieces. At the disturbance Su Li came running down with her hair over her right shoulder and a bathrobe over her body.

“Master what happened?” Su Li said flinging herself at the ground seeing the anger around him and placing her forehead flat on the ground. Harry with anger flowing through him looked down at his submissive assassin in lust, Su did not need to look up to feel the shiver run through her body.

Her answer was the jerking of her body as her robe was ripped of her. She looked up at him now with hunger in her eyes and now with her fully exposed body she crawled over to him. Ripping off his pants with no regard for the price upon seeing the member she took it in her mouth and hungrily sucked it as if her life depended on it.

It was 30 minutes laters that Su Li was hogtied on the ground with whip mark on her back letting out a moan as the member left her dripping wet entrance. As she attempted to readjust as much as she could she felt her master’s children in her womb and had a happy smile on her face. It was with sadness that she felt the magic in her body eliminate the possibility of a child that night. She was sad but she knew how important she was to his mission.

With him getting fully dressed Harry sat on the couch and just looked down at the hogtied woman. Su knew her master wanted a show so she would give him one. Su struggled against her binding letting out desperate moans trying to find a way out of them. It was ten minutes later after popping her shoulder out she was able to untie her first knot and the rest fell like dominos. Once free seeing him pat on the couch she walked over to the couch and curled up against his body.

“Love, one day you will get to keep the child. I promise. Now get dressed so we can visit our little party slut downstairs.” Harry said to her kissing her on the top of her head and giving her a hard slap on the ass.

He watched as she swayed her now red ass away and Harry could only think of one thing watching her walk away; love. It had been her that comforted him when he was betrayed by his first friend, it had been her that he had seen the first true flames of submission in someone’s eyes outside of Pet. Harry knew if he had to hide away on a small private island with only one follower for the rest of his life it could only be Su Li. Daphne and Pansy may rise higher in the ranks but she held his heart, although those two would never know that little fact.

Coming down the stairs in a beautiful traditional chinese dress Su Li came before him and knelt kissing his shoes, placing her forehead on the ground she await further instructions. A true smile graced her lips as she felt his hands play with her hair.

“Come love let us see our party slut.” Harry said holding out his hand and helping her up. They walked down to the basement and it looked like Blaise’s wet dream. Along the far wall was magically sealing cages just tall enough for an adult the stand on their hands and knees. Scattered throughout the basement was toys and furniture that would make Bellatrix wet from the sight.

In the far corner sat Blaise with a history of magic book doing his summer homework. His feet were propped up against a small black box. Blaise in his wife beater and champion shorts knelt before his lord upon seeing him approach.

“Blaise I see you are going to have some fun down here. Now does Tracy love stuff like this?” Harry asked the kneeling man about his current girlfriend who he had been trying to petition for membership as a Pawn.

Harry could see the boy looked uncomfortable and hearing Harry swing some shackles hanging from the ceiling only made him more uncomfortable.

“No My Lord, she is vanilla in the bedroom but that is what I am looking for when it comes to love. I come to these party sluts to let out tension but Tracy has my heart. She knows I have a dark side and is okay with it.” Blaise answers as the metal shackles clashing against each other echoes through the room.

Harry walking past the still kneeling Blaise walks to the black box he had his feet propped up. With a lazy snap towards Su she dropped to the floor in the same position as Blaise and awaited orders. Walking up to the box Harry conjured a cricket bat and with a hard swing slammed the bat into the side of the metal black box. The vibrations could be heard throughout the whole basement and woke up the female inside the box who had been recovering from torture and information gathering.

Inside the box Nymphadora knew that all she wanted for was this to end and would do anything to achieve that goal. With five more hard shots on the box Harry opened the lid and saw the nude Nymphadora who had a her massacre running down her face from tears and her hair cycling through the colors of fear for her. As soon as the light hit her eyes she covered up the source with her hands only seeing a partial green eye through her hand webbings.

“Harry please I will..” Nymphadora started but interrupted by Harry.

“There are shackles hanging from the ceiling. You will place a gag in your mouth and shackles yourself to the ceiling and locking yourself in. Once the locks are in place you will drop the keys at your feet.” Harry ordered and sat in the chair.

On uneasy legs the nude female rose from the small cramped box and saw to her shock the man who had made her life a living hell was on the floor kneeling to Harry. With shaky legs she walked around the same asian girl she saw in the house before being knocked out, next to the shackles lied a gag suspended in the air.

With a look of sadness towards Harry and at seeing his indifferent neutral face she placed the gag made of a metal ring that forced her mouth to remain open. Securing it in the back she stood under the the shackles and standing on her tippy toes placed her wrist in them. With her right hand she closed and secured the left hand and did the same but on her opposite hand. Dropping the keys and barely on toes with them completely straight Nymphadora looked towards the neutral face of Harry walking towards her.

“You know Dora we were god siblings and I was so excited to bring you in right away in our little group.” Harry said with an excited face and voice. It then dropped to sadness.

“Then I found out by a dear friend of mine that your Auror training was being funded by none other than Albus Dumbledore.” Harry said with disappointment in his voice. Harry guided his hand over her nipples which caused her to shiver.

“32DD my dear.” Harry ordered and in humiliation she raised her breast size to 32DD. Saliva now started to drip from the gag down to her large breast.

“32A.” He simple said and with red rising in her cheeks she became small breasted.

“Good work my dear, Su Li love come here please.” Harry asked wiping up her drool with his finger, he placed the drool finger along her pussy making her shudder from a combination of fear and excitement.

Su Li quickly moved off the floor standing next to her master confused watching the party slut shudder.

“Dora dear from my view you have three options.” Harry said now tweaking Dora’s nipples causing a moan to be released from her open mouth gag.

“First option which is by far the worst one is you remain loyal to Albus and say “fuck you Harry.”” Harry told her forcing Su Li on her knees before Dora. With her eyes looking at the bald pussy of Dora, Su Li knew her responsibility. With her hand she spread the folds away and started licking the pussy.

Dora who had never been with a female wanted to kick Su Li away but her body was betraying her mind.

“With this option dear Dora we leave you down here and break that fragile mind of yours for every memory ever placed in it. Now once you are a woman without a mind we discard you into the English Channel.” He tells her as she lets out a moan from the tongue but and has utter fear in her eyes from the first possibility.

“The second option is not a great option but still better than the first. You decide to remain neutral throughout the upcoming war. When you wake up in your possession with a false memory you will have a wand that killed a nuisance lord that is in my way. Of course once I am king I will free you on incorrect paperwork.” Dora thinks about this option and realizes years in Azkaban would break her beyond repair.

Her body starts to shudder from the licking and without warning a loud moan escapes her mouth while Su Li has her juices all over her face. Su Li goes to stand up but not seeing her master acknowledge her she continues.

“Go ahead and thank Su Li for that wonderful tongue of her Dora.” Harry says bringing a belt down on her ass. The leather strip strikes harder than any of Blaise’s but even though it has the pain it also carries lust with it.

“Ank uuu uu wi” Dora says through her gag as she feels the drool now soaking her chest from her own mouth.

“She is busy but she says you’re welcome. Now the last option is the best option by far. You become my double agent and little slut relaying the information of the meetings of the chickens to me as well as suggesting some ideas that will put the Order of the Chickens where I need them.” He says and takes the gag out of her mouth.

Once again with her eyes rolling back she starts moaning loudly until she comes once again with Su Li catching most of it. Harry helps Su Li to her feet and gives her a passionate kiss that makes her toes curl and makes Dora wet from the idea.

“I never wanted to help Dumbledore Har..” Dora starts off but feels the hard fist of Blaise connect to her chest causing her windpipes to lose their air and her to curl up in pain.

“He is Lord Potter, learn it, know it, use it.” Blaise warns her and steps back. After regaining her composure Dora looked up at Harry with submissive eyes.

“Sorry Lord Potter for the disrespect. I never wanted to help Dumbledore, he said the only way my mom would receive help was by joining the order. Please Lord Potter my mother is suicidal after my father’s death, even if you have to place her in a collar please help her.” Dora now begged with tears running down her eyes. Harry looked at the genuine tears of sadness coming from Dora and appraised her for a second.

“Fine but you will submit to me in every way. And do not worry I will not use your ability to help me fuck my dreamgirls, your abilities will be used for our cause.” Harry said and with a snap of his fingers Dora fell out of her shackles onto the ground.

Scrambling to her knees she placed her forehead to the ground.

“I Nymphadora Lily Tonk hereby pledge my life, magic, and abilities to that for which Lord Harrison Potter deems necessary. I shall never betray My Lord in any fashion unless ordered to by himself. So mote it be.” Dora pledged and a glow surrounded both Harry and Dora a second later. Harry could only look down at the now purple haired woman kneeling before him with marks all over her back in sadistic joy.

“Tonight you will thank Su Li by being her personal slut. If she tells you that you are to become her toilet you will not argue. But I know all of Su’s kinks and that is not one of them. Are we clear?” He orders and Su Li lets a sly smile cross her face letting her imagination run wild looking down at the kneeling slut.

“Yes My Lord, I will ensure Lady Su is pleased tonight in any matter. What will we do about Dumbledore My Lord?” Dora asked as she rose from her feet with the help of Su Li.

“Well dear Dora you will be reporting to Albus that you overheard me and Petunia talking about taking a trip to Portugal and then Istanbul till the world cup with some of the insurance money from my mother’s life insurance policy. You are following us to “ensure our safety” and will report in every couple days. In reality you will report what we tell you to please him and you will be here training and helping us with a few missions.” He said and watch in enjoyment as Su played with the now broken Dora’s body with her shuddering in lust the whole time.

“Now love please take our party slut to your room before I attack both of you.” And with that and a deep kiss Su Li takes the nude Dora to her room for some fun.

Blaise sitting in the corner can only laugh at the display before him, Blaise while amazing with physical torture could never achieve the levels of mental torture and breaking that Harry was at. Little did he know the memories from Riddle had helped him with that skill.

“Blaise it is late and I need some rest.” He says slapping the blond on the back lightly. With a friendly nod they depart company and as Harry exits the basement he sees an Anastasia who snuck out of her house kneeling on the floor.

That night loud moans could be heard from both Su’s and Harry’s room and both knew that life was good.

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