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Name: Potter Family Secrets
Author: VRmaster300
Chapter 1 to 2

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Chapter: 1


A/N: I do not own Harry Potter or any factors of the franchise.

This is the restart of my original Family Secrets fic, this first chapter is pretty much just the start of the lemon between Harry and Lily.

Im going to go and make it a return to Hogwarts to finish their 7th year fic, but I will try to add the details from my original story version.

-Harry will be a 7th year student, but as well will be teaching DADA as well, since I figured that if he was able to do it like that during his 5th year, he should be able to do it once again.

-Hermione will be in the same boat teaching muggle studies

-Ron, Ginny, and Molly will still be bashed for love and slave potion usage

The girls that Harry will have will be his mom Lily, sister Rose, and Hermione later on. I am thinking of having also to add Lily Luna Potter in later much later in the story. I have seen that some people who read other Harry/Lily lemons like to see Harry with his daughter(s) as well, so I can add Lily Luna Potter and perhaps up to two more daughters as well, select your vote for this part in a review please. The names of the other daughters would be Violet and Daisy, all of them having a different mother.

This chapter is pretty much just the lemon, so not much of explanation just for Lily's reappearance and stuff, but this takes place after the end of the war with Voldemort , but I will state the main explanation for background stuff in a narration from Rose in the next chapter.

Hope those who read the original will like this new version better.

Warning: This fic contains incest that will go into relationships ranging from mother/sister/daughter, etc.

It was a quiet night at Potter Manor as all the occupents were asleep,…..well almost all of them.

18-year old Harry Potter snuck into the master bedroom where his mother stayed.

He found that the bedroom was empty, so Harry took this as the opportunity to get what he wanted.

It had been a week ago before his birthday when his mother had told him that he would soon have to take the title of Lord Potter after he turned 18, as such there was a book that detailed all of the rules and laws that applied to a Lord of the house of Potter.

His mother had told him that he would get the book when he turned 18, but that he would have to wait till then. Harry however was curious as to what it said snuck into his mother's room days ago to sneak a peak at the book since the last Lord to have ti was his father and it was kept on a private book shelf in the master bedroom. When he snuck into the room while his mother had been out he had opened the book to start reading it, but instead found something that his father had stashed inside of it years ago that made Harry's mouth drop.

It was a photograph of his mother Lily when she was about his age, and she was NAKED. Since it was also a magical photo the image of teenage Lily on the photo was moving and doing nauthy things to herself like sucking on her own nipple and playing with her youthful pussy.

The image of teen Lily in the photo was sticking one finger out towards Harry as if beackoning him to watch her do more stuff to herself.

Most people these days have sex before they come of age, but Harry was one of those who yet had not reached that stage, so watching this photo was making his hormones go out of wack.

He kept telling himself that this was his mother, so he just placed the photo back into the book, reshelved it, and left before anything else.

The week went by as all that was on his mind was that photo he had found of his mother, his georuges hot body mother. With each day everytime he saw her he imagined her without clothing as she walked around the house, he forgot the number of times he had to get out of the room to make sure his mom or sister didn't see his boner trying to break out of his pants.

Today his birthday had passed, and he had spent it with his mom and sister just being a family, they had some cake, and gave Harry presents, just the simple normal stuff. After all normal was all Harry wanted after the hardship in the last 7 years of fighting for his life.

But that photo was practically calling out to him, so he was planning to ask his mother for the book snice she was not aware that the photo was inside of it.

Harry snuck into the room and found that his mother was currently in the shower, he saw this as an opportunity to just be able to take the book with him right now, or more rather take the photo.

He quickly grabbed the book off of the shelf and then felt a sort of magical surge go through him.

The next thing he knew he was ignoring the fact that his mother was in the shower and just took the photo from the book, took off his pants, and started to masturbate to the photo of his naked teen mother while sitting on her bed.

It was at that moment that Lily came out of the shower and back into her room, wearing only a towel to cover her body and she was drying her hair with another towel that was clouding her eyes so she didn't see Harry right away, at least not until she heard a wet sound.

"Harry, what are you doing," asked Lily who had let her towel drop around her body in surprise.

"Mom," said Harry shocked as she saw his mother was back in the room, his cock now in full view of his mother.

Lily then saw that Harry was holding in one hand the naughty photo that she had given James years ago, and in the other hand he was stroking his cock when she came back in.

She was about to say something to Harry, but a magic surge went through her body and took over her mind's control.

"Let me help you with that Harry dear," said Lily.

Lily stepped forward, and kissed Harry softly on the lips. Harry responded by placing his hand on her cheek, and from there, it moved to her back, just as her hands ran through his hair. Sometime during this, their eyes had closed and Harry's opened as he broke the kiss. He watched as Lily looked as if she were floating on air, opening her eyes slowly with a faint smile on her face. She grabbed his head again and they kissed once more, Lily poking at Harry's teeth with her tongue. Lily gasped in delight as his jaw opened, and his tongue embraced hers. As the tongues mingled, Harry instinctively lowered his hand more, caressing the smooth skin below her back. Their kiss went on for an eternity, until both parties knew their lover's mouths more intimately than they did their own.

Both mother and son were so absorbed in what they were doing they never would have thought that there was some magical power that was the cause behind their sexual desires that were suddenly taking over them.

Harry took the initiative, and pushed Lily back onto the bed. He climbed on top of her, the limited musculature not being heavy enough to cause Lily any pain. Her head turned to the right, giving him access to her neck.

"Oh, Harry," she sighed, feeling the sensations of his lips against the nape of her neck, the warmth of his breath, the roughness of his fingertips as they worked on her nipples. He lowered his head, and kissed her firm breasts, careful not to touch the sensitive areolas. Lily whimpered in frustration, wanting to feel pleasure that had only been given snippets of. She grabbed his head and forced it down on to her breasts, and he happily licked and bit the erect nipples.

"Oh Harry," Lily screamed in unadulterated joy.

Harry, encouraged by her scream, kissed his way down her front to a line of red hair that led right to her pussy. He blew gently at the puffy pink folds around her pussy, which shined in the candlelight due to the juices that flowed out of her. After doing this a couple times, Harry looked up and noticed that Lily was writhing on the bed in ecstasy. Harry grinned, and licked at the wet, leaking edges of Lily's pussy.

"Oh, Godddddddd," she groaned, writhing harder, her hands flying over her body. Harry licked her again and again, and as he lapped away at the sweet nectar.

Lily cried out, closing her eyes. Her whole body burned and she came, the leak between her legs becoming a gushing river, and Harry struggled trying to get every last drop of the succulent stuff. She never would have thought that having her son eat out her pussy would cause such a sexual rush to go through her.

Lily smirked seductively, and pulled Harry up to her. Their matching eyes literally glowed brighter with unseen power, but Harry did nothing as her nose touched his and she kissed him forcefully, passionately.

Harry returned the kiss with such passion to Lily as well, he also never would have thought that having such a deep kiss with his own mom would feel so good to him.

The kiss ended with Harry's lower lip gently but snugly trapped between Lily's teeth. Her tongue ran over the grooves, and she opened her mouth, letting Harry's lip go just as she licked her lip where Harry's had just been in a sexy way. Harry licked her collarbone and smiled, receiving satisfaction from Lily's gasp.

"H-h-harry..." she whispered. "Now... please!" Harry nodded, and his body sunk down on hers once more, until his painfully hard penis was pointed straight at the entrance to her body.

"Are you sure mom," he asked her. After getting a nod from his mom, he started by pushing forward, splitting her pussy lips and impaling her on him.

Harry had yet to ever have sex, so when his cock began feeling the sensations of feeling the walls of his own mom's vaginal walls he was feeling so much of a rush go through him.

Lily howled loud enough for the whole house to hear, if the room wasn't blanketed with a Silencing Charm. She had not had sex in so long and Harry was so much more bigger then James had ever been. She smiled up at Harry with an expression of worry on his face.

"Keep going," she whispered. Harry nodded, still concerned, but he thrust into her again. Instead of the pained, twisted cry she had emitted earlier, this was a quieter cry which told of passion, of love, of lust, of pure joy. Satisfied, Harry began to pump like a piston, and Lily panted and moaned and loved every second of it. This was truly making love, truly beautiful, and the best thing either of them had ever felt.

"Mom," I'm going to cum," grunted Harry as he felt his cock start to twitch with each thrust he pushed into her.

Lily wrapped her legs around her son's waist, "Inside Harry dear, pour all of your sperm inside of me," she said taking her arms around his neck and bring her mouth closer to his ear to whisper, "make me pregnant Harry, put a baby inside of me. Doesn't that sound kinky to you, to make your own mother pregnant."

Harry heard what his mom had said, and time slowed down, and Harry spilled his cum into Lily, just as Lily's vaginal muscles contracted his cock, trying to squeeze it of all its cum.

Their worlds exploded as they were sent over the edge, the bond heightening every motion, every feeling. They held each other tightly, not daring to open their eyes, to speak, in fear of ruining this one perfect moment in time.

The only thing running through Lily's mind was that she had just been filled of sperm in her womb by her own son, and Harry's thoughts were that he had just spilled all of his sperm into his mom.

Both of them looked at each other panting till they shared another deep kiss with each other.

They broke apart, Harry's not completely soft member deep within her, their arms wrapped around the other's bodies, their whispered words having been missed by the other... "I love you...happy birthday Harry," said Lily.

It was at that moment that they heard a gasp and stopped.

Turning to the open bedroom door they saw Rose standing there in her white, and very tight , pajamas that were showing off her nice ass and pressing against her breasts showing off her nipples through the fabric.

"Mother, what are you doing with my brother," she yelled.

Lily and Harry saw what a compromising position they were in, Rose was in full view of Lily's snatch impaling itself on Harry's cock as both were naked on the bed.

Rose was so shocked that after speaking her last sentence it seemed to much to actually take in and she fainted backwards and landed on the floor.

Harry and Lily still not having moved from their current position then turned back to each other.

Lily gave a small smile, "Looks like we have some explain to do."

The Burrow

"Ron, where is she," said an irritated Molly.

Ron Weasley had his hands on his groin where he had just been kicked about a half hour ago.

"The mudblood kicked me in the nuts and escaped," he said.

"How could you let her get away, you were suppose to keep giving her the potions till Harry finally came around and got back together with Ginny," said Molly.

Ginny came into the room ticked off, "the bitch found where we stashed her wand and other stuff."

"If she goes to Potter Manor, she'll tell Harry about what we've been doing," said Ron.

"You mean what you've been doing," said Molly as she took her wand and wiped a segment of Ron's memory. Then she turned to Ginny.

"Ginny, get to Potter Manor quickly," said Molly.

"But there are wards around it, its caused a problem in my trying to go visit Harry all summer so far," said Ginny.

"If that so then that means that Granger mudblood will be blocked out as well," said Molly, "Just make sure you find her and stun her and bring her back, she is not going to ruin the years of planning I have set up. If worse comes to play, we can say that it was all Ron who was working on his own."

"Alright mom," said Ginny as she apparated away.

Molly then looked to the confused Ron who was not yet recovering from the memory wipe.

"You idiot boy," she said tossing him a bag of ice.

I am also going to go back and try to reorganize my other fics like Last Heir. Next chapter of this fic will be out once I figure out how to plan it out.

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Edit: the lemon in this fic was mostly written by a friend of mine, and it has come to my attention that it seems to have been almost word for word from a harry/lemon fic on a site called Ficward, i just want to let people know that I was not aware of this cause I did not know of the Ficward site till recently, I will edit this first chapter with a new lemon when I update the next chatper, just so people know.

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Chapter: 2


I do not own Harry Potter or any factors of the franchise


A/N: At the moment I am still deciding how this story will go out, but will see how this chapter goes before continuing.

the last bit from the previous chapter has been changed, as i got rid of the Molly bit after someone pointed out her age.

For those that have been reading my Last Heir story, that one is abandoned because I have decided to start over on that one since I really see it more now as my first attempt at writting a story after I joined this website, so i will be trying to write a better version of it and then post it.

now back to the story...

"Mother, what are you doing to my brother" yelled a shocked Rose.

"Oh, I'm just spending some quality family time with my son, is that so wrong," she said laughing, "Harry dear, would you mind doing it to me again in this position," said Lily.

Harry was unsure why his mother still wanted to keep going when Rose was in the room watching them both but Lily's face was giving him a "trust me" expression so he nodded and moved over and started to fuck his mom from behind.

"Stop it, both of you," shouted Rose who had not noticed that she was growing wet in her panties.

As Harry kept thrusting into her from behind, Lily spoke, "come now Rose, do you think I have already forgotten about that little crush you have on Harry."

Harry confused saw that Rose had turned as red as her hair.

"I….I don't know what your talking about," said Rose who grew more wet.

Through her moans Lily told Harry, "You see….(moan) ….Harry love….Rose has a crush on you that…(moan)…..developed when she didn't yet know that you two….(moan) …were related. She doesn't want to ….(moan) ….say anything about it cause she thinks that …(moan)….its no good now that she is your sister."

Rose was struck as her mother reveled one of her inner desires not even realizing that while Lily had been saying all of that her own hand had wandered into her panties and started playing with herself as she fell to the floor thrusting two fingers inside.

"But look Rose, I have the same feelings towards Harry and nothing is stopping me," said Lily as she felt spasms from Harry's thrusts into her snatch.

Harry felt himself lose control again and came into Lily once more as she moaned out in pleasure as well while on the floor Rose had come as well before the poor girl fell onto her side having apparently exhausted herself.

Harry pulled out of Lily giving Rose a look at his nine inch cock that was dripping with amounts of both his cum and her mother's juices on it as little droplets flicked off as Harry sat down on the side of the bed.

"Do you really love Harry Rose," asked the exhausted Lily as she stuck two fingers in her pussy to gather some of the overflowing cum and then licked her fingers, "Then suck his cock, you'll enjoy how he tastes."

Rose was still twitching her fingers inside of her wet pussy from having watched the intercourse between Harry and Lily, but she found herself being overpowered by her inner desire as she crawled over to the bed till her face was right in front of Harry's cock. The smell of his cum and Lily's juices on it she found drawing her in and she started by licking the tip of the head slowly.

Harry put his hands behind her head and just pushed her head down onto his cock as she gulped as his shaft went all the way into her mouth.

After he let go of her head she pulled back and choked a bit from the sudden forcing of his organ down her throat.

"Did you like the taste," asked Lily who had moved to behind Rose on the floor.

Rose didn't reply but found her body moving on its own as her mouth found itself back on his cock and bobbing up and down wanting more of the taste of it.

Harry ran his hands through her long red hair again as he took proper hold of her head and kept it steady as it drove back and forth on his dick. Lily carefully took off her daughters clothing while she was too occupied with sucking her brother's cock. Upon removing them all Lily began rubbing her daughter's breasts from behind her making the young redhead moan onto Harry's cock.

Soon Harry came inside of her mouth and rose swallowed it all without a second thought.

"Harry love, I think that she's ready for the main course," said Lily at him.

Soon Rose found herself fully devoid of clothing and lying on the bed as Harry was over her with his cock still twitching over her impatient pussy.

Harry had to admit that Rose's body looked just like his mom's did in that photo he found in the book, so its was a bit of a turn on to see Rose as an exact lookalike, despite he had already had the actual thing.

"Are you ready Rose," he asked her.

"Um..yes," she said sounding like a little girl who was unsure of something.

Harry nodded and slowly started to push his cock into her making her wince in pain. She was definite tighter then Lily, he guessed that was because the age difference.

Rose has squealed in slight pain as her pussy was stretched and soon she felt him reach her hymen

Giving a nod to Harry he thrust right away and broke it making her scream as she felt it break and then the feeling of blood leaking out.

"Are you ok," he asked her. She nodded and then felt another feeling as she turned to see Lily having crawled onto the bed and saw sucking on one Rose's nipples.

Assuming that the pain had left Rose now since she was getting such a pleasure from Lily sucking on her breasts Harry decided to keep going and pounded into Rose.

Rose felt the pain leave as she was being pleasure by both Harry and her mother. His thrust kept going as she felt his cock touch her inner walls as it slid back and forth.

"Oh…..that feels so…oh …oh so good," moaned Rose gripping the sheets.

Deciding to give her as much sensation as he could he leaned forward and sucked on the other nipple that wasn't occupied by his mom. Rose felt the sensation and wrapped her legs around his waist as he kept thrusting in while sucking on her other nipple. She was feeling pleasure from all of her sensitive areas and was enjoying it more than anything. Soon her snatch started gripping Harry's cock and she knew soon he would come. She was so focused on the pounding she was getting from Harry that her eyes kept closed so she didn't see her mother get up over her face and sit her cum covered snatch over her.

"Huh," said Rose before her mouth was covered.

"How would you like to see what Harry tastes like dear," Lily told her daughter.

Rose wasn't going to protest, while she had never thought of eating out another woman's pussy she was hungry for the cum that was coming out of Lily's snatch and began devouring her in order to get all of it out.

Harry was sure he had to be dreaming, he was pumping his cock into the young redhead that was his sister while same girl was eating out the pussy of his more mature redhead mother that he had filled with his seed a bit ago while watching said woman fondling her breasts in front of him. The show was enough to send him over the edge as he grunted and blew his load into his sister's recently virgin pussy.

Rose felt herself fill up with her brother's seed as he pulled out after she unwrapped her legs and then all three just stayed in their current positions on the bed.

Not registering her movement Lily leaned over and gave a large kiss to Rose on the lips before sticking her tongue in. Rose had never thought about what kissing another woman might be like, but her mothers tongue was also sticking in some of the cum that was in her mouth so she ended up returning the kiss. After a minute or so the two girls separated with a trail of salvia and sperm connecting their tongues.

That is so hot, though Harry as he watched his two favorite girls resume their kissing as they exchanged his sperm between their mouths.

They weren't sure how much longer they kept going into the night till the next morning when Rose had started to wake up. Her body felt so warm that she didn't want to open her eyes and know that she had to wake up, but her alarm clock was constantly going off. Rose reached her hand over and tried to turn it off but her hand found nothing, and then realized that it was not her alarm that was making that sound because the sound was that of a woman moaning.

She opened her eyes and realized that she was not in her bed, but on the couch in the master bedroom of the manor. Sitting up she felt her jugs jiggle and saw that she was naked as well, then turning she was her mother riding Harry while he laid on his back onto the bed.

"Mom? Harry?" said Rose slightly covering her breasts with her arm.

"Hey, look who's awake," said Harry as he and Lily stopped their current "morning exercises".

"Then last night, it wasn't a crazy wet dream," said Rose.

"No dear, it was real. Welcome to the new version of our family," said Lily lifting herself off from Harry and then dropped down to start sucking off his cock.

Rose then came next to her and pushed her to the side.

"You've already had him more than me, I want another turn," said Rose.

Lily wasn't going to give in that easily.

"I'm your mother and I say that I get first dibs this early in the morning," Lily said back.

The two redheads went into a struggle and ended up wrestling each other sort of as they each tried to show the other they wanted his cock first. Harry watched as they wrestled how their breasts were swaying around as they rolled on the floor.

I am so going to watch a replay of this memory later, thought Harry.

A couple of hours later in the day the three of them after having long hours of sex had proceeded to take a shower all together, where they had a bit more sex, before going down to actually get something to eat.

They made pancakes and Lily and Rose decided to play with Harry a bit by sitting at the table with their shirts off and putting a few drops of syrup on their breasts and then having Harry suck it off.

After eating and cleaning up the area there was a magical tremble through the manor as the wards were indicating that there was an intruder on the grounds.

"Who's here," asked Rose.

Harry went to the door and opened it to find a very worn out and drained Hermione, wearing only clothes that were really rags, and gave her the appearance of like a slave.

"Hermione," he said in surprise.

"Harry…..please help me," she said before falling unconscious, Harry caught her in his arms and in doing so one of his hands grabbed onto one of her breasts.

Stop Harry, as much as great breasts she has she needs help right now, he thought to himself.

About a half hour later, Harry was waiting outside of his room where his mom and Rose had taken Hermione. They changed her out of the rags, and set her down in his bed to try to rest. They both came out sometime later.

"How is she?" asked Harry.

"Not well," said his mom who was an amateur healer, "her body shows signs of being beaten and starved a bit, it's like she was being used as a slave by someone."

He was about to ask more when a strange magical surge was felt through the magic flowing through the manor.

"Harry, there is someone else that has just shown up the property and has triggered the wards.

A knock was heard just as Rose went to the window to look out "It's that girl from the Weasley family."

"Stay here with Hermione," he told them, "I'll go downstairs and deal with Ginny."

His lovers nodded and Harry closed the bedroom door before he went downstairs and opened the door to a smiling Ginny.

"Harry dear," she said swinging herself onto him and trying to kiss him on the lips, but he turned and she only kissed his cheek.

Ginny frowned at that, but kept her fake smile.

"Hello Ginny, what can I do for you," said Harry, also faking a smile.

"It's about Hermione, can I come in so we can talk," she asked.

"I suppose to," said Harry as he led her to the living room.

Ginny sat down on the loveseat and she expected that her Harry would sit next to her on it, but Harry simply sat down on an armchair across from it.

Why isn't he sitting next to me, I am his girlfriend, thought Ginny angrily.

What's the matter with her, she knows we broke up more than a year ago, thought Harry who was reading her mind

"So what's wrong with Hermione?" he asked her.

Ginny replied, "Well something odd has happened to her, she suddenly attacked Ron and then ran away from the Burrow, we think that she has lost it and has gone practically insane. I wanted to know if she had come by here by any chance so that my family and I can get her some medical help."

And by that I mean Potion help, thought Ginny.

Harry continued to read her mind and thought to counter with some logic.

"How can you be so sure that she's gone insane, how do you know she didn't just hit Ron intentially because he made her angry again and she just ended their relationship and left," he said.

"Harry love, she wouldn't do that, Hermione loves my brother, she would never willingly hurt him. They are meant to be together, just like you and I are meant to be," she said with a dreamy smile.

Harry had had enough of her lies, he literally felt like he wanted to strangle her lying neck to not hear more lies come out of her mouth.

"Ginny, you know perfectly well that we broke up more than a year ago, you have to stop acting as if we are still together. And besides that you know that Ron is always making Hermione angry and insulting her in some way, it would not be surprising if she had enough and left him," said Harry.

Ginny was shocked, "what do you mean, you said that you just couldn't be with me with while the war was going on, but it's over now so we're back together again.

Harry sighed, "Ginny, if I wanted to get back together, you would have heard me say so, but all during my time away I realized that you don't really want me, you want the boy who lived, the savior of the magical world."

"What do you mean, that's who you are," said Ginny.

"No, I'm not, you're more interested in my fame, in the legend that I have been made out to be. But that's not who I want to be seen as, that fame was placed on me because of my surviving while my parents were killed. Yes I may have my mom and even a sister back, but still I don't want that fame when I remember all the near death events I've had to go through over the last 7 years of my life," said Harry.

"What, you're breaking up with me?" said Ginny who was almost in tears.

"No Ginny, I'm not breaking up with you because I already did that a long time ago, you just haven't accepted it yet, perhaps it's you and not Hermione that needs to be looked at," said Harry.

"No, Harry love, you can't do this, you love me," she began yelling.

"Ginny, it's that obsession and denial that you have that is my main reason for why I cannot be with you again, I think it is best if you leave," said Harry standing up.

Ginny remained where she was standing and then cried and ran out of the manor and back to the Burrow.

Harry watched as she left, but was not feeling one bit with regret. When her mind's defensives were low he had taken a good look deeper into her mind, there he learned what really happened with Hermione. Hermione was suppose to leave to go find her parents with Ron, but after a trip to the burrow she had been drugged with obedience potions and reduced to be no different than a house elf for the Weasleys, and turned into a sex slave for Ron to give him blowjobs whenever he wanted. She had never left to go find her parents and had been trapped at the burrow for the last month. He had seen how Ginny and Molly were conspiring to make Harry fall in love with Ginny in order to get the potter fortunes, and needed Hermione out of the way because she and Harry were too close and were threatening their plans. Hermione had fought off the potions effects and escaped and so that led up to where she was now.

Harry went back upstairs to his room where he had found his mom and Rose talking to Hermione who had woken up. Hermione told him the exact same thing he saw in Ginny's mind, and tried to comfort her as best as he could. Harry sat down next to her on the bed, and she cried into his arm while he tried to hug her to make her feel better.

Lily and Rose left the room to try to give Hermione some time to talk to Harry, but had their own conversation outside.

"Mom, didn't Harry say that he had a crush on that girl before?" asked Rose.

"Yes he did, but he let go of it because he thought that she was in love with that Weasley boy," said Lily.

"So now what, what if Harry wants to be with her now, what about us?" asked Rose.

"Don't worry dear, if that ends up being the case I'm sure your brother has more than enough love to go around," said Lily smiling.

Rose sighed and agreed with her mother.

"So what do we do in the meantime about all of this?"

Lily replied, "I honestly don't know for sure, but we have to have a sit down with Harry. He has to know the truth behind what happened between the three of us last night. I have to go to the manor library, stay here and when he comes out tell him to come see me there," said Lily.

"Sure thing mom," said Rose as her mother left and she waited by the door for Harry to finish talking to Hermione.

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