Story: Harry’s Notebook
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Author: Seel’vor
Rating: NC-17 – No One 17 and Under Admitted

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Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the intellectual property of JK Rowling, and the fiscal property of JK Rowling, Bloomsbury Publishing, and Warner Bros. No profit has been made from this work.

Author’s Note: Mr. Phoenix™ is c/o canoncansodoff. I think this was originally one of Hellishlord’s plots which he tossed out into the ether. I liked it and caught it, and here it is.

Harry Potter was a smart, careful wizard. He was intelligent, but very understated. The girls knew this. The girls liked this about him. But what the girls really liked was Harry’s notebook. Said notebook contained everything Harry thought about. But, it wasn’t a diary. Oh, no. Harry wasn’t boring enough for a diary.

Hermione had gotten a glimpse of this tantalising book almost a year ago, spotting Arithmatic formulae (a subject that he didn’t even take) for spell-modification. It was well-known among the study group that intelligence turned Hermione on something fierce. (A fact that Padma had more than adequately exploited, to the result of lots of gushy orgasms).

But no-one had seen it since. Harry kept it in a specially-charmed section of his bookbag, that only he could get into with a very long Parseltongue password. (Hermione timed it, 29 seconds of hissing)

Except… Harry had left it on the table in the common room while he nipped off to the toilet. It was calling to her. Almost screaming at her. Surely it wouldn’t hurt if the study group were to just have a quick glance at it, would it?

That thought in mind, Hermione snatched the book, thrusting it into her robes before pulling a small medallion from under her robes, tapping it twice with her wand. The summons sent, Hermione bolted out of the common room before Harry came back, heading straight for the SGC.

The SGC, the ‘Smart Girls’ Corner’ was a small section at the very back of the library. Hermione had discovered it while searching the stacks during her second year. It appeared to be a female-only area, where males couldn’t enter. Inside were books on female-only magicks (primarily birth control, fertility charms and the Wizarding Kama Sutra) and a large table.

Inside the SGC, the rest of the Study Group was waiting. As Hermione entered, she casually took note of who had attended; Daphne Greengrass, Padma Patil and Susan Bones. With Hermione, they made up an attractive, intelligent cross-section of the Hogwarts fifth year.

“What’s up, Hermione?” Susan asked.

Without saying a word, she held up Harry’s notebook, prompting the girls to gasp in shock and pleasure.

“How the hell did you get that?” Daphne whispered breathily. Like the other girls, she’d happily ride Harry like a hippogriff until they both died of dehydration.

“He left it on the table in the common room.” Hermione admitted. “I… liberated it when he went to the toilet.”

“You stole it?” Padma said. “Hermione, you know he’ll be pissed when he finds out.”

She nodded guiltily. “I know… but I couldn’t resist!”

Susan looked at Hermione disappointedly for a moment, then grinned. “Well, let’s see it then!”

Flicking it open to the auto-updating contents page, Hermione quickly glanced down. “Let’s see… spell-modification, Voldemort dreams… ‘Girls of Hogwarts’?” She glanced up. “There’s a section called ‘Girls of Hogwarts’.”

“Read it!” The other three chimed together.

Hermione flicked the journal to the section, quickly looking through the first entry. “This… this is… er… help?”

Padma took the book, and quickly glanced through. “Good lord… he’s written a biography about each of us.” She glanced over at the Study Group’s leader. “You’re first, Hermione.” Padma began to read.

“‘Hermione Granger. Height; 5’4″. Weight; 115lbs.'” She looked at Hermione. “He knows how much you weigh?”

Hermione shrugged.

Padma continued. “‘Breast Size: 34B.’ Hermione, how the hell does he know that?” The girl in question just shrugged, startled that Harry seemed to know so much about her, when she’d never revealed that. “‘Size; 10. Best feature; Backside.'” Padma paused for a moment. “It’s true, you know. You do have a cracking arse.”

Blushing under the compliment, Hermione wriggled in her chair slightly. “Why would he write this sort of stuff down, though?”

“Hang on.” Padma answered. “There’s more. ‘Hermione’s bottom is sexy enough to make the gods weep, and I’d like nothing more than to cover it in custard and lick it off until she passes out with pleasure. Unfortunately, Hermione would never sully herself with someone like me.'”

“Oh, I would.” Hermione said firmly. “Believe me, I would.” She looked up to see Daphne staring at her coolly. “What?”

It took Daphne a few seconds to answer. “I was just picturing the scene. You lying on your front, a bucket of custard on your arse… Damn…” Daphne, the ice-queen of Slytherin, blushed prettily. “I know what I’ll be think about tonight. Sweet Merlin… I need a towel.”

Hermione smiled at Daphne, resisting the urge to stand up and wiggle. “Well… who else has he written about?”

Padma quickly turned the page. “Ah, Susan Bones. Ooh… Suse, you’ll never guess what he’s written about you.” Without giving her a chance to answer, Padma surged ahead. “‘Susan Bones. Height; 5’6″. Weight; 128lbs. Breast Size; 36D. Size; 12. Best feature; Breasts.'” Looking up, Padma grinned. “Oh, yeah…”

Susan blushed, but couldn’t hide her interest. “Is there a saucy comment for me?”

“‘Susan’s breasts could turn a gay man straight with one glance. Oh, for a pot of white chocolate sauce and a free weekend.'” Padma licked her lips involuntarily. “Harry’s a smart guy, isn’t he? ‘Unfortunately, Sue would never agree to date a thin, bespectacled nerd like me.'”

“Er… wrong?” Susan asked. “Why don’t we go and get him and prove him wrong?”

Hermione held up her hand. “Seconded.”

“Wait.” Padma said, turning pages quickly. “No-one else has those lovely little comments. Ah… ooh, it’s me. ‘Padma Patil. 5’3″, 118lbs, 34C, best feature’…” She trailed off, her cheeks lighting up. “I can’t believe that…”

Hermione took the journal, quickly finding the missing spot. She wasn’t quite sure what to do. Susan’s ‘read it, Hermione!’ quickly made the decision for her. “‘Best feature; aroma.'”

“‘Aroma’?” Daphne asked. “What does he mean by that?”

“‘Padma appears to have a very active bartholin gland, producing lubrication fluid constantly, which smells glorious. Could sit and smell that all day.'”

“True.” The other three girls chimed together.

“Is there anything in there for me?” Daphne asked, both curious of what it could be, and afraid that she’d been left out.

“Hang on.” Hermione held up her hand. “There’s an entry here for Parvati. The stats are about the same, so no worries there. It’s the final comment. ‘Parvati, while looking almost identical to Padma, has no inner beauty to match her outer. She’s fickle, selfish and a bit of a bitch. Wouldn’t touch her if she was the last woman on Earth.'” She glanced up at Padma. “So, he wants you for you, as well as being smoking hot.” Hermione quickly turned the page. “Ah, Daphne. ‘5’8″, 131lbs, 32D, best feature; legs. Special comment; Daphne’s legs should be cast in marble, so that future generations will be able to gaze upon their beauty. As much as I would like them wrapped around my head or my waist, Daphne would never lower herself to be with a Gryffindor.’ Yeah, you’d never do a Gryff, would you?”

Daphne stuck out her tongue at Hermione. “There’s so few of you worth knowing. And none of you taste as good as you, Hermione.”

Hermione smiled and blushed, knowing how much she enjoyed having the ice-queen of Slytherin on her knees in front of her. It would make all the purebloods in Slytherin shit broken glass at the thought of a pureblood Slytherin eating a ‘Mudblood’ Gryffindor.

Susan took the book, reading through. “So, we all want him, and he wants us, and… there’s an entry here for Ginny Weasley.” She looked up, smirking. Every one of the girls knew that Ginny desperately wanted to be noticed by the Gryffindor God, and had been catting her way through the male population of Hogwarts, so she’d be ready for him. “Let’s see…

“‘Ginny Weasley. 5’0″, 95lbs, 30A. Size; 6. Best feature’…” Susan trailed off as she burst into laughter. When Daphne tried to take the book, Susan pulled away, waiting for her laughing jag to stop. “‘Best feature… when she leaves the room’!” Susan started laughing again, following by her fellow members of the Study group. “Sweet Merlin, that’s true.” She read a bit more. “What does ‘wouldn’t fuck her with a stolen dick’ mean?”

“Harry would never touch her.” Hermione replied primly. “Not even using someone else’s penis.”

“Oh. Good.” Daphne concluded, before looking at Hermione. “Why are you still here? Why haven’t you gone and got our Gryffindor God and brought him back here?”

Hermione stood up. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll grab him and bring him here.” She looked at Susan and Padma sternly. “And you two, keep your hands to yourselves while I’m gone. Let’s keep everything ready for our GG, shall we?”

They nodded, pouting furiously, as Hermione walked out. “Come on, Harry… time to get yourself a harem.”

Harry returned from his bathroom break, 5lbs lighter and feeling much more comfortable. He slumped onto the couch in front of his bag, and sighed. He reached onto the table for his… oh, shit, shit, shit! The notebook was gone. The notebook he’d been filling in such first year, and contained every piece of information he found important, had vanished.

If anyone finds it… He began to panic, not just a normal panic, but a ‘Hermione Granger before exams’ panic. Oh, shit… To his horror, the portrait hole had opened, and one of the prominent subjects in his notebook had entered. Be brave, be brave, don’t run screaming like a little girl…

“Hi, Harry.” Hermione said brightly, flopping onto the couch next to him. Right next to him.

“H-Hi, Hermione.” Harry stammered suavely.

“Wanna go for a walk with me, Harry?” Hermione asked, reaching out and stroking his bicep.

What’s she doing? “Er… where to?”

“Well…” Now, Hermione looked a little guilty. “I, er… I kinda took your notebook, Harry.”

A flash of red anger filled his vision at the theft, until he realised what else was in it, which prompted him to turn white. “Er… you took my notebook? Why?”

“Well, some of us were curious. So… I took it.” She finished in a small voice.

“And… d-did you read it?”

She nodded guiltily. “Yes…”

“And… and you’re not hitting me?”

“No. Come on, Harry, let’s go for a walk and talk about it.” She smiled shyly. “I’ll walk in front of you, if you want.”

Oh, shit, she did read it. Hang on… she said ‘some of us were curious’… does that mean other people have read it, too? “Who else read it, Hermione?” He asked sternly, barely managing to hold on to his curious mix of anger and embarrassment.

“Oh, you know… Daphne, Susan and Padma…” Hermione replied, not sure how to react. “We… we read what you wrote about us.”

Salazar’s sweaty scrotum, they’ll kill me! “Huh… Hermione, in the interest of keeping my testicles intact, I think I should go and hide in my dorm for the next decade or so.”

“Up, Harry.” Hermione said, standing and grabbing his hand. “Come on, we need to go and talk about this.”

Goodbye, life. I won’t really miss you. Was Harry’s thought as he allowed himself to be pulled to his feet, and tugged towards the portrait hole.

Once outside, Hermione started walking, leaving Harry stood there to admire her extremely attractive bottom. “Hermione?”

She stopped, and turned round. “Yes, Harry?”

“It’s uh… it’s not a good idea to walk in front of me.”


“Because I don’t think I have the self-control to avoid jumping you.” Harry replied, his face trying to burn out it’s blush bulb.

She grinned widely. “Who said you have to avoid it?” With the grace of sex personified, she stalked forward, grabbing his shirt and kissing him passionately.

It took Harry’s shocked brain 0.68 seconds to realise that he had a gorgeous girl in his arms, trying to clean his tonsils. With all the Gryffindor courage he possessed, he reached down and took one of those stunningly attractive globes into each hand, fulfilling a fantasy almost five years in the making. Hermione squeaked, before she pulled back, just long enough to jump up and wrap her legs round his waist before she started to attack his mouth again.

Harry was in heaven as those luscious butt cheeks seemed to come alive in his hands. Only when the need to breathe made itself known did Hermione break the kiss, gasping loudly. Still held up, she smiled at him. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Harry replied, just as out-of-breath. “Hermione?”

“Yes, Harry?”

“What brought this on?”

She dropped her legs to the ground, but didn’t move back. Harry’s hands on her lower cheeks felt sublime. “You want it. I want it. The others want it.”

Harry’s brain screeched to a halt. “O-Others?”

“Yeah.” Hermione replied casually. “Daphne, Padma and Sue each want you. Harem, if you want it.” She could see the blank look on Harry’s face, and decided to take charge, since he clearly wasn’t capable of it. “Come on, Harry. Let’s go to the library, where my girls are waiting for us.”

“Y-Your girls?”

“Yep.” She grinned at him. “We’ve got a little harem/coven thing going on.” She took his hand, reluctantly, from her bottom, and began to pull him towards the library.

“Why are you doing this, Hermione?” He asked, once his brain had had a few seconds to reboot. “I mean, I thought you liked Ron?”

She shuddered. “Ew… no. I like you. You, on the other hand, never seemed interested. At least now, I know why. You don’t think you’re good enough for me.”

“I’m not good enough for you, Hermione.” He replied, pulling her to a halt. “As much as I’m enjoying this, I know that you couldn’t fancy me.”

She pulled her hand free, then laced them up around his neck. “Grab my arse, Harry.” She commanded, sighing happily when he complied. Using her arms, she pulled Harry down, as though to kiss him, but moved at the last second, so her mouth was next to his ear. “Listen to me, Harry. This is not a dream, or a fantasy. We are going to the library. Once there, I plan to remove my jeans and climb up onto a table, and you can do whatever you want to my bottom. You can do whatever you want to Susan’s breasts, Daphne’s legs or Padma’s… kitty.” She didn’t like using any of the clinical or crude words to describe the female body part.

“You’re gonna pop four cherries this afternoon, Harry.” She whispered, stroking the back of his neck tenderly. “Even though each of us has been intimate with each other, none of us has ever been with a guy. All of us were waiting for you.” She gave a happy mew as Harry’s hands moved up slightly higher, pressing into the waist band of her jeans. “We’re yours, Harry. All yours.”

She glanced down when she felt a bar of iron next to her leg. Her eyes widened as she realised that Harry’s tool was so large, it had to be tucked into the leg of his jeans. “Sweet Merlin, you’re huge!” After a moment of indecision, she grabbed his hand, and began pulling him towards the library again. “Come on, Harry! Quickly!”

Allowing himself to be hauled forward, Harry asked, “What’s the rush, Hermione?”

“I can’t blow you in the corridors, Harry…” She replied absently, “and it’s not fair that I get first dibs without the others being there to share…”

As the pair arrived in the library, Harry was pulled into an area that repelled him. He turned to Hermione. “Some kind of male-repelling ward?” He asked.

“Hmm.” Hermione nodded, before turning to Daphne. “Where’s Sue?”

The beautiful Slytherin smiled at Hermione, before gazing lustfully at Harry. “Er… she went to the kitchens. Something about custard and chocolate.”

Harry paled as he realised that the witches really had read his notebook. Oh, bollocks… “So… why have I been dragged here?”

Daphne glanced over at Hermione, who nodded supportively. “You are here because you’re about to gain four members of a Harem.” She looked thoughtful for a moment. “It’s curious, isn’t it, how there is one of us from each house…”

The hidden doorway opened quietly, revealing Susan Bones, clad in rather tight robes, wielding a picnic basket. She closed the door while glancing into the basket. “Okay, I got custard, some whipped creams, ice cubes under a freezing charm. The elves didn’t have white chocolate, so I got normal…” She looked up, seeing Harry, blushing wildly. “Hi, Harry!”

“Oh, god… kill me now…” Harry groaned, slumping into a chair.

Hermione took charge. “Okay, Harry, listen up. You’re here because the four of us have something in common: we all want you. None of us have ever made a play for you, though, ’cause you never seemed interested, so we had to lust after you from afar.”

“Why, though?” Harry asked. “I mean… I’m a thin little nerd with shitty glasses and no social skills. What on earth could you possibly want with me? And besides, I thought you said you were with each other.”

Hermione nodded. “Yeah… but, like I said, we want you. That’s one reason why we’re with each other. Need some way to keep the mad itch we all have for you from becoming unbearable.”

“But… why? And how?”

Blushing slightly, Hermione leant against the table. “Well… I was first, and Susan came up to me…”

Flashback: Hogwarts Library, January 18th, 1994 (Third Year)

Hermione Granger was, to put it mildly, frustrated. Her best friends, Ron and Harry, weren’t talking to her because of that silly incident with the broomstick, the date of Buckbeak’s trial was getting ever closer, and her homework pile was getting bigger and bigger. There were times when she wanted to just fade into a mass of sobbing witch, but that wasn’t her.

With a sigh, she reached for another of the heavy law books, hoping to find something that would help save the poor Hippogriff from the machinations of the Malfoy family.

“Hermione?” A voice called out from one of the stacks.

Looking up, Hermione saw the attractive face of Susan Bones stood, biting nervously on her bottom lip. “What’s up, Susan?”

The buxom Hufflepuff cleared her throat. “May I join you?” She asked softly.

Hermione shrugged. “Sure. Take a load off.”

Tentatively, Susan sat down in the chair next to Hermione. “What are you doing?”

“Looking for a way to help Hagrid’s hippogriff.” Hermione replied absently. “Plus, I’m trying to avoid the common room. Ron’s being an arse, and he dragged Harry down the same route.”

“You’ve had a falling out with Harry?” Susan asked, inching her chair a little closer.

“Yeah. He got a broom for Christmas, and I reported it to Professor McGonagall. I thought Sirius Black sent it, and it might be cursed.”

“Oh… makes sense.” Susan replied cautiously. “Did you tell Harry to get it checked out first?”

“No.” Hermione groaned. “I just went behind his back. I didn’t think he’d go for it.”

“Oh… so, he’s not talking to you at the moment?” Susan asked. Hermione shook her head sadly. “Can I make an observation?”

Hermione nodded slowly.

“You… you don’t seem to have many friends, Hermione. I mean, those two brainless chits in your dorm seem to spend most of their time when you’re not around mocking you.”

“Thanks for that.” Hermione said bitterly. It was one thing to suspect that people spoke about you behind your back, quite another for someone to come up and blatantly throw it in her face.

Susan held up her hands. “I’m not trying to upset you, Hermione, and I’m sorry if I did. It’s just… I kinda know how you feel.”

“Oh? I thought all you Hufflepuffs stick together.”

“As a rule, we do.” Susan replied, sighing heavily. “Unfortunately, though, the vast majority of Hufflepuffs are extremely old-fashioned.”


“I don’t fit their mould. If I tell you something, in confidence, will you promise not to reveal it to anyone?”

Hermione nodded slowly, before asking another question. “I thought you were friends with Hannah and Justin… wouldn’t it make sense to tell them if you’re having a problem?”

“They’re part of the problem.” Susan admitted. “They’re both… conventional.”

Hermione just shrugged. “Okay. I promise I’ll keep your revelation secret.”

Susan breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay… I’m curious about something. Since you’re a Muggleborn, what are your views on sexuality?”

Hermione looked confused by the apparent random topic change. “Er… in what way?”

Looking distinctly uncomfortable, Susan clarified. “Well, you know… boys who like boys, girls who like girls… boys and girls who like both… that sort of thing.”

Hermione just shrugged. “I don’t really care, to be honest. I’ve always been fairly open about that. If my soul-mate is female, I’m gonna miss out if I just go strictly for lads, so I suppose I’d be classed as bisexual. The prospect of having sex with males and females excites me.”

“Oh, thank Merlin.” Susan whispered, relieved.


“‘Cause I’m like you.” Susan replied. “And, I think, in more ways than one.”


“I like girls and boys, and I want Harry.”

“Excuse me?” Hermione squeaked.

“Oh, come on, Hermione! Everyone can see that you dig our little Gryffindor God! You think you’re the only one wants to worship at that temple?”

Hermione blushed ferociously. “What makes you think I want Harry?”

“The fact that whenever you talk to him, your nipples try and punch their way through your blouse? The way you get all red-faced and breathless when you see him in his Quidditch uniform… need I continue?”

Shaking her head quickly, Hermione stammered something unintelligible.

“Now, one of the reasons I came up to you now is… well… I like you.”

“Oh? Oh…” Hermione blushed again. “Why?”

Susan clucked her tongue at Hermione. “Shame on you! Don’t you know? You’re gorgeous!”

“I-I’m not.” Hermione whispered shyly. “I’m a plain, boring, bossy bookworm with big hair.”

Susan reached up her hand, pressing it tenderly yet firmly against Hermione’s cheek, as she leaned in closer, pressing a chaste kiss against Hermione’s lips. Hermione moaned softly as she felt Susan’s lips press against hers, the sensation warm, comfortable and oh-so-arousing.

Pulling back slightly, Susan grinned at the shell-shocked Gryffindor. “And I love the fact that you’re bossy.” She admitted. “It has such… marvellous possibilities.”

Hermione took a moment to gather her scattered wits, before grabbing Susan’s hand. “Come on… I know a place where we can… discuss this in private.”

“Wow…” Harry’s eyes were glazed as he imagined the scene. It took almost a minute for him to come back down to earth. “So… why the hell did you let me and Ron make up with you?”

Hermione glared softly at him. “Because you’re my best friend, you gormless prat. Plus, like Susan said, we both, we all want you.” Harry nodded as he looked at the pointed chest, blushing cheeks and shy smile on Susan, before turning to Hermione, who was watching him with amusement. “Yes… they are pretty, aren’t they?”

“Hmm…” Harry cleared his throat. “And how did you get into this, Daphne? Padma?”

Daphne nodded over at Padma, who took a step forward. “Well, I got involved with Hermione and Suse back in fourth year…”

Flashback – Hogwarts Library, November 2nd, 1994

“Hermione? You in here?” Padma called out. She crept her way through the stacks, heading for the back corner of the library. She’d seen Hermione loitering around the far corner for the best part of a year, liking the quiet and solitude.

She came round the corner, feeling the distinct effect of a gender-repelling ward. Since she could pass through it easily, it was clearly a male-repelling ward. Hmm… explains why we have a female librarian. She mused.

Before she passed the corner, she stopped, taking a deep breath. What the hell… She recognised that scent from some of her… relaxation exercises that she performed, alone, in the evenings.

Plucking up her courage, she stepped round the corner, seeing a truly arousing sight; Susan Bones, lying on a table, writhing under the tender tongue mercies of Hermione Granger.

“What… Hermione?”

With a squeak of pure panic, both girls shot off the table, Susan instantly looking round for something she could use to cover her impressively large chest with.

“Padma!” Hermione said, her voice filled with panic. “It’s not… well, it is what it looks like, but you-“

“Stop.” Padma said, raising her hand. “Both of you, just stop. Susan, sit down.”

Susan sat down, folding her arms across her chest. She looked mortified, almost as though she wished the earth would open up and swallow her whole. Hermione, on the other hand, looked worse. The fact that her nose, mouth and chin were glistening in the pale candlelight of the Library probably added to that.

Padma leaned against the table, noting the small puddle of Susan’s fluid that had pooled there. “Now… I came to find you, Hermione, to talk about Harry. I get the feeling, though, that I misjudged you.”


“Yes… I thought you were in love with Harry.”

“I am.”

Padma got a cute little pout on her face as she looked at Hermione and Susan. “If… if you love Harry, why are you licking Susan to what appeared to be a pretty potent orgasm?”

Both young women blushed. “Well…” Susan spoke up after a moment. “Me and Hermione… we both want Harry. And we’re both open to… other possibilities.”

Taking a moment to think, and make a choice, Padma stared at the two young women. “Allow me to clarify: you both feel that you love Harry, and wish to give yourselves to him.” Hermione and Susan nodded. “However, you’re both bisexual, in contradiction to most Magical customs, and are keeping that aspect of your relationship secret.” More nods. “So, you’re waiting for Harry, and enjoying each other while you wait?” Another nod. “Where do I sign up?”

Susan started, looking between Padma and Hermione in confusion, while Hermione chuckled. “Ah… it’s always the quiet ones. Why do you want to join us?”

Padma shrugged casually. “I like girls, I like Harry, I want some sex, I want Susan, and I adore your arse, Hermione.”

Susan gave off a big grin, allowing her folded hands to drop, showing off the best chest in fourth year, while nodding maniacally at Hermione. “Padma, I should warn you; Hermione’s quite… bossy, and demanding.”

Padma looked at Hermione, and smirked. “Ah… control freak in and out of the bedroom. Good, I think it’ll be fun.”

Hermione grinned. “Well, why don’t we get you caught up to where we were? Padma, Susan’s breasts look a little abandoned… why don’t you start there?”

Harry blinked, the image firmly planting itself in his mind.

Hermione glanced over at her girls, smirking. “Give him a minute… he’s probably just thinking about Padma’s tongue flicking all over Sue’s nipples-”

“Stop, Hermione!” Harry blurted. “Please! Sweet Merlin, any more and I’ll blow all over my…” He stopped as he realised what he was saying. “Er… can we just forget I spoke?”

“No.” Hermione replied with a devilish grin. “Please, continue telling us about your penis and your impending release.”

Harry gurgled, before turning to Daphne. “Help!”

The evil smile on Daphne’s face made him want to run away and hide. “You wish me to help with your impending release?”

“No!” He stopped and thought for a moment. “Well, yes, but that’s not what I meant. How did, er… how did you get involved in this? Everyone calls you the ‘Slytherin Ice Queen’. Cold and emotionless.”

Daphne raised one carefully sculpted eyebrow. “You, of all people, Harry, should be aware of personas. I think you have far more Slytherin in you than you care to admit. I’ve seen you looking innocent and carefree when we know you’re not. We all wear masks. Mine is no different than yours.”

“Oh… how did you get involved with Hermione’s little band of brainy girls?”

“Fascinating story…”

Flashback – Corridor outside Potions Dungeon, September 2nd, 1995

Daphne waited in the shadows outside the potions dungeon, as the class filed out. Most of the Gryffindor males rushed off, heading for Quidditch practice, while the girls, and Daphne’s targets in particular, walked out at a more sedate pace.

When she saw her targets, she stepped forward out of the shadows. “Granger, Bones, Patil… may I speak with you?”

Hermione stopped in her tracks, her sister Harry-lovers by her sides. She gave them a quick glance, noting the small nods, and slightly less subtle reaching for wands. “Something we can do for you, Greengrass?”

“I would like to speak, in private.” Daphne said. “It’s… it’s a delicate matter.”

A frisson of panic rose up in Hermione’s eyes, before it was banished. “Very well. Do you know of someplace we can talk?”

Daphne resisted the urge to smirk. “I understand there’s a… quiet corner of the library that’s not used often. Perhaps there.”

Once inside the warded area of the library, Hermione, Padma and Susan stood by the doorway, arms folded across their chests, wands in hand.

“Speak, Greengrass.” Hermione commanded. “You seem to know something you shouldn’t.”

“You mean about you three doing naughty things to each other? The fact that you enjoy each other’s bodies here in the library? And that the three of you are waiting for Potter?”

Hermione didn’t move. “Like I said, Greengrass. You know too much. Care to share where you learned this? And more importantly, who you’ve told?”

Daphne held up her hands, slowly pulling out her wand, which she casually dropped onto the table. “I have told no-one. The fact is… I’m just like you.”

Hermione stared intently at the Slytherin bombshell. “Elaborate.”

“Like you, I wish to partake of the pleasures of both sexes. Like you, I have to keep this secret. Tracey would never understand the… attraction of a naked female. She would never understand the lust we all seem to share for a certain messy-haired Gryffindor.”

Susan looked over at Hermione, who hadn’t so much as blinked while Daphne made her revelation. Padma leaned a little closer, enjoying the comfort of being pressed close to her Alpha.

“And… what? What do you want of us?”

“I want to be one of you.” Daphne admitted. “I wish to partake of each of you, you partake of me, and all of us partake of Harry.”

Hermione still didn’t move. “Why?”

Daphne sighed, slumping slightly. “You’ve put together the best looking members of our year, one from each house. I’d have to be blind, deaf and stupid not to want you.”

“And what about me?” Hermione asked. “Do you really want to get involved in a coven with a Mudblood in it?”

“Please don’t say that word.” Daphne replied. “I have never used it, and I don’t let people, not even Malfoy, say that in front of me.”

“You haven’t answered the question, though.” Hermione said, not moving from her pose.

Daphne looked at the implacable faces of her three hopefuls, and nodded to herself. She lowered herself to her knees, lowering her head. “I don’t care about blood, Hermione. I care about brains and looks, as any normal person would.”

“And?” Hermione’s voice was cool and collected.

“And… I admit, I find you very attractive.”

Hermione glanced at Padma, who nodded, then at Susan, who added her own nod. “Daphne, come here.” Daphne looked up, and made to stand. “No, don’t stand. Crawl over to me.”

Lowering her head, Daphne crawled forward, stopping in front of Hermione. “Mistress.”

Hermione grinned at her companions. “Good work, Daph’. Now, get up and give me a kiss…”

“You made her crawl?” Harry asked, shocked by both Hermione being so in-charge, and Daphne being so submissive.

Hermione shrugged. “I was just curious as to if she would. She’s not submissive, as such. She just likes people taking charge.” She wilted a little under Harry’s incredulous stare. “All right, so I like being in charge.”

Daphne cleared her throat noisily. Hermione sighed. “And Daphne likes our spank parties.”

“‘Spank parties’?” Harry asked. “I dread to ask, but the phrase boggles the mind.”

Daphne stepped closer to Harry, making sure that she was in touching range, but not forcing anything on him. “That’s where one girl lies in front of me, and I lick her, while the other two spank me. When the girl I’m licking orgasms, the spankers swap round.”

“And… and you like that?”

The immense grin and emphatic nod were in no way unclear to Harry, who felt an overwhelming urge to sit down. He slumped into a chair, resting his head in his hands.

Hermione scurried over, kneeling down in front of him. “Harry? Harry, what’s wrong?”

“Information overload.” Harry moaned into his hands. “The four best-looking girls in the school… and you’re all together… God, I hate my life.”

“Why?” Padma asked.

“‘Cause you’re all together.” Harry replied, still mumbling into his hands.

Hermione looked at her fellow coven members, who all nodded. “And we’re yours, Harry? Weren’t you listening to the stories? We’re all a part of this odd little group because we want you. We’re yours. Your coven, your harem. You can do with us what you please. Don’t you remember what I said in the hallway?”

Harry looked up, a dry chuckle in his throat. “You said some pretty memorable things, Hermione. I don’t think I ever will forget.”

“What did you say?” Susan asked.

Hermione waited for Harry to speak, then decided to answer when his jaw flapped for a moment. “I said that I couldn’t blow him in the hallway, and it wasn’t fair that I got first dibs. Besides, you didn’t feel the huge tool pressing up against you.” She shivered. “I was about ready to jump you there, Harry.”

“And why can’t we now?” Padma asked, reaching up and wrapping an arm around Susan, who purred and leaned into the touch. “We’re all here, horny, wet and willing, and our Gryffindor God’s ready to deflower us… what more do we need?”

Harry gurgled.

“Besides, Hermione, you should be first.” Daphne said. “You’ve known him, and wanted him, the longest. Besides… watching our Alpha do him first…” She moaned as she ran her hands over her breasts. “I know I’ll enjoy watching that.”

Harry gurgled again, swallowing heavily as his mouth decided this was an excellent time to produce copious amounts of saliva. It was only cast iron self-control, the same self-control that let him beat Voldemort’s Imperius curse, that prevented him from drooling.

Hermione shrugged, and began unbuttoning her blouse. Susan glanced at Padma, then Daphne, then stepped forward, placing her hand over Hermione’s. “Let us, Hermione. We’ll strip you off, and get you all warmed up for him.”

Harry gurgled yet again.

Smiling broadly, Hermione raised her hands from her sides. Instantly, the other three girls were there, kissing, nibbling, unbuttoning and pulling off clothing. All the while, Hermione kept her eyes locked on Harry’s, which appeared to be glazing over. “Stay with me, Harry!” She called out.

“H-Hermione…” Harry mumbled. “What… why…”

“We’re yours, Harry.” Padma called out, reaching behind Hermione to unclip her bra. “We want you. We want you to make love to us and we want you to fuck us like whores.”

Hermione reached up, wrapping a hand in Padma’s hair as she pulled her into a fierce kiss that left Harry breathless. After Hermione broke the kiss, she pushed Padma towards Harry. “Why don’t you relieve Harry of his clothing, Padma dear? He looks about ready to pop.”

Padma positively ran over, unbuttoning Harry’s shirt. For a moment, the young man was frozen. Hermione saw his hesitation, and decided to offer a tip. “Harry, why don’t you give her a kiss while she’s stripping you?” Harry’s green eyes locked on hers, prompting her to nod. “Go on, Harry. Make sure you wrap your fingers in her hair, get a good grip. She likes that.” She watched him dither for a moment. She stepped forward, moving close to Harry, who looked ready to bolt.

“Harry.” She said firmly, reaching up and taking a soft grip on his chin. “Listen to me, Harry. We’re all here for you. We’re yours, to do with as you will. We’re not gonna point and laugh, or just walk out. Just relax, and enjoy us.” Her tone lowered to almost-begging. “Please, Harry.”

“This… this can’t be real…” Harry replied slowly. “I’m never this lucky…”

“It’s real, Harry.” All four girls said in unison. Hermione reached up and kissed him again. “Please, Harry. Don’t turn us away.”

“Turn you away?” Harry repeated, dumbstruck. “I’m worried about you turning me away, not vice versa.”

“Well, that’s not gonna happen.” Hermione said firmly. “Now, will you please kiss Padma so I can finish stripping you off?”

Harry waited for her to nod, before turning to the beautiful Indian girl, who was nibbling her bottom lip in nervousness. He reached up, cupping her cheek as he leaned in closer. Padma closed her eyes, before stopping, and pulling off his glasses. Throwing them casually on the table, she turned back to Harry, pressing a kiss against his lips. For a moment, Harry pressed back, moulding his lips into hers, before his tongue flicked out, seeking entry. Immediately, she opened her mouth.

During the Yule Ball in fourth year, Ron had tried to kiss her, seemingly trying to force his entire tongue and every drop of saliva in his body into her mouth. Harry, though, seemed intent on making her enjoy the kiss as a non-intrusive pleasure. Padma was far too horny and aroused to accept a polite kiss. She thrust her tongue out, intent on ravaging his mouth.

She moaned in pleasure as Harry matched her move for move, taking Hermione’s advice and wrapping a hand in her hair, taking a tight grip as he plundered her mouth.

Hermione had removed Harry’s trousers, leaving him stood there in boxers only. She glanced back to see Daphne and Susan swapping spit while both kept their eyes on Harry and Padma. Grinning to herself, Hermione reached up, pulling down Harry’s shorts smoothly, her eyes locking in on the impressive tool that bounced freely in the air.

From her position, Hermione could smell Harry’s arousal, not to mention the heady scent of Padma’s freely flowing juices. “Harry?” She reached up, tentatively wrapping a hand around the immense penis in front of her face.

Harry broke the kiss, gasping as he looked down at Hermione, who was looking up at him innocently while stroking him. It was such a contradiction he nearly erupted right then and there. He took a moment to gather his thoughts. “Yes, Hermione?”

She kissed the tip of his now-vibrating hampton, prompting his stomach muscles to flex, making the head bob up and down. She looked back up at him. “You seem to be… eager, Harry.”

“I’m about two tugs from blowing, Hermione.” Harry replied, his cheeks blushing as Padma nuzzled on his neck.

“How about we take you off that hair trigger, then?” Hermione asked. “Ooh, I know! How about we blow your load over Sue’s chest, so they others can lick it off while I ride you?”

Harry’s thoughts consisted of the most unsexy things he could think of… at least, he tried. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take his mind off the utter sexiness in front of him. “Er… might want to hurry…”

Daphne ripped Susan’s blouse open, before snapping the bra off. “Down, Suse, down!” She prompted. Susan was already on her knees, worshiping the beautifully throbbing penis. None of the girls could bring themselves to degrade such a magnificent piece of manhood by calling it a ‘cock’. Hermione, grinning like a monkey, began to stroke along, needing both hands to get a grip on Harry’s trouser basilisk.

Seeing Susan’s bouncing chest, Daphne’s hungry look, feeling Padma nipping her teeth on the sweet spot just below his ear, and of course, Hermione skilfully stroking him, was too much for Harry. With a cry that could easily wake the dead, he orgasmed.

Hermione made sure the magnificent member was aimed directly at Susan’s chest as it erupted, shooting out a blast of warm semen, coating her chest. All four girls moaned as they saw Harry blow, each of them wanting it. Padma’s moan was cut off as Harry grabbed her, kissing her harshly, taking what he wanted, and Padma was more than willing to let him.

Hermione was focussed on her task of regaining Harry’s resolve, and was pleasantly surprised to see that he didn’t really soften much, before becoming hard as steel again. “Good lord…” She murmured. “Rises from the ashes instantly…”

She stood up, keeping her hand moving. “Come on, Harry… naked you, naked and very wet me… You’re up again, I’m nearly dripping… match made in heaven.”

Padma pulled away with a slight moan, before dropping to her knees next to Daphne, both girls working on cleaning up Susan’s huge chest, sharing Harry’s spendings with the redhead.

“Are you sure about this, Hermione?” Harry asked. “Once we do this, there’s no going back.”

She nodded enthusiastically. “Oh, I know that. Trust me. I’ve wanted it for ages.” She pushed him back against the table. “Now, I want to wrap my legs around your waist, and you shag me rotten.”

Harry crashed into the table, grabbing Hermione and kissing her passionately. The brunette moaned as he plundered her mouth. After a moment, he broke away. “Wait… what about foreplay? You know, kissing, licking, all that good stuff.”

“Later.” Hermione demanded. “Now, I just want to ride you.” She gripped his shoulders, giving a little jump to wrap her legs around his waist. She could feel the tip of him pressing against her opening, the sensation driving her nearly insane with lust.

“Wait!” Harry braced his arms, keeping her just above. “What about your hymen? Won’t it hurt?”

“No hymen!” Hermione moaned. “Now, will you please fuck me!”

Harry didn’t relax his arms. “No hymen?”

Susan looked up, shivering as her nipples were assaulted by the very eager and skilled mouths over her fellow coven members. “Why do you think we learn to ride brooms in first year? It’s to teach us, and break hymens.”


“Later!” Hermione spat. “Shag now!”

Susan could see that Harry wouldn’t relent without an explanation. “You know all those stories and rituals involving ‘blood of a virgin’? That’s the blood they’re talking about. So, we all get ours popped when we’re young.” She quickly anticipated his next question. “And we’re all on contraceptive potion, too.”

“Oh…” Harry looked at Hermione, who was glaring at him. He allowed his arms to relax, letting Hermione drop down slightly. She squealed as Harry was smoothly sheathed inside her, filling her to the absolute maximum. She tensed her pubococcygeus muscles, gripping Harry tightly in a warm, wet, velvet vice.

He moaned as the head of his tool sent sensations ripping through him like missiles. Hermione squeezed tighter with her legs, using the grip to push herself up before dropping down. Thinking quickly, Harry turned round, leaning forward so Hermione was lying on the table. She released her death grip on his shoulders, allowing him to straighten up, and start pounding properly.

She moaned as he forcefully took her. This was the culmination of nearly three full years of work and planning, and she intended to enjoy every second of it. She timed her clenching with Harry’s thrusts, making him work for it.

On the floor, Daphne broke away from suckling Susan to watch Harry’s firm, toned buttocks pumping away on their Alpha. “Shite, that’s good to see…”

Harry, without breaking his stroke, looked over his shoulder. “Why don’t you get up here and help, then?”

All three girls were on the feet in a heartbeat, dashing over to the table. Hermione was keening in pleasure as she started to orgasm.

“Damn, you’re good!” Susan said, impressed. “It normally takes a lot to make Hermione cum, and you’ve done it in less than a minute!”

Hermione, through the haze, looked up at him. “I love you. I love you all.”

Harry smiled, leaning down to kiss her again, and gave a couple of licks on her nipples. She wailed again, clenching round Harry. “You’re so good!” She gasped. “Oh, god…”

Harry sped up his thrusts, pounding harshly on her. Any thoughts of stopping we drowned out by Hermione’s “oh, yes!” mantra.

“Where do you want us, Harry?” Susan asked.

“Hermione?” Harry asked. In response, she wrapped her legs around his waist, pressing her heels against his arse.

“We’re yours, Harry!” She gasped. “Do what you want!”

With an evil grin, Harry took a moment to think. “Hermione, put your arms out.” Hermione’s flailing arms spread out on the table, a perfect forty-five degrees to her body. “Perfect. Daphne, why don’t you climb up on the table and start sucking on her nipple, while she rubs your clit?”

Before he’d even finished with the suggestion, Daphne had pulled off her clothes and leapt onto the table, taking Hermione’s nipple into her mouth. After a moment, she let out a long, fluid moan as Hermione’s hand found ‘the girl’s best friend’, rubbing and tweaking.


“On it!” The Hufflepuff exclaimed, already climbing up onto the table.

“And Padma, why don’t you put your delicious self over Hermione’s mouth?”

“Oh, yes please!” Hermione demanded. “God, this is so good…” She was in heaven… no, she was so far beyond heaven, it was untrue. Her sensitive nipples were being ravaged by two of her girls, while Harry was pounding away at her, and her last girl was about to sit on her face.

Harry watched as Padma divested herself of clothing, before climbing onto the table, kneeling, and side-kneeling over to Hermione. With a little grunt of effort, she straddled Hermione’s head. He saw the pale pink tongue of Hermione start flicking over the chocolate skin of Padma, and had to restrain himself from letting loose and fucking her like a madman.

Padma began moaning, followed by Susan, while Hermione was keening again, this time, right into Padma. Harry felt himself getting closer; after all, what teenage male could be involved in a situation like this and not be right on the edge? Feeling impish, he called his magic up to the surface, infusing Hermione, and the three girls connected to her.

“All together now…” He hissed as his balls tightened in preparation for release. The instant he came, the four girls came too, flooding the room with hormones, pheromones, bartholin fluid, and a hefty dose of Harry’s baby gravy.

Hermione screamed into Padma, the vibrations on the Indian girl’s clitoris only escalating her own orgasm. Daphne and Susan both squirted onto the table, their thighs clenching together against Hermione’s hands, which hadn’t stopped moving. Hermione, herself, clenched Harry so tight, he didn’t think he’d be able to pull out, even if he want to. He felt her squirt against him, their juices mixing together in a heady cocktail.

Susan was the first to pull away, scooting backwards and dropping to the floor, barely managing to get her legs under her in time. She leaned heavily against the table, pressing her thighs together to stop the vibrating she was sure she was doing.

Padma followed suit, jamming her hands on the table and using it to push herself up so she could drop down to the floor. Her legs buckled, leaving her slumped on the floor, heaving for breath. Daphne rolled away, somehow managing to remain on the table while she tried to gather he wits.

As soon as the last girl had removed herself, Hermione shakily sat up, still connected to Harry, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him as passionately as she could. She leaned back slightly. “Come on, Harry… I’ve got Pad’s juices all round my mouth. Share them with me…”

Harry licked round Hermione’s lips, before kissing her again. The sharp tang of Padma, mixed with the delight that was Hermione’s own essence, was a lovely mixture. When air became an issue, Harry, reluctantly, broke the kiss.

“That was fun…” He gasped.

“Hmm…” Was Hermione’s articulate response. “Who’s next?”

Daphne shot her hand up. “Ooh, do me! Do me!”

Hermione held up her hand. “I have a marvellous idea. How about… spank party pose, you can clean me up, while Harry does you doggy style?”

Daphne was already on her hands and knees, looking over her shoulder at Harry. “Come on, Harry, do me!”

Before he could pull away, Hermione tightened her grip. “Can you carry me over? I wouldn’t want to waste all this cum inside me.”

Shaking his head slightly at the bizarre creature known as ‘woman’, Harry complied, lifting her off the table, and staggering over to the floor in front of Daphne. He knelt down, placing her on the cold stone, before pulling out. Hermione moaned at the loss.

“Let me clean you up.” Daphne said, before grabbing his somehow still-hard tool. Hermione watched Daphne sucking on it, and made a decision.

“It needs a name.” She declared.

“Eh?” Harry shivered slightly. “What? Why?”

Hermione looked at him oddly. “Harry, it’s huge. It’s probably got it’s own gravity well. Plus, it keeps rising. How about… Mr. Phoenix™?”

“‘Mr. Phoenix™’?” Harry repeated. “You want to call my penis ‘Mr. Phoenix™’?”

“Yeah.” Hermione decided. “Mr. Phoenix™.”

The newly-named Mr. Phoenix™ basked in the attention of the four teenage witches, bobbing in time with Daphne’s loving sucks and caresses. After a minute, she looked up at him.

“You’re ready, Harry. Now, pound me into the bloody floor.”

Harry looked over his shoulder, wondering what Padma and Susan were up to. Susan was lowering herself onto Padma’s face in a 69. “You go on… we’ll keep each other busy over here.”

Scooting round and lining himself up, Harry slid inside Daphne in one smooth stroke. She moaned as she lowered her arms, burying her face inside Hermione, who moaned as her sensitive nub was re-assaulted. It took a moment, but Hermione managed to raise herself up on her elbows.

“Give her a spank, Harry.” Hermione said. “Each time you pull out, slap her arse. She loves it.”

Harry maintained his pace, looking critically at Hermione. “I can’t. I won’t hurt anyone.”

Daphne pulled away from Hermione, looking over her shoulder. “Please, Harry. I like it. I do. You won’t hurt me.”

“Are you sure?” Harry asked, slowing his pace.

“No, don’t stop!” Daphne spat. “Please, Harry. I want it. I like it. Please…”

Harry kept moving, but didn’t raise his hand. The decision was taken from him, however, as Susan and Padma came over, kneeling on either side of him.

“Here, Harry.” Susan said. “We’ll do it for you.”

He tensed when he felt each of the girls begin caressing his cheeks, before Padma’s hand slammed down onto Daphne’s bottom. He gasped when he felt her already-tight kitty clamp down on him, locking him into place for a moment.

“She likes it.” Padma whispered into Harry’s ear. “Watch what happens when we both do it.” She nodded to Susan, who aimed a hard slap on Daphne’s right cheek, while Padma matched the move on the left.

The fluid moan that Daphne let out brought him right to the brink, with her clenching tightly around.

“And, one more.” Padma said, reaching up with her free hand to caress Harry’s face as she and Susan smacked Daphne one last time. A three-fold orgasm erupted as Daphne came with the force of a freight train, locking her lips and sucking harshly on Hermione’s clit, prompting the Gryffindor to howl in her own orgasm.

Harry felt Daphne clench around him, feeling like he was being sucked inside as he erupted, painting her insides with his cum.

Hermione sat up, stroking Daphne’s hair. “Good girl.” She cooed. “Very good girl.”

“Thank you.” Daphne gasped, before looking over her shoulder. “Harry, you are our God!”

“Er… thanks?” Harry replied, wincing as he pulled out of her. Damn, this is a much more enjoyable way to spend my time that listening to Ron bitching about the Cannons. Why the hell did I think of him when I have four naked stunners near me? Damn, Potter, you need therapy.

Susan looked into his eyes. “Harry?” Her voice was innocent and sweet, sending the blood rushing back into his oversensitive head. “Can I be next?”

He looked at Padma, then back at Susan. “Er…”

Padma shuffled closer, kissing him on the ear. “I have an idea, if you’d like.”

Susan nodded when she heard her fellow coven member speaking quietly. Padma smiled. “How about you let Susan wrap Mr. Phoenix™ there in those immense boobs? A nice titty-shag and she can suck you, too?”

“What about you, Padma?” Harry asked. “To be honest, I’m getting a bit tired, but I don’t want you to feel left out.”

It was Hermione who took charge. “I know. Harry, lie down on your back.” He complied instantly. She’d not had a bad idea yet. “Padma, if you’d position yourself on his face? Oh, and Daphers has a bellyful of Harry you might enjoy. Suse, hands and knees, and put those impressive norks to work. And I… shall make sure you aren’t left out.”

As Padma slid into place, Harry took a deep breath, relishing the scent of his Indian lover. His tongue snaked out, instantly seeking the bundle of nerves that could drive her to a powerful orgasm. She moaned and leaned forward, seeing Daphne slide into place, her legs apart, a combination of hers and Harry’s juices just begging to be tasted.

Susan kneeled down between Harry’s legs, letting her chest rest on Harry’s thighs, before slowly sliding upwards. Hermione took a spot just behind Susan and to the left, so she could reach the more interesting places.

Harry felt Susan’s rock-hard nipples scrap up his thighs, leaving Goosebumps in their trail. The curious combination of soft flesh on top of hard muscle surrounded him, enveloped him. It nearly made him lose his mind.


“Yes, you are.” Hermione whispered seductively. “You are our God. Now, let Susan’s titties go to work, Harry.” She leaned closer to Susan, whispering in her ear. “And what would you like me to do to you, Suse? Lick? Nibble? Touch? Stroke?”

Susan shuddered slightly. “Rub… please, Hermione, rub…” She squeaked as Hermione’s fingers instantly found her clit, rubbing with just the right amount of pressure. “Fuck…”

Hermione smiled against Susan’s ear. “Later, sweetie. For now, you concentrate of making Harry cum, while I make sure you cum.”

Padma suddenly broke away from Daphne, moaning loudly as her head flopped onto her thigh. “Sweet Merlin, Harry!” She began to howl as the biggest orgasm of her life began. “Gonna squirt!” She warned, trying to pull herself up.

Harry’s arms snaked up, wrapping tightly round her thighs, holding her in place, as a faint sucking noise began. Padma shrieked loudly, her entire body freezing as she came. Harry never let her go as she rode out her orgasm, grinding herself into his face as she howled.

“Harry! Stop!” She suddenly said. “Too sensitive!”

A mumbled “No.” filtered up from Padma’s crotch, as Harry continued licking and sucking. Behind Harry’s head, Daphne climbed to her knees, fisting her hand in Padma’s hair and kissing her passionately, her free hand plucking lightly at Padma’s nipples.

Watching Padma’s explosive orgasm, combined with Hermione’s expert touch, sent Susan over the edge, convulsing lightly with the head of Mr. Phoenix™ still in her mouth.

Hermione leaned up. “Do you want him to come in you, Suse? Blast his juice straight into your belly? I bet you do.”

Susan keened as Hermione’s dirty talk set her up for another orgasm. Removing her fingers, Hermione grabbed Susan’s shoulders, pulling her up and pushing her forward. Taking the hint, Susan grabbed hold of Mr. Phoenix™, positioned herself over, and sank up to the hilt in one smooth move. This set Susan off with another orgasm, Hermione reaching round and beginning to rub Susan’s clit again, extending the sensation.

Harry was getting close to his fourth orgasm, as the smell of Padma, plus the squirty orgasm, and the tight clenching of Susan around the abused Mr. Phoenix™ all turned him on. With a grunt, and a thrust of his hips that lifted Susan clear off the ground, he came, crying out as Mr. Phoenix™ cried his healing tears once more.

All five collapsed bonelessly to the ground, Daphne and Hermione at least vaguely aware of what was happening. Padma and Susan had become brain-dead during their orgasms, and would need time to reboot. Harry was exhausted. He’d pleasured all four girls, although he felt a little guilty that he’d only shagged three of them. To make up for it, he started to lick Padma again. The girl shrieked and rolled off to the side, her thighs clamping together as her whole body vibrated.

Hermione started to move. “Okay, folks… I think a trip to the Room of Requirement for a shower would be a good idea.”

Groaning and mumbling, the other four managed to begin.

On the way up to the Room of Requirement, Harry asked something that he’d been wondering since the afternoon started. “Hermione?”

“Hmm?” Came the tired response.

“How come you’re in charge?”

Padma chuckled. “Two reasons, Harry. One, she likes being in charge. Two, we like her being in charge. We’ve followed every order she’s given.”

Every order?” Harry asked, not sure he liked the sound of that.

Susan nodded, linking her arm through Hermione’s, then her other through Harry’s. “Oh, yes. She’s never done us any harm. There was that time she tied Daphne up, and had us torture her. That was fun.”

“‘Torture’?” Harry demanded, stopping in his tracks and looking at Hermione. “You tied someone up and tortured them?”

Hermione rolled her eyes. “I suppose. We tortured her with teeth and tongues and fingers, Harry. She came so many times, we needed three drying charms. And she didn’t stop smiling for two days.”

He turned to look at Daphne, who was blushing, but nodded with a smile. “It’s true. I like it. I know they wouldn’t hurt me, and I know they would stop if I wanted them to.” He turned back to Hermione.

“Anything else?”

Hermione thought for a moment. “There was that time with Padma.”

Harry turned to Padma, who was blushing, too. “Well?”

“Er… hands stuck to the table while she shaved me, then all three licked me. For four hours. Couldn’t walk until the day after, and I was limping for a week.” She sighed dreamily. “Good times.”

“So… you’re the dominant one.” Harry said. “You’re not gonna try and dominate me, are you? I don’t fancy the idea of being tied up.” Too many memories.

“No.” Hermione shrugged. “Am planning to shag you, many times, though.”

Harry paused for a moment. “I can live with that.” They carried on. “So… what happens now?”

Daphne cleared her throat, stepping in front of the group, and walking backwards. “Hermione becomes your girlfriend, primary, alpha, whatever you want to call it. The rest of us are concubines. Love slaves.” She grinned wickedly. “Fuck toys.”


“Good.” Hermione replied. “Glad you agree, Harry.”

“Do I get a say in this?” He asked petulantly.

“Do you want one?” Hermione shot back.

It only took a moment for him to come to a satisfactory conclusion. “No. Not really… girlfriend.”

“Good. Now, let’s get that shower, so you can shag Padma. I can’t wait to taste her on Mr. Phoenix™…”

After the communal shower (lasting three hours and generating 23 orgasms), Harry led the group down to the Great Hall, where a huge dinner was needed.

He sat down at the Gryffindor table, his ladies beside and opposite him.

I just know, I can feel it in my bones, that Ron and Ginny are gonna come over and try and fuck this up. Ron ’cause he wants my Hermione, and Ginny ’cause she wants my name and money. I just know it.

True to Harry’s prediction, as soon as Ron and Ginny came into the Great Hall, they made a beeline for the quintet.

“What’s going on here?” Ginny demanded petulantly. “Why are you sitting with… them?”

Ron stood behind Harry, looking across the table at Padma and Daphne. “Harry, why is there a Slytherin dining at the Gryffindor table?”

Harry looked at Daphne, mouthing ‘I’m sorry’ at her. She looked at him, puzzled, as he turned to face Ron. “Because, Ron, I can’t perv at her tits if she’s sitting at the Slytherin table, now, can I?”

Daphne, using a hefty portion of her willpower, kept the smile and mad giggle at bay, as she looked up at Ron coolly.

“Well, I don’t want her here. Get her to sit at her own bloody table. Don’t want snakes near me while I’m trying to eat.”

“Ronald,” Hermione began, her tone like ice, “this table is at least fifty feet long. Why don’t you go and sit at the other end if Daphne’s presence bothers you?”

“Never mind that.” Ginny snapped. “Harry, I asked you a question! Why are you sitting with them?”

Harry slowly turned his head to look at Ginny. “Because I want to.” He said slowly. “Is… there a problem, Ginny?”

“Do you have to sit so close to them?” Ginny asked, looking down her nose at the four girls. “Why don’t you come and sit at the other end with me? I’m sure I can keep you… occupied.”

“Because, I want to sit with my girlfriend and my concubines, Ginny.” Harry replied, turning back and smiling at the four women.

“Girlfriend?” Ginny demanded.

“Concubines?” Ron spat, looking at the four girls jealously, before his gaze locked on Hermione. “Who’s your girlfriend, Potter?”

Hermione held up her hand, before resting her head on Harry’s shoulder. “That would be me, Weasley. And may I say what a fantastic lover my boyfriend is?”

Ginny turned red as her temper flared. “How dare you!” She hissed in a cold voice. “You’re mine, Potter, not these whores!”

Five wands were trained on her a millisecond after she finished speaking.

At the head table, Dumbledore saw the wands appear and stood, intent on racing down the hall.

“You might want to rephrase that statement, Ginevra.” Harry replied coldly. “These are my friends, lovers and concubines, and any challenge to them is a challenge to me.”

Ginny stood her ground. “No. Like I said, you’re mine.”

“What is going on here?” Dumbledore asked, looking over the group. “Mr. Potter, lower your wand this instant! Miss Greengrass, Miss Patil, Miss Bones, Miss Granger, you as well!”

Harry’s wand didn’t move a micron. “This is a matter of honour, sir. Miss Weasley called my girlfriend and concubines ‘whores’. I’m waiting for her apology.”

“‘Girlfriend’?” Dumbledore asked. “Mr. Potter, Miss Weasley is your fiancée. You should not have a girlfriend without her permission.”

Hermione slowly turned her gaze from Harry, seeing a minute trace of shock, up to Dumbledore. “Fiancée, headmaster? Harry doesn’t have a fiancé.”

Dumbledore looked at Hermione. “Of course he does, Miss Granger. I’ve been in negotiation with Molly Weasley for almost two months to arrange the betrothal contract. It’s nearly completed.” He turned back to Harry. “Perhaps we should discuss this in my office, Harry. Mr. Weasley, Miss Weasley, with me, please.”

After arranging to meet his girls in the Room of Requirement at the conclusion of the meeting, and passing Hermione a small object, Harry followed Dumbledore and the two youngest Weasleys up to the Headmaster’s office. Once inside, Dumbledore headed to the fireplace, throwing in a pinch of Floo powder before sticking his head into the flames.

Almost a minute later, Molly Weasley waddled out of the fireplace, brushing the soot off her robes. “Good evening, Albus.” She turned to her two youngest, simpering slightly. “Hello, Ronald, Ginny.” She spotted Harry. “Ah, Hello, Harry dear.”

Harry wasn’t moved. “Please explain why the Headmaster feels a need to negotiate a betrothal agreement between myself and your daughter.”

Molly looked up at Albus, who nodded slightly. “Well, dear, it has to do with that prophecy. The Headmaster hasn’t told us what it’s about, but he said that being married to Ginny could only be of benefit to you.”

Harry turned to Dumbledore. “Explain. Now.”

Dumbledore looked at Harry, his eyes twinkling. “Now, my boy, as your magical guardian, I am authorised to negotiate a suitable match for you. Miss Weasley is a pureblood witch from a confirmed Light family. By marrying her, you will gain support and love.”

“Really.” Harry maintained his cool air. “Well, I’m afraid I’m not interested in Miss Weasley, so there’s no point in continuing, Headmaster. I will arrange my own love life, thank you.”

Dumbledore shook his head. “I’m afraid the negotiations have advanced too far for you to back out now, Harry. The agreement has been drafted. All I need is Molly’s signature and my own, and it’s completed.”

Harry didn’t change his expression. “Oh. And what are the terms of this ‘agreement’?”

“You will marry Ginny immediately.” Molly said. “As soon as you’re married, you will become emancipated, gaining access to your family vaults, which Ginny will also gain access to. A bride price of ten million galleons will be paid to my family, and Ginny will be gifted with fifty percent of the Potter Estate, free and clear, with you paying any and all fees to facilitate this change.”

Harry nodded slowly. “Hmm… and what do I get out of this ‘deal’?”

“You get to marry Ginny, and restore the honour and purity of an ancient and noble bloodline.” Molly said, as though that was the greatest prize in the world, worth far more than the Potter property or fortune. “It will allow the cleansing of any… dirt from the line. However, there are a few stipulations in the agreement. Simple things, really.”

“Do share.” Harry said, leaning back in his chair. Truth be told, he was actually curious about the money-grabber’s intentions.

“Once the marriage has been consummated, Ginny is permitted to refuse any sexual encounters. She is allowed to take any lover she wishes on the side, provided appropriate contraception is employed. You, naturally, are not permitted this, as your wife’s happiness is your primary concern and duty. Ginny will then take over as treasurer of the family finances; as a pureblood witch, she’s naturally better suited to run family business in polite society.

“She’ll provide you with a modest allowance, suitable for any hobbies you may enjoy. Any incomes you receive from them, for example, Quidditch, will be paid to her, and she will have the power to sign or dismiss contracts in your name.

“An heir to the family name will need to be produced within five years of the agreement, and when the heir is born, you shall sign over your half of the estate to the child in trust, to be administered by the family treasurer. You’ll continue to receive your allowance until the child is of age.”

Dumbledore’s eyes suddenly twinkled. “Molly, I just forgot; we’re only including the Potter fortune. Mr. Potter is currently the holder to the Black family fortune as well; it wouldn’t be fair for the Weasley heir to be denied a proper birthright.” The old man quickly added a loopy scrawl to the parchment, and then smiled. “The two fortunes shall be combined in to a single set of funds, and only Ginevra will be able to divest the estate of any property or investments.”

The old man held an inked quill. “While you’re here, Molly, and Mr. Potter has now been informed, we may as well sign the agreement.” With a flourish, he signed his name on the document, before passing it and the quill over to Molly, who signed it with a grin on her face.

“There. It’s done.” Molly said happily. “Congratulations, Ginny. You’re now Lady Potter.”

The Headmaster looked over at Harry. “Congratulations, my boy. You’re now married! Isn’t it wonderful? Of course, you will need to break up with Miss Granger and the other three young ladies. I’m sure that I’ll be able to find young men of station to arrange contracts with.”

Ron looked at his mum. “I want Hermione.”

Molly smiled indulgently. “I’ll start negotiations with Albus for you, Ronnie. Don’t you worry.”

Ginny turned to Harry, smiling widely. “Come on, Harry. We can just get to Gringotts before they close. I want to pick out a ring.”

“What do you want a ring for?” Harry asked, looking confused. “And, more to the point, I didn’t think your family had any rings at Gringotts.”

Ginny looked at him as though he were feeble-minded. “From my new vault, silly! Oh, don’t worry, Harry. I’ll make sure I pick out the best one to wear. I know you wouldn’t want me to look anything other than my best.”

Shrugging, Harry stood up. “Frankly, I don’t give a shit. I’m not letting you near my Gringotts vault.”

My vault, Harry.” Ginny corrected. “Remember, it’s part of the wedding agreement. I get control of your vault.” She smiled widely, imagining what she could do with all that wealth. “Oh, and a shopping trip. I want some new clothes.”

“Hope you enjoy that, Ginny. But, it won’t be with my money. Now, I’m going to go back to my girlfriend, and explain this little game.” He looked over at Ron, giving him a cold smile. “She’s delicious, Ron. It’s a shame I got there first.”

Dumbledore cleared his throat. “Mr. Potter, as I have explained, you are now married to Mrs. Potter.”

“Yeah… out of idle curiosity, why did you do this? Behind my back, especially.”

With a cold smile, Dumbledore leaned back in his chair. “You’ve been getting too independent, Mr. Potter. Running around, learning things that you shouldn’t be, engaging in liaisons that I haven’t approved. It simply won’t do. Now, Mrs. Potter will be able to control who you see and who you don’t. It’s really for the best.”

Harry shrugged. “I suggest you investigate, Headmaster. Especially since that magically binding contract… hasn’t bound.”

The three Weasleys and Dumbledore looked at the contract, noting that it hadn’t flashed and disappeared. “What?” Dumbledore snapped. “Why?”

Harry yawned theatrically, holding up his hand over his mouth. His Head of House ring flashed in the light of the office. “I’ve been Lord Potter for months. Emancipated. No magical guardian. And best of all? Hermione’s now 17, so she doesn’t have a magical guardian, and my other ladies have their own. You lose.”

Molly’s wand was in hand. “You will sign the contract now, Potter! It’s bad enough I have to let my beautiful daughter scrabble round with a dirty half-blood… you will not defy me!”

Harry just shook his head as he started towards the door. “Nope. Now, I suggest you put down your wand, or I’ll be forced to… retaliate.”

Dumbledore drew his own wand. “No, Harry. You will sign the agreement. If I have to Obliviate you, I will. Pick up the quill, and sign.” He laced his voice with powerful compulsion charms, designed to worm their way into Harry’s mind, one step below the Imperius curse.

“Try it, Dumbledore, and you’ll be arrested before the ink dries.” Harry retorted. “You’ve lost. Besides, my ladies are listening in, and you can’t Obliviate them before Amelia Bones comes to knock on your door.”

Harry drew his wand, waving it at the parchment, causing it to go up in flames. “Weasley, and I mean all of you, never speak to me again. Ron, you try to assault me or my ladies, and I will kill you.” He walked out of the room, a smile on his face and a song in his heart.

He was safe from the manipulations. His girls were safe from manipulations. And an orgy was about to begin in the Room of Requirement, with the specially prepared picnic basket from earlier. Oh, he knew there was danger in the future; Voldemort would continue to try and kill him, and his ladies. Dumbledore would start throwing his weight around, trying to get his own way, and the Weasleys would inevitably cross over the line. But for the moment? Things couldn’t be better.

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