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The Worst Pokemon Trainer

By Katmandu12

Submitted: April 14, 2013

Updated: April 14, 2013

An 18-year-old girl gets her first Pokemon and discovers why every other trainer has to start young and her life spirals out of control from there.

Lots of Pokemon on human action

Provided by Hentai Foundry.


0 – A Brief Word

This is a story featuring my OC Ellen, this story will feature NO LOLI OR SHOTA, so don’t ask.

I appreciate any suggestions for Pokemon to include, though I do have some ideas where I want to go with this. Please stick to the first two generations since those are what I know.

This story is done in honour of a frequent requester I have who unfortunately likes to send me requests for things I have not enough knowledge of. He asked me a while back about a couple Pokemon related stories that I had to turn down, so this is done to make it up to him. Since I have an OC thus a blank slate to do with her whatever I want. You won’t see any characters from the show, maybe a couple gym bosses though down the line


1 – Ellen’s First Pokemon

Today was the day; Ellen had never been this excited in all of her life. No longer would she stare longingly at the Trainers as they walked by the shop with their belts loaded with Pokéballs. No longer would she watch matches on the TV and daydream about being one of those people.

Today she WOULD be one of those people.

At the age of ten, every kid is entitled to their first Pokémon, and then they go off on their own with no supervision and travel the country going on adventures and getting in fights with wild animals.

Unfortunately for Ellen, her family needed her at home, the bills needed to be paid and they couldn’t afford to feed a ‘pet’ for their daughter. So eight excruciating years passed, making her now a legal adult before she left home, her first step was to buy her first adorable little friend.

Ellen walked in the front door and looked around, the office was nicely decorated. A middle-aged man in a suit under a lab coat sat behind a desk. He asked, “Can I help you?”

“Yes, I’m Ellen!’ stated the eager young adult.

“You’re Ellen? The girl that reserved a new Pokémon for today?” he said, “you’re a bit old, don’t you think?”

The Professor looked Ellen over; she was very much a matured girl. Eighteen years old, she had short black hair with a lock of purple hair coming down in front of her face. She had large eyes and a perky nose, her body was slim with nice assets. Her large, teardrop-shaped tits were faintly hidden behind a yellow tank top without a bra under it; her cleavage was prominently on display. The shirt was cropped short to show off her toned stomach and the Pokéball tattoo to her right side on the front over her kidney. She was wearing a purple skirt that was short and showed off her long, slender legs that ended in a pair of new high-tops.

“Is that a problem?” Ellen asked, wringing her hands nervously.

“Uh, well we do find that it ends up better, if you start younger,” the professor explained, “there seems to be a problem once trainers enter maturity, without any experience.”

“What kind of problems?”

“Well, there are very rare cases of Pokémon… not listening and… getting out of hand,” said the Professor, “well everyone grows up raising these things, so when they get old enough they already have the ability to command them, they’re pretty much Masters by the age of thirteen.”

“But what happens when an eighteen year old gets her first Pokémon?” Ellen asked, “Do they try and kill their Trainers?”

“NO! No, nothing like that,” said the professor, then grabbed a Pokéball off of the counter and said, “forget I said anything, it hardly ever happens. So this here is a Pokémon that someone traded to me a while back. I don’t use him, but he’s a very strong one to start your career with. Have fun, best of luck to you.”

Ellen took the Pokéball and left, thoroughly confused. She was nervous; she didn’t even know what Pokémon she’d been given. She decided it would be best for her and her Pokémon if everyone in the city didn’t see how untrained and inexperienced she was. So rather than even releasing whatever thing she’d just been given inside her house, she decided to take it out into the woods of Saffron City and see what happened.

The inexperienced young woman found a clearing about a twenty minute walk into the woods where hopefully nobody would happen by.

“Alright, what is the worst that could happen?” Ellen said to herself, she was very delicate with the Pokéball, not even wanting to throw it too hard. She lightly tossed it onto the ground, aiming for a soft piece of grass not too far away. The light was blinding as the Pokémon was released. Ellen flinched as she waited for the foot to drop.

Soon standing in front of her was a Machoke. A tall one especially, about six feet tall, from what she heard, they were usually only about five feet, this one must have been something special. He was incredibly muscular, his skin was smooth and grey with red lines running down his thick, hard arms. He had a set of three fins on top of his lizard-like head. His red eyes looking around as he sniffed the air.

“MACHOKE!” called out the animal as he flexed.

“Yes you are!” Ellen said giddily, “hi, I’m Ellen. I’m your new Trainer!”

“MACHOKE!” said the beast as he approached Ellen. The girl reached out to pet her new friend’s head; she herself was about as tall as the thing should be, five feet tall, but much less bulky. Ellen placed her hand on her pet’s head running them over the fins, when suddenly its five-fingered hand clamped around her wrist. “MACHOKE!”

“Hey, NO!” Ellen shouted, “Let go of me this minute! I order you!” “Machoke?”

“Yes, as your Trainer, I say NO!” “MACHOKE!”

Ellen was spun and thrown, hitting a tree hard enough to daze her a bit. She felt the bark in her hands as she grabbed onto the trunk. She jumped, feeling a hand on her rump.

“Hey, no!” Ellen shouted, “Stop right now, Machoke!” “MACHOKE!”

Suddenly everything became crystal clear for why the Professor had been so reluctant to give her a Pokémon at her age. The fighting-type slid his hand under her skirt, his thick fingers grabbing onto her panties and pulling until they ripped.

“NO!” Ellen said, in as stern a voice as she could manage. She would be damned if she was going to get fucked by her first Pokémon. Then again, she’d seen a bit of Pokeporn and hadn’t exactly hated it… but she still was not going to give up so easily, “let go now or I will trade you away!”

“Machoke,” said the Machoke as he pulled off his power belt and removed his shorts. Ellen’s eyes went wide as she saw the thing that had been lurking under the tunic. About a foot long with red lines along its grey length was one of the biggest cocks she’d ever seen. Thicker than she’d ever taken, she suddenly stopped thrashing in the Machoke’s grip. She watched over her shoulder as the head of the cock nudged at her tight pussy lips. The thing grunted, “Machoke…”

“Last chance, Machoke…” Ellen whispered, losing her resolve as he found her pussy getting wet at the touch of the thing’s tip. She’d had a few boyfriends in the past, but none of them were ever packing quite like this Machoke was, it wasn’t like any one was watching…

The tip tickled her, making her skin tingle at its touch. Her chin was pushed into the tree’s bark, her hands gripping it hard. She was breathing heavy as the coned-tip moved up and down, playing at her pussy lips, torturing her before he put it in.

“OH! AGH!” Ellen cried out as the dick pushed inside her, wrapping the tree in a bear-hug as she widened her stance. Machoke’s arms were locked around her waist as he bucked his hips, almost like he was giving her the Heimlich maneuver. She heard his guttural growling and grunting as his nostrils were blowing hot air on the back of her neck, causing her hair to whish around with each breath.

“MACHOKE! MA-CHOKE!” the fighting Pokémon grunted with each thrust as he began to fuck the inexperienced trainer harder and harder, unleashing all of his physical power on her delicate frame. Her pussy lips were tight around his unit, hugging it firmly as it pushed back and forth. With each drive up inside her, Ellen could feel at the very peak of the thrust, her feet briefly left the ground. His hard skin smacking against her soft, pink flesh, driving deep and hard inside the young woman’s cunt.

“Just this once, alright?” Ellen whispered, positive that Machoke couldn’t hear her, nor would he care if he did. She was easily the one not in control anymore and a part of her liked it. Her head rocked back

and forth like a ragdoll, the Machoke was just so much stronger and bigger than her… Ellen could feel the beginning of a fetish brewing in her, but at some point she would need to put her foot down and become this Pokémon’s Master and not the other way around.

The Machoke pulled her away from the tree, setting her down on the ground on her hands and knees. Ellen pulled at the grass as she felt her knees roughly rubbing on the ground, the hard strokes of the Machoke’s hips driving her mad with desire. His strong hands holding her hips so hard she might end up with bruises.

“MACHOKE, MACHOKE, MACHOKE!” grunted the beast with every rapid push of his cock deep inside the girl. Her eyes were pinched tight, her mouth opened wide as she screamed loudly, it was quite

possible some hunter or trainer was hearing her every sound and watching from the tree line as Ellen was degraded by her first Pokémon. Hell, they would probably assume it wasn’t her first time.

“MACHOKE! MACHOKE! MACHOKE!” Ellen was now screaming the name back at the grunting creature, his voice growling as he grew more and more agitated his hands moving onto her tits, squeezing so hard one of her spaghetti straps snapped under the stress. Ellen rested her weight on one hand as she reached under and feverishly rubbed her clit, before too long she was screaming so hard her voice broke and she climaxed powerfully.

The thing seemed to pick up on her release as he pulled out and grabbed her by the hair, bringing her face to his crotch. Ellen’s eyes and mouth went wide in surprise, which was probably a bad decision since then the Machoke began fucking her mouth rather than her cunt now.

Her eyes looked down at the base of Machoke’s thick cock, seeing it saw back and forth before her eyes. Feeling it against her tongue at a fast pace, her saliva being displaced from her mouth and dripping down her chin onto her yellow top.

Machoke’s hands held her face still as he fucked her mouth, her lips tight around his cock with her cheeks sucked in. She tongued the cock and took it deep down her throat. Her throat letting out only a repetitive grunting sound mixed with a gag and squeal.

“MA, MA, MA-CHOOOOKE!” Machoke called out as he pulled out and sprayed his load all over the girl’s exposed face, plastering her tongue and painting her white. Panting, Machoke said wearily, “Machoke.”

Ellen’s hand stumbled upon something and quickly realized what it was. Swallowing the cum in her mouth, she said, “Machoke, return.”

The conquering beast dematerialized into red light and was sucked back into the red and white orb.

After finding a river to wash up in, Ellen returned to Saffron City, passing the Professor on her way. “So how did it go?” he asked.

“Uh, good,” Ellen fibbed.

The Professor looked her up and down, seeing the grass stains on her knees, the ripped strap tied back together, but not fooling anyone, the way her make-up and hair was mussed.

“He didn’t give you any trouble?” the Professor asked, then when Ellen didn’t give in, he lost his subtlety and asked, “he didn’t have his way with you right?”

“What?! No, of course not!” Ellen responded, shocked that the Professor would make such an assumption about her, whether it was true or not.

“Good, we find that once in a while, girls who begin training post-puberty have a bit of a sexual allure to Pokémon,” the Professor explained, “what they don’t know is once you give in though, you’re marked for life. You really have to put your head down and be stern with them or they’ll end up getting fucked by every Pokémon from Olivine to Lavendar Town.”

Ellen stopped cold, what did she just get herself into? TO BE CONTINUED…

2 – A Day In The Forest

Ellen sat with her back against a tree, staring at her Pokeball. She was actually scared to use Machoke.

What kind of trainer did that make her? It wasn’t that she was traumatized by the fucking she’d received by her first pet, but it was that if she let herself get pounded by him again it would confirm her failure as a Pokemon Trainer.

Ellen had put on a new yellow shirt and trudged back out into the woods. What she needed was to use Machoke against another Pokemon. If she could do that, Machoke would focus his energy on defeating the opponent and not on whatever primal urge provoked him to ravage her.

Just to be safe she decided not to wear panties. To make sure another pair didn’t get ruined, of course.

She wanted to start small, she had a satchel of ten Pokeballs to start with and she was looking forward to catching them. She had to Catch Them All.

Suddenly a small bug entered Ellen’s line of sight. She didn’t need her Pokedex to know it was a Caterpie. The small, green worm was about a foot long with a giant head with great, big black eyes.

“Alright, here’s my chance,” Ellen said, jumping to her feet. The Caterpie stared at her inquisitively, as Ellen grabbed the Machoke-ball off of her belt. With an enormous smile on her face, she told the little bug, “alright, Caterpie, you’re going down. MACHOKE, I CHO ”

“CATERPIE!” interrupted the bug as he used STRING SHOT to launch a pre-emptive strike on the trainer.

“Hey! Come on! Please?” Ellen cried out as the Caterpie sprayed her with the stringy white silk. Her arms were wedged to her side, she dropped her Machoke and was disappointed to see he wasn’t released. From Ellen’s waist right up to just under her breasts was a solid mass of webbing, her arms pinned until they were useless.

The Caterpie used TACKLE and knocked the poor girl over. As she lied on her stomach trying to work her arms free, she watched as the Caterpie continued on with its day and crawled back into the bushes and out of sight.

“Well, that’s just perfect,” Ellen groaned, taking a break from fighting.

“AIPOM!” shouted some mysterious Pokemon as it fell out of the trees and landed hard on Ellen’s back.

“Oof!” Ellen grunted, then looking on her back she saw what it was.

Aipom was a small purple monkey with a long tail ending with something that looked sort of like a hand.

“Hey little buddy,” Ellen said with optimism, “can you help me out here? I’ll be a really nice trainer if you do.”

Aipom stared blankly at Ellen as she tried to maintain a smile without showing how nervous she was.

“AIPOM!” it shouted, bringing the giant hand on the end of its tail on her ass. The loud slap echoed throughout the forest.

“OW! Don’t do that!”

The Pokemon shouted his name once more as he brought his hand down again on her rump, turning the cheek a bright shade of red. This time the end of his tail lingered, grabbing the meat with his stubby fingers.

Ellen wiggled on the ground, trying to look over her shoulder but was stuck in her position as the hand of the Aipom slid and the middle finger pushed into her ass.

“AGH! Why are you doing this?” Ellen demanded, the Aipom just looked back at her with its fixed face of jovial innocence.

As the monkey began to finger her asshole with his tail, his nubby hands gripped her buttocks as he rocked back and forth. Ellen would be lying if she didn’t enjoy his little ass-massage. She bit her lip as she felt her anus being spread by the digit on the Aipom’s tail, her eyes wide in focus as she attempted to block out the pain of the penetration. Her ears filled with the sounds of the Pokemon repeating its own name over and over as he assaulted the young woman’s behind with his thick digit.

“LICKITUNG!” shouted a newcomer, Ellen shifted her weight as best she could only to see that a new Pokemon had entered the clearing. A short, but not adorably short pink lizard with an enormous tongue… Ellen already feared the worst.

The four and a half foot high animal marched towards the two with purpose, its enormous tail bouncing with each step and its tongue flicking at the air.


“LICKITUNG!” the monster responded and booted the small monkey away. The lizard being the clearly dominant and stronger Pokemon, took ownership of the helpless woman. Ellen rolled onto her back and watched helplessly as the lizard shuffled and with its thick arms spread her legs as his tongue crept towards her crotch like a snake.

“Please don’t?” Ellen asked uselessly, knowing the words wouldn’t help before they even came out of her mouth. Her hands flailed wildly as best they could with everything up to the wrist bound in silk, but still the tongue began to lick at her pussy, her skirt still hiked up from Aipom’s attack on her.

The Lickitung maintained its stance with each of its hands on the inside of Ellen’s knees to spread her legs. She could try kicking, but doubted she would be able to get a good blow on the thing, plus she

wasn’t aggressive enough to hurt the small creature who really just wanted some excitement.

Ellen’s mouth dropped open in a silent scream as the tongue wedged between her pussy lips, the saliva which was normally paralytic when attacking gave her body a gentle tingle that covered her skin in goosebumps and made Ellen feel slightly at ease with her current predicament.

The tongue dove deep inside of her, the meaty limb was thick and spread her pussy wide inside, before long Ellen’s silent scream gained volume and she was hollering out loudly in pleasure as she was tongu-fucked by the small creature. She could feel the wetness of the saliva inside of her, tingling without end, sending shivers up and down her spine.

Unexpectedly, the Lickitung rolled her back over onto her stomach. Standing at her head was a beast about the same size as the Lickitung that Ellen recognized as a Primeape. Looking more like a white furball with pink arms and legs, this one had a fifth limb sticking out between its legs and it seemed to have an idea of where he intended to put it.

The tip of the Primeape’s cock thrust into her mouth capitalizing on her howling fit of carnal submission. From what she knew about Primeapes, they were aggressive Pokemon, and it showed as he began to fuck her mouth with his surprisingly long and thick cock. With his mitt-like hands he held her head still as he started to powerfully thrust his cock down her throat at blistering speeds.

Being fucked at one end and tongued at the other, Ellen’s mind was torn between the two, overwhelmed by the attention she was receiving. She heard the wet smacking sounds of her lips around the Primeape’s cock as it slid in and out along her tongue.

The Lickitung’s tongue left her pussy if only for a second to reposition inside her ass, making Ellen’s eyes go wide as her asshole was stretched by the thick, pink muscle. She felt the Lickitung’s hands on her rump as his own cock began to enter her wet, well-primed cunt.

Then just like that, Ellen was being fucked at both ends while also receiving a rimjob that felt fantastic when the saliva continued to make her whole body tingle. She didn’t realize how hot it made her until finally she came, her cries muffled by the rapidly darting cock in her mouth.

Primeape had the perpetual look of rage on his face as he fucked her mouth, his hands holding her head still as the head of his cock ventured down her throat again and again. Ellen’s displaced saliva dripping down her chin as her tears ran down her cheeks from choking as well as a wonderful orgasm.

She felt the hard thrusting of the Lickitung behind her, not as hard or as fast as the Primeape’s but still just as pleasurable, but then again he was also focusing on eating out her ass. It wasn’t too much longer before both Pokemon were filling her up with their hot spunk. She tasted the Primeape’s cum on her tongue and opted not to waste it by swallowing it in one gulp.

As both Pokemon sauntered back about their days, Ellen was finally able to climb to her feet and begin rubbing herself against a tree. After what seemed like an eternity, the silk broke and she found herself free. She turned around to leave the forest behind her when at last she saw another Pokemon had come to see her. This time it was much bigger than her other visitors, a large bear called Ursaring was standing not ten feet from her.

Ellen considered running, but knew that there was no way she could outrun the beast with her legs as wobbly as they were so instead she turned around and hugged the tree with her legs spread.

As the Ursaring grabbed her waist and began pushing his thick cock which nearly rivaled the Lickitung’s tongue inside of her, Ellen began to wonder how long until she would be able to get completely out of the forest.

“URSARING!” the bear roared as he began to fuck the petite Pokemon trainer with unbelievable strength.


3 – A Fellow Trainer

Ellen stumbled out of the woods and towards her own residence. Some people along the street said “Hi” to her, but she didn’t respond. She was tired and just wanted to sleep. After the Ursaring had drove her into the tree for a while it threw her on the ground and fucked her some more. After he’d blown his load inside of her, filling her up with white cream, it was then she was able to get her hand on her Pokeball, the one that held Machoke inside.

Her first Pokemon was all too happy to engage the Ursaring and was even able to beat it into submission. Ellen was even able to capture it with one of her Pokeballs. Just when she was about to call it a successful day, having pointed Machoke at an enemy and making her first capture, she forgot that she hadn’t recalled Machoke and found herself yet again on the ground getting fucked… he must have decided she needed to have her ego checked.

Ellen peeled off her clothes and flopped into bed, then immediately rose when she discovered how sticky she was and climbed into the shower. Annoyed and tired, she felt the hot water pour over her and cleanse her of the day’s shame.

The next morning, Ellen woke up to an epiphany. There was no way she was going to figure this out on her own. She was going to need help. More importantly, she needed someone who was going to be able to keep Pokemon in line and not let them mount and fuck her.

Just up the street, Ellen knew of another Trainer, one the same age as her. Her name as Bonnie, she was sort of friends with her, but they never really hung out. Now was a good time to get to know each other.

Ellen got dressed in her favourite outfit, the same one that she’d gotten fucked in the day before, now clean and repaired like nothing had happened. The girl was outside her house as Ellen approached, wearing a set of headphones and nodding along, she didn’t seem to notice the girl looking right at her.

She was tall, taller than Ellen, with just as nice a set of legs. She wore a set of cut-off denim shorts with a leather jacket and a red tube-top, possibly a couple sizes too tight, considering how large her tits were. She had spiky pink hair, there was a bit of a punky look to her, but she was always friendly whenever Ellen talked to her.

“Bonnie?” Ellen asked, trying not to startle her new friend while she listened to her music. The pink-haired girl obviously didn’t hear her, so she tried again this time touching the girl’s arm.

Bonnie jumped and said, “WHOA! You scared the hell out of me!” “Sorry, I was trying not to…”

“It’s alright, what’s up, Ellen?” the woman asked, placing the band of her earphones around her neck. “Can I ask you a favour?” Ellen asked.

“Uh, sure what do you need?” “Well, I just started training_” “Good for you!”

“Yeah, thanks,” Ellen responded, “but I’m having a lot of trouble getting him to listen.”

“Oh no problem, let’s head to the clearing,” Bonnie suggested, “I like working my Pokemon out there.”

Ellen knew which clearing Bonnie was referring to, it was the same one she’d taken Machoke to their first day, and subsequently gotten fucked by him. Ellen neglected to mention that as the two women traveled out into the wilderness, shooting the breeze as they walked together.

“What you and your Pokémon need is a camaraderie, try getting into a couple of battles with him,” Bonnie said, grabbing a Pokeball out of her purse, “ARCANINE! I choose you!”

In a flash of red light a magnificent wolf-like beast appeared. Covered in orange fur with black stripes and exhibiting a flowing, white mane and a long, matching tail. From what Ellen knew, he was a fire-type Pokemon, which was Bonnie’s specialty, everyone around town called her Bon-Fire.

“Alright, let’s give this a shot,” Ellen said grabbing her first Pokemon ball and preparing herself for the battle. She desperately hoped that Machoke wasn’t going to embarrass her in front of Bonnie. “Machoke! I choose_”

Before the words were out of her mouth, Ellen got knocked flat on her ass. All of a sudden the Arcanine was on top of her.

“Arcanine! NO!” Bonnie shouted, but didn’t run over to pull her pet off.

Ellen struggled under the beast’s weight, attempting to crawl out from under him, but in the end what she did was so much worse. She rolled over onto her stomach, placing herself on her hands and knees.

“Oh no…” Ellen groaned.

“Uh oh,” Bonnie said with a giggle, “looks like you’ve got the Scent.”

Ellen couldn’t look over her shoulder enough to see, but Bonnie was seeing everything. Arcanine’s giant canine cock was poking out from under his fur, a thick pink shaft ready to bury itself inside the unfortunate girl.

“You better get ready, Ellen,” Bonnie laughed, “I think he likes you.”

“Get him off of me?” Ellen politely asked.

“I don’t think so, once he gets in one of these moods it’s best to just let him get through it or he tends to pout.”

“So you’re not going to stop him?” “Just try and enjoy it, honey.”

Ellen was a bit overburdened having so much weight on her. On her hands and knees, she felt Arcanine’s front paws wrap around her torso just under her arms as the tip of his cock locked in on where it wanted to go.

The black-haired girl clenched her jaws and dug her fingernails into the dirt as she felt the tip of the cock wedging between her pussy lips. The Arcanine’s rod was enormous, it spread her apart and pushed in deeper than she’d ever felt.

“AGH! OH FUCK!” Ellen squealed as Arcanine’s hips kept slowly pushing forward until he was completely inside of her.

“See? I knew you were going to enjoy it,” Bonnie claimed as she watched her neighbour getting mounted by her Pokemon. She was starting to get hot watching it.

Arcanine began to pump, his back half moving up and down as he drove his thick shaft deep inside the petite girl pinned underneath of him. Ellen felt every bit of him, feeling the girth spreading her pussy wide as it wedged inside of her. Her mouth was open wide as she screamed out loudly, feeling the hard thump as he sheathed his cock fully inside of her over and over again. His unit fit inside of her cunt snugly, her pussy getting moist as it continued along.

“Know what, Ellen?” Bonnie asked, as she removed her jacket and set it on the ground. Reaching into her purse, she continued, “that looks like fun, I think I’m going to join you. Houndoom, I choose you.”

Bonnie released a big, black dog with goat-horns, he had a darker look to him, but he was definitely slimmer than Arcanine. He sniffed at Bonnie as she got down onto her hands and knees, then slid down her shorts to present herself for the newly released Pokemon.

Even as she continued to get fucked and made the Arcanine’s bitch, she couldn’t help but watch as Bonnie patted herself on the ass to coax the Houndoom into position. Obediently, the black dog mounted her, with his paws on her back as he stood on his hind quarters. Ellen saw his long red cock for only a second before he buried it hard inside his Trainer.

“Ooh, that’s a good boy!” Bonnie squealed. Ellen watched in astonishment, Houndoom fucking Bonnie just as hard and fast as Arcanine was fucking her. Houndoom’s spear-tipped tail whipped back and

forth as he fucked her, his claws scratching at her mostly exposed back. Bonnie looked over at Ellen, the petite woman nearly smothered under the enormousness of the Arcanine thrusting into her. Bonnie smiled and said, “don’t tell anyone, but I come here to do this all the time. It’s a nice quiet place

whenever you don’t want to get interrupted, feel free to use it whenever you want.”

Bonnie was nearly drowned out by the sounds of Arcanine grunting and growling as he got more aggressive, his thrusts get harder and more determined. Ellen couldn’t take anymore and her legs and arms gave out, falling so she was sprawled out flat on the dirt with Arcanine not taking a break from his activity. His paws switched to flat on the ground, Ellen could feel the fur on his tummy on her back as he pounded her relentlessly.

“OH! AGH! AHHH!” Ellen screamed, knowing what was happening inside of her, but unable (or subconsciously unwilling) to stop it. Her toes tingled as she started to spasm and then came loudly and powerfully, her juices flowing out around the thick, Arcanine cock.

“There you go!” Bonnie cheered, rocking her hips back at Houndoom as he slammed his meat inside her, snarling as he got more and more aggressive.

Arcanine was starting to sound pretty intimidating as well, his teeth bared as he growled. Ellen squealed again as his cock began to swell and knot inside of her.

“OHHH! OH FUUUUCK!” Ellen squealed as her pussy was further stretched to accommodate the large object inside, oblivious to the fact that Bonnie was on the brink of her own animalistic orgasm.

Ellen’s voice cut out, unable to scream anymore as an unbelievable load of spunk was fired inside of her, filling her cunt to the brim. His cock fired and throbbed inside of her until he was completely spent, just like Ellen was.

When it was all over she looked over at Bonnie, who now had Houndoom lying on his back with his legs curled in the air, his canine cock in her mouth as she sucked him off. Somehow, Ellen still found herself in disbelief as the woman who had lived just down the road from her for years took a Pokemon’s cum in her eager mouth.

Without a word, Bonnie sat up and looked at with a smile as she gargled the cum. Then after she savored the flavour for a moment before swallowing, Ellen watched as the lump traveled down Bonnie’s throat.

“Is there anything better than a nice healthy load in your mouth?” Bonnie asked. Ellen thought back to the Primeape the day before and decided it would be better for her not to say anything about that.

Bonnie rose to her feet, while Ellen was content just to lie on the ground while she caught her breath, she watched as the pink-haired girl hiked up her shorts and said, “so do you feel like training with me again tomorrow?”

Ellen’s eyes went wide as she tried to think of something to say, eventually coming up with, “I’m busy.”

Holding the two Pokeballs containing Arcanine and Houndoom, Bonnie said to them, “guess it’ll just be the three of us.”


4 – Industrial Complex

Ellen was on her way to Vermillion City. She needed to try a road trip. It had always been her plan from the start to travel Kanto and become the world’s greatest Trainer. Machoke and Ursaring were starting to behave a little more whenever she called on them.

Well they weren’t fucking her EVERY time that she let them out… they still fucked her most of the time though.

Ellen kicked a rock down the road; she watched as it bounced off the dirt road and sighed, she was lost. She had headed south towards Vermillion and somehow got turned around. According to her Pokedex, she was going in the complete opposite direction. She now found herself somehow in the shadow of an enormous factory.

Where the hell was she?

Ellen slumped against the wall and opened her Pokedex once more, it didn’t give her much information to lighten her mood and the sun was setting. She would need to get a fire started soon, the last thing she needed was some Pokémon jumping her bones in the middle of the night.

“Oh shit… really?!” Ellen groaned, realizing she had sat in something wet. She tried to jump to her feet only to realize that she was stuck. She asked aloud, “what the hell?”

“MMMMUUUUKKKK,” growled the Pokémon as it materialized beneath her, raising her into the air. Ellen was helpless as she watched the mouth of the Muk rise up starting from her seated rump to around her waist, pushing her legs up into her chest. Ellen thrashed her arms as she tried to find something to grab onto to pull herself out of the Muk’s mouth. She discovered there was nothing in her vicinity and she was doomed, swallowed whole by the Sludge Pokemon. Her head poked out of where his chest could be, but only the top half. She could feel the sludge HARDEN around her, securing her tightly and encasing her so she couldn’t move. The Muk continued to HARDEN, soon it felt just as solid as any other Pokémon she had encountered and that meant only one thing. She was about to have her day get worse.

Literally up to her eyeballs in Muk now, Ellen was simply faithful her nose was not plugged with the sludge, even though Muk seemed to be taking liberties with each of her other holes. Her mouth was forced open as she felt the hard sludge that came to resemble a cock entering her mouth. Ellen wanted to scream, but her mouth was too obstructed as the long and ever expanding limb was entering her throat. She could feel it starting to push back and forth, as if it were fucking her.

She had heard stories of how toxic Muk was, how even being around one would give you the flu, but it seemed they were more in control of their ‘secretions’ than the Pokedex let on.

Ellen’s legs were bent in a seated position while still being pushed into her chest. Muk quickly found a way to spread them apart as he made way to enter her southern end so he could properly fuck her.

“MMMF! MM-MMM-M-MPH” Ellen mumbled, even as she felt her pussy lips being spread and her cunt being entered.

“MMMUUUUKKKK,” he said as he wedged his… ‘cock?’ inside of her. It drove deep, feeling almost as big as the Arcanine cock she’d taken only a few days ago. Unfortunately it wasn’t the only one, she wasn’t exactly sure where her skirt had gone, but it wasn’t doing her any good now that another of the pseudo-dicks had formed and pushed inside her ass. She felt her anus being stretched and penetrated, and just like with her mouth, the solid sludge began to pump back and forth as he started to fuck her.

MUK used POUND on every one of Ellen’s holes and she found it to be SUPER EFFECTIVE.

The sludge was in her hair, she could feel it pulling hard as it also constricted around her throat. The pressure felt like hands all over her body, squeezing her ass, pinching her nipples and sort of giving her a back massage. She was starting to get used to the treatment, it felt alright to her. Ellen had never been in a gangbang, but she sort of figured it would feel something like this… however she did not expect a back rub while getting double-penetrated and mouth fucked.

Her body was jostled around within the Muk as it pounded every one of her holes, driving hard and deep as she choked and gagged on the thing thrusting in and out of her mouth. She had to admit she was getting hot, her cries for help and release soon growing higher in pitch as she approached an orgasm.

Ellen closed her eyes tight, her speech obstructed as she begged Muk not to stop as she started to grind her body within the Pokémon, deriving more and more pleasure from the fucking as the situation progressed. She was now completely enveloped within the Muk now, luckily finding an air pocket but only having the small amount of light that shone through its translucent skin. She was not even sure which way was up anymore, but she could feel herself being bounced by the thrusting dicks inside of her, fucking her harder and harder as the Muk got hornier and more used to being in control of the Trainer.

She squealed as the pinch and twisting of her nipples continued. She was still wearing her tank top, but somehow the Muk’s sludge had slithered under it to find the sensitive pink nubs. She could taste the Muk’s giant phallus in her mouth, still driving like a piston in and out of her throat. Judging by the pictures she’d seen of the thing, she would have predicted it to taste worse, but it was really alright.

There was a bit of a funk to it, it sort of tasted like a cock-shaped beet.

“MUK! MUK! MUK!” the thing chanted as it fucked her harder and harder, getting to the point where Ellen could take it no longer and she felt her juices flowing as she screamed loudly inside the Muk. From the sounds of his grunting chant, Muk was not too far away either. Ellen felt the sludge expand in every one of her holes as it pounded her before finally releasing. She felt the Muk’s semen blast down her throat directly into her stomach while her other holes were filled with Poke-cum.

Weak and weary, Ellen felt solid ground on her back as she was lied down, the Muk oozing off of her back into a drain pipe that Ellen had not noticed she had been sitting on before. Exhausted, the black and purple-haired woman climbed to her feet and trudged towards the nearby river to wash herself off. She was covered in dark purple sludge, one of the shoulder straps hung off her shoulder, letting a tit pop out of her tanktop. Her skirt was rolled up so high, if anybody was walking by they would have a great

view of her ass. Her hair was a mess, wild and frizzy and her make-up was runny from the tears brought on by choking and orgasm.

She peeled off her sticky clothes and tossed them on the shore as she waded into the river and flopped down onto the sand with the water washing over her. Ellen closed her eyes and considered a nap as she felt her latest degrading act being cleansed away. Her only real wish was that she had thought quick enough to try and capture the Muk that had fucked her so senseless before it slinked away.

At first she felt a small tickle, then something was inside of her pussy, Ellen jolted awake and saw a dark purple shell between her legs. She immediately recognized it as a Shellder, what she didn’t see though was the giant pink tongue normally associated with the Pokemon, but judging by the thick object she felt in her pussy, she had a good guess on where it was.

As much as she was sick of being fucked for one day, she let the small Pokemon continue and made a mental-note to try and capture him after he finished…


5 – Down By The River

Ellen followed the stream, knowing it might eventually lead her back to Saffron City. Her trip to Vermilion had been a disaster, so she decided to head home and try again in a little while after she took the time to actually sit down and plot a route to take on her journey.

The river flowed lazily away from the Power Plant which was now about a day’s walk behind her. If one good thing had come out of the encounter, it was that she had captured her third Pokemon, a lovely little Shellder which may be a little easier to handle than say an Ursaring or a Machoke.

Ellen had decided to do the smart thing and avoid the woods. Water Pokemon were probably a little less likely to grab her and fuck her when she was least expecting it. It wasn’t like a fish-like Remoraid was going to be able to grow a giant dick and shove it in her mouth, and it was all very unlikely that a Staryu or a Krabby was actually going to be capable of holding her down and fucking her in the ass.

The young woman listened to the distinct sound of a Pidgey cooing. A Ratatta scampered away, running from Ellen. It was a couple of hours before she saw another Pokemon after that. Unfortunately, it was one she hadn’t been expecting to see in just a small river.

A limb thrust out of the surf and lashed around her ankle. Ellen let out a shriek and pitched forward, landing face-first in the dirt.

“Oof!” Ellen grunted as she attempted to figure out what just happened. She rolled onto her back and looked down at her ankle to see the grey tentacle which snared her. The water’s surface broke as a domed blue head erupted upwards. The head was encrusted with two large red orbs along with two smaller ones as well as two angry looking eyes. Just under the dome was a large hooked nose and a massive variety of tentacles.

Ellen was stricken with fear as she realized she had just fallen prey to an incredibly large Tentacruel.

The young woman was able to grab a Pokeball off of her hip and threw it forward, releasing whichever one was inside. In a flash of magnificent light appeared… Shellder.

“Shellder! Use uh… Water Gun!” Ellen shouted as the Tentacruel stared down her little friend. Shellder didn’t move, then it dawned on Ellen what the problem was, “you don’t know how to use Water Gun, do you?”

Before Ellen could yell out her next command, the Tentacruel used Bubble Beam and sent the poor Shellder sailing into a tree. He was knocked out instantly. Ellen was stunned to see that the one Pokemon who might actually listen to her was out of commission. The inexperienced Trainer swore to herself and reached for her next Pokemon.

Before her fingers closed around the red and white orb, a thick tentacle lashed around her wrist and wrenched it away. Sooner than she could think about using her other hand, it was rendered just as

useless. The Tentacruel pulled her hands above her head, as if she were reaching for the sky.

Her feet left the ground, kicking harmlessly until they too were secured by the Pokemon’s tentacles.

“You don’t want to fuck me,” Ellen cautioned, not even believing herself at the moment, “I got fucked by a Muk yesterday, you don’t want to fuck the same girl as a Muk did.”

Obviously the Tentacruel did not mind fucking the same girl as a Muk as one of his limbs crept towards her and slid under her shirt. The tip performed a lap around her left tit, squeezing it before it whipped away from her body and pulled her shirt off with it. Ellen was annoyed at how much she was paying for new shirts since they kept getting ripped off of her body. At least with her skirt, all they had to do was hike it up to get at her. Unfortunately, this particular Pokemon didn’t see the need and relieved her of her second piece of clothing, leaving her in nothing but her shoes. Her Pokeballs hit the ground and Ellen hoped that Machoke or Ursaring might be released, but nothing happened.

The tentacle crept up between her large tits and over her shoulder, slithering around the back of her neck. Ellen attempted another effort at talking her way out of her predicament, “I have some food, I’ll give you some if you let me g-gkk!”

The Tentacruel’s limb closed around her throat, cutting off her mid-sentence. She choked as she struggled to breath with the appendage continued circling around her neck like a scarf, with enough left over to make a turn and press against her soft, pink lips. Ellen kept her mouth shut tight, until it squeezed her and she gasped for breath. The tip of the tentacle pushed into her mouth and kept going until she could feel it in her throat. The young Trainer let out a GLURK as the thing started to fuck her mouth.

Ellen thrashed as best she could, still attempting to escape as she was face-fucked by the perverted Tentacruel. Saliva was displaced from her mouth as the tentacle pumped back and forth, rubbing along her tongue as her lips were sealed around it as best she could. Ellen was horrified when she caught herself sucking.

The tentacles wrapped around her wrists, were in Ellen’s grip, she didn’t realize she was squeezing, nor did she notice that she was flicking up and down to jerk the creature off. She wondered if the Tentacruel really did cum through their tentacles, she guessed she would find out sooner than later.

Limbs were snaring around her body, nearly mummifying the young woman. Just as she was wondering how many he had left, she spotted one creeping upward between her legs. She flexed, trying to prevent entry, then thought to herself that no one was watching and decided to let it go.

Her tongue wormed against the tentacle in her mouth as she closed her eyes and felt the tip of an appendage taunting at her pussy lips.

“Mmmm,” Ellen moaned as the Tentacruel played with her body, caressing her entry until it slipped in, unleashing another high moan from the girl, “MMMM- GLURK! GLK! GULK!”

She was now being fucked at both ends, the wet tentacles massaging her body as she was penetrated deep and hard. The black and purple haired woman found herself being bounced rhythmically, the

snares all over her body thrusting her down with every thrust up of the tentacle in her cunt.

Her flat stomach pushed in and out and her chest heaved as she struggled to breath, not only with the tentacle pushing into her throat several times a second but also with the constriction it was applying to her long neck. She realized Tentacruel was using WRAP. Or was it CONSTRICT? Either way, some perverted part of Ellen liked it, she was starting to get a sense of how much of a creep she truly was. She had been fucked how many times by Pokemon so far? Not only that, she had cum each and every time. With the way that her pussy was getting wet and how hot she was feeling, she predicted this time may not be any different.

Ellen was starting to feel pretty good when she felt one of the tentacles that had been groping her ass starting to slither along her soft skin. It seemed to be on some sort of mission. Ellen was busily sucking on the tentacle in her mouth, even as her yelps were getting fiercer and fiercer, when she felt the tip starting to nudge at her asshole.

By this time, getting fucked in the ass shouldn’t have been quite as much as a shock as it should have been, she’d received quite a bit of attention when it came to her backdoor, but every single time, she let out a squeal and a whimper as she was penetrated and this time did not break the streak.

Ellen was bounced up and down, what had started as her body attempting to compensate for the movement had turned into full-on riding as she got fucked and fucked back. There was no doubt about it anymore, she was having a good time, she was just as into it as the Tentacruel was.

A tentacle slapped against her ass, with a hard thwack. Ellen screeched as she felt the area get hot and turn red, but silently begged for another. The Tentacruel picked up on her desire and gave her another healthy smack.

Ellen was blissfully riding the trip as she got fucked, her eyes closed and her voice agonized. What she didn’t notice was the extra tentacles coming towards her. Ellen was well on her way to her first orgasm of the day when suddenly she felt herself being entered by more of the tentacles, her cunt and asshole being stretched as two more tentacle forced their way inside of her. Her mouth opening wider in a scream as she was invaded left her open for yet another appendage to worm its way in. Her lips were wrapped tightly around two tentacles now as her jaw was propped open as wide as possible to fit in the second arrival.

Multiple tentacles in each hole, Ellen had no idea she could actually find herself in such a situation, much less be enjoying it as much as she was. It took her barely any time after that to climax powerfully. She screamed between her GLURKS and GLICKS.

Repositioned with arms at her sides, she was wrapped up like a sexy burrito with her legs and head sticking out at either end with her tits poking out between the wrappings, squeezed hard enough to feel fantastic.

“TENTACRUEL!” shouted the Pokemon, this time in a different manner than the other times he had made his distinctive call. With the experience she had in her life, she knew what the sound obviously meant.

Ellen was reduced to a screaming, orgasming mess as she came yet again, feeling the tentacles swelling inside of her before it filled up every orifice full of cum, so much it came out of her nose and flowed back out of her as she was dropped to the ground, thankfully without injury.

The young Trainer had no idea how far she was from home, but as the Tentacruel submerged back into the water and disappeared, she knew for damn sure the right choice was to keep following the river.


6 – A Little Coaching

As she was held onto the ground with a Donphan that was nearly as large as she was on top of her, Ellen wondered to herself what else she could try to stop getting pounced up by every Pokémon that looked at her.

The armoured, elephant-like Pokémon thrust deep into her as Ellen was sprawled out flat onto the ground. Her bare skin rubbing into the dirt with each rocking of the Donphan’s hips, his cock was just as thick as his trunk which was now wrapped around her throat as she was pounded by the


Her fingers pulled at the grass as she screamed, just one of many orgasms she’d had throughout the day as she seemed to be running a gauntlet of every Pokémon in the forest coming out to greet her. Then shortly after the Donphan plunged his thick cock deep within her and filled her up with cum.

Somehow it triggered a revelation within the woman’s mind and it dawned on her what her path had to be.

The young woman with her black and purple hair mussed and wild was exhausted as she entered town. Her clothes were all distant memories except for her shoes. She was thankful it was early in the morning, so only a select few were out on the street as she shuffled her way towards her home.

The three Pokeballs she owned held in her hand against her chest, as her other hand was placed over her crotch. She knew that as she passed Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy and a Mailman and a Milkman, that as soon as she walked by they were going to see her ass, but she didn’t have enough hands to properly conceal herself. As she entered her home, she knew the rumors would already be started, she just wondered how spot on they would be. Of course the blame would be on her for starting Pokémon training so late in her life.

She showered immediately and flopped onto her bed for a good eight hours of sleep before rolling out to get dressed. Ellen found herself another change of clothes and clipped her Pokeballs onto her belt once again. The woman exited her house to see everyone avoid her gaze, all but Bonnie who waved happily and nodded her head towards the forest.

“Sorry, I have to go meet someone,” Ellen explained.

“Aw, that sucks,” Bonnie groaned, then with her big smile returning she added, “Come find me whenever you’re done. I have someone you’ll want to meet.”

She obviously meant a Pokémon, Ellen could not dream what it could be and dared not ask. Instead she kept on towards the gym. Everyone knew Sabrina in town; they said she was the best trainer in all of Kanto, a wielder of Psychic-types which were notoriously hard to control.

Ellen opened the door and before she could close it behind her, it swung out of her grip and slammed shut. The inexperienced trainer yelped in surprise, her arms close to her chest as she looked over her

shoulder to see Sabrina suddenly standing before her.

The Psychic Gym Leader was a sexy woman, though she dared not ever draw attention to the fact. It was summer, so rather than her red business-like attire she was wearing nothing more than a pair of jeans and a pink halter top. The top was low cut, enough that Ellen could see a great deal of cleavage. Sabrina’s long black hair hung far down, nearly to her elegant rump.

“State your business,” Sabrina ordered, in a stern voice. “Hi, I’m Ellen_”

“I know who you are,” Sabrina cut her off; “you’re the girl in town who can’t control her Pokémon.”

“Well, yes,” Ellen explained, “that’s sort of why I’m here. You are such a great Pokémon trainer; I was hoping you could show me how to get my Pokémon to listen to me.”

Sabrina scoffed, “the nerve to come crawling to me for advice. You truly are pathetic.”

Ellen jumped to her own defence, and then realized that she had no recourse to support herself and simply nodded.

“Since you are willing to admit to yourself your faults, I will take pity on you,” Sabrina said, “come with me.”

Ellen entered the dojo with the Psychic Leader in front of her, each door opening before them and closing behind them with Sabrina’s telekinetic commands. Sabrina ordered Ellen to kneel on the ground and called forth one of her Pokémon, a Hypno.

Sabrina ordered her, “watch the pendulum; I am going to put you into a trance and give you hypnotic commands that should make you something worth obeying for your Pokémon.”


“Silence,” Sabrina ordered, “Hypno, use Hypnosis!”

Immediately, Ellen felt weary. Her lids grew heavy until she was no longer aware of anything around her except for Sabrina’s voice.

“Ellen,” Sabrina said in a soft, but still commanding voice, “you smell of degradation and abuse. You frequently lay with Pokémon due to your inability to control them. Is this true?”

“Yes,” Ellen said, her eyes closed and her body loose as she kneeled on the ground, Hypno’s pendulum still swinging in front of her face.

“Is it also true that you often enjoy the attacks, that you secretly enjoy the sexual encounters you find yourself in?”

“…Yes,” Ellen admitted, something she would never say under normal circumstances.

“Then from this point forward you shall,” Sabrina said, beginning to implant her mental commands in the girl, “you will lose your inhibitions towards Pokémon relations, you will crave the animalistic cock within you at all times.”

Ellen nodded, biting her lower lip subconsciously.

Sabrina smiled to herself and decided she should treat herself with a bit of fun at Ellen’s expense, “you will not be able to climax by any other means than with a Pokémon.”

“_I cannot.”

“You will always find yourself horny as well, your sexual appetite insatiable.” “I do. It is.”

“You will take off your top right now.”

Ellen kept her eyes closed as she pulled her shirt over her head; it fell to the ground at her side.

“Lift up your skirt, show me if you have anything under there,” Sabrina ordered, then when she saw that Ellen was not wearing any underwear, she breathed in sharply and said, “you little slut, I knew you came prepared. You are a little slut aren’t you?”

“I’m a little slut,” Ellen said in her dream-like state, “I love to suck and fuck. I love to get used by every Pokémon that comes my way.”

Sabrina smirked triumphantly, “Ellen, my Hypno would truly appreciate if you were to service him. Suck his cock, you Poke-fucking little slut.”

Without a word, Ellen leaned in and grasped his dick with her delicate right hand. The Pokémon’s cock instantly grew long and hard at her touch.

Ellen fit the white head of Hypno’s yellow cock into her mouth and started to suck. Her tongue lazily ran around the head as her hand gripped the firm shaft. She looked up at the Pokémon’s face as she pushed her head down a little further, sliding the meat along her tongue. Finally she reached a point where her petite nose was pressed against the Hypno’s hard stomach and she had all of his long cock in her mouth.

“Hm,” Sabrina commented as she circled around the two, watching the young woman degrade herself for her Pokémon. This time was different for Ellen, this was the first time she actually felt like she WANTED the cock, and it felt like the first time she was in control.

Sabrina watched as Ellen held the cock deep in her throat, her eyes still transfixed on Hypno’s pendulum as if she were physically incapable of looking away. Her eyes watered as she choked, but she didn’t make a sound.

Slowly, Ellen slid her mouth back, her teeth lightly grazing along the hard, yellow skin until they hit the ridge of Hypno’s white helmet and she let the cock fall out of her mouth. She grasped the magnificent, large cock in her hand and ran her tongue up the length. Ellen was smiling ear to ear.

“Hypno has a large cock, does he not, Ellen?” Sabrina asked.

“It is incredible,” Ellen replied, “all I want is to suck it all day.”

Sabrina smirked, “well you don’t have all day, so get back to work, little slut.”

As if the thought terrified her, Ellen snapped forward and jammed Hypno’s cock back into her mouth. Her head bobbed back and forth, Sabrina could hear the sounds of Ellen’s lips smacking and her throat letting out a little gurgle as she gagged on the massive Pokémon cock with its head visibly creating a bulge in her throat.

With the hand not controlling the pendulum, Hypno forced Ellen’s head back and forth, his stubby fingers entwining in her black and purple hair to savage her mouth aggressively. Ellen coughed as she closed her eyes and focused on repressing her gag reflex. She’d gotten pretty good at it, ever since she started taking cocks that belonged to Machokes and Tentacruels and the like.

Ellen let out a long slurp as she sucked on the cock, taking it deep in her throat until saliva started to drip from her lower lips. Her hands were on the back of Hypno’s knees as she bounced her head back and forth at the base of his cock to fuck her mouth.

“Are we enjoying ourselves yet?” Sabrina asked.

Ellen managed to pry herself away from Hypno’s cock, not taking her eyes off of the saliva drenched rod as she screamed, “Oh fuck yes!”

Sabrina giggled, if Ellen hadn’t been so intent on sucking cock, she may have noticed that the Gym Leader had dove her hand down her pants and was now fingering herself. For all Ellen cared, Sabrina could have been lighting the building on fire, all she wanted was Hypno’s cock inside of her.

Forcefully, Ellen placed Hypno on his back and eagerly climbed immediately on top of him. She stood over top of him, jerking his cock as he looked up at her with the same neutral look he always had, as if

he were completely unimpressed with her performance thus far. Somehow that made Ellen want to fuck him so much more. She lowered herself down until she could feel the cock running lengthways along her pussy lips, the heat driving her mad.

“Hold On!” shouted Sabrina, “did I say you could fuck my Hypno? I said you could suck his cock, when did I say you could put that fine, yellow cock in your slutty cunt?”

Ellen looked hurt as she stared at the Psychic-Trainer, her eyes begging the woman on the point of tears as the cock was already rubbing against her pussy, aching to go in. Hypno’s hands groped her tits as the girl crouched over top of him.

With Ellen seemingly unable to come to her own defence, she just stared at Sabrina until the Gym Leader said, “alright, maybe just this once.”

Ellen erupted into a big smile as she reached under herself and grasped Hypno’s cock to aim it into herself. She groaned loudly as she fit the thick cock inside of her, feeling it penetrate deeper and deeper until she was down to the balls.

“OHHH!” Ellen groaned as she embraced the feeling. She started to bounce on top of Hypno, thrusting his cock deep inside of her over and over. Hypno’s hands held onto her hips guiding her up and down on his fuck-stick as Ellen gasped and moaned, thoroughly loving every second of the ordeal.

Her ass bounced up and down as she begged the Pokémon to fuck her harder and harder. She arched her back and cried out at the ceiling, never quite feeling such intense pleasure in all her life.

“Now dear, you’re making that look too fun!” Sabrina announced. Just as Ellen thought that the

Psychic-specialist was going to swoop in and steal the dick from her, Ellen produced two Pokeballs and said, “My other Pokémon are growing jealous!”

Ellen watched as an Alakazam and a Mr. Mime appeared before her, but she didn’t stop for a second when fucking the Hypno beneath her.

“Alakazam,” Sabrina uttered, “I think Ellen needs a dick in her ass.”

“Yes!” Ellen squealed, her body still bouncing up and down on top of Hypno, “Fuck my ass! FUCK IT NOW!”

“ALAKAZAM!” shouted the Pokémon as he tossed his spoons to the ground and circled behind Ellen to position his cock at her asshole. The dark brown head pushed against her anus, then slipped inside, making Ellen squeal in the process.

Ellen collapsed, her arms giving out as she started to get bounced between the two Psychic Pokémon, she wondered how much their telepathic powers were affecting her. She’d never felt this sensitive before in her life, she couldn’t even remember any other time she’d gotten fucked really, all her mind was focused on was the incredible penetration she was feeling right then and there.

“Ellen,” Sabrina asked, “would you like Mr. Mime to fuck your mouth now?” “Yes, please tell him to shove his fat cock down my throat!”

“Don’t tell me, ask him,” Sabrina instructed, “and please show some manners.”

“Mr. Mime, AGH!” she screamed, her eyes closed as she tried to maintain even the slightest amount of composure as she was ravaged by two Pokémon at the same time, “Mr. Mime, please fuck my mouth!”

It felt strange, but somehow right for her to address the Pokémon so formally. The name, Mr. Mime, invoked a feeling of dominance, one that made Ellen all the hornier. She craved his cock upon her tongue more than anything she’d ever felt in all of her life. Something in her head made her wish to please Mr. Mime, like he was the Master and she was the one who belonged in a Pokeball.

Mr. Mime appeared pleased with her begging after a couple more cries for his cock in her mouth and throat, as he finally stepped forward, an enormous white shaft with a pink head poked out from between his legs.

Ellen was still being rapidly bounced between the two powerful beasts, the one on top of her, the other below her, so it was almost difficult to get her mouth around his fat cock. She finally leaned forward and bumped her head against something. She realized that Mr. Mime was toying with her; he had created an invisible barrier between them.

“Hm, looks like he wasn’t quite happy with your pleas,” Sabrina explained.

Desperately, Ellen cried out, “please, Mr. Mime, I need your cock! I need you to ram it down my throat! I need to taste your skin on my tongue! I need to feel my lips around your giant shaft!”

Ellen felt hands in her hair as Mr. Mime grabbed onto her and speared his cock forward, burying it up to the hilt in her throat. Ellen had never felt so pleased in her life.

“That did it!” Sabrina laughed, as she sat in her chair, still with her hand down her pants and several fingers in her cunt. Her top was pulled down to expose a tit that she was groping savagely as she watched the entertainment before her. Ellen wondered how often Sabrina did things like this, brainwash girls into fucking her Pokémon as she watched… Sabrina was a voyeur.

Ellen was in bliss, stuck between three Pokémon with a dick in each hole as she was plunged into with incredible force. She choked on Mr. Mime’s cock which was the only thing that kept her from screaming so loud that all of Saffron City from hearing her.

Their aggressive hands on her body holding her in place, Hypno’s firm grip on her hips to help boost her

up and down as Alakazam’s hands clasped onto her tits while he bent over her to fuck her with extra leverage.

Her holes were tight around the cocks like a sleeve; she felt every detail of their units as they pumped in and out of her like pistons. Mr. Mime’s large cock crammed down her throat with her lips writhing around the base as her tongue wriggled out of her mouth and caressed his ball sack.

Ellen climaxed over and over; almost feeling like her body was going to fail her at any moment. The Psychic Pokémon were in no way short of physical strength and were wearing out quickly. The heightened sensitivity which she was now certain of was taking its toll as her juices almost continually flowed around the thick cock of the Hypno.

“I think our guest has had enough for one day, don’t you gentlemen?” Sabrina asked, “She looks absolutely parched. If you would be so kind, would you three like to give her a drink?”

Immediately, Ellen felt the cocks pull out of her. She was too weary to move, but then she felt the telekinetic powers of Alakazam at work, putting her on her knees. He tilted her head back and opened her mouth with his mind as she watched the three Pokémon jerking off in front of her face.

Ellen smiled as she watched one cock after the other deposit their creamy loads onto her face and into her mouth. She gargled with it and felt it bubble past her lips and drip down her cheeks and chin before she started dabbing it with her fingers to direct it back into her mouth to swallow.

“Put your clothes back on girl,” Sabrina ordered, Ellen obeyed instantly, unaware that she was still under Hypno’s control. Sabrina continued, “Now when I snap my fingers, you will awaken. You will have no idea what you have done here today, but you will still crave Pokémon cock. It will be the only thing that gives you climaxes, not yourself, not any humans, just Pokémon. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Ellen said, the dream-like fog setting in that only appeared to be absent when she was entwined with the numerous Pokémon.


Ellen awoke and looked down at herself, she felt weak, her shirt was on backwards and she tasted the distinct taste of cum on her tongue. Rather than ask any questions, she simply rose up from the floor and thanked Sabrina for whatever she had done and left the Dojo behind her.

Sabrina smirked as the doors closed behind Ellen, seeing the confusion that was present on her face. She rolled a Pokeball on her armrest and said to herself, “that felt good, now I’m all hot and bothered now.”

The Gym Leader ensured the doors were locked then produced three Pokeballs that she hadn’t used in Ellen’s session. She threw the balls forward and summoned three Drowsee, and as she stripped off her own clothes, she wondered what kind of mischief Ellen was going to get into next.


7 – Ellen’s Return to the Forest

It felt so nice just to give in. Just to let herself go and forget about all the taboos she was breaking. Ellen did end up wondering what could have possibly brought on such a change of heart, but before she ended up thinking about it too much longer, she would open up a Pokeball and enjoy what was inside.

After getting home from Sabrina’s gym she had a nap, whatever Psychic whammy had been put on her took a lot out of her. So after her nap, Ellen was feeling a bit peculiar. Her hand traveled down until her fingertips slipped into her waistline and began to finger herself. She was breathing hard within seconds, grinding on her bed beneath the covers as she bit her lip and closed her eyes. She groped herself and leaned her head back, her fingers digging deep inside her as she moaned softly. The young trainer masturbated for what felt like an hour but nothing happened, she felt no sense of relief as she just got hornier and hornier, like she was building endlessly with no climax.

Frustrated Ellen collapsed back on the bed, still on edge from wanting to cum, but not able to achieve it on her own. Her head slowly turned to the bedside table where she had set her Pokeballs. She looked around the room as if to make sure no one was watching, a notion that hadn’t really occurred to her as she had been fingering herself for such a long time. Finally her fingers gripped the large orb, the cold metal in her grip. She looked at it as she moved to sitting on the edge of her bed.

The moment of truth came and the Pokeball snapped open and the fluid red light shot onto the floor and materialized into a Machoke.

“MACHOKE!” roared the muscular beast.

“That’s right,” Ellen said with a smile, rising from the bed. The Pokemon was still a head taller than her as she turned around and looked over her shoulder as she wiggled down her pair of shorts. The Machoke eyed her like a piece of meat, seeing her supple buttocks revealed. Ellen looked the Pokemon up and down and finally said, “please don’t tell me that the one time I actually want you to do this you get performance anxiety.”

It happened faster than her eye could see, the Machoke’s hand lashed out and grabbed her head. He slammed her head into the soft bed and bending his Master over in the process. Ellen gripped the sheets excitedly and finally it was happening, Machoke was ramming her from behind.

What would happen over the next week was something astonishing, Ellen barely left the house. She barely did anything but alternate between Ursaring and Machoke, letting them use her however they saw fit. She fucked Machoke so much that he actually ended up evolving into a Machamp… and boy did those extra hands feel good grabbing her tits and slapping her ass or rubbing her clit and choking her. Shellder ended up getting his own use, that tongue felt fantastic inside her cunt.

Then finally, Ellen started to fantasize, she would see Sabrina walking down the street and dream about getting fucked by that magnificent Hypno. The fantasies were so intense it was like she had actually done it before. She would see someone with an Arbok and wonder what it would feel like having it

wrapped around her, the snug sensation as the tip of its tail slithered up between her legs… What would it feel like to get assaulted by a Dotrio?

To get double-teamed by a Hitmonlee and a Hitmonchan? To share a hottub with a Golduck?

Eventually after so long of daydreaming, Bonnie walked by and she knew that she needed to have Arcanine mount her again and make her his bitch once more.

Nervously, but fiercely determined, Ellen approached Bonnie, “hey girl, haven’t seen you in a while.” “Yeah it has been way too long!” Bonnie responded, “how was your trip?”

“Productive,” Ellen responded, “so, uh… are you busy?”

Bonnie looked at Ellen with a smirk and said, “as a matter of fact, I’m not. I’ve actually been meaning to talk to you. You have to come see my latest capture.”

There were no words to describe Ellen’s excitement as the journeyed into the forest. Her mind went down a list of all the Pokemon her imagination could dream up. Then finally they were in the clearing and she felt like screaming at Bonnie for taking too long. Her legs were shaking and her pussy was so wet she could have sworn it was running down her legs.

It seemed like Bonnie was torturing the young trainer until finally the Pokeball opened up and she could see that she was not disappointed.

She had never seen such a magnificent and beautiful Pokemon. It was so much larger than she was, which made her think of how strong it must have been. Its white skin was tight against muscles. Its black eyes assessed her silently, making Ellen feel shy and a bit flirty. Its mane and tail were bright red and orange flame dancing in the late morning air. Its long horn both majestic and beautiful. Ellen couldn’t believe she’d never thought of it before…

Ellen needed to fuck a Rapidash.

“Isn’t he gorgeous?” Bonnie asked, watching Ellen with a smirk, knowing what was going through the girl’s mind.

“Absolutely,” Ellen responded, finally looking away from the beautiful horse Pokemon, she asked Bonnie, “have you… broken him in yet?”

Without hesitation, Bonnie said, “Ohhh yeah.”

Ellen stood next to the horse, her hand drifting under him. Suddenly she asked, “is it okay if I…”

“Why do you think I brought you here, silly?” Bonnie said, “but I’m not just going to stand her and watch. Let me have a little something for something…”

Ellen threw her belt at the girl and decided to let Bonnie pick as she stooped down under the horse and finally did what she had been obsessing about for the last few minutes. She grabbed the horse’s giant cock and put the head in her mouth.

Ellen’s jaws were stressed to their limits as she slid the end of the Rapidash’s cock in. The rod was bigger than anything she had ever seen, much less had inside of her. She desperately wanted it inside of her. She worked the shaft with both hands as she sucked on the end.

The Rapidash grew restless, he lightly stomped each foot. Ellen could tell that it liked the feeling of her mouth on its incredibly long and thick cock and knew in her heart she wasn’t just being confidant. She ran her tongue along the astonishingly extensive piece of meat. The Pokemon grunted and exhaled through its large nostrils as Ellen slurped and sucked.

Nearby, Bonnie was fucking Ursaring… or Machamp… or both. Ellen honestly didn’t care, she was too busy worshipping the gargantuan cock between her lips. It was tough for her to take her hands and mouth away even for as long as it took to disrobe and make sure she was ready to get fucked whenever she was no longer satisfied with just sucking the giant cock.

Ellen closed her eyes as she forced the cock further into her mouth, it was so thick it was almost like trying to fit her arm inside. However, the black and purple haired beauty amazed herself with her achievement, and shoved a good portion of the cock into her mouth, though she would never dream of being able to deepthroat it… yet.

The girl gagged and was forced to slide the cock out of her mouth. As she watched it dripping with her saliva, she came to the realization that she could no longer stand it. She needed it inside of her at that moment.

Lucky them, Bonnie had the foresight to bring a blanket, knowing there was a particularly fine tree stump to bend over. As she led the magnificent horse to the stump, Ellen caught a glimpse of both Ursaring and Machamp standing and facing each other with the fiery woman between them. Ellen was surprised she hadn’t heard the wild screams coming from her with the way she was carrying on.

Once again, Ellen was sheltered in the shadow of the blazing steed as he loomed over her. His massive phallus finding its mark and thrusting into her.

“AGH! OH MY_ FUCK! AGH!” Ellen screamed as she was fucked deeper than ever before. Her pussy was spread wide, driving her wild with sensation, “OH! YES, THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GREAT!”

Ellen could feel herself barely in contact with the stump, her pussy was so snug on the oversized penis that she was nothing more than a finger puppet for the stallion’s prick as he thrust hard and fast.

Rapidash used QUICK ATTACK, his hips thrusting fast as he whinnied and fucked the woman with reckless abandon.

“OH FUCK!” Ellen screamed, “GIDDY UP! GIDDY THE FUCK UP!”

Tears ran down her cheeks, completely out of inescapable pleasure. She came harder than she ever had in her life and nearly passed out from the feeling. Then she realized that Rapidash was starting to stomp his heels a little harder and more frequently, grunting and snorting in a way that was unmistakable for the girl who now knew the sounds of many Pokemon ready to cum.

She wasn’t sure how she was capable of doing it, but she was able to pull herself off of the horse cock, slumping onto the stump for a second before she turned around and once again seized the dick with her hands. She pumped hard and fast, working up a sweat that made her skin glisten in the glow of Rapidash’s mane.

Ellen thought she knew what she was expecting, instead it was much more. She had her mouth open to catch the delicious seed but she was unprepared for the unrelenting tide of cum that shot forth from the long, thick shaft. Ellen was doused, her face painted starch white as well as most of her upper body.

The Trainer had no idea if it was ever going to stop, but eventually it did. The first thing she heard was Bonnie laughing, she was also partially drenched in cum, but nowhere near as much as Ellen.

“Guess I should have warned you about that,” Bonnie giggled.

Ellen had come to a decision, she knew she was never going to be the greatest Pokemon Master. She wouldn’t be a champion fighter. She wouldn’t make great discoveries through studying them that would cement her in history. Her one aspiration in life was to FUCK as many Pokemon as humanly possible. She had to fuck them all.

“Can you tell me which way the stream is?” Ellen asked, licking her lips and tasting the gorgeously warm seed.

Ellen felt Bonnie’s hands on her shoulders, then the dragging of a tongue on her tits as Bonnie licked some cum off of her then said, “why would we let all this go to waste?”

8 – The Elemental Trifecta

Bonnie entered her favourite clearing, ready for a fun little picnic with Ellen. She had made sure her Pokemon were nice and rested because if any of her past rendez-vous with the spunky girl were any indication, they were going to get a workout.

Exiting the tree line, the trainer halted on a dime. The clearing was inhabited by a single Pokemon, a massive Venusaur facing her direction. Grabbing a Pokeball, she prepared to battle the enormous frog-like creature then noticing something odd about its stance and the expression on its face, Bonnie called out, “Ellen? Are you out here?”

A hand wormed its way out from underneath the Venusaur and waved frantically. The limb was exposed only for a moment before a vine lashed out and wrapped around her wrist to pull it back under her. Now having all the puzzle pieces, Bonnie was able to put it together.

Somewhere under the incredible bulk of the low-set reptile, Ellen was wrapped up in vines like a little slutty burrito. Inspecting under the Pokemon, she could see Ellen with her legs out almost at ninety degree angles from the rest of her body The thick blue cock was thrusting deep inside of her at a slow pace but judging by the sounds Ellen was making, it felt pretty nice. Her cries were muffled though from having a vine wedged between her cushy lips.

“VENUSAUR!” groaned the enormous reptile as he pounded the girl smothered beneath him. Finally, the giant plant-monster pollenated the girl with a liberal load of cum inside of her. Then as if nothing had happened, the beast shuffled off of her, leaving the cum-filled girl sprawled out on the ground completely naked.

“Come on Ellen,” Bonnie complained, “you got started without me?”

“Hey, lady,” said a voice from across the clearing, the Venusaur had been blocking her view of him up until he spoke and returned the creature to his Pokeball, “we were in the middle of something.”

Seeing the young man standing there, Bonnie replied, “oh sorry to interrupt. What exactly happened?”

“She lost a match fair and square, she seemed pretty confident so she said, if she lost she would fuck one of my Pokemon,” the guy explained.

“Well she’s the one who’s getting fucked, but you got screwed,” Bonnie said, “I’m pretty sure she liked that… but maybe we should give her another one to make sure.”

“What do you mean?” the trainer asked. Ellen still hadn’t really moved from her spot on the ground. “Charizard! I choose you!”

“I see what you’re getting at, BLASTOISE! I CHOOSE YOU!”

Ellen opened her eyes and saw the Fire and the Water Pokemon looming over her. Suddenly she snapped awake and was back at full attention. She quickly rolled to her knees and laid her hands on the chests of each Pokemon. Blastoise’s shell was smooth and slippery, while Charizard had abrasive skin almost like sandpaper but not nearly as dangerous to be rubbing against.

The human girl’s hands slid down to feel the crotches of the two Pokemon. Blastoise’s shell opened to reveal a long, blue cock that was thicker around than Ellen could fit her hand. Charizard was about the same, his equally impressive, orange member unsheathing from inside his body. She loved both cocks, but to compare them, Blastoise was much thicker while Charizard made up for it with length. Venusaur had sort of been a happy medium between the two. Ellen grasped both shafts and squeezed, bringing her hands up and down as she spat on both heads to lubricate her grip.

The two growled as they fidgeted, feeling the pleasurable sensation of the girl’s hands stroking their cocks. Ellen licked her lips and tried to decide which she would start with. Then finally, she turned to her right and wrapped her mouth around the head of Charizard’s dick.

“So she likes Pokemon, huh?” the trainer asked as he watched Ellen jerking off his Starter Pokemon. Blastoise towered over her as Ellen turned her head and began sucking off his blue cock.

Bonnie giggled, “you have no idea. She sure seems a lot more accepting of it lately I find.”

“So they seem pretty busy… do you want to…?” the trainer asked, unsure how to say what he needed to say.

Bonnie looked him up and down, the man was tall and skinny, she wondered what his cock looked like. Plus, unlike Ellen, she wasn’t about to show just anyone that she liked getting fuck by Arcanine and Houndoom every day and a half.

Finally, she decided, she would just watch the show and the work out her aggression with Rapidash later. She told the man, “sorry, you’re not my type.”

Ellen slid her mouth down, feeling the head of Blastoise’s cock pushing along her tongue and forcing its way into her throat. The helmet bulged visibly in the front of her neck, wedged tight in her esophagus as she held her face close against the Water-Pokemon’s shell. Her lips continued to writhe, rubbing against the base of the turtle-like creature’s cock.

The young woman pulled back with a gasp, her face laced with the panic from having nearly choked herself to death with a Pokemon’s long, thick cock. Threads of saliva connected from her juicy lips to the soaked shaft.

After licking her lips, Ellen let out a, “Oh fuck! OH YES!”

As the Blastoise shuffled out of her grip, Ellen turned her focus to the Charizard. She grabbed his thick, orange cock with both hands and wrapped her lips around the head as she began to suck. Ellen was caught a bit off guard when she felt a pair of three-clawed hands grab hold of her head, then suddenly Charizard began to thrust his hips and just like that, the dragon-like creature was fucking her mouth with

all of his legendary fury.

Saliva trailed down her chin as Ellen gagged on the giant rod pumping in and out of her mouth like a piston. Her mouth opened wide as possible and her lips pulled back as she pinched her eyes shut. Her hands were down at her crotch, eagerly thrusting her fingers into her cunt as she reveled in the feeling of the oral assault.

Charizard over-emphasized his thrusts, he pulled Ellen’s face completely away from his cock listening to her gasp and watching the flurry of emotions as she attempted to recover before he brought her mouth back down on his cock. Ellen couldn’t believe how intelligent the Pokemon acted in their sexual acts as they abused her body each and every time.

As she repeated over and over, “GLURK! GLURK! GLURK! GLURK!” she felt another pair of clawed hands grabbing her by her waist. Ellen could not possibly turn her head to see what it was, but she had a fair guess as she was assisted in raising her rump off of the ground, placing her on her hands and knees between the two Pokemon. Though both were very large and very well endowed, both Charizard and Blastoise had short legs meaning with her on her hands and knees she was at perfect level to take it at both ends.

As she tasted the spicy precum of the Fire-type Pokemon on her tongue as he ravaged her mouth at blistering speeds, she was treated to the feeling of the Water-type’s thick cock pushing hard and deep inside of her.

With her mouth full of cock, her screams of delight were muffled. Her back was arched to push her ass up as much as possible, the thick claws of Blastoise digging into her soft skin as his powerful hips swiveled back and forth to drive his cock into the girl’s delightful, tight, wet pussy.

Ellen briefly thought about how it was a bit amusing how the Water-Pokemon was fucking her WET pussy, but she discarded the ideas to focus on a great cock-sucking.

“You’re friend do this a lot?” asked the trainer, filming the encounter with his Pokedex.

Doing the same, Bonnie replied, “recently? Yeah. She used to be a little shy about it, but now she’s like a whole other person. She can’t get enough of it.”

Bonnie opted to leave out the part where she was just as bad, how her and Ellen traded Pokemon back and forth for sexual use. They owed their tans to the large amounts of time they spent under the sun in the clearing getting their throats fucked and their asses pounded.

Aggressively, Ellen pushed both away. She sprang to her feet and was able to catch Blastoise off-guard. She pushed the turtle onto his back and climbed on top of him. With her back on his smooth shell, she stuck the thick cock in her ass, groaning as it settled inside of her. Charizard immediately sprang on the opportunity. His clawed hands grabbed her thighs and forcing her legs into her chest as he forced his cock into her tight pussy.

The Pokemon roared back and forth as they sandwiched the girl between them. Fire and Water worked together to devastate the young woman, her cries now unsilenced as the sound echoed for miles. Both

cocks thrust inside of her, wedged tight in her holes, turning Ellen into nothing more than a cocksleeve for their use and that’s all she really wanted.

“OH! OHHHH!” she screamed, being banged for all she was worth well past an orgasm and a follow-up one.

When it was all over, Ellen kneeled between them, standing once again. Their cocks presented as she jerked them both with a cock in each hand. Charizard and Blastoise released simultaneously, spraying her face until she was thoroughly doused in cum.

“My friends are going to freak when they see this,” commented the trainer, the one neither girl knew the name of. They didn’t really care, they especially didn’t care that Ellen was about to have footage of her released displaying her being bounced between two enormous Pokemon.

Now Ellen was completely drained, having fucked a Venusaur, a Blastoise and a Charizard all within an hour, she needed just to sleep. Soaked in cum, the spot of grass she currently lied in was perfect enough.

“Guess it’s just up to me,” Bonnie said and welcomed Arcanine and Houndoom out of their Pokeballs. TO BE CONTINUED…

9 – Mischief

Ellen pulled the sheets tightly over her. The thin fabric was all that covered her body that particular warm night. She bunched the pillow under her head, her body worn out from a particularly aggressive night of getting fucked by her newest Pokemon. After her Shellder had evolved into a Cloyster, it lost its magnificent ability to eat her out, thus was no longer any use of her.

The young trainer had found a friend in town willing to trade her and Ellen ended up with a friendly and especially frisky Croconaw. The Pokemon was about her height and fit into the shower with her. Ellen loved the feeling of the water pouring down on them as she held her hands flat against the wall and embraced the penetration as the Big Jawed Pokemon fucked her up her ass. Her fingertips ran over her clit as she felt Croconaw’s thick cock jamming up inside of her.

She fantasized about the day when Croconaw would evolve into Feraligatr, the final stage was one of the biggest Pokemon at nearly eight feet tall. She couldn’t wait to get pounded by him, but unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to fuck her in the shower.

Ellen rolled in the sheets, unaware of the intruder that had entered her home. The Misdreavus floated through the wall and stared down at the girl. Her lusty frame perfect for her purposes as the spectre entered the girl through her skin.

The sexy body jerked into motion. The sheets fell off of her naked body as she walked to her closet. Her delicate hands pushed through the hangers until it found something that caught her fancy. She stepped into the petite, dark bluish-green teddy that she had officially grown out of last year. It was tight against her frame, pushing her tits up to show off an incredible amount of cleavage while barely making it past her crotch, with every inch of her long legs on display.

Without any shoes, Ellen stepped onto the street, her eyes were dazed as she headed for the train station. The girl received quite a few looks as she rode the train wearing next to nothing, she looked half-asleep all the way to Johto, where they finally stopped at Goldenrod City. The other passengers watched as she left the train and headed south. It was early morning and Ellen still had no clue what was really happening to her, as far as she knew, she was still in her own bed.

The Day Care was just opening up and the kindly old man and woman running it had their hands full. Ellen watched from the fence as they tried to prevent a Nidoking from attacking the rest of the Pokemon in their charge.

“Calm down, calm down,” pleaded the elderly woman tried to prevent the giant purple monster from stomping down a Raticate that was severely outmatched.

“Do you two need a little help?” Ellen asked, leaning over the fence. Her cleavage garnered the attention of the old man, which drew the ire of the old woman.

“Good heavens, what are you doing out here in your pajamas?” asked the man, trying to cover his

wandering mind from detection.

“Just looking for a little work actually,” Ellen replied, her voice carrying a tone that was blissful, almost dream-like.

“Well if you think you can handle this big guy, then by all means,” said the old woman, “come on, let’s go grab some breakfast before she gives up.”

The couple entered their home as Ellen let herself into the pen. A nice open area like you would find on any farm, the Nidoking had scared off all the other Pokemon into the small shacks surrounding the property.

“Well aren’t you just a big, impressive specimen?” growled the possessed Trainer soothingly as she approached the enormous beast. He was nearly seven feet tall, which was incredibly large for the species, about two feet taller than the average.

He loomed over her, threateningly as Ellen placed her hand on his chest. The towering beast seemed confused by her tentative touch, then even more so as the hand slid down his torso towards his crotch. Ellen grabbed onto his cock, which was hardening even more every second.

The trainer smiled up at the purple Pokemon as she lowered herself down onto her knees and brought the giant cock to her lips. She kissed the head softly, layering the smooches up and down his impressive shaft. She brushed her hair out of her face, interestingly the salon called in Nidoking Purple when she had it put in. Her tongue extended from her mouth as she gave the length one long lick until reaching the tip to apply a couple of lashes with her agile pink muscle.

“Nidoking…” the beast growled, still seemingly unsure about what was happening.

“That’s right,” Ellen responded then placed the head of Nidoking’s thick cock into her mouth and began to suck.

The other frightened Pokemon watched from the shadows of their dens as the dominant monster stood over the kneeling human as her head began to slowly bob back and forth. Their ears picked up the smacking of her lips and the soft moaning of her voice.

Her saliva formed a slick sucking sound as she took more and more of the cock into her mouth. Her knees resting in the dirt as her buttocks peeked out from under the teddy that Misdreavus had forced her into wearing.

Misdreavus was a renowned prankster, normally they were caught sneaking up on people and pulling their hair or screeching at them when they least suspected, but it was not unheard of for them to sneak inside of people and ride them around for short periods of time. As far as Ellen knew, she’d never heard of them using people for sexual purposes, but she was still completely unaware of what her body was up to.

Ellen tongue flicked around the shaft, massaging the hard muscle as she sucked, her hands gripping the thick object tightly and jerking up and down. Her hair swished back and forth, whipping wildly as her

head rammed back and forth, driving the head of the Nidoking’s cock into her mouth over and over again. Her lips rubbed against the shaft, feeling the softness of her own skin against the hardness of the Pokemon’s dick.

Misdreavus forced Ellen’s face down, the bulging cock sliding into the girl’s throat as she looked up at the fierce monster with tears in her eyes from choking. She coughed and slid the cock back out, saliva spilling from her lips as she gasped loudly. The beast seemed to just stand there unmoving, allowing Ellen to do as she pleased without really any reaction to her actions.

Ellen pushed the spaghetti straps off of her shoulders and exposed her tits, quickly she placed the Nidoking’s enormous unit between her breasts and began to grind her body up and down while still able to fit the head of his cock in her eager mouth.

The titty-fucking finally seemed to get the wild monster into the mood as suddenly he grabbed her off of the ground by both her arms. For a brief moment, Ellen’s feet were flat on the ground as she looked up at the Nidoking, then suddenly he lifted her up and wrapped her legs around his waist as she waited for his cock to enter her.

“Nidoking…” growled the horned Pokemon as the tip of his erect cock pushed between Ellen’s delicate pussy lips and he started to force his large cock inside of her.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” Ellen cooed, her voice still sounding as if she were in the middle of a dream, “now you’re starting to get the idea.”

Ellen’s hand grabbed the Nidoking by the back of his head, since he didn’t have much in the way of a neck. She leaned back as his claws on her rump started to thrust her up and down on his dick like just nothing more than a toy for his enjoyment. She squealed as his claws dug into her skin, not drawing blood but still holding her in a vice-like grip.

“AH AH, OH FUCK!'” Ellen cried out, Misdreavus obviously starting to enjoy the feeling of the Nidoking’s thrusting into her petite pseudo-body, happy that Ellen wasn’t wearing any pesky underwear under the teddy.

Ellen’s voice climbed in pitch with every passing moment, one of her hands latched onto Nidoking’s horn for support as she was ravaged at his disposal. She knew it wouldn’t take her very long at this rate to find herself in the middle of an orgasm.

“DON’T STOP!” she begged, her tits bouncing up and down along with the rest of her body, “OH GOD, DON’T STOP! I’M SO CLOSE!”

Ellen cried out as the Nidoking forced her into a climax, her body shook and her juices flowed. The purple Pokemon hardly seemed to notice as he continued to slam her up and down without missing a beat whatsoever.

He continued to bounce the girl incredibly fast, his cock driving deep inside of her as she squealed loudly. Her legs were tight around and her hands locked on his horn until finally the beast roared.


“GAHHH!” Ellen screamed as the Pokemon fired his load into her cunt treating her to the warm fluid flowing within her.

The Nidoking casually dropped her then found a nice place to lie down. With his aggressive energy burned off, Ellen knew he wasn’t going to be a problem anymore. Misdreavus fixed the spaghetti straps to cover herself back up and lied back on the ground,

“Hey Miss? Did I catch you at a bad time?”

Ellen flipped over and saw the man at the gate, “How long have you been standing there?” “I just got here, am I interrupting nap time?” said the man.

Misdreavus giggled and used Ellen to say, “no, just catching my breath can I help you?” “Yes I would like to drop off my Tauros for the day,” he said, “would that be possible?” The possessed trainer thought about it for a second and said, “absolutely!”

No sooner had the trainer released the bull-like Pokemon into the pen and turned his back was Ellen down underneath of him, not attempting to be subtle at all as she grabbed onto his cock and began to get him in the right sort of mood.

Inside the house, the old man wiped his mouth with a napkin and said, “absolutely delicious, dear.”

“It’s about time we had a chance to have a good decent meal where we weren’t checking on the Pokemon every ten seconds. We really should think about hiring her to help out.”

“Can we afford it?” “Can we not?”

The old man chuckled and said, “maybe we should check on her first, see how she’s doing.”

The couple exited the house and stopped dead as they saw what had become of their Day Care.

There was Ellen on her hands and knees underneath a Tauros (one they didn’t know where it came from), the girl was being rammed forward the bull’s giant cock goring inside her tight, wet pussy as cried out in ecstasy. It also appeared she had a Heracross lying in front of her with its hard cock in her mouth.

The Tauros snorted as he thrust over and over, ramming Ellen harder and harder as time went on. Not only was it the elderly couple who had stumbled upon the sight, but also at least a dozen men and

women from Goldenrod had stumbled across the sight and were taping the ordeal with their Pokedexes.

As they watched Ellen jerk the Heracross into her mouth, horrified by the sight of the insect Pokemon’s cum decorating the human woman’s tongue, the old woman screamed, “what is going on here?”

Ellen swallowed then her face went blank as suddenly the Misdreavus left her body, still in mid-fuck with the Tauros.

The ghost-Pokemon drifted off into the wild as Ellen was left to try and figure out what just happened, her body still in use by the giant bull.

Watching the confused woman being thrust forward with every pump of his hips, the old man shouted, “you heard her! What the hell are you doing?”

Feeling the Tauros’ cock beginning to swell, Ellen cried out, “I don’t know!” TO BE CONTINUED…

10 – True Showmanship

It had become a bit of a local landmark after the stories broke out about Ellen and the Day Care. She was a bit apprehensive about it at first, but in the end she got used to being on display in such a way.

The crowd watched in awe as the Tauros mounted her to completion, they marveled at how willing she was to get fucked by the bull-like Pokemon. As Ellen lied sleeping in the dirt, they wondered if she would be willing to do it with any other Pokemon.

The old couple emerged from the house, blocking the audience’s view of Ellen while the Tauros now simply paced in the background looking for a place to graze.

“Go away there’s nothing to see here!” said the old man. “I apologize for anybody who didn’t want to see that!” “Oh, when’s the next show?” asked a trainer.

“This ain’t a damn show,” grumbled the old man. “Really? We’ll pay!” called out another trainer.

“Yeah, that was hot, can’t wait to see her get it on with my Pokemon!” said a female voice from the back of the group.

The old couple stopped and looked at each other and then back at Ellen. They thought about how wrong it was, but it wasn’t like Ellen hated what had happened to her. The whole crowd had just watched her cum at the end of a Tauros cock before he blasted his own load inside of her, she had willingly blown a Heracross at the same time. Who was to say they shouldn’t make a little money on the side?

“Alright, first one was free,” said the old man, “the next one costs you. 2500 a piece to watch.” “4000 to use your Pokemon!” added the woman.

They probably should have asked for more, since absolutely no one was offended by the price. They watched as the money was thrust at them. Seemed this sort of thing would be a good investment. The female trainer from the back forced her way to the front, clutching a Pokeball.

“Here’s 5000, I need to see her with one of mine!” demanded the woman. She flung the orb into the pen and watched it burst open to reveal what was inside.

Ellen had just regained her senses and climbed to her feet. The dress that Misdreavus had made her way was now ruined, not only dirty as sin, but ripped to the point of uselessness.

“Ugh, what’s going on here?” Ellen asked, rubbing her eyes, when she opened them she saw the magnificent spider standing before her.

Before the girl could speak, the owner of the spider called out, “Ariados! Use String Shot!”

Ellen shrieked as webbing shot towards her, wrapping her up like a mummy within seconds from head to toe. With only her eyes and nose exposed, and judging by a cool wind, her ass was out.

In her frantic struggling to break free, Ellen only succeeded in losing her balance and crashed onto her front with an ‘oomf.’ The next thing she knew, the Ariados was climbing on top of her. Ellen had learned a lot in her travels about Pokemon, specifically that certain Pokemon that she didn’t think had a cock, really did. Who would’ve guessed a giant spider would be packing, and such a large one as well.

“Mmmf! MMM! Mmmph-mm!” Ellen tried to call for help, but her mouth was closed over with webbing. Sure it felt eerily right to be bound up in webbing and ripe for a good fucking, but she wasn’t going to admit that in front of all the people. The worst part was that Ellen had fallen in such a way that she got to stare at the people and see them staring back as the Ariados’ cock entered her, its abdomen resting against her buttocks as its carapace pressed on top of her back, placing all the Pokemon’s weight on top of her.

The cock pushed deep inside her ass, Ellen’s screams breaking into a shriek as her hole was stretched and penetrated deep. The human girl wriggled from side to side trying to make it at least look like she was attempting to escape.

“Look at that slut, she loves it!” commented one of the trainers who was watching.

“Of course she loves it, it is my Pokemon after all,” replied the female trainer who owned the Ariados who was currently lying on top of her, its abdomen pumping up and down while its cock drove deep into her ass.

The mandibles of the spider grabbed onto Ellen’s hair and pulled, yanking her head back forcefully and asserting the creature’s true dominance over the completely vulnerable who didn’t even have the use

of her arms at the moment. However, with the sudden tug of her hair, the webbing was pulled away from Ellen’s mouth and she was free to scream as loudly and clearly as she wanted.

“Oh fuck! AGHHH!” she shrieked as the Ariados fucked her ass with his thick cock at a steady and quick pace.

“Hey look at that, her mouth is open!” announced one of the viewers, he quickly thrust some credits into the old man’s hands and threw a Pokeball into the pen.

Ellen watched as the orb released a short, pink bulldog-like Pokemon on its hind legs. The Granbull saw her and what the situation she was in and quickly ran to join in.

“Hey, no you do_” Ellen tried to say, maintaining the act that this wasn’t her idea before suddenly the Granbull had his cock in her mouth, ending Ellen’s sentence with a, “GULK!”

The Granbull wasn’t very tall, but as she was lying down on her stomach with her head pulled back, her mouth was just at the right height for the pink dog Pokemon to cram his cock into her mouth. Both his front paws were on the back of her head as he began fucking her mouth with aggressive determination.

“Good call, dude,” complimented one of the audience to the Granbull’s owner.

Ellen saw no point in hiding it anymore, her screams of panic and her screams of pleasure sounded exactly the same with the Granbull’s cock thrusting down her throat again and again, so she decided to make the best of it. Her tongue writhed against the shaft as it sawed in and out of her mouth, massaging the pink muscle and hoping to bring him to climax soon.

Meanwhile, the Ariados still pumped away on top of her, its thrusts getting harder and faster as it appeared to be climbing to its ultimate goal. Ellen soon discovered that she was thrusting back, her back end rising off the ground to allow the Ariados’ cock to thrust deeper and harder than he would on his own.

Ellen’s only real problem was that her hands were bound to her sides, making it impossible for her to bring her fingers to her clit and make herself come. The mouth and ass fucking was making her crazy with desire, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

Then finally as if they were waiting for each other, Ellen felt both cocks swelling up inside of her. Granbull grabbed onto her hair and thrust his cock deep into her throat until Ellen’s face was mashed into his torso as he fired his load directly down her throat. The Ariados began to pump faster and faster until it was like he was hammering a nail then finally her buried his cock up her ass and released his load inside Ellen’s back door.

The trainers recalled their Pokemon and raved about how great the show was. “Alright, who wants to throw their Pokemon in next?” asked the Granbull’s owner.

The old woman jumped to Ellen’s defence, “now I’m sure that…” the old lady had never caught Ellen’s name, “our little performer is very tired, she’s had a very long day_”

“_And a couple of long cocks,” quipped an audience member.

“So come back anytime and we’ll see about another showing,” said the old man.

In the tussle, the webbing had gone slack and Ellen was able to find her way free of it at the expense of her clothing. She now stood completely naked before the audience, her hair a mess with cum dripping down her chin and down her legs.

“I can do another round,” Ellen said, “I didn’t even cum that time!”

The crowd was largely amazed at the young woman’s vigor, but one trainer was quick on the draw and was able to throw his Pokemon into the ring. Ellen stood before a magnificent Kangaskhan that towered over her much in the same way as the Nidoking had not too long ago. The very sight of him nearly made Ellen cum.

The Kangaskhan turned Ellen around and pushed her against one of the few trees on the property. Ellen grabbed onto the bark and looked over at the crowd with a wink and a smile as the seven foot tall beast grabbed her hips and pushed his cock inside of her.

“That’s right, big guy,” called out one of the Trainers, “fuck the slut good!” “She wants to cum, Kangaskhan! Make it happen!” shouted out another.

The bipedal beast didn’t acknowledge the cheering since he was too focused on the task at hand. Ellen grunted and groaned as the cock inched its way inside of her, she chewed her lip and closed her eyes as she hugged the tree closer.

Then finally the large Pokemon’s giant cock was inside of her, stretching Ellen on the inside as he penetrated her deep. Ellen placed her index finger on her lip seductively as Kangaskhan began to hump, swinging his hips back and forth to skewer girl and drive her forward into the tree.

“OH! OOH!” Ellen cooed as the Kangaskhan built up to speed, his dick firmly housed inside Ellen’s tight pussy. “Oh yeah, fuck me Kangkhan!”

“KANGASKHAN!” roared the beast as he began to thrust faster and harder, his claws holding Ellen’s hips in place as he pumped his cock deep into her cunt.

“That’s right Kangaskhan!” shouted the beast’s owner, “use COMET PUNCH on her cunt!”

Ellen squealed as suddenly the fucking went into high gear, the cock jabbing in and out of her faster than Ellen could fathom. Her voice went to a newer, higher pitch as she was assaulted from behind, her body being abused by the much stronger creature. The tree she was holding onto for dear life began to swing with the momentum of their furious fucking.

The Kangaskhan’s hips slapped against her ass, echoing loudly through the pen like the sound of clapping. The crowd hooted and hollered, enjoying the sound of Ellen’s degradation.

The girl cried out in surprise as she was flung onto her back, her legs wrapped around the giant’s body as he lied on top of her, mostly hiding the girl from view of the crowd. However, they could still see her legs kicking in time with Kangaskhan’s thrusts and they could still hear her screaming loudly.

Kangaskhan never slowed down, it seemed as if he had no concern for Ellen’s well-being as he unleashed all of his intense power onto the girl with each mighty thrust of his fat, long cock deep into her cunt.

Ellen’s voice cracked as the crowd watched her legs go stiff and finally they heard the definitive sound that she had come. The audience cheered, happy to see their little attraction had finally gotten her reward, the first part at least. Soon after Ellen was on her knees taking the second part all over her face.

As Kangaskhan returned to his Pokeball a stern voice called out, “what the hell is going on here?”

Everyone looked in fear as Officer Jenny stared down the group, her hands on her hips and completely not amused.

“Uh, we were just having a little fun,” said a trainer sheepishly. “Yeah, we were just watching the show,” explained another.

“You all know viewing a Pokemon sex show, especially one in public is highly illegal!” “Oh come on, Jenny,” said the female trainer, “just relax!”

Jenny didn’t like being told to relax, “that’s it. Growlithe, break this up! Growlithe? Growlithe!?”

The whole crowd turned to see where Jenny’s Growlithe had wandered off to. Of course it was inside the pen, and of course Ellen was lying on the ground with her ass in the air and the Growlithe was mounting her and fucking her with everything he had.


11 – Detained

Officer Jenny had never had such a disruptive prisoner. Not only had she fucked her Growlithe, but now her new recruits the Squirtle Squad was making full use of her as their new roommate. Even now as Jenny handled her paperwork for the day, she heard the cell door open and the chattering of the blue, shelled Pokemon as they approached the girl on her bunk.

“Screw it,” Jenny groaned, she had interrupted the Pokemon’s scheming about five times within the last hour, having to chase them off to avoid them forcing themselves upon the perverted girl in Cell 3. She picked her pen up and watched the girl on the monitor as the crew of former delinquent Pokemon entered the cell. Ellen, as she said her name was, was lying on her cot, stomach down.

Ellen looked up happily as the short little creatures crawled onto her cot. One seemed to waste no time whatsoever crawling on top of her and pulled up the robe that Jenny had given her. Another grabbed onto her head and began to fuck her mouth. It was peculiar to watch, since the Squirtle were only about two feet to two and two and a half feet tall, Ellen could easily fight them off, if she wanted to whatsoever.

Ellen reached her hands off the cot to find the cocks of the two other Squirtle and began to jerk their cocks. Jenny was a bit stunned, since she’d never seen a Squirtle cock and would have never guessed they were so well endowed.

The policewoman watched as the girl was fucked by her deputies and strangely transfixed by the sight, she knew she was supposed to be breaking it up, but what was the problem with letting them finish?

Then she felt it, a strange sensation that took her a minute to deduce the cause. Jenny rolled her chair back and yelled, “Growlithe, stop it! What’s gotten into you?”

The canine Pokemon had crept under her desk and decided to start licking her crotch without her permission. Jenny recoiled angrily, Growlithe had been excessively affectionate since his little romp with Ellen at the ‘Day Care’ and Jenny was getting a little weirded out to be honest.

The sudden lick had snapped Jenny out of her haze and she sprang from her chair to go break up the bout of turtle-fucking happening in Cell 3, it was her job after all.

Then suddenly Jenny felt something hit her from behind. The policewoman pitched forward and immediately resented the fact that she had opted to not do laundry last night and go without panties for the day.

Ellen could hear the Growlithe growling as she was face-fucked by the small Pokemon at one end and had her ass-pounded at the other. Her hands eagerly pumped up and down on the cocks on either side of her, groping their hard rods with her delicate and soft hands. Her warm mouth was invaded time and again by the persistent fucking of the short-statured Pokemon.

The pain in her ass felt delightful as she felt the stubby, little fingers of the Squirtle grabbing her buttocks

as her thrust his cock hard into her hole, displaying quite a bit of strength for such a small Pokemon.

One by one, she finished off the Squirtles in no time, feeling one load of cum shooting up into her ass while the other three deposited their loads into her mouth. Their little HYDRO PUMP of cum flowing into her mouth until her cheeks bulged, taking several gulps to get it all down.

Luckily, they were able to finish before Officer BUZZKILL stormed into the cellblock and stated, “that’s it, you’re leaving tonight! You’re riling up my deputies way too much!”

As Jenny fiddled with her keys to unlock the door, Ellen noticed the little drop of cum travelling down her long exposed legs….

Officer Jenny forced Ellen onto a train and ordered her to never return to Goldenrod City. Ellen arrived back in Kanto and slumped down outside the train station, trying to determine how exactly she was going to get down With her back against the wall, Ellen sat and looked up at the sky. Judging by where the moon was, it was just a little after midnight, maybe one a.m.

Her little police-issue robe offering her little modesty, it was way too small and barely fit around her. She looked down at her vast cleavage and thought about how she could feel the dirt against her bare bottom.

Ellen sighed, the train station was a good walk from her home, it would be so much nicer if she had a bike or a car to take her back, but the exercise would do her well.

Just when the girl thought it was time to get up, something moved underneath of her. Ellen jumped in surprise but did not rise from her seat, a few seconds later she shockingly came to the conclusion something was alive right underneath of her.

Whatever the creature was, it erupted from the dirt and immediately pressed against her pussy lips. “Agh!” Ellen shrieked, immediately followed by, “ohhh.”

The thick tubular creature wedged inside of her pussy and began to bob up and down. It was thick, but not excessively long. It moved in and out of her cunt gently until Ellen began to relax. The thrusting felt so good, she didn’t even jump when another of the things sprang from the dirt into her asshole.

“Diglet?” said one.

“Diglet,” said the other as they worked in unison to fuck the girl as she sat on the ground with her hands now slapped against the brick wall to her back.

“Diglet?” came the voice of a third creature, popping up from the ground about five feet in front of her. Ellen gave the cute little creature a smile, mainly focusing on the two that were fucking her at the moment. Then suddenly the little voyeur sank back into the dirt and the thrusting ceased completely.

Disappointed Ellen waited for it the little creatures to return only to be given a third surprise. The three

Diglets had come together, evolving into one Dugtrio, all three of which now rising under her seat to fuck the girl. Two in her pussy and one in the ass, Ellen knew she must have looked bizarre to say the least. If anyone would have happened by, they would have seen the girl sitting on the ground crying out in ecstasy for apparently no reason.

Ellen’s robe fell open and she started groping at her tits. She pinched her nipples and stuck a hand between her legs to begin feverishly masturbating. Her eyes were wide with frantic passion, the Dugtrio spreading her holes wide and thrusting inside of her hard and fast. It was like having a trio of thick little vibrators jamming in and out of her at an incredible pace that was bound to make her cum in no time.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUUUUUUUCK!” Ellen screamed as her pussy juices flowed forth, sinking into the dirt. She slumped in her spot and tried to catch her breath, then just like that, the Dugtrio was gone, not one drop of cum on their part. Ellen felt sort of guilty.

“Oh great, you’re back in town!” said a giddy voice, it was Ellen’s friend Bonnie. Ellen looked over to see the girl wearing a cast on her hand.

“What happened to you?” Ellen asked.

“I could ask you the same question,” Bonnie said, admiring the girl’s mostly naked frame with her robe open and looking like she was still cumming, but to answer Ellen’s question, Bonnie said, “my Rapidash stepped on my hand yesterday while I was giving him his noon blowjob. So I need a favour.”

“What do you need?”

“I’m supposed to be entertaining at a Gym Leaders meeting tomorrow, and this cast has put me out of commission. I thought you could cover for me?”

Ellen wondered what ‘entertaining’ meant exactly, but she assumed it had nothing to do with music. TO BE CONTINUED…

12 – Entertainment

Ellen was thoroughly worried and frightened by the time she entered the gym. Sabrina was being uncharacteristically inviting for her, as opposed to her normal quiet and cold self.

“I’m so happy to see you, Ellen. How have you been?” “I guess pretty good,” Ellen replied.

“A friend of mine sent me some videos of you, you’ve been a pretty busy gal,” Sabrina commented. “Well I don’t know about that_”

“_I do, I saw you taking it up the ass from an Ariados,” Sabrina replied, “it was incredibly hot.” “Uh, I hate to change the subject, but what exactly am I doing here?” Ellen asked.

“Oh, we’re having a little reunion of sorts and you’re the guest of honor,” Sabrina explained, “one of them is here already. Ellen I would like you to meet Lt. Surge.”

Ellen looked at the incredibly tall, muscular man. He was an American with spiky blond hair; he looked down at the young woman with an amused smile.

“You’re not the usual girl, what happened to Bonnie?” asked the soldier.

“She is currently on the injured list, so she nominated a replacement,” Sabrina explained, “trust me, I’ve seen her in action and she will make you forget all about the other Pokéslut.”

Lt. Surge grabbed Ellen by the neck and inspected like he was at a dog show. He grabbed her tits and grabbed her ass. He yanked off her top and looked at her breasts, with a final, definitive smile he looked at Sabrina and nodded, then took two Pokéballs off of his belt and said, “Let’s get this party started.”

About Ten Minutes Later…

Ericka walked in the front door and could already hear the unmistakeable sound of a woman squealing. The Grass-themed Gym Leader shook her head and said, “of course they start without me.”

The woman set down her parasol and began to remove her yellow kimono. As always she was wearing next to nothing beneath it. Her only sign of modesty was the tiniest G-string on the market. The thong rode up in her perky ass and barely did the job of covering up her delicate pussy lips. She left her kimono lying on the floor in a heap as she entered the next room, where she could tell the noises were coming from.

Ericka was a little surprised that it wasn’t Bonnie sitting in the middle of the floor, but the girl that took

her place was every bit as attractive. Ericka still picked up a sense of innocence about the woman that made it seem a little ‘naughtier’ and that turned her on.

The new girl was on her elbows and knees. Lt. Surge’s Raichu had his arms wrapped around her head as he fucked her mouth with hardcore aggression that he obviously picked up from his owner. The rodent-like Electric Pokémon’s long, thin tail was wrapped around the naked girl’s throat, allowing him to choke the girl while he shoved his cock into her mouth over and over again.

Ericka did a lap around the room, trying to get a good look at the girl on the ground, she was letting out high-pitched squeals every once in a while between the slurping and sucking sounds that she emitted during her mouth fucking. Upon extensive inspection of Ellen’s backside, Ericka was able to determine the source.

Nestled inside Ellen’s pussy was a miniature Voltorb, one that fit just perfectly inside the woman and was pleasuring her with an incredible vibration and with the occasional zap to send a shock through her entire body. There was a vague sense of punishment to the idea, but Ellen seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit.

Nearby, Ericka discovered her hostess and one of the other guests. There was Lt. Surge standing with his back to her and his pants around his ankles. Kneeling on the ground before him was the lovely and sexy Sabrina. The psychic-themed gym leader had Surge’s cock between her lips with the sounds of sucking filling up the room mixing with the same sounds that Ellen was making.

Ericka approached the two and kneeled next to Sabrina. The guest placed an arm around the hostess’ shoulders and said, “You two couldn’t wait for everyone else to arrive?”

“Why put off a good thing?” Lt. Surge responded his cock slid out of Sabrina’s mouth, trailing saliva with it. Ericka grasped the rod and gave the head a seductive lick.

“RAIIIIICHUUUUUUU!” yelled the Pokémon as he buried his cock deep within Ellen’s throat and fired his creamy load down her throat into her stomach.

Lt. Surge gave Ericka a pat on the head, the Gym Leader removed the soldier’s cock from her mouth for a moment to see what he wanted.

“Looks like my guys are done, you’re up.”

As Raichu and Voltorb were recalled to their Pokéballs, Ericka released her own Pokémon to take advantage of their entertainer. A large grass-Pokémon appeared, one of Ericka’s personal favourites, a Victreebell.

Partially distracted by having Sabrina sucking on her perky tits, Ericka softly ordered her Pokémon, “Victreebel, use BIND.”

From the mouth of the Flycatcher Pokémon extended a variety of vines to ensnare Ellen who was still mostly recovering from the shock treatment she’d just received from the Electric Pokémon. The Victreebel’s vines wrapped around all of Ellen’s limbs, securing her snugly with her arms behind her

back and her legs spread wide.

Ellen’s toes curled as the tip of a vine forced itself into her pussy. She cried out in surprise, “UGHH, OHH! FUCK!”

“Sounds like someone’s having fun,” Sabrina commented, taking a peek at Ellen’s predicament before returning to tonguing Ericka’s nipples as she in turned sucked on Lt. Surge’s cock.

This had all been Lt. Surge’s idea. He had served a lot of time in the American Military and one day he had caught a Pokémon Show. When he had become an official Kanto Gym Leader he ended up telling the story to Blaine, who had seen one as well in his younger days. Ericka had overhead them and was tickled by the idea, eventually it became a recurring subject for the Gym Leaders at their meetings. Then one day Sabrina brought Bonnie to a meeting with her Growlithe and the next thing they knew every meeting revolved around watching the Trainer getting fucked by their Pokémon while they fooled around.

As Lt. Surge turned Sabrina around and began to fuck the hostess of the night while she eagerly tongued the delicate ‘petals’ of Ericka’s flower, Ellen was hoisted up in the air by the vines. She was completely wrapped up in the long brown tendrils with only her head and her tits poking out. She had a vine thrusting into her mouth and two more slamming in her pussy and ass.

In mid-air, she was bounced and thrashed wildly while the Victreebel fucked her nearly senseless. Ellen let out muffled cries past the vine fucking her mouth, occasionally she would gag on the thick obstruction as it jabbed into her throat. Ellen felt delightful to the creature, so much so that it soon fired its sweet nectar all over her body. The petite, purple and black haired trainer was glazed head to toe with the ‘seed.’

Ericka groped her own tits as Sabrina’s tongue played at her clit, the Psychic’s head jerking back and forth with each mighty thrust of the incredibly strong Electric Gym Leader fucking her doggy style. Ericka was shook from her musings as Sabrina stopped licking and said, “Ericka, we may have a problem.”

The calm and patient Leader burst into a panic when she saw Ellen’s legs poking out of Victrebell’s mouth.

“Son of a_ Victreebel, NO!” Ericka ran towards her Pokémon and began wrestling Ellen out of the carnivorous creature’s maw. Ericka growled, “I told you this is not how we act!”

Ericka was able to save Ellen from her hungry pet just in time for the next guest to arrive.

The redheaded girl stood in the doorway. Her cut off jean shorts exposing a great deal of her long, slender legs. Her incredibly large tits threatened to burst out of her yellow tank-top that showed off most of her mid-driff and was low cut enough to emphasize her cleavage. She wore a pair of red suspenders which held up her loose-fitting shorts but also somehow made her chest all the more prominent.

She smiled briefly then groaned and said, “Is Lt. Surge really the only one with a cock that’s shown up so far?”

Sabrina responded, “Relax Misty, they’ll be here shortly.”

“In the meantime, there is plenty of me to go around,” Lt. Surge added, as Ericka kept her mouth around the American’s thick cock to keep it nice and hard during their conversation.

“I’d rather fuck my Psyduck,” quipped the redhead. Misty had sure blossomed since her younger days as a Gym Leader, in more ways than one. Her tits were incredibly large and perfectly shaped. Not one set of eyes, Ellen’s included, could be taken away from them as the Water-themed Gym Leader stripped down. As she strolled over to the growing orgy at the one side of the room, she casually tossed a Pokéball on the ground and released her Poliwrath to keep the party going with Ellen in the middle of the room.

“Uh, can I have a break?” Ellen asked nervously, “nearly getting eaten kind of took me out of the mood for a bit.”

“Is that so?” Misty asked, stopping in her tracks, “you don’t really feel like pleasuring my fine Poliwrath? I got a solution for that. Poliwrath, use HYPNOSIS on that slut!”

The spiral pattern on Poliwrath’s torso began to turn, mesmerizing her into submission. Ellen’s face took on a glazed look as she became subdued and quiet. Misty kneeled next to the girl, noting the smell of cum on her breath and the scent of Victreebell’s sweet secretions on her skin.

“Now what you’re going to do is suck Poliwrath’s cock, like a good little whore,” Misty said, pretty much seeing Ellen’s eyes turn to spirals like in a cartoon, “you’re going to suck it good, because if you don’t, there will be consequences. You’ll end up with one of Starmie’s arms in your cunt and let’s just say you won’t like that. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Ellen whispered, her hand reaching out and grabbing the thick, long shaft that had emerged from between Poliwrath’s short legs. Misty watched for a couple seconds as Ellen stroked the cock slowly then wet her lips and brought the bulging head to her mouth.

Ellen’s head bobbed up and down as the sounds of her lips smacking and her mouth sucking began to start. Misty commented, “Now that’s how you do it. Keep up the good work.”

Suddenly one of Misty’s Pokéballs erupted and released her Psyduck into the room.

Misty looked at the yellow duck Pokemon with contempt at his unprovoked intrusion, but then smirked as she turned her attention to Ellen’s exposed rump. She ordered the Pokemon, “go ahead and have

some fun.”

“PSYDUCK, PSY!” shouted the duck as her ran over and immediately mounted the girl as she rested on her hands and knees. Psyduck’s hands held her hips as he began to plow her from behind.

The train continued, Lt. Surge slammed his cock deep into Ericka’s pussy as the woman tongued Sabrina’s cunt and Misty sat on Sabrina’s face, her hand pulling on the Psychic’s long black hair.

Ellen took a little more of Poliwrath’s fat cock into her mouth, her mouth having to open wide to fit the

thing inside. Her eyes were still glazed and looking straight at Poliwrath’s spiral torso as she deepthroated his long dick. Her tongue wrestled against his shaft, the head sticking into her airway, causing her to gag softly occasionally.

Psyduck was unable to stop grunting his distinctive cry as he thrust his yellow cock into Ellen’s tight pussy. He used his FURY SWIPES to smack her ass repeatedly, until the young woman’s rump was thoroughly red.

“That’s right, Psyduck, show that slut who’s boss!” Misty cheered , her voice rising on the last word as Sabrina’s middle finger entered her ass unexpectedly.

Ellen’s head pumped back and forth swiftly, rubbing her lips and tongue along the Poliwrath’s thick unit at incredible speeds. She grunted with effort and moaned with pleasure as she was filled with cock at both ends.

Poliwrath’s thick, white hands, which looked a lot like he was wearing gloves held onto Ellen’s head as he thrust his cock into her mouth hard and fast. Saliva dripped from the dazed girl’s chin as she was happy to be mouth-fucked so furiously

“PSYDUCK, PSYYYYYY!” yelled the yellow duck as he thrust his cock deep into Ellen’s cunt and fired his load off like a WATER GUN, suffice to say it was SUPER EFFECTIVE as the young woman he was fucking suffered from her own simultaneous orgasm.

Ellen never stopped her head from bouncing back and forth, determination in her heart as she took the hypnotic Pokemon’s cock into her throat over and over. Eventually it paid off as glob after glob of coming fired from the end of his fat cock all the young woman’s face.

“See, I told you we would be late,” said a feminine voice as Misty recalled her contributions to the night.

“Well you didn’t seem so negative when I was fucking you in the train station bathroom,” replied the man she was with.

All eyes went to the door as they saw Janine, the Ninja Gym Leader from Fuchsia City entered the Gym with Blaine from Cinnabar Island.

“Don’t be mad that we started without you,” Sabrina explained, “we ARE just getting started.”

Janine and Blaine took Pokéballs off of their belt and Ellen began to wonder how much longer the night was going to be.


13 – Entertainment Pt. 2

Janine liked everybody to know that she was a classically trained ninja, but on that day, she was leaning more towards the Halloween equivalent, or as some liked to call it the ‘slutty ninja.’ She was wearing a one-piece leotard which had an incredibly low-cut neck that pretty much threatened to expose both her tits if she moved too much. The crotch of the outfit was very thin, riding up in her butt crack much like a G-string. She wore a simple belt over it with a short, thin curtain to try and give her a little modesty, but with the faintest breeze, everyone could see everything. The outfit didn’t last long as the youngest of the trainers, eighteen, rushed to join the excitement. She wore a pink scarf pulled tight around her neck, which Blaine had used earlier to hold onto while he fucked her from behind. Janine’s long purple hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

Blaine was a little more laid back, still catching his breath from his warm-up fuck with Janine when they both arrived at the Train Station. The oldest Gym Leader was a bit of a legend, he was a dirty old man and had the ‘skills’ to back it up, there were many stories of how he liked to hand out badges to his ‘legal’ visitors at his gym. The Lady Leaders lusted after him even more than they did for Lt. Surge.

Janine unleashed her Nidorino on the nude girl sitting in the middle of the room, the purple quadruped immediately charged over to mount her while Blain’s Magmar prepared to use Ellen’s mouth as she was by this point used to.

“They got the right idea,” Janine said as she giddily joined the action. Misty climbed off of Sabrina’s face and approached Blaine.

As the Water-themed Gym Leader kneeled in front of Blaine, she seductively said, “I’m so glad you could make it, Blaine.”

“Likewise,” the Fire-themed Gym Leader responded, feeling the redhead’s mouth around his fat cock as she began to suck enthusiastically.

Lt. Surge was ambushed as Janine jumped up on him and wrapped her legs around his waist. She reached down and grasped his cock, as they kissed she stroked it a couple seconds to get herself ready and then jabbed the tip between her pussy lips and started to bounce up and down wildly.

Sabrina and Ericka looked at each other, the Grass-themed Leader saying, “I guess it’s just down to you and me.”

“What bad luck we have,” Sabrina remarked with a smile then pushed Ericka onto her back. Sabrina lied on top of the woman each with their face where the other’s pussy was.

Nidorino mounted Ellen, making her his bitch as the duck-billed Fire Pokémon stood at her other end, his clawed hands running through her black and purple hair as she ran her tongue over the head of his cock. His skin was hot; she could taste the sweat and the precum from the tip of his cock.

Nidorino lied on top of her; Ellen could feel all of his weight on top of her as he thrust his thick, purple cock deep into her pussy. The heavy, low grunting he made filled her ears as her lips smacked and sucked on Magmar’s equally impressive cock.

Ellen’s large tits shook as the Nidorino slammed his crotch against her ass, burying his cock up to the hilt in her. His front paws grabbing at her shoulders as he displayed his animalistic fury and power. Ellen cried out, despite the cock in her throat as she experienced the intense pleasure, her knees rubbing into the hardwood floor.

Nearby Misty was sucking a cock of her own, Blaine grabbing onto the single side-ponytail as he tugged her face towards his torso thus sliding his cock deeper into her mouth. Saliva dripped out of her mouth onto her large, luscious tits. Her chest rose up and down and down quickly as she panted hard.

Lt. Surge had the youngest Gym Leader, Janine slammed against a wall as he drove his cock into her pussy with all of his impeccable strength. The ninja cried out in extraordinary pleasure, her fingernails digging into the savage man’s back.

Ericka was surprised as Sabrina poked a finger into her ass, the same one that she had used on Misty not more than ten minutes ago. Ericka’s buttocks went taught as she was caught off-guard, but quickly she got used to the penetration and decided to return the favour. Sabrina didn’t flinch, not only expecting it but loving that the Grass-trainer had taken the initiative.

Ellen jerked off the Magmar as her tongue circled around head of his cock, hoping to taste his juicy, hot cum at any second. The girl was rocked forward by every thrust of Nidorino’s hips, his thick cock spreading her pussy wide to fit it, the girl slammed her hips back each time to get the most impact she could.

Magmar held Ellen’s head tight as he began to thrust his hips just as hard as Nidorino. Ellen opened her mouth wide, feeling the tip of Magmar’s cock punch into the back of her throat over and over. She gagged and made a GULK sound with every thrust, but it was well worth it when finally Ellen was splattered with his cum all over her waiting fast.

Nidorino pumped faster and faster, building higher and higher until finally his cock drove as deep as it could inside Ellen and his cum filled her to the brim.

Nearby, Blaine had Misty on the floor, her legs pushed into her magnificent chest as he thrust his long cock into her tight, wet pussy. His hands were locked behind her neck, further bending the young woman in half as he showed her his extensive experience. Misty’s eyes watered as her face turned red and she could feel her orgasm becoming an inevitability. She cried out loudly as she felt every muscle in her body tighten up and her juices began to flow. As soon as her mind was able to think straight she was back on her knees, finishing Blaine with her mouth. She tasted the salty cum on her tongue and made sure not to waste a single drop.

Meanwhile, Janine had rode Lt. Surge to ruin as he buried his cock inside the young woman and released his heavy load into her incredibly tight cunt

“I cannot seriously be the last guy to show up!” shouted Brock from the doorway.

The ladies all looked at each other, with Lt. Surge and Blaine having already blown their loads, Brock was the only dick left for their use. The four ladies nearly tackled the remaining man as they forced him onto the ground and pulled his pants and shirt off.

Brock was in heaven.

Before he was completely overwhelmed, Brock grabbed two Pokeballs randomly and threw them at Ellen.

By this point, Ellen had already gotten fucked by seven Pokemon in a row and was hardly able to keep her eyes open. She looked up and saw two of the biggest Pokemon she had ever seen. Rhydon and Tyranitar loomed over her, the former grabbed Ellen by the hair and pulled her up to her feet. The latter grabbed her by her hips and set her ass on the tip of his cock.

On both of the giant rock creatures, the top of Ellen’s head didn’t even make it to their shoulders. There she was sandwiched by the two titans, her legs completely incapable of wrapping around Rhydon as they prepared to pulverize her two holes with their enormous cocks.

“Rhydon! DRILL that bitch!” Brock ordered, “Tyranitar! Give her a good THRASH!”

As the Rock Pokemon set to work obeying their Master’s orders, Misty kneeled next to Janine and took Brock’s large cock in her hand and said, “just like old times, right?”

Brock had no time to answer before Sabrina was sitting on his face, her cunt planted over his mouth and ordering him to the task. While Janine and Misty took turns sucking on the Rock Gym Leader’s cock

and Sabrina cried out in ecstasy from the pussy-licking, Ericka chose not to be excluded and brought Brock’s right hand to her own crotch so that he could finger her.

Ellen hollered at the top of her lungs as she bounced wildly between the two giants, their hard skin rubbing against her body as she was pressed between them. Their cocks were some of the biggest she’d ever taken, and she doubted she’d be able to walk once it was all over.

The black and purple haired trainer extended her hands above her head, at the very top of her reach was Rhydon’s drill-like horn. She held on for dear life as she was pounded for all she was worth. Her legs kicking wildly as she felt their powerful hands clamping on her hips and ass to hold her up.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK! AGHHHH!” Ellen screamed as unexpectedly she came loudly and powerfully.

Poor Brock was forced to endure as each woman abused him for their own personal use, riding him to their climax but never allowing him to cum. By the time it was down to just him and Misty, the redhead riding him like a cowgirl, Brock was covered in sweat and coming close to a heart attack.

“Fuck yeah, Brock!” Misty cried out as the rest of the Gym Leaders watched them, their attention split between them and the petite, delicate girl getting fucked by the goliaths in the center of the room.

Misty bounced her ass up and down swiftly, her large buttocks shaking wildly as Brock groped her tits as they dangled over his face.


FUUUUUUUCK!” Misty cried out loudly until finally she was given her second orgasm of the night at the expense of her old friend.

Brock climbed to his feet, jerking his cock as the four female Gym Leaders kneeled before him. It only took a couple of pulls before the Rock-themed Trainer blew his massive load all over their four expecting faces.

Then everyone in the room was directed back to Ellen as finally she received both loads directly inside of her as Tyranitar and Rhydon roared loudly and buried their cocks deep inside the exhausted young girl who was close to limp in their embrace.

Ellen was asleep by the time she was placed on the ground.

Sabrina dabbed some cum off of her face and licked it off her finger, “let her sleep, she’s got a long day ahead of her tomorrow.”

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