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Hermione: The Secret of The Lion’s Chair

By Katmandu12

Submitted: January 19, 2013

A request that inspired me into action, I’ve wanted to do a Hermione story for a while so what happens when she uncovers a mystery with a very unexpected turnout?

Provided by Hentai Foundry.


1 – The Lion’s Chair

It all started with a hairbrush, which was what made it so strange. Hermione Granger never knew how truly obsessive compulsive she could be until one morning when she walked into her bathroom and her hairbrush had been moved. It wasn’t like it had been thrown on the ground, or was completely different, it was just slightly off enough that Hermione took notice.

Hermione lived alone, her and Ron decided until after they got married to move in together and she kept the bathroom door closed so her cat couldn’t get in, since Crookshanks had a habit of unspooling the toilet paper roll and ripping apart the Kleenex box. As much as it bugged her, she put it behind her and moved on, then it happened again the next week and the week after that. Whoever it was barely did a good job of hiding that they had been there, Week Two they accidentally knocked over one of her plants and Week Three she left the door open and Crookshanks had gone to town in her bathroom.

It was time to figure out who it was, she knew a good invisibility spell, but she didn’t want to hang out in the bathroom all night, plus she had to go to work. While she was the Ministry of Magic she left a magic eye in the corner to watch the bathroom for her.

Hermione had taken a high-ranking job in one of the smaller divisions, her role in the defeat of Voldemort was a good PR-booster. She had a group of employees that seemed to like her, despite the fact that some were older and had been working there longer than she had.

Suddenly one of her books flipped open, the one that would tell her when someone entered her bathroom. Hermione watched as one of her personal friends and employee, Ginny Weasley walked in and removed some hair from her brush before leaving as swiftly as she’d come in.

“What the bloody hell?” Hermione asked aloud. Ginny had taken off for lunch, she was due back soon, so for whatever reason she was using the hair it was going to be after work that she was going to do it. Hermione decided to tail her and see what she was up to, it felt just like the good old days of investigating Hogwarts’ mysteries with her friends. The witch concocted a potion swiftly before she left, and walked out the door with Ginny.

“So any big plans tonight, Ginny?” Hermione asked.

Ginny sounded surprised by the question, “uh, no. Just going to crash at home.”

Hermione quietly followed the girl in the complete opposite direction of where she lived. She ended up meeting with more of the guys from the office and going into a pub known as ‘the Lion’s Chair.’ Ms. Granger waited outside and downed her invisibility potion so she could see what nefarious deeds her co-workers were up to.

Hermione looked down and groaned at the results of her potion. Her clothes were still completely visible, which ruined the illusion she was hoping for. The young witch looked around to make sure she was

alone then started unbuttoning her blouse. She worked her skirt down and hid it safely behind a bush

along with her undergarments and high heels. With any luck the potion wouldn’t wear off too soon and she wouldn’t have any explaining to do, if only she could have gotten her hands on the Invisibility Cloak that Harry used to have.

The pub was nice, a bit quiet, nobody else was there except the guys from work not even a bartender. Ginny was strangely absent. They shot the shit a little bit, talked about the day at the office and thankfully they never brought her up in an unpleasant fashion.

“Hey Ginny, what’s taking so long?” asked one of the men, Jack Pillowgow.

“Hold your damned horses,” called out the redhead from the bathroom, but oddly when she emerged from the washroom, she was no longer a redhead, but instead a brunette with long, curled hair. In fact she looked exactly like Hermione. That’s why she’d taken her hair, she was using it for a Polyjuice potion to turn herself into Hermione.

And much like the real Hermione at the moment, she was not wearing any clothes.

“What the fuck?”Hermione whispered. Seeing a perfect replication of herself, of her plump ass, her perky tits, and her smooth, soft, pale skin. Why the hell was she naked though?

“Looking good, ma’am,”replied another one of her employees, Frank Deeringhat. “Shut up and get your pants off,” Ginny said, using Hermione’s lips in a big smile.

Hermione watched in stunned silence as the person who was now a perfect copy of her dropped down to her knees in the center of a group of her co-workers who had all decided to lose their pants. Looking as pleased as she could, Ginny reached up with Hermione’s delicate hands and wrapped them around

a pair of hard dicks and started to move them up and down. One of the men, Brandon Appletree placed his hand on the back of Ginny’s head and guided her face towards his crotch. The former-ginger’s mouth opened and she accepted the bulbous head of his cock into her mouth.

The young witch saw one of her best friend’s impersonate her then proceed to pleasure the men from their place of work, Hermione’s legs felt weak so she quietly moved a chair out and sat down to watch. She wasn’t sure why she needed to watch. She’d gotten what she’d come for, she’d figured out why her hairbrush had been moved, it wasn’t her fault she didn’t like the answer. Hermione soon watched as Ginny mounted one of her coworkers and slid his fat cock inside her tight pussy (more like Hermione’s tight pussy), and began to bounce up and down before returning to sucking and stroking. Not too much longer after that, another man stepped up behind her and started to attempt entrance to her backdoor with his large dick.

Hermione had never tried anal, but Ginny was certainly making it look like fun. She wondered if she could do it. The young witch set her foot up on another chair, spreading her legs. She slumped down in her chair and slid a hand down her stomach to her crotch, she rubbed her pussy a little bit, starting to feel good. Then moved her index finger down to her anus and attempted to slip it in. Hermione bit her lip as she pushed in the tip of her finger, up to the first joint. She closed her eyes, but kept opening them to take a peek at what was unfolding in front of her. Ginny now had a dick in each hole, being pounded hard as she squealed wildly despite the dick wedged between her lips.

The boss fingered her asshole while rubbing her pussy to the entertainment in front of her, always careful to keep making sure she was still invisible. It wasn’t too much longer that Hermione was watching Ginny climax, not much longer after that the men took turns depositing their seeds onto the young woman’s tongue to watch her gobble down every drop like she was starving for it. More cum dripped from the corners of her mouth, unable to fit it all in her mouth as it ran down her neck and onto her chest.

The hardest part about the night was when Hermione finally climaxed herself, her eyes pinched shut as tight as they could, her mouth dropped open in a look of anguish, unable to make a sound for fear of being caught, but that just made her incredible climax all the better.

With none of the men or Ginny knowing they’d been caught in the act, they all retired to their flats and called it a night. The next few days at work were a bit awkward for Hermione, she had to see all these people and talk to them, despite knowing what they looked like naked, despite knowing that Anders Tidyhouse liked to choke women by sticking his cock all the way down their throat until there were tears in their eyes and their faces were bright red. She had to live with the knowledge that everyone she worked with secretly fantasized about fucking her like a common whore, and that Ginny Weasley was all too willing to oblige them in their games.

The next week, Hermione followed them again and watched it all happen again. Then the week after that, and after that, each time Hermione sat on the same chair and fingered herself to the show. She watched as tits exactly like her own bounced up and down as she was fucked in the ass, hard not to imagine herself being in the position, all she was missing out was the actual business of having a dick inside of her and soon the temptation started to grow to be the one in the center of the group of men. So one night after her magical security system caught Ginny Weasley in her bathroom, stealing more hair, she decided to show up at the Lion’s Chair early. Hermione hid in the little storeroom that the ginger girl liked to drink the potion in to turn into her. She heard the men and woman arrive. Hermione hid behind the door and waited for the girl to enter. She never remembered Ginny being particularly oblivious, but the girl was down to her underwear before she finally turned and saw Hermione standing there already in the nude, wielding her wand.

Ginny looked puzzled and said, “Hermoi_?”

Hermione cut her off with a charm of bewitched sleep, put the girl into a deep slumber. Hermione felt a bit guilty about how hard Ginny fell to the ground, but she didn’t feel guilty about what came next. Hermione dragged the girl to the corner of the room where no one would see her when she opened the door. Then when seeing Ginny’s wand on the ground she decided to do something a little extra naughty. Hermione tugged down the girl’s panties and inserted the wand up the ginger’s ass.

“That’s for breaking into my house, you little ginger slut,”Hermione stated and prepared to exit the room.

The witch exited the room and heard one of the men, “bloody hell that was quick.” “Been practicing,”Hermione explained, joining the men.

“Look at that she’s even got the walk down,” commented somebody.

Hermione had butterflies in her stomach as she stood in the center of the group of men. They reached out brazenly and grabbed at her tits and squeezed her ass. One of the men rubbed the length of his middle finger between her pussy lips in a petting fashion, Hermione was already wet, but it didn’t mean she wasn’t still nervous.

The witch reached down with both hands and found a hard rod to grip for each. She slowly lowered herself down to her knees and officially crossed the point of no return. She opened her mouth and guided the first of the big cocks past her lips. She sealed her mouth around the cock and began to suck, thrusting her head back and forth.

It was no secret that the men had used some potion or another to ‘enhance’themselves, it was one of the oldest spells and one of the first every wizard learned once he discovered girls. So everyone at the pub was offering up eight or nine inches for her. Hermione wasn’t complaining at the moment, though she was worried she wouldn’t be able to take the whole thing in her throat.

Hermione tried nevertheless, going down as far as she could, until she choked, knowing that Ginny was fully capable of deepthroating all nine inches with a smile. Hermione ventured down, feeling the cock slide all her tongue as the head pushed into her throat, blocking her throat. Her eyes teared up as she gagged and she was forced to retreat and catch her breath. Before anyone noticed, she switched to the next cock and began sucking.

She worked enthusiastically, pumping both hands on either sides of her, rubbing up and down the shafts as her head bobbed back and forth quickly, her brown hair swinging with each motion. She felt the man who’s cock currently resided in her mouth brush some hair out of her face and had a brief though about how much of a gentleman he was before she felt the very same hand clamp on the back of her head while the other locked onto her jaw. Her head was held stationary as he began to fuck her mouth.

Ms. Granger was gagged repeatedly as the cock’s head thrust in and out of her throat, her grip tightening on the cocks in her hands for support.

“Feeling energetic today, aren’t you,” asked one of the men, feeling Hermione’s grip on his dick. Hermione would have liked to answer, but all that was currently coming out of her mouth was, “GLLLK!


Finally she was released and Hermione shot back to let out a loud gasp for air and swallow the excess of saliva in her mouth before starting in on the next cock to appear before her. Just like the one before, he held her head in place and began fucking her throat as fast as he could. It felt a bit strange having them being so forward, not holding back at all, but Ginny had been doing this for over a month now that Hermione was aware of so they were used to having a little cumrag to do whatever they could think of with.

Hermione was forced to take one of the cocks all the way down her throat. Her thin pink lips sealed tight around the base of the cock, the lower one rubbing against the man’s ballsack while her nose jammed into his torso. She felt a strand of saliva pour from her bottom lip in a long stream that she was unable to control. Her brown, tear-filled eyes looked up at him, knowing this was the same man she ordered around during the day to get her messages and file her paperwork.

It didn’t take long for the witch to forget why she’d been there, that she was secretly supposed to be impersonating Ginny, who was asleep soundly in the next room with a wand jammed up her ass. She was just interested in fulfilling her own desires, she deepthroated each cock with more and more ease each time, she sucked on their balls and worked a shaft in each hand.

After losing track of how long she’d been sucking, she finally felt one of the men grab her by her shoulders and pull her away from the group. Hermione was puddy in his hands, letting him do whatever he wanted as he posed her on her knees and elbows, sticking her plump ass up in the air. She relished the feel as the head of a cock pushed between her pussy lips and drove inside of her.

“Fucking hell!” Hermione cried out. It was one of the few times she ever swore in her life, but she deemed this event to be worthy of a few choice words, “come on, fuck me hard!”

“You got it, ma’am,” responded the man behind her as he seized her hips and started to ram her with youthful strength and energy.

Hermione screamed loudly, being rocked back and forth on her joints as she was penetrated and pounded. She continued to order the men to fuck her harder until she found herself unable to do so anymore because of the cock that was forced into her mouth for her to suck.

“Oh yeah, Ginny, suck that cock,” said Preston Pursely as Hermione was pushed from one end to deepthroat his rod further.

Hermione pried the dick out of her mouth for a second to say, “call me Hermione.”

“Anything you say,” responded Preston, placing his hand on the back of her head and pushed her mouth back around his cock, hearing the ‘HLLLK’sound she made as the head jammed down her throat.

The man who had been fucking her from behind pulled out and made way for Frank Deeringhat to have a turn with her. Hermione couldn’t tell if his cock was longer, but it was sure thicker. It wedged inside of her, spreading her pussy lips wide. She felt the bulbous head driving deeper and deeper inside of her, so big it almost hurt, but that just made the pleasure more intense.

He thrust swiftly, like a machine, his hips pumping back and forth so fast that Hermione lost herself

inside of the moment. Her round ass jiggled with each slap of his hips against them, his hands squeezed her hips tightly.

Now Hermione was just angry. She was angry that they had used Ginny as some sort of perverted surrogate for so long rather than just asking her up front if she wanted to be the fuck-doll in the center of their group. She’d need to do something about that in the future.

Frank fucked her so hard that eventually Hermione’s knee slipped and she fell over to her side, she didn’t miss a moment though as Frank moved with her, lifting her leg up in the air as Hermione noticed two other men kneeling next to Preston, Hermione raised her hands and wrapped them around the units, switching time between the three with her mouth. She’d been working so hard that by all rights she should be tiring herself out soon, but Hermione still had all the energy in the world for the men’s sick pleasure.

Hermione would have said something had her mouth not been occupied, but she was disappointed when suddenly Frank’s cock slipped out of her pussy. She was so horny that she needed someone else to pick up the slack immediately, then suddenly she felt what Frank was up to. The tip of his cock touched to her asshole, Hermione let out a little squeal as he entered her. She’d been practicing since the first time she’d seen Ginny get fucked in the ass, but this was real thing was nothing like the little vibrator she’d boughten.

The men all paused as the repositioned their fucktoy so she was riding Frank in a reverse cowgirl. Once she was up, Hermione turned her head and slipped a fat cock inside her mouth as she started to bounce up and down to force the magnificent cock further into her ass.

Hermione felt her hole stretching to accommodate the girth of the rod inside of her. As she sucked, she could hear herself moaning passionately between gags and coughs. Out of the corner of her eye, with her face pressed into Jack Pillowgow’s torso, she saw another man approach and grab her ankles, placing them over his shoulders, he started to enter her cunt slowly.

The brunette witch could not believe how great it all felt, getting fucked in every hole and being tasked with the pleasure of five men at the same time. Each man cycled around, each having their own turn with each of her warm, wet holes, flipping her into a variety of positions that left Hermione craving more and more.

“Harder!”Hermione mumbled with her mouth full of hard cock, her body tensing up as she came ready to blow. Her mouth opened wide around the cock, screaming at the top of her lungs out of pleasure. Finally she let out one last operatic cry as she climaxed.

“There she goes,” commented one of the men, “now it’s our turn. Fill her up, fellas.”

It wasn’t an official order, but the men were completely willing to comply. Almost in unison they released in all three of her openings at the same time. The cock that had been at the moment wedged down her throat fired hard into her stomach, gagging the girl and causing her to burst into a fit of coughing, but still continuing to pump her hands until the cocks on either side of her shot all over her face and into her mouth.

As the witch struggled to catch her breath and slow her hart down, she heard, “what the fuck?” Hermione opened the eye that wasn’t blinded with cum and saw Ginny Weasley standing in front of

them, completely nude with her wand still sticking out of her ass. The men noticed her, then immediately

shifted their gaze back to Hermione in astonishment.

The brunette wiped a stream of cum off of her finger and sucked it off, she looked up at the men with a nervous smile and said, “I’ll see you all at work tomorrow?”

The End.

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