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Raven: Milla and Chloe at the Wrap-up Party

By Katmandu12

Submitted: March 24, 2013

Commissioned by Dirty Dale

The music was a bit loud and the people were a bit drunk, but overall Chloe was in a good mood. Filming was finished and the wrap-party was well underway. She was only eighteen, so that meant she couldn’t have a drink in her hand, at least not with so many cameras around.

Chloe sat on one of the leather couches with a club soda on the rocks when her co-star approached her.

Chloe had been in the movie business from a young age but it was still cool to get to work with Milla Jovovich. Both actresses had an extensive resume when it came to sci-fi movies and they just finished doing one together.

Both were in dresses, Chloe in white to compliment her long blonde hair, Milla was in black to go along with her brown hair. Chloe was wearing a cute little cocktail dress, but compared to Milla’s it was much more modest. Milla was showing off her long slender legs, and her neckline plummeted to show off some cleavage.

Both girls were wearing high heels, but Chloe was not old enough to rock them with Milla’s confidence.

The more mature actress flopped down on the couch next to Chloe, perhaps just a little too close, but Chloe could see she had a few drinks already.

“So nice to be done with all that stuff so I can finally cut loose,” Milla groaned, “get back to LA and not have to do any of this for a few months.”

“A few months?” Chloe said in put-on exasperated tone, “I got another movie that starts filming next week. I get a weekend in Mexico then it is back to work.”

Milla’s drink collided with Chloe’s in a cheers gesture, “well you better enjoy yourself tonight then.”

A photographer approached them and kneeled in front of them, “can I get a picture of the two of you together?”

“Sure no problem,” Milla put her arm around Chloe’s shoulders and pressed their cheeks together. They both smiled as the flash blinded them for a second.

“Alright, one more for fun?” the photographer asked.

This time, and she wasn’t sure why, Chloe put a hand on Milla’s chest and squeezed one of the actress’ tits, Milla looked surprised in the photo, while Chloe had a mischievous smile on her face. The flash went off again, capturing the moment forever. Chloe kind of regretted it, thinking about what might happen should the tabloids get a hold of the photo.

“Let’s do another,” Milla said, then before the camera went off, Chloe felt Milla’s hand on the back of her head. Milla leaned in and pressed their lips together in a kiss. Chloe was caught off-guard and before she realized what was happening, Milla’s tongue was in her mouth wrestling with her own tongue.

Chloe looked out of the corner eye to see the camera flash once again. She had no idea how many photos she had already be captured in, but now there was no turning back, the only way to save face was to outdo Milla.

Chloe aggressively began kissing Milla back, tipping the older actress back onto the couch. Chloe felt Milla’s legs wrap around her face and before long she realized that she was just full-on just making out with Milla and this was no longer a joke.

As Chloe Grace Moretz made out with Milla Jovovich in a crowded room of people, who were now starting to stare at them together, Chloe felt Milla hiking up her cocktail dress to expose her bare bottom.

Chloe was getting nervous as she realized that everyone could see her black panties. Then a moment later, Milla planted a hard slap on her buttocks.

A few seconds later, she felt the A-lister pulling the zipper down on her dress. Chloe was starting to feel very awkward, but people were starting to stare. Periodically, the flash of the camera alerted her that the photographer was still taking pictures.

Milla pushed Chloe off of her and began peeling the blonde’s dress off of her body.

“There’s so many people here,” Chloe said, holding the dress up to cover her breasts. It took her a second to realize that it was her shyness that was holding her back, not any sort of reluctance to keep making out with Milla and perhaps more.

“Please, this is nothing,” Milla said, looking around the party, she clutched Chloe’s wrists and pulled her hands away from her breasts, Chloe hadn’t been wearing a bra that night, because the straps would be too visible in her cocktail dress. As Milla squeezed Chloe’s tits with both hands, she said, “these things always get a bit rowdy.”

Chloe gulped and tried to relax as Milla leaned her back on the couch, her soft, red lips wrapped around Chloe’s nipple and she began to suck. It tickled when her tongue began to tease her teat. Milla sucked hard, and it felt amazing, but even with such precision, she was still able to slide Chloe’s dress down until the blonde could kick herself clear of the garment.

So there she was in a crowded party, wearing nothing but some $5000 heels and some lacy panties as Milla fucking Jovovich sucked on her titty. The brunette’s hand slid down her smooth stomach and down the front of her panties, feeling the pubic mound and rubbing at Chloe’s clit. The young actress let out a gasp as she felt Milla’s gentle touch on her private parts and bit her lip.

“Hey check it out, Milla’s getting the party going with Chloe,” said a party-goer but by this point he was nearly one of the last to notice.

Milla flicked Chloe’s nipple with her tongue then began to slide it slowly down her stomach, past her belly button, her fingers seizing her panties and pulling them down so by the time her tongue reached Chloe’s crotch she could immediately begin licking the actress’ pussy.

Chloe could begin to feel herself growing at peace with the situation, taking pleasure in Milla’s licking even with around fifty people gathered around watching. Chloe’s hands were on her breasts, tweaking her own nipples as her chest heaved up and down, her heart racing from the unbelievable experience.

One of the party guests approached the desk and started unzipping Milla’s dress, the beautiful actress didn’t even acknowledge him, dutifully continuing to eat the young blonde’s pussy. Her tongue dove between Chloe’s pussy lips, fucking her with her tongue.

“Oh god…” Chloe groaned, closing her eyes. Her head sank into the armrest of the couch, only opening when she felt Milla’s tongue leave her pussy. She looked up to see that the gorgeous woman was removing her dress, revealing she wasn’t wearing any panties or a bra under it.

Chloe couldn’t control herself as she sat up and wrestled Milla onto her back, returning the favour and assaulting Milla’s pussy with her tongue. She was nowhere near as graceful with her technique, from lack of experience, but Milla seemed grateful.

“There you go, girl,” Milla cooed, “have some fun.”

Chloe’s tongue danced on Milla’s clit as she inserted two fingers into the older woman’s pussy. Milla let out a giggle, admiring Chloe’s aggressiveness as she felt the fingers pushing in and out of her tight pussy. The young blonde moved her hand vigorously, feeling Milla’s pussy get wetter with every thrust.

So invested in her actions, Chloe didn’t notice until she heard strange sucking sounds that it was no longer just her and Milla. The man who had helped Milla with the zipper on her dress was now standing next to the couch, his cock was out and in Milla’s mouth.

Milla sucked the man’s prick through the zipper of his black suit pants, her ruby lips sealed tightly around the shaft. Her cheeks dented inwards from vacuum. The starlet eagerly swallowed the man’s cock, bringing her nose to nearly touch his belt buckle. Her hand grasped his testicles massaging them as she deepthroated his rather large cock.

The brunette’s lips pulled back, baring her teeth, her eyes were pinched shut with tears forming in her eyes as she gagged on the man’s cock. Finally she coughed and slid his piece out of her mouth, wet with her saliva.

Milla blinked tears out of her eyes as she let out a gasp then out of breath she said to Chloe, “are you just spectating?”

Chloe didn’t realize that she had stopped, her chin hovering a couple inches from Milla’s crotch while three knuckles deep in her cunt. She had just been watching as the woman sucked the cock of a man who had to be a complete stranger to her.

“Sorry,” Chloe said quickly and went back to lapping at Milla’s clit. However she still made sure to constantly watch as Milla sucked the stranger’s dick with a photographer only a few feet away.

“That’s a good girl,” Milla commented as Chloe returned to work. She placed a hand on the back of Chloe’s head to ensure the young adult would not get distracted again. Chloe felt Milla’s fingers grip her hair, pulling on it. The girl let out a weak grunt of pain but never missed a beat eating Milla out.

Milla used her other hand to grope her tit as the man began bumping his hips back and forth, holding Milla’s head with both hands. Chloe watched as the man’s cock pushed into her mouth deep then pulled back nearly to the head before forcing it down her throat over and over, but Milla loved every second of it.

Chloe felt someone behind her, but with Milla’s tight grip on her hair she could not turn her head to see. All she felt was a hard object press against then a few seconds later she felt inside of her. A pair of hands held her hips as the man began to slowly fuck her from behind.

It was a shock, but quite frankly it was hotter than anything she had ever done. It made her more enthusiastic in her fingering and licking. Her buttocks rippled as the man’s hips slammed into her, his cock driving deep into her cunt.

“That’s right fuck her hard, she’s earned it,” Milla coached, now working a cock in each hand, alternating between them with her mouth. Her lipstick was smeared around her mouth as well as over both shafts.

As the ‘train’ continued rolling, Chloe was blinded by another flash and was reminded of the ever-present photographer capturing every moment. However rather than making her shy and uncertain of herself, it only made her more aggressive, attempting to put on a show.

In no time, the man behind her could take no more. Chloe felt him hilt his cock deep in her cunt and blow his load inside of her. Chloe let out a loud groan as she felt the cock slip out of her. Milla saw Chloe was available and pulled her by the hair.

Abandoning the cocks she had been sucking, Milla towed Chloe out onto the floor, kneeling on an expensive rug. Milla reached over and grabbed a man by his belt and stationed him in front of Chloe. The young actress watched as the man undid his belt and whipped out his stiff cock. Before she could react, Milla was forcing Chloe forward, the blonde opened her mouth and felt the big cock push into her orifice.

Milla forced Chloe’s head back and forth, fucking the young woman’s mouth with a stranger’s cock. Chloe found that she enjoyed being treated so roughly, it turned her on as the man’s dick rammed down her throat. Chloe gagged as Milla forced her face flush against the man’s torso and his unit nestled in her throat.

“That’s a good girl,” Milla said with pride, feeling her tremble as her lungs burned from lack of air. It was a question of how long Milla would suffocate the young actress, but eventually she relented and allowed the girl to breathe once again.

Chloe gasped, but had a wide smile on her face, her hand wrapped around the saliva-soaked cock and began to jerk him off. Two more men approached, the ones Milla had been servicing before, and knew what was expected of her. She used her free hand to jerk one of them and her mouth to service the other, and just like that she was working three men at once.

Milla bit her lip as she watched the younger woman hungrily at work, she reached around the girl and started rubbing her clit. Delicately, she whispered into her ear, “this looks almost like a competition. You’re on.”

Back to back, both girls sucked and jerked three cocks each, rivalling each other in intensity.

Chloe could hear her lips smack around the base of the man’s cock as well as the squish of the saliva in her mouth as she massaged his prick with her delicate, limber tongue. With tears in her eyes she looked up at the man. Saliva dripped from her open mouth off of her chin before she finally pulled back for some fresh air. She looked over her shoulder to see how Milla was making out.

The beautiful woman was quickly switching between men, allowing each only a few seconds of aggressive face-fucking before switching her attention to the next cock. Her heavy mascara was running down her cheeks from her tears, but there was definitely a smile on her face.

The next man forced his cock down her throat and moved Milla’s mouth up and down his long shaft. Her lips smacked and she moaned passionately, craving more cock down her throat every second.

Chloe snapped out of her viewing and swallowed the closest cock. The man grabbed the top of her head and her jaw, forcing her mouth wide open as he pumped his hips quickly, Chloe gagged each time the cock dipped into her esophagus, but she never stopped jerking the cocks around her.

Eventually the young blonde actress was rewarded and felt the cock in her mouth explode, depositing a hot load down her throat. Chloe coughed as she tried to gulp it down, but before she could catch her breath the cock in her left hand began to swell up and she quickly needed to finish him off. The girl used both hands to jerk his cock as she sucked on his head then pulled back at the last second to watch it shoot all over her face.

Confidently, Chloe turned to Milla and said, “hey, that’s my third load. I thought you wanted to compete.”

Milla turned around, swallowing a mouthful of cum, she let out a content gasp and said, “well it’s your first time, it only figures you’re a slow starter.”

Chloe was in shock at the idea that Milla had already gotten a healthy lead over her. Defiantly she returned to sucking and fucking whoever was willing to present their cock to her. Her pale skin began to glisten with sweat, her mascara making cloudy circles around her eyes like a raccoon.

The normally polite blonde spit on a cock in front of her and used it to lubricate as she jerked it.

Milla had gotten up from her spot on the floor and moved to the couch, lying down with her head leaning upside down over the edge of the armrest. At one end a man arrived and grabbed both her tits as he started to fuck her mouth, at the other end, Milla was grabbing her ankles as a man kneeled on the couch and shoved his thick cock in Milla’s tight, wet hole.

All around her mouth was a mixture of red liptick, spit and cum as man after man arrived to shove their cock down her throat. After each finished, Milla would gulp his load down then extend her tongue and scream for more. The men would roughly grab and squeeze her tits, they would pinch her nipples and Milla squeal in delight.

Chloe could only watch from the corner of her eye as she was also being mouth-fucked, but suddenly she was jealous. After that man finished in her mouth Chloe knew she needed to make a change.

“When is one of you guys just going to fuck me?” she demanded, before she even finished the sentence, one of the men had already scooped her and pulled her to sit on his lap, her naked back against his $4000 suit, without asking, he forced his cock into her ass. Chloe screamed, but not out of negativity, it wasn’t what she had in mind, but she was happy with it, especially when another arrived and thrust his cock into her tight, young pussy. Chloe cried out, “oh fuck! Thank you!”

Chloe spread her legs wide as she was fucked in both her pussy and ass, grabbing her ankles like Milla was doing. Her mouth was open in a loud scream as the man treated her like a piece of meat, fucking her with ruthless force. She watched as the man above her pumped his hips, his cock disappearing inside Chloe’s pussy as she felt it driving deep inside of her.

Meanwhile on the couch, Milla had a cock in every hole, also someone had used their tie to bind her hands behind her back. Her skin glistened with sweat as she groaned with a mouth full of cock, the smack of skin against skin echoed throughout the room as some stranger fucked her ass.

Chloe was wrong though, she didn’t have a dick in every hole, she didn’t have a cock in her pussy at all but instead was being fucked with two cocks in her asshole, but she was loving it.

The two girls did their best to please everyone there, acting as receptacles for them to deposit loads in one after the other. Chloe lost count quickly, but knew in her heart that she had to be neck in neck with the slut getting stuffed tight on the couch.

It did seem a bit strange that they were the only two women there, but it would be a shame if they had to split it up three ways anyway. So Chloe didn’t complain and instead continued to suck and fuck to her heart’s content.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Milla cried, “shoot your load all over my face! YES!”

Chloe was somewhat distracted by the squealing and was only reminded of her own duties when suddenly she felt the cock in her mouth shoot its load down her throat. Before she even swallowed that one, another man had his cock down her throat and was fucking her mouth.

The man fucking her ass grabbed her by the hair and started yanking her head back, the cock fell out of her mouth as Chloe let out a scream.

“Yes, fuck my throat, fuck my ass, fuck all my holes!” Chloe cried out, “fuck m_ULK!”

A cock crammed down her throat, cutting her off mid-sentence, just as the cock in her ass filled her full of cum.

Chloe eventually found herself weak and completely at the mercy of the forceful men until finally it just sort of seemed to end. Every guy had drained their balls on her and in her multiple times and suddenly it was Milla on top of her, cleaning every drop of cum from her skin with her tongue.

“Did you have fun?” Milla asked.

“Oh god yes,” Chloe groaned weakly, “when’s your next movie again? I definitely want to work with you again.”

Milla giggled and let some cum drip from her mouth into Chloe’s, “how about you just come with us?”

“I was just thinking that,” said the photographer, getting one last pic.

“Is that your husband?” Chloe asked.

“Of course not,” Milla said, “he’s my Master.”

“Hi, I’m Colin,” the photographer said, “and I think I might keep you too…”


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