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Raven: A Small Wager

By Katmandu12

Submitted: March 24, 2013

Updated: March 24, 2013

Raven winds up the prize in a game between the Titans and the HIVE students. However, it might turn out she isn’t so against the idea of being won.

Provided by Hentai Foundry.


1 – A Friendly Game

“We need to start thinking about renaming the team,” said their fearless leader. It was no shock that he was making such a decision, he himself not too long ago had taken to start calling himself Nightwing rather than Robin. At that exact moment, he was playing a game of darts with Cyborg. The match was close, tied at a hundred points apiece.

“Why?” Starfire asked, stirring her drink with her straw, nearly mesmerized by watching the ice cubes spin around in the tall cylinder. She approached everything with a giddiness and wonder that alluded to naivety, but in reality she was every bit as much mature as the rest of her team.

“Well I think that by next year all of us are going to be officially out of our teens, so TEEN Titans wouldn’t really fit,” Beast Boy explained, knowing what Robin –or Nightwing- was getting at.

“Oh for crying out loud, let’s just go with Titans,” Raven groaned, watching out across the bar to study the faces. While Robin had changed monikers, the rest of the team stayed pretty much the same. Raven was Raven, her personality, her costume even her hair was all the same. As usual the team was out in costume even despite being a non-work night. They had decided to hit up a bar… one where they were they proper drinking age since each member was now at least nineteen.

The dynamic had remained the same, Starfire was still a sweetheart, Beast Boy was loud and impulsive, Cyborg too smart for the room but at the same time just as immature as Beast Boy and Nightwing came in two speeds, best friend or worst nightmare. Raven had suffered one change though, after Cyborg had started to express interest in her and started feuding with Beast Boy over her affection, Raven had done the only sensible thing she could do.

She started fucking them both.

They both knew about it, so there were no secrets. Sometimes they both fucked her at the same time, those were wild nights…

Cyborg clinched the victory with one last twenty point shot.

“Well look who we have here,” said a familiar, female voice from behind them.

The Teen Titans all turned in unison to see the three people they wanted to see the least. Standing together were Jinx, Mammoth and Gizmo, their former nemeses from the HIVE training academy, Jinx standing in the front was the one who had spoken. She had updated her costume to be a little more mature, or as Raven liked to put it… sluttier. She traded in her pixie-witch outfit for something a little tighter, a black corset with purple trim. She wore tiny shorts with the same purple and black striped stockings. Her bizarre hairdo had been scaled down to a short bob of violet hair that matched her goldfish eyes.

“Nice to see you’ve gotten some sun after all these years,” Raven said, commenting on the witch’s

grey skin.

“You’re one to talk,” Jinx shot back. Raven sneered but refused to keep the argument going.

“So what are you guys doing? Playing a friendly game of darts?” Gizmo asked. Lucky him, he had hit a growth spurt and was now average height, but his fashion sense hadn’t changed at all. He still kept his head shaved and had grown some sort of hipster goatee.

“Yeah, and it is a private game,” Cyborg stated, standing his ground.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Gizmo answered, “not looking for a fight, but we are looking to challenge you.” The Titans waited with bated breath, until Gizmo continued, “Mammoth here is the HIVE Darts Champion, four years running. Any chance you guys might want to face off, maybe make things a little interesting?”

“Alright, I accept,” Cyborg stated, having been the victor of the previous match, “loser pays the bar tab.”

“I thought we said ‘interesting?'” Jinx laughed, then stared at Raven, “if we win, we get the goth.”

Raven jerked in surprise, “wait, what?”

“Fine,” Cyborg snapped, confidently, “if we win, we get Jinx.”

“I didn’t agree to that,” Raven announced. Jinx ignored her and with a flash of pink energy, she stated that the deal was now magically binding. Raven gritted her teeth and shot a look at Cyborg, “if you lose, I’m going to dump you in a dimension of discarded diapers.”

“That exists?” Cyborg asked.

“You don’t want to find out.”

So Raven watched, so nervous she was no longer able to sit. She stood and watched anxiously as the two dart combatants dueled. Mammoth had hardly changed over the years, all that was really noticeable was that he had a bit more stubble than the last time they’d seen him.

Mammoth had sixty points left and Cyborg was down to eight, he threw Raven a wink then launched his last needle. The point jabbed wide and into the eleven spot, meaning he’d need to wait until his next turn to attempt victory. Mammoth stepped up to the line and with his first dart he threw it into the

twenty-point category, right inside the ring that gave it a triple score. The sixty points he needed for victory.

The group of superhero youngsters looked at the board in silence. Mammoth folded his arms proudly with a smile.

Raven was frozen in spot, her mouth dropped open. Jinx snuck up behind her and said, “don’t worry, sweetheart. It won’t be too bad, we’ll have lots of fun.”

Jinx grabbed Raven by the wrist and started leading her out of the bar. Cyborg shouted after them, “double or nothing! We’ll give you Starfire!”

“DUDE!” Nightwing shouted, punching his friend in the arm. “Sorry, Raven!”

The three villains formerly of the HIVE returned to their hideout with Raven in tow. She was begging herself to fight back, to say the magic words and throw all three of them through a wall immediately, but instead she walked with them, the magic deal preventing her from being the aggressor. They weren’t even walking behind her to make sure she didn’t run. They trusted Jinx’s spell to work.

“Hmm, always thought those legs were hot,” Gizmo commented, staring back at the heroine’s long, slender legs which were completely bare except for a pair of pixie boots. They came up into her incredibly dark blue, sleeved leotard. Her hooded cloak was pulled up casting a shadow over her face, the long garb covered up most of her frame. Raven was in fantastic shape as a fighter, she had to be. She was also gifted with a magnificent set of large breasts and a juicy, round ass. Raven’s blue hair was cropped short not even touching her shoulders. She wore a gem on her forehead and a belt with more crimson jewels loosely around her waist.

“I’ve always been partial to the tits,” Jinx responded, grabbing the crimson clasp of Raven’s cloak and ripped it off. Raven didn’t even flinch. Jinx grabbed one of her tits and said, “she wears this thing so tight that every time she catches a breeze you can see EVERYTHING.”

“I call first dibs,” Gizmo said, “I got some devices I’ve been dying to try out.”

“No way, there’s no dibs!” Jinx snapped back, “it’s my magic that is keeping the deal in check!”

The two argued back and forth until Mammoth grabbed them both by the necks and looked them in the eye swith a sneer on his face. Breaking his silence for the first time that night, he said, “I won the contest. She’s mine.”

“That’s fair, I guess,” Gizmo answered after a long pause.

“Don’t wear her out too much,” Jinx said, “she’s got a long night ahead of her.”

Raven and Mammoth were left alone in the room, but she could sense Jinx and Gizmo just outside the door. Mammoth stared at her with a satisfied look on his face as he started to drop his pants. It was now that Raven desperately wanted to kick his ass, she would rather die than have to suck the villain’s co_ wow, he had a big cock…

Raven’s eyes went wide as she saw the flaccid thing flop out of the genetically-enhanced man’s pants. She wished she could blame the spell, but Raven suddenly found herself on her knees and excited to feel that monstrous thing in her mouth. She licked her lips and crawled to where Mammoth stood, his

hands on his hips and waiting for the gothic woman to begin.

Her hand couldn’t fit around the thing and it wasn’t even fully erect yet. She extended her tongue and licked the head.

“Hmph, something tells me the spell isn’t making you do this,” Mammoth chuckled in his deep, gravelly voice as the woman’s lips pursed and she began to kiss along the length of the incredibly extensive manhood, her hand bringing it to full hardness. About a foot long Mammoth had a bigger cock then Cyborg, and even Beast Boy… except for when he turned into an elephant or something, but she never fucked him like that. A dog once, one time as a gorilla, but never anything she couldn’t handle. She hoped she could handle Mammoth.

With one last lick of her lips, Raven opened her mouth and pressed the head of the massive dick against her tongue and wrapped her lips around the tip. Nursing the end, she began to suck as both of her hands glided up and down the length, feeling the tough skin against her palms. Mammoth caught her looking up at him a few times, her violet eyes looking innocent as she sucked his dick.

Raven’s head started to move back and forth, sliding the end of the cock back and forth in her mouth. Her tongue wiggled sensually as she did her best to please the massive man towering above her. She winced as the cock entered her mouth just a little too far and triggered her gag reflex. She expelled the unit from her mouth and gasped for air, feeling and seeing the strings of saliva bridging from her lips to the thing in her hands.

“Is that the best you got?” Mammoth asked with a smirk, seeing the saliva snap back and begin

dripping down her chin. Raven wiped it away and returned back to sucking, but this time, she felt herself relinquish control to Mammoth as his enormous hands wrapped around her head and begin to bounce her head back and forth. Raven’s lips sealed tightly around the shaft, closing her eyes as she felt herself being thrust back and forth. The Titan was helpless to defend herself as Mammoth’s gigantic cock speared into her mouth repeatedly.

She could hear only the slurping and sucking sounds she was making as the head jabbed deep past her lips, along her tongue and into her throat. Her voice created a GLURK sound as she gagged on the impressive rod stabbing deep into her mouth. She still continued to suck, not quite finding herself completely competent when it came to deepthroating, but eager for the experience. Raven could feel her blue hair thrashing, she could see it whipping around in the corners of her eyes.

Mammoth removed his cock from his new slave’s throat and began slapping his meat against her lips and cheeks, “you like that don’t you? I bet you fucked every one of those Teen Titan brats. You’re a pretty good cocksucker, so I’m sure you’ve had a lot of experience.”

Raven swallowed some of her spit and said with a genuine smile, “I’m always looking for more. Now fuck my throat, you big son of a bitch!”

Though Mammoth was clearly in charge, he was willing to follow that one order and crammed his cock down the girl’s throat. The gothic woman grunted and groaned as she choked on the thick shaft, feeling it plug her throat. Her hands reached up and grabbed onto Mammoth’s thighs for support.

Raven could feel her pussy getting wet inside her leotard, she was starting to think that she’d made out alright in the wager. Her grey skin started to turn red as she was asphyxiated by the thick cock in her mouth. Her tits bounced up and down, finding out long ago that no matter how tight she wore her clothes there was no containing them.

The room filled with the wet slicking sounds of her saliva as it sloshed around the rapidly darting cock, interrupted by the occasional GLICK or GLICK and the even rarer gasp whenever Mammoth decided to give her a chance to breathe.

Mammoth pushed her down the length of his cock, the whole thing disappearing into her mouth and down her throat. Raven’s eyes filled up with tears as she choked, her lips writhing around the base of Mammoth’s trunk, her tongue creeping out past them to taste the skin of his balls. She lost track of how long she had the thing wedged firmly down her throat, but soon she could feel her heart pounding in her chest, desperately calling for air.

Finally Mammoth grabbed a handful of Raven’s blue hair and yanked her clear of his cock, the girl gasped loudly, her eyes wide and filled with tears as she was thankful for the air. As she panted, she was barely aware that Mammoth was circling around her, still holding onto her locks as he pushed her face into the floor leaving her ass sticking up in the air.

With his other hand, Mammoth grabbed the collar of her costume and with a single pull, he tore the leotard apart, leaving Raven with nothing left but her sleeves and her boots. Mammoth mounted her like a bull, the tip of his cock found its way between her pussy lips and drove deep inside her.

“OH! Oh yeah…” Raven moaned, still out of breath, but thoroughly lost in the moment. Her hand slid down to her crotch and she started to rub at her button as she felt herself being penetrated by the super-strong beast. Raven’s chin rested on the ground, held there by Mammoth’s hand on the back of her head, her eyes closed as she grit her teeth and enjoyed each and every pump of the massive cock inside of her.

“Mmph, Mmph, Mmph,” Mammoth grunted, pushing his thick and long cock into the heroine’s tight and wet pussy as she feverishly masturbated. The force of his fucking rocked her forward, Raven could hear the slap of Mammoth’s hard skin against her soft buttocks as he gave her the full length of his cock.

She knew he was strong, but she never would have assumed how fast he could be. His hips pumping like a blur as Raven got so lost in herself she couldn’t even think straight, her body tensing up and releasing as she hit an orgasm.

“AHHH! OH FUCK!” Raven screamed, her eyes pinching shut as she came. Her juices spurted and ran down her legs as Mammoth continued to pound her excessively hard.

“HA! I’m the one in charge and you still come first?” Mammoth asked, “that’s just bad manners!”

Raven barely heard him over the pounding in her chest, but soon she felt a different sensation as both of Mammoth’s hands seized her by the waist and squeezed her tight. The giant man let out one last long roar as he drove his cock deep inside of her, Raven felt every single drop of Mammoth’s cum fire inside

of her as she was still coming down from her climax.

As soon as the cock was out of her wet pussy, and Mammoth let go of her hips, Raven collapsed to the ground still trying to catch her breath. The door opened and she heard Mammoth say, “she’s all yours,” but she didn’t know who it was.

A hand grabbed her by the hair and she heard, “tired out already, jizz-gobbler?”

Tiredly, she looked and saw Gizmo standing over her. He pulled her to her feet and out of the room to his own laboratory. She wondered what sort of crazy thing Gizmo was going to do to her, she assumed it was something technology related. It wouldn’t surprise her at all if she was about to be fucked by a robot. Whatever it was, she couldn’t wait to find out.

“Welcome to Twenty-first century bondage…” Gizmo explained. Raven was glad that the genius had hit such a magnificent growth spurt, rising from three feet tall to six. Of Raven’s many fetishes, midgets were not among them. It was still a bit of a turnoff with Gizmo’s seemingly unchanged personality, however ever since he started referring to ladies as nut-gobbler, jizz-guzzler, cock-whore, etc. Raven was starting to find an appreciation for his insults.

Apparently Gizmo’s idea of the future of bondage came in the way of a variety of metallic claws that shackled around her ankles, wrists, elbows and knees, able to bend her in any way that the operator of the device wished. Another claw locked around her neck like a collar and things that looked almost like fishhooks dug into her mouth and pulled it open.

Raven was pulled off her feet by the mechanical arms, facing towards the ceiling with her wrists behind her head and her legs spread like a whore… she was so wet it was driving her crazy. Gizmo stripped down quickly, his cock springing from his pants already fully erect. He was no Mammoth by any means, but she found him to be a decent size for someone who hadn’t tinkered with their genetics.

With her mouth propped open by the claws, Raven could only wait for Gizmo to stick his cock in. He held the head just out of reach of her lips, her tongue writhing wildly hoping to taste it, but only able to catch the very end of Gizmo’s dick with the tip of her agile, pink member. She pushed the rod around with her tongue, not able to bring it any closer.

Gizmo laughed at the eager girl, who only about two hours ago had been one of their sworn enemies and was now a devoted cock-sleeve. Gizmo provoked her, “come on, you got to want it.”

A look of frustration burned in Raven’s eyes. Wordlessly she called on her powers and secured the genius in a black cloud and pulled him forward to find his cock in her mouth. Raven was unable to suck due to the way her mouth was propped open, but with her powers she secured Gizmo’s cock in a firm telekinetic hold and forced him to move his hips back and forth to slow lybegin fucking her mouth.

“Wow, that’s a neat little trick,” Gizmo commented, “who did you perfect that with? Cyborg or Beast Boy? Or did you use it to jerk them both off at the same time?”

Unable to speak, Raven simply nodded, which didn’t really answer the question at all. Gizmo reached down and copped a feel of one of her tits, they were large and firm and felt good in his hand. The villain

looked behind him and grabbed a pair of things that looked like clamps and put one on each nipple.

Raven shut her eyes tight as she felt the pinch, still fucking her mouth with Gizmo’s cock. As time

moved along the clamps kept getting tighter and tighter, feeling better and better until Raven was hornier than she’d ever been in her entire life. So much that Mammoth’s giant cock felt like it was ages ago.

Raven looked at Gizmo with sadness when his cock slipped out of her mouth, once he finally broke the telekinetic hold. She wiggled her tongue enticingly, then saw that he was just moving on to the next step. The mechanical arms flipped Raven over almost into a doggy-syle position in mid-air. He seized her by the thighs, his cock rubbing against her crotch.

“Wait, Mammoth just fucked you didn’t he? That’s so gross, I’m not putting my cock in your pussy if he just came in it. I guess I’ll just have to…”

Raven let out a surprised yelp as the tip of his cock pushed into her asshole.

“UGH! AGH!” Raven squealed, unable to talk properly with her mouth held open. Soon she was feeling better though as she got used to the feeling of getting ass fucked. Her eyes turned white as she summoned her powers once again, this time masturbating relentlessly to balance out the pain she was experiencing from Gizmo’s energetic fucking.

She felt every thrust of his cock deep inside of her, squealing passionately as she let her former enemy fuck her without even a trace of hesitation. She wanted so bad to say it was Jinx’s spell at work making her into a complete slut, but all the magic had done was prevent her from saying ‘no.’ The pleasure she was feeling was all hers, the arousal and the enthusiasm was real… thinking about it made her feel guilty, but the nipple clamps, the ass-fucking and the bondage all made her feel so much better to compensate.

Raven was sweating, using her powers so intensely while shivers ran up her spine and she curled her toes while jamming her hands into fists as she felt yet another orgasm growing deep within her as Gizmo called out position numbers to bend her in a variety of ways to continuously fuck her in the ass in every way imaginable. Finally it was too much for her to handle and Raven climaxed, her powers sparking and causing some nearby screens and the overhead lights to explode.

“Whoa, look at you getting all hot and bothered!” Gizmo laughed planting a hard slap across Raven’s large tits, “I’m starting to think Jinx didn’t even need to cast that spell now. If we’d just shook hands you probably would have come home with us and guzzled down a healthy heaping of jizz. Speaking of which…”

Gizmo pulled out and the machine moved her around until her head was by his crotch yet again. Raven opened her mouth wide as she looked up at Gizmo. His eyes closed as he pumped on his cock, ready to fire his load onto the young heroine’s outstretched tongue.

“Hey asshole, it was my turn!” said a female voice from the doorway.

“AGH!” Gizmo groaned as his seed shot forth to paint Raven’s tongue white. The gothic heroine savored the taste for a second before swallowing the load in one hard gulp. With his stock spent, Gizmo looked over at where a fuming Jinx stood and said, “she’s all yours, I’m done with her.”

“Yeah but for the record, I was supposed to get her second,” Jinx snarled. “Hey, you snooze you lose, mega slut.”

Gizmo hit some sort of release button and Raven fell to the ground with a thud. “Get up, skank,” Jinx demanded, “we’re going to my room.”

“AH!” Raven squealed as Jinx grabbed her by the hair. She wondered to herself why everyone felt the urge to drag her by her blue locks, but she was actually starting to realize that she was developing a fetish about it.

Bent over, the pink haired pixie dragged the mostly naked and exhausted woman down the hall to her apartment. With a shove in her back, Raven stumbled forward a few steps as Jinx locked the doors behind them. Raven turned to face the pink-haired sorceress and walked right into a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues wiggled together, both of Jinx’s hands holding the sides of the goth’s face as Raven embraced Jinx.

Breaking the kiss off, Jinx giggled and said, “yup, that tastes like Gizmo.” Raven blushed, but then suddenly she was pushed back and onto Jinx’s bed. “Guess what I found?” Jinx said, holding up Raven’s belt, the row of crimson jewels twinkling in the light, “let’s just say I have an idea about what to do with these…”

Jinx rolled Raven onto her stomach, and for a moment felt Jinx’s tongue on her pussy. Raven moaned, “wow, that feels nice.”

“Please, I’m just warming up,” Jinx laughed, “and by the way, I still totally taste Mammoth inside of you.”

Jinx leaned back in and ran her tongue over and in Raven’s tight asshole. On instinct, Raven grabbed onto the sheets and bit her lip. She was breathing heavy, her eyes closed as she felt the pixie’s tongue playing at her backdoor, then suddenly it stopped and Raven was left curious as to what might happen next.

Then she felt the touch of something cold against her anus. Raven flinched, and looked over her shoulder to see the first gem on her belt being pushed against her ass. The blue-haired girl gripped the bed sheets as she felt the jewel slip inside of her.

“Ah, that’s too big,” Raven groaned.

“No such thing,” responded the girl working on getting gem number two to go inside her slave.

Raven clenched her teeth and bunched the sheets in her hands as she felt the gem sliding into her, only slightly alleviated by the pleasure of having Jinx’s tongue against her pussy lips. The girls tongue flicked at her slit, tasting her and feeling the wetness on her agile pink muscle. Before she knew it, the second gem was inside her back entrance.

“Ohhhh, another one, quickly,” Raven groaned, starting to enjoy it.

“If you say so,” Jinx giggled, placing the third gem against the asshole, seeing the little tether between gems hanging out, but that was all that was visible. The witch listened to Raven’s heavy panting as she worked the red ornament into Raven’s already occupied rectum. She heard the grey-skinned

half-demon groan as her ass was packed tightly then finally she had the third gem inside of her. Jinx stood up and placed her hands on her hips as she stated, “didn’t really think you could fit three inside of you but I was wrong.”

Raven rolled back onto her back and watched as Jinx undressed. She unlaced the corset and threw it to the ground. Raven was shocked to see the large rack that Jinx had acquired since their last encounter, she honestly wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Jinx had used her probability-altering powers to change the likelihood she would grow a fantastic set of tits. Next, the pixie worked her shorts down over her stockings and boots to show off her perfectly shaved pussy, Raven noticed the piercing.

Displaying some measure of acrobatic skill, Jinx rolled into a cartwheel then landed on top of Raven with her pussy directly in Raven’s face. It took absolutely no detective skill to determine her desire, as Jinx literally sat on her face.

Raven’s petite nose was buried between Jinx’s perky buttocks, her tongue working feverishly into the pixie’s slit. She grabbed onto Jinx’s long slender legs for support as she licked, eating out the dominant woman’s cunt with great pleasure.

“You’re not so bad at that,” Jinx commented, “am I wrong to assume that you and Starfire have done the two-step once or twice or as often as possible.”

Raven stared up, but Jinx wasn’t facing her, instead all she got was a magnificent view of the woman’s grey-skinned ass.

“Come on, Raven. You’re not even trying your hardest! Lick my tight little asshole or something!”

Raven followed the instructions, her tongue entering Jinx’s backdoor, reminded of how her own felt with three of the gems on her belt wedged inside of her. Raven reached up and groped Jinx’s buttocks, squeezing the soft flesh with both hands as her tongue flicked like a snake inside the tight hole. It was a bit hard to breathe with Jinx on top of her, even more so with her leaning forward and fingering her pussy, but as she tongued Jinx’s anus, she was still moaning affectionately.

Then without warning, Jinx hopped off and turned around wrapping her fingers around Raven’s throat, “you little slut, all the times you tried to have us put in jail. Did you really think we weren’t going to find a way to get back at your little team of losers?” Raven tried to inhale, but Jinx was squeezing tight… it made her so wet she was about ready to cum again. Jinx continued, “by the time we’re done with you, you’re not going to be anything but a cum-hungry little slut. In my opinion, it actually won’t take all that long!”

Raven was forced to eat Jinx’s pussy for nearly an hour, the girl going back to sitting on her face, fingering Raven the whole time until they both saw a climax.

As she panted, Raven heard Jinx say, “now you better get up and get out, I think Mammoth is ready for another go at you.”

Raven was shocked to hear it since she was completely exhausted, but nevertheless she rolled to her feet and shuffled slowly out of the room with the last few gems on her belt still hanging out of her ass….


2 – Just Another Day

Raven’s first night had been an eventful one. After she finished with Jinx, Mammoth was ready for another round. She was shocked with his endurance, since he was capable of fucking her for another hour even after the first encounter. After he painted her face white with his seed, she had another go with Gizmo and then Jinx before the team decided to call it a night, which of course meant they had to lock Raven in another of Gizmo’s machines, which ended up fucking her in every hole for the rest of the night. Despite the extreme pleasure, she was able to get a full eight hours of sleep.

“Wakey, wakey,” Jinx said, shaking Raven awake as she turned off Gizmo’s fucking-machine. Jinx handed Raven her blue cloak to throw on, but nothing to put on underneath of it.

Raven was surprised that she wasn’t immediately forced into eating the pixie out. Instead, Jinx led Raven to the kitchen where she invited her new roommate to make herself some breakfast. Worried it might be some sort of trick, Raven was hesitant to start fixing herself some food. Her apprehension was well deserved as while she was waiting for the toaster to pop, Gizmo came up behind her and hiked up her cloak. Raven was bent over the kitchen counter and fucked by the young genius.

“Nothing like getting an early start, right?” Gizmo asked, “it’s nice to get the day started on the right foot.”

Raven gripped the edge of the counter, moaning as she felt Gizmo’s hips smacking against her rump. Inside the cupboards she could hear the dishes rattling as they shook the walls.

Mammoth invited her to watch TV with him, but the only available seat was on his lap with his cock up her ass. After that, Jinx sat on her face as she put on make-up in the mirror. Then she had to suck Gizmo’s cock while he worked on his next gadget. Then it was back to fucking Mammoth as he worked out, she rode him like a cowgirl while he went through his reps on the bench press. By the end they were both feeling the burn.

Then at some point, Gizmo walked in on Raven and Jinx in the shower and said, “what the hell is this?”

Jinx and Raven looked over at him, the pixie answered, “uh, I have Raven fucking me with a strap-on, what of it?”

Gizmo scoffed, “I don’t care about that. What’s this?” Gizmo held up a clipboard with a piece of paper on it. Gizmo explained that it was a sign-up sheet to spend a little time with their new whore, Raven and someone had filled in absolutely every single slot. His name was Billy Numerous.

“Is there a problem?” Billy asked walking into the room.

“You guys both know this is the shower room, right? Did anyone notice that the shower is in use?” Jinx asked, Raven not stopping as she pumped her hips back and forth, driving the thick, rubber cock deep inside the incredibly thin girl’s cunt.

“Ah whatever, we’ve all seen it before,” Gizmo replied dismissively.

“I haven’t,” Billy Numerous snapped, “sure I’ve fucked Jinx ten ways from Sunday, but I haven’t done nothing with Raven yet.”

“Well, just wait for me to be done,” Jinx said. Billy watched as Raven went to town, one of her hands holding the shower head set on MASSAGE and spraying it directly on Jinx’s clit. In no time, Jinx’s fingers were scratching at the tile wall. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, “OH FUCK! FUCK ME, YOU GOTH HERO CUNT!”


next room.

Jinx let out one last scream as she orgasmed, then immediately Raven had to remove the strap-on and threw it on the ground. She walked up to Billy who immediately grabbed her by the hair and started pulling her towards his room. Raven wondered if this was just the way he was or if the villains were starting to figure out she just liked having her hair pulled.

“Bullshit, I tell ya,” Billy commented, in his thick, southern accent, “they go out and they get a little slut and they don’t even call me. I have to find out when I walk in the front door and see Mammoth fucking you on the couch. It ain’t fair.”

“Well, maybe we should make up for lost time,” Raven suggested.

Billy threw Raven forward, she hit the ground and smiled up at Billy as removed his jumpsuit while at the same time he was forming copies of himself. As far as Raven was concerned, the more, the merrier.

The duplicating villain soon had a room full of himself with Raven in the middle. She licked her lips excitedly. It already seemed like ages ago that she was so insecure, so reserved, but in reality, that was less than twenty-four hours ago.

“Oh jeez, where do I even begin?” Raven wondered aloud. In unison, each Billy Numerous took a step forward until the Titan was caged in with cock. Raven smirked as she leaned forward and got started on the first dick.

The blue-haired sorceress wasted no time shoving the full length down her throat. Her petite nose rubbing against the villain’s waistline as slipped every inch of his long dick down her throat. Billy’s hands went through her hair, pulling on it as he relished the tightness of the young woman’s throat.

“Shoot, she’s damn near a pro!” Billy commented, with a firm hold on her hair he started yanking her head up only to jam it back down his length to fuck the little slave’s mouth. The numerous Billy clones throughout the room reached down and squeezed the girl’s soft, grey skin of her tits and ass. She felt them slap her rump, leaving a red hand print on her right buttock and bringing forth a loud squeal from the girl as she deepthroated one of the Billy’s cocks.

Raven took a rod in each hand, her soft hands rubbing up and down the length of their shafts as she

was forced to ram a head down her throat repeatedly. The half-demon was a busy girl, dividing the time she spent sucking on the long cocks of each Billy. Her lips were firmly around the thick pipe as she allowed the clone to stuff it down her throat. The girl had no idea which one was the real Billy, but she didn’t care because each cock tasted and felt just as real as any one she’d ever felt before.

“MM-MM!” Raven moaned, feeding a cock into her throat while one of the Billy’s opted to slip a finger or two inside her wet pussy.

“Don’t think we’ve ever met a gal so willing to take on a group of us,” Billy explained to his brethren as Raven pulled back with a deep breath, her eyes scanning for the next cock that looked enticing enough for her to suck. A hand copped a feel of one of her tits, groping the flesh pleasurably, Raven looked at the owner of the hand and gave him a smile as she leaned over to beginning sucking on his member, her hands still busily pumping on a pair of cocks.

Her lips pressed down on the shaft, starting to suck as her tongue rubbed along the underside of the shaft, closing her eyes to better focus on the task at hand. Raven, who had spent so much of her life trying to keep her emotions in check to prevent her father from taking hold of her, couldn’t believe how good it felt to cut loose and give in to her pleasure. If the Titans broke down the door to take her back, if they found someone to break the spell, she wasn’t even sure she’d still go with them.

She sucked and slurped, letting her mouth be fucked by whichever Billy volunteered his rod to her. She felt a tug on her hair pulling her backward. Leaning back, and tilting her head to look up, Raven grabbed a hold of both thighs of one Billy and began letting him fuck her mouth. The position pushed out her chest, a myriad of hands lashing out to grope and squeeze, they pinched her nipples and twisted them, delighted at the girl’s squeals when they weren’t interrupted by a smack of her lips or a slurp of saliva.

A pair of hands were wrapped around her throat to prevent the girl from falling backwards as her head bobbed up and down, the Billy standing above her seeing only the sorceress’ little petite chin dashing back and forth as the tightness of her throat caressed his cock, his hips pumping ever so slightly for just a little bit of added depth.

Raven eventually needed air. Saliva spilled from her lips as she slid the cock out of her mouth and gasped for air. She looked around as her spit dribbled onto her tits, she smiled and asked, “who’s next?”

A hand grabbed onto the back of her neck and pulled her towards him, her mouth open wide to accept his rod into her throat. Her tongue wiggling furiously to pleasure the man. Her forehead was jammed against his stomach as all of his cock disappeared down her throat. Her lips writhed, feeling Billy Numerous’ testicles against her chin and cheeks as one of the Billy clones crouched down and began petting her between the legs.

“Hot dog, this one is wetter than a reservoir,” said the clone, “she’s just about prime for a fucking!”

Raven couldn’t move her head too much, she couldn’t really speak either, but she was still able to mumble something incoherently while nodding her head even the slightest bit. At her signal, the Billy took his hands off her head and Raven was released off of his cock. The grey-skinned beauty gasped as even more saliva spilled down her chin.

Billy didn’t have much furniture since he wasn’t ever really at home much, do to his busy work ethic and his tendency to wind up in jail. So rather than a bed, he had a pull-out couch, still in couch mode. Raven was lied down length ways, her head in the lap of one Billy while one kneeled on the cushion at her other end.

Raven’s head thrashed up and down a thick cock spearing down her throat rapidly as she focused on the feeling of a cock entering her pussy. Billy’s hands gripped her juicy buttocks as he started to fuck her, slowly at first but in no time he was ramming her as hard as he could and as fast as he could.

The girl’s left hand was wrapped around the shaft of the Billy who had his cock in her mouth, while her other hand reached out to grab the nearest cock to jerk it off. She wondered if the Billy copies would cum separately or if because they were all just duplicates they would avalanche her in cum at the same time. Raven couldn’t determine which idea got her hornier.

Still jerking both cocks and being fucked, Raven leaned off the couch to find another dick with her eager mouth. Every time her mouth was left vacant her moans were loud and fevered, she had never shown this much emotion in her life. She loved getting fucked as hard as she could, there was no way Cyborg or Beast Boy or even Nightwing that one time, would ever abuse her like this, they respected her too much, they didn’t want to see her degraded. However, with the HIVE, her degradation was the

end-game and Raven was willing to play.

All the things she’d learned so recently, she loved getting her hair pulled, she loved being choked, she loved getting smacked and abused, she loved getting her throat fucked and even more than all that she loved getting fucked in the ass.

To get all of the Billy clones off of her, Raven had to use just a little bit of her magic ability, Billy was confused, but he started to understand when she lied one of him down on the couch and rested on top of him, his big cock slipping inside her wet pussy.

As she bounced up and down, Raven ordered breathlessly, “fuck my ass… somebody fuck my tight little asshole…”

“Hell, the lady knows what she wants,” one of the Billy Numerous duplicates commented as he stepped forward and grabbed her hips to hold her steady as the head of his cock pushed against her asshole.

“Oh yeah…” Raven groaned, her sexy voice making the duplicates swoon. She let out a yelp as Billy surged forward, his dick thrusting deep inside her, but before the question could arise of whether the yelp was a positive or negative reaction, Raven started rocking back and forth enthusiastically.

“Whoo boy,” Billy shouted, “this gal could win the grand prize on the mechanical bull at ANY state fair!”

Raven had to admit the southern-drawl bullshit was starting to get on her nerves, but she wasn’t about to say anything on the off chance they would get offended and stop fucking her. Her only course of action was to fuck them so well that they were speechless. Raven had a good feeling that it was possible.

So there she was with a cock in each hand and in every hole, her grey skin glistening with sweat, at

some points it was still red from being slapped. Her blue hair clung to her skin, a wild mess from being pulled so often. The Billy below her who was thrusting his cock up into her tight pussy was also having the time of his life playing with the tits bouncing in his face, his lips wrapped around one of her nipples to suck on while also flicking the teat with his tongue.

The room was filled with the sounds of skin slapping against skin, Billy’s southern euphemisms and the cacophony of squeals and moans coming from Raven’s mouth muffled only by whichever cock she was currently sucking. Raven was a bit worried the noise might be too much for Mammoth’s video game experience, but she’d just need to make it up to him later.

Raven was in such heat that she sounded almost like she was growling, grinding relentlessly between the two muscular duplicates of Billy Numerous as they pounded her as hard as they could manage.

Raven sucked on the cock in her mouth with reckless abandon, cramming the length down her throat just as she felt it start to swell against her tongue. The sorceress looked up at the Billy as he clenched his jaw before firing his load off directly down her throat. The girl gagged but was able to keep the load down with only a little bit of trouble.

Another Billy quickly took that one’s place as he faded out of existence. With the taste of cum still on

her tongue she had another cock in her mouth, fucking her mouth as hard as she could withstand. When one of the duplicates came inside her, two more took his place, with a dick up her ass, and two in her cunt, Raven could see she was being pushed to her limits.

“OH FUCK!” Raven screamed, removing the cock from her mouth for a brief moment, “that feels so fucking GOOD! FUCK ME HARDER!”

Raven got her wish, her body subjected to all it could take, which thanks to her half-demon ancestry turned out to be quite a lot. Fucked for hours in every imaginable way the Billys could think of. At one point Raven could even swear she was doing a handstand with a dick in her mouth and a cock driving downward into her ass, but she might have just imagined that.

She came many times, but not nearly as many as Billy. He filled her up in every hole, her stomach was crammed to capacity and she could feel the fluids dripping out of her holes and down her legs. By the time she was done, Raven was exhausted, having finished every Billy in the room. Her body covered in cum as she received a bukkake from the remaining ten or so that hadn’t cum in her mouth or ass. She licked her lips tasting the salty fluid and feeling it run down the contours of her body.

“Shoot, that has to be the finest fucking I’ve had me in a looong time,” Billy Numerous exclaimed, the last of his clones merging back together with him, “I have to say, I think we should do this every day!”

“You promise?” Raven groaned, unable to climb off the floor. She didn’t hear Billy answer, primarily due to the fact that she swiftly fell asleep. Then a little time after, she was stirred awake by a sudden intruder into the room.

“Wow, reminds me of the last time I let Billy fuck me,” said the distinctive female voice from the doorway.

Summoning nearly all of her leftover strength, Raven raised her head to see over her tits that Jinx was

standing there, watching her.

“You look like you could use a shower,” Jinx offered, helping Raven to her feet. The girl remembering what had happened during their earlier adventure in the shower room, but this time it was going to be different, this time Jinx was wearing the strap-on.

As they left the room, Raven could have sworn that just for half a second she could see a single eye outside the window. She was too tired to think about it though, she needed to focus on the task at hand.

Raven turned on the nozzle and felt the hot water raining down on her cum-soaked skin just as she felt the strap-on slipping into her pussy.


3 – The Turnover

It was early in the morning, Raven rolled out of bed and had to get to work. She threw on her cloak over her naked body and went about combing her hair. She tried to make herself look as hot as possible first thing in the morning, because it wouldn’t be too long before her hair was mussed and mangled by being pulled, her eye-shadow would run down her cheeks carried by her tears from choking, her black lipstick would be smeared from having a dick thrust between them for extended periods of time and it wouldn’t be long before her skin was covered in cum.

Raven was the first one awake as usual. It had been several weeks since she’d ‘moved in’ with the HIVE and was making the best of it, the sex was no longer at all done out of obligation. She wasn’t even sure if Jinx’s spell was still in effect, she could probably head back to Titans Tower at any time, but instead she decided to get started on morning blowjobs…

The goth girl was the only one who kept her alarm set anymore after they realized Raven would shut them off and wake them up in her own special way.

Quietly, she crept into Mammoth’s room and pulled back his sheets, she licked her lips as she set to work. The massive villain didn’t stir but his cock immediately began to get stiff in her mouth. Raven sucked happily on the cock as her hand stroked the thick shaft. She could still hear the growling sound of his snores filling the room, but Raven liked it since it let her know when she wasn’t working hard enough.

By the time she got Mammoth’s cock fully hard she was ready to push a little further. Raven pushed her head down until the villain’s cock slid into her throat, the tightness of her throat finally waking the giant from his slumber.

The snores ceased and Mammoth groaned, “good morning. I don’t suppose you’re going to finish the job this morning?”

“Nope, this is just your wake-up call,” Raven explained turning to leave the room, but before she did, she flashed Mammoth her ass and said, “meet me in the kitchen after I wake everyone else up.”

“Yeah…” Mammoth said, still half-asleep.

It was dark in the HIVE’s hideout, she didn’t even notice the figure standing at the end of the hall as she walked in to Gizmo’s room to give him his wake-up call. It was all part of their morning routine, it was almost as if it was Raven calling the shots by this point.

After the blowjobs, she would meet them in the kitchen, as Gizmo’s machines cooked breakfast, Raven would fuck the genius, the giant and the pixie as well as the fourth member of the HIVE Five, See-More. After they had all cum, Raven would get to work on the fifth member, Billy Numerous. By the time Billy had finished with her, the other members of the HIVE were just getting horny again so it was there that

they all began to jostle for position and call dibs on who the next one to fuck her would be. Then the morning routine fell to chaos and everyone would lay claim to Raven whenever they wished.

She was halfway through giving See-More a titjob before she heard a roar and then a loud thud against the wall. See-More snapped awake and ran out of the room. Raven followed shortly and was shocked by the sight in their living room.

Slade had his arms folded, “Raven, come with me or I will be forced to hurt these people.” “Fat chance, old man!” Gizmo yelled, lashing out with his mechanical spider arms.

“As you wish,” Slade said, sidestepping the attack as if Gizmo were moving in slow motion. He grabbed an object from his belt and tossed it to the young genius. On instinct, Gizmo caught it and had a full three seconds to stare at it before he realized it was an EMP grenade. The bomb exploded and crippled every electronic device in a mile radius.

Mammoth had recovered from being thrown into the wall and lunged at the criminal mastermind. Slade countered with a kick in the giant’s stomach, crippling his abs and causing him to double over in pain. While he was weakened, Slade grabbed his head with both hands and kneed him the face, Mammoth went down and was out.

“Son of a bitch!” See-more yelled, letting loose an optic blast. Slade ducked under and lunged forward, his foot left the ground, the toe rising until it struck under See-more’s chin. His blast went wide and dislodged a chunk of the ceiling on top Billy Numerous before he had a chance to create any copies of himself.

Jinx raised her hands, about to call forth her magic powers, but Slade was too quick. He grabbed a plate off of the counter and flung it across the room so it struck Jinx in the temple. While she was dazed, Slade closed the distance and finished her with a haymaker.

“AZARATH! METRION! ZINTHOS!” Raven yelled, using her powers offensively for the first time in weeks. Her tendrils of demon power whipped forward and struck Slade, he didn’t even flinch. Her black vine didn’t even make a scratch.

Slade’s singular eye locked on her as he said with the utmost calm, “Raven, Raven, Raven, I’m disappointed.”

“How did my powers not even affect you?” Raven asked, suddenly wishing she wasn’t completely naked under her cloak.

“Did you honestly think that after all the grief your father put me through that I wouldn’t find a way to neutralize demonic sorcery?” Slade asked, “and that I wouldn’t come looking for revenge?”

“My father is dead,” Raven responded, “there is no revenge to have.”

A few years back, Slade had become a pawn in Trigon’s plan for a resurrection. When Raven’s father eventually stabbed him in the back, Slade was left spurred and angry, a dangerous thing for the most

dangerous man in the world.

“I’m aware, Raven, that’s why I’m here,” Slade answered, “you’re going to take his place. If your father is watching from some awful place, I’d like to think that he’d be offended to see me owning his daughter and killer as my own personal slave.”

“Like I’d ever do that,” Raven sneered.

“Yes because sexual servitude is something you’d never subject yourself to,” Slade said with a bit of humour present in his level and calm voice, “then there’s also the matter of this,” Slade held up a small stone, “this allows me to shift the power of Jinx’s spell from herself to me. You belong to me now.”

Slade sprung forward and wrapped his arms around her, together they disappeared in a puff of smoke to find themselves in Slade’s hideout, the grinding of mechanical gears ticking way like the hands of a clock.

“There, now we have some privacy,” Slade announced, “now get to work, Raven.” “Doing what?”

“What do you think?” Slade said as he unbuckled his pants. There was a metallic clank as the heavy steel armour hit the ground. When Raven hesitated, Slade grabbed her by the hair and said in a menacing tone, “you do not have a choice here, Raven, and you cannot act like this is not what you are itching to do.”

Raven bit her lip and looked at her new Master in the eye before lowering herself down to her knees. She sighed and said, “if you say so, boss.”

“I’d prefer it if you call me ‘Master’ from this point forward,” Slade informed, as he felt Raven’s hand wrap around his hard cock and slowly began to stroke. With his right hand, he pushed her hood back to reveal her short blue hair and placed his hand on the back of her head, pulling her face towards his cock. Slade felt a sense of satisfaction as a former enemy bent to his will, her soft lips wrapping around his thick cock and beginning to suck.

Raven pulled the dick from her mouth and licked the head, then ran her tongue from the base all the way to the tip. She closed her eyes as she got into the swing of things. After all these years, she never would have expected Slade to have such a big unit on him, he was only a little shy of Mammoth’s size.

The blue-haired girl looked up at Slade and said, “to be honest, I don’t think you’re punishing me for the sins of my father. I think you just want to fuck me, Master.”

“Think whatever you will,” Slade said, pushing the girl’s mouth back around his cock, “but you will do as I say.”

Raven’s head bobbed back and forth, her lips smacking and popping as she sucked the cock with all of her newly acquired experience. Her hand gripped the base firmly, her thumb shifting from side to side to

rub his sack. Raven moaned contently as she started to take more and more of Slade’s cock into her mouth with each bob of her head.

Her hair swayed ever so slightly from the momentum, her voice carrying a high-pitched moan as she continued to suck, whatever protests she’d been giving up to that point were done and now Raven was back to her cock-loving self.

“You enjoy pleasing me, don’t you, Raven?” Slade asked, in a near condescending tone that made Raven hotter in some way, “you enjoy being reduced to your simplest terms: A whore with only one goal and no other headaches to worry yourself with.”

Raven thought about it for a moment, then responded with a mumbled, “mm-hm.”

Slade pushed her head down his length until every inch of his cock was in her mouth and down her throat. Her lips writhed around the base of his dick, her agile, pink tongue extending past her black lips to tantalize Slade’s unit.

“Gkk,” Raven grunted, choking on Slade’s cock, trying to breath in through her nose, she pinched her eyes tight, as she focused on holding her breath in as long as possible. Tears accrued in her eyes as she gagged on his long prick, not even realizing that one of her hands was rubbing herself between her legs, she didn’t even know how horny she was at the moment. She’d come a long way from being the quiet, stoic Titan, she never would have guessed that someday she’d end up as Slade’s fucktoy.

Slade reached down and unclasped Raven’s pin, her cloak falling off of her shoulders to reveal her toned, sexy body with its soft grey skin completed with a set of large, perky tits and a round accompanied by a shaved and at the moment wet pussy.

The villain removed his cock from his new slave’s mouth and slapped it against her cheeks, Raven closed her eyes and pursed her lips, feeling the heavy thwack against her mouth. She mused at how even his cock could be used as a weapon and a smile crept across her lips.

Shortly after, Slade was back to inserting his dick into her mouth, this time choosing to fuck her mouth as hard as he desired. He slammed her head back and forth, ramming his prick down her throat as he listened to her grunt and glurk, the head of his cock wedging tightly in her esophagus. Saliva dripped down her chin as it was displaced by the thick cock stabbing into her mouth over and over.

Slade eventually gave up fucking her mouth and by the hair, just the way Raven liked it, he dragged her towards his self-made throne. Seated on the stone chair, he pulled Raven onto his lap. The young woman kneeled on the chair, her legs spread as she lowered herself down. Her hand around his cock, she pointed it up and slipped the tip between her moist pussy lips.

“Ohhhh,” Raven moaned, closing her eyes as she felt the big cock wedging tightly inside of her. Her cunt constricted around the dick in such a way that she felt every detail of the big meat inside of her, from the bulbous head, to the smooth shaft until she could feel the criminal’s testicles pressed against her crotch on the outside.

Still armoured from the waist up, Raven gave up any hopes of having her tits sucked as she started to

bounce up and down. Slade’s hands gripped her hips, strongly maneuvering her up and down the length of his cock as he listened to his concubine start to moan and even at times squeal. Her rump shook as she started to bounce up and down, shaking with momentum and impact every time she sat down on Slade’s large dick.

Seeing his solo eye on her tits as the bounced wildly, Raven moved one of her hands from her grip on the backrest to grab hold of her tit and squeeze the nipple. She let out a soft, “ohhh,” as she did. Slade gave her ass a slap as she fucked him as hard as she could, disconcerted by how much more she seemed to be enjoying herself than Slade did. She worried what would happen to her if Slade wasn’t pleased by the end of the encounter.

He had the hands of a killer, but as they caressed her sides and her ass, Raven felt chills run up her spine in a good way. Her skin was smooth and soft, warm under his hands as she cried out in pleasure. Slade’s hips thrust upwards, impaling the young woman with his cock, driving it deep inside of her so that she could feel it and all the power that Slade had to offer. While Raven grunted and moaned, exerting herself at her maximum to fuck her new Master as hard as she could, he offered up nothing but an unblinking stare and a skilled pounding that Raven so much desired.

Lifting her up as if she weighed nothing, Slade stood up from his throne and placed Raven down in his place. Slumped down so that only her head was against the backrest, Raven spread her legs wide and placed one over Slade’s shoulder as he resumed fucking her, this time taking the lead and unleashing all of his skill, determination and power onto her. Raven squealed with joy as she was fucked more aggressively than any of the HIVE could ever hope to achieve, the way he rammed her was with a animalistic fierceness that not even Beast Boy and his stable of shape-changes could ever match.

Slade’s hand close around her throat, causing Raven’s eyes to open wide as her air was cut off, her fingertips rubbing so hard on her button that she didn’t even think to defend herself. Her grey skin turned red as he cut off her air supply, she licked her lips as she struggled to breath unable to even make a moan as his thumb was pressed against her throat. Time nearly stood still, with the only exception being the rapid thrusting of a big, hard cock inside her tight, wet pussy. She looked up at the emotionless black and orange mask as Slade looked down at her until finally his hand loosened and Raven gasped loudly to refill her lungs.

She felt a hard slap on her cheek as Slade continued to abuse his new toy, fucking her as hard as she could take and maybe just a little more. Her tits bounced up and down from impact, his hard thrust sending shockwaves along her skin that made her tingle, her legs seemingly going numb from the intense pleasure, but still she felt her toes curl as every muscle went taught and she felt herself about to explode.

“OH!” Raven whimpered, “oh fuck, oh fuck! I’m going to cum!”

“Before me?” Slade asked, his voice still just as level, showing no signs of stress or even weariness as he continued to pound her at full tilt.

Raven’s fingertips rubbed furiously at her clit as the whole world went blurry and she screamed loudly as her juices began to flow and spurt. Her body quickly going slack as the last of her energy was burned

off by the climax.

Nevertheless, as if she were being steered by something other than her own thoughts, as soon as Slade pulled out of her cunt, dripping with her juices, Raven somehow found herself sliding out of the throne onto her knees before her Master. Before her mind caught up with her body, she had his dick back in her mouth, sucking avidly. Her tongue tasted herself on the shaft, her lips sealed tightly around the shaft as she still panted heavily, her tits rising up and down as she tried to slow down her heart.

Her hand stroked the rod feverishly, as she moaned and took it deep into her throat until she could feel it swell up and prepare to blow. She whipped her hair back and opened her mouth, feeling Slade’s seed spurt all over her lips and cheeks, painting her grey skin white as she continued to pant heavily. She felt the wet slap continued against her tongue and skin until finally Slade was spent and her face was covered in white, dripping cum.

Slade retrieved the bottom half of his armour and left the girl standing there breathless and licking her lips.

“Go clean yourself up, Raven, and return to me when you are ready to go again,” Slade instructed, “do not keep me waiting long.”

Raven rose from her position and went in search of a sink or bathroom or anything, wiping the cum off with her fingers in the meantime. She hoped she would have her energy back in time for the next Slade chose to fuck her, but at the current moment she was completely beat.

Weeks went by, Slade came and went off to do whatever it was he liked to do when he off to conduct business. Then one day he returned with Starfire in tow, claiming the Titans were finished, Starfire serving the position with Robin that Raven was taking for Trigon.

“Raven, how glorious you are here,” Starfire said, her voice oozing with hope, “now we can make a plan to escape.”

Raven smiled and said, “alright, I have one. I suck his cock while you eat my pussy, then we switch.”


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