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Chapter: 1
Everything belongs to JKR. I own nothing.

Harry entered the Room of Requirement to find there not only Fleur but also her sister Gabrielle, both of them scantily clad in silver underwear. He looked at them astounded. He’d expected to meet Fleur, his girlfriend here, but not her sister who was over visiting from France through an exchange program. Fleur motioned him over to the bed. “You, know, ‘arry, good sisters share.”

With that she stood up and began kissing him while Gabrielle reached around him from behind and began taking his pants of. Her breasts were pressing against his back and he could feel the hard nipples through the thin fabric.

Fleur broke the kiss to pull Harry’s shirt off, before she started kissing her sister passionately. Harry had never seen anything that hot before. He watched as they ran their hands over each other’s bodies, their tongues wrestling. He felt himself growing hard and reached around Fleur to massage her breasts, running his fingers over them before twisting her nipples slowly.

She groaned into Gabrielle’s mouth who became wet at hearing her sister groan like this and pushed the three of them onto the bed. She was quite strong for such a small person.

Fleur got onto her hands and knees while her sister lay down above her and slowly ran her finger over Fleur’s clit. A moment later Gabrielle pulled Fleur’s soaked panties off with her teeth, biting the flesh lightly from time to time. The older girl moaned. Her sister drew small circles with her tongue around Fleur’s pussy, using her other hand to remove her own knickers and finger herself.

Harry couldn’t take it anymore, pulled of his boxers and pushed his cock into his girlfriend’s warm and opened mouth. She enveloped his cock, running her tongue along it before she began sucking him, taking more and more of his length into her. He pushed forward somewhat roughly and felt himself hitting the end of her throat, making her gag slightly.

Gabrielle removed her fingers from her pussy and slipped them into Fleur’s wetness, moving her tongue to her sister’s ass, running it around the puckered hole.

Fleur started moaning uncontrollably. Harry used his hands to massage her breasts, pinching the nipples hard. She groaned against him, her body jerking upwards. He moved his cock in her mouth, pushing it to the end of her throat once again.

A moment later Gabrielle moved her tongue upwards again and used it on Fleur’s clit, while moving her finger inside her sister’s pussy, which made Fleur shout out before coming herself, spilling her juices over Gabrielle’s face and pushing towards her sister.

Fleur collapsed onto the bed while Gabrielle moved over and started snogging Harry, Fleur’s juices still on her face. Harry could taste his girlfriend in her sister’s mouth. “Fuck me, ‘Arry. I want to feel your long, hard dick in my tight, dirty little pussy. It’s all wet. Can you feel it?” she whispered.

He pulled her upwards, her body pressing against his and took one of her breasts into his mouth, biting it softly. She jerked against him, grinding her hips. He positioned himself at her entrance, entering her quickly and easily. She was so wet, tight and clenching around him.

“So tight, oh good so good, so wet”, he groaned, all the time moving faster and faster in her, his mouth still busy sucking her tits. He thrust deep into her while her hand reached down to caress his balls. The action encouraged him to thrust even deeper into her and she moaned against him.

Fleur had recovered from her incredible orgasm and didn’t want to be left out any longer. She moved towards the others and started kissing Gabrielle. Harry pushed Gabrielle so that she was lying flat on her back while he was still pushing his cock deep into her and then made Fleur kneel above her, her pussy above her sister.

He moved forward to shove a finger into her, using his tongue to stimulate her clit. Under him Gabrielle was squirming like crazy while he was fucking her fast. He put a second finger into Fleur, biting on her clit softly, causing her to gasp in pain and pleasure. The Gabrielle took over from him there and he instead began running his tongue slowly around Fleur’s breasts, carefully avoiding the hard nipples. She pushed forwards in frustration, nearly begging for more contact. He finally gave in, tacking her left nipple into his mouth and sucking hard, at the same time pushing a third finger inside her. The stimulation, increased due to Gabrielle’s mouth still on her clit turned out to be too much and moments later she climaxed for the second time that evening.

Tasting her sister’s juices which were dropping down onto her face was too much for Gabrielle and she came as well, clenching her muscles around Harry’s cock and jerking upwards, against him. Her breasts were jiggling around wildly. Her movements drove him over the edge as well, making them all orgasm nearly at the same time.

After a while they fell onto the bed, but when Harry looked at then two naked, sweating girls next to him, his cock immediately became hard again. Since he hadn’t fucked Fleur yet, he decided to do just that.

He rolled onto her, spreading her legs. Fleur had just been ready to go to sleep; exhausted from a pleasurable evening, but when she saw Harry’s expression she became aroused again. She started kissing Harry when she felt Gabrielle placing her pussy on Fleur’s breasts.

She became very, very wet when she heard Gabrielle talking. “You know what sister, ‘arry and I are going to fuck you now. Can you feel him back there, taking his long, thick cook and pushing it into your tight pussy? You’re so wet”, she said, lightly moving a finger to trace it around Fleur’s clit. She moved her finger up again, placing it in Fleur’s mouth. “There, do you taste it? Do you taste yourself on my finger? Can you taste your juices?”

Fleur groaned. This was driving her crazy. Harry was fucking her while Gabrielle was talking dirty. “And now, while ‘arry pushes his dick inside you, I’m going to fuck your tits.”

With these words she did just that, humping her sister’s chest and spilling her juices over Fleur. It took only minutes for Fleur to come again, clenching her cunt around Harry’s cock, which made him spill into her as well. Gabrielle continued titty-fucking her sister until she climaxed as well, rolling off her sister. They fell asleep quickly after that, Harry lying between the two girls.

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Chapter: 2

Disclaimer: All is JKR’s. I’m only borrowing her characters.

Harry awoke to the feeling of his erect cock pressing against Fleur’s ass. She seemed to still be asleep, but was nevertheless very wet. He heard her mumbling quietly and the moaning. It seemed to be quite a dream she was having. He parted her legs slightly before sliding into her. The feeling of fullness awoke her and she moaned, before tilting her head towards Harry: “Well, what are you waiting for?”

His cock became even harder at her words and he started thrusting into her immediately. Her sister’s moans woke Gabrielle up, who was treated with the sight of Fleur, spooned against Harry who was pumping into her from behind. His hands were on her sister’s breasts, fondling them. Harry gave a low growl which aroused her further. She moved over, hovering slightly above them before lying down next to her sister.

She pressed her body against Fleur, kissing the other urgently. Harry looked at them, deciding he had seen very little more erotic in his life. The girl’s boobs were pressing together, while Gabrielle was using one hand to finger herself, and the other one was groping Fleur’s large breasts.

Gabrielle broke away from the kiss, moving down to the older’s breasts. She bit down on Fleur’s left, causing Fleur to cry out in both pain and pleasure. Then, she took her sister’s nipple into her mouth and started sucking on it. Fleur arched her back against her. Gabrielle removed the hand she had been using to finger herself.

She broke away from Fleur’s breast for a moment and she saw that Harry was watching her while still fucking Fleur; she held her hand in front of him. He watched entranced as the juices were running down to her arm. Gabrielle pressed herself tightly against Fleur’s pussy and when she could feel Harry thrusting harder she moved her hand up to her sister’s breast, massaging her juices onto it softly before beginning to suck again and taste herself on her the other’s tits.

The feeling of Gabrielle sucking while Harry was thrusting his cock into her was too much for Fleur and brought her over the edge. While she came Harry pulled out of her, moving between the girls again.

With a sudden movement he threw Gabrielle onto her stomach. He ran his hand over her back, before he took her buttocks into his hand, groping them. He ran his finger along her cunt and when it had become wet, he slowly moved it towards her asshole. He ran his finger around it before, pushing into her.

She cried out in pleasure and shock. Harry stretched her before removing his finger and thrusting his dick into her. He was very large and pain overwhelmed her for a moment, before she adjusted to him. When the pleasure took over, she thrust her hips upwards. Harry used this as a cue to move, and began pumping in and out of her.

Fleur had collapsed onto the bed after her mind-blowing orgasm. She was too tired to move, and thought back to how it had all come this way. Last year, during his sixth year, Harry had defeated the Dark Lord. She’d come as DADA teacher to Hogwarts this year and had been surprised to see that the little boy had become a very, very handsome guys with girls throwing themselves at him- and he was no novice either.

She’d attempted to seduce him, and you could say she’d been successful, but nevertheless he’d noticed her intentions right away. Well, it had been worth it. They were going out now, and he never even needed to use her Veela powers. She was glad about that- that he was attracted to her because of who she was, not what she was.

They had to keep it all a secret of course. She was his teacher after all.

She looked over at the others. Harry was still pumping into Gabrielle, one of his hands pushing into her cunt, the other groping her ass. Fleur’s sister had arrived two days ago as a transfer student for sixth year and Fleur had invited her to join them. The sisters had shared lovers before.

Harry pushed onto Gabrielle’s clit, which made her come. She clenched around him, making him come into her ass. They fell onto the bad, exhausted. Fleur smiled at her two lovers. “We should get up, you know. People might wonder.”

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Chapter: 3

Everything belongs to JKR

“Miss Delacour.”

“Yes, Professor McGonogall.”

“I wanted to talk to you about something Professor Snape told me. He said you were performing far above standards in potions and so that you would not disturb his class because you were bored- that’s a quote- he’d suggest moving you into the higher class. Would you be willing to do so?”

Gabrielle smiled and nodded. “Of course. Thank you for telling me, Professor.”

She checked her watch and quickly deduced that she would probably be late to potions class, what with her changed schedule, if she didn’t hurry now. And Professor Snape would not look at that kindly. She came just in time, quickly skirting into the last empty seat at the back of the class. It was only when heard his greeting that she saw that it was directly next to Harry. Her face flushed slightly as the memories of the last days rushed over her and threatened to overwhelm her.

She saw the Potions Master enter and bit down hard on her lip to push all those thoughts out of her mind. She turned towards Snape who immediately began his lecture on Felix Felicis when she suddenly felt a hand on her thigh, pushing aside her robes. She gasped softly a moment later when she felt Harry vanish her skirt and knickers with a flick of his fingers.

He found her wet and smirked. “Well, there, has someone been thinking naughty thoughts?” his hand encircled her clit to press down a moment later and she gasped in pleasure and affirmation. His next movement surprised her completely. He removed his hand from her pussy and reached for his wand, making several quick circling motions.

The next moment, she felt him spin her around towards him and pull her onto his lap, kissing her passionately. His tongue was running along her lips, his teeth biting down softly from time to time while his hands were busy unfastening the buttons of her school uniform blouse and pushing it back until she was wearing nothing but the green-silver Slytherin tie. She pulled back from the kiss hesitantly. “Harry! Everyone can see us!”

He shook his head “Nuuh. They can’t- that’s the beauty of this little spell.” He turned her around easily, so that she could see the class. “We can see them, but they can’t see us. They don’t even remember we’re here.

She moaned at the idea as her eyes wandered over the classroom where everyone was taking notes while Professor Snape lectured in the front. She could hear his voice, talking to the class about Felix Felicis. Hermione Granger was taking notes, her quill hurrying over the parchment while Ron Weasley was sitting next to her, looking extremely bored. Neville Longbottom had fallen back into his seat, looking around fearfully while Draco Malfoy was staring at everyone arrogantly.

Harry pressed against her from behind, his rock hard cock nestling in between her arse cheeks. She moaned as his hands moved over her breasts. “No bra. You’re a naughty girl Gabrielle.” His finger, circling around her nipples, and his dirty words made her even wetter. Harry’s fingers moved inside her, pushing deep into her tight pussy and hitting her G-spot while his hand pressed down on her clit. She felt herself coming close to climaxing, her body clenching, tightening around his fingers. Then, he stopped, moving his hands away from her. She groaned at the loos of contact and the denied orgasm. “Harry!” She shouted it loudly, forgetting where they were for a moment. The tension inside her was just too much. By far too much. But he simply shook his head, and smirked at her. “You want to come, don’t you, my little slut?”

She nodded and moaned, and looked up at him with pleading eyes. He stared back at her. It was a desperate action when she turned on her power, but he wasn’t even slightly affected, just smirked calmly down at her. “You really are a bad girl Gabrielle. Trying to use your Veela power against me. You’re going to be punished for that. But only later. For now, you need to pleasure me before I allow you to come.”

He was domineering her, and her Veela instincts recognised his power. When he motioned to the floor, she kneeled down obediently. It aroused her, the power he had over her. She knew that if she had wanted it, he would stop, but she didn’t. Merlin, she didn’t. His next movement surprised and shocked her. He pushed his hard cock into her mouth in a single long movement. Her lips opened for him quickly, allowing him inside.

He was large, far too large, but this was for his pleasure alone. She ran her tongue along his length and he pushed further forwards, speaking to her loudly. If not for the spell, the whole class would be able to hear him. “You’re such a bad girl, aren’t you Gabby. You’re enjoying this, but I wouldn’t care if you didn’t- this is only for me.” He pushed in completely and she gagged slightly when the tip of his cock hit the end of her throat. He pulled out, slapping her cheek with his dick and leaving a drop of precum there before entering her mouth again. She was flushed, red-faced and her tongue was working furiously on him.

H ecame into her mouth at last and she swallowed his realease before he pulled out, spraying his cum over her face and chest. “You looked good like this, my little slut”, he whispered as he pulled her up. “And now, I’ll fulfil my part of the deal. His fingers entered her again, quick and thrusting. He set her atop the table, her legs spread and bent down, his tongue flicking over her clit and his fingers still inside her.

AN: Thank you to all my reviwers. Your reviwed kept me writing and I hope you’ll continue to tell me what you think. To answer some questions: this is a pure smut story, but I might write how Harry and Fleur got together.

Netx chapter: Gabrielle gets punished for using her Veela powers on Harry (nothing too harsh though- this story isn’t like the Dark Lord). Fleur will be back! If you ahve anyone you’d like included, tell me. So far, Hermione was suggested. I’m working on it!

Well, thanks again for all your reviews and sorry for the long wait. I’ll try to improve. by the waay, please check out my C2- the best smut stories!

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