Title: Ash the Amorra Master
Author: Dirtonimon-X
Words: 36,013 - 4 Chapters

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Summary: Ash uncovers an unusual glowing stone that changes his life. Now he has to deal with hormonal anthro Poke-girls and winning the World Tournament. He will become the greatest trainer ever, and the luckiest. Ash/Harem 3Plus, Anal, Anthro, BDSM, Beast, Bi, D/s, Dom, F/F, Fingering, Inc, M/F, Preg, Spank, TF, Toys

Episode 01 – A New Adventure

In the world of Pokémon, in the region of Kanto, our favorite hero Ash Ketchum walks down a dirt road. However, this is not the Ash Ketchum we formerly know. (A/N: You know, the one that the creators refuse to freaking AGE!)

This Ash was 18 years old, years of travelling and adventures hardening his very muscular body. He had stopped wearing caps, letting his jet-black hair flow freely to compliment his chocolate brown eyes. He sported a white, sleeveless top which exposed his powerful arms, a pair of black pants, black and read sneakers and a set of black and blue fingerless gloves. Across his chest was a single red strap holding onto a red duffle bag. He had grown into an incredibly strapping young man.

On his shoulder was an electrical mouse with a lightning-bolt tail and pointed black-tip ears. This was Ash’s starter Pokémon and best friend Pikachu. They had gone through many adventures and many regions in his quest to become a Pokémon Master. However, he had long given up on that dream, considering he realized it would impossible to reach that sort of rank. Being a Pokémon Master meant that he would have to know everything about Pokémon, and new things were discovered each day. Pokémon continued to amaze all kinds of people, Ash included. So instead, he chose to try to become one of the best trainers in the world. To get as good as he can so that he and his Pokémon could face any challenge.

He had gone through the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova leagues, but did not succeed in winning any of them. His streak was broken though when he won the Kalos league, he however did not challenge the Kalos Elite Four. He instead decided to continue to improve his skills so that he would be able to be ready should he ever take the offer. He had also won the Orange League, Kanto Battle Frontier and Sinnoh Battle Frontier. He even won a couple of Colosseum battles in the Orre region and in the ever-popular Poketopia. He even participated in the Johto Grand Festival.

His next adventure though would prove to be his biggest. He was planning to enter in the Grand World Tournament. This would be the biggest tournament yet in the world, set to find who was the very best of the world. Many people would enter it, including trainers, coordinators, connoisseurs, breeders, Gym Leaders, Frontier Brains, Elites, Colosseum Masters and even the Champions of all the regions. This would be the biggest event in the entire world, and Ash was set to enter it. However, getting into the Grand World Tournament would not be an easy feat.

In order to enter, one would need to enter in 18 Mini-Tournaments all over the world and must collect 18 Emblems in order to participate in the tournament. It may seem like a large order, but it was necessary in order for trainers to prove they could handle the competition. The exceptions to these rules were Gym Leaders, Frontier Brains, Colosseum Masters, Elites and Champions. They were already accepted into the competition.

That didn’t matter to Ash though, he enjoyed a challenge. And soon, he would be off to enter in his first Mini-Tournament in order to get his first Emblem and make his way to the biggest tournament in history. However, first, he needed home to Pallet Town.

“Just a little while longer and we’ll be home Pikachu,” Ash said to the starter that sat on his shoulder. “Just imagine, in our first Mini-Tournament will be right in my own home town.”

“Pika!” Pikachu exclaimed in excitement.

“Good thing it’s a few days away though. This will give everyone enough time to settle down before hand,” Ash said as he continued to walk. They walked along a familiar road, one they had passed many times before. They got out of the forest and into the large clearing before it. Ash walked until he spotted a familiar tree and walked over to it. “Hey Pikachu… remember this tree?”

“Pi?” Pikachu asked curiously.

“This was where we first stopped at during our first day as partners,” Ash said. Indeed it was the same tree he had passed on his first day as a trainer. “As I recall, you were being lazy and ran up this tree and refused to follow my orders.”

“Pika! Pika-Pikachu! Pika!” Pikachu countered angrily.

Ash laughed lightly. “I know, I know. I wasn’t the brightest bulb either. I was too big-headed for my own good. But you were no better.” Pikachu pouted at Ash’s statement, but Ash rubbed his head and the electric mouse “cha-ed” happily. “It’s also where we saw Ho-oh the second time.”

“Pika,” Pikachu agreed.

“Yeah,” Ash said as he looked at the sky. He would never forget the day he first saw the legendary bird. It was the first legendary he ever saw, and ironically it was the first Pokémon from another region he ever saw. Its majesty amazed Ash to no end. It was also the symbol of the day he truly became a trainer. The second time he saw the legendary Pokémon it was after the Johto League, and he followed it to the Hoenn region. After that, he had yet to see the great Pokémon again. “You know something; we’ve been walking for a while. How about a break Pikachu?”

“Pika!” Pikachu exclaimed happily Ash smiled as he took off his bag and set it to the side before sitting against the tree. Pikachu climbed up the tree and sat on the branch he had before. It was amazing how large the tree had grown, just as they had.

As Pikachu gazed over the grass fields from its branch, its vision came upon something shining in the grass. “Pi?” Pikachu said as it jumped off the branch and ran over to the shining light. The electric mouse came upon a strange violet stone glowing oddly. “Pika,” Pikachu said in awe. Carefully, it grabbed the stone. It looked like one of the evolution stones some Pokémon used to evolve. Since it didn’t look like a Thunder Stone, he was not fearful of evolving. Pikachu carried the stone over back to Ash who was resting against the tree with his arms behind his head and his eyes closed. “Pika-Pi!”

“Hmm?” Ash hummed as he opened his eyes. “Oh, hey Pikachu. What you got there?” Ash asked taking the stone from Pikachu’s paws. “Looks like some sort of evolution stone.” Ash looked at the stone, examining. Suddenly, the glow of the stone began to intensify. It glowed brighter and brighter until it blinded Ash and Pikachu. “AH!”


After a few seconds, the glow began to dim. After a full minute, the stone returned to its original state. Ash slowly opened his eyes and stared at the stone. “Okay, that was weird. You okay Pikachu?” Ash turned to Pikachu, and his eyes nearly bugged out his eyes.

Instead of seeing the normal mouse-looking electric type, what he saw was a humanoid like girl with yellow fur all over her body. She was 4 ft. tall, without counting the 7-inch pointed black-tipped ears, circular red cheek marks, brown stripes on her back, a large thunderbolt shaped tail above a cute bubbly butt, long arms with small paw-like hands, wide hips and curvaceous legs, spiky golden hair growing in between its ears with curls on the back, and it had a set of D-cup breasts jiggling on its chest with a pair of chocolate brown nipples. “I think I’m okay,” the girl said with a cute charming voice. She then looked at Ash with bright brown eyes. “Is something wrong Ash?”

Ash stared in utter shock at the girl. Somewhere deep in his mind, he knew who she was, but the rest of his mind went against it. Yet her body… Arceus, her body. Despite Ash’s doubts, Ash was propelled to voice something. “P-Pikachu?”

“What Ash?” the girl replied, confirming Ash’s thoughts. Ash just stared in utter shock at Pikachu, namely her body. Curiously, Pikachu looked down at herself, seeing her bouncing breasts. “AH! WHAT’S HAPPENED TO ME?!”

“P-Pikachu!” Ash called out, managing to snap out of his shock. He grabbed Pikachu’s shoulders and held her. “Pikachu calmed down!”

“Calm down? Calm Down?! LOOK AT ME!” Pikachu exclaimed, gesturing to her body. Ash blushed and turned away. He was no longer the dense boy he once was. “Ash! Look at me!”

“Uh… I-I don’t think I should,” Ash replied, trying to hide his embarrassment. Pikachu continued to scream and rant, but Ash did not hear here. His eyes were focused on the flying figure in the sky. The figure became large as it clearly flew towards them. “Pikachu… look…” Pikachu stopped her cried and looked in the same direction as Ash.

“Is… Is that?” Pikachu muttered in shock.

“It is,” Ash replied as the figure landed on the ground. Standing before Ash and Pikachu was the legendary Rainbow Pokémon itself. “Ho-oh.”

The mighty bird Pokémon stood before trainer and Pokémon. “Hello Ash, it’s been a long time,” the legendary’s majestic voice called.

“T-Telepathy…” Ash muttered in realization.

Ash,” Ho-oh spoke. “I have come before you because of what has just happened to your Pokémon.”

Its eyes widened as he remembered what happened with Pikachu. “D-Do you know what happened Ho-oh?”

“It has to do with that stone in your hand,” Ho-oh said, causing Ash to look at the violet stone in his grip. “You have come in contact with an ancient relic called the Amorra Stone. No one knows where it came from, or how it was created. Not even Arceus knows. During the world’s earliest years, the Amorra Stone sat, only interesting people by its mysterious glow. It seemed to have some sort of connection to the bond between Pokémon and Humans. When People began catching Pokémon though, the stone’s true power was revealed. It was learned that the Amorra Stone empowers the bond between Pokémon and Humans by transforming the Pokémon into anthropomorphic forms opposite of their trainer’s gender. It changes any Pokémon into an anthropomorphic form, including those who are normally only one gender.

Ash just stared blankly. From what he understood, him touching the Amorra Stone meant that all of his Pokémon, even those he had knew were males, had all supposedly transformed into humanoid Pokémon girls. “I-Is there any way to reverse it?” Ash asked fearfully.

I’m afraid not,” Ho-Oh replied. “Many have tried, but not even the powers of the Legendaries are capable of reversing the effect. Even more so, the Amorra Stone is incredibly strong, not even Arceus’s most powerful Judgment was capable of destroying the stone. And because of this, we have decided to allow the stone to exist, for it has proven to empower the bond between trainer and Pokémon.

“What do you mean Ho-oh?” Pikachu asked.

Firstly,” Ho-oh began, “It allows the trainer to fully understand the language of Pokémon.” Ash blinked a couple of times. “Now come on Ash, do not tell me you have not noticed how you were able to understand Pikachu fully.

It took a couple of seconds, but Ash realized Ho-oh’s words were true. “H-He’s right!” Ash exclaimed, grabbing Pikachu’s hands. “Pikachu! I can understand you!”

“R-Really?” Pikachu asked in surprise.

“Yeah!” Ash replied.

Only you are capable of understanding our language Ash, this is only the first part of the Amorra Stone’s powers,” Ho-oh explained.

“There are others?” Ash asked.

Yes, but for the rest, would it be all right if I told you privately?” Ho-oh asked.

Ash turned to Pikachu. “Is that okay Pikachu?”

Pikachu thought for a moment before nodding. “Sure, I guess I could check on the others too to see if they’ve all changed as well.”

Ash nodded before reaching into his bag and bringing out a strange device. It was his Poke-Gauntlet. It was a device developed by league only for experienced trainers like him. It allowed him to hold onto all of his Pokémon and also contains a pokedex, Capture mode, Trainer info, and Poke-Ranch. Ash’s though also had a Move-Combiner and a Breeding-Checker, gifts from Professor Oak. His Poke-Gauntlet held all of his Pokémon, allowing him to train and raise them all. “Pikachu Return.” A beam shot out of the device, absorbing Pikachu into it. “Alright Ho-oh. What can the Amorra Stone do that helps the bond between me and my Pokémon?”

Let me explain it this way Ash,” Ho-Oh stated. “Do you find your Pokémon attractive?” Ash’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head. “And do not lie.

Ash was about to retort, but stopped to think. He hated to admit it, but Pikachu was attractive. Downright beautiful he would say. But what did that have to do with their bond. Sighing, Ash replied. “Yes. They’re beautiful.”

Ho-Oh nodded. “And do you love your Pokémon?

“With every bit of my heart,” Ash replied honestly. He indeed did love his Pokémon. They were his friends, his family.

Ho-Oh nodded once again. “Good and I can tell they love you in return. However Ash, that love has changed. The Amorra Stone has given your Pokémon a love for you much deeper than you once had. Your bond has strengthened, because your love has strengthened.

“Let me see if I understand,” Ash stated. “Are you telling me my Pokémon now love me in… that sense? Like… Like…” Ash couldn’t finish his sentence.

Ho-Oh nodded. “What’s more, they want to all be with you. To share their love for you in the most intimate way. I believe you humans call it ‘making love’.

Ash’s face changed into a series of color. First it paled whiter than a Dewgong’s skin, and then it turned redder than a Charmeleon scale. Ho-Oh had just told him, that in short, his Pokémon wanted to have SEX with him. Ash tried to speak, but his voice completely failed him.

I see this has left you speechless,” Ho-Oh stated. “Now listen to me Ash, the fact that all of your Pokémon wish to be with you is a blessing. The bond between you and your Pokémon was already incredibly powerful. You love your Pokémon, and they love you in return. Are you willing to share your love in the same way?

Ho-Oh’s words were trapped inside Ash’s mind. There was no way for his Pokémon to return to normal, and they all wanted to be with him intimately. Could he really love his Pokémon the way they now loved him? Ash thought hard.

He loved his Pokémon. He would do anything for them. If they wanted to get stronger, he would do everything he could to help them. If they did not want to evolve, he would assure them it was fine with him. If they wanted a piece of his meal, he would gladly share it with him. So could he share the same love that they had for him? He loved them… and he would damn well show it.

Ash hesitantly looked up into the crimson eyes of the mighty bird, and then gave him a confident nod. Ash could of sworn he then say Ho-Oh smile.

Good,” Ho-Oh said in a calm voice. “Now, because you will be sharing intimate relationships with your Pokémon now, there will be a couple of complications now. However, the Amorra Stone’s power has seemed to rectify these difficulties.” Ash gave Ho-Oh another nod, telling the Legendary he was listening. “Now Ash, because your Pokémon now have new human forms, this means they are capable of cross-breeding with you. In short, they may get pregnant.” Ash visibly paled at that statement. “However, the Amorra Stone makes it so you can control when your Pokémon become pregnant. You choose when you feel you are ready to have a child. Also, I’m no expert on human diseases, but I believe you know of something called STDs?” Ash once again paled at the statement. “Again, the Amorra Stone has made it so that you and your Pokémon are protected from any of these harmful diseases.

“W-Wow…” Ash said, a bit too stupefied to reply.

Now, other than intimate protection, the Amorra Stone does have a few other effects,” Ho-Oh continued. “Now, another effect is that you can control how your Pokémon appear to other people. To whoever you chose, you can make it so that your Pokémon appear as they normally did before the transformation. Only those who you completely trust will be allowed to see their true form when you choose them to.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” Ash replied. “It seems like this will definitely help me to truly love my Pokémon. I’ve always wanted to be able to talk to them and understand them. Thank you Ho-Oh.”

Ho-Oh nodded. “Now Ash, there is one more thing I need to discuss with you.” Ash listened intently. “Along with its effects on Pokémon, the Amorra Stone also has effects to humans of the opposite gender.

“What do you mean?” Ash asked.

Ash,” Ho-Oh spoke, “You have met many human girls on your quest. Many of which have feelings for you, whether they be intimate or not. If you feel a connection to this girl, you will be able to induct her into this little group of yours.” Ash nodded. “You may choose whether or not these girl join you or not.

“So, in the long run, I can basically get any girl I want?” Ash asked. Ho-Oh nodded. ‘Boy, Brock would be jealous.’

Yes, but this is not to be taken lightly Ash,” Ho-Oh warned. “This ability is one of the least protected by the Amorra Stone. You cannot simply choose to seduce any girl you wish. They must first have some sort of connection to you, and secondly, you must treat them as you would any other living being.

“I know,” Ash replied. “I’m not like that. I would not do anything to anyone I would not be willing to do myself. I would never abuse this power. If I find someone I’m attracted to, I would get to know them first before ever trying to go out with them. Though I must ask, how would they accept this? Human girls aren’t exactly all open-minded. Most of them are pretty fickle, especially the ones I meet.”

Should you choose to induct a human female into your group, the energy of the Amorra Stone will flow through them, opening their mind and letting them accept the events,” Ho-Oh replied.

Ash nodded in understanding. “Alright then, how would I go about inducting a girl into this little club?”

There are actually two ways,” Ho-Oh replied. “The first is to kiss them. And not just any kiss, a truly intimate kiss. The other way is to capture them.” Hearing this, Ash blanked in confusion. “Because of the Amorra Stone, you are now capable of catching human females with Pokeballs. Should this happen, the Pokeball will immediately transform into an Amorra Ball. While I would not suggest this for most cases, there will be some cases where you will find females who are not so understanding. Also, the minute you catch them, the human female will be able to transform into an anthropomorphic Pokémon and back at will. Remember, you are not to abuse this gift.

“I understand,” Ash replied. “I vow to never abuse any of the gifts the Amorra Stone has given me, much less any of the other beings affect by it.”

Once again, Ho-Oh smiled. “I knew you would.” Ash smiled back at the Legendary. “Now for the second reason I have come.”

“Second reason?” Ash repeated in surprise.

Yes,” Ho-oh replied. “Ash, I have watched you for the longest time. From the day you were born, to the day you left on your journey, to today. In all my life, and it has been a long one I assure you, I have never met another human with a purer heart since Sir Aaron. Because of your great heart and deeds, I wish… to battle you!

Ash stared in surprise. Ho-oh wanted to battle HIM?! Ash always dreamed of his moment. With a smirk, he flashed his Poke-Gauntlet and exclaimed, “I accept your challenge Ho-oh!”

Ho-oh smiled. “I knew you would. How shall we do this? I have been around for many years, but I never really understood with how Pokémon battles worked.

“Well, for most trainers, we are only allowed to hold onto six Pokémon at a time but I think it would be fairer if I only used three,” Ash replied.

Very well,” Ho-oh replied. “We will make this a three against one battle. I hope you give it your all Ash.

“I intend to,” Ash replied with a smirk.

Ho-oh smirked back. “Then let us begin!

“Time to start of strong!” Ash called out. “Seismitoad come on out!”

“Seismitoad!” cried the amphibious Pokémon as she came onto the field. Like Pikachu, she had a new hourglass humanoid form, long blue hair, a bright bouncy but, and a pair of F-cup breasts that resembled the vibrators on her body. “Hey Ash!”

“Hey Seismitoad,” Ash greeted, blushing brightly. “I’m guessing Pikachu told you about what happened?”

“Yeah, and don’t worry, all the girls are ready to do their best!” Seismitoad declared happily. “We’re all behind you!”

“That’s good, cause I need you to fight Ho-oh,” Ash stated. “Think you can handle it?”

“No problem! I’m ready!” the frog girl cried out ready to battle. “You may be a legendary, but I’m going to give it all I got.”

I wouldn’t have it any other way!” Ho-oh declared as it flapped its wings and took off into the sky.

“Let’s start of right Seismitoad, use Hydro Pump!” Ash declared.

“Take this!” Seismitoad cried out as it launched a powerful blast of water at Ho-oh. Despite being such a big Pokémon, Ho-oh flew expertly, avoiding all of Seismitoad’s attacks.

Ho-oh avoided another Hydro Pump before launching a massive blast of fire that turned into a fiery star. “Fire Blast!” Ash realized. “Seismitoad, counter it with Hyper Voice!”

“Seismi-TOOOOOAAAAAAD!” Seismitoad yelled, releasing a powerful sound wave that stopped the Fire Blast in its tracks. Ho-oh’s eyes narrowed as it forced more power into the Fire Blast, making it push through Seismitoad’s attack.

“Seismitoad Protect!” Ash declared. Seismitoad ceased its Hyper Voice, allowing herself to be consumed in fire. When the flames died out, she was protected by a glowing green dome that disappeared shortly after. “Good, now use Rock Slide!”

“Right!” Seismitoad replied as it summoned stones from the earth and launched them at Ho-oh. Ho-oh avoided most of them, but surprisingly some of the rock struck its wing, making it loose altitude.

Impressive, Ash certainly has trained this Pokémon well,’ Ho-oh thought.

“Now follow up with another Hydro Pump!” Ash declared. Seismitoad cried out as it launched another blast of water, this time striking Ho-oh dead on.

Ah!” Ho-oh cried in pain. The direct hit reminded it of how effect water attacks were against it. It began to fall to the ground before quickly recovering. “Very good youngling, not many have managed to strike me. Now for me to return the favor!” Ho-oh’s entire body glowed brightly in a glowing energy.

“Sky Attack!” Ash recognized. “Seismitoad use Rock Slide to stop it.”

“Right!” Seismitoad replied as it sent another barrage of rocks. With excellent skill and grace, Ho-oh avoided the stones and crashed against Seismitoad. “AAAAH!”

“SEISMITOAD!” Ash exclaimed in shock as Ho-oh took his water type into the air before coming back down and slamming Seismitoad into the floor and a powerful explosion followed. Ho-oh flew out the smoke, leaving a dazed Seismitoad on the grass. “Seismitoad!” Ash exclaimed, running over to his fallen Pokémon. He picked her up with his strong arms and held her. “Seismitoad, are you alright?”

Seismitoad slowly opened her eyes and gave a small smile. “I-I’m fine Ash… just tired. That big turkey can really dish it out. Sorry for not doing enough.”

Ash shook his head as he smiled. “You did great Seismitoad. You battled amazingly. Take a good long rest. Return.” Seismitoad returned to the Gauntlet, and Ash stared at Ho-oh. “Ho-oh’s really powerful. I need to face it with something that can match it in the air. Charizard, I choose you!”

“RAAAR!” Charizard road as she appeared onto the field. After finishing her training at the Charific Valley, she had decided to return to Ash, especially since Charla broke her heart when she was still male. Like Pikachu and Seismitoad, Charizard had an amazing figure, wild spiky orange hair on her head, and a set of G-cup breasts. “Hey Ash, I’m ready to battle!”

“Good, because we’re fighting Ho-oh,” Ash stated. “Are you sure you want to do this Charizard? Ho-oh took out Seismitoad in a single hit.”

“Ho-oh’s strong,” Charizard admitted. “But we’re strong too! I want to fight!”

Ash smiled. “I knew I could count on you Charizard! Go!” Charizard roared before flapping her wings and flying into the air.

“You may be a legendary, but I will not be holding back!” Charizard.

Then let us see who the stronger fire/flying type truly is!” Ho-oh declared as she flew off.

“Charizard use Flamethrower!” Ash declared. Charizard fire a torrent of flame at Ho-oh, who countered it with its own Fire Blast. The two attacks collided, causing a large explosion. Ho-oh continued to fly with Charizard right behind it. “Charizard fly in close!” Charizard flew in close, hovering just above Ho-oh, easily keeping up with the mighty bird Pokémon. “Now use Thunderpunch!”

“Take this!” Charizard exclaimed as it slammed electrified claws into Ho-oh’s back.

“AAAH!” Ho-oh cawed in pain. Before it the ground it managed to recover and continued to fly.

“Charizard follow up with Dragon Pulse!” Ash declared. A blue sphere of glowing energy formed in Charizard’s mouth before she fired it down on the bird legendary.

Not this time!” Ho-oh declared as it spun around and launched another Fire Blast at the Dragon Pulse. The Fire Blast pushed the Dragon Pulse right back at Charizard.

“Charizard dodge!” Ash exclaimed. Charizard quickly avoided the attack, watching it fly into the sky and explode.

Try to stand up to this!” Ho-oh declared as its body glowed white before launching a sphere of white energy.

“Ancientpower!” Ash declared in shock. “Charizard look out!” Charizard flew as fast as it could, avoiding the first attack, but Ho-oh launched a second Ancientpower and it struck Charizard in the back. Ho-oh launched several more, each striking Charizard.

“Ah!” Charizard cried in pain.

“Charizard!” Ash exclaimed worriedly. Charizard managed to recover and flew back into the air. “Damn, no wonder Ho-oh’s a legendary. Charizard’s already looking tired.”

“I’m still good Ash!” Charizard declared. She hated to admit it, that Ancientpower barrage really hurt her. She wasn’t sure if she could take another hit from an attack from that.

You have fought bravely young Charizard, but it is time to end this!” Ho-oh Declared as it flew high into the sky. Ho-oh’s entire body was covered in a golden aura before it launched a massive beam of fire down on Charizard. “SACRED FIRE!

“What attack is that?!” Ash exclaimed in shock. It seemed like an amped up version of flamethrower of Fire Blast. Ash knew there was no chance of Charizard to survive this attack, but at least she could go down fighting. “Charizard, counter with Blast Burn!”

The flame on Charizard’s tail grew large and glowed white. She let out a powerful roar before blasting a massive stream of white fire at Ho-oh. The two attacks passed each other, each striking their intended target. Two explosions followed. Charizard fell to the earth with swirls in her eyes.

“Charizard!” Ash exclaimed as he ran over to his fallen fire type. He managed to turn her large bod and rest her head against his lap. “Charizard…” he whispered quietly. He looked up to see Ho-oh was still flying, but the damage of Blast Burn was still evident on her body.

“A-Ash…” Charizard groan as she woke up. “S-Sorry Ash. I wasn’t… I wasn’t strong enough.”

Ash smiled warmly and kissed her nose. “You did great Charizard. You held up against one of the most powerful legendary Pokémon in history. You should be proud of yourself. I know I am.” Charizard smiled lovingly and Ash smiled back. “Take a nice long rest. Return.” Charizard disappeared and Ash got up to stare at the mighty bird.

I must admit Ash,” Ho-oh spoke. “You trained your Charizard very well. Not many are capable of learning such a powerful attack like Blast Burn. And I have never seen A Charizard capable of using attacks like Dragon Pulse and Thunderpunch. You should be very proud.

“I am, I’m proud of all my Pokémon,” Ash replied. “They always do their best, and I don’t expect any less. They’re all amazing.” Ash took a deep breath before looking sternly at Ho-oh. “Ho-oh, this has been one of the most intense battles I’ve ever been in. You’ve pushed me and my Pokémon to the brink, and I couldn’t ask for a greater honor. But now it’s time for me to win this battle! Pikachu I Choose YOU!”

“Pikachu!” Pikachu cried out as she appeared on the field. “I’m ready Ash!”

“I knew you would be,” Ash replied with a smirk. He couldn’t think of any Pokémon more appropriate than Pikachu to face the battle against Ho-oh. Pikachu had beaten many legendary Pokémon before, and they planned to add Ho-oh to that list.

I am glad to I will finally be able to battle the legendary Pikachu my colleagues have Pokémon so highly about,” Ho-oh spoke honestly.

“You hear that Ash, I’m legendary!” Pikachu said with a smirk.

Ash sweat dropped. “In case you forgot Pikachu, we haven’t won the battle yet.”

Very well,” Ho-oh spoke. “Then let us end this magnificently!

“Couldn’t agree more,” Ash replied. “Pikachu, start off with Thunderbolt!”

“Take this!” Pikachu cried as he body released a powerful torrent at electricity right at Ho-oh.

Ho-oh dodged it and flew around. Its body glowed brightly as she soared down. “Ho-oh’s using Sky Attack again! Pikachu use Quick attack to dodge.”

“Gotta catch me first!” Pikachu exclaimed as she ran off at frightening speed, leaving a lowing trail behind her as she avoided Ho-oh’s massive attack.

“Good, now get on Ho-oh’s back!” Ash declared. Pikachu quickly jumped, landing right on the back of the mighty bird Pokémon. Now use Thunder!”

“AAAAAH!” Ho-oh cried in pain as its entire body became a lit with electricity. Ho-oh tried desperately to remove Pikachu from its back, but the electric mouse held on tight, sending burst per burst of electricity, damaging Ho-oh further. Ho-oh flew wildly until finally until it finally knocked Pikachu off of its back. Pikachu easily landed back on her feet before Ash.

“Way to go Pikachu!” Ash exclaimed in approval.

Ho-oh gasped as it shook off the remaining electric surges inside its body. The rumors were true, Ash’s Pikachu was extremely powerful. It knew that if intended to win, it would need to take it out in a single blow. Ho-oh flew high into the sky as its body glowed in a golden aura once again.

“Oh no,” Ash realized. “Pikachu! Ho-oh’s going to use the same attack it used to beat Charizard. It’s time to use our new move.”

“Right Ash!” Pikachu exclaimed as she took her position.

SACRED FIRE!” Ho-oh declared as it launched the massive beam of fire. Pikachu jumped, going straight into the beam of fire. One would expect that to be suicide, but Ash had a plan.

Ho-oh continued to fire the beam, expecting Pikachu to fall out in pain. Ho-oh’s eyes suddenly widened as it saw a glowing yellow rocket shooting through the beam. Right before its face, Pikachu jumped out of the beam, completely unharmed and surrounded in a glowing aura of electricity.

“End it with Volt Tail!” Ash declared.

“For Ash!” Pikachu cried out as the electric aura receded into its tail, creating a massive sword of electricity. Pikachu swung her tail around, Striking Ho-oh dead in the face, sending it flying down to the ground.

A massive crash shook the ground as the incredible legendary Pokémon fell to the floor. Pikachu landed right before Ash, no worse for wear. Both trainer and Pokémon looked at the smoke of cloud of where Ho-oh had fallen. When the smoke cleared, all it revealed was an unconscious Ho-oh with swirls in its eyes.

They won.

“WE WON!” Ash and Pikachu cried out happily as they ran to each other and hugged. “I can’t believe it! We did it! We beat Ho-oh!” Pikachu exclaimed.

“No, you did it Pikachu! You were amazing! You, Seismitoad and Charizard, you were all great!” Ash exclaimed happily.

“So were you Ash! We wouldn’t have done this if you hadn’t trained us so well!” Pikachu exclaimed.

As the two celebrated, Ho-oh regained consciousness and slowly rose back up to its feet. It looked down at Ash and Pikachu who happily hugged each other. The great bird smiled. Ash truly was an amazing person, destined for great things. If he was able to raise his Pokémon well enough to the point where they can take down a legendary Pokémon, there was no doubt he would have a bright future. It was also for that reason that Ho-oh was about to do something completely unexpected. “Well done you two,” Ho-oh spoke kindly, gaining the attention of both. “You were perfectly in tandem. Your bravery and friendship is un-parallel. You should both be every proud.

“I am,” Ash replied, holding Pikachu’s paw as she smiled.

Ho-oh nodded. “Now it is time for me to say something important,” Ho-oh said, gaining curiosity from Ash and Pikachu. “Ash… I wish to become your Pokémon.

Ash blinked. Once, twice, three times, in complete shock. “W-What?”

You have done many incredible things Ash,” Ho-oh spoke. “You have helped many people and Pokémon, only one with a heart as true and as pure as yours could have accomplished as much as you have. You beat me in battle, and as such, I would be honored to become part of your team.

Ash stared in complete shock. Ho-oh, a legendary Pokémon, wanted to be part of his team. His Pokémon. He had met many legendaries, and did have chances to capture them, but never did. He didn’t believe he should, they were legendaries set to protect the balance of the world. He would never take anyone from their responsibility. But Ho-oh said it wanted to become part of his team. This was the first time a legendary wanted to join him. He had many Pokémon join him out of their choice, but this was the first time a legendary wanted to join him. And there was the matter of the Amorra Stone.

“Are you sure?” Ash asked. “I mean… you know what will happen if I catch you. And don’t you have responsibilities?”

Ho-oh smirked, or at least what Ash could define as a smirk. “Very wise Ash. Yes, I know of the Amorra Stone’s effects. I will happily accept them. As for responsibilities, there are others of my kind to watch over the skies. Just because I am a legendary it does not mean I am the only one of my kind.” Ash was still hesitant. He wasn’t sure if he should catch Ho-oh. “Ash, please do me the honor.” Ho-oh bowed before the trainer, admitting that it wanted nothing more than to join Ash.

Ash was amazed, here he had a legendary Pokémon bowing before him. Ash looked at Pikachu. Pikachu smiled and nodded, telling him she would follow anything he did. Ash smiled and nodded. Ash activated the Capture Mode of his Poke-Gauntlet, releasing the small crystal ball. “Capture Ball Go!” Ash tossed the ball, hitting the legendary bird in the head and absorbing it inside. The ball shook for a few seconds until it came to a stop followed by a ping. Ash grabbed the ball and held it in the air. “Alright! I caught a Ho-oh!”

“Yay!” Pikachu declared happily.

Ash put the ball back into the Poke-Gauntlet, loading Ho-oh into his Poke-Ranch. “Looks like our first step into the World Tournament just got a little more exciting, huh Pikachu?”

“Yeah,” Pikachu replied. “Hey Ash, what did Ho-oh want to talk to you about before?”

Ash blushed brightly as he recalled the talk he had with Ho-oh. How could he explain to Pikachu everything he had been told, especially about her and his other Pokémon? “Ugh… nothing important,” He said hastily.

“What?” Pikachu asked in shock. Ash quickly grabbed his bag and began to walk away. “Oh no you don’t!”

“Wha!” Ash exclaimed in shock as Pikachu tackled him on the ground.

“You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what you and Ho-oh talked about,” Pikachu proclaimed as she saddled Ash’s waist. Ash grunted and looked up, staring into both Pikachu’s face and breasts. His face heated up, trying to look away. He could feel Pikachu’s bum rubbing against his manhood, already starting to erect from the intimate position he and Pikachu were in. “Ash,” Pikachu said in an emotional tone. She wasn’t sure what it was, but Pikachu felt a new sensation since she straddled Ash. She moved her hand and touched Ash’s chest.

Ash was a little surprised to see Pikachu place her hand on his chest. “Pikachu?” He asked in surprise as Pikachu’s face come closer and closer to his own.

“A-Ash…” Pikachu mumbled as she moved her face closer to Ash’s. A new strange urge had taken over her body and she had no control over it. Her lips puckered as she moved closer to Ash.

Ash was shocked. Was Pikachu trying to kiss him? “Pikachu wa-!” Ash was silenced as Pikachu’s lips met his. Pikachu then snaked her arms around his neck and wrapped them tight, forcing more into the kiss. Ash was struggling to move away from the kiss. He knew he would eventually have to do it with Pikachu, but he wasn’t ready… wasn’t he? He never had sex before. The more Ash struggled, the more he felt himself melting into the kiss. As soon as the urge became too strong, Ash seceded into the kiss. He wrapped his arms around Pikachu’s waist and continued the kiss.

After what seemed like a century, Pikachu parted her lips from Ash. “Ash… I-I Love you!” Pikachu then forced her lips again on Ash’s. This time he accepted it from the start. Pikachu’s paws explored Ash’s body, and eventually found themselves under his shirt and rubbing against his skin. Ash moaned as Pikachu’s hands touched his flesh. His arousal was becoming more and more visible. “Huh?” Pikachu asked as she stopped the kiss. She looked and saw something poking from Ash’s pants. Being curious, she poked it.

“Ah!” Ash moaned softly. Pikachu was surprised by the sudden reaction, and proceeded to poke it again. The result was the same. Pikachu then decided to take it another step further; she began to rub the strange bulge with her hand. Ash was clawing the grass as Pikachu continued to rub his member through the boxers and pants. “AH!” Ash screamed as he came inside his boxers. Pikachu felt a strange moistness and stickiness emitting from a small wet spot that appeared suddenly on Ash’s pants.

Pikachu felt heat cover her body as she stuck her sticky fingers into her mouth. There was a strange warmness and taste to the strange substance that stained her finger. She then figured there was more to the substance under the pants. She got up and then proceeded to take off Ash’s pants and boxers, revealing Ash’s still-hard member. She was amazed by the size of the organ. Pikachu was no stranger to the differences between human sexes, considering she had seen several posters about them whenever Ash was in the hospital. Also, when she was still a normal Pikachu and on her travels with Ash, she would hear other males talking about how ‘big’ they were. Ash never entered these conversations because he found it insulting and simple-minded. Also, Ash had made sure Pikachu never saw him naked, even as a normal Pikachu.

Pikachu returned her attention to Ash’s cock. She wasn’t sure on what to do, but she wanted to make Ash feel good. She then noticed her breasts and got an idea. Ash, who was trying to recover from the ejaculation, did not notice when Pikachu had removed his boxers but felt something soft and warm closing around his member. The sensation forced him to look up.

Ash was shock to see Pikachu using her yellow breasts to rub against his member. Ash moaned as Pikachu used her ample D-cups to fondle around his hard cock. “Ah! P-Pikachu…” Ash mumbled through moans. “P-Pikachu… you-you have to stop. Th-this is wr-wrong!” His mind was running on instinct, so he forgot about what Ho-Oh said for the moment.

“Ash, please,” Pikachu said in a pleading voice as she continued to rub her breasts against Ash’s cock. “I want to make you feel good.” She then did something unexpected, she took the top of Ash’s member into her mouth and continued to bob up and down.

“AH!” Ash moaned at the new sensation. All ideas of stopping before it was too late left his mind, out the window, and into the outhouse. His arousal was astounding. Pikachu continued to bob up and down, sucking on the warm organ while her breasts rubbed against it. She was in the same amount of arousal as her nipples became hard and he was beginning to leak from her wet pussy. She kept rubbing and sucking on and on, she wanted the strange substance again.

“AH!” Ash screamed as hot sperm ejected from his dick into Pikachu’s mouth. Pikachu nearly chocked at how much shot into her throat. She was determined to swallow as much as she could. After she licked her lips, she took a look at Ash; he seemed to be exhausted, but she wasn’t done. She wanted to go all the way.

She returned her vision to Ash’s meat. It was a little limp, but still fairly hard – not enough. She wanted to take the organ at full strength. So instead of going straight to the organ, she went back to Ash and gently began to kiss his neck. “Pi-Pikachu…” Ash moaned as Pikachu left a trail of kisses up his neck. She then reached his ears and began to lick it. Ash bucked as Pikachu licked and nibbled on his earlobe.

After she thought it was enough, Pikachu stopped. She looked and saw Ash’s member was now at full hardness, veins pulsating. She then turned back to Ash who was panting heavily. She leaned down and kissed his lips. “Ash, I want to make you feel good.” She said in a seductively gentle voice. “Please let me make you feel good.”

“Pi-Pikachu…” Ash mumbled in gasps. He gave a small nod saying it was alright. Pikachu smiled then proceeded to kiss Ash hard. Ash didn’t care anymore. He was ready.

After the kiss, she set herself just above of Ash’s member. “H-Here I go.” Pikachu said as she began to come down. She stopped as soon as Ash’s member touched her wet pussy; both Ash and Pikachu moaned at the touch. After the initial shock, Pikachu sighed and proceeded to come down on the rest of it. She and Ash continued to moan as Pikachu consumed the throbbing organ.

“AH!” the two cried out as Pikachu took the entire cock inside her. She then began to lift herself only to come down on it again. She continued to do this, and each time she and Ash would moan in pure pleasure. Pikachu kept bobbing up and down Ash’s cock and enjoying it more so after every thrust. In Ash’s mind, Pikachu had fulfilled her wish, she was making feel Ash feel good, very good. The entire event was strange to him, but he liked it. He even began to wonder what it would be like with his other Pokémon.

“Pi-Pikachu…” Ash mumbled as the tension in his dick was becoming nearly unbearable to contain. “Pi-Pikachu, I-I’m go-gonna cum!”

“Please Ash!” Pikachu screamed. “Cum inside me!”

“AH!” Ash screamed as he blew the last of his load inside Pikachu. He and Pikachu screamed in unison with him as she felt herself being filled up with Ash’s hot semen. As soon as it was over, Pikachu collapsed onto Ash’s chest, both of them gasping.

After a few minutes, they recovered and looked into each other’s eyes. “That was…” Pikachu began.

“Amazing,” Ash admitted happily. Maybe having a harem of Poke-girls wouldn’t be so bad.

After recovering their heated session, the two cleaned themselves up and continued on their way to Pallet Town. Along the way, Ash explained everything Ho-oh had told him about the Amorra Stone. Pikachu appeared to be okay with everything, especially about the sex part. As long as she was with Ash, she’d be happy. Ash smiled happily at the Pika-girl walking beside him, ready for any confrontation that comes his way.


Soaring high above the skies was a massive black airship. Inside this airship was a dark figure sitting alone in chair. His dark cloak covered his body and his hair hid most of his face. Only a single eye opened as he stared forward. To his left was a dark creature in the shape of a mysterious Pokémon. It’s eyes glowed red, indicating that this creature of darkness and evil.

Welcome to the first chapter of the new Ash the Amorra Master!

I welcome all of you to this new reboot. I’m so glad we to be back home on FFNet. Since they seemed to have stop being complete asses and are letting good ol’ fashion smut back on site, I’m gonna start posting this story here..

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First off, instead of a Lust Stone, it is now called the Amorra Stone, and it alone is responsible for all the things Ash is able to do with girls. I thought it was rather weird to have Pokémon give him abilities that dealt with sex. Another difference is that in this fic is that Ash will have a lot more Pokémon and some of them will have evolved. Seriously? 18 years old and not have caught any other new Pokémon? What was I thinking? Another difference was the plot. Instead of going through all of Kanto again, Ash will be entering in one major tournament that will require him to go to the other regions. Frankly, I find that much more doable and more open than my original idea.

One more difference is that Ash will have a harem of Poke-Girls and Human Girls. Both will be pretty big, so it’s good Ash will be able to recall them into their balls in order to prevent an oversized group. I’ll also have the human girls be able to transform into Poke-girls and be used in battle.

And as you can tell, the biggest difference is that Ash has caught a Ho-oh. I was thinking about which legendary Pokémon Ash should capture first, and instantly I saw Ho-oh. I hoped you all liked the battle.

Next Time – Mother of all Battles
Ash arrives in Pallet Town where he is greeted by his mother, Professor Oak and Gary Oak. Will he be able to handle explaining to them about the Amorra Stone and the fact that he captured the legendary Ho-oh? And what’s with his mother suddenly trying to put the moves on him? Find out next time!

Until Next time, Dirtonimon-X Digitize!

*Chapter 2*: Ash 02 – Mother of all Battles

Ash the Amorra Master

Summary: Ash uncovers an unusual glowing stone that changes his life. Now he has to deal with hormonal anthro Poke-girls and winning the World Tournament. He will become the greatest trainer ever, and the luckiest.


Episode 02 – Mother of all Battles

When People say life can take a change in an instant, they weren’t kidding.

Ash walked down the road through Pallet Town with Pikachu clinging onto his arm. It was only an hour ago that Pikachu gave him the Amorra Stone and his life would change forever. When he touched the Amorra Stone, Pikachu along with all of his Pokémon transformed into anthropomorphic Poke-girls with sexy figures and bounce breasts. Shortly afterwards he was approached by the legendary Ho-oh who explained to him the effects about the Amorra Stone and it challenged Ash to a battle. Ash and his Pokémon won, and Ash caught his first Legendary Pokémon ever. Shortly after, he had his first time with Pikachu. Ash knew his first time, and he couldn’t think of a more special time than with his best friend.

Now they walked through Pallet Town with the intention of getting home. They passed many homes and people, all of which who did not notice Pikachu’s transformation. As Ho-oh had said, to everyone else, Pikachu resembled just like any other Pikachu, which made the fact that she had no clothes a lot easier to deal with for Ash. He was still getting used to the fact that his Pokémon were now humanoid girls, but he would get through it. He always did.

“I can’t wait to see Mom again,” Pikachu said as she clung to Ash’s arm. Since Delia always treated Pikachu like a child, she saw her as a mother just as Ash did.

“Neither can I,” Ash replied. “It’s a good thing the Mini-Tournament will be held in town. This way we’ll be able to stay for a while. You know how lonely she can get.” The two continued to walk along. His house was a mile or two outside of town, giving his mother enough privacy but also made her able to come to town and visit. They eventually reached the house that had been Ash’s home since the day he was born. “Ah… it’s good to be home.”

“Mom, I’m home!” Ash exclaimed as he entered the home. When no answer returned, he called again. “Mom? Are you here?” Ash still received no answer.

“Hey Ash, look what I found,” Pikachu declared as she held a piece of paper that was on the table. Ash took the paper and read it.

Dear Ash,

I went to see Professor Oak at his lab. Sorry for not being there to greet you. I took Mimey with me.



“Looks like we’ll be visiting Professor Oak Pikachu, Mom’s over there,” Ash said. “Just wait here, I’ll put my bag in my room and be down quickly.”

“Okay Ash,” Pikachu replied as she leaned on the couch.

Ash walked up the stairs, through the hall, and into his room. He dropped his bag on his bed, but when he did the bag fell open, and falling out was the Amorra Stone.

Ash stopped for a minute. How was he going to explain to his mother and Professor Oak about his Pokémon? He couldn’t lie to them. He loved his mother, and Oak had always acted like a grandfather to him. How could he possibly tell them that his Pokémon were all now sexy humanoids that all wanted to boink him?

Ash sighed before grabbing the Amorra Stone and putting it in his pocket.

After getting out of the house with Pikachu in tow, Ash walked up the road towards the lab to the Pokémon professor of Kanto. On his way, he told Pikachu of how he was going to keep her looking normally until he managed to find a way to figure out how to explain to them about what happened. Pikachu had no qualms about this, understanding that this was something difficult for Ash to talk about.

After a short walk, they reached the lab and knocked on the door. The door opens revealing the elderly Professor Oak. “Ah Ash, good to see you my boy!”

“You too Professor,” Ash replied with a smile. “Is my mom here?”

“Yes my boy,” Oak replied. “Come in, come in.” Oak allowed Ash and Pikachu into the lab. While standing next to Ash was the anthropomorphic Pikachu-girl, all Oak saw was a normal Pikachu on its trainer’s shoulder.

Oak led Ash to the living room here his mother sat on the couch. “Ash!” Delia exclaimed as she saw her son and quickly went to give him a strong hug. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too mom,” Ash replied, returning the embrace.

“And how are you Pikachu,” Delia said as she went to give Pikachu a hug. Ash could see that his mother was really hugging Pikachu, but in her eyes she was hugging the small mouse she came to know and love as part of her family.

“I’m fine,” Pikachu replied, yet all Delia and Prof. Oak heard was “Pika-Pika.”

“Hey Oak, where’s Tracey?” Ash asked.

“Oh, Tracey decided to accompany Gary as he went to Sinnoh to get some Emblems for the World Tournament,” Oak replied, earning a look of surprise from Ash.

“Really? Gary’s entering?” Ash asked in surprise.

“Yes, so it seems you have some competition Ash,” Oak teased. “Gary may be a researcher now, but that does not mean he has let his Pokémon become lax.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from Gary,” Ash replied. His good mood was immediately shutdown by the reminder of the stone inside his pocket. He could feel it against his leg, almost feeling the glow of it. Ash took a deep breath before sitting down next to his mother on the couch and looking at his mother and Oak with a sad expression. “Mom, Oak, I… I need to talk to you about something.”

Delia knew her son. He was always upbeat and happy. So when she saw him take a serious expression, she knew instantly something big was going on. “What is it Ash?”

“It has to do with this,” Ash said, pulling out the glowing stone.

Oak and Delia stared in awe. “Ash, where did you find that?”

“Pikachu’s the one that found it,” Ash replied. “It’s called the Amorra Stone. At first, I thought it was a new evolutionary stone, but then when I touched it…” Ash’s throat dried as he tried to speak the rest.

“Ash, you can tell us,” Delia said, placing a comforting hand on Ash’s knee. Ash smiled at his mother, thankful for her warmth. He took a deep breath before closing his eyes and focusing on his mind. He focused on the bodies of his Pokémon, thinking of his mother and Oak seeing the truth. Miraculously, Pikachu was enveloped in a glowing light. In the eyes of Delia and Samuel Oak, Pikachu’s body morphed within the light. At first they thought she was evolving, but when the light dimmed, their jaws hit the floor. Standing before them was a humanoid Pikachu with an hourglass figure and big bouncy boobs. Delia stared at Pikachu, and then at Ash, then at Pikachu again and back to Ash. “A-Ash?” Delia asked, considering she could find no other words to say.

“The Amorra Stone causes the Pokémon of a trainer to transform into anthropomorphic forms opposite to their trainer’s gender,” Ash explained. “So long-story short, all my Pokémon are humanoid girls, and any Pokémon I catch in the future will become the same.”

Oak and Delia just stared in shock. Delia managed to snap out of her shock, grabbed a nearby blanket, and covered Pikachu’s naked body. Pikachu was confused by what was happening, but was aware the truth had been revealed. After a few minutes, Oak found his voice. “A-Ash… how do you know about this stone?”

“That comes to the second part of the explanation,” Ash stated. “Stay with me Prof, but after I touched the Amorra Stone, I was approached by… Ho-oh.” Oak just stared blankly, as did his mother. Ash sighed. “If you don’t believe me, come with me.” Ash led them out of the lab and into the back yard. There were no Pokémon or people around, making things much easier for Ash. “Ho-oh I choose you!”

“CRYYYAA!” cried the great rainbow Pokémon as she appeared before the three humans and one Pokémon. Ash didn’t think it was possible, but Ho-oh looked even more beautiful than she did before. She stood at the same height as she was before, with a powerfully sexually attractive body. Her tail feathers hung just about her tight ass, and her primary feather resembled long fingers, sort of like large hands. If she were at human size, she would be supporting large E-cup, and her proportions were distributed correctly per her size, making it a much sweater deal. Her crest feathers resembled beautiful golden hair.

“I-I-I-I don’t believe it…” Oak muttered in utter shock and awe.

“Ho-oh,” Delia managed to say. Both were too stunned to speak. They knew Ash had claimed to have seen the legendary bird before, but now he had living proof.

“Hello Ash,” Ho-oh greeted in a kind female voice.

“You can talk normally?” Ash asked, earning a confused glance from his mother and Oak.

“Of course, I just chose to speak to you telepathically before because that was how the others had done before,” Ho-oh replied, yet all Oak and Delia heard were several caws and cries. “Who are they Ash?”

Ash smiled. “Ho-oh, this is my mom, Delia Ketchum, and Professor Oak.”

Ho-oh nodded. “Hello Mrs. Ketchum, Professor Oak, it is an honor to meet you,” she sent telepathically to the two.

“Did Ho-oh just…” Delia began, but couldn’t finish.

“Telepathy,” Oak answered. “Amazing. Never in my life would I have thought I’d have the honor to see the legendary Pokémon. Yet, this is not how I envisioned our meeting would be.”

“Let me explain,” Ash stated. “After I touched the Amorra Stone, Ho-oh appeared to explain to me what had happened to all of my Pokémon. She explained that now they were all transformed and there was no way to reverse it. She also explained that the Amorra Stone does a couple of other things that help me both protect them and create a better bond with them. Firstly, from now on I can understand Pokémon as if they were speaking English.”

“Really Ash?” Oak asked in awe.

Ash nodded. “Go ahead, try it.” Oak did as he was told, releasing a small Charmander. Charmander let out a few growl but then cried out is shock when it saw Ho-oh.

Ash tried desperately to hold back its laughter, but failed as he fell on his back laughing. “What’s so funny Ash?” Delia asked in confusion.

After regaining himself, Ash replied, “Professor Oak, you better tell that little Charmander to watch its tongue.”

“What? Why? What did he say?” Oak asked.

“Well, for many reasons, mainly because my mother is right next to me, I’m not allowed to repeat what that little guy said,” Ash replied grinning. Oak and Delia looked in confusion at him, and then turned to the small Charmander who was just staring at Ho-oh. In his eyes, she looked like a normal Ho-oh.

“Alright, I believe you,” Delia stated. “Now what else did the Amorra Stone do?”

“Well, along with being able to understand my Pokémon,” Ash replied, “I can also make them look normally to anyone I choose. Example, on my way here Pikachu walked next to me, but while I saw Pikachu’s true form, everyone else saw a regular Pikachu on my shoulder.”

“That does explain the transformation from before,” Oak replied, remembering of how Ash revealed Pikachu’s transformation to them. “Is there anything else?”

“Not much,” Ash lied. He wasn’t ready to tell them about the “having sex with his Pokémon” part. “Ho-oh said the stone is really old, older than even Arceus. So far, not much is known about it. Ho-oh may be a legendary, but she doesn’t know everything, so don’t blame her.”

Thank you Ash,” Ho-oh sent endearingly, surprising the two adults. “And do not blame Ash either. He was unaware of the Amorra Stone’s powers. He discovered the artifact by complete accident, yet he does not see this as an obstacle. He sees this as a chance to better the bond between him and his Pokémon, and strengthen their power as a team. It is for that reason that I challenged him.” At the last part of the kind speech, Delia and Oak looked at Ash in surprise.

“It’s true,” Ash replied. “After I said that I would not let this hold me back, Ho-oh challenged me to a battle. She gave me an advantage of using three Pokémon against her, which I guess I kind of needed.”

Do not downcast yourself Ash,” Ho-oh said kindly. “I have been around for many years, and yet you still gave me a run for my money.

“Ho-Oh’s right Ash,” Pikachu said as she hugged her partner.

“So, you actually defeated the legendary Ho-oh in battle?” Oak said in utter shock.

We beat Ho-oh,” Ash replied. “I would have been nothing if it weren’t for my Pokémon. Seismitoad, Charizard and Pikachu gave it their all. Seismitoad and Charizard did the heavy damage and Pikachu finished the job.”

“And then you captured Ho-oh?” Delia asked.

Ash shook his head. “No, Ho-oh wanted to come with me.” This stunned the two adults. When would a legendary Pokémon ever choose to go with a trainer? And when would a trainer pass up the chance to capture one. “I never thought it was right to capture legendary Pokémon against their will. They have responsibilities to the world. But Ho-oh said she wanted to join me, and I never turn my back on someone who wants to join the family.”

It is true,” Ho-oh sent. “I know Arceus will take care of my responsibilities. I chose to join Ash’s team because I knew he had a strong pure heart. Also… although I am a legendary that has lived for many years, I still wish to become stronger. In that battle, I saw Ash use techniques I, a legendary Pokémon, could have never thought of.

Delia and Oak marveled, stunned that a legendary would speak of Ash with such respect. Then again, it was Ash after all, making friends in the most unlikely of places. They both nodded in understanding, knowing that if Ho-oh was to belong to anyone, they knew Ash would take care of her the best. However, they were quickly reminded by the main effect of the Amorra Stone. “Ash,” Delia spoke to her son. “Would it be alright if we could talk to Ho-oh for a while? Alone?”

Ash was hesitant. What did they want to talk to Ho-oh about? Did they intend to send her away? Did they tend to ask her things about the Amorra Stone? Did they intend to take her for scientific experimentation?

“Ash calm yourself,” Oak spoke loudly enough to snap Ash out of his funk. “I know what you’re thinking, and no. I have no intention of taking Ho-oh from you. Despite this being a major opportunity, I know you would rather die than let one of your Pokémon be subjected to any painful tests. She is your Pokémon Ash, and we both respect that.”

“Samuel’s right,” Delia stated. “We would never force you to do anything you or your Pokémon are unwilling to do. We love you too much. We just want to talk with Ho-oh about a few things, nothing serious.”

Ash was hesitant, but could feel the calmness and love from his mother’s tone. He knew that he could trust her, and he knew he could trust Oak. He had been like a father to Ash when his wasn’t around. Ash sighed before nodding. “Okay, I guess you can talk to her. That okay Ho-oh?”

Of course Ash,” Ho-oh replied. Ash nodded and walked back into the lab house with Pikachu in tow.

Once they were inside, Ash sat on the couch and let out a loud sigh. “Something wrong Ash?” Pikachu asked her trainer.

“It’s nothing Pikachu,” Ash replied. “I guess I’m just a little nervous about what my mom and Oak want to talk to Ho-oh about. What could they possibly have to talk about?”

“Maybe about the Amorra Stone,” Pikachu suggested. “Speaking of which, you never did tell me about what Ho-oh talked to you about during that little bit before the battle.”

“Oh that,” Ash replied. He had no qualms of telling Pikachu now, considering he already had sex with her. “She told me that because of the Amorra Stone, the bond between me and the others would be strengthened.”

“Really? How?” Pikachu asked.

Ash looked at Pikachu with his most vulnerable expression. “Pikachu… did you really mean what you said before? About…being in love with me?”

Pikachu was shocked by the statement, but then it hit her. That’s what Ho-oh meant, that the love of friendship was changed to a true love. Pikachu nodded. “Yes Ash, I honestly do love you. More than a friend, more than a partner. You’re a part of me Ash, and that will never change.”

Ash smiled at his starter, and brought her into a hug. “Thanks Pika,” he whispered before kissing her rosy cheek. He felt a small spark touch his lips, obviously from the cheek sacks of electricity in Pikachu’s face. But instead of painful, it was actually nice; it gave an actual “spark” to whenever he kissed her.

“Alright,” Pikachu said as she and Ash released from their embrace. “What else did Ho-oh talk to you about?”

“Well, other than the fact that all my Pokémon now love me and want to bang me,” Pikachu gave a surprised expression, but Ash was not fooled. He knew that she knew that now that she had a chance with him, the others would want one too. “Other than that, she told me that there’s also the possibility of human girls joining this little club.”

“Really?” Pikachu asked. Ash nodded. “Huh, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.”

“And why’s that?” Ash asked.

Pikachu grinned at him. “Come on Ash, you and I both know that whole ‘denser-than-a-cement-wall’ thing was just an act.” Ash blushed at the statement and turned away. “Aw, I’m only teasing Ash.”

“I-I know,” Ash replied.

“Ash, I understand why you acted dense,” Pikachu said kindly. “You wanted to focus more on your career, but you also didn’t want to feel hurt again.”

Ash sighed. Pikachu was the only one who knew the real reason why he never attempted getting into a relationship. He should have figured she’d try to help him. “Yeah,” he muttered. “After dad… after he just left me and mom like that… all alone, not even giving us any idea of where he was going or is, I just… I don’t want to feel abandoned again.”

Pikachu cuddled next to Ash, holding onto his strong body, comforting him. “I know Ash, I know,” she whispered. She was the only living being other than Ash’s mother that knew the story behind Ash’s father. She simply hugged her partner, comforting him in his time of need.

Ash smiled at Pikachu and gave her another kiss on the cheek. “Thanks Pikachu.”

Pikachu giggled and kissed Ash back. “No problem Ash.”

“Ash?” Delia’s voice called. Ash and Pikachu turned to see Delia and Oak entering the building. The most surprising thing was that behind them, Ho-oh stood behind them at human size with Charmander next to her.

“Ho-Oh! What happened to you?” Ash exclaimed as he jumped up.

Ho-oh smiled. “Calm yourself Ash. One thing I forgot to mention is that the Amorra stone also allows Pokémon such as myself to change between our true size and a human size.

“Oh,” Ash replied. “S-So… what did you guys talk about?”

“Oh, nothing really important,” Delia replied nonchalantly. Ash sweat dropped.

“And why is it I don’t believe you?” Ash asked.

“Do not worry yourself my boy,” Oak spoke kindly. “Our conversation with Ho-oh means no harm to you or your Pokémon. We merely wished to speak to her on matters concerning the Amorra Stone and on some plans for me to study on it and Ho-oh. That is… if you’ll allow me?”

“Of course!” Ash replied, relieved that their talk was nothing too serious. He quickly grabbed the stone, wrapped it up in a small napkin and handed it to professor Oak. “Here you go Prof.”

“Thank you Ash, though I don’t think I will need this napkin,” Oak said, taking hold of the stone directly. “From what Ho-oh explained, the Amorra Stone seems to retain a mind of its own. It only activates its powers on rare occasions, so for now I think my Pokémon will be safe.”

“Phew, that’s a relief,” Ash said. “So… now that we got this whole mess wrapped up, is there anything I can do to help with the research?”

“Actually Ash, there is,” Oak replied, grabbing a pokeball from his belt. “I want to see if what you said the Amorra stone is really true. From what you said, any Pokémon you obtain will become an anthropomorphic female. I want to see if that’s completely correct. This is Charmander’s Pokeball. Currently, Charmander is a male, but if what you say is true, then the minute you load its pokeball then it should immediately transform.”

“Hold up professor,” Ash said raising his hand. He walked over to the small Charmander and kneeled before it. “Charmander… do you want to come with me?”

Charmander shuffled his clawed feet. “Well… you did catch Ho-oh, so you’re obviously really strong. That and…” Charmander didn’t manage to finish as he shied away.

“Ash,” Oak said as he grabbed Ash’s shoulder and brought him over. He then whispered, “This Charmander… well, a few days ago a couple of new trainers came. Charmander here was one of the starters available, but the two trainers chose Squirtle and Bulbasaur. This is the third time actually this has happened. Charmander’s sense of self-worth decreased and it became really depressed. That’s why I suggested him to go with you. I know that if anyone can make a Pokémon feel like it would belong, it’d be you.”

Ash sighed and turned to the shy lizard. It reminded Ash so much of how many of his Pokémon were. Some were abandoned by their trainers, like Charizard was when he was a Charmander, and others were just trying to find their place in the world. Ash realized what he needed to do. “Charmander, if you come with me, I promise I will take care of you. I can see that deep down, you’re really strong, and you just need someone to help you find that strength. Do you want to come with me?”

Charmander looked at Ash, and saw the calm and kind look in his eye. It could tell that Ash was being truthful, and giving him the choice of joining him. Charmander smiled and nodded. Ash smiled back. “Alright Oak, let’s do this.”

“Very well,” Oak replied. Oak had to admit it, Ash had an amazing way with Pokémon. He gave Ash Charmander’s pokeball, and Ash quickly popped it into the Poke-Gauntlet. Once it words “Pokémon Loaded” appeared on the screen, Charmander was consumed in light. In a fashion similar to evolution, her body transformed. Once the light dimmed, Charmander appeared in her new form. She stood at about the same height as Pikachu with a similar shape, nice legs and arms, a cute butt, an actual neck and short spiky orange hair, and a set of B-cup breasts. “Amazing.”

“So it’s true,” Delia said in similar awe. “Well Ash, I hope you take good care of all your Pokémon. I expect the best behavior of you young man.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Ash said teasingly. He watched as Pikachu talked with Charmander, explaining to her the whole transformation due to her being unaware of it prior. “Pikachu, why don’t you and Charmander go back to the ranch, I’m sure she’ll get along great with the others, especially Charizard.”

“You got it Ash,” Pikachu said with a smile.

Ash nodded and pointed at the two poke-girls. “Pikachu, Charmander return.” The two disappeared, leaving Ash with only his mother, Ho-oh and the professor. “Ah… after the day I’ve had, I think I’m going to turn in early. You coming mom?”

“That’s alright Ash,” Delia replied. “I think I’m going to talk to Samuel for a little while longer.”

“Alright then,” Ash said before turning to his legendary bird. “So Ho-oh, you ready to go back to the Ranch?”

“Actually Ash,” Ho-oh began, “how about we go have a quick flight?”

“A flight?” Ash asked in surprise. “You mean… me riding on you back and flying over Pallet Town?”

“That is what I mean,” Ho-oh replied. “I can fly high enough for us not to be seen by the citizens of the town.”

“You sure?” Ash asked again. Ho-oh nodded. Ash grinned. He would not slip up the chance to ride the legendary Pokémon (A/N: Yes, I know what that sounds like, but that’s not what I mean. That part comes later *wink, wink*). “You got a deal, let’s go!”

“Ash, what did Ho-oh say?” Delia asked, considering Ho-oh had not been speaking telepathically.

“Ho-oh and I are going for a ride before heading home, see ya later!” Ash said before rushing out and grabbing Ho-Oh’s arm/wing.

“That boy,” Oak said shaking his head. “Always rushing off.”

“Yes, but he’s not a boy anymore Samuel,” Delia said as she looked at the place where Ash once stood. “He’s… grown up.” Delia held back the silent tears as she finally came to the realization that her son was now a man. A skilled, strong, handsome young man.


“WOOHOO!” Ash exclaimed as he rode on the back of the magnificent rainbow Pokémon who was now at full sized. This was something Ash only ever saw in his dreams.

“Enjoying the ride Ash?” Ho-oh asked with a light giggle. Luckily, they were high enough so that no one could see them.

“Amazing Ho-oh… just amazing,” Ash replied. “All my life… I’ve dreamed what it would be to like to fly on your back. Thank you.”

Ho-oh smiled. “Not a problem Ash, it was the least I could do. After all, you are the Chosen One.”

“Huh,” Ash replied. “I haven’t been called that since the Orange Islands.”

“Ash,” Ho-oh spoke. “Being the Chosen One is much more than simply helping Lugia stop the destruction that madman had caused. You faced so many other dangers, many of which were just as dangerous if not more so. You even saved the alpha Pokémon, Arceus. You were always destined to help save the world Ash, from the day you were born.”

“W-Wow,” Ash said in amazement. Ash knew what Ho-oh said was true, he had helped many people and Pokémon, many of them being legendaries. He helped stop some massive disasters as well. Did that really mean he was still the Chosen One? Apparently. “So I guess… I might have not done all that I did if I wasn’t the chosen one… huh?”

“Wrong,” Ho-oh replied, surprising the raven-haired trainer. “The Chosen One is someone of the purest heart, one who cares for all and tries to find the most peaceful way to save everyone from danger. Regardless of whether or not you were the Chosen One, I know for a fact you would have still done everything you have. You would have still helped Lugia save the world, you would have still stopped the destruction of the world by that mutant Groudon, and you would have still saved Arceus from perishing in the Silver Water. Ash… you did all that because you are you. You always try to find what’s right, you care for the wellbeing of all others before your own, and you always try to stop the plans of those with malicious intent. Ash… it is for those very reasons that you are the Chosen One. Chosen by all the Legendaries, even Arceus, to defend the world and bring the light when there was nothing but darkness.”

Ash was amazed by the speech Ho-oh had just given him. He never thought he really mattered that much when it came to big events like the ones he had been in. He always believed he was just at the right place at the right time to help. Perhaps… perhaps Ho-oh was right. Maybe he was the Chosen One, and maybe it was because all he had done that he was given that honor. Ash smiled as he leaned down and hugged Ho-Oh’s neck. “Thanks Ho-oh.” Ho-oh only smiled, letting Ash rest on her back.

After a few minutes of flying, Ho-oh decided to head back down. She flew down to the edge of the forest that was just beyond the backyard of the Ketchum household. “Hey Ho-oh,” Ash said, “What are we doing here? I thought we were going home?”

“We will, but I think we have a bit of time,” Ho-oh said with a smile. Ash wondered what she meant. Time? Time for wh- Ash’s thoughts were silenced when he felt the legendary Rainbow Pokémon kiss him on the lips. Ash’s mind went blank. Despite Ho-oh having a beak, they felt like regular lips. No… not regular lips, amazingly sweet lips.

Just as quickly as it started, the kiss ended and Ho-oh pulled away, leaving Ash stunned and standing. Still in her full size, Ho-oh lied down on the forest floor and spread her strong legs, revealing her snatch to the young stud before her. Simply by the sight of the pure beauty before him, Ash got hard. Instinct took over as he removed his clothes, revealing his hard member to the legendary bird. “Impressive equipment,” Ho-Oh teased.

Ash climbed onto Ho-Oh’s body, staring down at the incredibly large white breasts and pink nipples. He leaned down and latched his lips onto the right nipple, resulting in a sweet pleasured moan from the legendary bird Pokémon. While he continued to suck, his hands touched the other breast, fondling and squeezing it. At the same time, he rubbed his erection against her stomach, leaking some precum on it and smearing it.

“Oh Ash…” Ho-Oh moaned as Ash’s mouth sucked on her nipple. She could feel his member pressing against her stomach. She reached under and grasped the appendage with her long feather-like fingers. Ash moaned as he felt Ho-Oh begin to pump his cock, sending strong vibrations into the nipple still in his mouth, causing Ho-Oh to moan even more.

Ash removed his mouth, lapping Ho-Oh’s nipple with his flicking tongue. After about a minute of this, he switched to the other, giving it the same pleasure. Ash didn’t know where he was getting the knowledge about all the sexual actions. Sure, he heard a lot of talk, but never paid attention to it. It was as if the instinct was buried into his brain and his body acted on its own accord. Ash decided to let instinct take control as he continued to pleasure the rainbow Pokémon.

Ash sucked harder onto Ho-Oh’s tit, moaning as the bird’s feathery fingers continued to stroke and pumps his desperate cock. He released the hardened nipple, letting out a loud smacking noise as he did so. He then turned around, and spotted Ho-Oh’s wet womanhood, desperate for attention.

Ho-Oh let out a confused sigh of disappointment as Ash released her and moved away. She was about to ask what was wrong when-“OOOAAAH!” she cried out as Ash leaned down and began to lick her wet pussy. Ash licked the large folds. Ho-Oh being at her normal size meant she had a lot more snatch to lick. Ash’s tongue flicked against the bird’s clit, pushing, licking, flicking, and even lightly nibbling on it sent Ho-Oh on a rollercoaster of emotions as she felt the young man pleasure her. Ho-Oh felt her nerves ripple with sensation as Ash continued to lick her snatch, pushing them further when his tongue pushed inside and wriggled inside her.

“AAAAH!” she cried out, being pushed over the edge. Her vaginal juices squirted out of her, splattering onto Ash’s face. Ash licked his lips, savoring the taste of the poke-woman’s juices.

“Tastes good,” he whispered. Before Ash even had a chance to react, Ho-Oh picked him up once again, turned him around, and kissed him on the lips again. Ash quickly melded into the kiss. Ho-Oh savored the taste of Ash’s lips mixed with her own juices, liking the taste very much.

Ho-Oh pulled Ash away, staring at him with her big crimson eyes. “Take me Ash,” she whispered. “Make me yours. Now and forever.” Ash was happy to oblige.

Ho-Oh set Ash back down, and spread her long legs wide, displaying her wet womanhood for Ash to see and admire. Ash walked over, position his stiff rod to enter the rainbow Pokémon’s insides. Careful, Ash pushed in.

Despite being larger than him, Ho-Oh’s snatch was incredibly tight. Just as much as Pikachu surprisingly. Ash pushed all the way in, pushing into Ho-Oh’s snatch until he was fully sheathed inside her. Ho-Oh was gasping in pleasure, reveling in the feel of Ash’s man-meat completely inside her.

For a second, Ash wondered something. From what he knew, when women lost their virginity, something called their hymen was supposed to break. From what he understood, the breaking of the hymen was incredibly painful. However, both Pikachu and Ho-Oh did not seem in pain when he entered them. Maybe the poke-girls don’t have hymens to break.

Ash was snapped out of his short thoughts when he heard Ho-Oh’s soft moans, begging him to continue what he had started. Ash was glad to please. Ash pulled out of the fire-type’s snatch before plunging inside once again, this time with more force and speed.

“Oh Ash!” Ho-Oh exclaimed as Ash continued to pull out and push inside her. Even with her size, she could perfectly feel Ash’s shaft moving inside her, plunging in and out inside her. Shockingly, she could feel Ash grazing her womb. Even though she knew Ash did not believe himself ready for children, Ho-Oh would have been happy to bear his child.

Ash thrust into Ho-Oh repeatedly, holding onto her large white thighs. He was panting as he pushed in and out of the large bird, reveling in the intense heat of her tight pussy around his large cock. He was sure he was going to go over the edge any second, but he was determined to last as long as he possibly could. Deciding to be bold, Ash reached forward as far as he could, reaching for Ho-Oh’s hard nipples. After a failed couple of tries, he succeeded, and pulled on the hardened numbs with all his might.

“AAAAH!” Ho-Oh cried out in pleasure, overrun with emotions as her breasts and pussy were stimulated by Ash. It was all so much, she was pushed over the edge once again. “A-Ash!”

“Ho-Oh!” Ash exclaimed. When Ho-Oh reached her climax, her insides tightened around Ash’s cock, pushing him over the edge with her. They cried out in unison as they each came. Ho-Oh’s inner juices covered Ash’s shaft while Ash’s seed shot deep inside her. The release lasted for a minute before both human and Pokémon exhausted themselves.

Ash laid a top Ho-Oh, panting heavily as he recovered from his releases. He looked up and saw Ho-Oh smiling at him. Ash smiled back. He pulled his limp cock out of Ho-Oh and crawled up. He gazed into her crimson with his own amber ones. He leaned in and kissed the rainbow Pokémon once again.


“This is great mom!” Ash declared after eating some of the dinner his mother had prepared for him. It had been a few hours ago that he had made it home after his little experience with Ho-Oh. Once he got home, Ash returned Ho-Oh to the Poke-Gauntlet and let Pikachu out. Sometime later, his mother came home and quickly made an incredible meal for herself, Ash and Pikachu.

“Yeah, thanks mom!” Pikachu exclaimed. As it turned out, Pikachu did see Delia as her mother figure, so much so she called her “mom” just like Ash. Being in her new form, she sat at a table and ate a plate of food Delia had made.

“No problem dears,” Delia said with a smile. Mimey, Delia’s Mr. Mime, was doing some cleaning upstairs, leaving the three to eat alone. “So Ash, have you thought about what Pokémon you’re planning on using for the tournament?”

“Not entirely sure,” Ash replied. “Since each tournament has different rules, there’s way to tell if there are certain Pokémon I have to use. Either way, I should have enough to handle the tournament. I’m just excited, I win this and I’ll reach my first step in entering the World League, right Pikachu?”

“Right Ash!” Pikachu chirped happily. Delia smiled, happy that Ash and Pikachu’s relationship had not changed because of the transformation.

Speaking of which, Delia still could not get over how Ash’s Pokémon had changed. Surprisingly, believing that Ash captured a Ho-Oh seemed more rational rather than all of his Pokémon, including the male-only species, all turned into admittedly sexy anthropomorphic forms. Despite this, she still knew Ash would take care of his Pokémon no matter what, but that led to another concern of hers.

As much as Delia didn’t want to admit it, her son was no longer a baby boy. No, he was a man now. He was a strong and handsome man that she knew no girl could resist. His good nature and good looks made Ash an instant hit with the ladies, but he never did much about it. He was always focused on his trainer career. Delia, despite her teasing for Ash to get a girlfriend, was thankful he had yet to find one, much less marry one. She wasn’t ready to see her baby move on with his life. She wasn’t ready for him to have children and move out permanently. She wasn’t ready to be alone again.

When Ash’s father left, Delia was incredibly hurt. He never even left a note, he just disappeared one night. Ash was 5 years old, but even still he could remember the day he left. Despite this, Ash never let the hurt show. If anything, he was what kept her strong. Whenever she felt the pain of her husband’s leaving, or was missing his arms around her, Ash would be there for her. he would be there with a big bright smile and wide open arms. Whenever he hugged her, he would happily kiss her cheek many times, wiping her cheek of tears. As he grew older, Delia began to get over her husband’s leaving, but even so Ash still often hugged and kissed her cheek, always ready to make her feel better whenever she seemed down. When he left for his journey, Delia was deathly worried that Ash would disappear too and she’d never see him again. However, he continuously called her, giving her that happy-go-lucky smile that she adored so much. She missed him, but wanted him to achieve his dreams. She didn’t want to be the reason for him to give up his dream, she loved him too much.

Even with this love, not a day went by that she missed Ash and worried about him. She wanted nothing more than to always be with him, to be with the little boy she loved ever so much. Her husband’s leaving left her with the fear of losing Ash too, and if that happened, she didn’t know what she’d do. Some days, she would cry in secret, still not fully over her husband’s leaving. And some nights, she would have nightmares of Ash leaving her forever. She’d never let Ash know though, not wanting to worry him about her more than he probably did.

Delia watched her young man as he ate. She definitely had to admit, Ash had definitely turned into a remarkably handsome young man. She could see a lot of his father in him, but a lot of her own father. Ash’s grandfather was a good man. He was there for Delia and Ash during their hard times, right up until his sad death when Ash was 8. At least he was with her mother now.

As Delia continued to watch her son eat his meal. He no longer devoured huge masses of food like an animal, but he still had his voracious appetite. She couldn’t help but smile at him. Ash was there for her when she needed him, and she knew she loved him with all her heart. She still feared the thought of losing him, but for now, she’d just enjoy having him home.

“Ah,” Ash said, finishing the meal he had just eaten. “That was delicious mom. Your cooking is still the best.”

Delia let out a soft chuckle. “Thank you Ash,” she replied. “But you know, you’re a pretty good cook now yourself. I’m still surprised by how much you learned from Brock and Cilan.”

“Heh, so am I,” Ash replied. “At least now I don’t have to worry about going hungry. But even so, I’ll always love your cooking the best mom.”

“Thank you Ash,” Delia said again, feeling the warmness in her heart she knew only Ash could fill.

Ash let out a soft yawn. “Well…it’s kind of late. I think I’m going to hit the sack tonight. I need to prepare anyways for the Mini-Tournament. You coming Pikachu?”

“You bet Ash!” Pikachu replied giddily as she jumped up. “Thanks for the dinner mom, it was really good.” She bowed and Ash translated.

“You’re welcome dears, have a goodnight,” Delia said, watching the trainer and Pokémon walk away while she began to do the dishes. As she did, Delia could not stop thinking about Ash and Pikachu. Even though Pikachu was still a Pokémon, she could not deny that she was a lovely woman now. After seeing Ho-Oh and Charmander as well, Delia was a little worried about Ash. Sure, he seemed rather dense when he was young, but he was always smarter than he appeared. She knew that while Ash was still a noble and chivalrous young man, he was still a young man. She knew he would be able to control himself, but for how long. As Delia continued to think, her thoughts led her to memories of herself and Ash’s father. And then, as if out of nowhere, she imagined what it would be like if it were her and Ash.

Delia quickly slapped her forehead. “Get those thoughts out of your head Delia. That’s your son,” she said to herself. Once she was done cleaning, she headed up stairs. She said goodnight to Mimey as he headed downstairs to sleep. She went to her room, gathered her sleeping clothes and went to take a shower. As she did though, she could not get her mind off of her son.

Once she finished and wrapped herself in a violet bathrobe that covered her voluptuous body. She let out a soft sigh as she walked towards her room, which was beyond Ash’s. “I need to stop thinking about Ash that way. Even if he wasn’t my son, he’d never want an old fossil like me,” she said to herself.

As she walked, she stopped when she noticed Ash’s door was open. ‘I wonder if he’d asleep,‘ Delia thought. ‘Maybe I could just take a quick check. There shouldn’t be any harm in a mother just looking in on her son since he left the door open.‘ Ever so carefully, Delia grasped the doorknob and slid the door open, looking inside her son’s room.

What she saw made her jaw drop to the floor.

“Oh Ash!” Pikachu cried out as she gripped onto the headboard of Ash’s bed. She was currently straddling Ash’s head, since the human teen was giving her the same treatment he gave Ho-Oh earlier. Pikachu’s fur glistened with sweat as he she felt Ash’s tongue wriggle inside her. Here tail was swatting around Ash’s cock, increasing his own sensitivity as he raised hers.

“P-Pikachu!” Ash exclaimed as he pushed Pikachu off his face and laid her on the bed. He positioned his cock before ramming it right inside of the Pika-girl’s tight cunt.

“Oh Arceus! Ash!” Pikachu exclaimed loudly as she felt Ash’s hot cock inside her tight canal.

Delia could hardly believe it. Her son…was having SEX with his Pokémon! She knew there might’ve been a chance he had sex before or was considering it, especially now that his Pokémon were all anthropomorphic females with devastatingly attractive looks. But she would have never even considered things would of escalated to this level. Her motherly side wanted to barge in and demand and explanation, but something held her back. Her eyes were glazed as she watched the scene unfold before her. Her hand slowly began to trail down to the increasing heat rising from below.

“Pikachu!” Ash exclaimed, loving the tightness of his electric mouse as he plowed her wildly. He felt a little odd doing it in his room, considering he knew his mother was just a few doors down, but that didn’t faze him much. He reveled in the tightness of Pikachu’s poke-hood. If both she and Ho-Oh were this good to fuck, he could only imagine his other Pokémon.

“Oh Ash!” Pikachu exclaimed, absolutely adoring the feeling of Ash ramming her. She still remembered back when she was a normal Pikachu how mating went. She never had a mate before Ash, but she had seen others mate. It didn’t matter anymore that she was now a girl, for if it meant that she could spend every day with Ash with this incredible feeling, she’d gladly take it.

Pikachu grunted and moaned as Ash plowed her, and for a second, her eyes opened. She grinned and said, “Hey Mom.”

Ash immediately froze. Pikachu’s words were ringing in his ears. Shock and fear consumed him, freezing him in place. Despite his mind yelling not to, he slowly looked up. He looked to his door, and there, staring right back him, was his own mother.

Delia stared through the door, looking at her son who resembled a Stantler in front of a pair of headlights. Ash couldn’t see because of her robe and the dark, but Delia had her hand down by her crotch, her fingers inside her own snatch. Watching the two go at it snapped something inside her. She couldn’t control it, it was like something was making her do this.

“M-M-Mom!” Ash cried out in shock, pulling out of Pikachu and falling on his back against the headboard. How could he forget to lock the door? His mother had just caught him red-handed! “M-Mom, i-it’s not w-what it l-looks l-like!” he tried to think of an explanation, any kind of explanation, but his mind just came to a blank.

Delia however did not hear her son. Instead, all her focus was on the rock hard appendage sticking out from Ash’ crotch. At that moment, something inside her snapped, throwing away all caution to the wind. She stood up, stepped into the room and closed the door. She silently locked it and walked forward.

“M-M-Mom?!” Ash asked nervously. His mother’s blank expression had him shaking rapidly, terrified of what the woman who gave birth to him would do to him. She walked right up to the front of the bed and… dropped her robe.

Ash’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head as he stared at his mother’s naked beauty. Even after the years had passed she was still a beautiful woman, sporting a tantalizing E-cup. As for him mind though, one could pretty much call him brain dead now. His mind was still reeling on the thought that his mother was naked here before him, just after watching him have sex with Pikachu. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t even notice Delia crawl onto the bed and towards him. He didn’t snap out of it until Delia pressed her lips against his.

Ash’s mind blared in alarm, telling him that his mother was kissing him. He tried to move, but his mother’s surprisingly strong grip had him pinned, not that he could move anyways. The action itself left his entire body limp to her mercy. Pikachu did nothing to stop this, not that she wanted to. She was only smiling happily as she watched Ash’s natural charm “captured” another girl. Ash tried to struggle, but his body protested. The more he tried though, the more his mind started to stop struggling. He could taste his mother’s lips, a soft cherry flavor he had never tasted before. Slowly, his mind began to haze more and more, and his body became all the more accepting of his mother’s actions.

Delia opened her eyes, and Ash could see years of longing and desire. For so long, Delia had been alone. His father abandoned him, and he left them alone. Through those years, Delia still had him and he had her. When he left, he knew she would have a hard time, but it would all be worth it when he made her proud. She was proud of him always, but always worried the last time she talks to him would be the last, or that he would no longer need her. She feared being alone, especially if Ash were the one to leave her.

Ash could see that fear in her eyes. For so long, his mom had been alone. He knew now that it was because of the Amorra Stone that turned the feelings of maternal love into something different. His mother wanted him, as a woman wants a man. And if this meant she wouldn’t be alone anymore… he’d happily accept her.

Ash’s body finally reacted to his mind, and he pressed his hands to Delia’s face, forcing himself into a deeper intimate kiss. Delia mentally smiled happily, glad her son would be here for her.

Delia pressed her impressive bosom onto her son’s muscular chest, letting out soft mewls as her nipples rubbed against his soft skin. She could feel his hard shaft pressed in between their stomachs, amazed that such a tool belonged to her son. She gripped the organ and began to pump it, resulting in soft mewls to escape Ash’s mouth. She could feel large drips of precum escaping the tip. Ash was really close before his mother entered. Had she seen what had happened before, she would have seen that he already came twice before arriving.

Delia pulled away from Ash’s sweet lips, savoring the taste. She wanted something desperately, and she was ready to get it. Delia laid herself on the bed, displaying her went womanhood right in front of her son. She then whispered, “Take me Ash. Make me feel like a woman again.”

Ash, with all previous thoughts against this put away, leaned over and thrust into his mother’s snatch. They both let out a strong cry of pleasure as their bodies joined together.

Ash wasted no time in pulling out and thrusting back into his mother. She was still incredibly tight for her age. She felt so incredible, similar to Pikachu and Ho-Oh, but different at the same time. The young Pokémon Master to be plowed his mother’s pussy, and each thrust resulted in a loud cry from his mother.

Delia was in a world of bliss, one she was sure she’d never feel again. After over ten years of going without a man, she had nearly forgotten how amazing sex felt. As far as she could remember, Ash was definitely as good as his father, actually he felt even better. He was definitely larger than his father, and it was obvious he was doing everything he could to make her feel just as good as he did. Delia wrapped her arms around Ash’s neck, a big smile plastered on her face. “Oh Ash! Yes! Yes! Make your Mommy feel good! Make her feel like a woman again!”

“Mom!” Ash cried out as he continued to fuck his mother.

Pikachu was watching the scene before her with much gusto. She lay on the other side of the bed, watching as Ash fucked his mother and pleasuring herself. She fingered her snatch with her right paw while fondling her breast with her right. She pinched her own nipple and let out soft moans. She watched closely as Ash thrust inside of Delia, pushing her own sensitivity further as she imagined Ash doing her again. Even though she knew she wouldn’t get to feel Ash cumming inside her, she did already taste him several times that day, including their first time together. Besides, it was a different experience just watching. It was like she could still feel Ash fucking her while fucking Delia.

“Oh Ash! Yes!” Delia cried out as Ash leaned down and latched his lips onto her hard nipples. Ash hadn’t sucked on her breasts since he was a baby, and she could still remember the time when he was a baby. But he wasn’t a baby anymore. He was a man. A handsome, talented and incredible young man that was making her feel like a woman again. The incredible feeling was so overwhelming, Delia felt herself reaching her own limits. “Oh god! Ash! I’m Cumming!”

Delia’s inner juices sputtered out and her snatched tightened around Ash’s meat. Ash gasped and let out a loud cry as his long denied release finally came to fruition. “MOM!” He exclaimed as his seed surged into his mother. He could just barely hear Pikachu cry out as she also came to her own orgasm.

What felt like an eternity ended quickly for the two Ketchums. Ash lay atop his mother, gasping as his still flaccid cock remained inside her. He looked into Delia’s eyes, the eyes he inherited from her. They were filled with love and happiness, a happiness Ash had not seen for a long time. He smiled, and Delia smiled back. The two leaned in for one more kiss.


“Haaawww…” Ash yawned as he stretched from his bed. He found himself lying in the bed, but alone.

Memories of the day before flurried inside his mind. He had sex, not once, but four times in the same day, all because of a certain mysterious stone. First, he gave his virginity to his Pikachu, then he had sex with the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh, then he did Pikachu again, and was then interrupted and fucked his own mother. Who would have thought his life would turn out to be something out of a fantasy or a fanfiction.

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He looked around and saw he was all alone in bed. “Where are they?” Ash asked, remembering the fact that he, his mother, and Pikachu all slept in bed together after their incredible joining. “C-Could it all have been a dream?”

“ASH!” a familiar voice cried. Ash turned and was tackled by a yellow blur. When he opened his eyes, he found himself looking at Pikachu’s lovely and happy face. “You’re awake!”

“Yeah, I’m awake,” Ash replied as he got up. ‘Thank Arceus it wasn’t a dream. I don’t know if I could handle it being one.’ “Hey Pikachu, where’s mom?”

“Down stairs making breakfast. Come on!” Pikachu declared, yanking on Ash’s arm. After getting a pair of boxers on, Ash was dragged down stairs to the kitchen where he found his mother already serving an amazing breakfast.

“Oh, hello dears. I’m glad to see you’re up,” Delia said with her usual cheerful smile. “So Ash, how’d you sleep.”

“Next to you two, like I was in heaven,” Ash said with a sly grin.

Delia giggled. “Ash, behave yourself. Besides, I’ll need you to help me and Pikachu pack later today.”

At this, Ash raised an eyebrow. “Pack? You’re going somewhere?”

“I’m going with you silly,” Delia said, shocking Ash. His mother was going to go travelling with him. “Ash, I can’t just stay here anymore. After what we experienced last night, I cannot deny that I have feelings for you. You are my son, but you are also an amazing young man that I know any girl would be lucky enough to be with. And considering how many female friends you have, and the fact that you’ll be shared with your Pokémon, it’s obvious you’ll be plenty busy when you’re not training for the league.” Ash blushed brightly while Delia only giggled. “Ash, ever since you’ve left, I’ve always felt rather lonely here. I know Mimey is here, but he’s not much of company. I… I missed you.”

Seeing his mother with such a sad look, it hurt Ash to no extent. He quickly got up and hugged her. Delia hugged back, amazed by the fact that her son was actually taller than her now by a few inches. “I’d be glad to have you along Mom. It’ll be like a family trip.” Delia smiled at Ash’s words and hugged him tighter.

She then noticed Pikachu smiling and said, “Come here Pikachu, you’re part of the family too.”

“Yay!” Pikachu exclaimed before getting in on the hug. The hug lasted for a few more seconds before they all pulled away.

“Okay then, now let’s eat this breakfast so you two can help me pack and then Ash can get some training for the mini-tournament in a few days,” Delia said as they separated.

“Sounds like a plan mom!” Ash said with a smile. “Although, I do have to ask one thing.”

“What is it dear?” Delia asked her son.

“When did you get a tail?”

Yikes! Talk about a mind blower.

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Now, I’m betting some people are wondering whether or not I will add the Pokémon from X and Y into this story. To answer that question, yes. Ash will have Pokémon from X and Y in his roster, but that will remain secret until the list is revealed. Actually, there has been news of a leaked list, which has the English names of the new Pokémon. Some of these new Pokémon are possible pre-evolutions to Pokémon like Pinsir and Heracross, and others are a complete mystery. In either fashion, I’m looking forward to seeing the new Pokémon. Just imagine Ash getting it on with an anthro Yveltal and Sylveon.

Next Time – Battle for the Star Emblem
Ash enters in his first Mini-Tournament for his first Emblem. What are the special requirements for the tournament? Who will be there? And what happens when an old childhood crush reappears and wants to know about Ash’s recent change? Can Ash win the emblem, especially with a mysterious and unusual Pokémon? Stay tuned!

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*Chapter 3*: Ash 03 – Battle for the Star Emblem

Ash the Amorra Master

Summary: Ash uncovers an unusual glowing stone that changes his life. Now he has to deal with hormonal anthro Poke-girls and winning the World Tournament. He will become the greatest trainer ever, and the luckiest.


Episode 03 – Battle for the Star Emblem

Pallet Town was normally a peaceful place.

But today, it was a place of great excitement.

“Hello folks! My name is Anne Nouncer and I welcome you all to the Pallet Town Grand World Mini-Tournament!” declared the red headed announcer girl as she sat at a large desk in front of a large battlefield. The surrounding area was surrounded by bleachers with many people all excited to watch this momentous event happening right in their own home town. “With me is the ever popular, ever intelligent, and ever poetic, Professor Samuel Oak!”

“Thank you Anne,” Professor Oak said with a smile as he sat next to the red headed announcer. “I must say it is a great privilege and honor to be able to take part in such a momentous occasion.”

“And it is an honor to have you here with us Professor Oak,” Anne replied. “Now, in case some of you don’t know the rules of this tournament, I’ll give you all a run down. First, because this is a Mini-Tournament, only 16 people will be allowed to participate. The winner of the tournament will receive this!” Anne held up a round bronze badge with a golden star in the center. Because of its size, one of the cameras around zoomed in a displayed on a large screen TV above the announcer station. “The Star Emblem! In order to enter the Grand World Tournament, trainers must get 18 emblems, three emblems each from six different regions. Not only that, but the winner will also receive this!” she held up a Pokeball, but instead of a red cap, it was blue. “Inside this pokeball is a very rare Pokémon and the winner of this tournament will receive both the Pokémon and the Emblem. Now, let us see our lucky 16 contestants!” the television screen changed and displayed the images of 16 trainers. On the bottom right hand corner of the screen was the image of Ash Ketchum.

Speaking of Ash, he was sitting on a secluded bleacher with the other 15 contestants of the tournament. Next to him was his faithful Pikachu, sitting with a chipper smile on her face. Thanks to the effects of the Amorra Stone, everyone only saw a normal Pikachu, while in Ash’s eyes he could see her true form. It had been three days since he arrived in Pallet Town and touched the mystical and mysterious stone. Since then, his life has gotten quite a bit better. Now, he and his Pokémon were ready to claim their first Emblem so they could enter in the Grand World Tournament.

“Now, let’s see who our first match up,” Anne said as the screen randomized the trainers’ images into a tournament format. Ash looked up and found himself in the second match with a blonde boy. “And our first matches are Kail from Cherrygrove City, Johto versus Daniel from Ring Town, Fiore.” Two trainers walked onto the battle field – Kail was a short blue haired boy and Daniel was a muscular brown haired man. “Now it’s time for the Special Rule. Each Mini-Tournament has its own Special Rule that makes the battles more interesting. In this tournament, Trainers will have to choose a Pokémon based on a type we give them a random.” The image of a large wheel with all of the known Pokémon types appeared. “Now, who wants to get their Pokémon type first?

“I will,” Kail replied.

“Alright! Spin the wheel!” Anne exclaimed. The wheel spun, and it landed on a bug icon. “Oh! And Kail gets bug type! Now it’s time for Daniel.” The wheel spun again, and this time landed on a flame icon. “Uh oh, looks like Daniel has to use a fire type. That’s not good for Kail, but maybe he will have a plan up his leave! Well, enough talking! Let’s fight!”

“Go Beedrill!” Kail declared.

“Take that bug down Magmar!” Daniel declared.

Ash watched the battle before him with interest. He already knew who was going to win, but kept it to himself. He knew there was always a chance he’d be wrong. Either way, he was interested to see how this battle would play out.

“Is this seat taken?” a feminine voice asked. Ash turned and was met face to face with a lovely woman with long brown hair and green eyes. She wore a white lab coat, a green shirt, and black pants. She wore a familiar yellow/green pendant around her neck. “Hello Ash, nice to see you again?”

“Daisy? Daisy Oak?” Ash asked in surprise. From her cheeky smile, Ash knew it was true. This was Gary Oak’s older sister, Daisy Oak. He could still remember when he was much younger before leaving on his journey he used to have a pretty big crush on Gary’s sister, but he kept it secret from everyone including Gary, knowing that would only add to the tension they already shared back in their youth.

“Glad to see you haven’t forgotten me Ash,” Daisy teased before sitting down. She patted the normal-looking Pikachu on the head. “So this is the famous little Pikachu I’ve heard so much about. He sure looks healthy.

Ash was about to retort, saying Pikachu was a girl, but stopped himself. He remembered that while all his Pokémon did transform into sexy females, certain features did not change. These were the gender differences that Pokémon were known for. In Pikachu cases, Female Pikachus had heart-shaped tail end while male Pikachus were straight, resembling closer to a thunderbolt. Ash’s Pikachu retained her thunderbolt like tail rather than gain a heart-shaped one. This meant less people would suspect his Pokémon’s changes, but it also meant he had to prevent himself from slipping and telling people the truth on accident.

“He sure is,” Ash said with a small smile as he patted a pouting Pikachu’s head. She knew why Ash lied about her gender now, but that didn’t mean she liked it.

Daisy let out a soft giggle and smiled Ash. “It’s okay Ash, my grandpa told me all about the Amorra Stone.”

“WHAT?!” Ash exclaimed loudly, earning off stares from the other contestants. “Sorry,” Ash muttered and the other contestants just looked away. “What do you mean that old fart told you?” Ash asked in an angry whisper.

Daisy giggled again. “Now don’t get your pants in a bunch Ash. He only told me about what the stone did to your Pokémon,” she whispered back. “Don’t get mad at him, I sort of forced him to talk the minute I saw the stone. He tried to keep me in the dark, but I know how to get him to talk.” She giggled again.

Ash let out a soft sigh and shook his head. “Damn old geezer, that’s the last time I tell him anything.”

Daisy giggled at Ash’s behavior and patted his back. “It’s okay Ash, my grandpa couldn’t ever deny me anything. Even now, I just give him my puppy dog eyes and he’s putty in my hands.” Ash let out a soft chuckle and nodded, remembering how Daisy would get what she wanted from the old professor by just using her saddest and cutest face. “In all seriousness Ash, how are you dealing with this?”

Ash shrugged. “Pretty good, actually. Sure, this makes things a little different, but you know me, I always love a challenge.” He gave her one of her usual big grins, and Daisy couldn’t help but smile back.

“And Kail and his Beedrill win an astonishing victory against Daniel and his Magmar!” Anne Nouncer declared. Ash turned and saw the short boy and his Beedrill jumping for joy while Daniel was crying like a big baby over his loss.

“Called it,” Ash said with a smirk. “Well Daisy, it was nice talking to you, but I got a battle to win. Come one Pikachu!”

“Right Ash!” Pikachu exclaimed as the two rushed down the bleachers and towards the battlefield.

“That Ash,” Daisy said with a small smile. “Even after all these years he is still the same. Though I wonder where his mother is? I can’t see her in the crowd.”

“And now, we got a special treat for you folks,” Anne said to audience. “For our second match of the day, we have Marcus Damon from Ecruteak City in Johto, and Pallet Town’s very own Ash Ketchum!” the citizens of Pallet all cheered loudly for the favorite star. Ash waved at the crowed before facing his opponent. Marcus was a muscular redhead with a cocky grin.

“So you’re Ash huh? Nice to meet ya! The name is Marcus, and I always love me a good battle!” Marcus said with a smirk.

“Me too,” Ash replied. “Let’s both give it our best!”

“You got a deal! It’s Fightin’ Time!” Marcus proclaimed.

“Time for the Pokémon Type Randomizer!” Anne declared to everyone. “Who wants to spin first?”

“I will!” Marcus declared. The type wheel spun, landing on a flame icon. “Alright! Fire is my favorite type!”

“I guess it’s my turn then,” Ash replied. The wheel on the screen spun, landing on an icon that resembled a feather. “Flying huh? Alrighty then.”

“Now Trainers, Pick Your Pokémon!” Anne declared.

“Let’s do this right! It’s Fightin’ Time Blaziken!” Marcus declared, summoning a fried chicken.

“Blaziken!” the fire bird declared.

“My turn!” Ash exclaimed. “Go Gliscor!”

“Gliscor Gli!” the violet female air-scorpion cried out. Her transformed shape included longer filled out legs, filled out arms, spikes of hair on her head, a rounded cuter face, a nice firm buttocks beneath her tail, and a pair of E-cup breasts. Ash held himself from staring.

“Whoever defeats their opponent first will be the winner, is that understood?” the referee asked. Both trainers nodded. “Alright, begin!”

“Blaziken, start things strong with Blaze Kick!” Marcus declared loudly. The fighting bird Pokémon jumped high into the sky then came down with a flaming foot.

“Gliscor dodge and use Stone Edge!” Ash declared.

“Right Ash!” Gliscor declared as she flew into the sky and avoided the flaming foot. She then summoned two rings of sharp stones before launching them at Blaziken.

“Blaziken dodge!” Marcus exclaimed. Blaziken dodged the stones and jumped several feet back. “Now follow up with Fire Punch!”

“Rah!” Blaziken growled as he came at Gliscor with flaming fists.

“Gliscor counter with Sky Uppercut!” Ash exclaimed. Gliscor flew towards Blaziken with glowing claws. The two Pokémon attacks collided with one another. Blaziken then unleashed several more Fire Punches, but Gliscor was able to block each shot. “Gliscor, add in an Aqua Tail to the mix!”

“Take this!” Gliscor cried as her tail became surrounded in water and she swung it around, striking the fire bird in the chest.

“AH!” Blaziken cried in pain.

“Blaziken!” Marcus exclaimed in shock. Blaziken struggled back to its feet. He was tired from the constant punching, and the water attack was super effective against him. Marcus growled. “Don’t let up Blaziken, we can still win, right?”

“Blaze!” Blaziken declared proudly, his wrists igniting in fire.

“Good, now use Flare Blitz!” Marcus cried out loudly. Blaziken roared as his body became coated in blue flames and it charged at Gliscor.

“Gliscor counter with Giga Impact!” Ash cried out. Gliscor charged at Blaziken as her own body became coated in a swirling violet and orange aura. The two Pokémon zoomed to the center of the field before they crash into one another, creating a massive explosion. From the top of the smoke cloud, an injured Blaziken flew up, followed by a still determined Gliscor. Ash smirked. “Alright Gliscor, wrap this up with one final Aqua Tail!”

“Bye Bye Birdie!” Gliscor said before swinging her water-covered tail down on the fire type. Blaziken shot to the ground with a massive thud. When the smoke cleared, it revealed an unconscious Blaziken with swirling eyes.

“Blaziken is unable to battle,” the referee declared. “The winner is Gliscor, and the victory goes to Ash Ketchum!”

“What an amazing battle folks,” Anne declared to the microphone. “Ash Ketchum showed incredible mastery and strategy with his Pokémon. Talk about a battle to remember.”

“You did great Blaziken, an awesome fight,” Marcus said as he recalled his fallen Pokémon. He walked up to Ash and held out his hand. “Well that was one awesome fight Ash. You really gave me one heck of a run for my money.”

Ash smiled and shook Marcus’s hand after recalling Gliscor. “It was fun for me too Marcus. I hope we can battle again some time.”

Marcus smirked. “You bet your ass we will, I want a rematch soon.” Ash smirked back and the two shook before walking off the field to let the next competitors battle.

“Wow Ash,” Daisy said as Ash returned to his seat in the bleachers. “I got to say, you’ve really changed from that goofy big-headed kid that lived down the road.”

Pikachu giggled while Ash just rolled his eyes. “Thanks,” he said sarcastically.

Daisy giggled. “Oh, I’m just kidding Ash, don’t be such a stick in the mud,” she said as she ruffled Ash’s hair like when they were younger.

“Cut it off Daisy, I’m 18 years old!” Ash growled.

“But you still act like a 10 year old,” Daisy teased.

Ash simply rolled his eyes. He, Pikachu and Daisy all watched as the rest of the preliminary battles took place. After that, there were only eight trainers left, Ash included.

“Well folks, we come to the second round of the tournament!” Anne Nouncer declared. “And for our first battle we have the winner of the first match Kail and the second match Ash! Trainers please come to the battle field.”

“Well, looks like it’s time for some fun,” Ash said as he rose from his seat and walked over to the battle field. He walked to the center where he met the short boy that won the first round. “So you’re Kail?”

“Y-Yes sir,” the short boy said rather nervously.

Ash smiled. “Hey don’t be nervous, you’ll do great,” he said comfortingly. “Just give it your all and I promise you’ll have fun. You beat that big lug Daniel, right?”

Kail was surprised by Ash’s words but slowly nodded. “Y-Yeah…”

“Well then, just be confident yourself and who knows. Now you ready to give it your all?” Ash asked, holding out his hand.

“Yes Sir!” Kail said with a big grin on his face.

“Huh,” Daisy said in surprise. It was rather impressive. With just a few words, Ash managed to raise the spirits of a scared boy, one that he was going to face in battle. He truly was a great sport and honest battler.

“Now for the Pokémon Type Randomizer!” Anne Nouncer declared. Ash offered for Kail to be first. The randomizer landed on the Ice icon. “And Kail gets Ice.”

“Alright, go Dewgong!” Kail exclaimed, summoning a long white sea lion like Pokémon.

“Dewgong-gong!” the ice Pokémon exclaimed happily.

“Wow,” Ash said, impressed by the Pokémon. “That’s one nice looking Dewgong, Kail. He seems really special.”

Kail shuffled with a small smile. “He was my first Pokémon. My…my dad gave it to me for my birthday.”

Ash smiled softly. “Well, it is an honor to battle such a special Pokémon and trainer.” Kail smiled brightly. Ash turned back to the randomizer and found his Pokémon had to be Normal type. “Well, this is perfect. I have just the Pokémon to handle this special battle. Go Delia!”

“Vee!” Exclaimed the Pokémon as she appeared on the field. The entire stadium gasped in shock at the Pokémon standing on the field.

Standing there was an Eevee, but not a normal one. Her colors was incredibly different. Instead of brown, the fur covering most of her body was a reddish auburn color. Also, the fur around her neck and tail tip, instead of the normal cream color, it was a bright pink.

“And Ash Ketchum brings out a sight to behold folks!” Anne declared loudly. “Ash’s Pokémon is an oddly colored Eevee, and one with a very beautiful coat as well. Did you know about this Professor?”

“If there is one thing I know Ash for, it’s to constantly throw me for loops with new discoveries in the world,” Oak replied. “I do know there are many Pokémon with differences in color, but this is the first time I’ve seen such an interesting color on an Eevee.”

“Wow Ash!” Kail said in amazement. “Where did you get that Eevee?”

“Oh, found her hiding around my home,” Ash replied. “I named her after my mom, since her fur reminds me of her.” Kail nodded, understanding Ash’s stretched truth.

In reality, this Pokémon was more than just a reminder of his mother. This Eevee was Delia Ketchum, mother of Ash Ketchum.

After the night he returned home and took his mother into his harem, Ash learned one of the side-effects of his mating with human girls. Since his Pokémon now transformed into humanoid versions of themselves, it would only make sense that any human girl Ash would take to bed would change as well. His mother, after he noticed the tail, explained that now she could transform from her human form into an anthropomorphic Pokémon form. At first, Ash was shocked, until Delia told him she enjoyed the ability now, which also meant that she could go with Ash and even participate in battles. At first, Ash was against this, until Delia used her big sad Eevee-eyes to win him over.

While everyone else saw a normal Eevee with an odd coat, Ash saw the full fruits of the transformation. Standing before him in reality was a 5’5″ Eevee woman with long arms and legs, a sexy hourglass shape, her tail set firmly above her jiggly butt, a luscious E-cup, a small collar of pink fur around her neck, and a hairstyle on her head that was the same as in her human form.

“Hey Dear,” Delia said with a small smile. Ash smiled back and nodded. This would be Delia’s first battle.

“The battle between Kail and Ash will now Begin!” the referee declared.

“Dewgong use Ice Beam!” Kail declared and the white Pokémon fired an icy energy beam at Delia.

“Delia dodge with Quick Attack!” Ash exclaimed.

“Missed me!” Delia said cheekily as she quickly avoided the icy blast.

“Good, now follow up with Swift!” Ash exclaimed. Delia’s tail glowed bright and she quickly spun around, shooting a flurry of golden stars from her tail.

“Dewgong use Brine to block!” Kail exclaimed. Dewgong release a powerful torrent of water from his mouth, colliding with the stars and cancelling the attacks.

“Smart move Kail,” Ash said with a smirk. “But let’s see if you can keep up. Delia use Dig!” Delia nodded before rapidly digging into the ground beneath.

“Dewgong, don’t let her get away! Use Brine into the hole!” Kail exclaimed.

“Right!” Dewgong called out as it fire another Brine attack, this time directly into hole Delia had created.

Ash however was expecting this. “Delia now!”

“Peekaboo!” Delia exclaimed as she appeared beneath Dewgong and tackled it on the head. She quickly moved away before the Brine Dewgong had sent struck himself.

“Dewgong!” Kail exclaimed in worry as the water/ice type went flying into the air.

“Let’s end this quick Delia! Use Hyper Voice!” Ash exclaimed.

“Right!” Delia replied as she jumped high into the air, right above the ice type. She took a deep breath and- “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!

Delia’s sonic scream sent Dewgong rocketing to the ground, crashing in a heavy thud. When Delia landed back to the ground, the smoke cleared, revealing Dewgong to be still conscious, but heavily injured.

“Oh no! Dewgong you need to return!” Kail exclaimed worriedly as he tried to recall his Pokémon. Dewgong however avoided the beam. “Dewgong!”

“Dewgong! Dew-Dewgong! Dewgong!” the white Pokémon cried out in poke-speech.

“What?” Kail said in confusion.

“He doesn’t want to quit,” Ash said, surprising Kail. “He knows your scared Kail, you don’t want to see him or any of your Pokémon hurt. But Dewgong wants to battle, he wants to show just how much of a great trainer you are. But he can’t do that without you.”

Kail was stunned. He looked Dewgong, who gave him a confident smile. Kail smiled back, and gave Ash a determined look. “We’re not gonna give up, right Dewgong?”

“Dewgong!” the aquatic Pokémon declared, ready for battle.

“Good to hear,” Ash said with a small smile. “The time has come to end this battle! Delia use Iron Tail!”

“Yes dear!” Delia declared as her normally soft tail became covered in a shiny aura and turned hard as steal.

“Counter with Aqua Tail!” Kail exclaimed. Dewgong let out a mighty cry as its tail became coated in water and it charged at Delia. The two Pokémon clashed their tails with one another, causing a bright flash, blinding nearly everyone.

When the flash dissipated, everyone saw the two Pokémon on the field, both tired and injured. Delia was clearly much less damaged than Dewgong, but both stood strong. Dewgong offered a small smile before falling to the ground with swirling eyes.

“Dewgong is unable to battle! The winner is Eevee, and victory of the battle goes to Ash!” the referee declared.

“What an amazing battle folks! Talk about one for the books!” Anne declared happily.

“Indeed,” Prof Oak agreed. “Both Ash and Kail showed amazing battle skills. They should both be commended for their great battling.”

“Hey Kail,” Ash said as he and Delia walked over to the boy tending to his Dewgong. “You and Dewgong were great. You really put us into a spot.”

Kail’s eyes gleamed in recognition. “Thanks Ash! That battle was great. I’m not even sad about losing.”

“I’m glad,” Ash said with a grin. “Battles shouldn’t really be about winning or losing, they’re about humans and their Pokémon bonding together to become stronger. I hope we can meet again for a rematch.” Ash stuck out his hand.

And Kail happily took. “I really look forward to it.” Dewgong and Delia smiled back happily in response. The two nodded each other before leaving the battlefield.

“What a great display of sportsmanship,” Anne said happily. “Now let’s move onto the next battle.”

Ash recalled Delia and walked past the bleachers, fully intending to go home, until a familiar voice called. “Hey Ash, aren’t you going to stay and watch the battle?” Daisy asked as she and Pikachu reached Ash.

Ash shook his head. “Nah, this is the last battle of the day, and the tournament picks up tomorrow. I’ll be in the semi-finals battling whoever wins. I’ve seen both their battle styles in the preliminaries, and I’ll just find out tomorrow. Besides, I should get going. I promised my mom we’d spend some time together after my battles.”

“Speaking of your mom, I can’t seem to find her,” Daisy stated. “I thought she’d be here to watch her son battle.”

“Oh, she’s here, and she watched me battle,” Ash said with a small smirk. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll tell her you said hi. I’ll see you later Daisy.” Ash said before waving off, and Pikachu did the same.

Daisy watched the two walk away, but she couldn’t get over that smirk Ash had. What did he know that she didn’t? If there was one thing she hated, it was not knowing things – something she picked up from her grandfather. And when Daisy Oak wanted to know something, she’d do anything to find out.

Ash and Pikachu walked towards their home. He opened the door and called out, “Hey Mimey, we’re home!”

“Ash!” exclaimed a feminine voice. Walking out of the kitchen was Mimey the now Mrs. Mime. Another thing Ash learned about the Amorra Stone was that whenever he mated/captured a human into his harem, any Pokémon under that human’s owner ship becomes part of Ash’s harem as well. Since Mr. Mime was already a humanoid-like Pokémon, there weren’t any severe body changes. She did now have an hourglass body form like the others, and a mane of blue hair which peaked into the two points her kind were known for. Her breasts were a D-cup, only slightly bigger than Pikachu’s, and with large bright pink nipples. Ash was still deciding on whether or not to take Mimey with him, since he was sure he’d still need someone to watch and take care of the house. “How was the battle Ash?”

“Great,” Ash replied as he sat on the couch. “Gliscor got to battle the first round, won easily. And then Mom got her first battle. Speaking of which – Gliscor, Delia, come on out!” Ash declared, and in a short flash of light, Gliscor and Delia both appeared in the living room.

“Hey Ash!” Gliscor exclaimed happily as she flew over and hugged Ash affectionately, pressing his head firmly in between her boobs.

“Hey Gliscor,” Ash said with a smile as he managed to push the affectionate Pokémon off. He then turned to his mother-turned-Pokémon. “So mom, how do you feel about winning your first Pokémon battle, as a Pokémon?”

“In all honesty dear, it was amazingly exhilarating,” Delia replied with a smile. Her body had soft glow as it morphed before Ash and his Pokémons’ eyes. Her thin layer of fur disappeared into her skin, revealing the pinkish flesh. The fur around her neck grew smaller, and her normal clothes seemed to rematerialize around her body. Her face reverted from its mammal like form back to her original face. Delia had returned to her normal form, with the exception of the Eevee Tail, ears and fur collar. This was what Ash called a Mid-Form. This was a form, as Ash suspected, that was in-between his human girl’s two main forms. Each form in his opinion was just as sexy as the other.

“I told you it would be,” Pikachu said with a big grin.

Delia giggled. “Indeed you did Pikachu. Maybe next time Mimey can have some battle fun.”

“Maybe,” Ash replied. “I’m just glad Oak agreed to keep an eye on the place while I’m gone. At least this way I can take you both with me.” Ash had been contemplating on whether or not he should take his mother and Mimey with him because he did not want to leave the house alone for such a long time. Prof. Oak was kind enough to watch over the place while he was gone. Oak was not aware of the change in Ash and his mother’s relationship, but he was aware she was traveling with him now. He had no problem with this, though part of that could be due to the Amorra Stone’s effect.

“So Ash,” Delia said as she licked her lips. She sat upon her son’s lap. “I can assume that Gliscor and I deserve a reward for a battle well won. Am I right?”

Ash mentally rolled his eyes. Ever since he touched the Amorra Stone, his Pokémon – mother and Mimey included – wanted to bang him nearly every minute of every day. He knew he’d have to build up the stamina to be able to handle and satisfy all his girls. But Ash always loved a challenge. “Alright. I suppose you girls earned it. Pikachu, Mimey, care to join us?”

“Thanks Ash, but I think I’m going to take a nap upstairs,” Pikachu said before kissing Ash’s cheek and heading upstairs.

“I got to do some cleaning,” Mimey replied. “I need to get this place a clean as possible before we leave. But I will take you up on that offer later.” Ash nodded as Mimey left.

“So where shall we do this?” Delia asked. Gliscor looked like a girl in a candy store, all giddy for her first time with her master.

“How about your room since Pikachu’s napping in mine?” Ash suggested. Delia nodded and the three headed up and into the master bedroom.

As soon as the door closed, Delia and Gliscor removed Ash from his clothes and pushed him into the bed. He lay naked, watching as the two ladies crawled onto the bed as well. As she did, Delia reverted into her Eevee form. “I hope you don’t mind Ash, but I want to try this form out for a spin.”

Ash smiled. “You look beautiful no matter what, but sure.” Delia smiled back.

“C-Can I go first?” Gliscor asked timidly.

Delia smiled. “Go for it dear.”

Gliscor smiled. She leaned down and kissed Ash on the lips. Ash had to admit, kissing the flying scorpion was different, but just as nice as kissing his other Pokémon had been. Ash’s hand went to Gliscor’s large violet breasts, squeezing the engorged mounds.

“A-Ash!” Gliscor moaned as Ash squeezed and pleasured her breasts. Delia smiled and watched as Gliscor and Ash pleasured each other. She had witnessed Ash treating with the same amount of love to Pikachu and she learned about Ho-oh as well. She was proud of her son giving all of his Pokémon the same amount of love as the other.

Delia then noticed that Ash’s rod was awake and already leaking traces of precum. She smirked devilishly before leaning down and giving the tip of Ash’s member a long sensual lick.

“A-Ah…” Ash moaned. He looked up to find Gliscor had turned around, so her moist poke-hood was right above her face. He was about to question what was going one when another longer, thicker tongue began to wrap around his cock.

“Impressive Gliscor,” Delia teased the violet Pokémon as she wrapped her tongue around Ash’s member. It was bigger and longer than Delia’s, but that didn’t make her unable to assist. The two poke-girls licked and slurped on Ash’s member, tantalizing the taste of the boy they both loved so much. Ash continued to moan as the two teased his member.

“Oh…g-girls-mmmph!” Ash’s moan was muffled as Gliscor sat atop his head, burying her poke-hood against Ash’s face. She could feel his breath, mouth and tongue pressed against her aching snatch, causing her to moan loudly.

“Ash!” she gasped. Gliscor sucked on his member with all her strength. She wanted to taste the sweet nectar Pikachu had bragged about back in the Poke-Ranch. Delia assisted by sucking on Ash’s testicles. She could hear the muffled moans of her son beneath his Pokémon. She fondled his balls and licked the parts of his member that Gliscor did not get to. Gliscor swallowed Ash’s member in her mouth, careful not to bite with her sharp teeth. The heat of her mouth increased the need to release for Ash.

It wasn’t long before he could no longer hold anything in. “MMMPH!” Ash moaned beneath Gliscor loudly as his seed shot out of him. Gliscor eagerly swallowed the sticky white substance as it flowed into her mouth. She pulled off Ash’s still squirting member, allowing his mother a chance to taste the releases. Both Pokegirls savored the taste of Ash’s spurting seed. After expelling all of his contents, Gliscor pulled her rear away from his face, letting him catch his breath.

However, it only lasted for a second as he felt something else consume his member. He looked up and found it was Gliscor taking in his cock with her pussy. “Oh Ash, so big!” Gliscor moaned as she felt the fullness of Ash’s hard member inside her.

“Take it easy dear,” Delia whispered as she crawled over beside Ash. “You have a lot of girls to please, so we’ll need to build up your stamina.” She leaned down and kissed her son with her own Pokémon lips.

Gliscor bounded up and down Ash’s cock with great vigor. In all honesty, she always had a crush on Ash since he captured her. She was a female before the transformation, and since she was a Gligar, she had a crush on Ash. Sure, it wasn’t to the same degree as some of his other Pokémon, but she still loved him for all his kindness. He made her prove herself without the need to evolve before finally letting her evolve into her final form. Even when she left to train, Ash was supportive of her because he wanted her to be as strong as she could be. Now that she could truly be with him, she’d relish every second.

“G-Gliscor!” Ash cried out as his mother pulled away. Gliscor’s snatch was incredibly warm and tight, just like his other Pokémon. He reveled in the feeling of the tight snatch, thrusting with great force and speed as Gliscor bounced up and down.

“A-Ash! I-I’m gonna cum!” Gliscor screamed, feeling the combined effects of earlier having Ash’s face in her snatch and now her cunt filled with his meat stick. She coiled her tail around Ash’s waist as he release came.

“A-AOOH!” Ash moaned loudly as Gliscor’s tightness got even tighter. The combined forced was all it took for Ash to come to his second release of the night. His seed surged into the purple Pokémon, filling her womb to the brim with seed.

After a full minute of release, both master and Pokémon gasped in relief. Gliscor fell forward and landed atop of Ash. She had a big toothy smile on her face, happy to have finally mated with her trainer.

As Ash panted from the lovemaking, he looked up to see his mother, back in her hybrid form. “I think that is enough for tonight dear,” she whispered. “You shouldn’t exert yourself, especially with the end of the tournament tomorrow. Don’t worry, we’ll have some more fun soon.” She kissed him on the lips before sleep finally claimed him.


The following day, Ash was ready for the tournament.

Once again, Ash stood at the ready on the battle field. He was ready for the final battle of the Mini-Tournament. The semi-final was hardly a challenge, and he was sure that both his previous matches would have beaten him.

Speaking of which, Marcus and Kail sat along with a human Delia, Pikachu and Daisy Oak, all ready to cheer Ash on. “Give’em Hell Ash!” Marcus declared with his usual forwardness.

“Keep your shirt on Marcus,” Kail laughed lightly. After their battles against Ash, Marcus congratulated the boy for his good battle. The two had quickly become fast friends. After meeting Ash and Marcus, his confidence seemed to build up.

“So Delia,” Daisy spoke as she sat next to the mother. “Where were you yesterday? I was trying to find you.”

“Oh I was in one of the other bleachers,” Delia replied nonchalantly.

“Really? Because I looked all over and couldn’t find you,” Daisy replied, not completely buying what Delia was saying.

Delia was about to respond when the sound of the battle horn went off. “Well folks, here we are!” Anne Nouncer declared. “After three rounds of intense battles, we’re finally at the final round of the tournament. In the red corner we have Pallet Town favorite, Ash Ketchum!” Ash waved at the crowd that instantly cheered for him. “And in the green corner we have the Blackthorn City native, Richard Sampson!”

Ash looked over to his opponent. He was a large grown man with short black hair and wore a large brown trench coat and a pair of sunglasses on his eyes. Ash and Richard walked to the center and shook hands. “I wish you the best of luck Ash Ketchum,” the large man said with a deep affirmative voice.

“The same Richard,” Ash replied.

“Call me Sampson,” the large man stated, offering a friendly smile. Ash matched it back and the two walked away.

“Holy crap!” Marcus exclaimed in shock. “I didn’t know the chief was here!”

“Chief?” Kail asked.

“I moved to Blackthorn a few years ago,” Marcus replied, showing off his police badge. “I signed up with the local police department, and that’s my Chief. I never knew he was a battler.”

“Sometimes there are things about people are more than they appear,” Delia said lightly. However, she did not see Daisy’s narrowing eyes.

“Well folks, it is time again to spin the type wheel again,” Prof. Oak declared. “Who will go first.”

“You can go Sampson,” Ash offered. The large man nodded and the wheel spun. The wheel slowed and landed on the image of a black figure resembling a reptile with a large wing.

“Uh oh, looks like Sampson gets the Dragon type. Let’s hope Ash gets the same or an ice type,” Anne declared as the wheel spun again, this time for Ash. The wheel landed on the image of a large eye. “And Ash gets Psychic. While not the best for dealing with Dragon Types, this is definitely an interesting battle.”

You have no idea lady,’ Ash thought with a mental smirk.

“The battle between Ash Ketchum and Richard Sampson will now begin,” the referee declared. “Trainers, call out your Pokémon.”

“Very well,” Sampson stated. “Dragonite, front and center!”

“Nite!” cried out the large yellow dragon as he appeared on the battlefield.

“Crap! Ash is screwed!” Marcus exclaimed.

“Why’s that Marcus?” Kail asked.

“No one’s ever been able to beat the Chief’s Dragonite, that thing is crazy strong!” Marcus explained. “Trust me, me and my Pokémon have been on the receiving end of that thing plenty of times before. I think the chief takes enjoyment out of knocking us around. That thing is so strong, it gives the Gym Leader’s Pokémon a run for their money. Heck, I’ve heard he’s beaten Lance!” Kail gulped, now equally worried for Ash.

“Now boys, don’t be so worried,” Delia said lightly. “If I know Ash, he’s always have a plan.”

“I have to admit,” Daisy stated, “Ash definitely has grown since I saw him running in his pajamas to get his starter Pokémon.”

Kail and Marcus blinked in surprise. “Ash got his Pokémon in his pajamas?” Kail asked surprised. Delia and Daisy giggled while Pikachu sniggered.

“Well, better than how I started out,” Marcus shrugged.

“Well Ash, what Pokémon will you use?” Sampson asked, Dragonite matching his cross-armed pose.

“Oh, I have just the Pokémon for this battles,” Ash said with a sly smirk. “Gardevoir I choose you!” a red beam shot out of Ash’s Gauntlet, and on the field appeared the psychic Pokémon Gardevoir.

“Gardevoir!” the lovely psychic declared as she appeared on the field. Like the rest of Ash’s Pokémon, she had changed as well. Her already feminine body gained a bit more shape and curve. Her hips and rear grew, creating a cute bubble butt. The spike on her chest shrunk slightly, allowing for a pair of E-cup breasts with light pink nipples to hang out.

“Begin!” the referee declared.

“Dragonite, start things with Dragon Pulse!” Sampson declared. The large dragon fired a swirling blue orb from its mouth right at Gardevoir.

“Gardevoir stop it with psychic,” Ash said calmly. Gardevoir nodded and her eyes glowed. The swirling orb stopped just in front of her face, held by a light blue aura. “Good, now send it right back at Dragonite!”

“Take this!” the psychic Pokémon cried out as she sent the orb right back at its user.

“Dragonite dodge!” Sampson exclaimed. The yellow dragon flapped its wings, soaring into the air to avoid the attack. However, Gardevoir anticipated this, and sent the orb up, hitting the dragon Pokémon head on.

“Nite!” Dragonite cried in pain.

“Alright, now follow up with Thunderbolt!” Ash exclaimed. Gardevoir’s entire body lit up with electricity before she sent one large bolt right at Dragonite.

“Dragonite!” Sampson exclaimed as his Pokémon screamed din pain from the electric attack and fell to the ground. Once the dust cleared, Dragonite slowly got back on his feet, still clearly able to fight. “Very good Dragonite. Now use Dragon Pulse once more.” Dragonite fire the sphere of dragonic energy again.

“Catch it again Gardevoir,” Ash told her. Gardevoir caught the attack with ease. “Now send it back.”

“Dragonite three Dragon Pulses,” Sampson declared, surprising Ash. The yellow Dragon fired three more blue spheres. Gardevoir managed to send the one she had caught back, and intercepted one, but the other two passed through the dust, hitting the unsuspecting psychic type.

“AH!” Gardevoir cried in pain as the two dragon type attacks hit dead on.

“Gardevoir!” Ash exclaimed in shock.

“Now follow up with Dragon Rush!” Sampson declared. Dragonite roared as it was coated in a blue dragon-shaped aura and charged at Gardevoir.

“Gardevoir Protect!” Ash exclaimed. Gardevoir tried to summon the shield, but Dragonite crashed into her first. “Gardevoir!”

“Now end it with Draco Meteor!” Sampson exclaimed.

“Crap! Ash is critically screwed! No one’s ever survived the Chief’s Draco Meteor!” Marcus exclaimed, quite freaked.

“This is bad,” Kail said worriedly.

“Don’t be afraid,” Delia said lightly. “I’m sure Ash has something planned. It’s not that easy to beat him, trust me.”

As much as Daisy hated to admit it, she agreed with the boys. There was no possible way Ash’s Gardevoir would survive a direct hit from Draco Meteor after four direct hits from dragon type attacks. It looked like this battle was going to be over.

The attack hit, and a large cloud of smoke. A silence went over the crowd, unsure of how to react. Sampson and Dragonite stood, expecting to have won the battle. However, as the smoke cleared, Sampson’s stone-wall expression went slack as he and Dragonite stared at the sight before them. Gardevoir still stood, right next to her master, still fully capable of fighting despite the multiple scratches all over her body.

“WHAT?!” Marcus screamed, voicing the thoughts of all the spectators. “How in Hell did Gardevoir survive that?!”

Ash smirked at Sampson who was thinking the same thing. “I’m guessing you’ve never fought a Fairy Type before?”

After that little tidbit, Sampson slapped his forehead. “Of Course.”

“Professor Oak, I’m confused,” Anne asked her co-announcer. “Gardevoir just took four direct hits from Dragon type moves. Not to mention one of them was a Draco Meteor, the strongest Dragon type attack of all. How is it possible that Gardevoir still be up and able to fight and able to fight?”

“Quite simple really,” Professor Oak replied. “As you know, several months ago it was announced that there was an 18th type – the Fairy Type. This discovery was made by the professors in the Kalos region, and after some hard research all over the world, many Pokémon were found to have the properties that make them Fairy type. Gardevoir is one such Pokémon and has been reclassified as a Psychic and Fairy type Pokémon. One large factor discovered about Fairy type Pokémon is their strong against Dragon type Pokémon attacks.”

“Wait, Fairy type?” Marcus repeated. “I never heard of it.”

“It’s a type that was only recently made public,” Kail explained. “They were discovered in the Kalos region and a lot of Pokémon have been re-typed because of that. Gardevoir is Psychic and Fairy type, which is super strong against Dragon Pokémon!” Kail had a big smile on his face. “I bet Ash picked Gardevoir because he knew that the Chief wouldn’t know that it was a Fairy type.”

Delia giggled. “Correct Kail. Ash has been to the Kalos region and captured a lot of Pokémon from there. He knows very well about Fairy type Pokémon and knew that Gardevoir would be a perfect match for Dragonite.”

Daisy stared in amazement. She had heard about the Fairy types, even had a few Pokémon that were reclassified as Fairy types, but she never would have expected Ash to know. It seemed that he was definitely much more than the young boy she knew when she was younger. She still remembered how Ash would sometimes show up at her doorstep with a set of flowers he picked just for her. She always thought it was sweet when he did it when he was younger. And as much as she didn’t want to admit it, she missed Ash when he left on his journey. She was glad he and her brother made amends, but wished she could have had more chances to talk to him and see more of what an amazing young man he was.

“Well Ash,” Sampson spoke, “You may have a Fairy type Pokémon on your side, but that does not mean I’m going to lose. I intend to win this.” Dragonite gave out a triumphant roar in agreement.

“Funny, that’s just what I was going to say,” Ash said with a smirk. “You ready Gardevoir?”

“Ready Ash!” the female Pokémon declared.

“Dragonite use Dragon Rush!” Sampson declared. Once again, Dragonite was covered in a dragon-shaped aura as it charged at Gardevoir.

“Not this time,” Ash said with a familiar evil smirk. “Gardevoir use Attract!”

“Fall under my spell!” Gardevoir sang as several small pink hearts swirled around her. She spun around, her breasts jiggling slightly as she sent the hearts right at the unprepared dragon.

“I LOVE YOU!” Dragonite declared as his eyes became hearts and he was infatuated with Gardevoir for the rest of the battle.

“Dragonite!” Sampson exclaimed in shock. He stared at his Pokémon, never having dealt with such a tactic as attract. He looked over to Ash who was smirking.

“Alright Gardevoir, use Psychic!” Ash declared.

“With pleasure,” the psychic Pokémon replied as her eyes glowed. Dragonite was then hit by a powerful wave of psychic energy, sending him crashing to the ground.

“No matter how many times you strike me down, I still love you!” Dragonite declared in a lovey-dovey voice.

“Now finish this up with Fairy Wind!” Ash declared.

“Time to end this!” Gardevoir declared. “Mystic forces, I call upon you!” the magical energy formed around Gardevoir, creating a powerful blast of magically manipulated air. Gardevoir waved her arm, sending the attack right at Dragonite.

“Dragonite!” Sampson exclaimed as he watched his Pokémon get consumed by the mystic pink wind. Despite his cries, Dragonite was completely immobilized by Gardevoir’s Attract, so he was left subjected by the devastating attack.

After a full minute, the winds dispersed. Dragonite fell from the sky and crash landed onto the ground with a loud thud. When the dust cleared, it revealed Dragonite on his back, the hearts in his eyes replaced by swirls.

“Dragonite is unable to battle!” the referee declared. “The winner is Gardevoir and the victory goes to Ash Ketchum!”

“Yes!” Ash exclaimed followed by the happy cheers of the crowd behind and around him.

“Amazing folks!” Anne declared happily. “And with an amazing end, Ash Ketchum, son of Pallet, has won the Mini-Tournament!”

“Alright Ash!” Kail exclaimed happily.

“Way to go bud!” Marcus declared. He was glad Ash won, but hoped the Chief wouldn’t hear him.

“I told you. When it comes to battles, Ash is always one step ahead,” Delia laughed.

“Yep! That’s our Ash!” Pikachu chirped happily.

“Wow,” Daisy said in amazement. She had never seen such an excellently executed strategy before. Ash knew how to handle the battle with his Pokémon perfectly. There was no doubt about it, Ash truly was an amazing trainer.

Sampson recalled his fallen Dragonite. “You did well old friend,” he said softly before walking towards Ash and his Gardevoir. He held out his hand. “You and your Pokémon fought well Ash, I expect that you’ll get far in the World Tournament.”

Ash smiled at the man and nodded, shaking his hand. “Thanks Sampson that was an awesome battle. You and Dragonite almost gave us a run for our money, right Gardevoir?”

“As much as I hate to say it, that is true,” Gardevoir replied, though Ash was the only one to understand her.

After that, Ash was led to the center of the arena, where Prof. Oak and Anne Nouncer stood together. “And here he is folks, the winner of the Pallet Town Mini-Tournament: Ash Ketchum!” the crowd roared in cheers, all happy that one of their own had won the tournament. Anne turned back to Ash. “Ash, for winning the tournament, you get this – the Star Emblem!” Anne held out the small emblem and gave it to Ash.

“Thanks Anne,” Ash said as he looked at the Star Emblem. Standing behind him were his Gardevoir and Pikachu. “Yes! I got the Star Emblem!”

“Alright!” The two poke-girls declared happily.

“Along with the star emblem, you get this Ash,” Prof. Oak said as he revealed a small Pokémon. He clicked on the button, and out popped a small blue dragon Pokémon.

“Dratini!” exclaimed the small Pokémon.

“Wow, a Dratini,” Kail said as he, Marcus, Sampson, Delia, and Daisy all watched from the sidelines.

“Lucky,” Marcus added.

“Thank you Professor Oak,” Ash said as he took the Pokeball. He loaded it into his Gauntlet, and Dratini disappeared inside it.

“Well folks, that’s all for now, see you next time!” Anne declared with one final cheer from the crowd.


Ash sat on the couch of his home. After the rather exciting couple of days, he felt like he needed some relaxation.

After the events of the tournament, he said his goodbyes to Marcus and Kail and Chief Sampson. Marcus and Kail surprisingly enough decided to travel together while Sampson said he would return to his job in Blackthorn City. He only came to see how Marcus did on his own. Ash, Delia and Pikachu returned home to rest, for the next day they would leave together.

He stared at the Star Emblem now in his hand. This was his first big step in getting into the Grand World Tournament. Only 17 more emblems to go. He knew it would be a difficult journey, but he knew that as long as he had his Pokémon, family and friends at his side, he knew there was nothing he couldn’t do.

He was all alone in the living room of his home. His mother was asleep in her bedroom and his Pokémon were all resting in his Gauntlet. Ash made sure to have Pikachu check on Dratini and keep her company until he got around training her and Charmander. Those two were the first young Pokémon in a long time that Ash had caught, and it would be fun to train them just as it was his other Pokémon. Along with them, Mimey was also now in his Gauntlet. After much consideration, he decided to take her with them. It wasn’t fair that he’d take his mother with him and not take her. Since he was taking Mimey now, that also got Ash thinking about giving his other Pokémon nicknames as well. Knowing the effects of the Amorra Stone meant he may obtain many more Pokémon in the future, so it would be best to be able to tell his Pokémon apart by giving them each their own nickname.

Ash’s musings however were cut short due to the sound of knocking on the front door. “Coming,” Ash said as he walked to the front door. He opened it, and standing in front of him was none other than Daisy Oak. “Oh, hey Daisy. What are you doing here?”

“Oh, just wanted to say hello before you and your mother left tomorrow,” Daisy replied as Ash let her in. “So Ash, how does it feel to have won your first Emblem?”

“Honestly, pretty great,” Ash replied as he and Daisy sat on the couch. “Just the first step I suppose. I still need to get 17 more if I want to get into the world grand tournament.”

“I’m sure you’ll be able to do it,” Daisy said honestly. “Want to know a secret?” Ash cocked an eyebrow curiously. “Gary still hasn’t gotten his first emblem yet.”

“You’re kidding,” Ash said in shock. He was sure that Gary would have already gotten his first emblem before him. He always bragged about being one step ahead of Ash, even now.

“Nope,” Daisy said with a cheeky smile. She had told her brother she wouldn’t tell Ash, but she knew it would be too much fun to do so. “Looks like you’re in the lead for now.”

“Well then, I guess it’s a good thing I leave tomorrow,” Ash said with a big smile on his face.

“Speaking of which, where is the next Mini-Tournament?” Daisy asked.

“The closest one I could find out would open is in Celadon City,” Ash replied. “From what I can tell, I should have enough time to get there and prepare before the tournament starts. ”

“Oh, okay,” Daisy replied, unsure of how to continue.

Ash took notice of Daisy’s silence. He looked to her face and could see a troubled look in her eyes. “Daisy, is something wrong?”

Daisy blinked in surprise. Had she been so obvious that Ash could tell? She shook her head, she had to stop thinking of Ash as a kid. He was clearly a perceptive young man, much more mature than the boy she knew long ago. “Sorry Ash, I guess I’m just a little worried.”

“About what?” Ash asked. He wondered what could possibly have Daisy worried.

“It’s about your mother,” Daisy replied, and Ash cocked an eyebrow. “I think she’s keeping secrets from you.”

“Secrets, what kinds of secrets?” Ash asked curiously.

“I’m not sure,” Daisy replied honestly. “It’s just…well, yesterday I tried finding her so I could talk to her. I’d thought she’d be there at the tournament to cheer you on, but I couldn’t find her. I looked all over but I couldn’t. Then yesterday when I tried to ask her about where she was, she was being very vague.” Daisy let out a long sigh. “I don’t know. Your mother and I were always close, and the fact that she’s obviously not telling me something is getting me a bit worried. Does…does she not like me anymore?”

Ash blinked in surprise. Daisy thought his mother didn’t like her, where’d she get that idea? He had often heard his mother say that she thought of Daisy as her own daughter. This was especially since after Daisy and Gary’s parents divorced, their grandfather took care of them and his own mother did everything to help. Ash could guess why his mother had been so vague to Daisy though. It was to protect the true secret of the Amorra Stone. Knowledge like that couldn’t be made public, for risk of others either wanting the same or trying to use the stone for their own advantages.

Despite this, Ash did feel bad for Daisy. As he looked at her, he couldn’t help but remember when he was younger, and he had a crush on her. It was one of the minor reasons he and Gary had fallout when they were younger. She was still as lovely as when he was younger. It was then had an idea, and idea that would solve all the problems.

“Daisy,” he spoke softly, catching the attention of the female Oak. “I know why my mom’s been keeping secrets from you.” Daisy blinked in surprise. “It sort of has to do with me.”

Daisy blinked once more. What did Ash mean by that? How could his mother’s actions have to do with him? “What do you mean Ash?” she asked.

“Well, you remember what Oak told you about the Amorra Stone?” Ash asked the brown-haired woman. Daisy nodded. “Well, it sort of has to do with that. You see…” Ash found his voice slowly leave him. Who knew it would be this hard to explain his situation? Suddenly, an idea struck Ash. “Daisy, there is an easier way for me to explain. But, you have to trust me. Do you trust me?”

Daisy blinked in confusion. As far as she could tell, Ash was being completely serious. Sure, she heard from her grandfather the basics about the Amorra Stone, but she wondered what would it have to do his mother? Ash wanted to explain it to her, clearly, but he seemed to be having trouble about it. Daisy always had a soft spot for Ash, so if he asked her to trust him, he would trust her.

“Okay Ash, I trust you,” Daisy said with a smile.

Ash smiled back and nodded. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and connected his lips to hers.


As the sun rose high above Pallet Town, four figures walked down the Route 01.

The first was none other than Ash Ketchum, walking pleasantly alongside three of his Pokémon. To his left were Pikachu and his mother in her Eevee form. To his right was his newest capture, a Ninetales. However, this Ninetales was different from any normal one.

While most Ninetales had nice golden fur, this one’s was a deep brown color. Her tail tips were green instead of orange, and her eyes were a deep green instead of the normal crimson red her kind was known for. This Ninetales was none other than Daisy Oak, granddaughter of Professor Oak.

When Daisy came by to figure out what was going on with Ash’s mother the previous night, Ash remembered something the Ho-oh had told him. Whenever he was inducting a new human girl into his harem without actually capturing them, he would have to kiss them. The kiss had many uses, one of which was to convey information between Ash and his girls. When Ash kissed Daisy, all the memories of what had happened to him since he found the Amorra Stone filled her mind. She also got the memories of Ash’s old crush on her.

After the kiss, Ash was able to explain much more easily, and thanks to the kiss, Daisy was a lot more open-minded. She didn’t mind that Ash had kissed her. In fact, it helped her realize that Ash had grown into an impressive young man. After that, the two went into a frenzy of love making.

Like his mother, Daisy was currently in her full-anthro form. Her height remained the same, and her C-cup breasts hung out freely as she walked along side Ash. Her hair was also the same, contrary to the normal mane actual Ninetales had.

“So Ash,” Daisy spoke as she walked next to Ash. “You sure my grandpa is okay with taking care of your house while you mom and Mimey are away?”

Ash smiled and nodded. “Yeah, he said he would check every couple of days to make sure everything is the same. Don’t worry Daisy, I trust Oak completely.”

“That’s good, and it’s obvious he trusts you considering he let me come with you on your journey,” Daisy teased. Before they left, they met with Oak to say goodbye. Daisy said she would be going with Ash to learn more about his battling abilities and learn more about the Amorra Stone, since Oak gave it to Ash for safekeeping. They didn’t reveal anything about Ash and his mating, since that was a private matter. They’d keep that on the down low for now.

“So Ash,” Delia spoke to her son, also in her Poke-form. “Where is the next Mini-Tournament?”

“From what I looked up on, the closest one that starts soon is in Celadon City. Don’t worry, we have plenty of time to get there and train along the way. Besides, I want to make a few stops along the way.”

Pikachu smiled devilishly. “Any of these stops happen to be the Cerulean City gym,” she teased.

Ash blushed brightly and humphed. The three girls giggled and smiled at him. Ash found it hard to not smile back. His journey into the World Grand Tournament had just begun, as did his adventures with the Amorra Stone. Things could only look up from here.

It’s finally done!

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I’m betting a lot of you were surprised by Delia’s, and Daisy’s, transformation. I’m so happy so many people were curious about what Delia would turn into. Those who guessed Eevee, you win! Before we go on, there are a few factors about the humans’ transformations I should go about. They can switch between full human, full-poke-girls, and hybrid forms at will. The forms they get are based around their personalities and abilities. Also, their colors are based on their human colors. Along with the normal abilities of the Pokémon they take the form of, they can get extra abilities based on their personalities. Example, Delia is able to use a few low-powered psychic attacks. If you guys have an idea for pokeforms for the other girls, say them in the review. Same goes for other Pokémon Ash will catch.

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Next Time – Three J’s
Ash arrives in Viridian City, and finds himself under the admiration of a rather eccentric Officer Jenny and shy Nurse Joy. Things however get dicey when an old enemy returns with a new danger. Can Ash survive a chance encounter with one of his greatest enemies? And who is this mysterious new group in charge of the new threat? Only time will tell.

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*Chapter 4*: Ash 04 – Three J’s

Ash the Amorra Master

Summary: Ash uncovers an unusual glowing stone that changes his life. Now he has to deal with hormonal anthro Poke-girls and winning the World Tournament. He will become the greatest trainer ever, and the luckiest.


Episode 04 – Three J’s

“Ah, Viridian City,” Ash declared as he entered the large metropolis only several miles away from his home town. “Boy this brings back memories.”

“Yeah,” Pikachu agreed. She was the only one out, for Ash had returned his mother and Daisy to the Poke-Gauntlet.

It was only less than several hours ago that Ash had left his home town after successfully obtaining the Star Emblem. Since then, he had obtained several new Pokémon, two of which included his mother and Daisy Oak. He promised he would take them out every now and again like he would for the rest of his Pokémon, but for safety and travelling purposes, they would stay in the Gauntlet now. Not that they minded, they were having a great time connecting with the rest of Ash’s Pokémon.

“You know Pikachu, This is one of my favorite places in the world,” Ash spokes softly.

Pikachu cocked an eyebrow in surprise. “Really? Why?” she asked.

Ash then turned and smiled at her. “Because this is the city you and I first started being a team.”

Pikachu blinked in surprise. She then smiled warmly and looked at Ash with glistening eyes. “Oh Ash,” she whispered softly with a loving smile. She hugged him tightly.

“Heh,” Ash laughed lightly and hugged her back. After that, they continued into the city. As they did, they saw many familiar and new sights. They walked past the gym, which had long been under the control of a new gym leader ever since its previous one mysteriously disappeared.

Their trek led them to the Pokémon Center, which was still as marvelous as the last time they had seen it. “Hard to believe we actually destroyed this place when we first started, right Ash?” Pikachu asked.

“What do you mean ‘we’? You’re the one that let loose that Thunderbolt,” Ash said teasingly.

Pikachu pouted. “Zip it Ash. We may be lovers now but I can still shock you if need be.” Ash simply laughed and Pikachu quickly joined in.

The two walked into the Pokémon Center and right to the front desk. “Hello Nurse Joy, long time no see.”

“Oh Ash, it’s you!” Nurse Joy exclaimed happily. Over Ash’s many travels, one of his most visited sites was Viridian City. Each time he would go there, he would stay at the Pokémon Center. And over his many visits, he became good friends with the resident Nurse Joy, who was surprisingly only a few years older than him. “I saw your battle in the Pallet Town tournament on TV. You were amazing!”

“I’ll say!” said another voice. Ash and Pikachu turned to see a familiar girl in uniform.

“Hey Jenny,” Ash greeted lightly. Like Joy, Ash became good friends with the Jenny of Viridian City. Since that first incident eight years ago, Jenny and Joy kept an eye on Ash’s progress as a trainer. The two, surprisingly enough, became two of his biggest fans. She was the same age as Joy. Most of the Jennys and Joys were impossible to tell apart, but these two were slightly different. This Officer Jenny’s hair was a deeper shade of aquamarine, and Joy’s hair was a brighter pink than most of her sisters. Also, the two had a deeper tan than most of their relatives, as well as slightly bigger busts. They also each wore a special star-shaped badge, one which Ash had as well as a sign of the friendship the three had formed.

Another reason they were different from the others was because Jenny and Joy were actually their first names. Unlike their other relatives, their first names were indeed Jenny and Joy, each with a different last name. Jenny was Jenny Marks and Joy was Joy Sage.

“Hey Ash, hey Pikachu,” Jenny greeted as she walked forward. “I saw you two coming in and I thought I’d say hi. You two were great in the tournament.”

“Thanks,” Ash replied with a smile. “So anything interesting happening around here?”

“Well…” Jenny lagged, trying to look away.

Ash cocked and eyebrow in confusion. “Jen,” he said sternly.

Officer Jenny sighed and looked back to Ash. “There have been reports of a Pokémon thief roaming around town. We have a feeling they may be planning to come here to try and steal the Pokémon here.”

Ash’s eyes narrowed. He hated Pokémon thieves. With his years of being tracked by Team Rocket, he had grown a deep dislike for people who resort to stealing innocent Pokémon. “Any idea on who it is? Team Rocket perhaps?”

“No, we haven’t seen any Rockets since you exposed Giovanni,” Jenny replied. “It seems to be someone much more skilled. Whoever it is seem to be able to rob their victim’s blind. I tried calling my sisters and none of them seem to have any idea on who it could be.”

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m here then,” Ash replied. “I was planning on leaving tomorrow, but I suppose I can stay a few days, just to help you find this thief. After all,” Ash reached into his pocket and pulled out a gold badge, “I am an honorary Pokémon Ranger after all.”

“Thank you Ash,” Jenny said with a big smile. “I’ll come back later and maybe we can do a quick patrol to make sure things are alright.”

“Sounds good to me, right Pikachu?” Ash asked his faithful partner.

“Right Ash!” Pikachu replied gleefully. Jenny nodded back and left the Pokémon Center.

“Here’s your room key Ash,” Nurse Joy said as she gave Ash his key. “Would you like me to restore your Pokémon for you?”

“Sure thing, just let me get a few of them out,” Ash replied. “Come on out – Daisy, Charmander, Dratini!” Instantaneously, all three poke-girls appeared before Ash.

“Oh my! Ash, where did you get that lovely Ninetales?” Joy asked referring to the pokemorph Daisy Oak.

“A friend of mine gave her to me,” Ash replied. “I’m going to take these three out for training, the others can get healed up. Pikachu,” Pikachu nodded in understanding and was recalled into the Gauntlet. Ash took off the device and handed it to Nurse Joy. “I’ll talk to you later Jenny, Joy. Come on girls.”

Ash led the three girls out into the battlefield where it was currently vacant of any people. “Alright girls, how have you all been? I haven’t had a chance to talk to any of you after we left Pallet Town.”

“I’m great!” Charmander exclaimed excitedly. “All your other Pokémon are great Ash. Mistress Charizard has been teaching me a lot of amazing tricks and attacks.”

Mistress Charizard?” Ash said with a cocked eyebrow. He sighed. “Ugh…I’m going to need to have a word with her. I swear, she has a bigger ego than a Wailord sometimes.”

Dratini giggled. Like her two sisters, she also had a transformed form. Instead of being a simple serpent, she now sported a pair of arms and legs, each with two digits on them. She was about the same height as Charmander and gain a cute hourglass figure. She had a pair of white B-cup breasts, slightly larger than Charmander’s, with sky-blue nipples. She also had short blue hair covering her head, but the gem on her forehead was still easily visible.

“Don’t be too hard on her,” Daisy said lightly. “Charizard has definitely taken this little one under her wing, teaching everything she knows. The others are helping us as well.”

“Well that’s good to know,” Ash replied. “Well, we got a bit of time, so show me what you girls got and maybe later I’ll give you all a reward.” All girls gleamed in excitement and nodded.

After his first night, Pikachu spilled the beans to all of Ash’s Pokémon about mating with their trainer. Every time one of them came back into the Ranch from mating with Ash, they would each speak, in full detail, about the incredible experiences they experienced. His mother was the worst, making him sound like a god that could satisfy any woman with ease and going on and on and on and ON about his sessions with her. The most recent was Daisy telling all of them of how Ash inducted her. Since then, all of Ash’s Poke-girls became overly excited, all wanting to mate with their master.

From there, all three pokegirls showed off what they had learned. Charmander started off by displaying her attacks. She had a pretty impressive flamethrower and, surprisingly enough, had mastered Metal Claw rather quickly. She also managed to learn Dig and several other different moves. Dratini had been practicing with all of Ash’s Pokémon. Being a dragon Pokémon, she had a large variety of moves to learn. However, Ash had Gardevoir start training her to resist Fairy type moves. With so many Pokémon being reclassified and discovering their fairy roots, Ash knew that many people will try and get them in order to fight off dragon types. Dratini seemed to progressing well.

Daisy however surprised him the most. Like his mother, she found her battling instincts surprisingly quickly. Battling seemed to come natural to them, though Ash suspected part of it had to do with their new poke-forms having the instincts. Daisy was already learning several different fire attacks and even several psychic typed ones. One attack they all managed to learn and master quickly was Attract. Oddly enough, all of Ash’s Pokémon knew Attract before their transformation.

“Okay girls,” Ash called. All three walked over to him quickly. “You all have been progressing amazingly. Now, I suppose I owe you that reward?” All three girls gleamed.

Ash walked along with them back into Center and up to Ash’s assigned room.

The room was rather large with a single master-med big enough for four people (lucky huh?). While his Pokémon all got on the bed, Ash tossed his bag onto the floor. He was about to take off shirt but he felt Charmander holding it.

“Ash, come on! I can hardly wait!” Charmander exclaimed. Dratini and Daisy shared the same hunger in their eyes.

Ash rolled his eyes. “Girls, I know you’re impatient, but I would rather not end up with all the clothes I have available ripped off. I swear, my mom ripped nearly all of my underwear. Now I understand why she always reminded to change them.” The trio of girls giggled and Ash shook his head with a smile.

He removed his clothes and laid on the center of the bed. The three Poke-girls stared in awe at Ash’s body. For Dratini and Charmander, this was their first time. As for Daisy, she had seen Ash’s body before, but it still left her breathless. Speaking of which, she was in her Mid-Form – her body and face was human but she had all nine of her tails and her Poke-ears.

Ash rose up a bit from his lying down position and looked at the three girls. He placed his hand beneath Charmander’s chin. She looked at Ash curiously, and watched as he smiled softly. He gently placed his lips to her, claiming the Fire starter.

Charmander’s eyes widened in surprise at the kiss, and couldn’t help but melt into it. ‘P-Pikachu w-was right…t-this is amaz-zing…‘ she moaned in her mind as Ash kissed her. He pulled away, and then did the same to Dratini. The young dragon type mewled as she felt her master’s lips on hers.

Daisy was getting antsy. She knew that Ash wanted to give his newest party members love, but after experiencing it for herself already, she really wanted to feel it again. As Ash continued to switch between his two newest Pokémon, Daisy’s eyes went to his fully-hardened member. Her instincts took over as she went down and began to lick the cock with her heated tongue.

“A-Ah…” Ash moaned softly as he pulled away from Charmander’s mouth. He looked down and saw Daisy licking his hard cock. Her tongue flicked the tip, making Ash throw his head back. “A-ah-ah…”

Charmander and Dratini looked at their sister, watching Daisy as she licked and sucked on their master’s cock. Feeling brave, they leaned down to Ash’s member. They hesitated, wondering which one would dare to go first. Dratini beat Charmander as she leaned down and licked the other side of Ash’s member.

“Ah!” Ash bucked at the sudden feeling of a second tongue on his member. He moaned out once more as a third tongue belonging to Charmander connected to his cock. The three Poke-girls licked, kissed, and sucked all over Ash’s member and balls, making the raven-haired trainer continue to moan loudly. Ash managed to open his eyes, and he could see Charmander and Dratini’s bubbly butts sticking out before them. Mustering whatever strength he could he reached to their snatches and began to rub them with his hands.

Both Pokémon “eep-ed” as they felt Ash’s fingers touch their girlhoods. He rubbed their snatches, making them both give out soft moans. Because of this, they could not continue with licking Ash’s member, so Daisy decide to take things into her own hands, or breasts.

She wrapped Ash’s hard rod with her engorged breasts, fondling them along with Ash’s member. Ash’s breath hitched as he felt the soft mound surround his cock. His fingers plunged in and wriggled inside the two poke-girls, making them moan and squeal as they felt their master’s fingers inside them.

It didn’t take long for Ash to reach his climax with all the attention to his member. “Ah-I’m cumming!” he howled as his cock erupted white cum into the air. This caused him to shove his fingers hard into the two poke-girls, making them moan loudly and orgasm themselves.

Daisy was able to catch a good amount of Ash’s soaring cum into her mouth while the rest of splatter down onto her breasts and face. Dratini and Charmander panted heavily from their first orgasm, but the smell of Ash’s semen hit their nose. They looked up to Daisy, who was licking her own breast of Ash’s seem. Driven by their lustful instincts, they managed to climb up and joined in on licking Daisy’s body of Ash’s semen.

Ash breathed heavily from his release. He was still plenty hard and had a lot of fuel left inside him. His sexual drive ruled over his thoughts as he looked over the trio of girls. Seeing the two younger Pokémon licking and sucking on Daisy. He eyed each one, determining which one he would take first. His mind was made up when he saw Charmander’s dripping wet snatch.

Ash grabbed her by the base of her tail, pulling her back to him. “H-Hey!” Charmander exclaimed in shock, but was silenced when Ash turned her around and pressed his lips to hers. Her mind instantly was overwhelmed with ecstasy as Ash kissed her.

He laid her down beneath him. He didn’t have to worry about Charmander’s tail-flame burning the bed because prior to him leaving Pallet Town, Professor Oak gave him a special set of fire-proof glass orbs to put around the tails of certain Pokémon like Charmander and Charizard to protect them from water in case they ever fell in and to keep them from accidentally burning things. Charmander was currently sporting said orb.

Ash spread Charmander’s legs, looking down hungrily at her snatch. He positioned his hard shaft at its entrance before plunging in. “Oh my Arceus!” Charmander screamed as her trainer’s meat shoved itself inside her.

Ash wasted no time in plowing the little fire Poke-girl. Each thrust came hard and fast, stretching the starter’s incredibly hot and tight cunt. Each time he filled her, Charmander screamed with a pleasured gaping smile. Ash teased her breasts as he fucked her, giving her even more pleasure as he rammed her senseless.

While this was happening, Dratini and Daisy got caught up with each other. Daisy was now clean of Ash’s seed on her body, but now she was caught in a 69 position with Dratini. Each Poke-girl licked the other’s cunt, making the other moan loudly. The sounds of Ash’s fucking and Charmanders moans only turned them on further than before.

“S-So tight!” Ash growled in pleasure as he drove his member into Charmander. Being her first time, there was no doubt she would be tight. Even so, it felt incredible to fuck her.

“A-Ash!” Charmander screamed in utter bliss. She had heard from Pikachu and a few of the others of how amazing their trainer was, but now she was experiencing it herself, and knew now that they were right 100%. She could feel herself on the verge of reaching her climax, and it felt even bigger than before. “A-Ash! I-I’m g-gonn-na c-c-c-AAH!”

Charmander’s orgasm caused her tight cunt to become even tighter around Ash’s member, pushing him over the edge as well. Ash howled as he filled the fire Pokémon with his seed. Charmander gaped as she felt Ash’s hot essence flow into her.

Ash’s release ended, and he slowly pulled out of the now dazed fire type. Before he has a chance to recover though, he is grabbed by his shoulders and pushed onto his back. “Oof!” He grunted. He looked up and saw Dratini preparing to mount his cock. Before he can say anything, his vision is overtaken by Daisy’s rear.

“Here’s a treat for you Ash,” Daisy said as firmly pressed her ass down on Ash’s face. Her wet snatch rested above his mouth, which stunk of orgasmic juices, having climaxed when it was just her and Dratini.

“By the ancient dragons,” Dratini said as she took Ash’s still-hard shaft. She could feel it filling her and her insides clenching around it. Ash moaned beneath Daisy, his breath and voice vibrating Daisy’s snatch.

“Oooh…” Daisy moaned as she rubbed her rear on Ash’s head, her arousal completely overtaking her. “Ash, lick my cunt Ash! Please!” Ash heard Daisy’s calls, and began to lick her sweet wet snatch. “Aaah!”

“Oh yes! Yes!” Dratini squealed as she rode Ash’s member. She bounced up and down, ramming herself down onto Ash’s hard shaft. She could see why he sisters loved mating with their trainer. She wanted to mate him over and over and over again and never stop. Her breasts bounced around wildly as she fucked her trainer.

Ash could feel his third climax rising quickly, but he could not really focus on that all that much. He was mostly focused on shoving his tongue into Daisy’s hot snatch. He could hear both poke-girls’ moans, which excited him more. He thrust his hips, putting more force on Dratini riding his cock while he wriggled his tongue inside of Daisy’s cunt.

“Oh my! Aaah! I’m going to-I’m going to-AH!” Dratini screamed as she came.

“OoooAaaah!” Daisy howled as she came as well.

“MMMMPH!” Ash’s muffled-howled as he came with the two girls, filling Dratini’s snatch with his seed. His tongue was covered in Daisy’s juices as she came onto his mouth.

When their releases came to an end, Dratini slumped backwards, slipping off Ash’s now limp member and onto the bed beside Charmander. Daisy also fell limp, but would have fallen backwards and hit her head on the floor were it not for Ash catching her. Even though he was tired, Ash still retained some strength. He pushed Daisy in the other direction, making her collapse on top of his body. Carefully, he slipped her off and got off the bed.

Ash looked down at the three Poke-girls. All were unconscious with a happy grin. Ash smiled at the trio, and proceeded to clean them up and arrange them on the bed so they can sleep comfortably. Once they were all set, Ash decided to take a shower and clean himself off. After getting a new set of clothes, he took a look at the in-room alarm clock.

“Huh, my Pokémon should be all healed up,” Ash said. “Might as well go down and get my gauntlet.” Ash left the room and closed the door, but not before looking back and smiling at his girls one last time.

Ash headed back down to the main lobby, where he spotted Nurse Joy. Joy saw Ash and smiled at him, “Hello Ash. Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, I got done with my training a while ago and was resting with my Pokémon in my room,” Ash replied. He didn’t like to lie, but he knew that he needed to keep the truth of his girls a secret. “I actually came down to see if my other Pokémon were all healed up.”

“Here you go,” Joy replied, handing Ash back his gauntlet. “All healed up and ready for fighting.”

“Thanks Joy,” Ash said with a smile as he put the gauntlet back on.

Joy smiled back widely at him. “So Ash,” Nurse Joy spoke as the Pokémon Trainer sat next to her. “Where are you planning on getting your next Emblem?”

“As far as I know, the closest one is in Saffron City,” Ash replied. “The tournament is in two months, so I have plenty of time to get there as well as train.”

“That’s great,” Joy replied with a smile. “You know, I’m a bit jealous. I’ve always wanted to go out and travel, but I like being a Pokémon nurse as well.”

“Yeah, travelling is fun, but you got an important role here,” Ash stated. “Speaking of which, is Jenny coming back?”

“Yes,” Joy replied. “She said that the Pokémon Center is the most likely place for the thief to strike. And considering our track record, I think that thought is pretty much confirmed.”

“I get ya,” Ash agreed. They then heard a familiar revving noise. “Speak of the devil herself.” Joy giggled.

Officer Jenny walked into the lobby and spotted the two. “Hey you two,” she greeted. “Looks like I’m bunking here for the night.”

“Are the other officers ready?” Ash asked Jenny.

She nodded. “Yes, everyone is set up and ready to grab the thief if they try to escape, though I’m pretty sure that you are more than enough catch a simple crook,” Jenny said, adding a saucy wink at Ash.

Ash chuckled nervously as a light blush came across his face. He was no longer the same dense child he was years ago. He could tell when a woman, or women as the case may be, is interested and flirting with him. In the past, he did some playful flirting back, but now with the Amorra stone’s powers inside him, he had to be more careful. Still, there was no harm in playing back.

“Well, I am just that good,” Ash said with mock-pride, causing the two women to giggle at his joke. “If you girls don’t mind, I think I’m going to take a quick nap, and then I’ll come back to help you girls with the stakeout. Need to be at my best.” The girls giggled again, bidding Ash a good night.

Ash went back to his room where he spotted his three Poke-girls still cuddled together from earlier. Ash smiled and snuck himself between them before falling asleep.


The sound of blaring sirens snapped Ash from his sleep.

Ash bolted up as the blaring horns from outside his room sounded off. His three Pokegirls also rose up in shock. “Ash, what’s happening?!” Dratini exclaimed in shock.

“Trouble,” Ash growled. “Girls, I need to get down there. I’m going to recall you back into the gauntlet so you can tell the others to get ready. We may be in for a fight.” The trio nodded back at Ash, understanding his plan. “Girls return!” the trio beamed back into the gauntlet, and Ash bolted out of the room.

Ash rushed down the hall and down the stairs, where he could hear the sounds of yells and fighting coming from. He got to the lobby, only to see hear a loud boom and a cloud of smoke.

“You *cough* won’t get away with this! *cough*” Jenny’s voice sounded off from inside the voice.

“I severely doubt you have any chance at stopping me,” another voice spoke. A voice that hit Ash with the force of a rampaging Rhyperior, a voice that brought countless bad memories of his younger years, a voice he thought he would no longer hear.

As the smoke clear, Ash saw the source of the voice, and could not stop himself from gasping. Standing before a massive hole in the Pokémon Center’s lobby was a familiar woman, a woman he thought he’d never see again – Hunter J.

Ash had no doubt, it was the same Pokémon Poacher he had encountered many times during his first time in Sinnoh. Her hair may have been a little bit longer, but the face was unmistakable. Those same soulless blue eyes and violet-ish-grey hair, it was her alright. She even wore the same clothes as before, minus the strange device she once wore on her left arm and the sleeve to her right arm. The only thing different besides the slightly longer hair was the faint scar across her left eye.

“Now, give me all the Pokémon here, and I might let you and your pathetic Pokémon live,” Hunter J said darkly. Behind her stood four Pokémon. The first three Ash recognized – Salamence, Ariados, and Drapion. All of them were Pokémon Ash knew J had before. The last was a complete shock. It was a black Charmeleon with a blue flame on its tail and blue eyes. Ash was no stranger to alternately-colored Pokémon. He had seen many varieties on all of his travels. But this was certainly a new one. It was also much larger than a regular Charmeleon and had a darker look in its eyes.

“That will never happen!” Jenny growled. Ash looked over and saw Jenny and Joy standing in front of the desk with their own Pokémon, Arcanine and Chansey respectively. “I will protect the Pokémon here until both me and Arcanine are no longer able to move.”

“The same goes for me and Chansey!” Nurse Joy said bravely.

“Right!” the two Pokémon cried out together, though only Ash was able to understand them.

Speaking of Ash, “You’re not getting any Pokémon Hunter J, not so long as I still draw breath,” he said darkly, getting the attention of all three women and their Pokémon.

“Ash!” Joy and Jenny exclaimed in relief at seeing the trainer.

“Y-You…” J said in shock. Her eyes then narrowed dangerously as she barred her teeth. “What in the hell are you doing here brat?!”

“Glad to see you still remember me J,” Ash shot back, giving her the same glare. “And to answer your question, I’m here to stop you from stealing any Pokémon. Charizard, Gardevoir, Pikachu, Seismitoad, I need you!” Four beams shot out of Ash’s Poke-Gauntlet, and the four Pokémon all roared in unison as they came upon Ash’s side. “Now J, we can do this the easy way, or the hard way.”

J simply growled. “I took down all of those foolish officers without even breaking a sweat, what makes you think you can stop me?” she said sarcastically.

Ash smirked. “Because I’m the only person’s who’s ever beaten you,” he said matter-of-factly.

J growled angrily. “All of you, attack!” she commanded, and the four Pokémon roared as they charged.

“Charizard you handle Drapion, Seismitoad take on Ariados, Gardevoir handle Salamence, and Pikachu you take on that black Charmeleon,” Ash ordered. He then cracked his knuckles. “Hunter J is mine.”

“Right Ash!” the four Pokémon called out as they charged into battle.

“Take this!” Gardevoir declared as she released a powerful Moonblast at Salamence.

“Rah!” Salamence roared as it dodged the blast. “You’re going to have to do better than that fairy!” It then unleashed a Flamethrower down on Gardevoir, but Gardevoir used Protect to block it.

“You are a strong opponent,” Gardevoir stated as she dissipated her shield. “But you and your trainer are foolish to think you can stand up to our united power. Now face my strength!” Gardevoir’s eyes glowed blue, and Salamence was caught in the Psychic hold. Gardevoir nodded her head, which sent Salamence crashing into the ground.

“Grr, stay still you little pest!” Seismitoad growled as she tried to get a hit on Ariados.

“I’m far too fast for you Froggy!” Ariados taunted. The spider Pokémon continued to skitter around, avoiding most of Seismitoad’s attacks.

“That’s what you think,” Seismitoad said with a smirk. Her eyes glowed green.

“WAH!” Ariados screamed as it tripped on the ground and landed on its back. It opened its eyes to see two strands of grass tied in a knot. “Grass Knot?!”

“Now for the kick!” Seismitoad growled as she jumped into the air and stomped on the grown, creating a massive shockwave. “Taste my Bulldoze!”

“AH!” Ariados yelled in pain as it was sent flying.

“Burn bug!” Charizard roared as she released a Flamethrower down on Drapion.

“RAH!” Drapion yelled in pain. It managed to jump back and shake off the burns before glaring at Charizard. “You’ll pay for that!”

“Fire Blast!” another voice called out, and before Drapion can even realize it, it’s hit by a massive fire star.

“Mind if I cut in?” Jenny’s Arcanine asked as it stood next to Ash’s Charizard.

“Not at all,” Charizard said with a smirk as both Fire Pokémon returned into battle.

“So what’s with the color?” Pikachu said as she dodged the black Charmeleon’s fire. “I mean, I’ve seen Shiny Charmeleons before, and some other weirdly colored Pokémon, but you’re a first.”

The glaring fire Pokémon simply growled. It lunged forward, its claws consumed in a crimson/white glow.

“Wait, is that Night Slash?!” Pikachu exclaimed in shock. “How can a Charmeleon learn Night Slash?!” Pikachu managed to dodge the first claw, but the other one got her and sent her crashing into the floor. “Ah!”

“Die!” Charmeleon growled as it released another Flamethrower right at Pikachu.

Pikachu’s eyes widened in shock as she saw the flames come towards her. However, a pink figure quickly stood before her. She looked up to see Joy’s Chansey using Protect. “Are you okay?” the pink Pokémon asked.

“Yeah, thanks,” Pikachu said as she got up. She then glared at the Charmeleon who was still glaring at them. “Let’s take’em down!”

“Right!” Chansey exclaimed as she charged alongside Pikachu.

Hunter J watched angrily as her Pokémon were being beaten by that brat’s Pokémon. She could still remember the countless times he had ruined her hunts. She wanted her revenge on him. “Hey J!” Ash’s voice called from before. Hunter J turned, and blinked as Ash charged at her. He reared his hand back and punched her right across the face.

“Argh!” J growled in pain as she fell. She looked up and saw Ash taking a fighting stance. “So that’s how you want to play it brat. Fine!” J got back on her feet and took a fighting stance. Unknown to each other, both were masters at different fighting styles.

J made the first move, jumping up and trying to land a kick to Ash. Ash raised his arms and blocked it before pushing her off. Using the momentum to his advantage, he reached up and grabbed her ankle before slamming her down onto the ground. J grunted in pain, but managed to use her free leg to kick Ash in the abdomen.

“Urgh!” Ash grunted in pain as he held his stomach. He glared at J. She was stronger than she looked. She jumped back up and charged at him, lunging with several punches at him. Ash dodged and blocked the fists. He managed to grab both her fists, surprising the Pokémon huntress. Taking her surprise to his advantage he slammed his head against hers, making the hunter reel back and yell in pain. ‘Good thing I have a thick skull,’ Ash thought to himself.

“Ah…” J groaned as her forehead pulsed in pain. She stared back at Ash, her eyes burning with rage. “RAAAH!” She charged at Ash again, lunging a fist at Ash. He caught the fist, but was unprepared for the second one going right to his face.

“Argh!” Ash grunted as he held his now bruised cheek. However, he had no time to care for it as Hunter J land a strong kick to his abdomen again. She then sent another kick on his back, making Ash onto the floor. “…urgh…” Ash groaned as he tried to get up, but Hunter J proceeded to sit on Ash’s back and put his head into a headlock.

“I’m going to snap your neck,” Hunter J growled dangerously as she held Ash’s head in a tight lock. Ash grunted as he tried to break out of it. His vision began to swirl slightly as his neck was being bent in an uncomfortable position.

A loud roar caught snapped J out of her rage for a second, and that second was all Ash needed to throw the huntress off of his back. Before she had a chance to recover, Ash grabbed her legs, and swung her around into the air before flinging her into the main desk of the Pokémon Center. She hit her head hard, knocking the huntress out.

Ash breathed heavily as he stared at the now unconscious woman. “Ash!” Pikachu’s voice called out. Ash turned to see her and the rest of his Pokémon coming towards him. “We knocked out J’s Pokémon, but we need to get out of here now!”

Ash looked at the Pokémon Center. The battle before and whatever J did before had caused major damage to the center. It was collapsing all around him, and he knew that he needed to get out of there fast.

“Where’s Joy and Jenny?” Ash asked, searching for the two women.

“Ash!” Jenny’s voice called. Ash turned to see the two running out of another hall. “We went to get all the Pokémon transported out. They’re all safe in the Pewter City Pokémon Cen-AH!”

“Girls!” Ash cried out in shock as several beams of metal fell around them. The two were unharmed, but they were surrounded by debris and fire. “Dammit! There’s no time to put the fire out, but I need to save them!”


“Huh?” Ash said, having heard a strange yet familiar voice in his mind. He looked down to his Poke-Gauntlet. “Ho-oh?”

Catch them Ash,” Ho-oh’s sweet voice called in his mind. “I looked into their minds. They care greatly for you Ash. Catch them and save them.”

Ash paused for a second. He knew he could catch girls and add them to his harem, but he promised himself to only do it when the girl confirmed their feelings to him. Still, Ash knew Ho-oh had strong psychic abilities.

“I guess I don’t have a choice,” Ash said. He activated the Capture Mode, and threw the ball first at Joy, sucking her in. Not a second later he did it to Jenny. Arcanine and Chansey both turns into beams of light and were transported along with their trainers into Ash’s Poke-Gauntlet.

“What about her Ash?” Charizard asked, pointing at the unconscious J.

Ash looked at the huntress. She had done many horrible things, many of which he probably didn’t even know about. She was a cruel woman that deserved to be imprisoned for what she’d done. But Ash knew she was more resourceful than anyone would expect. Ash was sure she’d escape the minute she’s in custody. She needed to be under constant watch, under an eye that would keep her in check no matter what.

Ash knew what he had to do.


“Hello Kanto! This is Rhonda Jason of Poke-World News, coming at you live from Viridian City where there has been a Pokémon Robbery in the local Pokémon Center. I am here talking with Chief Officer Joseph Swanson to get the information on the attack. Officer Swanson, do you know who the one that caused this destruction was?”

“Yes Rhonda, it was the world-known Pokémon Poacher – Hunter J. Before today, there were reports she had died in Sinnoh. However, a body was never recovered, so there was no way to confirm she actually died.”

“Did your forces capture Hunter J?”

“I’m afraid not. Hunter J is a crafty and dangerous person. She attacked ad knocked out most our forces before they even had a chance to counter. She’s been reported to be capable to take down an entire armada of police officers with just her dangerously powerful Pokémon. However, Hunter J was captured and is currently under custody.”

“Who was the one to capture the notorious Hunter J?”

“Hunter J’s capture was thanks to the efforts of Pokémon Ranger Ash Ketchum. His elite level Pokémon made quick work of Hunter J’s Pokémon, while he took her down personally.”

“Where is Hunter J now?”

“Pokémon Ranger Ash Ketchum has taken full responsibility for Hunter J’s custody. He has taken her to a top secret Pokémon Ranger containment center and will personally keep watch over her.”

“Reports say that there were two other women with Pokémon Ranger Ash Ketchum when he left the building. Any idea on who they are?”

“Yes. They are Officer Jenny Marks and Nurse Joy Sage. They were both recruited by Pokémon Ranger Ash Ketchum to assist him in the transport and containment of Hunter J.”

“Any ideas on what’s going to happen to Hunter J? And do you believe that Pokémon Ranger Ash Ketchum is capable of keeping her under control.”

“I have no doubt in my mind that he can. Pokémon Ranger Ash is one of the highest ranked Pokémon Rangers in the world, having brought the end to several criminal teams such as Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Plasma, and Flare. I have no question in his capabilities at keeping Hunter J contained.”

“Any idea on where Ash Ketchum is now?”

“That I’m afraid I do not know. He disappeared into the air on his Charizard’s back after capturing Hunter J.”

“Well, you heard it here first folks. Let us all be thankful that there are heroes out there like Pokémon Ranger Ash Ketchum to keep the world safe from dangerous criminals. This is Rhonda Jason of Poke-World News, signing off.”

Ash turned off the TV. He was currently laying on a bed in a very fancy room in a hotel in Viridian City. He was in only his boxers, and Pikachu was sitting next to him.

“So did you call the Ranger Union?” she asked her partner.

“Yep, they’re okay with letting me keep Hunter J under my custody,” Ash replied. “Of course, it meant I had to tell them about the Amorra Stone, but thank Arceus that Spencer is so understanding.”

“You know that news flash is going to get a lot of attention,” Pikachu said to her trainer.

“Yeah, but it wasn’t like I never got that much attention before,” Ash replied. “Still, I think it is best we head to the Viridian Forest tomorrow. It will be a while before the news dies down.”

“Yeah,” Pikachu agreed. She then turned to Ash and asked, “So do you plan on interrogating J tonight?”

Ash shook his head. “No, I’m going to let her and her Pokémon rest for tonight. They may be part of my harem now, but that doesn’t make them automatically in love with me. They are simply much more open minded and will be willing to understand. Still, I need everyone in the Ranch to keep an eye on them, especially that black Charmeleon. Something is really off about her. When I checked her stats, it said that she was a Fire/Dark type.” Pikachu nodded in understanding.

“Oh Ash,” two voices cooed together. Ash turned his head towards the shower door, and blinked in surprise.

Standing there were Jenny and Joy, completely naked. There were some differences though. Jenny now had a pair of green Typhlosion ears, a trail of short green fur going down the middle of her back to just before her butt, three small blue spots on the back of her neck, and a set of large C-cup breasts. Joy had a pair of pink Azumarill ears, an Azumarill tail with a pink end, and a set of D-cup breasts, slightly bigger than Pikachu’s.

Pikachu smirked at Ash. “Well, looks like you’re going to be busy tonight.”

“Pikachu return,” Ash said, recalling the smart-mouthed mouse into the gauntlet.

The two now-Pokegirls trotted over to Ash, getting on the bed and each leaning in for a kiss. Ash leaned in as well, joining the duo into a sexy three-way kiss. Lips, tongues and saliva meshed together as the three made out atop the bed.

Jenny pulled away as Ash continued to kiss Joy. She began to make a trail of kisses down Ash’s skin. She went from his jaw, to his neck, to his collar, to his chest, and to his nipple. He licked the hardening nub, making Ash let out a short gasp as he kissed Joy. Jenny continued down Ash’s rock-hard abs until she reached the waistband of his boxers. She grabbed the underwear and pulled it off of Ash, freeing his fully hardened member.

“Ah!” Joy squealed as Ash reached and grabbed her boobs. His hands groped the large mounds while his thumbs rubbed against her hard pink nipples. Ash squeezed the orbs, making Joy let out several loud moans of pleasure as he very sensitive breasts were fondled.

Jenny reached to Ash’s hard cock and began to pump it. “A-Ah…” Ash gasped softly as he felt the pair of strong yet delicate hands grab his member. She was honestly amazed by the size of the member as she pumped it. She used her other hand to fondle Ash’s balls, making Ash let out soft moans. She stopped fondling Ash’s member, and proceeded to lean down and give it several strong licks.

Joy managed to pull away from Ash, and turn around so that she was facing his cock. She leaned down to his member, making it so that her ass was raised before Ash’s face and the scent of her wet snatch hit him. She leaned down, joining Jenny as they licked Ash’s bone like a pair of hungry Houndooms. Together, they quickly pushed Ash’s control to the edge.

“F-Fuck!” Ash howled as he came, shooting off his seed into the air like a geyser.

Jenny and Joy held their mouths open, each getting their first taste of Ash’s cum as it rained down upon them. Any that they didn’t catch in their mouths, it landed on their bodies. When Ash’s release ended, they proceeded to lick each other clean of the cum on the other’s bodies, savoring each droplet.

Once they were each relatively clean, they leaned into each other, kissing and sharing the cum they had gathered into their mouths. After a few minutes, they pulled away and each swallowed Ash’s delicious seed. They then looked down, and saw Ash’s cock was still rock hard.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Joy said, her voice filled with lust.

“I agree,” Jenny replied in the same tone.

The two crawled away from Ash and positioned themselves with their aching wet pussies before him. Joy laid on her back with Jenny on top of her. “Ash, come and take us!” Joy cried out.

“Yes, give us that amazing meat of yours!” Jenny added with desire in her voice. Ash’s lustful hunger took over as he jumped up and shoved his cock into Jenny’s tight cunt. “FUCK!” Jenny screamed as Ash rammed himself inside her. His big cock was sheathed fully inside her, filling her snatch to the brim.

Ash gripped Jenny’s hips and thrust hard and fast into her. With each thrust Jenny screamed loudly in pleasure. His hips slammed against her rear, making loud slap with each thrusts. Joy watched in shock and amazement as Ash absolutely wrecked the police officer’s pussy.

Ash kept fucking Jenny’s cunt until the smell of wet pussy caught his nose again. He looked over down and saw Joy’s dripping wet snatch bellow him. Ash pulled out of Jenny and thrust into Joy, ramming his cock all the way inside her. “OH FUCK!” Joy screamed as she felt Ash’s member bury itself inside her. Like with Jenny, Ash slammed his dick into Joy’s cunt with amazing speed and force, slapping against her light butt with each thrust.

Ash then intensified his thrusts and began fucking each of them with alternating thrusts. “Oh Arceus!” Jenny cried out as Ash thrust inside her.

“Ash!” Joy screamed as well, feeling Ash’s member strike her again. The two woman were so lost in pleasure that they lost track of whose cunt Ash’s member was in. It was almost as if he was fucking the two of them at the exact same time.

“FUCK!” Ash screamed loudly as he felt ready to blow his load. “I’m going to cum!”

“Cum inside us Ash!” Jenny and Joy screamed in unison. “Cum inside us! Fill us with your amazing cum!”

“I’M CUMMING!” Ash screamed as his seed surged out of him. He embedded his cock into Jenny’s cunt, filling her snatch with his seed.

“FUCK!” Jenny cried out as she felt Ash’s potent seed filled her womb. Ash then pulled out of her and into Joy’s snatch, filling her in the same way.

“OH ASH!” Joy cried out in, well, joy as Ash’s seed filled her as well. Ash then pulled out and allowed the last of his release to fall over the two women, showering them with his seed. As the last of Ash’s seed was expelled from his body, Ash collapsed in between the two women, completely exhausted.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with J,‘ Ash thought before falling asleep with his two newest additions.


In a dark room in a mysterious place, a man covered in a dark cloak sat in a large throne in silence.

“Master,” said a voice. From the shadows appeared another cloaked figure. “Hunter J has been captured.”

“Do you know who captured her?” the sitting figure asked.

“It was the Pokémon Ranger Ash Ketchum,” the other figure replied.

The cloaked being sitting in the throne let out a soft growl. “And the prototype?”

“We assume it was confiscated along with the rest of J’s Pokémon,” the other replied.

“Very well,” the cloaked being stated. “What of the mission to Mt. Moon?”

“Everything I going according to plan, the team is preparing to leave in under a week,” the other being replied.

“Good, make sure nothing impedes our goals,” the cloaked being said. The other bowed before returning into the shadows.


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