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A little bit about myself - I'm an Author. Or a writer. Whichever is more politically correct. Haven't written any original content, yet. Makes you wonder why I have a Patreon? Simple, because I want to know the level of interest for when I have a book published. That's my excuse. That, and staggering student debt, and I need all the help I can get, while still finding some excuse and motivation to continue writing,

I've also opened up a comprehensive archive, of my favourite stories, in case my stories aren't enough for you. Stay... forever. There are certainly enough stories for you to do so.

Scroll down a little more and you'll see my most recent stories and updates. Please, Enjoy.

PS - If you see usually unrelated art (backgrounds, random railroad tracks) those aren't stock photos. None of it. I'm also an occasional photographer. If I'm not updating stories, I'm out looking for the perfect selfie.