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Update 6-25-2016 (3:11 pm)

In case you're not keeping up with what's going on, On Monday, June 20, I completely stripped down my website, switched domains, and did some serious revamping.

Progress is going smoothly, and to believe I started all of this about ten minutes into switching domains. I'm using a third-party program to build all of this, and the freedoms it allows me are so much more than what could do for me. This is all thanks to Patreon funds, so you know it's not going to waste.

Some truly epic things are coming soon, including the opportunity to upload your own stories and host them on my website, when I figure out how to get that working. The RFA stands for Rihaan's Fanfiction Archive, and that's exactly what I plan on doing. I want to build a community from the ground up, and host stories from both the best and the up-and-coming. Maybe just Harry Potter, maybe more. I have unlimited bandwidth, so why not?

I will delete these updates, in favor of putting up an actual homepage, so you'll know when the website is completely done. Yeah, I know, I work backwards.

Did you notice the Orlando tribute? I will keep that up for about a month, or until the next major shooting. Sad times we're in, or, well, continue to be in. But that's what writers are here for, right? To transport you away from the chaos, and into the fun chaos.

And I'll get back to that. Soon. But for now, browse, peruse, and tell me what you think. is down right now, but you can still use, my personal email, to send a message and make a suggestion.

Oh, Hello.

Didn't see you there.
Welcome to my new, and hopefully improved, website. As you can see, I've got my work cut out for me, but this website and all content should be fully operational within a matter of weeks.

Of course, my stories are available everywhere else, so don't hesitate to to read those there, but if you're here for the favourites section or the lost fanfictions, you may have to be a bit patient. Until then, check out the Dropbox Link right here, or at the bottom of the page (though don't understand why you wouldn't just click this link).

Thank you for visiting, and please, come back soon.

The Benson Burner Project

She just didn't get it. How was he still smiling, the next day, talking to Carly, glaring at his newest bully, as if daring her to try that again?

Updated: May 8, 2015
Published: March 9, 2013
Chapters: 4, INCOMPLETE
Words: 43,157

Rated MA

Batman: Arkham Lord

The Dark Knight makes an impression on the rest of the Gotham, and the World. And their women.

Updated: July 20, 2014
Published: September 20, 2013
Chapters: 5, Incomplete
Words: 15,619

Bruce Wayne / Vicki Vale / Harleen Quinzel
Rated MA

The Deathly Hallows, Take Two

The Harmony Version, or my own fantasy, of what the Seventh (and in my mind, last) book should have been.

Updated: July 16, 2012
Published: July 31, 2008
Chapters: 8, INCOMPLETE
Words: 84,994

Harry Potter / Hermione Granger
Rated T